(By HGHunt)

Bush War at the U Chapter 2

Tesha and Linda were roommates and as they hiked back to their dorm they talked excitedly about what they had witnessed. "Wow! That was incredible!" Tesha excitedly exclaimed. "I was getting all wet down there just thinking about those two going at it. Who do you think would win?"

Linda was practically hyperventilating and could hardly talk coherently. She mumbled out "Good God, I'm still horny thinking about those two amazons locking their angry pussies together. Oh yeah. You asked me a question didn't you? Who would win?" She repeated the question as she thought while they walked across the bridge towards their dorm. Finally she managed to speak. "Chelsea. I think Chelsea would win. Her pussy hair is so thick and long. I don't think Veronica quite measures up. I give the edge to Chelsea. What do you think?"

Tesha had already thought about her own answer and she vigorously disagreed with Linda. "No way! Did you see how angry Veronica was? She has been a leader on our team for two years, and there is not a chance she would lose to Chelsea. Besides, I think that if Veronica didn't trim her bushy thatch around the edges to fit inside her bikini, she would have just as much bush as Chelsea, maybe more."

The two girls walked along the rest of the way home in silence, tingly excitement wafting along with them as they went. Neither girl could get her mind off what she witnessed. It made them both horny thinking about the possibilities. Each wondered if anything would come of the confrontation. After dinner the two girls headed back to their room together and prepared to study. It was hot in August and the girls were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. Linda sat at her desk to work on her Chemistry and Tesha lay back on her lower bunk to read her novel for literature class. Linda was a brunette as was Tesha. Both girls had lithe, slim figures common among volleyball players. Each was about 5' 7" and their pretty faces would make them eye-candy at any party. Obviously neither girl was as tall as the two amazons, but they were fine specimens of coed femininity. Neither girl was a lesbian but they were natural flirts, sometimes even with each other.

Linda was stumped by one of her problems and she leaned back and looked across the room to see Tesha lying on the bed with her novel closed on the bed and her right arm across her tummy with her hand making slow circular rubs over her pussy mound. Her tight shorts showed a small wet patch of fabric right at the confluence of her pussy lips. Linda smiled and watched as Tesha's eyes opened and she noticed Linda staring. "God, I got so horny just imagining those two going at each other with their mammoth bushes that I couldn't help myself. I was imagining that I was Veronica and was fucking Chelsea silly. I really wish I could be part of that." She was really into it because she unashamedly continued stroking her pussy through her shorts, making the wet stain grow even larger. She didn't even try to hide her masturbation from Linda.

Linda pursed her lips and cooed, "Oooooh, fuck yes. Just thinking about those two bushes nestling into each other makes me hot too! My fantasy though is wishing I was Chelsea and could pussy-fuck Veronica into submission. I just know I could if I had Chelsea's thick bush." Copying a page out of Tesha's book, she leaned back in her chair and straightened her legs out into a large V. Her left hand dove to her own pussy and began to massage it through the thin fabric of her tight cotton shorts.

The two girls eyed each other and wicked thoughts raced through their heads. Tesha spoke up again. "Remember how exciting that looked when they stood toe-to-toe and bush-to-bush. I'd like to relive that all over again. In fact maybe they are having their 'bush war' right this very minute. Damn, that's an exciting thought!"

"What are we waiting for? I'm wishing the same thing." Linda stood up and put her hands on her hips. Mimicking the pose she had watched earlier she intoned, "I'm Chelsea."

Tesha sprang from the bed in almost delirious expectation. "I'm Veronica," she spoke as if she was a queen and in charge of the world. She strutted over to "Chelsea" (Linda) and put her hands on her own hips as she stared at her, feigning an angry look. The two girls were acting the part, facial expressions and all, that recreated the events they had witnessed in the shower. "I'm gong to fuck you over bitch! No 2-bit JC pussy is a match for mine."

Linda closed the gap between them. "You're a scrawny cunt and it's ugly fuzz won't stand a chance woman to woman with me!" She literally spit her words, the fuming anger in her voice sounded very real to Tesha. "Let's get it on then cunt!" Tesha spat right back. She thrust her hips out severely in front of her as Linda matched her movement symmetrically. Their two mounds met and the heat from their horny pussies passed between them. Tesha growled, "Fuck you!" Linda purred right back, "Fuck YOU!" They were really getting in the mood!

Tesha's hands reached down and grabbed Linda's waist. She pulled it toward her thrusting mound and ground against Linda's reciprocating thrust. Each pussy was feeling the angry pussy of the other girl. Their mounds slammed together time and time again, each jolt sent stabbing shockwaves of pleasure through their lower bodies. They grunted and growled obscenities at each other. Each claimed her pussy the superior. As exciting and passionate as they were, both ached for more. The standing position wasn't as advantageous for the intimate contact that they would have liked, and neither was the fact that they still had their shorts and panties on. Linda wanted to rectify that. Her pussy was burning with desire and she panted out her recommendation, "My bush can dominate your bush. I intend to prove it." With that she stepped back and took off her shorts in record time. Her tee-shirt was off and tossed onto the bed next. Just standing there in her lightweight bra and her damp panties was enough of a challenge for Tesha.

She stepped back and her shirt and shorts were off in a flash as well. Both girls eyed the sexy display of the other combatant. Both girls were still "in character." Linda licked her lips as she ogled her sexy roommate. One hand grabbed her right breast through the bra while her other slipped lower to find her damp panty crotch. Rubbing herself through the sheer material caused her finger to become damp from the vaginal juices so liberally leaking through. Tesha followed Linda's lead and while they stared at each other in sexy defiance of the other she rubbed her own dew-soaked panties vigorously with her right hand. Licking her lips she stepped forward towards Linda threateningly. Reaching behind she unsnapped her bra and tossed it towards the closet. This exposed a pair of 34B tits that were very firm and round. Her dark red pointy nipples and areola made a crisp circular boundary with her darkly tanned skin. Linda continued her finger exploration right through her panties as she matched Tesha tit for tat (tit?). Her bra was tossed aside too and she stepped back within range of Tesha's pelvis. Linda's boobs were among the larger pairs among her teammates. The 35C bra was gone and the excitement of the current events made her light brown nipples stand out in horny acknowledgement.

Snarling at each other they propelled their hips forward and upward with a powerful thrust. Their panty-covered pussies hit together and the girls each held their ground. The juices from their cunts were now so plentiful that they could even hear the telltale sounds of squishy contact right through their panties. Linda cooed, "It seems like my juicy pussy has leaked right through to make your panties all wet. Isn't that a shame?"

Bristling with resentment, Tesha shot back, "All that juice is mine, sweetie, it's your funky hole that can't produce its own juice." With that the two girls ground their wet panties together, sending forth a magnificently feminine aroma caused by their confluence. Their panties slid back and forth and up and down across each other, each trying to out-grind the other. "Fuck your stinky pussy, cunt." "Is that the best you can do, bitch?" "When are you going to show some action, slut?" "MY bush is the greatest bush." "MY bush is the Queen." The girls talked a streak of trash at each other as they continued their panty war. Finally after feeling her heated sexual desire leap over another boundary Tesha could wait no longer.

Tesha spoke (as Veronica), "I DARE you to show your scraggly bush. It might just be the last time you'll ever even see it THAT good."

"MY QUEEN BUSH can't wait to tear yours to pieces." Linda (as Chelsea) let go and stepped back instantly and then with a stripper's flourish dropped her very wet panties and thrust out her now naked pussy in challenge. Linda's bushy endowment, while certainly not in the league with Chelsea or Veronica was adequate. Her brown thatch was thin near the edges, thickening towards the vertical centerline of her pubic mound and trimmed only along side her pussy lips. The triangular appearance was natural and she was proud of her appearance down there: thick enough and dark enough that she would never be confused with a "little girl" but not a massive swarm of hair either.

Tesha's voice rang out, "Not so fast, slutbucket. Your twat can't hold a candle to my marvelous bush." Before removing her panties she let her right hand drop to her pussy cleft and she repeated the motions she had been using as she played with herself on the bed earlier. Now, with only panties between her digits and her cunt, she massaged her pussy lips making them "plump up" and show distinctly their wanton outline through her soaking panties. Then she too removed them and tossed them aside. Stepping back close to Linda she thrust out her pelvis again, relishing the fact that Linda was staring intently at her bush. Tesha's bush was trimmed a bit more into a narrow v-shape, sort of like an arrowhead. The lower terminus ended at the very top of her cleft and her bare pussy lips were prominently displayed beneath. Her bush was dark brown and quite thick, but with the shaping from her razor, it didn't cover much skin. Obviously they had seen each other naked many times, but this was different, very different. Linda fumed inside at the ugly words Tesha had called her, even though she knew they were "in character" it hurt to hear those words and it made her blood boil. Aching for satisfaction she thrust her pelvis into Tesha's waiting bush.

Their fuzzy mounds smacked in angry collision. Linda grabbed Tesha's arms just above the elbow and Tesha grabbed Linda just above her elbows as well. The two girls now had a good hold on each other for balance, and in the small confines of their dorm room they stood and smacked their beautiful pelvises together. Leaning back at the waist and thrusting forward again and again they watched as their womanly fur joined and then parted. Each tried to imagine what it must be like for Chelsea and Veronica to be blasting away at each other with their incredibly hairy cunts. Tesha pushed hard against Linda's mound and could distinctly feel the stiff hairs protruding toward her scrape against her own pubes and the surrounding skin. It wasn't painful really, but erotic as hell. She felt her own pubes burrow in amongst the thick center of Linda's gash cover. She pushed harder and harder against the powerful force coming at her from Linda's strong body. "See how my bush is overpowering your wretched fuzz?" Tesha loved to talk smack when she was angry. She was watching and believing that her narrow thatch was burrowing deep into Linda's forest and it felt good to dish out the verbal barbs at her roommate. She just knew that Veronica would be doing the same with Chelsea. "When are you going to start getting serious? You're no competition. Why don't you just give up?"

Linda reared back at the sound of Tesha's voice and sent a powerful thrust against her antagonist's pussy. Smack! The sound of pubic bone crashing against pubic bone reverberated in their small room. "Take that you slimy bitch. It's my bush that is winning this contest. You're narrow little thatch will be all shriveled up and gone when my bush is just getting started." She smacked her again, expecting to see at least a little wince or grimace from Tesha (Veronica). No such luck. Tesha actually ooohed and aahhed at the impact and returned in kind to dish out to Linda (Chelsea) what she had just received. Smack! Again and again the two 20-year-olds aimed their womanly mounds at each other and thrust forward in unison. Of course, they were holding onto each other for balance and could use the leverage to pull hard on each other, trying to gain as much momentum as possible for the impact, but the very fact that they were standing up prevented a great range of motion, so the fiery words that rang out between them were actually more damaging than the impact itself.

Yes, it did hurt some, but with the adrenalin so high, both girls knew they could take much more than was being dished out right now. Smack. Smack. Smack. They continued their tandem assaults on each other for many minutes. Besides the angry words that continued unabated between their now very foul mouths, they were becoming increasingly aroused. Both had been horny and hot from the beginning and the anger was now being matched in intensity by the lust of rutting females.

Dropping her hold on Tesha's arms, Linda reached behind and grabbed Tesha by the ass. Sinking her fingers as deeply into her very firm athletic buttocks she pulled Tesha towards her pelvis. Maintaining her pressure so as not to let Tesha back off and thrust against her again, she wiggled her pelvis like a belly dancer in very fast short bursts of motion. She loved the feel of grinding her bushy twat into Tesha's desperate bush. Tesha tried and tried to pull back and ram mounds head on, but Linda's grip was too strong and so she dropped her hands to Linda's butt and, with a wonderful handful of hard ass, she pulled Linda just as hard as Linda was pulling on her. She wiggled intently against the motions from Linda's bush. She could feel their pussy hairs scraping across each other as their crotches tried their damnedest to invade the other girls' pussy.

Each girl stood with her feet about shoulder width apart, allowing for a bit of access to her pussy lips, but from this standing position the majority of their intimate contact was mound-to-mound and bush-to-bush. Linda lowered her body by bending her knees to swivel her crotch upwards from below Tesha's glistening pussy and with a forceful thrust felt her thatch find her lubricious lips. She ground her hairy mound directly into and against those honeyed lips until Tesha could recover and lower herself away and try to retaliate. Linda parried every attempt from Tesha for several minutes. Tesha would lower herself to thrust upward and grind her arrowhead bush, but by the time she did, Linda would have altered her footing or posture and the best Tesha could do would be to meet her bush-to-bush over and over again. Not that that wasn't pretty damn exciting, but she really wanted to get at that pussy.

For many minutes the two girls bobbed and weaved their crotches against each other from their standing position, much like fighters in the ring. The heat was getting to them. Both girl's excitement was rising rapidly and they were anxious to accomplish something in their heated duel. Wham! Tesha's head shot forward and her mouth opened wide as she kissed Linda very forcefully. Linda was caught off guard by the move, but knew exactly what to do. Her mouth jerked open and the two hard-body beauties slobbered their mouths in a slushy wet kiss as their pussies hammered and ground at each other below. The trash talk had stopped and now the girls were locked together by mouth and mound. Linda kissed Tesha passionately but she kept her bush bumping and grinding against the arrowhead thatch of Tesha's crotch. Linda leaned forward and tried to push Tesha over onto the floor, but Tesha countered with a forceful push. Each put one leg back for leverage to try to topple the other straight over backwards with more force than the other. This allowed one thigh from each girl to intrude between the upper thigh of the other and they found their pussies now riding on top of their rival's thigh. Juices flowed onto their legs and ran down towards their feet. As they could feel their cunts sliding across smooth hard thighs their passion grew, but without any diminished competitive intent. They struggled around the room seeking power over their roommate rival.

Hands kept their firm hold on luscious asses. Thighs aggressively rose up to put pressure on the offending cunt. As they gritted their teeth and panted in exertion they began having a harder time keeping their balance. As their motions carried them around the small confines of their room they nearly fell several times before a determined thrust from Linda's pelvis caused Tesha to lose her balance and tumble backward at an awkward angle, landing on her bed with Linda on top. As she fell backwards her right leg lost its position between Linda's thighs. Linda took immediate advantage by pulling her legs together and lying between Tesha's legs and voraciously attacked Tesha's open twat with her bushy womanhood. She was able to lower her torso just enough for the thickest part of her bush to ride low between Tesha's legs. Grinding deeply into Tesha's wanton cunt gave Linda a real feeling of power over her roommate.

Tesha only allowed a moment of this before she began to fight back. She bucked her hips high in the air, trying to unseat her foe. This put even more erotic pressure on their sex organs. Their wet lips would meet and slide deliciously and Linda's clit would grind down into firm contact with Tesha's engorged clit. Tesha felt an intense heat of passion arising from her pussy and she ached for the incredible sensations to continue, but she desperately wanted to control the flow of sex between her and her roommate. Right now she was on the bottom and on the receiving end of Linda's fucking. "Enough of this," she thought to herself. Straining incredibly hard against the thrusting bush above her she managed to quickly pull her legs together as she dropped back to the bed. The little bounce provided by the mattress gave her a slight momentum that she used to twist and roll Linda.

They tumbled off the low mattress and landed on the floor, but this time it was Tesha on top. The hard floor stunned Linda with the landing, but she was not hurt. The problem from her point of view was that she was supine underneath the strong and retaliatory Tesha. Wham! She felt Tesha's arrowhead bush slam into her splayed open legs. Her cunt felt the bristly hairs intrude into her soft, wet tissue. "Ouch!" She let slip a tiny verbal recognition of pain. Now it was Tesha's turn to grind her narrow bush deeply into Linda's widely splayed pussy.

Biting her lip to keep from any further outbursts, she began humping her cunt back at the invading army of bristly hairs. Linda loved the intertwining emotions of passion and anger as she humped her lubricious opening against Tesha every time Tesha slammed her. Tesha snarled down at Linda, "Feel my gorgeous bush pounding your pussy? I'm going to fuck your cunt 'till you're begging for mercy."

"If that's the best you can do we're going to be humping for a long time. I feel your bush. It ain't nothing!" Linda and Tesha were both tired from their exertions and the options for powerful surprise moves were diminishing and Linda knew it. Tesha knew it too and she rallied her pelvis to grind and thrust her bushy mound at Linda's cunt in every conceivable direction.

"When I'm through with you, every hair on my big cunt will have beaten your hairs right back inside where they came from." Tesha was enjoying her dominant position. Linda couldn't believe what was happening to her. She could feel Tesha's pussy, clit, and bush grinding away at her pussy. She could feel the minor pain as Tesha's arrowhead thatch scraped, burrowed, and invaded every nook and cranny of her cunt. But above all that she LOVED it. "Fuck me bitch! Is that the best you can do? Come on. Fuck me. Fuck me. I mean really fuck me!" She knew that Tesha was putting everything she had into her fucking and she wanted to let her know that she was taking it all in stride. She took more and more pounding from Tesha's writhing groin.

Both girls were panting and groaning and moaning and aching for sexual release. Tesha kept up her pussy smacking action and it was beginning to pay off. Linda was surging higher and higher and losing the battle to hold off her orgasm any longer. Her moans turned to shouts of ecstasy as her first cunt-to-cunt orgasm smashed through the mental barrier she had tried to erect. Her juices flowed and the sound of Tesha's pussy pushing and grinding over her own flooded vulva was the sound of sucking, sloshing, and wet skin. Still Linda kept demanding more and more. Tesha was hoping to hear Linda beg for her to get off so she could relax her tired muscles, but no, Linda screamed for more. "Come on. Don't stop. Fuck me harder. Fuck me more. I'm not done yet. Fuck me harder bitch!"

When her own primitive urges were so powerfully surging through her she decided it would be unladylike not to comply. So with as much abandon as her tiring muscles allowed, she pounded ahead with wicked fucking. Amazed by Linda's quick recovery and ever the more excited herself, she rubbed her clit directly on Linda's quivering knob for 30 seconds straight. "Ooooooooowwwwwwww." Tesha howled like a wolf as her own orgasm rocketed through her loins. Howling and panting ragged breaths brought the naked pussy underneath right back to its second orgasm in only a couple of minutes from her first. Linda wailed her lungs in echo of Tesha. For nearly a minute it sounded like a pack of wolves had just announced a deer kill to the whole world. University dorm rooms aren't real soundproof and now at least half-dozen coeds down the hall had a distinctly different opinion of the two athletes in room 313.

They thrashed their wet pussies and hairy mounds hard against each other in a ragged, haphazard way as their first shared lesbian orgasm subsided. Both girls had crossed an invisible boundary and both knew it only too well. They also knew that their previous status as confirmed heteros was going to be a lot harder to maintain.

Their cries subsided and Tesha rolled slowly off Linda, sighing her sexual contentment. Linda echoed Tesha with a long slow sigh, exhaling contentedly. She turned her head toward Tesha, as they lay on their backs, side by side. She reached her hand into Tesha's fine hair and twirled it around her finger. Slowly she pulled Tesha's head towards her waiting face. Leaning closer she planted a soft tender kiss on Tesha's mouth; just light little pecks and tender lip caresses between two loving girls. They smiled a smile of joyful awakening. Their heated bodies began to cool down in the wonderful fade of lust from their bodies.

"Well, maybe we didn't settle anything in regards to our two bushy amazons, but I'll say this, it sure was great pretending." Tesha's words sank into Linda's consciousness and she smiled a giant grin as she spoke, "Well, I don't know if Chelsea and Veronica will ever settle their differences 'properly' or not, but I know for a fact that I can't wait for 'our' rematch."

Tesha went on, "You know. I think we should make sure they have a rematch and that WE get to be there. You don't think either of them was about to back down when we were in the showers do you? There were six of us naked girls in there with them and I think if it hadn't been for coach shouting that they would have been going at each other right there and then, even with us watching."

"I think you are right. I saw nothing but hatred and determination in either of them and I think if we could somehow rig up a situation where they could meet in private (except for the six of us, tee hee!) that they would pick up right where they left off. Do you have any ideas?"

"I'll call Liz. I bet she would like to be in on this. We can talk to the others tomorrow at practice." Tesha called Liz and they began their planning and preparation for a little "Queen Bush" skirmish.