POTLUCK PIES: Kathy vs Evelyn
by HG Hunt

Chapter 2

Damn! Neither wanted to be distracted at this moment, but the social venue prevented what each had foremost in her mind. The Association President was calling the people to gather around and get ready for the meal. Quickly Kathy leaned across the table to whisper her name to Evelyn, who sneered, but quietly shared her name with Kathy. “We MUST talk later!” Evelyn ached at the hole in her spirit that had so abruptly developed. She knew she HAD to do something about it, even though this was not the time or place.

Kathy nodded and then quickly mouthed a silent “Fuck You!” towards her newly discovered rival.

From any innocent observer who might have inadvertently caught this brief encounter, nothing at all would have seemed amiss, unless that is they were able to see their eyes meet. That would have given it away. But as it was, no one was the wiser. The meal, meeting, and introductions all went off without a hitch. The two women were not seated near to each other and except for the obligatory gazes across the community room to keep track of each other, there were no issues. Each participated in small talk with their table mates, made introductions among themselves, and otherwise shared a fine potluck meal. When the introductions were made, each member briefly introduced themselves and identified their home, so that all could become at least a bit acquainted with their neighbors, both old and new.

In this way each woman learned the full name and house location of the other. Turns out Evelyn had purchased a house a block over and down from Kathy. One that had been on the market for just a couple of months and that had formerly been the home of one of Kathy's childrens' good friends. She knew the house well.

Kathy glanced over at the dessert table as the guests milled about at the conclusion of the official business to see that her pie had been eaten all except for one single piece. Astonishingly when she looked at Evelyn's pie plate, hers had been picked clean all except for one single piece as well. “Shit!” she thought. “That cunt thinks she is somebody. My pie is better than hers, and so is everything about me better than she!” She fumed inside at the thought that people might like Evelyn's pie over her own.

As she drifted over to the table she was not disappointed to see Evelyn saunter over at the same time. Her fury was hard to contain, but contain it she must! At least in part.

Evelyn's almost pranced into Kathy's line of vision, fully expecting to see her pie devoured but with Kathy's barely touched. Instead she saw the equality of results, which stunned her. Taken aback she arched her back just enough to force her breasts firmly against the front of her shirt. Whispering very lowly under her breath she let Kathy know her thoughts. “My pie will always taste better than yours.” Then as her eyes consumed Kathy, she added, “FUCK YOU!” It wasn't spoken in a loud voice, no others were near enough to hear, but only Kathy.

“I guess that settles it then.” Kathy turned her eyes around the area to see if anyone was watching, and when she was sure no one was looking she purposely and proudly lifted her breasts upwards, even more pronounced than had Evelyn and gave them a single flaunting jiggle, and said, “With these.”

She put her hands down immediately so as not to attract attention, as she put her pie plate back in her basket. Evelyn started to do the same, but just before she carefully deposited her pie plate into her own basket, she traced a finger around the edge of her plate, covering it in sweet slobber of apple pie filling and sugar. Putting it to her mouth and inserting it inside, she slurped and sucked off her finger. “Mmmmmm. That would be wonderful……….” She paused, “for a start.”