By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Angel, Wendy and Jane

Angel watched Wendy and Jane kiss for several minutes until it was time. With her sweet hot girl-cum dripping from her wet pussy and running down the inside of her thighs, Angel slowly stood up and knocked on the door, attracting Wendy and Jane's attention. As both hot cum drenched girls looked toward the door, they quickly scooted away from each other on their knees... strands of glistening nipple-cum stretching and looping between their big tits and nipples. Angel pushed the door open and stepped inside.

“Angel!” Jane exclaimed with her panting voice.

“Angel!” Wendy gasped.... “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough.” Angel answered with her sexy voice as she scooped up a dangling glob of nipple-cum from her cheek and placed her finger into her mouth. Angel then moved her hands to the front of her stretchy top and ripped it open.. the buttons flying through the air as she ripped her top open.. exposing her enormously big tits.. She tossed her top on the floor as she slowly began sauntering toward the bed... her massive tits gently jiggling...wearing nothing but her thigh high hose and her heels.

She stopped a few feet from the bed the night stand.... and lifted her right leg .. placing her five inch heel on the table. Wendy and Jane silently watched as Angel unstrapped her heel.... removed it from her foot, and laid it on the table. As Wendy and Jane moved their eyes up and down Angel's flawlessly perfect body, Angel placed her bare foot back on the floor and lifted her left leg.. placing her heel on the night stand and unstrapping her left heel... removing it from her foot and placing it on the table next to her right heel. She then stepped back and stared at Wendy and Jane with 'the look.'

Angel sometimes had this aura about her... a certain 'presence' …. an unmistakable authority. … this was one of those moments … and Wendy and Jane were quickly aware of her powerful authoritative persona as she spoke … “So what the fuck is going on?”

Wendy and Jane were still on their knees, facing each other ..nipple-cum mixed with sweat was splattered on their bodies with a few shimmering strings still looping between their big tits. Wendy and Jane's faces were turned toward Angel... staring at her... not knowing what to say.


Jane spoke first .. “She is a lying bitch!”

“She's the one who is lying!” Wendy quickly responded.

“Stop!” Angel commanded … “I asked what is going on.”

“Well...” Jane spoke softly... “Ah.. well..”

Angel moved her piercing eyes toward Wendy .. “Well?”

“It's all her fault Angel!” Wendy muttered.

Angel's voice was stern and to the point. “Dammit! I asked you what the fuck you were doing!”

Again they looked at her.... remaining silent.

“You were fighting over me. ...weren't you?” ….. Well?”

“Yes.” Jane replied.... “But only because she called me a liar!”

Wendy raised her voice as she spoke to Jane ...“You are the fucking liar!”

“No! you're the fucking liar!” Jane raised her voice as she shouted back at Wendy.

“That's enough!” Angel yelled at them.

“But Angel ….” Wendy began to speak.

“I said that's enough!” …... You could have heard a pin drop to the floor. It was dead silence. …. “You were fighting over me …. to determine which one of you would be with me... right?”

Jane and Wendy nodded as Angel directed her eyes toward Jane .. “Sooo... you are fighting Wendy... and if you win.. then you and I are going to be a 'couple'? Is that what you think?” Angel quickly moved her eyes toward Wendy... “And you think that if you win, that you and I are going to be together?.... Did it ever occur to either of you what I might want?... Did it ever enter your mind what I care about?.. or are the two of you just selfish bitches concerned with only what you want?”

Again, there was silence... and then Angel continued. “If the two of you are going to decide what I want.. then go ahead.... go ahead... fight each other!” She was pissed off... and Wendy and Jane knew she was pissed off.

Wendy quietly whispered … “Angel ….”

“I said you are going to fight each other …. Go ahead! Fuck each others brains out... fuck each other 'til one of you quits... 'til one of you surrenders... if it takes all night!”

“But Angel ...” Jane spoke softly....

Angel quickly interrupted Jane .. almost shouting as she spoke … “The two of you... purposely... intentionally … have agreed to fuck each other for the right to be with me... and that is exactly what you are going to do!.....You are going to fight over me! ... And ...” Angel paused for a few seconds before continuing …. “And …. ... The two of you are going to fight with weapons.”

Wendy and Jane gasped together … “Wh wh w what?” Jane's asked. Her eyes were nervous.

“Weapons?” Wendy responded with a shocked voice.

Angel's voice remained stern and to the point … “Yes. You are going to use weapons... and I want to talk about the rules.... Since both of you are fucking over me... then I assume that you have already agreed on the rules... so... tell me... the first one to cum is the loser... correct?”

“Ah.. well... ah.” Jane mumbled.

“I'll take that as a yes.”

“Angel...” Wendy spoke ..

“Quiet!” Angel interrupted … “The first one to cum is the loser, and the loser has to promise to never speak to me again... to never see me... to never be with me... forever.” There was several seconds of silence before Angel continued .. “Isn't that what you both want?” Once again there was a few seconds of awkward silence …. “Well?” Angel's question was answered with more silence. “Ok then... it is settled... you will fuck for me.... You will fuck-fight each other for me with weapons.” Angel calmly reached for her heels on the night stand ... picking the five inch heels up and holding them in her hands. The end of Angel's heels were small.. but as the heels extended up toward the sole of Angel's shoes, they began to flare out,, being considerable bigger where they attached to the bottom of her shoes. Holding her heels in her hands, Angel stepped to the edge of the bed, extending her hands to Wendy and Jane … “Choose your weapons.”

“Ahhh...” Wendy was nervous.

Jane seemed a little frightened ..“Angel … Do you... ah... you want us to …..”

“Choose your weapons!” Angel's voice was demanding.

Wendy took a deep breath and reached for the shoe that was in Angel's right hand... taking the heel from Angel and holding it as she looked at Angel.. then at Jane.. then back at Angel again. Jane reluctantly reached for Angel's other heel, taking it in her hand and moving her eyes from Angel to Wendy then back to Angel before speaking .. “You want us to fight with the heels?”

Angel's voice was firm … “I said you will fuck-fight each other with weapons.”

Wendy was still very nervous about this.. “You want us to fuck each other with your heels?”

“Oh Angel ...” Jane gasped .. “I don't know .... with heels?!”

Angel glared at Jane … “Are you saying that I am not worth fighting for?”

“Of course you are... but... it's … well... heels?... that might be uncomfortable.”

“I really don't want to hurt Jane.” Wendy said as she looked at Angel

Angel turned her glaring eyes toward Wendy … “You don't want to hurt Jane? Did it ever occur to you... or did it ever cross you mind, that if you won that Jane would be hurt?” Angel turned her head and glared again at Jane .. “And did you think that Wendy would not be hurt if you won the right to be with me? …. Well?” Wendy and Jane did not answer, so Angel continued … “All you seem to care about is who gets me... without any remorse … without any regrets... You selfish bitches!”

“Angel …” Jane whispered softly.

Wendy looked deeply into Angel's eyes .. “Angel... what if we .. Jane and I … ah.... what if ….”

Jane interrupted, completing Wendy's question ..“What Wendy is asking... what if we could all be together... the three of us?.... I am ok with that... how about you Wendy?”

“Yes! Of course I am ok with that!”

Angel slightly squinted her eyes ...“The three of us? In a three way relationship? … with all this fucking drama?”

“We can make it work Angel.” Wendy replied.

“Yes we can... I am willing to share you.” Jane responded.

There was annoyance in Angel's voice ...“Share me? You want me to be your little fuck-toy? Something for the two of you to play with whenever you want?”

Wendy repeated her previous comment ..“We can make it work Angel.”

“Yes we can... I know we can.” Jane said.

Angel already knew how this was going to end... she had a plan... and it was unfolding just as she hoped it would … but she also wanted to savor this moment... she wanted to watch Wendy and Jane fuck each other with her heels.. … She began speaking again.. making sure that her voice sounded as if she was full of contempt and disdain for the two girls kneeling and facing each other on the bed. … .“You should have thought about that before the two of you engaged in this ridiculous and outrageous plan to decide who gets to be with me!”

Wendy peered into Angel's deep blue-green eyes … “Angel… please.”

“No! .. It's too late for that! … You have your weapons …. now the two of you are going to fuck for me. You are going to fuck for my pleasure... or I swear to God, I am walking out of here!”

Wendy and Jane looked at each other.... big brown eyes gazing into deep blue eyes.... their bodies still covered with the splattering of nipple cum.. their hot wet fuck juices still running down their thighs.... then their eyes drifted down to the heels that they held in their hands....

“Oh my.” Wendy whispered.

Jane quietly gasped … “Oh dear God.”

Angel glanced back and forth at both of them as she spoke ...“These are the rules... The first one to cum is the loser... I will be the judge of who cums first and my decision will be final... if there is a tie, then you will continuing fucking until there is a clear winner. ...I am going to go lay down on the Chaise Lounge chair and watch the two of you decide who wins the right to be with me... are we clear about this?” Wendy and Jane nodded … “Good.” Angel replied as she turned around and strutted the few steps to the chaise lounge chair and laid down... watching and waiting for the scene to unfold before her eyes.

Wendy and Jane stared at each other... not really sure where to begin... then, as if they were reading from a script, they brought Angel's five inch heels to their mouths.. and began licking the back of the heel.... sliding their long tongues up and down the five inch heels as they stared at each other. Jane was the first to open her mouth and push the heel between her moist lips... sucking it. Wendy quickly copied Jane... sucking on Angel's heel with her lips.... soon they were giving Angel's heels a blow-job... pushing the five inches in and out of their wet mouths... sucking and slurping... licking and lapping... their eyes in constant contact... staring at each other.... sucking the heels in and out of their wet mouths.... it was if they were competing to see which heel would cum first.

Angel propped herself up on her right arm as she watched the two hot bitches giving blow-jobs to her heels. She was quite sure that she would never wear those heels again without remembering what she was witnessing before her eyes.

Wendy and Jane stared into each others eyes as they continued sucking Angel's heels until Jane pulled the heel from out of her mouth.. stringing several strings of her wet saliva between her lips and the end of the heel. Not to be outdone, Wendy mocked Jane's action... stringing even more spit between her mouth to the bottom of Angel's heel. She then turned her heel around and extended it toward Jane's mouth... and a few seconds later their eyes were locked together, staring at each other as they used their hands to thrust the heels in and out of each others mouths... pushing the five inch heels in as far as they could... as if they were trying to choke each other with Angel's heels. Of course the heels were not long enough for that, but they jammed then in anyway.. as far as they could... grinding the soles of Angel's heels against each others lips... before pulling the heels back out a couple of inches.. then forcing the heels into each others mouths again.

This obscene game lasted for a few minutes, before they pulled the heels out of each others mouths.... turned them around again and touched the bottom of the heels together.. as if they were kissing. Gooey nipple cum was still oozing down their bodies... still stringing down from their huge morphed tits as they moved the heels toward each others big heavy tits. Wendy was the first to push Angel's heel into Jane's tit... placing the heel firmly against Jane's huge extended nipple and pushing Jane's nipple all the way back inside her heavy tit.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Jane moaned as she felt the discomfort in her over-sized tit. “You fucking bitch! Two can play at this game!” Jane then pushed Angel's heel into Wendy's massive tit... pushing her big hard nipple completely back inside her enormous tit.

“Unnnnnnnnn … fucking whore!” Wendy panted as she began turning the heel back and forth with her hand... “How does that feel, you worthless slut?”

Jane pushed a little harder with Angel's heel and began twisting it back and forth against Wendy's big tit … “You tell me how it feels... you goddamn fucking nympho!”

“Ohhhhhh shit! …. Fuck you bitch!”

“Fuck you whore!” Jane gasped as she pulled the heel away from Wendy's big heavy tit and slid it down between her massive tits... down across her tummy and down her abs... toward Wendy's wet pussy. Wendy knew what Jane was doing, but she beat her to the punch.. or, if you prefer, she beat Jane to the thrust.. as she quickly moved her hand down and jammed Angel's heel up inside Jane's soaked cunt. “Ohhhhhh FUCK!” Jane gasped as she slid Angel's heels between Wendy's thighs and pushed upward.. forcefully thrusting the heel all the way inside Wendy's wet pussy with one hard push.

“Unnnnnnnn God!” Wendy gasped as they began fucking each other with Angel's heels. Pushing in and out.... thrusting .. shoving …. jamming the five inch heels into each others fuck-holes as deep and as hard as they could with each determined thrust. For several minutes they hammered each others vaginas with Angel's heels.. pushing and shoving.. pumping the heels in and out... in and out … in, out, in, out... their wet sloppy cunts making squishing noises as they pushed the sole of Angel's heels hard against each others pussy lips with each hard thrust... pushing the sole of Angel's heels hard against each others big vibrating clit.... mashing each others clits with Angel's shoes. .. grinding Angel's shoes hard against each others throbbing clits.

Then they began twisting the heels inside each other... moving their hands back and forth.. turning the heels inside each others wet cunts... gasping and moaning as the hard heels twisted against the inside of their wet vaginas.. back and forth... pumping the heels in and out of each other as they twisted them back and forth.. time after time. Sometimes they would pause and grind the sole of Angel's shoe against each others trembling clits... twisting the leather back and forth against each others big swollen clits... forcing gasps and moans from each others lips …. Soon, their moans of pleasure became louder and louder.. gasping and moaning,,, panting and huffing... their big heavy tits were touching... rubbing against each other... smearing the fronts of their huge cum soaked tits against each other as they rocked their hips toward each other. It was now hard to tell if they were thrusting the heels in and out of each other, or if they were humping the heels in and out of themselves.

Faster and faster they pumped with their hips.. harder and harder they jammed and twisted Angel's five inch heels in and out of each others wet cunts... rocking .. fucking.. thrusting … twisting … fucking …. pushing …. humping … fucking ….. their eyes continually staring into each others eyes... their buttocks were tightened …. their abs were tightened... their big tits pushing and shoving into each other... long hard thick nipples flicking and pushing at each other.... their hungry cunts trying to suck the heels.... sucking and tugging.. but the heels were just too slippery. Their moaning becoming more frequent. … Wendy and Jane were approaching an orgasm... each one trying to hold their own pleasure back.. each one trying to force the other to cum first.

Wendy gasped … “Ouuu you fucking bitch! Cum for me!”

“You're the fucking nympho whore! You cum for me!” Jane moaned.

The squishing sounds of their heel fucking was a perfect background for their cursing as they taunted each other ..

“You want to cum on Angel's heel sooooooooo fucking bad, don't you bitch!”

“Not as much as you want to cum on her heel... fucking whore!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“Fuck you Jane!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“Fuck you Wendy Fucking whore... fuck you!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“Ohhhhhhhhh you nasty dirty slut... cum for me!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“You cum first... Angel is mine!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“She belongs to me!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“You can't have her! She is mine you fucking whore!”

Squish... squish … squish .. squish … squish …

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Jane gasped as her big tits began to shake against Wendy's big tits.

“Cum now you fucking Cunt!” Wendy moaned as she felt her orgasm beginning.

They were violently fucking each other with Angel's heels... thrusting and slamming the five inch heels in and out of each others wet cunts... gasping.. trembling.... twisting the heels around inside each other as they pushed the heels into each others wide open cunts as hard as they could … desperately trying to force an orgasm from each other.... This was for Angel … the winner would get Angel... nothing else mattered... they had to make the other cum first. … there would be no second chances … this was all or nothing …. their hands were almost a blur.... jamming and twisting and thrusting and pounding Angel's heels in and out of each other as fast and as hard as they could. Then the dam broke …... Wendy and Jane pushed Angel's heels as deep inside each other as they could... grinding the bottom of Angel's shoes hard against each others big sensitive clits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy cried out. She was going to cum.... she was going to lose Angel.... but she could not stop it.... her orgasm had begun... her clit was throbbing …. she thought it was the end of the world..... and then she heard Jane make that certain gasping sound that she had heard before... Jane was cumming.... and Wendy was cumming with her …. They screamed together.. at the same time …

“FUCK!!!!” …. “Ohh FUCK!!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming!!” … “Cummmmmmmming!”

Their wet pussys squirted together.... their hot girl-cum squirting out around Angel's heels... splashing on their thighs.

“Ohhhhhhh my God! … Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Ohhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Clits were throbbing …. nipples were vibrating …. Hips were jerking …. they tossed their heads back... long blonde hair whipping in the air as they pumped girl-cum... squirting it out around Angel's five inch heels that were buried to the hilt inside each others wet hungry sucking pussys.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming! … Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's sweet juices were running down the inside of her thighs as she watched... it was such a nasty lewd site... Wendy and Jane... heel fucking each other.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Wendy.. you nasty nympho whore!:

“Mmmmmmmmm Jane dirty bitch!”

The two blonde bitches gasped and moaned for another couple of minutes as sweet aftershocks of pleasure jolted through their bodies.... they had slowly moved toward each other,,, squishing their big round globes of dense tit-meat firmly together as they rested their right cheeks against each other.... Angel's heels still pushed all the way inside each others cunts. Their hands could feel the tugging and sucking from each others juicy pussys as they held the heels in their hands.... still grinding them against each others throbbing clits.

As they nuzzled their wet cheeks against each other Wendy felt those deep emotional feelings begin to flow through her body as she whispered in Jane's ear … “I love fucking you.”

Jane's breath was hot against Wendy's ear ….“Mmmmmm... of course you do Wendy. You are a fucking lesbian nymphomaniac.”

“Un huh … I am... and that is why you love me.” Wendy purred. .. but as soon as the words escaped her lips, she quickly realized what she had said... and immediately continued … “That is why you love fucking me.”

Jane felt her heart jump in her chest.... she knew Wendy had quickly tried to cover up what she had said... but Jane felt it.... she felt an deep emotional bond with Wendy as she replied... “And you love fucking me too, don't you Wendy?”

The truth was out.... they had feelings for each other... and they both knew it... they had always known it …. and they both felt it.... and as Wendy was about to say something else, they heard Angel's voice.

“It is a tie! You will continuing fucking until I declare a winner..... with your weapons!”

Jane purred into Wendy's ear.... “You were about to say something?”

“I was going to say that I want to fuck you... again …. and again ….”

“And again... and again.” Jane whispered.

Angel watched as Jane and Wendy pulled her heels out of each others cunts and inched away from each other. Wendy laid down on her back.... and Jane turned around and crawled over on top of Wendy so that they were in a sixty-nine position. Jane slowly lowered her sweaty cum-drenched body down on top of Wendy's equally wet gooey body... their heavy tits squishing against each others wet abs as they placed the heels against each others pussys. …. and pushed.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn yesssssss!” Wendy squealed as Jane pushed Angel's heel inside her cunt once again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as she felt Angel's five inch heel pushing up inside her wet pussy again... it felt so hot... and it was so nasty and dirty. Jane was loving every second as she gasped with pleasure .. “Ohhhhhhh.”

As their big thick nipples pushed against each others hard abs, Wendy twisted the heel around inside Jane's wet pussy, until she could move her mouth to Jane's big hard throbbing clit... and she began licking..... sliding the flat surface of her tongue up and down over Jane's throbbing clit... letting every inch of her long tongue slide up and down across Jane's big clit... licking and stroking as Jane's squirmed on top of her. Jane had also moved Angel's heel around so that she could also press her mouth against Wendy's engorged clit. They were soon licking each others sensitive clits.. their tongues licking up and down... lapping.... licking … sliding ….. up and down as they twisted and pushed the heels in and out and around inside each others burning cunts.

Angel had finally slipped her left hand down between her thighs... and was slowly sliding her fingers up and down between the juicy folds of her wet pussy... moaning quietly to herself as she watched the two whores fuck each other.

With her free hand, Wendy reached up and slapped Jane's buttocks … 'Smack!'... causing Jane's ass cheeks to quiver. She pulled her mouth away from Jane's soaked pussy long enough to say, “You like that, don't you bitch?” Then she pushed her tongue up against Jane's trembling clit and began licking again.

“Ohhhhhh God!” Jane moaned as she placed her full moist wet lips around Wendy's big clit and began sucking.... sucking the shit out of it as she kept pumping the heel in and out... and around and around inside Wendy's juicy cunt. They were making wet slurping sucking sounds with their mouths as Wendy had now also wrapped her sexy lips around Jane's big clit and was sucking it into her mouth... flicking it with her tongue as she sucked it tightly between her lips.... slurping... sucking … fucking …. with the occasional 'Smack!' from Wendy's hand on Jane's ass cheeks. Their bodies were sliding against each other in the left-over sticky nipple-cum goo that was now diluted with their sweat and pussy juices... their heavy tits sliding against each others tight abs.... panting and gasping between deep sucks of each others big throbbing clits... as they pumped and twisted and turned Angel's heels inside each others sopping wet vaginas.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy gasped.... Angel's heel felt so fucking good inside her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Jane mumbled between deep breaths as they worked the heels in and out of each others starving cunts..... their mouths deep sucking each others hard clits... clits that were throbbing … clits that were buzzing with pleasure... clits that were burning against each others tongues.

“Ohhhhh fuck yessssssssssss.” Wendy gasped as she felt Jane scrape her teeth across her big vibrating clit. “Ohhhhhh fuck yesssssssss.”

Angel had now slipped her two middle fingers inside her tight pussy and was wiggling them around as her breathing quickened.

Wendy and Jane were now using their teeth to nibble on each others big hard fluttering clits..... and minute after minute went by.... licking and sucking.. lapping and nibbling.. thrusting and twisting the heels in and out..... back and forth...... in and out... and they were once again approaching the sweet release of an orgasm. Gasping and moaning … humping their pussys against each others mouths … licking … tasting …. Jane's sweet pussy juice was running down Wendy's cheeks and down her neck … Jane was almost gnawing on Wendy's prominent clit. Angel was thrusting her two fingers in and out of her hot juicy cunt as she watched Wendy and Jane approach another orgasm together.

“Ohhhhhh my God!” Jane gasped between deep breaths before latching her sucking lips around Wendy's big pulsing clit again.

“Ahhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy squirmed beneath Jane as she smacked her buttocks again with her hand..... she was almost there... and had to do something quickly. She pushed Angel's heel inside Jane's soaked cunt as hard as she could... pushing the heel in as far as it would reach... all five inches buried inside Jane's sucking vagina... then Wendy pushed up as hard as she could... literally lifting Jane's hips up in the air as she forced the heel inside Jane's cunt as hard as she could.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!” Jane moaned deeply.... her orgasm was knocking at the door.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy gasped loudly as Jane pushed her mouth hard against Wendy's big pounding clit.. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh YES!”

Their cunts exploded at the same time.... squirting around Angel's heels again as their magical pussys pumped an enormous amount of girl-cum... squirting out around Angel's heels ….all over each others faces... in their hair.... in the air..... everywhere!

“Cummmmmmmmming!” …. “Cummmmmmming!”

Their hips were jerking madly.... their big swollen over-sized tits trembling against hard firm abs … their buttocks were clenched..... spasms raced through their legs as their bodies trembled together ….

“Ohhhhhhh Wendy! Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmming with you Jane!”

Angel was close to cumming too... but was not quite ready to do that yet as she withdrew her wet fingers and watched Wendy and Jane's bodies thrash against each other in all of the wet sticky gooey cum and sweat.

“Ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Wendy was cumming again.

And Jane was cumming with her … “Yesssssssssssssssssss!”

Several more intense orgasms flowed through their sweaty bodies as they humped their cunts against each others mouths.... humping and thrusting.. licking and slurping … pushing the heels hard into each others sucking vaginas.... Cumming together several more times before Jane finally rolled off of Wendy.... the two heels making a wet slurp suck sound as they slipped out of each others wet cunts. Both girls were laying on their backs... their huge over-sized morphed tits jiggling on their chest with their deep breathing. It was incredible.... the fucking was incredible.... the fucking was insanely incredible.... the fucking was unbelievably insanely incredible. They lay there for a minute catching their breath..... yes, the magic spell was providing them with almost unlimited endurance and stamina.... but they were still human... and their bodies needed a couple of minutes to rest.

Angel finally spoke again …. “Another tie... you will keep fucking until there is a winner... and you may discard your weapons” Angel was enjoying this vulgar sexual display and was hoping that Jane and Wendy would keep on tying... and keep on fucking.

“Ohhhhhhh” Jane gasped as she let Angel's heel fall out of her hand.

“Mmmmmmmm” Wendy gasped as she rolled over on her side, facing Jane in the opposite direction before tossing Angel's other heel on the bed.

Jane rolled over and moved toward Wendy until they were once again in a sixty-nine position laying on their sides facing each other.... Wendy then lifted her right leg and placed it over Jane, exposing her own wide open pussy to Jane. Jane quickly raised her right leg .. letting it rest over Jane as they looked at each others dripping cunts... taunting each other …. “I am going to suck you dry, you fucking nympho.”

“I am going to suck your pussy inside out Jane... you slutty whore.”

They grabbed each others buttocks in their hands as they pulled each other into a tight embrace... their huge tits spreading out against each others abs as they extended their long tongues and licked up and down each others wet slits. Jane was a very skilled pussy licker.... and Wendy was just as talented... and just as experienced as Jane. They moaned together as they slowly spread each other open with their wet tongues... sliding them up and down between their sticky pussy lips... stroking and licking.... and then they simultaneously pushed their extraordinary tongues deep into each others cunts... and the tongue fucking began.

Time seemed to stand still .. seconds passed as if they were minutes.... with their thighs squeezed around each others faces, they licked and slurped... sucking at each others pussy lips... stabbing deep inside each others vaginas with their long tongues.... licking the inside walls of each others fuck-holes... twisting their tongues around inside each other... slurping … sucking … tongue fucking... minute after minute... pleasuring each other as only two skilled veteran pussy lickers know how to do. Tongues thrusting... hands grabbing and squeezing buttocks... huge round tits jiggling against each others wet skin... nails digging into hard tight ass cheeks.... licking and slurping … sucking and tasting... fucking and fucking and fucking... their tongues darting in and out of each other... thrusting … diving... licking … making wet slurping sucking sounds that echoed off the walls of Wendy's bedroom.. again and again their tongues dove deeply inside each other... licking as deep as any tongue could lick... thrusting as deep inside each other as any tongue had ever been before.. licking … sucking …. pushing deeply inside each others hot cunts.

Wendy and Jane tongue fucked each other for more than thirty minutes... licking and slurping … and then Jane suddenly slapped Wendy's ass... and she slapped it hard! 'Whack!'

“Ohhhh you Bitch!” Wendy gasped as she slapped Jane's ass as hard as she could 'Slap!'

“Whore!” Jane panted between licks as she slapped Wendy's hard tight buttocks again 'Smack!'

“Slut!” 'Slap!'

“Cunt!” 'Slap!

Since they were laying on their sides, they were really only able to slap each others ass with one hand... and they quickly found another use for their free hand as they wiggled their hand from under each other and began pumping their fingers in and out of the hot dripping pussys in front of their faces. Their mouths now moved to each others huge swollen pulsing clits... sucking and licking at each others throbbing clits.

'Slap!' Jane smacked Wendy's ass as she sucked Wendy's big clit and pumped her fingers in and out of Wendy's fuck-hole.

'Smack!' Wendy slapped Jane's ass as she licked and slurped at Jane's big pulsing clit... her fingers thrusting in and out of Jane's sloppy cunt.

Slapping …. sucking …. licking … fingers thrusting … hips humping ...panting … finger-fucking … slurping … smacking asses … panting … grinding their fingers deeply into each other … sucking... bucking …. gasping … on and on and on …

Angel was stroking her clit as she watched... sliding her fingers up and down the length of her big throbbing clit... watching Wendy and Jane fuck each other.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh you bitch!” Jane groaned as she sucked Wendy's big clit hard..... as hard as she could suck..... then pulled her face back... her lips making a slurping popping sound as they popped off Wendy's clit.

Wendy's body was trembling... “Unnnnnnnnnn.”.... she popped her own sweet full lips from Jane's big clit.... 'slurrrrrrrrrp!'

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” Jane whimpered. Her big sensitive clit was on fire as she began earnestly licking Wendy's swollen clit..... stroking up and down with her tongue..... licking rapidly..... like a cat licking milk..... up down up down up down lick lick lick lick.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss YESSSSSS!” Wendy sighed deeply as she kept sucking and popping her lips from Jane's clit. “Cum for me Jane … Cum on my face you bitch!”

“Ummmmmm.” Jane panted between licks.... “Cum in my mouth you whore!”

“Ohhhhhhh God!”


“Yesssssssssssss!!..... Cum for me Jane!

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh! ….. Squirt on my face Bitch!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhh ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“FUCK!!!!! I am gonna..... Oh FUCK!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

“Cummmmmmmmming!” Jane cried out as her clit twitched hard.. her buttocks jerking... and her pussy squirted! …. and she felt Wendy's sweet pussy-cum squirting on her face at the same time .

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” Wendy gasped and panted as her vagina began to spasm... squirting her hot cum on Jane's face... as she slid her mouth down to Jane's vagina... clamping her lips tight around Jane's squirting fuck-hole.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmming!” Jane moaned as her pussy pumped squirt after squirt of her hot juice into Wendy's sucking mouth... her own mouth now covered Wendy's squirting fountain of lust as she sucked and drank Wendy's sweetness.

With their hands clutching each others buttocks and their mouths glued to each others pussys, their bodies jerked and spasmed together as their magical pussys continued to pump girl-cum into each others mouths.... squirt after squirt … tasting ...drinking …. swallowing...... With their mouths clamped tightly on each others cunts, they moaned as they continued to cum together.





Pussy cum drooled from their mouths... running down their cheeks and necks... wetting each others thighs... as their hot cunts emptied their pleasure into each others sucking mouths.

Angel was breathing deeply...... her fingers rubbing her big clit as she watched Jane and Wendy pleasure each other.

As their juicy pussys finally stopped squirting, Wendy and Jane licked and kissed each others pussys... sucking on each others pussy lips and slowly licking up and down and around each others vulvas … quietly moaning as their tongues caressed hard clits and wet vaginas.

As they held on to each other for a few more minutes, Angel stood up and began swaying toward them... her huge morphed J cup tits slightly jiggling on her chest as she strutted toward the two hot bitches … “Another tie.” As she approached the bed, she gave instructions to the two sex warriors … “The two of you are going to have to continue fucking.”

Wendy and Jane slowly separated themselves from each other, rolling apart before getting up on their knees and facing each other.... As they started to advance toward each other Angel spoke again... “Not yet” As they turned their heads and looked at her, Angel placed one knee at a time up on the bed and now she was on her knees, a few feet from Wendy and Jane.. glancing back and forth between the two sex-crazed fuck whores.

Jane turned herself a little to her right and arched her back.. sticking out her huge morphed 34J tits toward Angel. “ I know you love my big tits.”

“Yes I do Jane... I love your big tits very much.”

“You love my big tits too, don't you Angel?”

“Of course I do Wendy... I love your big tits.”

Wendy turned slightly to her left, also arching her back so she could more prominently display her own pair of massive 34J tits ... “Feel them Angel.... feel my big tits.”

“Feel mine too Angel... I want you to touch my big tits.” Jane whispered.

Angel bit her lower lip as she glanced back and forth between the two pair of massively morphed tits. Reaching out with both of her hands she placed them underneath Wendy's huge left tit and Jane's enormous right tit... and lifted them... weighing them... feeling how heavy they were.... the tight skin of their big tits was still a little sticky from the nipple-cum they had squirted on each other earlier and Angel could feel it with her hands.

“Can you feel how heavy my big tit is Angel?” Jane whispered.

“Yes Jane... your big tit is very heavy.”

“Mine is heavy too Angel.” Wendy was also whispering.

“Mmmmm, yes it is Wendy... exceptionally heavy.”

“Heavier than Jane?” Wendy cooed.

“Mine are heavier Angel.” Jane gasped as Angel lifted and weighed her extraordinary tit-globe.

Wendy moaned as Angel weighed her huge tit ...“No... mine are heavier.”

Angel spoke softly … “Actually... I think they are the same.... I cannot tell a difference.”

“But my tits are more dense than hers.” Jane said. “Feel them Angel.. push your fingers into my big tit.”

“Feel my big tit Angel... feel how firm tit is... firmer than Jane's.

Angel pushed her fingers into the two dense tits.... feeling the firmness... the heavy density.

“Can you feel how solid my tit is Angel?” Wendy asked.

“Oh yes... yes I can Wendy... your tits are amazing.” Angel replied as she kept digging her fingers into the two solid heavy tits.

“Mine are solid too Angel.”

“Yes they are Jane... your tits are incredible.”

Wendy and Jane began moaning as Angel toyed with their heavy tits.... squeezing … lifting... and pushing them around on their chests. Angel became somewhat amused as the two hot bitches moaned and gasped.... it was as if they were competing to see who could gasp the most often.

“Ohhhhhh Angel, that feels so good when you squeeze my tits.” Jane gasped.

Wendy was gasping with Jane .. “Mmmmm Angel, your fingers feel so good. Pinch my nipples Angel... feel how big and hard they are.”

Angel traced her nails over Wendy's vast left tit until she placed her fingers around Wendy's enormously long hard nipple and squeezed it between her fingers.

Wendy continued to try and out-gasp Jane ….“Yessssssss... oh yes Angel.. just like that.. I love the way you squeeze my nipples.”

“Angel... my nipple needs some attention too.” Jane gasped as she smiled into Angel's beautiful blue-green eyes.

Angel reached out with her left hand and gently wrapped her fingers around Jane's thick hard protruding nipple and squeezed ….

Jane squealed … “Ouuuuuuuuuu yes.... oh you do that so fucking good.”

Wendy and Jane kept gasping and moaning as Angel toyed with their huge nipples.. squeezing and pinching.. and flicking them with her fingernail.

“Ahhhhhhhh yes!”

“Ohhhh I love that!”

“Not as much as I love it.” Angel whispered as she kept pulling and tugging and squeezing Jane's big right nipple and Wendy's huge left nipple. You already know that Angel was a tit-girl. Typically, guys are either ass-men or tit-men.... and there are a few leg-men... and a few that are into whatever part of the female anatomy that floats their boat... so to speak. Well, girls.. in particular lesbians … fall into the same categories. Some women are attracted to a tight ass... some love those long slender athletic legs... and some love tits.... big ones … really big ones. Angel was in the later category. Yes, of course she loved a nice ass on a woman... and yes, Angel loved a woman with nice legs... but tits were her weakness.... and the bigger, the better. And Wendy and Jane possessed two pair of the biggest tits that you could ever imagine.. and with the voodoo magic that was manifested inside them... those huge tits were even bigger! Needless to say, Angel was loving every second of this.... because it is very rare, if ever, that a tit-girl is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be with two beautiful sexy women with ridiculously big tits... tits like Wendy and Jane's.

A few minutes elapsed as Angel kept squeezing and rolling Wendy and Jane's big thick nipples between her fingers... nipples that were magically morphed and expanded to the diameter of a nickel. ... Un huh … a nickel ….. close your eyes and think about that for just a moment... a nickel …. now reach into your pocket or purse.... yes, that's right.... have you found a nickel yet? … Oh good!... now look at it.... and imagine what Angel was holding between her fingers. Yes... yes that's right... two big fucking nipples! Nipples that needed to be tugged... and pulled … and pinched … and squeezed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yesssssss!” Jane was moaning louder and louder as Angel pinched and squeezed her hard nipple

Wendy was gasping... “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, that feels so fucking good.”

Angel began sliding her fingers up and down on the two huge nipples between her fingers... stroking … sliding …. she was jerking off their big nipples... and Wendy and Jane were gasping and moaning.. but they also wanted to get more involved.... They turned themselves a little more toward Angel until the three of them had formed a little triangle.

There they were... their huge tits riding high on their chests.... Wendy and Jane's big tits still had a little sheen from the nipple-cum and sweat that had mostly been absorbed into their skin. Wendy and Jane gazed at Angel's equally huge morphed J cup tits for a moment before the two sexy vixens reached for Angel's enormous pulsing nipples. It was a little awkward at first as they intertwined their arms.. but Angel moved her arms underneath Wendy's left arm and Jane's right arm, and with her palms up, she grabbed the two burning nipples between her thumbs and index fingers and resumed stroking their lengthy nipples. Jane had reached out with her right hand and was rolling Angel's left nipple between her fingers, and Wendy was gently twisting Angel's right nipple with the fingers of her left hand. Never in recorded history had there been three girls in one place at the same time with such extraordinary nipples. … it was an amazing unparalleled moment.

Wendy and Jane had now reached for each others nipples.... so six hands were now stroking and pinching and twisting six nipples.... six extraordinary nipples.

“Ahhhh, this is soooooo fucking good.” Jane whispered as she twisted Wendy's right nipple in her fingers.

“Unnnnnnnnn Yes!” Wendy gasped as she began pinching and pulling on Jane's big left nipple.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes.” Angel quietly moaned.

Several minutes went by as they gasped and moaned.. stroking and pinching and twisting … pulling and tugging … their eyes kept moving back and forth.. from one woman to the other... then they began to concentrate on stroking each others nipples... sliding their fingers up and down the incredible length of each others nipples … sliding … stroking … jerking each others nipples off.

“Ohhhhh, this feels soooooo fucking good.” Angel moaned.

Jane panted … “Mmmmmmmmmm yes.”

“I love it.” Wendy gasped as she jerked off Angel's right nipple and Jane's left nipple. A few more minutes went by as their huge tits began to swell even bigger... they were expanding … filling up with magical voodoo nipple-cum as the skin covering their enormous tits became tighter and tighter. .. fingers stroking … rubbing … sliding up and down with the occasional pinch and squeeze... their breathing was becoming deeper and more rapid as their eyes shifted back and forth between their big tits.... their clits were pulsing as wet pussy juice seeped out from between their pussy lips... running down their inner thighs... like little rivers of sweetness .. gasping and moaning as they continued to jack-off the nipples between their fingers. Another couple of minutes went by and Angel sensed that all three of them were approaching an orgasm... and as much as she wanted the three of them to squirt each other with sweet gooey nipple-cum, there was still a fuck-fight to be resolved. They could squirt nipple-cum all over each other later..... it could wait. Yes, it was difficult for Angel to let go of Wendy and Jane's nipples.... but the two blonde fuck-whores had to fuck some more.

As Angel released Wendy and Jane's big nipples from her fingers, she moved backward on her knees.... “I want to watch you fuck each other.... it's time for some tribbing.”

Wendy looked into Jane's beautiful sexy blue eyes and whispered … “Pussy to pussy.”

“Ohhh God yessssssssss... I want to fuck you sooooo bad!” Jane moaned as she laid down and got into position, spreading her legs open.. letting Wendy and Angel get a good look at her wet shaved pussy that was still oozing sweet fuck juices.

Wendy sat down on her ass and extended her legs toward Jane... scissoring their legs together and slowly inched her way toward Jane, with her legs spread wide open ... Jane and Angel gasping at the sexy pussy that was slowly approaching Jane's sexy pussy.

Angel was a couple of feet away, still on her knees, as she looked down at the two sweet hot wet pussys that were getting closer and closer. As her eyes glanced back and forth between the two dripping cunts, Wendy and Jane braced themselves with their arms out to their sides, and with their massive magically induced J cup tits wobbling on their chests, they slowly advanced their hungry wet cunts toward each other... inch by inch until their pussy lips were only a few inches apart. Angel reached up and cupped her equally big and heavy J cup tits as she began thumbing her huge nipples... watching … observing … waiting.

Wendy and Jane sighed with anticipation as they looked down at each others completely shaved naked wet cunts.. taking in the incredible view of each others wide open pussy... staring at two pairs of perfectly formed pussy lips... gazing at two big protruding clits as their long hard nipples began to pulse... pulsing in rhythm with their racing heartbeats. . As Wendy's big brown eyes were locked on Jane's pussy, Jane clinched her pussy lips together... forcing her wet juices to be squeezed out from between her lips. ...she then opened her lips up and then squeezed them together again... several times... wanting Wendy and Angel to see the strength and power of her pussy.

“Mmmm,” Angel moaned as she made eye contact with Jane.

“You love my pussy Angel?”

“Mmmmm, yes I love your pussy Jane.”

“Wait 'til you see what I can do.” Wendy whispered as she flexed her powerful kegels... her pussy lips opening and closing rapidly... looking like two very small hands that were clapping together. Wendy them moaned .. it was a deep guttural moan... as her pussy lips opened wide... and her pussy sucked air.. then blew the hot air out, mixed with her sweet juices... spraying Jane's pussy with her sticky juices. “Ahhhh.... did you love that Angel?” Wendy purred.

Angel whispered with a raspy voice, … “Yes.... yes I love that Wendy.”

“I can do that too Angel.” Jane said.

“Show me Jane .. Spray Wendy's pussy with your juices.”

Jane clenched her strong powerful kegels.... kegels that had been developed from hours of exercise over the years... her pussy lips spreading apart and her vagina opening up. Wendy and Angel could hear the rush of air as her vagina sucked and gulped air... then erupted... spewing her moisture out.. spraying all over Wendy's pussy. “Ahhhhh,” Jane sighed... “Mmmm did you love that Angel?”

“Yessssss.. yes I loved that Jane.”

Wendy quickly squeezed and flexed her well developed kegel muscles.. sucking air into her pussy.... then unleashing a moist hot mist of her pussy juice... once again spraying Jane's pussy. “Mmmm.” she gasped as her pussy sprayed Jane's pussy.

Angel inched forward on her knees... until her knees were touching the outside of Jane and Wendy's thighs. She looked into Jane's deep blue eyes … “Let me feel it.” Angel gasped as she moved her open left hand toward Jane's pussy... and firmly placed the palm of her hand up against Jane's vagina... Jane's pussy was sticky from fucking Wendy ..... “Let me feel your pussy Jane.”

Jane flexed again.... flexing hard.... her pussy lips creating a tight seal against the palm of Angel's hand … and Angel could feel the suction from Jane's pussy... sucking and tugging at her hand … then Jane flexed hard again.... “Ahhhhhh,” ... forcing air out of her pussy... wetting Angel's palm with her sweet juices. “Ohhhh, did you feel that Angel?”

“Ummmmmmm,” Angel purred as she brought her hand toward her face and extended her long tongue.... licking the juice from the palm of her hand... tasting Jane's sweetness .. “Ummm, yes I did... I felt it Jane.”.. Angel then turned her eyes toward Wendy... peering into Wendy's big brown eyes.. “I want to feel your pussy Wendy.”

“Ohhhhhhh yes.” Wendy moaned as Angel placed the palm of her right hand firmly against Wendy's hot wet pussy. Wendy's pussy was also sticky girl cum ... “Unnnnnn.” Wendy gasped as she focused on her pussy... opening up her vagina.. and locking her lips tightly on Angel's palm. When she had a good tight seal.... she flexed her strong kegels .. sucking at the palm of Angel's hand... pulling and tugging … then Wendy flexed again.. “Ahhhhh” … blowing hot pussy juice out of her vagina and spraying Angel's hand. “Mmmmmm, could you feel how hot my pussy is Angel?”

Angel purred again as she moved her right hand to her mouth and licked Wendy's sweetness with her tongue .. “Mmmmm, yes.. your pussy is so fucking hot Wendy.”

“Mmmmm” Wendy purred... “You love my pussy, don't you Angel?”

“Yes Wendy … I love your pussy.”

“You love my pussy too, don't you Angel?”

“Yes Jane … yes, I love your pussy.”

Wendy flexed her pussy a few more times... wanting to impress Angel ... playfully smacking her pussy lips together as Jane and Angel watched.. . She opened and closed her vagina a few times then grinned at Jane.

Now it was Jane's turn to impress Angel... as she opened her labia back up she clenched her vagina a few times.. making her fuck-hole open and close several times as she smirked at Wendy.

“You hot whore.” Wendy whispered as she opened up her own pussy and squeezed her powerful vagina closed... then she opened it up and closed it again a few more times.

“Watch what I can do Angel. ” Jane whispered. Her big clit was already extended.. big and swollen..... and as Jane clenched her cunt again...her big throbbing clit bobbed up and down. “Do you love that Angel?”

“Mmmmmm yesssss, I love that Jane.” Angel cooed.

“I can do that too Angel... Look.” Wendy gasped as she made her own big extended pulsing clit nod up and down several times. “I know you love that Angel.”

“Oh yes Wendy.... Yes, I love that.”

Wendy and Jane stared at each other... the lust and desire in their were telling each other that they wanted to fuck.... They slowly inched forward the final distance and their wet labia touched and spread out evenly against each other... their pussy lips sticking together.

“Ahhhhhhh.” Jane gasped with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh Fuck!” Wendy exclaimed between deep breaths.

They shifted their hips a little, getting into the perfect position and then squished together a little more... meticulously lining up their open vaginas... Then they swiveled their hips a just a small fraction of an inch and their big throbbing clits met head on... clit head to clit head.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!” Wendy gasped.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jane moaned as they shared the fiery heat that was burning inside their pussys.

Bracing their upper bodies with one arm, they reached out with their other arm and grabbed each others thighs and pulled themselves even closer... squishing their pussy lips out even more until they were pressed together very firmly. Wendy and Jane sighed together as the smooth delicate wet sticky skin of their pussy lips melted together until they were as one. They did not move for almost a minute … taking time to feel each other .. to absorb the burning passionate heat from each other... allowing their throbbing clits to feel and experience every little twitch.. every throb... every small vibration. As Jane finally began to slide her drenched pussy back and forth against Wendy's luscious syrupy cunt the moaned together... the fusion of their cunts was almost unimaginable as the liquid heat from their succulent dripping pussys blended together in their shared burning red-hot fever.

“Ohhhhh Wendy!” Jane mumbled.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm fuck yes!”

As Wendy began slowly rocking her hips and grinding her big throbbing clit back and forth across Jane's they gasped and sighed.... flicking their hypersensitive clits together. Jane closed her eyes... the pleasure was so exquisite … so savory … so delicious... so very luscious … so incredibly hot. Wendy closed her eyes for a moment too... feeling every little part of Jane's burning hot pussy with her own fiery pussy. She thought how unbelievable this bewitching moment was … their pussys fit together so perfectly … so impeccably and utterly perfect... as if their two red-hot cunts were created for this moment... created to join together... to melt into each other... to weld and fuse together in one burning inferno … to fuse so tightly together that seemed impossible for their perfect pussys to ever be separated. As they continued to slowly rock together, their huge tits began to slightly jiggle... gently swaying with the rhythm of their moving hips. It was so very hot... giving each of them what could only be described as unattainable pleasure... .pleasure that most women dream of... pleasure that most women could only imagine …pleasure that any woman would love to experience.

Wendy turned her hips just a little more and they felt their vaginas suck together.... there was a few slurping farting sounds as their pussy lips wrapped around each other and pulled their open fuck-holes tightly together.... sealing them together.. locking their vaginas in an air tight seal. “Ohhhhh Jane! … Oh my God! Can you feel that?”

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes Wendy..... Oh dear God Yesssssssss!”

Angel had inched her way back a few more inches and had reached down with her left hand … spreading her pussy lips open and inserting the middle finger of her right hand up inside her dripping cunt... slowly fingering her pussy as she watched... breathing deeply and quietly moaning to herself.

As Jane and Wendy continued sliding their clits back and forth across each other, their sealed pussy lips would stretch a little... to the left.. then to the right... back and forth with the movement of their hips.... flicking their big hard clits back and forth across each other... their pussy lips clinging to each other... keeping the seal between their flowing vaginas absolutely and unquestionably air tight.

“Ouuuuu Jane, I can feel your big clit rubbing against mine.”

“Mmmmm, do you love my big clit Wendy?”

“Oh Fuck yes... your clit is so fucking hard and sooooo fucking big!” Wendy moaned.

“I can feel your big clit too Wendy.... I can feel your big clit with my big clit.”

They were rocking a little deeper now... holding on to each others thighs... pulling their juicing cunts together even more.... grinding their hard throbbing clits together... flicking … rubbing … back and forth. Their powerful glutes working their hips.. pushing together... grinding together... up and down... back and forth....again and again. As Jane worked her cunt up and down across Wendy's cunt, Wendy began to shudder... her tits quivering.. her glues tightening... the tempo of her breathing increased... and she quietly moaned... “Ohhh Jane.. that feels soooooooo fucking good.”

“You love the way I fuck you.... don't you Wendy?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God Yes!” Wendy was panting as Jane began twisting her hips.. rotating her pussy around in a small tight circle against Wendy's pussy.. their glued pussy lips stretching and tugging at each other... their big clits vibrating together.... It was such an intense hot fuck. “Ouuu Jane... you love fucking me?”

“Ummmmm yes, Yes I love fucking you Wendy.”

Wendy began pushing harder against Jane and each time their clits would slide together, there was pressure... hot erotic pressure as their big burning clits would push against each other.. mashing tightly together... before they would slip past each other... bringing moans and gasps for the two big-titted whores. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Wendy gasped.

“Ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Fuck yessss!” Jane was moaning deeply. They had only been tribbing for about ten minutes... but Wendy and Jane were so consumed with lust for each other that they were quickly approaching their orgasm.... and they both knew that the other was getting closer and closer to cumming. Jane began pushing even harder with her hips ... thrusting their open cunts together hard .... more pressure... deeper grinding... and when their clits pressed together again, Jane and Wendy stopped moving.. holding their smoldering hot clits side by side... pressing .. pushing … grinding.. their powerful glues working hard... hips straining … forcing their big ultra-sensitive clits firmly together... feeling every throb... feeling every pulse … every twitch... every spasm.... then their pressing clits began to jerk against each other... jerking violently... their big heavy tits began to tremble and quiver.. their nipples were quivering.. they were panting and gasping.... and then their vaginas began sucking.. sucking hard.... their hot pussy juice slurping back and forth between inside the air-tight seal between their open fuck-holes.

They tossed their heads back... their long blonde hair falling down their backs... waving in the air as they shook their heads back and forth... fingers digging into each others thighs.... as the unstoppable river of pleasure began to flow from deep inside their bodies.... burning through every vein …flowing through their big heavy tits … the fiery heat spreading to the tips of their big twitching nipples... down to their pussys... hot heat... intense heat... burning out of control.... through their vaginas... and to their big locked clits... It was insanely intense... It was an enormously pleasurable rush. Wendy and Jane pushed their wide open sucking vaginas into each other with great force... and felt them sucking.... sucking hard.... sucking wildly... and then came the crescendo... the ascension into a realm of erotic adulation.... becoming one with each other.... and exploding into a lustful unquenchable inferno of pleasure.

“Wendy!!” Jane screamed.

“Jane!” Wendy gasped. “Cum with me!”

“Cum with me Wendy!”

Their hips jerked hard... their big clits melting into a molten medley of pure and transparent lust for each other..... their vaginas sucked hard.. clenching …clamping .. clutching … then the pleasure rushed through their vaginas... a raging river of gushing hot girl-cum as their vaginas began pumping and squirting their sweetness into each other.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“I'm Cummmmmming so fucking hard Wendy!”

“Ah ah ah ahhhhhhh ahh ahhhh Jane!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy gushed.. her vagina squirting pussy cum into Jane's vagina... Jane was gushing.. pumping and squirting a tremendous amount of girl-cum into Wendy's vagina. Within seconds, their shared pussy cum was squirting up into the air between their sucking cunts.... there was just no other place for all of that sweet girl-cum to go. It shot from between their grinding cunts... several feet straight up in the air before raining down on their thighs and tummys and abs... splashing their wet sweaty bodies with hot pussy cum..... and their vaginas were still squirting.... another powerful geyser erupted from between their sucking pussys... again shooting an immense amount of their fuck-cum straight up into the air.... splashing down on them like hot molten lava.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their clits were violently twitching... spasm after spasm … their huge swollen tits shaking.... their eyes fluttering … as they kept cummming … Cumming out of control.

“Ohhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh Fuck yeah!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Jane moaned as she squeezed her vagina... sucking Wendy's cum deep inside her pussy as Wendy's cunt shook violently against her pussy.

Wendy gasped again... “Cummmmmmmmming!”.. as her burning pussy squirted again .. overflowing Jane's cunt and squirting several inches up in the air between their tightly mashed cunts... spraying their hot skin.. spraying their abs and thighs.. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!! .. Cummmmmmmming!”

Jane was delirious with pleasure as insane crazed lust flowed through her body .. her pussy clenched hard again... her big clit throbbing out of control as she began squirting more hot pussy cum from her pussy.. mixing with Wendy's hot pussy cum ... squirting it deep inside Wendy's fuck-hole... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Her huge tits shook on her chest as she dug her fingers hard into Wendy's thighs and squirted again... their mixed cum splashing out of their joined cunts once again.. all over their lower tummys and their thighs... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Wendy was having multiple orgasms... “Cummmmmmming!” Their shared cum was running down the cracks of their asses.. wetting the bed with their lustful wetness. “Oh My God Jane!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Wendy!” Jane was having multiple orgasms.

They were having multiple orgasms together... trading them back and forth... one after the other ...squishing their sucking pussys together as their hips jerked and their tits trembled.. their big clits were throbbing as the gasped and moaned together.

“Cummmmmmming! … “Cummmmmming!”

Angel was deep fingering her hot dripping wet pussy as she watched in awe... gasping and panting.

“Oh! Fuck! … Cummmmmmmmmming!”

“Yesssssssssssss .. Fucking Cummmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh GAWD Jane!!!” Wendy gasped and squirmed.. her body was shaking.. her fingers digging hard into Jane's thigh. “Cummmmming!”

“FUCK!!!” Jane screamed... “My God Wendy!! … Cummmming!”

Wendy kept cummming. . …. her pussy fiercely sucking Jane's pussy. “Cummmmmming!”

Jane was cumming again and again ..... her big nipples oozing hot gooey nipple-cum … so fucking intense … so incredibly powerful …. as she screamed again .. “Wendy!! Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!!.. Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy was also having multiple orgasms.... her huge tits were shaking..her nipples began to ooze nipple cum... her hips jerked.... “Ahhhhhh Cummmmming!”

Several more minutes elapsed as multiple aftershocks flowed through their bodies... their hungry thirsty pussys still sucking together with slurping and squishing sounds as they slowly came down from the pinnacle of blissful pleasure. Angel was still fingering her pussy slowly.... stopping every couple of minutes as she would approach her orgasm. She was saving that special moment for later.

Wendy and Jane finally released each others thigh, and collapsed on their backs.. their wet sucking pussys slurping apart as they pulled away from each other... resting for just a few moments.... but the magical voodoo energy that was flowing through their bodies brought a very quick recovery to both of them, and they were soon up on their knees facing each other once again. Sweet sticky girl-cum covered their tummys, abs, and thighs as they looked at each other and glanced back and forth at Angel.

Angel raised herself up from the chair she was laying in and slowly strolled toward Wendy and Jane … her big massive tits swaying back and forth as she casually strutted toward them and climbed up on the bed. As she got to her knees, she inched her way toward them, stopping a couple of feet from them as they looked at her with lust in their eyes …. Angel finally whispered to the two sexy fuck warriors with a wicked smile on her face .... “Another tie.”

Wendy looked at Angel as she replied … “Angel... I have thought about it some more.... and I am willing... if Jane is willing... I am willing to share you with Jane.” Wendy glanced back and forth between Angel and Jane.”

Jane added to Wendy's statement ...“Yes. Yes.. I was thinking the same thing ...that would be perfect... I am willing to share you with Wendy.”

“So the two of you have been thinking about this?... thinking of sharing me?”

“Yes... I have.”

“Me too Angel.”

Angel faked a frown ... “Hmmmmm, so you are telling me... that while you have been fucking each others brains out.. that you have been thinking of sharing me with each other?.... Bullshit! ….. you've been to caught up with each other to think about me!”

“Angel... please ...” Wendy whispered in her soft voice.

“We can make it work Angel.” Jane quickly responded.

“You know what I think?” Angel asked. Wendy and Jane just looked at her.. once again not knowing what to say. “I think that the two of you want to fuck each other... and you have already decided that the loser must go away... and you now realize that was a mistake … and now you don't want that... cause you enjoy fucking each other so much.…..... …. Well? ….. am I right?” Angel scooted toward Wendy and Jane, several inches on her knees, as she waited for their answer. “Well??”

Jane spoke first .. “Yes. Yes I love fucking Wendy... but I love fucking you too!”

“I feel the same way Angel... I love fucking you Angel.. but I love fucking Jane too!”

Angel inched her way a little closer.... close enough to reach out with her right arm and 'smack' Wendy's ass.... 'Slap!' “Do you?.. do you really love fucking Jane?”

“Ohhhhhh.” Wendy gasped as Angel slapped her ass.. “Yesssss I love fucking Jane!”

“ And what about you Jane? 'Smack!' Do you love fucking Wendy?”

Jane groaned as Angel slapped her buttocks... “Oh fuck yes! Yes, I love fucking Wendy!”

“Wendy is so fucking hot, isn't she Jane?” 'Slap!'

“Ouuuuuuuuu yes! Wendy is soooo very fucking hot!”

Angel slapped her ass again .. 'Whack!' … “You wish you could fuck Wendy all the time, don't you Jane?”

“Ohhhhh God Yes! I want to fuck Wendy all the time!”

'Smack!' Wendy gasped as Angel slapped her ass again … “And you think Jane is a hot fuck, don't you Wendy?” 'Slap!' “Huh?” 'Smack!'

“Unnnnnnnnn yesssssssss yes yes yesssss Jane is a hot fuck!”

'Slap!' “And you want to fuck Jane anytime you want... 'Smack!' Don't you?”

“Ohhhhh yesss I want to fuck Jane anytime I want!!”

“How about you Jane?” 'Slap!' “Do you want to fuck Wendy anytime you want?” 'Slap!'

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes Angel! I want to fuck Wendy anytime I want!”

“You want to fuck and cum with Wendy everyday?” 'Smack!'

“Unnnn. Yessssss.” Jane gasped

Angel slapped Jane's ass again “Really?”


“Tell her! Tell Wendy you want to fuck her and cum with her everyday!” 'SLAP!'

Jane's deep blue eyes were filled with wanton lust as she looked into Wendy's big brown eyes.. “I want to fuck you and cum with you everyday!”

Angel raised her voice …. “Say it like you mean it!” 'SMACK!'

“Ohhhhhhhhh God! Wendy..... ohhhhh fuck.... Wendy.. I want to fuck you and cum with you every day!”

Angel slapped Wendy's ass again...'SLAP!' “Do you want to fuck and cum with Jane everyday?”

Wendy's eyes were glossed with lust.... “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssss I want to fuck you everyday Jane.. I want us to fuck and cum and fuck and cum together everyday!”

'SLAP!' “You want to fuck Jane right now?” … 'SLAP!' .. “Huh?”

Wendy moaned … “Yesssssssssssssss!”

'SMACK!' “Yeah?”

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck yes!”

Angel slapped Jane's buttocks again .. “SLAP!' “You want to fuck Wendy right now?”

“Fuck Yes!”

“Yeah?” 'SMACK!'

“Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck yessssssssss I want to fuck Wendy right now!”

'SLAP!' “And you want to grind your big tits with her big tits, don't you, you fucking whore!”

“Fuck yes! I want to push our big tits together”

Angel turned her eyes toward Jane … “SMACK!” “And you want to pump tits with that big-titted whore, don't you bitch?”

Jane gasped … “Ummmmmmmmmm yesssssss I want to push my tits into that fucking nympho whore!”

'SLAP!” “Cause that is what she is... a fucking nympho whore slut!”

“Yessssss! A fucking nympho bitch-whore!”

'SMACK!' “And that is what you are Jane! A fucking bitch-whore!”

“I am a fucking bitch-whore!... who loves to fuck more than anything!”

Angel turned her eyes toward Wendy .. 'SLAP!' … “And you are a fucking nympho slut! A whoring slut who needs to fuck all the time!”

Wendy was gasping deeply .. “Yes I am... I am a fucking nympho whore slut who can't get enough! I need to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck!”

“And right now you want to fuck Jane!” 'SLAP!'


'SMACK!' “Yeah?”


“Yeah?” 'SLAP!'

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss!”

'SLAP!' “Tell her! Tell that fucking whore that you want to fuck her!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck! Jane …. I want to fuck you Jane!”

“Yeah? Huh?” 'SLAP!'

“Yesssssssssssssssssssss I want to FUCK you Jane!”

“And you want to fuck Wendy right now?” 'SMACK!'

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessss Angel! I want to fuck Wendy right now!”

“Yeah?... Right now?” 'SLAP!'

“Right now!” Jane was moaning and gasping as Angel slapped her buttocks.

“Tell her!” 'SLAP!' “Tell that fucking nympho whore that you want to fuck her right now!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh... I want to fuck you Wendy!! I want to fuck you soooooooooo fucking bad! Right now!”

Angel raised both of her hands at the same time... and slapped both of their asses at the same moment... slapping their firm buttocks hard! 'SLAP! SLAP!' “Then fuck each other!”

Wendy and Jane quickly advanced toward each other... their pussys were already flowing as their huge nipples met head on into each other.. bending equally before disappearing under the 'smack' of their huge tits slamming together.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as she felt her orgasm beginning.... yes, she was about to have one of her uncontrollable orgasms.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Jane gasped as she felt the rush of pleasure flowing through her body.... Jane had never had an orgasm overtake her so quickly as she felt the burning fire spreading through her body.

“Ohhhhh fuck! I am gonna cum!” Wendy moaned deeply as she wrapped her arms around Jane's neck and pushed her huge tits into Jane's enormous tits.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!” Jane groaned loudly as she wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist and pulled Wendy into a tight embrace ..forcing her big heavy tits into Wendy's massive dense tits ... “I am gonna cum!”

Angel slapped both of their asses again … 'SLAP!' .. 'SLAP!' “Cum for me!”

Jane squealed as her clit throbbed... her pussy was gushing! “Ahhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmming!”

Wendy's cunt began to squirt hot girl-cum... her clit was on fire! “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

'SMACK!' 'SLAP!' Angel slapped their buttocks as their clits fluttered and their pussys gushed.. squirting pussy-cum on each others cunts and thighs.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmming! … “Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy and Jane were holding each other tightly as they moved their wet thighs to each others pussys. Wendy's right thigh was pressing firmly against Jane's spewing pussy.. and Jane's left thigh was pressed tightly to Wendy's jerking cunt as they kept cumming.. gushing their sweet hot cum against each others thighs.



Angel moved closer to the two fucking girls.... so that her nipples were actually brushing against the outer swell of Jane's huge right tit and Wendy's big left tit... She then inched her way a little closer until Angel's right thigh was brushing against Wendy's left thigh... and Wendy's right thigh was pressed against Jane's left thigh.. and Jane's right thigh, was, of course, touching Angel's left thigh.. Wendy and Jane were still facing each other with their arms wrapped around each other tightly with Angel at their sides. Angel could feel their thighs tensing .. and looked down... her eyes shifting back and forth to their powerful asses... watching their glutes jerking as they shared their orgasms together.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God Jane!”

“Mmmmm Wendy! Fuck!”

Angel slapped their buttocks again.... she was obviously enjoying slapping their asses … 'SLAP!' 'SMACK!' “Ummmm you two hot whores love to fuck each other, don't you?”

“Ummmmmmmmmmm yes!”

“Fuck yesssss!”

'SLAP!' … 'Smack!' … 'SLAP!' ..'Whack!'

Wendy and Jane moved their faces together and began kissing deeply... Even with their lips sealed together, Angel knew what was happening … she could see their cheeks pushing in and out... evidence of the wet tongue fight that was going on inside their locked mouths.


As their orgasm was winding down, they began to slide up and down each others thighs.. dragging and sliding their wet sticky pussy lips up and down each others wet thighs.

Angel was really enjoying smacking their asses … 'SLAP!' … “SMACK!' Each time the palm of her hand would slap their buttocks, Wendy and Jane would groan and moan as they kept kissing … 'Uh' ..'Ahh' … 'Mmm.” .. 'Oh' … 'Ouuu.' …. 'Mmm'

As their long deep tongue fetish kiss went on and on, Wendy and Jane began shifting their shoulders back and forth... their huge swollen dense tits sliding back and forth against each other.... long hard nipples flicking back and forth deep inside their huge mushroomed tits.... they were moaning and groaning into each others mouths as they kissed deeply.. humping each others thighs....

“Ouuuu Jane.. I can feel your big hard clit sliding against my skin.”

“Mmmmm, and I can feel your clit throbbing against my thigh as you slide it up and down against me.”

'SLAP!' .. 'SMACK' … “You love fucking each other, don't you?”

They broke their kiss... saliva strings stretching between their lips and tongues … “Yesssssssssssssss I love fucking Wendy!”

The shimmering stings of spit wobbled between their lips as Jane gasped ..“I love fucking Jane.... she is soooo hot!”

'SLAP!' .. 'SLAP!' … Angel looked at Wendy … “You want to cum with that whore you are fucking?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh I want to cum with this whore I am fucking.”

'SLAP!' .. 'SMACK' Angel turned her eyes toward Jane ..“You want to cum with that nympho slut you are fucking?”

“I want to cum with this slut! I want to cum and cum with this fucking whore!” Jane gasped as she humped Wendy's thighs.

Wendy and Jane kept their lips apart, but continued to lick at each others lips and tongues... occasionally they would lick at the same time and the flat surface of their long tongues would mash together for a few seconds... sending volts of pleasure to their twitching clits.

Several more minutes went by... Angel kept slapping their buttocks... making Wendy and Jane groan and moan as they kept humping each other.. and grinding their big tits against each other.... sliding their wet pussys up and down each others thighs.. licking their long wet sloppy tongues together.. until their mixed saliva was drooling from their tongues... stringing down in long bubbly spit ropes and falling on their huge compressed tits. And they kept grinding... humping... pushing … sliding … licking …. slurping … sliding up and down... humping each others wet thighs as rivers of their fuck juices ran down their smooth firm athletic thighs.

As Wendy and Jane were fucking... the outer swells of their huge tits would slide back and forth against the front of Angel's huge tits... sometimes pushing into Angel's massive tits... which was stimulating Angel's thick hard nipples.. and Angel began to moan. She wanted to stroke her clit with her fingers.. but she also wanted to continue slapping their asses as they fucked each other.... sooo, she concentrated her pleasure in her big tits and hard nipples... and as the minutes went by, Angel's big tits began to swell even bigger. They were filling up with nipple-cum... and Wendy and Jane's big heavy tits were also refueling.... filling up with an enormous amount of nipple-cum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssssss Wendy!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm Jane!”

''SLAP!' .. 'SMACK'

“God! I love fucking you!”

'SLAP!' .. 'SMACK' ... 'SLAP!' .. 'SMACK' .... 'SMACK' ... 'SLAP!'

“Ouuuuuuuuuu FUCK! I love fucking you too Jane!”

As Wendy and Jane's big tits would slide back and forth against each other.. and as they pumped them together as they were sliding left and right... their big heavy tits were pushing and sliding against Angel's hard nipples... and Angel was approaching a very hard strong nipple orgasm.

Wendy and Jane began humping each other faster and faster.. sliding up and down each others thighs.... pressing their clits into each others thrusting thighs... grinding their hard sensitive clits up and down... up and down.. pushing .. sliding … humping … their huge heavy firm tits pushing and pumping together... squishing in their sweat. .. their wet pussy lips spread completely out against each others thighs.. their wet vaginas flowing on each others thighs.... fucking … sliding … licking their long wet tongues together in their kinky tongue fetish kiss ….. spit drooling from their tongues to their tits... their buttocks began to jerk as their powerful glutes began to spasm. Angel slapped their asses harder and harder as Wendy and Jane were nearing the zenith of the sweet release of their pleasure. All three pair of nipples were on fire.. and an eruption of massive amounts of nipple-cum and girl-cum was about to happen. .. and there was no way to stop it! Angel, Wendy and Jane were at the point of no return.

All three hot blondes began to pant and gasp..... then their three big clits began to vibrate... throbbing and jerking violently … and then the pleasure began to flow... through every part of their bodies.... powerful glutes clinched and spasmed... hips began to jerk …. their big tits began shaking …. and all three fuck whores screamed at the same time.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Yesssssssssssss!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

Jane and Wendy's big tits were pressed together very hard.. their big pulsing nipples buried between their amazingly deep cleavage … throbbing tip to tip... milk hole latched to milk hole.... their big clits grinding hard against each others thighs... and then their cunts exploded in a violent rush of extreme pleasure... Angel's pussy was erupting at the same time …. they tossed their heads back.... their long blonde hair whipping through the air... flying around their faces. The front part of Wendy and Jane's enormous tits expanded against each other... billowing out as their big heavy tits began to pump a tremendous volume of hot sticky gooey nipple-cum... and Angels huge tits began to pump an unbelievable flow of her gooey syrupy nipple-cum. Their big clits jerked and their vaginas clenched and squirted!

Angel, Wendy and Jane screamed together …. “Cummmmmmmming! .. “Cummmmmming!” “Cummmmmmmming!”

A thick stream of nipple-cum ejaculated from each of Angel's twitching nipples... shooting against Wendy's big left tit and Jane's huge right tit... splattering up into the air and landing on their big tits, on their shoulders and in their hair.

“Cummmmmmming!” … “Cummmmmmmmming!” .. “Cummmmmming!”

Wendy and Jane's big tits were ejaculating... squirting streams of nipple-cum against each others mushroomed tits.... until it squirted out between their deep shared cleavage... shooting straight up into the air and out to the sides of their mashed tits. Their pussys were squirting... gushing … hips were jerking …. Wendy and Jane grabbed each others shoulders and pulled themselves together in a hard tight bear-hug as their cunts squirted against each others thighs. Angel had reached down with her hands and was clutching Wendy and Jane's ass cheeks hard ….big clits were throbbing and jerking wildly. Buttocks were having one spasm after another... panting and gasping and moaning.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssss!”

“Ohhhhhhh GAWD!”

They tossed their heads back and forth.... whipping their hair back and forth as their big thick nipples squirted again.... hot steams of gooey nipple-cum... splattering each other... Angel had leaned back just enough so that her shooting nipples were pointing upward.. and her two big tits pumped a huge amount of nipple-cum.. splattering against Wendy's left cheek and the left side of her neck... and splashing against Jane's right cheek and her neck.... their cunts were gushing... squirting... ejaculating ..... clits vibrating … Wendy and Jane could feel the heat from the nipple-cum that they were squirting into each others big tits... Angel was panting .. breathing deeply.. as she raised her hands and smacked the two fuck whores asses. 'SLAP!'.. 'SMACK!'

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!” Angel moaned deeply.

Wendy was gasping .. “Fuck yesssss!”

Jane cried out .. “Ohhhhh My God!”

Their hot juicy pussys gushed a third time... sweet pussy-cum running down the inside of Angel's thighs... flowing past her knees in a river of liquid heat. Wendy's pussy-cum was spraying out around Jane's thigh... and Jane's girl-cum was flowing down Wendy's thigh... soooooooo much wetness....... so much fucking cum!

Angel moved her hands up.. wrapping her arms around Wendy and Jane as far as she could reach as they gasped and panted together.... their pussy juice soaking the sheets. Their three big clits continued to throb for a few more minutes as several less intense orgasms rocked their bodies with erotic jolts of pleasure. It was a very intense moment. The three of them cumming together... holding each other... sharing the most pleasurable moment that a woman can share. … sharing the most intimate moment that a woman can share. They were gasping... and purring … and breathing deeply... and sighing.

They held their three-way embrace for a few more minutes... until Angel began to feel light-headed … her eyes were suddenly very heavy.. and her body felt exhausted and drained. The sexual magic within her body was coming to a close... evaporating … ending.... and Angel had not slept since Thursday night.. and the exhaustion quickly consumed her body. She managed to slide off the bed and stumble to the chair she had been laying on earlier. Laying down, Angel closed her tired eyes and quickly passed out... falling into a deep sleep.

But the fuck magic that Wendy had induced hours earlier when she opened the door for Jane was still in full force... and they continued to fuck.... tribbing again until they shared several intense orgasms... then they locked their mouths on each others clits in a hot steamy sixty-nine suck fight... cumming and squirting into each others mouths... then Wendy got on top of Jane and they tribbed tit to tit.. sharing another powerful orgasm.. then it was Jane's turn to be on top.. and they fucked themselves to another electric orgasm. Wendy and Jane fucked and fucked and sucked and fucked until the wee hours of the morning before the voodoo magic began to dissolve … slowly fading... until exhaustion overcame them... and they drifted off to sleep... side by side... tit to tit... in each others arms.... sharing the same dream as they slept … 'How to convince Angel to let their relationship become a three-way affair.'

To be continued