(By HGHunt)

Ouch! Veronica felt Chelsea's hand grab her pussy hair again, and with a yank, another shock of hair departed its owner's body. Fear shot through Veronica. That was all the pain for now. But it was not all the humiliation.

Chelsea held the strands of brown pubic hair in her hand for all to see. She was sitting on the floor right next to the still prone and limp Veronica. Turning to Veronica she offered her perspective. "These nice girls arranged for our little opportunity this afternoon. I think they deserve a reward for their efforts. Amanda, get over here. Veronica is going to eat your pussy for as long as you want." She held up the fuzz for a reminder of what would happen if she didn't comply.

"Oh no," thought Veronica. "She's not done." Feeling powerless, she had no recourse but to comply.

First Amanda sat on Veronica's face and took a tongue lashing clear through to orgasm. The awestruck girls had been so caught up in Chelsea's victory that they didn't even contemplate not going along with whatever was suggested. Next it was Tesha's turn. Liz, Rashelle, Linda, and Dawn took their lap across Veronica's face. Every one of them rode deliciously to her own orgasm, so intense was the emotional and erotic intensity of their environment.

Veronica gamely tried to keep up the intensity. Her tongue became tired and it was all she could do to pleasure the last two girls. All the while Chelsea had been sitting at her side, holding on to that last shock of hair. When Dawn finally came down from her orgasm, Chelsea said to Veronica as she moved her hand closer and closer to Veronica's face, "You've been a really good girl eating all of our pussies. I think maybe you could get a job as a cunt-munching whore. Haaaa." She laughed out loud and continued, "Just to make things complete you better eat this. Open your mouth." Scared out of her wits, Veronica obeyed. Chelsea's hand brought the last thick shock of hair from Veronica's own pussy up to her lips. With a vicious plunge she jammed it into her mouth, causing her to gag. "EAT IT!" Chelsea demanded. As soon as she got over the gagging she spent the next three or four minutes trying to chew/swallow the mass of sweaty, stinky hairs that had been forced into her mouth. Somehow she managed to do it.

She turned to the other girls now but addressed Veronica. "You'll be good now if I give these wonderful ladies the rest of their reward. They deserve another really good fuck from a REAL pussy, now that you've primed them with your tongue." She paused for a moment, thinking. "You know what? I think I need a little more 'priming'." With that she swung her ass around above Veronica's face again. This time she was facing her feet. "Lick, bitch." And with that command, Veronica found herself all over again having Chelsea's hated pussy plopped on her mouth. She was as powerless as ever to alter her predicament, so she complied. Opening her mouth wide she suffered as Chelsea's musky cunt burrowed down forcefully. Again Veronica shot her tongue out to enter the gooey vagina of her despicable enemy. Again she wiggled it around and around, suffering through the responsive wiggles of Chelsea's increasingly horny pussy. Veronica's nose had the distinctly awful predicament of being snugly pressed up against Chelsea's brown asshole. The pungent and nasty aroma practically made her sick. She suffered through the degradation of her ordeal, out of self-preservation, but her inner spirit was not broken. Her body had lost and she knew it, but even as she finished 'priming' Chelsea's pussy she was resolute in her mind that she would somehow, someday, gain revenge on the evil bitch whose name she didn't even want to say.

When Chelsea felt well lubed up, she momentarily let her entire weight press down on Veronica's face, serving notice that she was still in charge. She motioned to Tesha as she got up.

"Well girls, this has been exciting as hell, and now I think we all deserve a final playful fuck. Tesha, I really appreciate all you did to help make today such an eventful day. Tell me what you want and how you want it. I'll fuck with you any way you want."

Tesha could hardly contain her joy and horniness. She really did ache for another chance to fuck Chelsea, even though she was feeling a bit guilty, since Veronica had been her friend for so long. But the heat of the moment and the impressive Chelsea had her lusting badly for more. "I want to feel your cunt and clit pounding my pussy. I want to feel your big clit inside me." To accommodate her wish, she dropped to the floor and swung her legs up high and wide, raising her hips up off the floor.

Licking her lips, Chelsea mounted Tesha from above and immediately began to slide her slippery gash forward and back across Tesha's sopping slit. Tesha ooohed at the scrumptious feel of Chelsea's pussy weaving it's way across her twat.

Veronica just closed her eyes and inched a few feet farther away, wishing to avoid as much of what was going on as possible. She could still hear the girl's sighs, moans, and talk, and it angered her that it was Chelsea, not she, who was having 'fun' with her teammates.

Chelsea smiled as she rocked her big clit down and in. She felt Tesha's open cunt accept her clit inside. The use (overuse?) of her clit today had made it reach its most prodigious proportions. When she was mutually fucking Veronica it had swelled to nearly three inches extension from its thick protruding base. While Chelsea could not see her own clit, she knew from the girl's reactions that it was stupefyingly large. She could feel it just fine. She rocked her hips to push its tip deeply into Tesha. Rotating her hips to feel the sensations of lubricated contact within Tesha's vagina, she groaned her pleasure. Both girls became more vocal by the minute. Groans, moans, gasps, and sighs punctuated the still humid air of their secret chamber.

Tesha was getting exactly what she asked for and it was even more deliciously fun than she could have imagined. The plump clit rocking inward and outward sent shivers up and down her spine in racehorse fashion. While not exactly as filling as a good stiff cock, it was probably even more intensely erotic and exciting than anything she had ever done. When she had fuck-fought with Linda in their role-playing fantasy she had been fucking Chelsea in her mind. But the real thing was even more wickedly intense than she could have imagined. It was even better now than when they had tangled pussies before the big fight. Not that fucking Linda was bad, but it was just that the astonishingly large clit Chelsea was using on her added such a terrific dimension to the real experience that it was a pale comparison. Wiggling to the rhythm of Chelsea's rocking she felt her orgasm approaching and her groans and moans grew louder and their pace picked up. When Chelsea pushed down harder and harder, filling her more deeply than ever she shuddered the first wave of her orgasm. Chelsea immediately withdrew her clit and pushed it firmly against Tesha's clit. The two clits danced together: one large and one normal size. Size didn't matter though, when it comes to pleasure. Human anatomy dictates that we all have the same number of nerves and Tesha and Chelsea's nerves were engaged fully in their mutual pleasure.

Zap! Zoom! Crash! Tesha's Chelsea-fuck was everything she hoped it would be. Intense. Filling. Hot, hot, hot!

The two girls succumbed to their orgasms and fell to the floor in delightful ecstasy. Tesha reached down and cupped her pussy with her hands, shivering in the aftermath of pleasure induced by her coupling with Chelsea. Chelsea shook with delight as she panted and caught her breath.

"God that was good," Tesha announced to the assemblage of naked girls. "If she can do that again, somebody will be one fucking happy girl." Veronica cried inside as she heard her friend (former?) Tesha speak those words. Tesha smiled as she lay on the floor and looked over at her friends. Her shit-eating grin was as wide as one of the university's football player linemen. "Whose next?"

Chelsea, having long ago lost count of her orgasms, and maintaining her arousal motioned for her next partner. Rashelle rushed over to her anxious to get started. "Did you really mean we could have sex with you any way we wanted?"

"Yes, precious. Of course I did."

"Mmmmmmmmm. I think a bit of edible sex is in order here." She hopped over Chelsea's head and lowered her butt as she rested her torso atop Chelsea in a good-old 69. Her mouth went down on Chelsea in a jack-rabbit start and took her big clit inside her mouth for some serious munching.

Chelsea was discovering a side of herself she had never really known before. Her lust for girls was always a back-burner thought before. She had never been multi-orgasmic before, but now she was having them back to back to back. Her clit jumped at the thought of being eaten when Rashelle mentioned 'edible', and when seconds later Rashelle was joyously chowing down on Chelsea's big clit, she felt the rush towards another orgasm mounting. She had only been winding down from the Tesha-induced orgasm for a couple of minutes when she was winding her way back up the incline. Resting for just a moment she then launched her own cunt-munching barrage on Rashelle's dark hole. The girls lapped at each other's cunt greedily. All the other girls could hear the sucking and sloshing sounds of their mouth-to-pussy coupling. They humped their cunts intently against the exploring tongues.

"God she tastes good!" Chelsea thought. Her brain was overpowered by the intoxicating taste in her mouth and the incredible sensations her clit was subjected to. The horny cunts lost control and they came all over each other's mouth. If any girl shouldn't have been able to produce vaginal secretions any more it should have been Chelsea. Amazingly she was still a virtual fluid factory. When Rashelle's pretty face withdrew from the sex-pit between Chelsea's legs, it was totally covered in sticky secretions. Her smile rivaled the size of Tesha's when she had finished. Chelsea finished her shuddering and without a pause asked from her position on the floor, "Whose next?"

"Me." Shouted four girls all at once.

But it was Amanda who acted faster and she kneeled over Chelsea and began to massage, very carefully, her tired and sore body. Noting the damaged areas she just gently brushed her hands across the bruises and welts, almost in a tickling fashion. Her large breasts hung above Chelsea who watched Amanda lustily probe her body with her hands. They roamed over Chelsea's face, feeling the nose, lips, and chin. They ran through her hair in a small attempt to straighten the unkempt look. Brushing her hair back a bit she did manage to make a slight improvement in the formerly wretched mess atop Chelsea's head. Paying close attention to Chelsea for feedback she continued her digital exploration over every inch of Chelsea's front half of her body. Pausing at her nipples she detected no hint of discouragement and so she ever so gently began playing a bit more vigorously.

As much pain as Chelsea's tits had taken at the hand of Veronica, she actually liked the touch Amanda was giving. Amanda leaned over and began to lick those tightly formed nipples with her tongue. Sensing no apprehension she gently sucked first one and then the other into her hungry mouth. Chelsea sighed, letting Amanda know she should continue. With her mouth busily pleasuring Chelsea's nips, her hand began its descent towards her pussy. Playfully fingering the remnants of her pubic hair she delighted in the intimate feel of twining the length of some of her remaining long hairs around her fingers. Letting go of the bush and lowering her aim she came to the clit that had already been the focus of so much attention. It stood proudly 'at the ready'. Protruding up and away from the conjunction of her labia, its massiveness undaunted by all it had been through, Amanda gasped when she gently let her fingers discover every tactile sensation she could find. She manipulated Chelsea's clitoris between her fingers. It twitched noticeably in response. She traced her finger along its length, starting at the upper conjunction with her mound. She felt its massive prominence and its wet, smooth texture. Long dark hairs were pasted along it, mingling with the skin. Marveling at its breadth as well as its length she traced it downward towards its tip. The tip had the feeling of a hard knob, sheathed in glossy sensitive skin. The tip was practically the size of a large acorn and it reminded her of the head of a small cock when she traced her index finger all around its circumference. She dipped her finger down below. It slid easily inside, practically sucking her finger in: it went so easily. Finding even more juicy texture she let her finger gather up a thicker coating of her lovely nectar and went back to examining her clit and pleasuring it as she went. All the while that her fingers probed and pleasured and explored Chelsea's womanhood, her mouth never let up with her tit-sucking. Amanda formed her index and middle fingers into a V-shape and plied them into position around Chelsea's clit, with the 'V' at the top. She squeezed her fingers together and was amazed that the thick mass between them kept her fingers fully an inch apart at the base. It seemed that every examination of Chelsea's clit provided Amanda with another superlative to describe its prodigious properties.

Loving every minute of it, Chelsea felt Amanda's fingers push her clit from the left, bending it over to the right. Its pliant texture let it bend, when enough force was applied and nestle off to the right side in the remaining bed of hair that surrounded her cleft. The instant Amanda's finger slid beyond the dimensions of her clit, she felt it spring back upright in instant erection. She did the same thing again, but this time she had to watch. She quit sucking her nipples and moved to a seated position right directly in front of Chelsea's widely splayed long legs. With her own legs bent at the knee and resting atop Chelsea's thighs, she fingered the big clit again. Pressing it to the left, she watched it bend to the pressure, and once again, spring back to its fully erect, proud stature the moment her finger slipped away. It was as if some sort of strong rubbery hinge held it firmly in place, allowing all sorts of distortions, but then immediately returning it to its former lofty status again and again. Amanda was transfixed in a daze.

Her hormonally charged system was ready to go. She looked up at Chelsea, who showed a wistful smile. "I think you deserve to lay back for this fuck." With less forethought of exploration she now went to work with her fingers. All ten of them were made use of as she explored Chelsea's cunt in every probing way she could think of. Plunging fingers in deeply, rotating them up and down, in and out, around and around, rubbing the big clit over and over she watched as Chelsea's breathing became ragged again. Two at a time, three at a time, four at a time she rammed her fingers home. She balked only at the fist. Amanda had pretty large hands (she was five feet ten inches after all). So when she tried to insert five fingers, she noted the discomfort Chelsea showed. But four big long fingers were certainly enough to give Chelsea the full feeling of satiation she longed for.

Chelsea began growling her pleasure and an instant later Amanda speeded up her digital play. Another orgasm rocked Chelsea and Amanda watched closely to see her fingers get squeezed in pulsing rhythm by Chelsea's powerful vaginal muscles. She watched her labia close tightly around her fingers, loosen and clench tightly again. This went on for nearly 20 seconds and Amanda rejoiced that she had been able, not only to witness the event, but to know that she had caused it and provided the sexual stimulation to generate the powerful orgasmic response in this sex machine. She began to feel that Chelsea might not have any limits. So far she had handled everything that had come her way: fighting with her tits, her cunt, her legs, her head, her bush, giving orgasms again and again, receiving orgasms again and again, and still she was going forward, wanting more and more, giving more and more. Make no mistake about it, Amanda had always thought of herself as one hot and sexy babe (true, true!), but she was convinced that she didn't hold a candle to Chelsea.

Since the moment Veronica had slinked away to the corner of the room, Amanda hadn't even given her a thought. She was consumed by lust for the victress. Having known Veronica for the last two years didn't matter. It was Chelsea she desired. Her bones practically ached with the lust she felt and it thrilled her beyond anything that she had been able to please Chelsea just now with a surging orgasm. It was with a bit of a come-down when she felt a tap on her shoulder and looked up to see Liz, ready to take her place. Resignedly she rolled away from her place of honor (between the legs of Chelsea).

Having worked her way through half of the attending babes, Chelsea took a moment to look over in the corner at Veronica. She sat cowering in the corner, knees pulled up to her chest and her arms holding them with her face down at her knees. She was obviously sobbing as her head moved in short jerky motion. Chelsea couldn't tell if her eyes were open or not, but it seemed a solid bet that Veronica wouldn't be causing any trouble for a long time. She was whimpering like a little baby, not only from the pain and humiliation of her defeat, but from the obviously hot erotic action going on without her. "That was supposed to be ME!" she was pining to herself.

"Good girl," Chelsea nodded at Liz as she approached her lying there on the wrestling mat. These mats had seen lots of terrific wrestling over the years, but it had never been the host to anything like today's bitch battle. "I can't wait to get another redhead treat."

"Are you sure you want to continue? You've been through a lot."

"Oh sweety. So nice of you to ask. But you know what. I always live up to my promises, and besides, I wouldn't dream of stopping. Like I said, I can't wait for some Lizzy redhead treat. What is YOUR preference?" Chelsea was in heaven. All these girls were treating her like some goddess, even though she looked like a total mess. She smiled as she recalled that she was THE QUEEN.

"What I want is for you to TAKE ME any way YOU want. For however long it takes, my body is yours. Just take me and take me now!" Liz wasn't used to talking like that. The feelings were foreign, but when she spoke those words they sounded so natural and real. Her feminine lust took a submissive turn, not at all what the fiery redhead usually acted like when sex was at hand. Usually she was the demanding one in bed with her lovers, choreographing as much of the 'entertainment' as she could get away with. Most of her male lovers loved it too. But now she wanted to be the submissive one.

"Ok. If that is what you want. Come here."

Standing to her feet for the first time in quite a while, Chelsea waited for Liz to step right up to her. At four inches shorter than Chelsea, Liz looked up into the eyes of her lust object. Seeing lust in return sent shivers up and down her body. She felt shivers even in the back of her knees and it took a substantial effort just to keep from buckling. They were close enough now to feel the breath of the other and Chelsea wrapped her arms around Liz, pulling her close. Their naked bodies compressed together (not too tightly, due to the substantial injuries Chelsea had suffered). Liz saw up close the sweat and dirt and blood streaked marks on Chelsea's face. The beginning of a shiner was apparent around her left eye. The cuts were not bleeding anymore and the blood had dried, except for the fact that the heat of the oven-like room made the sweat mingle with it and dilute it some. Even with the ugliest Chelsea had ever looked in her life, she was a total turn-on for Liz. Chelsea's strong arms pulled her head closer and closer until their lips touched in a gentle caress.

Liz wrapped her arms around Chelsea, careful not to pull too hard. Chelsea, blithely pushing the pain to the far recesses of her mind pulled Liz tight. Their hot bodies almost flamed up in ignition as they burned together. The gentle kiss turned more lusty and passionate. Tongues began dancing to their own juicy tune. Twirling around inside each other's mouth, they felt the heat growing, and growing. For five minutes they just stood there kissing and holding each other close. Chelsea's scarred up body felt the auburn colored bush Liz carried at her 'V' pushing against her upper thigh. She parted her thighs to feel Liz slide her leg between her own. Turnabout is fair play and she slid her right thigh between the widening stance of Liz's legs. Their pussies were each touching the soft, hot, sweaty thigh of the other girl, and their passion was rising.

At this moment Chelsea lowered her arms around Liz's back and picked her up off the floor to bring her face even with her own. Liz was surprised that Chelsea had the strength to do that after all she had been through. Burying her tongue inside Liz's mouth she maintained the hard kiss all the way down to the mat. Slowly lowering Liz inch by inch to the floor, she gently laid her on the mat. Using her legs to part Liz's legs wide, she lay down on top of the accepting Liz. Their kiss maintained, now Chelsea could feel the reddish fuzz of Liz's pubic mound up against her own mound. There was novelty in the feeling, since she was used to her own bushy mound overpowering and cushioning any such contact with another girl, she now felt the distinct texture of bristly bushy hair against bare skin: her own bare skin. So much hair had been ripped away in the fight that her moat of protection between her pubic skin and other pubes was gone. Realizing that there was nothing she could do about it now, she just accepted the newfound feeling and took it upon herself to relish it while she could.

Letting off the kiss, Chelsea rose up on her hands and began to slowly perform a missionary fuck upon the wanton redhead. What hair she had left (still a few square inches scattered about, actually) she rubbed into and through the small reddish patch of fuzz Liz called her own. By maneuvering this way and that she discovered by feel exactly where her own pubes remained in sufficient quantity to mesh and merge with the neatly trimmed thatch beneath her. Around and around her mound swirled, grinding this way and that, pressuring her fuck-mate into the mat, savoring every encounter between hair from her own bush with hair from the red-head. Her bush might not look queenly at the moment but she was intent on treating it like the prime feminine real estate it had been a few hours before.

Liz looked up with her blue eyes and met the gaze from Chelsea's long-lashed brown eyes. They stared into each other's eyes with a burning gaze of slow-fused passion. Like the fiber-optic cable between two powerful computers, the line between their eyes communicated their intentions faster and faster. Liz wasn't moving very much. Chelsea had such a wonderful sense of playful, sexy motion that it wasnít necessary for Liz to be active. Chelsea was purposely avoiding direct pussy or clitty contact. She knew the proximity of their feminine organs to the bushy stimulation would ignite that slow-burning fuse of their libidos. She was a remarkable judge of such tactics. Liz felt the heavenly texture of Chelsea's bush coursing through her own. She felt the sweaty skin slide greasily across her own skin below her navel. She occasionally felt just a tiny touch of pussy lip and pussy lip. It was barely perceptible, and excruciatingly tantalizing. Her breathing began to get ragged. Her hips began to insistently push up against the tall girls bush. The passion was growing, like a balloon being blown up with tiny breaths. It wasn't in danger of popping for quite a while yet, but it was apparent that if it continued it was sure to happen eventually.

Chelsea smiled inwardly at the gentle little bumps she felt from the auburn bush beneath her. It was working. She was teasing her with just the minimal touches necessary to keep the arousal growing, but not so much as to cause a demanding response. But those first little bumps were signaling the inevitable. Rocking her hips forward and back she could just hit the tip of Liz's pussy lips with the protuberance growing from her crotch. She let the tip of her clit glide ever-so-gently against the skin beneath Liz's mound. She felt the shiver of delight beneath her and she began to get just a bit more energetic.

Their eyes continued to burn deeply into each other's souls and Chelsea saw the need for stepped up action. Reaching back to grab Liz's legs she pulled them up towards the sky and around in front of her. "Hold these here," she told Liz as she rose up to tower over the expectant girl beneath her. Much like the position she had been in when Veronica had managed the dual-fuck earlier, only the girls were facing each other, she lowered her crotch down to meet the bright pink twat with her own pleasure box. Big clit met small clit. Chelsea rubbed it over and over the straining-for-the-sky clit beneath her. The slippery pink nub gallantly pushed against the mammoth clit boring down upon it. Gauging Liz's mood with expert precision, she waited for the next insistent gash grinding from the widely-splayed crotch. When it came, she moved: lower. She could feel the lush pink lips of Liz's labia parting as she slid her precious clit downward to the opening. She could feel the slippery inside of those lips pulsing in anticipation of what was to come. She saw Liz's eyes open wide as saucers in expectation of the next move. Teasing was still in her blood and when Liz tried to rise up to force an insertion, Chelsea just rose enough to avoid it. She kept the contact preciously firm, but wouldn't let Liz dictate the timing or tempo. The wide-eyed pleading message was completely understood by the Amazon Queen. Wait. Wait. Wiggle a little bit. Feel the soft tissues of an expectantly wet cunt. Only the edge of her long-shafted clit was inside Liz's southern lips and it was delicious. Sliding her shaft along the inner edge she maintained just enough motion and friction to keep their libidos going.

"What control!" thought Liz. She ached for the plunging, wicked fuck she knew would be coming her way. She could practically taste that massive clit embedding itself deep in her cavern of joy. But the timing was all in the hands (crotch?) of Chelsea. Over and over again she let just the very tip of her clit glide across the inner opening of Liz's lips. Minutes passed and the two girls continued their intimate coitus: incomplete for now, but oh so pleasurable. It was all Liz could do to keep from screaming in demand of the full-fledged fucking she wanted. But she had told Chelsea at the beginning to do with her as she wished, and if this is what she wished for then that was ok with her: as achingly incomplete as it was.

Liz watched as Chelsea's eyes grew wider and wider. Those big brown eyes and their long lashes had actually never looked more beautiful to Liz. She was sending a message that was for sure.