AU NATUREL II - Prologue: The Gazebo

By JB57

Louise Long gave the valet a dazzling smile as he opened the door to her silver Mercedes sports car. She unfolded her long, muscular legs from the driver’s side of the vehicle. She rose to her full height, enhanced by three-inch stiletto heels. She was wearing a white sun hat and a short, colorful sun dress. The dress did nothing to hide her voluptuous curves or the rolling bounce of her braless breasts.

“Thank you, Todd,” she smiled at the valet. She reached into the back cargo seat of the car and pulled out a bag. That was all she would need for her one-week stay here at Au Naturel, her favorite nudist resort.

“Welcome back, Ms. Long,” the valet replied. Not many guests liked having their cars driven by a naked valet, so Todd was dressed in a uniform. But he was one of the few people on the property who was expected to wear clothing.

As Todd parked her car, Louise sashayed into the main building of the resort, her womanly hips swinging, her long, beautifully muscled legs flashing. The moment she entered the lobby, she was confronted with the appealing sight of acres of naked human flesh. All of the workers at the resort were hired for how good they looked naked, so Louise appreciated the display of youthful beauty. She approached the lobby desk and the gorgeous, buxom young brunette behind it. The woman checked Louise in to her usual accommodation at the resort – a small but luxurious cabana located in a particularly private spot on the grounds.

“It’s been pretty quiet, this week, Ms. Long,” the girl informed Louise. “I know how much you like it that way. You should have a lot of the facilities to yourself, especially the pool near your cabana.”

“Oh, that’s lovely, dear,” Louise smiled. “I intend to catch up on my tanning and swimming.” She smiled a bit wider. “But I am expecting to meet a friend for dinner, “ Louise continued. “Has Mark Adams checked in yet?”

The lobby clerk checked her computer screen. “Yes,” she said, after a moment. “Mr. Adams checked in about two hours ago.”

“Good, “ Louise smiled. “Could you give me his room number? I may want to have something sent to him later.”

The girl smiled and happily obliged.

A golf cart came around to transport Louise across the grounds to her cabana. The young driver was a beautiful woman, who was enticingly naked. Louise enjoyed watching the girl’s tits quiver as the cart vibrated. As the cart zoomed across the resort grounds, Louise called her friend on her cell phone. Mark picked up after the second ring.

“Mark, darling!,” Louise exclaimed. “How wonderful to hear your voice.”

“Louise!,” Mark replied. “So, you’ve arrived? I made reservations for us at the Blue Door for 7 PM. Can you make it?” The Blue Door was the five-star restaurant on the property.

“Of course, darling,” Louise purred. “I”ll be there at 7 sharp! I’m looking forward to catching up.”

The two friends said their goodbyes. Louise smiled as she thought about her evening with Mark. He was a former client, one of the many men Louise had favored with her charms over the years, one of many men whose business contacts had proven invaluable to Louise’s own money-making endeavors. He was also a very handsome man and an excellent lover. Louise was looking forward to taking him for a ride that night, after supper. She intended to have some wine delivered to his room while they were out at dinner.

Louise disembarked at her cabin. She threw her bag onto the bed and pulled open the curtains to let in the sunlight and the beautiful view beyond. The cabin had a good view of the forest and the pool. Louise had considered getting a lakeside cabana, but they were much more popular than this more isolated location. Privacy mattered a great deal to Louise, even at a nudist colony that was renowned for its policy of encouraging sexual license.

Louise kicked off her high heels and put them in the closet. She shrugged off her sun dress and hung it up in the closet, too. She slipped off her thong and tossed it in a laundry bag that she had brought with her. She did not intend to wear any clothing at all for the rest of the week.

She smiled and stretched her nude body in front of the full length mirror on the cabin wall. Her tan was unbroken. Her body was spectacularly beautiful. Her bountiful breasts jiggled deliciously, bouncing gently as she tightened her muscles and reached for the ceiling. Her abdomen was subtly muscled, her navel narrow and deep. Her hips flared delectably, her thighs were round and thick, her calves were ridged seductively with muscle. She spun around to examine and admire her heart-shaped ass in the mirror and the graceful curve of her flawless back. Louise was a vain woman, but she embraced her vanity with a sincere appreciation and admiration of her own beauty. She tossed her red hair, her blue eyes flashing.

Smiling with contentment, Louise entered the bath and treated herself to a long, hot shower. She enjoyed running her hands over her heavy tits, her thick nipples. She smoothed the palm of her hand down her flat, hard belly, and ran her fingers through the thick, dense fur crowning her pussy. Louise’s perfectly sculpted, densely thatched mat of cuntfur was, to her, a further symbol of her feminine power. The current style was for women to shave themselves bare, and Louise had occasionally considered going with the fashion. She thought it would be wonderful to lock up with another women, naked, shaved, slick cunt to cunt. But, in the end, she could not bring herself to remove something that was so much a part of her womanly beauty. Besides, all the women with whom she had her greatest rivalries were also women who had enormous pride in their pussyfur. Louise was confident that, eventually, sexual fashions would come full circle. For now, she was willing to buck the trends.

Louise dried her voluptuous body, then spent some time preparing her hair and makeup. When she was done, she admired her beautiful face in the mirror. Her large blue eyes shone out of her heart-shaped face, her slender nose curved up elegantly, her thick lips glowed with a gentle pink blush. She had allowed her red hair to grow out a bit over the past several months, but it was still relatively short, hanging only just below her neck, but luscious and curly.

It was now almost 4:30. Louise had more than two hours before she needed to leave to meet Mark. She considered masturbating to relieve some of her sexual tension, but she was afraid that a really good session of self-love would leave her hot and sweaty and dirty and ruin her makeup. Besides, being a bit extra horny would probably make the evening with Mark a bit more memorable.

Louise grabbed her purse and slipped on a pair of wedge sandals. She placed her sun hat on her head carefully, making sure that it did not mess her hair too much. She slipped on her sunshades. At the last minute, she remembered the yellow wrap that the resort provided to its guests. While the restaurant did allow naked diners, it was generally regarded as good manners to have something to cover the genitals. Louise tied the gossamer-thin garment at her hips, leaving her torso bare.

The redheaded beauty left her cabin, locking the door behind her. She had a book in her purse. She considered going down to the pool and sunning herself on a chaise lounge while reading. But she remembered a gazebo that was halfway between her cabana and the main hotel that was on a secluded part of the grounds. She had not been there before, but she had always intended to visit the spot. She decided to go there now.

Enjoying the kiss of the late afternoon sun on her naked breasts, Louise strolled across the resort. There were very few people around, but she nodded greetings to the few individuals she encountered. Always, she thrilled with delight as the members she passed, men or women, were unable to take their eyes off of her incredible body, her massive jugs.

It took Louise almost 20 minutes to find the gazebo. It was a little out of the way, in a small, sun-dappled clearing in the middle of the forest. The gazebo was large and white, its roof coming to a point and topped by a crescent-moon shaped weathervane. The sides were bordered by a railing.

As she approached the open structure, Louise realized, with a flash of disappointment, that someone was already there. Someone was sitting inside the structure on one of the benches lining the inside of the gazebo. Louise realized the other person was a woman with jet-black hair. The woman was sitting with her back to Louise and her head appeared to be bent over something, probably a book or magazine. It looked like this woman had the same idea as Louise. Oh well, Louise thought, she could always share the space.

As the redhead drew closer, something about the other person in the gazebo began to feel strangely familiar. Her body was reacting to this other woman on some primitive level. Her breasts were growing heavy and tight, her nipples were starting to swell. Her pussy was growing wet. Suddenly, with a flash of disbelief and hope, Louise realized who this other woman might be.

“No,” Louise thought to herself, suddenly excited. “It couldn’t be… that would just be too perfect, it would be an incredible coincidence!” Even as this thought crossed her mind, the woman in the gazebo turned her head so that Louise could see her in profile. Louise’s mouth widened in an irrepressible grin; she was now certain: the black-haired woman in the gazebo was Veronica Carter, the incredibly voluptuous, sexually insatiable beauty that Louise had encountered the last time she had visited Au Naturel. Veronica had come looking for Louise, to challenge her to a sexfight. The two women had locked up and fucked each other all day and night, ravaging and satisfying each other in every possible way, exploring and violating each other in the most primitive and enjoyable ways. Louise had succeeded in using psychological tactics to get Veronica to concede the battle, and the struggle had ended with Louise shaving the other woman’s pubes and claiming Veronica’s cunthair as a trophy. Veronica had left swearing revenge. Louise wondered if Veronica being here now really was a coincidence. But, in truth, she did not care. Whether or not Veronica had planned it, she was here and Louise could barely contain her excitement. All thoughts of Mark were forgotten. Suddenly, the prospects for her visit here at Au Naturel had become a lot more interesting. Nothing delighted Louise more than the chance to fight and fuck and assert her superiority over another woman, and Veronica had been one of the greatest conquests of her life.

Veronica seemed to sense Louise’s approach. The black-haired beauty turned her head fully, to see who was moving toward the gazebo. Louise was gratified to see Veronica’s eyes widen in shocked surprise; clearly, the other woman had not planned this encounter. Then, Veronica’s eyes lit with fire and intense excitement and Louise could see her own feelings, her own insatiable lust, mirrored in the other woman’s beautiful face.

Louise added a seductive sway to her hips, her thickening tits bouncing harder as she moved toward the gazebo. Veronica put down her book and rose to meet Louise.

Veronica stood in the centre of the gazebo, her hands on her hips, her feet wide apart, her head cocked, her long black hair flowing down her back. Like Louise, she was wearing a thin yellow wrap stretched across her wide hips, covering part of her lower body. On her feet were wedge sandals. She was naked above the waist, her round, heavy, perfect tits hanging proudly, firm and high and not needing any support . Before Louise’s eyes, she watched Veronica’s massive brown tits grow engorged with arousal, her nipples grow hard and strong. Louise felt her own nipples swell to rival those of the other woman.

Louise walked up the steps of the gazebo and moved slowly, seductively towards Veronica’s luscious body, her hips swaying gently, her breasts aching with heat, her nipples hard and throbbing with need. The women’s eyes were locked, raw hate and incredible lust flowing between them like electricity. About six feet from Veronica, Louise stopped, her beautiful face lit with a predatory grin. Veronica smiled back, her teeth gleaming, her eyes glowing with desire.

“Veronica,” Louise purred. “What an unexpected pleasure to see you.”

“Louise,” Veronica replied. “I’m very happy to see you, too. I wasn’t expecting it, but I always like being surprised.”

Slowly, smiling grimly, her eyes never leaving Louise’s, Veronica reached down and untied the wrap knotted at her hip. Tantalizingly, deliberately, she pulled the cloth back, revealing her swollen genitals, her bare thighs. The cloth trailed from her hand to the deck of the gazebo as she cocked her pussy forward, presenting her womanhood to Louise in challenge. Louise’s eyes drifted down, to take in the other woman’s thick, juicy cunt. Louise smiled viciously as she saw what else Veronica was revealing. The black-haired beauty’s cuntfur had grown back in, just as thick and lush as it had been the last time the two women had fought. Louise felt a thrill of anticipation ripple through her.

“As you can see,” Veronica smiled, “my pussyfur has come back since you shaved me. In fact, it’s come back in thicker and coarser and stronger than ever. I should thank you.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure, Veronica,” Louise replied. “I’ll be happy to shave you again, anytime you like.” As she spoke, Louise untied her sash, pulling it away from her hips, revealing her enraged, throbbing cunt and the thick thatch of red fur crowning her pussy. “In fact, we can start right now, if you’d like.”

Both women dropped the scraps of cloth to the deck of the gazebo and stepped out of their sandals. Louise threw her bag and hat off to the side. The women’s eyes were locked as they moved closer and closer to each other. Veronica raised her hands; Louise reached out. The women twined their hands together, palm to palm, fingers interlaced. As their flesh touched, electrical, erotic fire burned through both women. Louise and Veronica smiled at each other savagely, thrilling as the heat flowed from their hands deep into their tits, deep into their boiling clits.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless, you cuntsucking whore,” Veronica murmured, as she and Louise pressed closer. They pushed their interlocked hands out to their sides, aligning their engorged nipples directly to each other, getting closer and closer. “Then, I’m going to rip out every one of your cunt hairs by the roots.”

“No, you bitch,” Louise groaned, “I’m going to ride you and ride you and fuck your cunt dry. Then I’ll shave you clean. This is going to end just like it did before.”

The women’s burning nipples touched and slid on each other, sending blasts of pleasure coruscating through their pulsing tits. Louise and Veronica gasped in unison, then flicked their nipples across each other again, wedging them against each other, then pushing hard in opposite directions, each beautiful woman trying to bend the other’s nips over. Instead, their rock-hard nipples held, then slowly twisted each other back until they sprang apart under the pressure. The two gorgeous Amazons groaned as their heavy tits quivered with the released pressure. In a flash, they brought their pulsing tits together again. Holding their hands above their heads, the women rolled and rotated their tits around and around each other, their nipples circling and rubbing constantly, their hard brown cylinders spearing and grating against the women’s tight, hot areola. Louise and Veronica’s back muscles rippled as they went nipple to nipple, their massive tits rolling and rotating around their struggling brown cylinders.

The pleasure built and built unbearably. The women’s breaths came in hot pants, their eyes remained fixed together as they each sought to grind the other down, tit to tit. Their breasts ached with the incredible sensations, their bodies felt totally aroused. After a few minutes of tit grinding, of fencing nipple to nipple, neither woman could take it anymore. The women pulled their arms out to their sides and pressed in tighter, compressing their throbbing tits, grinding their taut, pulsing titmeat harder and harder. Their massive boobs slapped and slopped together, sliding in the building sweat. Their thick round orbs slid in and around and over each other, slicking and burning with sexual heat and friction until both women felt that their beautiful tits might explode with the exquisite pleasure.

The women pressed their beautiful faces nose to nose, their red lips and hot tongues only a whisper apart.

“You dirty fuck,” Veronica moaned, “You dirty, filthy fuck…”

“Cunt,” Louise groaned back. “You filthy fucking cunt…”

The women pressed their red lips together, their hot tongues slipping out to stroke and caress each other. Their mouths sealed tight, their thick tongues thrust together, lapping and rubbing, sharing spit and heat. Their tongues shoved and twisted into one. The women moaned into each other’s throats, delirious with pleasure and burning lust.

Almost by mutual consent, the women released each other’s hands and slipped their arms around each other’s backs, pulling each other in tight, squeezing hard, crushing their massive tits into one, groaning in ecstasy as their heavy, meaty tits squashed tight, compressing nipple to nipple. Both women thrust their powerful thighs up into the other’s wet, hot cunt and began moving their hips, rubbing their twats up and down into the thick muscle of the other’s thigh, leaving behind a slick coating of pussy juice on the smooth flesh. Louise felt her pussy lips sucking to Veronica’s thigh, she felt her aching clit slide out and begin to caress the taut, slippery flesh and she almost orgasmed on the spot. Her moans of sexual joy grew even louder and harder, even within the women’s inosculated mouths. Veronica’s cries echoed Louise’s cries. The women slapped their bellies together and writhed uncontrollably in each other’s arms, rubbing and grinding and sliding every inch of naked flesh against its counterpart on the other woman. The sexual frenzy built and built, the women’s moans grew louder and more ferocious as they struggled on.

Finally, gasping with pleasure, Veronica and Louise broke their ferocious, sucking kiss. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, they glared at each other through half-closed eyes, their bodies vibrating with erotic power. They touched tongues and lapped at each other, before pausing to share hot, sweet breath and get ready for the next round in their erotic war. Both women spread their legs, eagerly opening themselves to each other, and pushed their pelvises forward, lining up their ravenous cunts.

“You fucking slut,” Veronica moaned. “I’m going to fuck your twat off. If it takes us the rest of the night, I’m going to eat your pussy alive.”

“I have a dinner date in two hours,” Louise replied. “But that’s all the time I’ll need to turn you and your tired old cunt into a puddle on the ground.”

The women edged in closer, pressing their pubes together, both smiling as they felt their thick bushes mesh and twine. Louise and Veronica shuddered with pleasure and anticipation.

“A dinner date, hm?” Veronica murmured. She licked and then nibbled at Louise’s ear. “You really think you can beat my cunt in two hours?”

“Oh, I guarantee it, baby,” Louise replied, her voice a low, throaty growl. She bit at Veronica’s neck. “I’m going to suck you dry then go and have a nice dinner. I’ll stop by later to shave your cunt.”

“I have a deal for you,” Veronica whispered. She pulled back so that she was nose to nose and eye to eye with Louise once more. The women licked at each other’s lips and tongues. At the same time, they spread their legs a bit wider and pushed closer. Veronica could almost feel the incredible heat radiating off of Louise’s engorged clit. Both women’s twats were dripping with cunt juice, which trickled down their thighs towards the gazebo deck.

“What’s that?” Louise asked, her nipples throbbing unbearably as they pressed and pulsed tip to tip with Veronica’s nips, struggling together deep inside the women’s locked boobs.

“Simple,” Veronica explained. “You take me on right here in a stand-up fuck. Whoever cums first or falls loses. If I lose, I concede. You go off to your dinner date and I will come by your place tomorrow evening and we can finish this. If you lose, you cancel your dinner plans, and then we go back to my place and settle this right now. Tit to tit, cunt to cunt, all night, all day, however long it takes.”

Louise felt a deep pulse of pleasure and anticipation ripple through her. For her, locking up with another gorgeous, savage Amazon and fucking endlessly, mindlessly, for hours and hours until one of them could not go on – that was her idea of paradise. And she was so close to it she could taste it. But she also wanted, needed, to dominate this black-haired whore, to prove to both of them which of them was more of a woman.

Louise smiled. “I agree. I think that this is going to be a very short fight for you, honey,” Louise whispered, a vicious grin lighting her beautiful features.

“Let’s do it, bitch,” Veronica murmured. “Let’s see who’s the better fuck.”

The women pressed even tighter, both beautiful Amazons slipping their arms down around the other’s waist to grip her opponent’s hard, round ass. They spread their hands on the other woman’s buttocks, sinking their fingers into the taut flesh, and pulled each other in. Their rock-hard abdomens pressed tight, their deep navels sucking at each other. Their massive, bulging tits compressed between their biceps and grew even firmer as they thrust into each other even harder, nipples spearing each other, areola grating and fusing. The women tilted their pelvises forward and slowly, carefully, began rubbing and stroking their engorged clits against each other, stabbing and grinding head to head, corkscrewing and twisting the exquisitely sensitive organs into one mass of erotic flesh. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure burned up from their stroking, twisting clits. Louise and Veronica sealed their mouths together, hot tongues lapping and twining together, thick spit flowing between their inosculated mouths. Soon, their tongues were moving in time to their battling clits, the battle above mirroring the battle below.

Veronica and Louise both felt like they would die from the pleasure. Sheer ecstasy burned and rippled through their locked, fused bodies with every beat of their hearts. Their most exquisitely sensitive organs teased and caressed and ground against each other relentlessly. Their bulging tits throbbed and pulsed with heat. The women moved and rubbed flesh to flesh, their voluptuous bodies constantly grinding in a continuous dance of erotic warfare. They kept their mouths sealed together as they slowly, relentlessly, fucked each other to a submissive orgasm. Ten minutes of stroking and grinding sexhorns turned to twenty, then forty, then more than an hour of clit to clit fucking.

Louise was almost delirious with sexual pleasure. She felt like her entire body had become one giant cunt, sucked and sealed and fused in every way to another woman-sized genital. She felt like she and Veronica were slipping and sliding into and around each other’s voluptuous flesh, their senses so over stimulated, their bodies so aroused that they had become one flesh. Louise was in paradise and she only wanted the clit to clit fucking to go on and on.

Veronica had exactly the same feelings. Her body was burning with erotic heat, she felt joined to Louise in an unbreakable bond of flesh and sexual intimacy, a shared bond of hatred and bile and irresistible desire. She could not imagine anything better and more pleasurable than what she was doing with Louise right now, except for the excruciating, unbearable orgasm that they were fucking each other towards.

The women’s perfect bodies were aching with effort, their legs crying out in pain as they struggled to remain upright, to remain locked together, even as they kept their swollen, pulsing clits in constant contact. The pain of their battle blended with the delicious pleasure to form a heady mixture of sensation. Their bodies trembled with the combination of muscular strain and sexual ecstasy. Sweat dripped from their bodies, mixing with the pussy juice as it streamed down their thighs.

After nearly ninety minutes of clitfucking, Veronica felt Louise’s rock-hard abdomen tighten against hers. She pushed back, delighting in the feel of her muscles grating against Louise’s belly. Both women were crying quietly, tears streaming down their faces as they fought to contain the incredible pleasure burning in their cores. After another five minutes, Louise’s belly rippled against Veronica’s again. Then, gasping, Louise pulled hard on Veronica’s hair and broke their relentless kiss, their mouths jerking apart in a spray of spit.

“Oh, oh fuck, fuck, fuck….,” Louise groaned. She had not cum yet, but she was on the verge, fighting desperately to hold back the unbearable explosion of ecstasy raging in her core, radiating from her engorged clit.

Veronica saw her chance. She pushed hard, causing Louise to lose her balance. Slowly, agonizingly, Veronica rode Louise’s writhing, muscular body down to the deck of the gazebo. The women spread themselves to each other, their powerful bodies aligned, their shuddering cunts wide open and ravenously hungry. Gathering all the power of her ass, Veronica thrust herself deep and hard into Louise’s exposed twat. She felt her quim fuse and merge and spread Louise’s matching cunt, she felt the soft pink petals of her labia mash and fold into Louise’s labia. Veronica began rotating her powerful ass, drilling herself deep, deep into Louise’s aching pussy, sucking and squeezing at the redhead’s cuntmeat even as she rammed herself deep. The erotic sensations were unimaginably intense and both women shrieked in shared ecstasy as their twats merged hungrily.

“Noooooo,” Louise cried, still struggling to hold on. She felt spread out and violated by Veronica at her deepest level, her twat as tight as a drum, melting with Veronica’s equally powerful twat. Louise sank her claws into Veronica’s pumping ass, she bucked hard, answering all of Veronica’s thrusts with her own. The women locked their mouths together once more in a vicious, consuming kiss as they rode each other to the end. They writhed uncontrollably, they ground and drilled their bodies as deeply and tightly together as they possibly could. Louise and Veronica held each other’s asses for leverage as they fucked and fucked to the finish.

“GOD, YES, YES, FUCK YESSSSS!!!,” Louise shrieked, breaking the kiss, throwing back her head, wriggling her hips and ass and torso furiously. Her insides convulsed in an unbearably powerful orgasm. She let loose a stream of cum so hot and strong that she felt like she was peeing. The moment Veronica felt Louise’s hot cum jetting up into her pussy, washing over their intertwined clits, bathing the intersection of their grinding bodies, she let herself go, finally able to truly enjoy fucking this incredible opponent. She thrust as hard as she could, trying to take as much of Louise’s cum into herself as she could, but it was only an instant later that Veronica felt her own intense orgasm arrive. She erupted, injecting Louise’s cum, mixed with her own, back down into the redhead’s convulsing body.

Groaning, screaming, crying out in sheer ecstasy, Louise and Veronica writhed and rubbed their bodies together, their pussies sealed tight, their cunt lips flattened and mashed together, their thick bushes twined and meshed in unbreakable knots. They shared jets of boiling cum, clinging to each other as they exchanged orgasm after orgasm.

“Ahh!! Aahhhh!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!,” Veronica cried, as she pumped her hot cum deep into Louise’s body. Veronica threw back her head and powered her ass mercilessly down into her enemy. She pulled viciously at Louise’s flame-red hair. Louise gratefully accepted the burning juices, her legs spread wide, her back arched in ecstasy, her toes curled in pleasure. Moments later, she pumped back much of what she had received as orgasm after orgasm exploded out of her core.

For more than ten minutes, Louise and Veronica rode each other viciously, fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other, writhing in shared and unbearable ecstasy, joined by their mutual hate and their overwhelming desire to completely possess and dominate the other woman.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women lay together, their bodies twined, Veronica sprawled on top of Louise. Their clits pulsed together, their heavy tits remained crushed tight. Their magnificent bodies were covered in sweat and cum. They panted furiously, their hearts pounding into each other through their compressed tits. They rested cheek to cheek, their eyes closed as they struggled to regain their senses.

Veronica stirred, then raised her head to look down at Louise, who turned her head to look up at her dark-haired enemy. The women stared deeply into each other’s eyes, nose to nose and lip to lip.

“First blood to me, whore,” Veronica murmured to her enemy. Her eyes flashed with heat. Louise could feel Veronica’s still rock-hard clit pulsing against her own rigid sexhorn.

“Fine,” Louise said, trying to hide her lust and excitement. “I”ll phone and cancel my dinner date. Then, we go back to your place and start fucking again.” Louise thrilled to the idea of locking up with Veronica, of fucking and fucking and fucking until only one of them could stand. She knew that sex with Mark could not begin to match the combination of erotic fury and competition and ecstasy that she would experience when she pitted her luscious body, her womanly power, against another erotic warrior like Veronica.

Veronica smiled, then pushed herself off of Louise. Their bodies peeled apart, cunt hair tearing, slick, juicy pussies sucking apart in a spray of cum. Even their navels separated with an audible pop. Sweat dripped from Veronica’s tits onto Louise’s chest.

Veronica sat back on her ass in the center of the gazebo, her legs spread wide. Louise sat up, even as she admired Veronica’s dripping, engorged pussy lips and the thick, fat clit that protruded from Veronica’s cunt. Louise could not wait to drive her own dripping twat deep, deep into depths of Veronica’s twat and resume the fuckwar.

“Actually,” Veronica said with a malicious smile. “I”ve changed my mind. I don’t think that I want to continue this tonight after all. You go to your date. I’ve got other plans tonight, myself. Why don’t we meet tomorrow at my villa? It’s house 213, near the lake.”

Louise almost screamed in frustrated rage. Her body was boiling, burning with lust and need. The very idea of having to wait another day before she could lock up with Veronica again almost drove her insane with rage and need. But she knew what Veronica was doing. The last time they had fought, Louise had won by taking advantage of Veronica’s uncontrollable lust to get her to admit that Louise was the better woman. Now, Veronica was showing Louise her control. Louise had no doubt that Veronica was every bit as sexually voracious as she was, that Veronica wanted to take the redhead’s body every bit as desperately as Louise wanted her. Louise was sure that if she attacked Veronica right now, if she forced their bodies together, they would soon be locked together, fucking each other senseless once more, unable to resist the pleasure and hate found between their legs. But she knew that doing this would be an admission of weakness.

Trembling with rage and lust, Louise forced herself to smile.

“Well, if that’s what you want, Veronica, that’s fine with me.” Louise got slowly to her feet. Veronica followed suit.

The naked woman stood only a few feet apart, their hands on their hips, their swollen nipples and clits confronting each other. Their bodies were slicked with sweat and cum. Erotic electricity and mutual lust flowed between them. The scent of fully aroused womanhood permeated the air.

Veronica reached down and picked up her wrap. Slowly, she tied it around her hips. She stepped into her sandals. Then, she walked over to the bench and picked up her book and her sunglasses and a hat. She pulled on the glasses and the hat. She smiled viciously.

“Well, then, I’ll see you tomorrow at six, Louise,” the dark-haired vixen purred. “Try not to be too late. And don’t make any plans for the next day, either. Who knows how long this will take?”

“I’ll be there,” Louise growled, barely able to contain her rage.

With a final smile and a wave, Veronica swayed out of the gazebo and up the path, into the forest. She never bothered to turn around. Louise watched her go with building rage and incredible lust and frustration. But she had to admit that she admired the other woman’s self-control and her skill at playing games.

Louise tied her wrap around her hips, stepped into her sandals, pulled on her sunhat and her glasses, then retrieved her bag. She had a little time before her meeting with Mark, but she would need that time to return to her cabin and clean up. Then, she would go to the restaurant and, hopefully, be able to concentrate on her dinner with Mark and the hot sex that would follow. But, already, she knew that this would not happen. Her body was burning with need for Veronica, the cat fury was raging inside of her heart. She had to fuck Veronica into submission. The wait was almost more than she could stand.

She swore that she would avenge herself on Veronica. Tomorrow would be here soon enough, six o’clock would roll around eventually. And when it did, Louise would meet and destroy her sexual rival completely.

The End