(By HGHunt)

Chelsea was high as a kite as she glided across campus. Even with the pain and ugly appearance, she glowed with a self-satisfied aura of bliss. Her dreams had come true. She had crushed Veronica into oblivion and she felt sure that she wouldn't be any problem for her, on or off the court. Her roommate was also gone and she took a long look in the mirror before showering. She noted her cuts, bruises, welts, matted and tangled hair and most of all, her tortured bush. No doubt about it. Veronica had done some serious hair pulling down there. It looked like a tornado had gone through and scattered debris all over. Hee hee, she wondered what the wrestlers would think when they discovered all those dark brown pubic hairs in clumps all over their mats. Questions floated through her mind as she cleaned up in the shower and went to bed. But they weren't the same questions that troubled Veronica. Her questions were far more intoxicating and pleasant. Who fucked her the best? Who tasted best? Which girl might be in love with her? Why were they so impressed by her assets? What would practice be like next week? On and on she dreamed. Her body needed the rest and was grateful for the sleep that finally came about midnight.