POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 5

A new enemy! Kathy was nervous of course, but ecstatic about having discovered a succulent temptress right in her own neighborhood. Her bisexual tendencies, enhanced with the thrill of competing with another woman, were flowering throughout her body. She recognized Evelyn as one fine specimen of feminine charms. Her large breasts, pretty face, short pixie haircut, librarian glasses, and alluring blue eyes would have aroused Kathy even without the thrill of impending confrontation. But with the added layer of possibilities that come from seeking womanly dominance she was richly rewarded, feeling deep desire flowing inside her crevices, even as she plotted her wicked course of action.

She had thrown a coat over her outfit, so that upon walking from car to house she wouldn't be scandalously viewed by any of her neighbors prying eyes that might be around. She also had a small duffel bag that she carried up to the door. Her witchy mind had conjured up some intimate challenges that might come in handy at some point in the evening. This is going to be FUN she mused to herself as she confidently strode towards the front door.

Evelyn was ready. She was anxious be sink her hands into Kathy's flesh, one place or another, but she too, like Kathy, understood the power of sexual dominance wouldn't be possible without a significant degree of sexual lust as well, both for Kathy and for herself. One doesn’t win and enjoy a sexual contest without being aroused oneself after all. Her tingling loins confirmed for her that Kathy would be just fine on that account. Having been both a giver and a taker of lesbian encounters with other women, she found herself squirming, and pressing her thighs together, generating just enough pressure in her crotch to bring her prominent pleasure organ into a heightened state of arousal. Her sheer panties, now damp with some seeping moisture, clung deliciously to her fleshy slit.

“Mmmmmmmm.” she purred to herself as she watched Kathy disembark from her Silver SUV and strut haughtily towards her door. “I can't wait for this to happen!”

As Kathy reached for the bell, the door opened. Evelyn was ready for her guest, having seen her approach her door.

“Come in.” Even with the unspoken agreement that tonight was for fighting, her need to establish her skill as a hostess and hopefully bring Kathy a degree of obligation was well established in her mind as well. “Will you have a drink? Wine maybe? Oh, and please let me take your coat.” Evelyn had purposely removed her wicked tongue and hateful glare to try to disarm Kathy with her sweetness, knowing full well that Kathy would see through it. Oh the fun of acting!

“Yes I will. And thank you.” Kathy could play that game too. Putting on a show of manners was part of the game. She had played a few times with other women. She could see that Evelyn's attire was quite stunning, the yellow and black alluring lingerie and dress, a spot of perspiration popping up on her upper lip at the sight. Glancing around the living room, decorated quite tastefully, she saw a couple of candles lit, a soft flowery scent wafting into her nostrils, inspiring her sensuality in another realm. “Not bad,” she thought to herself.

As Evelyn headed to the kitchen to open a bottle of white, it gave Kathy a chance to reflect on her decision NOT to tear tooth, nail, and claw into Evelyn the moment the door shut. The enmity was there for sure, but that enmity was not of the urgent hatred that might be forthcoming if someone had attacked your kids. Instead it was a feminine enmity associated with the feeling that comes from looking at a woman, recognizing that their place on the social totem pole was not quite determined yet. Similar in age, similar in facial beauty, similar in height, similar in hair color, similar in overall build, and very prominently of course, similar in bosomy assets. As unlikely as it might be that others in the neighborhood might have an inkling of the indefinite hierarchy among each other and in particular Evelyn and Kathy. But for the two of them, right now it was paramount. Who knows there might be a widower or some other “available” partner, male or female who became an object of interest for the two of them. Each wanted to settle the matter beforehand as to whom should have the upper spot on the totem pole when that time came.

She was willing to go to great lengths to establish what she believed she deserved as top cat. Kathy felt a deep ache in her gut, a sign of anxiety from the impending clash, but also a recognition that to achieve her dominance, it MUST be from a physical, mental, as well as a sexual dimension. With those thoughts foggily intruding into her mind, the willingness to play along, to entice Evelyn, even as she was sure she would be enticed by her, and to display seductive poses, looks, and conversation, she prepared for war.