(By HGHunt)

Veronica had a real bounce in her step as she walked home after Tuesday's practice. She was buoyant over the fact that she knew she would have the chance to knock Chelsea down a few pegs. In fact it wouldn't bother her a bit if Chelsea just packed up and left after the weekend. Nothing would be sweeter to see her main competition in the front row long gone, and to top it off; she would keep her pet nickname, Queen Bush. Yes, that name had a nice ring to it. Whatever motivation she had that kept her from trimming her immense bush like the others didn't matter. What mattered now was the new found pride she had, knowing that the other girls were a bit awed by her endowment.

The fact that the other girls were also awestruck by Chelsea's thick fur was certainly understood by Veronica, but her confidence bubbled over regardless. She just KNEW she could dominate that thatch with her own hairy mound. While aware of the sexiness of the impending encounter, it was by far predominate in her focused mind that she would dominate and force Chelsea to admit that the better bush belonged to QUEEN BUSH VERONICA!

Realizing that the other six girls were very anxious to see the bush fight, she began plotting ways that she might incorporate their excitement into further humiliation for Chelsea. Her excitement was practically overpowering and again she couldn't study much that night.

The phones were ringing off the hook for the sextet of expectant spectators. As they worked out the details of their plan they couldn't stop talking about how horny the prospect of 'Bush War' made them. That was what they began to call the event. Linda and Tesha had admitted to the other four girls of their little mock war on Monday night. Neither girl was bashful about telling the others what their 'fuck fight' had been like. This talk made them all even more lusty and expectant for the real thing, but it also gave Liz and Tesha some ideas. Hmmmmm. In fact their planning and mental images had taken on the aura of a prizefight, at least among themselves.

Wednesday's practice was almost a repeat of Tuesday's in Becka's mind. Again she couldn't fault the players for their hard work and intensity in drills and scrimmages, but it was as if a cylinder was missing from a racecar. The plays just didn't click. She chalked it up to early season rustiness.

Amanda and Linda waited for the other girls to hit the showers before they entered. Tesha, Liz, Rashelle and Dawn had entered at the same time as Chelsea and Veronica and witnessed the ugly stare down, the hip thrusts of menace, and the sneering looks. It was quiet except for the sound of the showers. The whole room had a thick fog of mist, but the real thick fog was the emotional one that permeated the room. Every girl had a tense, knotted feeling in her stomach. The impending bush war permeated their every sense. Liz's pussy tingled with excitement as Amanda and Linda walked in. They entered from opposite ends and stood staring at each other with a pair of big sneers on their faces. "MY tits are better than yours!" Linda spoke loud enough to be heard over the showers but not to be heard outside the steamy room. Amanda laughed a haughty laugh and took a couple of steps across the floor. She lifted her hefty CD tits with her hands, thrusting them out and growled, "Your puny tits are no match for mine, bitch!" In fact these two girls were the two with the largest tits in their group and very nice sets they were. Amanda was the larger girl and clearly had the bigger tits, but Linda wasn't acting afraid (Well, if the truth be known she WAS acting). She swaggered across the room, hands on hips and challenged Amanda, "Let's tittybump to see whose are the best. Or are you chicken?"

"Get ready to see your puny tits flattened bitch!" Amanda was really getting into the act!

The two girls stepped forward and Amanda had to lower herself a little bit in order to 'line-up' her higher tits with Linda's. The heat and humidity had both girls sweating profusely and their breasts shined in the harsh light of the showers. Amanda's larger tits loomed above Linda's as they approached. Linda bit her lip and thrust her tits out at Amanda in haughty challenge. Amanda lined up her nipples with Linda's nipples as they brought them together. Six mouths slowly exhaled as their fiery nips finally touched. Even Veronica and Chelsea focused their eyes intently on the collision of four pretty boobs. For about 20 seconds they did nothing but joust their pert nipples back and forth against each other. As if by some unseen choreographer they then leaned into each other and pushed their sweaty breasts deeply into each other. They really leaned into each other and ground their heaving breasts back and forth and up and down. This lasted for only another 30 seconds or so when they stepped back to reassess the situation.

Rashelle spoke up, "Hey girls, I know the perfect time for you to settle your differences. Why don't you just cool off under the showers for now and you can pick up where you left off later?" Everyone in the room knew what that meant. Amanda and Linda whispered slutty comments to each other as they parted, maintaining the glare between them. They found a shower and all was quiet and still as the girls finished their cleaning duties and parted.

Veronica and Chelsea knew what the girls were trying to do. They were taking the opportunity presented by their upcoming fight to add another layer of expectation and sexiness to what was already so overwhelming that none of them could concentrate on anything else. They didn't really care about that though. All they cared about was the chance to annihilate each other in front of the other girls. If they wanted to have some 'festivities' of their own, fine with them.

Liz and Tesha were just about done getting ready to leave when Veronica came up to them and inquired, "Just tell me one thing, when and where?"

Liz looked up at the blonde Amazon and offered her reply, "Well, we already told you it would be this weekend, and that is true. We will let you know more tomorrow. Don't worry; you'll get your chance to meet up woman-to-woman with Chelsea. The final details will be firmed up by Friday, so just keep coming to practice and you'll learn everything you need to know."

"Ok. But what the fuck was that with Amanda and Linda? I thought they were friends? Was that a charade or what?" Veronica asked the two quizzically.

Liz spoke up, "How the hell should I know? I guess they just started comparing their bodies and decided to make their point? Its not as if they haven't seen a precedent you know? If you know what I mean?" Her attempt at providing a 'cover' story for what they had witnessed in the showers was a pretty bleak attempt at maintaining the charade, and Veronica saw right through it, but she played along anyway. Hell, why not watch a couple of foxy babes with nice tits do a little banging, she thought. It might even get the juices flowing as a warm up. "Yeah. Well, they better not take too long. Because I've got some serious business to take care of!"

When the locker room was empty, the girls went back to their dorms, had dinner and tried to do a little homework. Again, however, concentration was minimal. Thank God that it was the week before Labor Day and no big tests were planned for any of them. Hopefully they could catch up next week. Linda and Tesha arrived back at their room after having dinner and they immediately discussed their little play. They had known that any prolonged battles might be discovered and would be dangerous. It had been decided to test the waters just a bit with a 1-minute titfight. They wanted to get two things accomplished. They wondered what Chelsea and Veronica's reactions would be and they wanted to heighten the intimate involvement of themselves.

It had been discussed over and over again the night before, over the phone and over their chat line, and it didn't take much coaxing for Amanda and Linda to volunteer for the job. Linda had already found out how incredibly sexy a physical confrontation with another girl could be, and Amanda had readily admitted that the idea was a real turn-on for her. It had been her first encounter of the kind, but she was now sure that it wouldn't be her last. In fact, she returned to her dorm room so horny that she didn't even go to the dining hall to eat. Her roommate was at the library and Amanda frigged herself into a frenzy before dozing off until the phone started ringing.

Liz was calling and Amanda admitted to her that the excitement she felt in going tit-to-tit with Linda was incredible and she couldn't wait to go at her again. She asked Liz if they had figured out the remaining pieces of the puzzle that they were trying to put together. "Yes. You just keep your act up with Linda, and the four of us will handle the rest. Can you do that?"

"Yes. Sure. Can't you give me a hint?"

"I think it will look at least a little more realistic if we keep it a surprise from as many as possible. Don't worry. Nothing will happen to keep you from your 'date' with Linda." Liz chuckled as she finished her conversation with Amanda.

She immediately called Dawn. "Do you have the money?"

Dawn answered, "Yes. Is our plan still in effect with regard to the purchase?"

"Go for it. I can't wait to see their faces. Ha ha."

The rest of their conversation went smoothly and Dawn left to run some errands.

Rashelle had been talking to Linda and Tesha online when Liz called Rashelle. She let them all know that Dawn was 'in' and wondered if they were ready as well. Rashelle assured her that all was ready except for the key. She would have to wait until late Friday evening or early Saturday morning to get the key. She was highly encouraged by the rest of the evenings phone tree conversations and it was good to hear that Dawn was 'in'. Rashelle was actually a quiet, shy girl off the court, but the hot sexy atmosphere she found herself immersed in had brought out a bit of her daring. The desire to witness the main event had caused her to shed some of her more old-fashioned inhibitions. This would be exciting as hell, she thought. Like Amanda, Rashelle found some private time to enjoy her body all by herself. She rubbed her nipples until they were rock hard. She slid her hands all over her mellow brown skin, tickling the tiny, soft, downy hairs that grew on her belly. Letting her hand trickle down into her black and curly but soft and wispy threadlike pubic hair, she began moaning in anticipation of the unknown. In moments her pussy was leaking secretions, which her fingers were quick to discover. Letting first one, then two, and then three fingers slid effortlessly inside her dewy lips as she proceeded to give herself a good finger fuck. Her hips rocked and rolled over the bed and when she used her other hand to vigorously spank her clit she came in a shuddering climax. It was over in just a few moments. But the tingly feeling of joy hung over her like a shroud until she drifted off to sleep.

Thursday's practice was an even harder one for coach Becka Winslow to figure out. The drills for getting in shape were tackled with vigor by everyone, but somehow when it came time to do passing drills and scrimmage, it almost looked like they were nothing more than a good high school team. The remnants of last year's league championship and almost regional championship play seemed to have completely disappeared. She began thinking about having a team meeting, but since it was still only the fourth day of practice she decided that it would be better to let a whole week go by, and then if things hadn't started to improve on Tuesday, maybe she would have that meeting and try to find out what was going on. Honestly though, she hadn't noticed anything like dissent on the team, nor had it appeared that any one girl was at fault. It was just as if the athletic thinking that is needed beyond the physical skills had somehow been truncated at the ankles. Hopefully it was something that time would take care of.

Veronica and Chelsea entered the shower room right on schedule, as did the other girls. The stare-down routine continued and a few pelvic thrusts were traded back and forth by the two would-be bush-gladiatrixes. Their eyes sent daggers of evil intentions toward the other and even when Dawn and Rashelle entered last with a bit of a malicious intent evident on their faces, Veronica and Chelsea maintained their hateful glare. They had even moved their shower location 1 shower closer together, as if each could keep a closer eye on her opponent. Tesha, Liz, Amanda, and Linda felt a little knot in their stomachs as Veronica and Chelsea stood naked and wet only five or six feet apart. They all wondered if that was too close, if they could keep their cool and avoid tearing into each other right then and there.

Not knowing if they should continue, but not daring to stop, Rashelle walked up to Dawn and pointing a finger at her chest, taunted, "I hear that pretty white girls are no fucking good in bed. No good kissing. No good hugging. No good nothing!"

She had the others attention now. Dawn slapped her hand away from her chest and coarsely growled back, "You don't know what the fuck you are talking about." It was a bit of a shock to hear words like that come from the mouth of a girl that was so damn beautiful. Even though four girls expected it, it still sounded shocking when the words sprang forth. The venom in her voice sounded very real, and it only intensified when she continued, "This white girl can out-kiss, out-suck, out-hug, and out-anything a skanky black bitch like you. You better learn to keep your mouth shut, cunt!" Well, if the truth were known, skanky would hardly be an applicable adjective to describe Rashelle. She was a clear complexion mellow chocolate color with fine features that could have graced the cover of any magazine. Her mouth was finely shaped with gleaming white teeth and set off by a pert little nose that made her face look round and large. Her eyes were very black but had a doll-like quality (You know, those big-eyed cutesy kind that make great Christmas presents for your nieces). Rashelle was only about 1 tiny notch below Dawn in the looks department. And if it weren't for the color of their skin, their bodies were very similar. True, Dawn was three inches taller, but their overall shape was just about the same. Pert breasts stood very high and proud and each carried extremely defined areola with distinct perimeters. Rashelle's were a deeper chocolaty brown and Dawn too carried a pair of dark brown tit-fronting nipples that were very pointy and long, especially for a girl with relatively small tits. Rashelle's areolas were probably a little wider, but her nipples were not nearly as long as Dawn's.

Liz and Tesha, particularly paid attention to the way their bodies looked as they stood toe to toe. It was only a second before Rashelle stepped right up to Dawn and their tits firmly touched, compressing hardly at all, so firm and tight they were. "Right now! Slut! Or is the fraidy cat white girl gonna back down like all the rest? Kiss me or shut the fuck up!"

Wham! Arms flew around each other. One arm went around the back and one arm over the shoulder to grab the back of the head. The gorgeous faces met with a smack as two pairs of lips parted and immediately began a wet tongue kissing frenzy. The sound of slobbering kisses was heard above the running showers. Even Chelsea and Veronica were taking notice of this performance. It sure as hell looked real! Only Rashelle and Dawn knew for sure. The trash talk and realistic antagonism had actually stunned Amanda and Linda. Each now felt that maybe they hadn't gotten into the mood well enough for their mock tit-fight yesterday. Or maybe it was that each of these two were actually letting their deep-seated real prejudices and emotions come flowing out when given the chance. Whatever it was. It was very convincing.

Linda whispered loudly, "Dammit girls. Stop! Can't you wait to settle this? You know you could get caught if you keep that up in here." It took a few seconds for the girls to pull their bodies apart. Each took a moment to curse a few words of some hushed vendetta between them before they stepped back. The glowering and body posturing continued all through the shower and the now icy atmosphere was extending to all the girls.

"Shit, what have we got ourselves into?" thought Tesha. One thing for sure, there was a palpable tension in the air. And now it didn't seem to be emanating only from Chelsea and Veronica.

The girls finished and began to dress. Liz and Rashelle approached Veronica as they had approached Chelsea on Tuesday. They told her most of what she would need to know about when and where and why. Rashelle explained that since the college was in a bit of a budget crunch, as they all knew, the athletic building would be closed up tight over the three day Labor Day weekend. Fortunately she knew one of the grad-student administrative assistants pretty well, and she could get a key to use the weight room, under the pretense of lifting weights. She would get the key either late Friday night after he closed up for the weekend or early Saturday morning. It depended on her friend. Either way, it would give them the opportunity to sneak into the facility and be assured that no one would bother them. As it turned out the varsity wrestling room, full of mats, was right next door to the weight room, and the key would let them into both, as well as the shower room too, if they needed it. The wrestling room was completely in the interior with no windows and it would make a perfect place for what they had planned.

Veronica agreed that that would be as good a place as any for Chelsea to get herself fucked. "We'll tell you tomorrow exactly what time to be there. I promise that it will only be the six of us and you and Chelsea. No one else knows anything." Liz let her know that apparently there would be a couple of preliminary matches, considering what had transpired in the showers the last two days. Veronica had no problem with that and let them know that she was a patient girl and as long as she knew she would get her chance at Chelsea, it didn't matter about the others.

Amanda and Linda had a nearly identical conversation with Chelsea and the pins were falling in place. Chelsea reminded them that even though it was obvious what had been going on in the showers, and that she didn't care if they wanted to 'settle some differences' of their own, it was SHE that would be in the main match. She also warned them not to interfere in any way. Linda assured her they wanted the determination of Queen Bush to be solely between Veronica and Chelsea. It wouldn't be up to them. Only when one girl would admit that the other was the Queen Bush, or be totally defeated, would it be over.

"Great," thought Chelsea, "That's just the way I want it."

Thursday evening found the girls maintaining their heightened arousal and more than a couple found the time to gently frig them before sleep took over. The lush sexy possibilities of the weekend encounter were beginning to overpower their concentration, as if that hadn't happened already.

Friday's practice had Becka shaking her head for the same reason as Thursday's and she began thinking it might really be necessary for that Tuesday meeting.

Maybe there was some sort of jinx in those showers? It seemed that every day, when they got into the showers some sort of confrontation developed. Today it was Liz and Tesha. The others were inside and quietly showering. Even though there was no talk, there was still a LOT of communication. Every girl used body language and gestures for the audience. Amanda and Linda spent extra time washing their boobs and making sure they emphasized them to the others. Their pride in their tits was obvious. Dawn and Rashelle used their whole bodies to almost lewdly challenge each other; blown kisses, fingers tweaking nipples, hips swiveling, lips licked, fingers dwelling in crotches.

And then there were the Amazons. Veronica and Chelsea had actually chosen showers adjacent to each other today. They were close! Even though these two fine tall girls with their long pretty hair had numerous blessed feminine assets, there was no doubt where the focus of their rivalry was located. With shameless, dirty, gesticulation, they thrust their pelvises towards each other. Hell, they even got so close that the water dripping off each other's bodies landed on their foe's feet. Veronica and Chelsea would run their soapy hands through their lush bush, making sure to linger long and slow; pulling and twisting some of their hairs, running fingers deep between their legs, parting the long hair that blocked the view of their pussy, and staring daggers of hate into the evil eyes of their foe.

While all this was going on Tesha and Liz approached the doorway together. Just as they were about to enter, Tesha 'accidentally' swung her butt wide to her left. It smacked Liz in the ass and caused her to slip on the wet floor and fall on her side just inside the doorway. "You bitch, you did that on purpose! You better watch your ass, little girl." Liz's fiery temper was clearly evident. She stood up to find Tesha facing her, hands on hips.

"You're fat ass got in MY way! You are the one that better take care of your own ass a little better. If it wasn't such a sorry ass, maybe you wouldn't have fallen down." Tesha dished out her barbs and Liz wasted no time in her challenge. My ass is the best damn ass around and your flabby butt doesn't compare to a REAL woman's ass... MINE!"

"Are you challenging me? I hope so, because I can't wait to use my butt to teach yours a lesson."

"You bet your sour ass I am. My butt will destroy yours." With that she turned around and thrust her very pretty butt directly at Tesha.

Whirling around Tesha thrust her ass at Liz again and with a smack their butts came in contact again. This time Liz was ready and she didn't fall, but instead only moved a small bit and instead Tesha bounced off Liz. Instantly they were slamming their pretty behinds together, making slapping sounds throughout the room. After 15 seconds or so they kept their butts together and started rubbing them back and forth, and up and down very vigorously.

"Feel my ass tearing yours up? It feels real good to rub your sorry ass raw." Liz fumed through her teeth.

"Hey bitch. Yours is the stinky ass that is losing this fight!" Tesha could dish out the trash talk too.

"Girls, girls. If all the rest of us can wait for resolution you can too. Break it up." It was Linda who inserted her words of temperament with success. The brown haired girl and the redhead pulled apart and turned to each other with steam rising from their foreheads.

"Just wait bitch," growled Liz, "Your ass will be mine Sunday."

"Dream on. You will be groveling at my feet when we're done."

And so a final battle had been conjoined. Not only would the two Amazons have a chance to battle for the title, the other six girls would all test themselves in sexy battle on Sunday afternoon. That was the plan after all. The sextet of girls had been so turned on by the sight of Veronica and Chelsea in their confrontation that they had decided to become more than spectators. They had paired off in what seemed like logical matches to them and orchestrated a new confrontation each day. It had worked wonderfully. Only Linda and Amanda had seemed 'staged'. The other pairs looked and felt very real to the rest of the girls.

It was originally a heightened and fun sense of the sexuality of their response to what they had witnessed back on Monday that caused them to arrange the battles among themselves. Yes, they were arranged. Yes, they were supposed to be 'mock' battles. But one thing was made clear from the moment Dawn and Rashelle had foul-mouthed each other, was that there was at the very least a serious undercurrent to their arrangement and that all had an inherent competitive streak in them. Athletes of this caliber didn't get that way without being competitive, and changing arenas into a 'my body versus your body' situation didn't change that. How much would be 'mock' and how much would be real would have to wait until Sunday for the answer. But one thing was absolutely certain. The battle for Queen Bush would be totally for real. There would be no charade between Veronica and Chelsea. Their hatred for each other was palpable and thick. No question about it. Sunday on the mats would be VERY interesting.

The girls practically tiptoed through the last moments of their showers and back into the locker room. Veronica and Chelsea had messengers appear by their locker to let them know the final details. They were quick and concise: be by the back door of the athletic facility by noon on Sunday. Rashelle would have the key and they would go to the wrestling room and have total privacy among themselves. The outside world would never know. May the best bush win!