By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Angel was on her way to her office to meet with Veronica Scott ... she had dressed in a short black skirt and had pulled a stretchy low cut white top over her big magically enhanced tits.... the top fit very snug,.. perhaps a little too snug ... revealing an ample amount of her tremendously deep cleavage. As you already know, because her enormous tits were swollen with voodoo magic, none of her bras would fit, and Angel's almost two inch long nipples were as hard as two pieces of iron... sticking straight out... stretching the fabric of her top.. and it was very obvious that anyone would be able to see those two huge spikes on her big tits. Of course Angel had solved that problem by slipping on a red blazer over her white top. As long as she kept her blazer on, she would be fine.

Veronica's nickname was Ronnie. She had grown up in a small town in East Texas before moving to Austin where she attended the University of Texas, graduating with a degree in political science. Three years later she earned her law degree from UT and began working for a well known law firm in Houston where she specialized in family law. Ronnie was a thirty-two year old lesbian and was absolutely gorgeous... standing five feet seven and a half inches tall with lovely light brown hair and blue eyes. She weighed 130 pounds with measurements of 40¼ -26-36. With her bust line measuring slightly more than forty inches, Ronnie was one-quarter of an inch smaller than Angel and Wendy and Jane, who, as you already know, measured 40½. No, it was not a significant difference. If you lined the four women up next to each other and were asked to pick out the one with the 'smaller' tits, you would only be guessing.

Ronnie required a 34E bra and she always filled the big cups completely up..… except Ronnie rarely wore a bra. Bras were a problem for Ronnie because she had two unusual physical problems.... three, if you chose to count her nipples individually. Her nipples measured almost an inch and a quarter in length.... no doubt you are thinking .. “And exactly why would that be a problem? Thousands of girls would love to have nipples that big.” Perhaps that is true, except for one thing. …. Ronnie's nipples were always erect. All the time. Constantly. Not just when she was sexually aroused.... not just when it was cold … not just when her huge thick nipples were stimulated..... oh no, Ronnie's nipples were on high beam all the time. Always hard. Always erect. And it was, at times, a problem.

When she was younger, she felt embarrassed because it did not make much difference what she wore... when a girl has nipples that are always rock hard... always sticking straight out more than an inch... well, as you can imagine, it invites attention. In time, she learned how to kinda hide them.. the word 'kinda' is appropriate because unless she was wearing a coat or a blazer her nipples were going to show. As you may know, even when a girl has incredible nipples, they can still be mostly contained with a bra. Most all of the length can be pushed back and squished until they don't show very much.. but when those nipples are rock hard.... well... that's a problem.... unless, of course, you want to display your nipples. Sometimes Ronnie wanted people to notice... especially attractive women. She loved to intimidate them. She loved to have her big nipples thrusting out and creating obvious tents.... big tents …. as if to say... 'My nipples are bigger than yours... they're harder... longer.... thicker... and sexier than yours.' It is a way to bully other women.... to dishearten them... to torment.... to make the competition feel inadequate.... unequal … deficient and weak. Almost every woman Ronnie had ever met would feel her own nipples shrink and surrender at the sight of Ronnie's massive tits and those always hard... always erect nipples. Of course there were a few exceptions... Ronnie had met a hand full of women who could 'measure up'.... girls who wanted to nipple duel with her... girls with big nipples... hard nipples... but even then, it was only a matter of time before their nipples would become weak and surrender to Ronnie's nipples. It is impossible to lose a nipple fight when your nipples are constantly hard.

Yes, at times, Ronnie's nipples were a problem... but she had another problem ... Ronnie had sensitive nipples. .. very sensitive... ultra sensitive... in fact, she possibly had the most sensitive nipples in the world... which is why she almost never wore a bra. You see, the material of the bra cups would irritate her constantly erect nipples. Now with most girls, the irritation that would sometimes happen was only discomfort... but with Ronnie, the irritation would induce nipple orgasms. There were days when she had to wear a bra... like when there was attending a meeting where everyone was requested to dress casually. During such occasions, Ronnie would always have to excuse herself several times... and, of course, it was assumed that it was nothing more than a restroom break, when, in fact, she was on the verge of having a nipple orgasm... or, perhaps she was actually experiencing a nipple orgasm. This 'problem' was always present... even when she did not wear a bra... which as you already know, was almost all the time. Even when she wore something as smooth and soft as silk, she had to be careful.. because sometimes the slightest movement of her nipples against her clothing would trigger a nipple orgasm. In a typical day, Ronnie would have as many as five or six nipple orgasms.

Her 'problem' was not exactly the same as Wendy's. As you have discovered over the last couple of weeks, Wendy could have spontaneous orgasms... sometimes a hug from another attractive woman would ignite an orgasm... and sometimes all it took was just to look at another beautiful woman.... especially if the other woman was blessed with big tits. .. or, as you also know, just the mention of Angel's name induced orgasms from Wendy. Ronnie, on the other hand, achieved her nipple orgasms because her nipples were extremely sensitive.

And there is one more thing you need to know about Veronica. She is a bitch when she wants to be. … which is most of the time.

As she drove to Angel's office, she pulled over and stopped. She had to make one phone call before she had her meeting with Angel. An attorney friend of hers who lived in Houston had told her about an attorney by the name of Michelle Richardson. Ronnie's friend had even sent Ronnie a photo of Michelle with the following text. 'Very aggressive titfighter. Big hard nipples that can hurt you. She is not afraid to bust tits.' Ronnie looked at Michelle's photo. .. She had to admit that Michelle was very attractive and it did appear that Michelle was very well endowed... but what really peaked Ronnie's interest was the part about Michelle being aggressive.. Ronnie was very aggressive in her titfights... she had no problem with slamming her huge rack against another huge rack as hard as she could.. and she was very interested in meeting someone else who had no fear when it came to 'tit-busting'. She dialed Michelle's phone number, hoping that she could persuade Michelle to meet with her today before she had to return to Houston. Michelle's phone rang twice before she answered …

“Michelle Richardson.”

“Hi Michelle. This is Veronica Scott. May I have a moment of your time.”

“I have a minute.” Michelle sounded a little bitchy.. and Ronnie liked that.

Ronnie got straight to the point …. “I'll just cut to the chase.”

“Good. I don't have much time.”

“I am an attorney from Houston. I have a deposition to do.. which will take a couple of hours or so.”

Michelle's voice was almost hateful .. “Get to the point Veronica.”

Ronnie's voice was now bitchy sounding as she replied. “Fine. I hear that you love to titfight.”

“And where did you hear that?”

“I have am attorney friend. She said you were a very aggressive titfighter.”

Michelle knew exactly who Ronnie's friend was... Her name was April. Several months ago, Michelle had met April at a lawyer conference in Houston. April was busty... and very aggressive. During the three day conference they matched their tits twice. Their titfights were hard fought... one ending in a tie and April finally submitting the second time.. but it was not easy. “You must be referring to April.”

“Yes I am.”

“April is a very good titfighter... one of the best I have encountered. Have you matched tits with her?”

Ronnie replied, “Yes I have... several times.”

Michelle wanted to know more... “And who won?”

“I did.”

“That is impressive.”

“Let me get to the point... April told me you were an aggressive bitch. I like aggressive. .. and I like bitches.”

“Did you call me a bitch?”

“Yes I did... from one bitch to another bitch.”

Michelle raised her voice slightly … “I am more than just a bitch Veronica. I am a fucking bitch.”

Ronnie raised her voice just a little as she responded .. “Then this is better than I had hoped for, because I am also a fucking bitch.”

“Sooo... from one fucking bitch to another fucking bitch... what do you want?”

“I am challenging you to a nipple duel and titfight. Today. As soon as I am finished with my deposition.”

“I accept your challenge bitch.”

Ronnie's voice was firm ...“That's fucking bitch to you.”

“Then I accept your challenge.... you fucking bitch!” Michelle hissed.

“Good. I'll call you when I have finished my deposition and we can arrange to meet.”

“Good... I would love to bust tits with a fucking bitch.... a fucking bitch like you.”

Ronnie raised her voice again ..“I'll call you later...... you bitch!.. You goddamn fucking whoring bitch!” As soon as she finished yelling into her phone, she disconnected their conversation.

Michelle smiled to herself.... this was going to be an exciting day.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was almost three o'clock when Angel arrived at her office. As she unlocked the door and stepped inside she noticed that it was not very cool... in fact, it was rather warm. Something was wrong. She walked to the wall where the thermostat was located... It was eighty degrees. Angel checked to make sure the temperature was set on seventy-two and made sure that it was on 'cool.' Everything was correct... but it was eighty degrees! She grabbed a chair and scooted it across the floor until she was underneath one of the vents. Angel took off her heels and stepped up on the chair, extending her hand up toward the vent. Her fingers were still about a foot from the vent, but she could feel the air blowing... and the air was not cold. “Dammit!” Being careful as she stepped back down from the chair, Angel walked to her desk, sitting down in her leather chair as she grabbed her cell phone from her purse. It only took her a few seconds to find the phone number for Metroplex Heating and Air. She dialed the number and waited ….

A woman with a pleasant voice answered ...“Metroplex Heating and Air.”

“Hi, my air conditioner is not working. It is not blowing cold air.”

“This is the answering service. One moment please while I connect you to someone who can help you.”

“Thank you.”

Thirty seconds later a man answered.. “This is Jeremy.”

“Hi Jeremy... Angelica Johansen... My A/C is not working.. It's not blowing cold air.. and I have already checked my thermostat and everything is set correctly. Can you come and fix it?”

“Oh Hi Ms. Johansen.. I have worked on your A/C unit before... about a year ago.”

“Oh yeah.. you did.. I remember. So can you get to it today?”

“We are really backed up.. it's going to be a few days.”

“Oh no... isn't there anyway you can squeeze me in?”

Jeremy did remember Angel... who wouldn't remember her? … “Ah.. well.. I wish I could squeeze you … ur.. I mean.. I … wish I could get to it today... but I have already promised two other customers that I would get to them today.”

“It will be very hot in here by next week... can you come today when you have taken care of your other two customers?”

“Ok... Sure … I can come... ah.. I .. I meant I can be there later.. it might be around 7 this evening.”

Angel tried not to laugh... “You know the address?”

“Yes Ma'am.. I have it on my phone.”

“Ok great! Write this down... 8899 … when you get here, enter those four numbers on the security pad by the front door and the door will unlock. When you leave, enter the numbers 9988 and the door will lock back. Got it?”

Jeremy was disappointed that Angel would not be there, but he already told her he would come and fix her A/C... “Ok.... 8899 when I get there … 9988 when I leave.”

“That is correct... just send me a bill.”

“Maybe I can drop off the bill sometime next week.”

Angel was amused... she knew that it was just an excuse for Jeremy to drop by so he could stare at her... “Ok, that's fine.. thank you Jeremy.”

“You're welcome Ms Johansen.”

As Angel ended the phone call, she turned around in her chair and reached down, opening the small fridge behind her desk and grabbed a bottle of water. As she turned back around, she heard the front door to her office opening. She stood up and walked out of her office and approached the woman who was carrying a briefcase and was closing the door behind her. When she turned around to face Angel, they both stood there.. looking at each other... both of them trying not to gasp at the sight of each other. Veronica was indeed sexy... wearing a black skirt, a white blouse and a black blazer along with black heels... she was dressed like an attorney... except for her skirt which was too short. Actually, her skirt was way too short.. the hem was about halfway up her lovely thighs... but that was just fine with Angel. Veronica was almost as tall as Angel and she certainly looked like she had an amazing rack underneath her black blazer. … in fact, it looked like her tits were fucking huge.

Angel and Ronnie

Their eyes looked up and down each others bodies for several seconds,,, checking each other out. Even though both women were wearing blazers, it was very obvious that both women possessed a pair of huge over-sized tits. Angel finally spoke with her sexy sultry voice... “You must be Veronica.”

“Yes... but please call me Ronnie... everyone calls me Ronnie... and you must be Angelica.”

Angel smiled.... “You may call me Angel.”

“Angel.... the name fits... I mean... you are … you are... just … I don't know what to say.. you are beautiful beyond words.” ”

“Thank you Ronnie... You are simply gorgeous... I apologize for it being so warm in here... the air conditioner is not working... the repairman wont be here until Monday.””

“That's all right. I like it when it's hot.” Ronnie said as she laughed. Angel laughed with her as she extended her hand toward Ronnie, and, to Angel's surprise, Ronnie took a step back and smiled at Angel .... “You know, I have always thought that hand shaking was a guy thing... Girls should hug.”

“A hug works for me.” Angel replied in a soft voice.

Ronnie stooped over and placed her briefcase on the floor as she stared into Angel's eyes. “I'm not talking about just any 'ole kind of hug.”

Angel liked where this was going as she stared into Ronnie's.. “Exactly what kind of hug are you talking about Ronnie?”

Ronnie took two small steps toward Angel until the front of their blazers were almost touching. She bit her lower lip before quietly speaking... her voice barely above a whisper … “One of those deep tight hugs that lasts for a long time.”

As Angel continued to stare into Ronnie's eyes, she licked her lower lip... making it very obvious that she was on the same page as Ronnie. “You mean one of those deep tight hugs where we kinda grind against each other for a long... long.... time.”

Ronnie felt her clit spasm as she closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she whispered to Angel .. “Un huh... one of those deep … grinding …. squishing .. swaying hugs that can lasts for several minutes.” Ronnie then stepped forward... their big tits pressing against each other through their clothes.

Angel felt her clit twitch as she whispered her response.. “Mmmmmm, With our arms around each other and our hands grabbing each other tight? this?” Angel then wrapped her arms around Ronnie and pulled her close ... “So we can really squeeze each other?”

Ronnie was turned on as she wrapped her arms around Angel's waist and began moving her hands up and down Angel's back. “You mean the kind of hug where our hands rub up and down each others back?”

Angel was definitely turned on as she felt her clit twitch again .. “I was thinking of a hug where our hands might even wander around a little as we sorta grind together.” Angel began to push into Ronnie a little more firmly as she tightened her grip around Ronnie's waist and her hands began sliding up and down Ronnie's back.

“Mmmmm... a hug where our hands might even slip down each others back.. below our waists?” Ronnie whispered as she squeezed against Angel a little tighter.

“Ummmm... I was thinking that our hands might reach down and grab whatever they could find.. and squeeze.” Angel teased her.

“Mmm, Angel, are you talking about placing our hands on each others buttocks and squeezing?” Ronnie moaned quietly as her hands slid down below Angel's waist and began rubbing the skirt that covered Angel's hard buttocks.

“And kneading.” Angel whispered as she reached down and squeezed Ronnie's firm ass cheeks.

Ronnie whispered as she squeezed Angel's ass hard with her fingers and asked ..“And digging in with our fingers?”

“Un huh.” Angel breathed deeply as they squeezed each others buttocks.

“And we mentioned grinding and swaying?” Ronnie whispered as she began swaying her huge tits back and forth across Angel's... their blazers and tops brushing together.

Angel was hot for Ronnie as she swayed against Ronnie and whispered her response .. “Yessss... grinding and pushing and swaying... you know... so we could... you know ….”

Ronnie answered … “So we could get a good feel of each other?”

“Un huh... a very good … tight … deep feel.” Angel gasped as they swayed against each other in a very tight hug.

“I like this Angel.”

“Me too Ronnie.”

They stared at each other as they swayed together.. pushing into one another with their hands clutching each others firm ass cheeks.... pushing the front of their blazers together with their arms wrapped around each other. Their huge tits were pushing and spreading against each other under their clothes. It was a delicious feeling.. and Angel and Ronnie could easily feel the extraordinary volume of each others huge tits as they pushed into each other. …. their hands squeezing each others buttocks through their tight skirts.

“This is better than I imagined.” Ronnie moaned as she swayed to her right, dragging her huge tits across Angel's enormous tits.

“Mmmm, much better.” Angel whispered as she leaned more into Ronnie, their big tits pushing and sliding and mushrooming as they worked their massive tits back and forth across each other.”

For the next five minutes they stared into each others eyes without saying a word as they swayed together tit to tit... their bodies were becoming a little damp with perspiration as their hands squeezed and kneaded each others firm tight ass cheeks. Their breathing had deepened as they sighed together... with quite moans and muffled gasps. Angel and Ronnie were getting a good feel of each others big tits and it was making both big-titted bitches wet. Ronnie finally leaned her face toward Angel's right ear and whispered.. “We have a deposition to do.”

Angel whispered back into Ronnie's ear .. “Can't it wait?”

Ronnie moved her hands from Angel's hard buttocks and stepped back... “I have to get this done.... maybe it wont take very long.”

Angel smiled.. “I hope not.”

“Me too Angel.... and it is hot in here... very hot!”

Angel smiled... “My office is this way.” She turned around and Ronnie followed her. Rather than sit behind her desk, Angel turned the two chairs in front of her desk toward each other and motioned to Ronnie.. “Please.. have a seat.”

Ronnie sat down, placing her briefcase on the floor next to her chair ... her short skirt, which was already half-way up her thighs when standing, rode almost all the way up to her buttocks as she sat down and crossed her legs. Angel noticed and smiled. Ronnie had very nice thighs. A few seconds later Angel sat down in the other chair facing Ronnie. Angel's skirt was shorter than Ronnie's and 'only' rode a little more than half-way up her perfect thighs.

Ronnie leaned over and picked up her briefcase and took her I-pad out, then she placed her briefcase back on the floor. She began the conversation as she stared at Angel's thighs ...“I don't think this will take very long... you do know why I am here?”

“Yes. It is about my client Mr. Schmidt.” Angel replied as she kept looking at Ronnie's firm smooth thighs.

Ronnie's eyes drifted up to Angel's deep cleavage as she continued .. “As you know Angel, you were hired by Mr. Schmidt to find his daughter. .. which you did... but the mother does not want Mr. Schmidt involved in their daughters life.”

“Yes, that is what I understand.” Angel answered as her eyes moved up from Ronnie's thighs to her equally deep cleavage.

“I am not here because you did anything wrong. Mr. Schmidt came to you and asked you to find his daughter. .. which you did. No one has any problem with that.. I just want to ask some questions about how you feel about Mr. Schmidt. Ok?”


“Good. So, tell me Angel, you have visited with Mr. Schmidt several times.. is that correct?”

“Yes... we have talked in person six times, and by phone eight times.”

“And in your opinion, would you say that Mr. Schmidt is a good man with good character?”

“Yes. Yes he is.”

As the minutes rolled by, both women were getting warmer and warmer... For each other, yes …. but it was also very uncomfortable in Angel's office. It was 80 degrees when she had arrived earlier and was probably a few degrees warmer than that now. Tiny little drops of perspiration had beaded up in the deep cleavage between their heavy tits. It was definitely getting warm. Ronnie asked question after question.. minute after minute... their tits were practically wet by now, along with most of their bodies as they talked in Angel's stuffy hot office. After about thirty minutes, Angel stood up.. “I am going to get us some water.”

Ronnie smiled as she answered, “Thank you, that would be nice.” As Angel stepped away, Ronnie reached down in her briefcase and grabbed a few tissues and wiped the beads of sweat from between her tits and off her face. Angel had also taken a moment to wipe her face and cleavage with some tissues before returning with two bottles of water.
After she sat down, the questions and answers continued for another fifteen minutes before Angel finally interrupted their conversation.. “Ronnie, why don't you take off your blazer.. it's hot in here.”

“Oh, that's ok.. I'm fine.”

“No you're not... I can tell that you are uncomfortable.”

“Well... it is a little stuffy.. but I will be ok.”

“Take off your blazer Ronnie.”

“I can't Angel.” Angel gave Ronnie a puzzled look... then Ronnie continued.. “I have this.. ah... this.. this problem.. and I need to keep my blazer on.”

Angel raised her eyebrows... “What?”

“It's a medical condition.”

“What kind of medical condition?” Angel quizzed her.

Ronnie smiled as she answered ..“Well.. it's not really a medical condition.”

Angel re-crossed her legs.. “Ok... what is going on?”

Ronnie leaned forward as she spoke.. “I have what is called Nippleitus Erectus.”

Angel waited a few seconds before she spoke.. “What?”

Ronnie tried for a moment to keep her composure.. but within a couple of seconds she began laughing .. “I made that up.”

Angel laughed with her … “Nippleitus Erectus... how funny.”

'Sooo now you know... it's sometimes embarrassing..”

“Oh come on Ronnie... it's just us two girls here... Take off your blazer.”

Ronnie stood up and began to slip her blazer off her shoulders as she looked down and spoke to Angel.. “You need to take your blazer off too.”

“I can't. I have nippleitus erectus.” There was a second of silence before both women began laughing again.

As Ronnie slipped off her blazer and placed it over on Angel's desk, Angel was gasping at the sight of Ronnie's huge nipples that were making two impressive tents on the front of her silk blouse.... Angel was also aware that Ronnie was not wearing a bra. The front of Ronnie's white silk blouse was damp with sweat and the circles of her areolas were clearly visible. As Ronnie sat back down Angel continued to stare at those two big prominent nipples on Ronnie's amazing tits as she spoke .. “Damn girl.”

“I told you so.... are you sure this is ok?”

“Oh yeah... it's not a problem at all.” Angel answered as she stood up and slipped her red blazer off.

“Holy shit!” Ronnie gasped as she stared at Angel's tits and nipples that were straining at the front of her white stretchy top... a top that was damp and practically see-through.

Angel smiled as she sat back down and crossed her legs facing Ronnie.

Ronnie continued to gasp at the sight of Angel's huge nipples... nipples that were almost two inches long.... nipples that were as big around as a roll of nickels... magical nipples... voodoo nipples …. “I have never seen anything like your..... I mean... Holy shit!”

“Yeah... kinda cool, huh?”

“Kinda? You've got to be fucking kidding! There are.... incredible... unbelievable!”

Angel smiled... “Well... look at yours... they are some of the biggest nipples I have ever seen!”

“Well... yes... but compared to yours... damn Angel!” They both giggled for a few moments before Ronnie began speaking again.. “Let's finish this deposition.. and then perhaps we can find something else to occupy our time.”

Angel gave Ronnie a wicked grin.. “I am sure we can find something to occupy our time.”

Ronnie again asked questions and Angel answered them... another thirty minutes elapsed and it was now 4:15 and it must have been 85 degrees inside Angel's office. “Well, I think you have answered all my questions.” Ronnie said as she leaned over and placed her I-pad back in her briefcase before standing up. Angel also stood up as they faced each other.. the front of their straining nipples were only a couple of inches apart as they looked down at each others huge tits and their four big erect nipples. Angel wanted to fuck Ronnie... but she wanted to get to Wendy's as soon as she could. Ronnie wanted to fuck Angel.. but her mind was thinking about Michelle. They were hot for each other.. but they both knew they had a very limited amount of time.

“I have to leave soon Ronnie... I have somewhere I need to be.. and it's too fucking hot in here.”

Ronnie playfully laughed.. “It is hot in here... and .. unfortunately, I also have an appointment with someone else.... however …..”

Angel looked into Ronnie's eyes … “However...?”

“I have a little time.”

“So do I.”

As they focused on each others big tits and huge nipples, Ronnie's long nipples began to throb... slightly moving up and down against the wet silk of her blouse... and with her ultra-sensitive nipples, Ronnie began to gasp as she whispered to Angel.. “Can you see my nipples throbbing... see how they are moving up and down by themselves?”

“Ummm, yes I can. Does it feel good?”

“Oh God yes.... my nipples are soooooo fucking sensitive... I may have a nipple orgasm before too long.”

“Really?... Damn girl!”

As they stood facing each other, with both pairs of eyes locked on each others hard erect nipples, Angel suddenly felt her enormous nipples twitch. .. not just a little throb... they were moving on their own.. side to side... back and forth... the swollen tips of her extra-large nipples pushing and sliding against her tight white stretchy top. Something very strange was happening to Angel's big nipples... something magical … and Angel had no idea what it was. She did not know that Jane had visited the Magic Shop earlier in the day. Angel had no knowledge of the additional magic spells that the voodoo woman had given to Jane... and not only to Jane... but the magic had also been given to Angel and Wendy and Michelle.

The voodoo queen had given Jane three magic spells.... first, her nipples would begin to twitch back and forth with considerable movement whenever her nipples were close to another pair of nipples... an opposing pair of nipples that wanted to fight... to duel... to try to push her own nipples back into her dense tit flesh. You may ask “How would Jane's nipples know if they were close to another pair of nipples that wanted to mate and fight with hers?” The answer is simple... It's magic! This magic was not only given to Jane, but the voodoo woman also gave it to Angel, Wendy and Michelle. Secondly, Jane's tits would ooze nipple-cum from her nipples if her tits were squeezed hard or if her tits were compressed with enough force. If her big tits were firmly mushroomed against another pair of tits... if the compression was substantial, then her nipples would begin to ooze nipple-cum. Angel, Wendy and Michelle also possessed this magic.... and last, but certainly not least … Jane's pussy would now erupt with a voluminous amount of girl-cum when she had an orgasm.... more than just 'squirting'... much more. Her pussy would now ejaculate an immense amount of cum... with great force and intense pressure. Again, Angel, Wendy and Michelle also possessed this magical spell. So, as Angel's over-sized big swollen nipples began to twitch back and forth, Angel did not have a clue as to what was happening... but she thought it was hot as hell.

“My God Angel.. look at your nipples!” Ronnie exclaimed.

“I know!” Angel moaned.

As Angel and Ronnie were getting acquainted, something else was happening... the crystal ball in the Magic Shop was glowing a bright red ….

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The old voodoo woman sensed that her Queen was attempting to communicate with her. She quickly.. (as quick as an old woman can be) … walked behind the curtain and sat down in her chair in front of the glowing crystal ball. “Yes my queen?”

“I have been observing the one named 'Angel' . I like this twitching magic that you have given to our four girls.”

“Thank you my Queen.”

“It will cause their nipples to be attracted to each other.”

“Like magnets?”

“Yes... as if they have a force field around them... like radar...searching for the enemy pair of nipples .. their nipples will begin to throb when they are close to another pair of nipples... .. nipples that want to engage each other.. nipples that want to touch.. to fuck. This throbbing will be intense.. they will feel it. They will soon learn that when their nipples begin this intense throbbing then there is a woman nearby that wants to touch nipple to nipple. When one of our girls lock eyes with this woman, then the twitching will begin. That is how she will know that the other woman is the one. .. the one who wants to lock nipples with her... it will be a close encounter of the nipple kind.”

The old woman smiled ..“That is very clever... so it could happen anywhere . in a restaurant.. or a restroom... or in the airport... or a club...”

“Or a ballroom... or on a plane.”

“Or outdoors.... on the street... or in a park.”

“Yes .. even on a ship at sea ... the twitching will begin whenever they lock eyes together.”

“You are always so creative.”

“One more thing ...” the Queen's voice was firm.. “no more magic for these four women.... are we clear about that?”

“Yes my Queen. Perfectly clear. … I understand and will obey.”

The beautiful image in the crystal ball smiled wickedly.. “It is time for me to go … You have been loyal and faithful to me... and you will be rewarded with your new body very soon... Have you given any thought to what you want your new body to look like?”

“Yes I have.” the old voodoo woman replied.


“You already know what I desire my Queen.. but the decision is yours.”

The image of the beautiful woman in the crystal ball slowly faded from view as she responded … “I will give you what you want.”

“Thank you my Queen” .. the old voodoo woman answered as the crystal ball became black once again. She sat there for a moment as images of Angel raced through her mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile ….. at Angel's office …...

“My God Angel.. look at your nipples!” Ronnie exclaimed.

“I know!” Angel moaned.

“I have got to see this!” Ronnie said as she reached down and tugged Angel's white top out of her skirt and pulled it up... and yes, the top got caught on Angel's massive twitching nipples, but with a little jerk, Angel's big nipples slipped free. A couple of seconds later, Ronnie was pulling Angel's top up over her head and off as Angel raised her arms. Ronnie tossed Angel's top on the floor as she spoke with a very excited voice... “I have never seen anything like that before! That is fucking amazing!”

Angel grinned as she unbuttoned Ronnie's blouse and helped her slip it off. Ronnie gasped as the silk material of her blouse scraped across her very sensitive nipples. As Angel tossed the blouse on the floor, she once again stared at Ronnie's huge tits and her long thick hard erect nipples... nipples that were still throbbing.. nipples that were still moving up and down.... not nearly as much movement as her own huge nipples, but Ronnie's hardened nipples were jerking up and down... as if they were ready to engage Angel's hard nipples in a violent fencing war. There was only one thing left to do... they had to touch their erect moving nipples together.

They looked into each others eyes... they knew what was about to happen... they knew what they had to do.... but they kept their distance for a little longer... watching their long throbbing nipples vibrate and twitch. Ronnie's clit spasmed.... Angel's clit throbbed... their vaginas were wet with fuck-juice. It was an incredibly hot intimate emotional moment for both women. They could feel what was about to happen... and the feelings of their burning desire made their pussys hotter and hotter.... They had to get naked. Angel stepped back and unzipped her skirt... Ronnie quickly followed Angel's lead and in a minute, they had stepped out of their skirts and panties and were completely naked except for their heels. Ronnie gazed at Angel's smooth naked shaved cunt as she licked her lips... Angel stared at Ronnie's shaved pussy.. she too was completely bare. Once again they stepped toward each other, their nipples twitching and vibrating until the tips of their nipples were a couple of inches apart.

They looked up and down each others naked hot sweaty sexy bodies for another minute until Angel felt her vagina clench hard.... spraying a mist of her sweet pussy juice against Ronnie's naked pussy. Ronnie gasped as she felt the hot sticky mist spray her wet sticky pussy lips. “Ohhhh, you bitch! … that is so fucking hot... let me return the favor.” Ronnie closed her eyes and clenched her strong kegels... spraying her own sweet pussy juice... splashing Angel's wet cunt.

“Unnnn you fucking hot whore!” Angel whispered.

“Mmmmm,, that is exactly what I am Angel... I'm a fucking hot whore.”

“A fucking hot whore that loves to fuck?”

“No one loves to fuck more than I do Angel.”

“Except for me.” Angel whispered as she leaned forward and their twitching nipples began to fence. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as her big thick nipples twitched back and forth across Ronnie's large stiff nipples.

“Ohhhhhh Fuck!” Ronnie panted as Angel's big hard nipples flicked back and forth across her own big hard throbbing nipples... flicking and stimulating every little nerve ending in her over-sensitive nipples.

They reached out and grabbed each others arms at the elbows... holding each other as they watched their big nipples... moving all by themselves... twitching with a will of their own.. panting .. moaning … gasping... as their nipples flicked over and over again... rubbing .. stroking … flicking.. fucking each others big hard nipples with their own... It only took about two minutes for Ronnie to begin trembling .. “Oh Angel... oh shit.... fuck... my nipples are gonna cum!”

“Yes Ronnie.. let me feel your fucking nipples cum.”

Ronnie was panting … “Ahhhhh Fuck fuck fuck... Unnnnnn they're gonna squirt Angel.. my fucking nipples are gonna fucking squirt!”

“Let me feel it Ronnie.. I want your big fucking nipples to cum all over my big tits!”

“Ahhhhhhhh ah ah ahhh ahhhhh Fuck yeah! Here it cums! FUCK! Cummmmmmming!” Ronnie's big nipples jerked hard and sprayed her sweet sticky nipple-cum over the front of Angel's large tits.. It was a mist of sweetness... spraying like a bottle of glass cleaner... wetting Angel's enormous tits with her nipple-cum. Her fingers dug into Angel's upper arms as her pussy jerked.. spraying her hot girl-cum on Angel's wet pussy.

“Yessssssssssss Ronnie!” Angel gasped as her tits were sprayed with Ronnie's hot nipple-cum. “Mmmmmmmmmmm yes!”

Ronnie was panting.. her big tits heaving on her chest.. her nipples throbbing as they leaked the remainder of her nipple-cum... Her cunt convulsed again... her clit throbbing as she had a quick second orgasm... the warm pleasure flowing through her body like a river of unspeakable joy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss.” Angel's nipples continued their violent jerking as they squeezed their huge tits together. They moaned with pleasure as they moved their hands to each others naked buttocks and squeezed... they used their powerful athletic legs to drive their massive tits together... hiding their big throbbing nipples from view... but those big thick nipples were still jerking.. still throbbing.. still moving violently against each other... you could see the tight skin on their big tits rippling as the tips of their concrete nipples would thrust and jerk inside their huge mushroomed tits. It was emotional heaven.... especially for Angel.. who was, without question, a tit girl. Nothing stimulated her body and mind more than a huge firm dense pair of tits. And Ronnie fit the description very well. As they looked down they could see their tits being pushed out here and there... as if someone was on the inside of their tits and pushing from the inside out with their finger .. making ripples .. causing their firm tit-meat to fluctuate... a series of quick bulges that made their tits undulate and quiver... making their tits wobble against each other... It was an unbelievable erotic sensation for both Angel and Ronnie.

“Ohhhhhhhh Angel that feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmmmmmmm yes.” Angel moaned as their big tits compressed more and more.

“It feels like our nipples are fighting!” Ronnie gasped as she felt their nipples moving against each other.

“Mmmmmmm I love it!”

“Oh Fuck Angel... I could do this all day.. I have such a weakness for big tits and big nipples.”

“Ummmm me too Ronnie.”

Ronnie was panting as she spoke softly “I love rubbing our big tits together.... . mashing them together”

Angel was panting too as she began swaying against Ronnie ...“Sliding them back and forth against each other.”

“Grinding them together tightly.” Ronnie gasped as she leaned a little more into Angel.

“Oh God yes Ronnie … Just like that …. feeling all of our tits touching.”

“Unnnnnnnnn yes Angel …. and mashing.” They were both pushing their huge tits together more firmly.... their heavy tits mushrooming more and more.

“And grinding.”

“And compressing.”

“Until we are squeezed and mashed together as tight as we can.” Angel was breathing deeply.... “Just like this.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck... yesssss.. and then just hold our mashed tits together for as long as we can.”

“Mmmmmm Ronnie... you feel so good.”

“Angel... this is sooo fucking good... Damn! I can feel your hard nipples twitching inside our mashed tits!”

“Ouuuuuuuuu I can feel your nipples twitching too.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ronnie groaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss.” Angel was gasping.

Ronnie was still panting … “Can your nipples cum like mine just did?”

“Yesssssssssss.” Angel moaned as they held each other tight.

“I want your nipples to cum Angel.”

Angel thought for a split second before answering... “I have a better idea.” Angel knew that if she had a nipple orgasm she would squirt her nipple-cum all over Ronnie.. and that might not be a good thing since Ronnie had another appointment and Angel was quite sure that she did not want to be covered in nipple-cum! “Why don't you suck my pussy until I cum?”

“Mmmm I love to eat pussy!” Ronnie moaned as she stepped back from Angel. Angel's nipples were still twitching but not violently like there were before. Ronnie slowly dropped to her knees, reaching around Angel's ass with her hands and grabbing Angel's hard buttocks. Angel's pussy looked so incredibly juicy as she pulled Angel toward her face and opened her mouth.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn God!” Angel sighed as she felt Ronnie's tongue began licking up and down her wet slit. “Yesssssss just like that.”

Ronnie pushed her tongue between the wet sticky folds of Angel's pussy and began licking up and down... sliding her tongue from the bottom of Angel's slit all the way up to the top of Angel's wet slit.... sliding her tongue up and down... licking .. probing... wiggling her tongue back and forth as she licked up and down.. She was driving Angel crazy. Up and down … licking … slurping … up … down …. up …. down … over and over until she replaced her tongue with two fingers and began thrusting her fingers in and out of Angel's tight pussy. As she pushed and shoved her wet fingers in and out of Angel, Ronnie moved her lips to Angel's hard throbbing clit and gently began rubbing her lips back and forth and up and down against Angel's vibrating clit. “You like that Angel?”

“Ummmmmmmmmm.” was all Angel moaned as Ronnie parted her lips and sucked Angel's clit into her mouth... sucking it hard as her fingers kept pumping in and out of Angel's pussy. Ronnie was moaning as she sucked on Angel's clit.. using her tongue to flick Angel's big clit as she sucked. Angel was already getting close to an orgasm before Ronnie began licking her.. and now she was on the threshold of cumming. Angel reached down with her hands and grabbed Ronnie's hair.. pulling Ronnie's sucking lips even closer to her clit. Angel's hips were moving as she fucked Ronnie's luscious mouth. Ronnie's hands were grabbing Angel's buttocks hard as Angel rocked her hips against Ronnie's fingers and mouth... Only a few minutes after Ronnie began sucking Angel was all it took for Angel to start cumming. Her body shook.. her huge over-sized tits began to wobble on her chest... her clit began to flutter against Ronnie's mouth and her vagina clenched hard... very hard... and squirted! “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Ronnie had never felt such a forceful gush of cum. Angel's pussy was squirting a tremendous amount of girl-cum.. squirting out around Ronnie's fingers and splattering on Ronnie's chin and neck.. running down into the deep cleavage between Ronnie's immense tits. When compared to other women, Angel had always been able to squirt a substantial amount of cum from her pussy, but this time it was a little more than she could remember ever squirting. Angel's hips were jerking... her fingers clutched tightly in Ronnie's hair... her big clit was trembling and vibrating....she was gasping and moaning as she screamed … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Ronnie pulled her soaked fingers out of Angel's pussy as she moved her wide open mouth against Angel's squirting vagina just in time for Angel's cunt to squirt another incredible amount of sweet girl-cum into Ronnie's open mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Angel's squirting pussy quickly filled Ronnie's mouth as she began swallowing. Angel's taste was sweet and intoxicating as Ronnie sucked the sweet nectar from Angel's cunt. “Mmmmm” Ronnie moaned as she drank from Angel's sexual fountain. When the squirting finally ceased, she licked up and down Angel's pussy for another couple of minutes as Angel breathed deeply and quietly moaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh Ronnie.. that was soooooo fucking good.”

“Mmmmm Hmmmm.” Ronnie moaned as she licked and kissed Angel's sweet pussy. Angel slowly released her fingers from Ronnie's beautiful hair as Ronnie began to stand back up.. “I think I need to wash my face.” Ronnie giggled as she spoke.. and she was right … her face was wet with Angel's cum which was still dripping and stringing from her lower lip and chin. They stared at each other for a few moments before Angel stepped back.

“Come with me.. I'll show you where the restroom is.” Angel strutted past Ronnie, her pussy still dripping on the floor as they walked out of Angel's office. “Second door on your left.” Angel pointed down the hallway. Ronnie nodded as she stepped toward the restroom. Several minutes later she re-appeared and walked back to Angel's office. Angel had already dressed and the two big-titted talked for a few minutes as Ronnie dressed. “We should hook up again.”

“I think we should do that Ronnie.”

“This has been fun.”

“Yes it has... I wish we had not been so rushed.. but I know you have another appointment.”

Ronnie nodded... “Until next time.”

Angel smiled as she walked Ronnie to the front door. As Ronnie was about to leave her cell phone rang ...

“Veronica Scott.” It was Michelle wanting to know why in the hell she had not heard from Ronnie. “I was about to call you...... no, I have not changed my mind. …... I have been busy .... . . . . . . .listen bitch …. no you listen …. I'll fucking call you when I am fucking ready! … yeah, well fuck you too you goddamn fucking whore!”

Angel stood there for a moment... “Is everything all right?”

“It's the girl I am going to meet .. and she is a little impatient.”

Angel smiled .. “Sounds like a catfight is brewing.”

“Oh, no.. we're just getting together for some playful fun.”

“Hmmmm ok.... sounds like it's going to me more than 'playful'”

Ronnie leaned forward and placed her lips against Angel's and whispered .. “You may be right ….you naughty girl.”

Angel flicked her tongue out and licked across Ronnie's lips as she leaned away from Angel. “We really need to hook up again.”

“I would love to... you have my number... call me if you are ever in Houston.”

“I will.” Angel smiled.

Before Ronnie left, Angel grabbed her and they shared a hard kiss.. a long deep tongue twisting kiss as they fought with their tongues.. each hot bitch trying to force the other girls tongue back inside her mouth. Their lips were glued tightly together as they tongue wrestled for more than a minute before they broke their kiss.. leaving a couple of strings of their mixed spit between their lips as they moved their faces away from each other. “Mmmm.” Ronnie moaned as she stepped back from their hard kiss.. “You are an aggressive bitch.”

Angel gave Ronnie her evil grin .. “You have no idea.”

“Mmmm, I love a challenge.” When Ronnie finished speaking she walked out the door and within a minute she was gone. Angel closed and locked her office... she was on her way home... she wanted to shower the sweat off her body and change into something very vulgar and slutty before going to Wendy's home.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After leaving Angel's office, Ronnie pulled into the first parking lot that she came to. After parking, she picked up her cell phone and called Michelle.

Michelle knew who it was as she answered her phone.. “Hello again Veronica... or should I say.... Hi Bitch!”

“You have no idea how much of a bitch I can be.”

Ronnie sounded somewhat haughty as she replied … “If you are half the bitch I am.. then you will do just fine.”

“Fuck you!”

“Awww, how sweet of you Michelle... Fuck you too!”

Michelle raised her voice … “You need to be taught a lesson bitch.”

“Oh Michelle... dear sweet Michelle... obviously you do not understand all of this.. I am the teacher.”

Michelle did not like being spoken to in this manner... “Do you know who you are speaking to?”

“Of course I do... I am speaking to a fucking bitch.”

“Fuck you!” Michelle screamed into her phone.

“My my... are you just going to keep saying that all day?.. or do you have a plan? Usually I would inquire as to where you want to meet.. but in your case, … where do you want to fuck?”

“Where do I want to fuck?”

Ronnie's voice remained relatively calm … “Isn't this about fucking? Where do you want to fuck?... in a hotel room? .. the backseat of a car?.. in the middle of the street?”

Michelle was mad as hell... she felt insulted.. and it was pissing her off.. “My place. 1981 Memory Lane.”

“I am on my way bitch.”

“I can't wait to get my hands on you, you fucking whore-slut!” Michelle yelled into the phone before terminating the phone call... Standing up, she waltzed her ass toward her bedroom to get ready for Veronica. “I'll show you some fucking .. I'll give you the best fucking you have ever had dirty cunt!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Jennifer's cell phone buzzed.... it was a text from Emily.

Emily: They called me in to work. I have to work until 9 tonight

Emily: Hello?

Jennifer: K

Emily: I'm gonna b late

Jennifer: K Meet at 10?

Emily: K c u at 10

Jennifer: K

Emily: one more thing

Jennifer: what?

Emily: Fuck U

Jennifer: Fuck U

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ashley had made it home, showered and was relaxing as her phone rang.. It was her sister Amber.. “Hey Amber, what's up?”

“Hi Sis.. there has been a little change of plans for tonight.”

There was a little disappointment in Ashley's voice ..“Oh? We are not going to titfight for Rick?”

“Yes! Of course we are.. it's all I've been thinking about all day!”

“Mmmmm good.. I am looking forward to it as well... It just sounds so fucking hot to titfight while Rick watches us.... so what is the change in the plan?”

“Well, you know how I wanted us to kinda tease him? Well... he got called to a meeting.. and probably won't be home until about ten tonight.”

“That's ok Amber.”

“Well.. here is what I was thinking... what if he 'caught' us together when he came home?”

“Caught us titfighting?”

“I was thinking he could catch us sort of playing around.”

“Playing around?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah.. you know... like... like maybe kissing.”

“Oh my Amber.. you certainly are the evil sister! What if he gets upset?”

“He wont... and then we can just wing it from there. I think it will be fun.”

“Wouldn't it be great if we were tongue kissing when he walked in?”

“Mmmm I was thinking the same thing Ashley. Sooo … can you come over about nine-thirty?”

“Absolutely! I will be there.. or should I say.. I will cummmmm there at nine-thirty.”

Amber laughed... “You are so bad... that is why I love you.”

“I love you too. Sis.. see you later.”

“Oh Ashley... one more thing ... don't wear a bra .. and wear something really tight... I want Rick to go crazy when he sees your big nipples straining at your tight top.”

“Mmmm and I assume you will also be braless and wearing something really really tight?”

“Un huh.”

“Damn Sis.. I am getting wet already!”

“Me too! … this is going to be soooooooo much fun.”

“I can't wait.”

“Me either... ok then. I'll see you tonight.”

“Ok.. bye”


As soon as Amber finished her phone call with her sister Ashley, her phone rang again.. it was Jennifer. “Hi honey.”

“Hey Mom... I was just wondering if I could drop by for a few minutes?”

“Sure.. what's up?”

Jennifer's voice was serious … “There is something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh?.... is anything wrong?”

“No... no, nothing is wrong.. I just want your advise about something.”

Amber was curious … “Ok... what is it about?.”

“I'll tell you when I get there... I'm on my way now.”

“Ok Jennifer.”

“Bye Mom.”

“Bye Sweetie.”

To be continued