(By HGHunt)

The humid stifling heat of the July Sunday had made the women tired and thirsty as they finished their friendly, but intense and very competitive, golf match. Lynn had just eked out a one-stroke win over her rivals in the first of several rounds of golf the women had planned at the resort. This was one of those upscale resorts with plenty of golf courses nearby and a beautiful setting on a northern lake. There were nice beaches, restaurants, wineries, and great shops. A small city was only about 10 miles away nestled along a beautiful pristine bay of the big lake.

Jenny had coordinated the planning for her friends Lynn, Rose, and Sue to take time off from their work and husbands to stay together at the resort hotel. They had a 2-week lease on a suite with full kitchen and two bedrooms besides a spacious living area with a view of the rolling hills and the bay beyond the golf course. The big bathroom had a Jacuzzi hot tub and luxurious appointments. It was a high priced vacation, but all could afford it. They had checked in early enough to go out for 18 holes of golf on their first day there. The four women were close friends, as were their husbands. While they were all quite friendly with each other, it seemed that most of their leisure time spent together was in competitive sports or games. They all played to win and they each expected to win any competition they were in. This vacation was to be no exception. Golf was the plan but sometimes plans go awry.

These women were all beautiful. Each would be capable of turning heads in any room they entered. Jenny had short light brown hair and stood 5'6" and weighed 136 lbs. Her 38C tits were impressive and full. She took pride in her appearance and her 34-year-old body was used to working out. She had a job but always seemed to find time on her own to keep in shape besides the tennis, swimming, and other activities she did with friends. Today she was wearing a golf skirt that stopped about five inches above the knee. It was Navy and was topped off by a pure white button top with short sleeves. Due to the heat she had the top two buttons undone.

Rose was the oldest at 37 but no one would ever have guessed her age. She looked years younger and her chiseled face was pretty with a small nose and thick luscious lips. She stood 5'6" and weighed 135 lbs. Her large boobs swayed from side to side as she walked. Those 40D monsters were the talk of many of the men (and women) at her country club. Her tits were fronted by areolas that were the color of ripe red cherries. The edges blended smoothly into her surrounding tit-flesh. The wide area of her areola was impressive and caused every one of her former lovers to drool at the sight. When her tits puckered up in excitement she had very long nipples to go with her impressively sized tits. No doubt about it Rose was every tit-lovers dream. Her auburn hair dropped to just below her shoulders. Her ass might have been a little wider than the other three women's but it looked stunning on her. Today she was wearing pale blue shorts and a matching top that pulled over and fit tightly against her breasts. It was a sleeveless number that offered a terrific view of her womanly assets.

Lynn was the only blonde in the group. She stood only 5'4" and weighed 129 lbs at age 29. Her youthful figure was firm at every inch. Her hair was long and cascaded down to the middle of her back where one couldn't help but notice the tightest ass in creation. She provided spectacular viewing when she walked away from you. It didn't matter if she was wearing sweat pants, blue jeans, or a bikini. Everyone watched when she walked by. She probably kept it that way because she did walk a lot. She put on tight Lycra shorts and power-walked around her neighborhood every day. She usually put in about 4 miles. But her ass wasn't her only great asset. Her proud breasts stood out firmly from her chest and measured 34C. Her nipples were thick and quite long and could often be seen poking through the blouses and shirts she wore. Those nipples sprung from the most perfect pink colored areolas. They were wider than most as well as totally smooth. No bumps or imperfections of any kind. Even though some women may have had larger boobs, Lynn was never shy about her breasts and she flaunted them whenever she felt like it. She was probably the most assured of herself even though she wasn't the biggest or strongest. Her golf wardrobe today had been chosen with care to make her look sexy. Why she wanted to look sexy seemed a mystery to the other women, since she wasn't even going to be around men, but she always wanted to look her best, and that meant sexy! She had on the shortest skirt that could still be called a "golf" skirt. It was a flower print number that showed a lot of her perfectly formed thigh. Men watching her line up to putt from the next tee were getting hard-ons. They practically had an accident in their cart once when she bent over to mark her ball and revealed every inch of those creamy thighs all the way up to her pure white panties. She wore a light red top that didn't have quite enough material to cover up her belly when she swung the club or moved her arms much. It was snug and low-cut too. Her cleavage showed whenever she bent to pick up a club or ball. She was very HOT and she knew it.

Sue rounded out this group of gorgeous women. She had jet-black hair, cropped fairly short, about the same length as Jenny's. It framed her Indian features perfectly. Sue was 33 years old and reminded everyone of the beautiful Indian princess Pocahontas. Her boobs were perfectly round and protruded proudly from her chest in torpedo-like fashion. Their 36C size was perfectly proportioned on her 5'5" 131 lb. frame. Sue was an accomplished skier and she spent many winter weekends schussing the slopes and keeping in shape. Her legs were quite long and she loved to show them off in shorts or in bikinis at the beach. She was probably the most wild and bold of them all. She was one who took dares that others would have considered absurd. She had acted briefly in summer stock productions and once even took a part as a bawdy wench that gave her the opportunity, on stage, to show lots of skin and act sexually suggestive in front of several hundred people. She loved to be the center of attention even though her job as an executive secretary required her to be quite demure most of the time. This contrast in her personality always kept the other ladies on their toes. They never quite knew which "Sue" they were with. Her outfit was a mid-length yellow golf skirt with a slightly darker yellow top that hugged her curvy boobs and showed just a touch of cleavage when she bent over.