By AngelDawn30

Second Saturday

Ashley and Joy

Earlier Saturday morning Joy was waking up... she glanced over at Ashley as her eyes roamed up and down Ashley's beautiful body. 'Damn Ashley', Joy thought to herself, 'You are one hot bitch.' Joy rolled off the bed and looked around for her purse. When she found it she grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and made her way to the bathroom. She turned on her phone and noticed the time... it was a little after ten o'clock. She checked her messages and when she came back into the room, Ashley was standing there waiting. “I hope you got some rest, because you are going to need it bitch.”

Joy smirked as she spoke .. “Don't you worry your pretty little head about me... I am more than ready to continue.”

“Good... I was concerned that you might want to quit.”

“Let's go.” Joy spoke softly with her sexiest voice.

“Give me just a moment.” Ashley replied as she stepped past Joy and into the bathroom. A few minutes later, as she walked out of the bathroom, Joy was already laying on her back and stroking her wet cunt.

“Get over here bitch... my cunt wants to kiss your pussy.” Joy whispered.

Ashley strutted over to the bed and crawled up between Joy's spread legs. She took a moment to look at Joy laying there with her long thick black hair and those huge firm tits that defied the laws of gravity... sitting high and firm on her chest. “So .. you want to do some pussy kissing?”

“Um Hmmm... some deep French pussy kissing... all wet and sloppy.” Joy answered as she pulled her extended pussy lips apart, showing Ashley how wet she was.”

Ashley inched herself forward on her hands and knees until she was directly over Joy... She still wanted to sexually dominate this black-haired bitch... but it was no longer because her soul was full of hate. Perhaps Ashley had used Mark as an excuse for the two of them to get together and fuck... perhaps Ashley had already worked all of the anger out of her body and mind..... whatever it was.... all she wanted to do now was fuck fuck her and fuck her and fuck her until Joy would surrender to her own superior sexual skills Joy was feeling the same way. She had an overwhelming need to sexually dominate Ashley … not because she still hated Ashley. She had fucked all of the hate out of her body the previous night... It was now about discovering who was the better woman.. .. who was the better fuck. It was now a competition. It was now about winning. “You are a beautiful woman.” Ashley whispered as she began lowering her body down on top of Joy.

“So are you Ashley.” Joy answered as she raised her legs high in the air and wrapped her legs around Ashley. As Ashley's huge tits touched Joy's huge tits, Joy wrapped her arms around Ashley and pulled her close... their over-sized tits melting together as Ashley's wet pussy lips met Joy's wet pussy lips and their luscious wet lips began to spread out against each other as the pussy kissing began. “Ouuuuuuuuu.” Joy moaned as their wet slippery pussy lips twisted together in a deep wet pussy kiss.

“Ahhhhhhh.” Ashley gasped as she began grinding their wet pussy lips together... sliding her sticky lips up and down against Joy's wet sticky lips. Their big tits were tightly mushroomed together as their hard nipples twisted together deep inside their big mashed melons. Ashley began sliding her wet cunt up and down Joy's wet pussy... slipping and sliding the wet folds of their moist wet pussy lips together as their cunts kissed and slurped together. It wasn't long before their mouths had moved together and they were kissing... licking at each others lips and tongues. As Ashley continued to slide her wet pussy up and down against Joy's wet pussy, she paused when her pussy lips were around Joy's big clit and squeezed. … sucking Joy's trembling clit between her pussy lips. At the same time, she wrapped her lips around Joy's tongue and sucked... pulling Joy's tongue deep into her mouth as her pussy lips sucked on Joy's big clit.

Joy moaned as Ashley sucked her clit and tongue at the same time. “Ahhhhhhhh.”

After a couple of minutes, Ashley moved her pussy upward... until her big clit was pushing between Joy's wet pussy lips and she sighed as she felt Joy clench her labia tightly around her own hard clit.. sucking it hard as Joy also wrapped her lips around Ashley tongue. Now it was Joy's turn to do some double sucking with her mouth sucking Ashley's tongue and her pussy sucking Ashley's clit.

“Unnnnnnnnnnn.” Ashley moaned as Joy's cunt tugged and slurped.. sucking on her clit as Joy's mouth sucked on her tongue. Another couple of minutes elapsed and Ashley was sucking Joy's clit and tongue again. For the next twenty minutes they teased and tormented each other... taking turns double sucking each other.... Joy would suck Ashley's clit and tongue, then Ashley would suck Joy's clit and tongue... back and forth... trading long deep sucks with each other until they were on the brink of an orgasm.... Each time their own clit became trapped between the others cunts lips, it was all they could do to keep from cumming... and as they kept trading sucks with each other, both Ashley and Joy wondered if the next suck was going to be the one that would force an orgasm. Neither hot bitch wanted to take the chance.. so they began grinding their big throbbing clits together... clit head to clit head.. pushing … shoving … thrusting their own big clit against their adversaries clit... grinding... rubbing... pushing. Ashley arched her back and pushed down hard against Joy.. using her powerful hips to grinding her big clit hard against Joy's equally big clit. Joy was pushing up with her hips... trying to push Ashley's big clit back into her body. The clit grinding was fierce. They both thought that their own big throbbing clit was going to burst open from the intense pressure. …. grinding … pushing …. forcing their clits head on into each other.

“Ohhhhhh you fucking bitch!” Joy moaned.

Ashley was gasping …. “You dirty whore!... Ohhhhhh God!”

“Cum for me Ashley!”

“Cum for me Joy!”

“You are going to cum first!”

“Fuck you! You are going to cum before I do!”

“Ohhhhhhhh God! You fucking bitch!”

Their bodies began to undulate.... their hearts were pounding in their chests. It was going to be close as they both felt the surge of pleasure began to ripple through their bodies. Joy squeezed her thighs around Ashley's hips as they began pumping their cunts faster and faster.. panting .. moaning... their breathing was deep and rapid... Joy's cunt was twitching... Ashley's cunt was contracting... clits were vibrating against each other... their huge tits were mashed tightly together … “Ohhhhhh FUCK!” Joy gasped as hot pleasure began to flow through her body.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn Yesssssss!” Ashley panted as the heat ignited deep inside her and began to burn.... she was on fire. Joy was on fire. Their wet pussys sucked together as they both screamed at each other …. “Cummmmmmmmmmming! Cummmmmmmming!” Two hot cunts erupted at the same time. Two big throbbing clits began jerking against each other at the same time. Four hard nipples began twitching together at the same time...... then they squirted … at the same time.

“Cummmmming!” …. “Cummmmmmming!”

Ashley and Joy gushed into each other... pussy juice spraying and splashing between their fucking cunts.... splashing on their thighs and tummys as they kept grinding their hypersensitive clits together. “Ohhhhhh Ashley... you whore!”

“Ummmmmmm Joy... you hot fucking slut!”

They shook together for a few more minutes... gasping and moaning together as their orgasm slowly faded.... “I won... you came first.” Ashley whispered between deep breaths.

“Bullshit! You came first... I won.” Joy gasped as she answered. They both knew it was a tie, but neither one was going to admit defeat. “We will have to fuck some more.. until there is a definite winner.”

Ashley thought for a few seconds before she spoke ...“I have an idea... let's time each other.”

“Time each other?”

“Un huh.... You lay there on the bed.. like you are now... and I will do whatever I want to you... and we will time how long it takes for you to cum. Then I will lay down on the bed and you can do whatever you want to me and we will see how long it takes me to cum. The one who cums in the shortest amount of time is the loser.... agreed?

“Hmmmm … ok … I agree.”

Ashley crawled off of Joy and got to her feet, walking over to her purse and getting her phone. As she walked back she handed her cell phone to Joy and said .. “There is a timer on my phone.” Ashley pointed to the app as she continued.. “Just click it and start it when we are ready... ok?”

“All right.”

Ashley crawled up between Joy's wet thighs.. her face above Joy's pussy.... “Just say when.”

Joy took a deep breath and started the timer.... “When.”

Ashley quickly buried her face into Joy's wet cunt.. extending her tongue and pushing it deeply between the sticky wet folds of Joy's soaked cunt as she began tongue fucking Joy's pussy. … thrusting her tongue in and out as quickly as she could .. licking and slurping.. lapping and sucking as Joy began to moan. Minute after minute Ashley tongue fucked Joy's steamy pussy.. wiggling her tongue around inside Joy's wet vagina … licking …. thrusting … pausing to suck Joy's pussy lips into her mouth.. then shaking her head back and forth... pulling and tugging on Joy's pussy lips... stretching them.. sucking.. tugging.. until they popped out from between her lips... then Ashley began licking again... stabbing her long tongue deep inside Joy.. swirling her tongue around and around... sliding in and out as Joy began to whimper. “You like that Joy?”

“Ohhh God!”

Ashley moved her fingers to Joy's clit and pinched it hard.

“Unnnnnnn you fucking bitch!”

Ashley was licking and slurping at Joy's cunt as her fingers stroked Joy's clit... rubbing.. pinching.... jerking off Joy's big hard clit with her fingers as her mouth sucked at Joy's wet pussy... drinking her sweet juices... slurping her sweet pussy honey. Joy was getting close to her orgasm as Ashley switched places with her mouth and fingers. She fastened her lips tightly around Joy's throbbing clit and began sucking as she pushed two fingers up inside Joy's vagina and began twirling her fingers around and around inside Joy's pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh Ashley... you fucking slutty whore!”

Ashley began pumping Joy's cunt faster and faster with her fingers as she inserted a third finger inside Joy's burning pussy. Her lips were sucking hard on Joy's aching clit... her tongue dancing on Joy's clit as she sucked it hard between her lips. Ashley's fingers were squishing in and out of Joy's cunt.. making wet slurping squishy sounds as she sank her teeth into Joy's throbbing clit!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Joy gasped.

“Cum for me Joy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!”

“Cum for me you bitch!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Joy's hips were moving as she placed Ashley's cell phone on the bed and wrapped her hands in Ashley's blonde hair.. pulling Ashley's mouth against her pussy as hard as she could.

Ashley reached up with her other hand and began squeezing Joy's huge firm tit. Her fingers were a blur... thrusting rapidly in and out of Joy's soaked cunt as she gnawed on Joy's big hard clit. Joy began shaking.. she was going to cum. Her hips were jerking wildly... she was gasping for air.... her body tensed... she arched her back and lifted her buttocks up in the air as Ashley plowed her fingers in and out of her burning cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ashley felt Joy's pussy clench hard around her fingers... then she heard Joy scream as she felt the hot gush of girl-cum squirting around her pumping fingers. Joy was cumming.

“Cummmmmmmmming!” “Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!”

Ashley lifted her head, quickly finding her cell phone. She reached up and grabbed it and clicked on the app... stopping the time-clock. Ashley then tossed her cell phone back on the bed as she slipped her fingers out of Joy's pussy and placed her wide open mouth over Joy's cunt and sucked.

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Joy gasped with pleasure as Ashley sucked and slurped all of Joy's hot girl-cum into her mouth.... tasting... savoring Joy's sweet taste... swishing the hot sweetness around in her mouth... then swallowing. “Ohhhhh fuck! Cummmmmmming!” Joy's pussy gushed again and Ashley drank every last drop... sucking and slurping with her mouth plastered tightly to Joy's gushing cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Ashley moaned as she slurped the sweet pussy nectar from Joy's wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Ashley... you are such a hot fucking whore!”

“Mmmmmm.” Ashley moaned as she licked and stroked Joy's cunt with her wet tongue for a couple of more minutes until she lifted up her wet face and stared into Joy's eyes. “Mmmmm you taste so fucking good.”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Joy moaned as Ashley reached up and picked up the phone and turned it around so Joy could see … “14:21” “I can make you cum quicker than that!”

“I don't think so.”

Joy smirked, “Then I will have to prove it to you.” They rolled apart and Ashley laid down on her back and Joy positioned herself between Ashley's firm thighs. “I am going to show you how to eat pussy, you bitch.”

Ashley picked up her cell phone and looked down at Joy as Joy stuck her tongue out right above Ashley's clit..... “Ready?” Joy nodded and Ashley said .. “When.”

Joy began licking Ashley's clit frantically.... she knew it was a race against the clock and she was determined to win. Her tongue darted up and down Ashley's big clit.. licking and stroking as fast as she could. Within seconds she was thrusting two fingers in and out of Ashley's tight pussy.. wiggling her fingers back and forth inside Joy with each deep hard thrust. Joy was finger-fucking the hell out of Ashley's cunt and within a few minutes, Ashley was already thrusting her hips against Joy's thrusting fingers.. moaning and gasping. Joy knew Ashley was not going to last much longer. She placed her lips around Ashley's big clit and began sucking... pulling Ashley's hard extended throbbing clit between her sucking lips and lapping it with her tongue as she plunged her fingers in and out of Ashley's hot cunt... again and again... in and out... in and out... squishing sounds echoing off the walls as Joy pumped Ashley's cunt hard.

Minute after minute went by as Ashley desperately held off her impending orgasm. She focused her mind on shoes.... on a few of the homes she had recently listed … on what she had for dinner the last few evenings.... anything to keep her mind off the immense amount of pleasure that was building up in her body. Then she felt something. “Ohh you dirty whore!” Ashley gasped as she realized what was happening. As Joy was finger fucking her cunt with her right hand, she was pushing the middle finger of her left hand up inside Ashley's ass! “Ohhhhhh you nasty slut!” Ashley moaned as Joy pushed her finger all the way inside Ashley's tight ass and began wiggling it back and forth.

Joy popped her lips off of Ashley's big clit just long enough to taunt her … “You like that whore? You like my finger in your hot ass bitch?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Ashley moaned as Joy began sucking her vibrating clit again. Joy's fingers were pumping in and out of Ashley's pussy and her ass and Ashley was beginning to shake. Joy felt Ashley squeeze her cunt and flex her tight ass around her pumping fingers. Ashley's clit began jerking between Joy's sucking lips... Ashley was gonna cum. Her body began to tremble... her hard nipples were twitching... she was gasping... moaning …. whimpering.... she wrapped her thighs around Joy's neck.. trapping her as she began to scream... “Cummmmmmming!

Joy felt the hot heat of Ashley's girl cum gushing around her fingers and she felt Ashley's ass spasm around her finger as Ashley bucked wildly beneath her.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Cummmmmmmmming!”

Joy tried to reach for Ashley's cell phone but her arms were trapped under Ashley's thighs that were wrapped around her neck. She struggled for a few seconds before freeing her right arm and she reached up and grabbed the phone and clicked on the app.
“Shit!” Joy gasped as she looked at the timer .. “14:33'… “You fucking cheated!”

Ashley just moaned and groaned as her cunt gushed again... spraying a mist of her sweetness on Joy's face as Joy moved her mouth back to Ashley's cunt and began sucking... sucking Ashley's pussy-cum into her mouth and swallowing. They lay there for another minute... Ashley moaning as her pussy continued to spasm.

“You cheated! I could not get my arm free from underneath your leg!”

Ashley looked at the timer on her phone … '14:33' “I did not cheat.. I won.”

“Like hell you did! It took me at least twenty seconds to get to your phone.”

“It took maybe... maybe five seconds!”

“Bullshit!” Ashley yelled at Joy as she got to her knees on the bed.

Joy quickly got to her knees facing Ashley, “You know, I was actually kinda beginning to like you... then you pull this shit!”

Ashley inched forward toward Joy until their nipples touched which sent volts of electricity through their big heavy tits, but neither girl dared to express the lightening pleasure that quickly flowed from their tits to their cunts. “I was beginning to like you too, but now I see you for the fucking bitch that you are!”

Joy inched a little closer as their hard throbbing nipples disappeared into their mushrooming tits. “Fuck you!”

Ashley pushed into Joy, mushrooming their big tits even more as the front of their thighs rubbed together .. “Fuck you!”

Joy leaned closer so that their noses actually touched.... then she gave a little push with her tits and parted her lips as she spit on Ashley's mouth, leaving a glob of her slimy spit dangling off Ashley's lower slip. “Cunt!”

“Oh you fucking whore!” Ashley growled as she shoved her huge tits into Joy's big globes and licked the dangling wad of Joy's spit off her lips, sucking it into her mouth, mixing it with her own saliva before spitting a big glob of spit on Joy's mouth.

Joy spit back .. “Slut!”

Ashley spit again .. “Fucking bitch!”

Joy spit again … “You goddamn whore!”

Ashley was pissed off as she reached up and grabbed Joy's long thick black hair and began yanking.

“Owwwwwwwww you fucking cow!” Joy yelled as she grabbed two handfuls of Ashley's blonde hair and began yanking. The two hot bitches jerked each others heads back and forth as they continued to spit on each other.... the spit landing on each others cheeks and foreheads as they twisted each others faces back and forth.

“Let go bitch!”

“Fuck you!”

Fuck you!”

“Goddamn bitch!”

“Fucking slut!”

They jerked their faces together so that their wet lips were brushing together as they kept cursing each other with their eyes wide open and glaring with anger. They spit on each others lips at the same time, their hot mixed spittle drooling down their chins as they called each other every dirty filthy name that they could remember.






“You stinking piece of shit!”

“I can't wait until I get you in that little titfight ring!”

“I am gonna flatten those big tits of yours!”

“With what? Your little titties?”

“Fuck you!”

“Fuck you!”

“My tits will crush yours, and you know it!”

“Like hell! Your tits will be all bruised by the time I finish with you!”

“Why don't you show me right now... show me how your tits are gonna crush mine you dirty nasty whore!”

“You goddamn fucking piece of whore trash!” Joy screamed as she let go of Ashley's hair and wrapped her arms tightly around Ashley in a bear hug.

“Unnnnnnn.” Ashley gasped as Joy squeezed the air out of her lungs. She quickly released Joy's hair and locked her arms around Joy and squeezed back as hard as she could... their huge dense tits compressed as much as they could until they began slightly spilling out around each other. “Take that you fucking whore!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy cried as she squeezed back... there was tremendous pressure on their big round firm globes. Tiny beads of sweat began to appear on their bodies as they ground their big hefty colossal tits together. Their saliva was drooling from their lips and chins... stringing down between the huge cleavage between their monumental tits. As they continued to spit back and forth between their mouths, Joy felt Ashley's wet tongue on her lips and she extended her own saliva coated tongue as their sloppy wet tongues began to lick at each other... spit bridging between their lips and teeth. As they swished their tongues back and forth against each other, Joy released her arms from around Ashley's back... slowly sliding her fingertips down Ashley's back and over the upper curve of Ashley's hard buttocks.

“Unnnnnnnnn.” Ashley moaned as she wrapped her lips around Joy's wet tongue and sucked it deep inside her mouth. She had also unwrapped her arms from around Joy's back and was slowly dragging her fingernails down Joy's back as Joy began to squirm. When Ashley's fingertips reached the upper swells of Joy's hard ass cheeks, Ashley spread her fingers apart and slid her open hands down over the fullness of Joy's firm pliant buttocks... squeezing and kneading Joy's hard tight ass. As Ashley grasped and squeezed Joy's buttocks, Joy was also squeezing Ashley's ass as they both leaned back slightly from each other, which took a great amount of pressure off their grinding tits, and pushed their hips forward until their wet sticky pussy lips merged and stuck together. “You are such a dirty fucking whore!” Ashley gasped as their pussy lips began to slide up and down against each other.

“You are so fucking nasty... you filthy slut.” Joy moaned as they continued to circle each others tongue with their own wet tongue.... their tongues moving around each other... feeling … exploring …. licking …. spit drooling from their touching tongues … continually stringing down on their enormous tits. Their wet labia kept sticking and tugging at each other as they tried to get their hard burning clits together. Occasionally their hard clits would flick across each other, but for the most part it was difficult to grind their clits together while standing. Their open mouths were now locked together... full moist lips pressing hard against full moist lips as their tongues danced together inside their locked mouths... swishing and swirling against each other in all of their mixed spit as their saliva began to drool out of the corners of their mouths. It was a very wet and intense deep kiss that was flooding their cunts with an abundant amount of hot moisture. As they moaned into each others mouths, Joy spread her thighs apart and began pushing her right thigh between Ashley's thighs. Ashley quickly spread her knees apart, allowing Joy to thrust her firm thigh against Ashley's wet cunt. Seconds later, Ashley was grinding her right thigh against the sticky folds of Joy's hot pussy. Mouth to mouth, tit to tit, nipple to nipple and thigh to pussy, Joy and Ashley began moaning as they fucked.

Minutes went by, neither of the two slutty vixens speaking as they kept their lips locked together in their ultra long deep kiss.... licking at the inside of each others mouths... sucking each others tongues.... their fingers digging into each others hard buttocks as their long black and blonde hair matted together. Their hard hot nipples burned with lust as they pushed into each other... their thighs were wet with each others pussy juice as they pushed their thighs against each others cunts. Ashley and Joy were sliding their open pussys up and down each others thigh.. humping … grinding … moaning... dragging their hard clits up and down the smooth firmness of each others thighs. It was hot and wet and dirty.

They finally broke their long sloppy wet kiss, panting into each others mouths as their clits began to jerk against each others thighs... Joy gasped as she glared at Ashley.. “Cum for me bitch!”

Ashley glared back... her eyes burning with lust and anger.. “Fuck you!.. You cum for me you fucking whore!”

“You know that I am a better woman that you.”

“In your dreams bitch! I am a better fuck that you will ever be!”

“Fuck you!”

The two ultra wet bitch-whores looked deeply into each others lustful eyes and they knew.... they knew that they were about to cum. They struggled to hold their orgasm back... desperately fighting the urge to let loose and allow the rushing pleasure to flow through every vein in their bodies as they kept cursing each other.

“You piece of shit!”

“You stinking cunt!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh GOD! I hate you!” Joy screamed at Ashley as she felt her clit began twitching violently against Ashley's thigh.

“I hate you more...... fucking BITCH!” Ashley screamed before planting her open mouth tightly on Joy's open mouth... their tongues thrusting against each other with fiery passion as they shared a deep hate kiss with each other and their cunts began to clench and spasm. They forced their mouths together with their tongues licking urgently together for as long as they could as their mutual orgasm raced through every part of their body. As their clits jerked and their vagina's clenched they broke their kiss and screamed loudly at each other.....



Their pussys gushed.. squirting hot pussy-cum against each others thigh... cum squirting out around each others thigh... spraying up on their tummys and running down their legs.


“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming you fucking whore!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh you fucking slut! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their nipples throbbed and exploded.. squirting nipple-cum until it began to ooze out around their mushroomed tits. Their hands were grabbing and clutching each others hard buttocks... fingernails digging into the solid flesh of each others ass cheeks. Their hips were jerking... their tummys were undulating... they gasped for air as they moaned and whimpered with the almost unbearable pleasure that was flowing through their bodies. Again their cunts gushed... pumping more hot sticky girl-cum onto each others thrusting thighs.... Ashley and Joy were having multiple orgasms together.



They sighed.. they panted.... they squirmed together... their tits jiggling together... spit drooling from their mouths... their buttocks were clenching and flexing... Ashley and Joy were giving each other an enormous amount of pleasure... and even though they were angry with each other... neither hot bitch could deny the fact that they were sharing a series of orgasms with a red hot bitch .. a bitch that was made for fucking... and they were loving every tingling second of it. It was soooooo very fucking hot!

“Ohhhhhhh you hot dirty nasty whore!” Ashley gasped.

“Unnnnnnnnnn you vulgar bitch!” Joy hissed as she pushed Ashley over on her back and quickly mounted her so she could grind her big burning clit against Ashley's big hot clit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss Fuck me!” Ashley moaned as she lifted up her hips and began grinding back against Joy. Their tits were mushroomed together... they moved their hands to each others hair.... they spit at each others faces until thick gooey ropy strings of spit were stringing between their lips, mouths and teeth. It was a dirty fuck... a nasty fuck... their pussys sucked together as their clits pushed hard against each other... a few minutes later they were cumming again... squirting their hot sweetness into each others sucking cunts... their mixed cum spraying out from between their mashed pussy lips... spraying their sweaty bodies with their sweet honey. Gasping and moaning, Ashley rolled them over as she took the top position and they fucked another thirty minutes until they were cumming again... drenching each others pussy with their hot juices... panting … gasping … clutching each others faces with their hands as they kissed violently... their teeth clicking together as they forced their mouths together as tight as they could. It was violent fucking.... angry fucking … lustful fucking. They rolled apart and scissored together....mashing their burning clits and sloppy cunts together in a mashed wetness that oozed sticky girl-cum out from their cunt lips as they ground their fuck-holes tightly together and began raking their big hard throbbing clits back and forth across each other. They fucking went on and on... for another hour... hands grasping thighs ... fucking and cumming ….. fucking and gushing ….. fucking and squirting …. fucking and moaning …. fucking and screaming …. the bed was soaked with sweat and cum as their cunts squished together again and again.. until they had one final deep soul-wrenching orgasm they drained every last drop of energy they had left.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Joy! Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming Ashley!”

Their bodies were welded together in uncontrollable multiple orgasms as they came and came and came again for several minutes... one orgasm after the other.... gushing and gushing.. their bodies trembling.... until they fell flat on their backs.... panting and gasping together. It was two o'clock... and check out time was three o'clock....

Ashley and Joy laid there for several minutes catching their breath.... until Ashley noticed the time… she had to go... she had to finalize plans with her sister, Amber... she had to get everything ready and in place for the surprise titfight that she and Amber were going to perform for Ashley's hubby, Rick. “Shit!.. I have to go.”

Joy raised her head up... “What?”

Ashley rolled off the bed and stood to her feet... “I have to go.”

Joy quickly got up off the bed and glared at Ashley ..”Like hell you do! We are not finished!”

“I have somewhere that I have to be tonight.... and look at the time.. It's almost time to check out.”

'If you quit, then I win.”

Ashley glared at Joy … “Ok... fine bitch! Whatever. … You can win.... however, … we could continue this tomorrow.”

“We are titfighting at girlfriends tomorrow... or are you going to back out of that too?”

Ashley stepped toward Joy … “Fuck you bitch!”

Joy stepped toward Ashley.. stopping a foot in front of her... “Fuck you cunt!”

Ashley peered deep into Joy's big dark eyes... “We could continue this after the titfight.”

Joy thought about it for a second.... what a wonderful idea.... to beat Ashley in their sexfight.... right after she beats Ashley for the titfight championship. “All right … where?”

“My place or your place.”

“My place... as soon as I fuck up your tits... we will go to my place”

Ashley laughed ...“Oh honey... you are so fucking delusional... It's my tits that are going to fuck up your tits.”

“In your dreams bitch!”

Ashley and Joy glared at each other for a few more seconds before Ashley continued .. “Fine.. your place.”

“Until you surrender.” Joy hissed.

“Until you quit.” Ashley hissed back.

“Until you beg me to stop.”

“No matter how long it takes.”

“Fine.. now get the fuck out of here!” Joy said as she picked up her tattered dress and her purse and walked to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later, when she walked out of the bathroom, Ashley was gone. She had quickly dressed and had slipped on Joy's panties, leaving her room key on the bed with a note .. “I am wearing your nasty panties, bitch!”

Joy whispered to herself... “And I am going to wear your filthy panties... you goddamn fucking cunt!”

Ashley had taken a towel and wrapped it around her chest before she slipped on her torn dress... and walked out of the hotel as if nothing was wrong... although a few guests noticed her torn dress. Several minutes later, Joy, who had also wrapped a towel around her chest underneath her torn dress, walked through the lobby of the hotel with guests whispering behind her back as she made her way to the parking garage. As she drove away, she thought about her upcoming titfight with Ashley... “I am sooooooooooo going to fuck up your tits, you bitch!”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was noon when Jennifer's cell phone dinged... it was a text from Emily.

Emily: U still cumming over tonight?

Jennifer: Yes

Emily: Wear a skirt. No panties.

Jennifer: K

Emily: When U get here, text me so I know ur here.

Jennifer: K

Emily: After U text me, finger ur cunt til it's really wet.

Jennifer: U are so fucking nasty

Emily: Just do it

Jennifer: K

Emily: When ur pussy is really wet, I mean dripping wet, text me again.

Jennifer: Why?'

Emily: Just fucking do it

Jennifer: K

Emily: I will be fingering my cunt and getting it wet for U

Jennifer: Mmmmm

Emily: When U text me second time I will unlock the door. Then U cum in.

Jennifer: K

Emily: When U cum in, close and lock the door.

Jennifer: K

Emily: I will be on the bed fingering my cunt waiting for U. U cum to the bed and lay down and scissor with me.

Jennifer: I can't wait

Emily: No foreplay or bullshit. U get on bed, lift up ur skirt and we will fuck.

Jennifer: I want to fuck U

Emily: I want to fuck U

Jennifer: All nite

Emily: Nothing but fucking

Jennifer: Fucking

Emily: Fucking

Jennifer: Gonna make U cum

Emily: Make U cum

Jennifer: Whore

Emily: Bitch

Jennifer: C U tonight

Emily: K

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Tina had worked until 2 AM.. She drove home and went straight to bed, her mind still filled with images of the two hot women who had been trapped in the elevator the previous evening. She woke up Saturday morning at ten o'clock and remembered she had to go shopping for a new swimsuit. Some of her college girlfriends were going to the lake Saturday afternoon and she really needed a new bikini. She slipped on a pair of cut-off jeans and a white tank top with a pair of flip-flops and headed to the mall. She stopped at several stores, trying on several bikinis before she found just what she was looking for... a bright red string bikini which left very little to the imagination. By one o'clock she was on her way home and was still thinking about the two women on the elevator.

As she was driving and listening to the radio, her low fuel light came on and she decided to turn in at the next convenience store to purchase some gas. As she drove up to the pump she noticed a young attractive girl filling her car up with gas. The girl was taller than Tina, a brunette with short hair... she was wearing sandals, a pair of jeans and a yellow top that was stretched tight around a pair of tits that were as big as her own. As Tina stepped out of her car, the girl looked up and their eyes locked. “Hi.” the girl said as she smiled at Tina.

“Hi.” Tina replied as she slid her credit card, picked up the nozzle, and began fueling her car.... a minute later the other girl had finished and was walking toward her. When she was a few feet from Tina, she stopped and spoke again.

“I'm Abby”


“You're hot” Abby said with a smile.

Tina giggled... was Abby making a pass at her? “Thanks.. you look great too.”

Abby always got right to the point. She stepped closer as Tina finished and was putting the nozzle back on the gas pump. … “Nice rack.”

Tina was somewhat cautious as she replied .. “Thanks”

Abby stepped even closer as Tina took her receipt and turned around and faced Abby. They were now standing a couple of feet apart. “You look to be about the same size as me … I'm a 34 double D.”

Tina was not sure why Abby would say that, but she answered … “Yes... ah.. very nice.”

“Do you ever titfight?”

Tina's eyes were now wide open..... “Do I what?”

“Titfight. You know... compare your tits with another girl?... titfight.”

Tina stuttered ...“I … ah... well... ah … not really.”

Abby stepped a little closer ..“You should Google it ... You've got the rack for it.”

“Well... ah... thanks … I guess.”

“Let me show you how it works.” Abby took the final step toward Tina as the front of their big double D tits gently pressed together.

Tina could not believe what was happening... right here... at the gas pumps. “I don't think this is the ...”

Abby interrupted her and continued speaking as she pushed a little more into Tina.. “You just push your tits together like this... pushing and grinding together... it's a lot of fun.”

Tina stepped back.... “Yes.. I can see... ah.. how it might be... fun.”

Abby smiled as she reached inside one of the pockets of her jeans and pulled out a card and handed it to Tina. Tina took the card and looked at it.. “Sooo, Miss Abby Thomas, you are a legal secretary.”

“Yes. My number is on the card... call me sometime.”


Abby reached out and touched Tina's arm .. “It would be a lot of fun.”

Tina nodded as Abby smiled before she turned around and strutted back to her car. She waved at Tina as she drove away from the gas pumps. “Damn”, Tina whispered to herself as she looked at the card again and slipped it inside her pocket. A minute later she was one her way back to her apartment... thinking about Abby... and those two hot bitches who had been trapped in the elevator.

To be continued