By AngelDawn30

Second Thursday

Wendy and Jane continued

It did not take Wendy and Jane very long to arrive at the Corleone estate, but it seemed that it was taking forever for them to get there. Needless to say, the two sexy hot girls had been fingering their cunts as they drove. They were super hot for each other and the boiling desire that they had for each other was burning out of control. Wendy and Jane had to fuck each other in the worst possible way. As Jane drove through the gates and around the winding road though the giant oak trees, she gasped as she saw where Wendy lived.. “Oh my”, Jane thought, “If Angel lives in a mansion, then this is a palace!!.. or a castle!!”

A minute later they were getting out of their cars, Jane carrying her briefcase with her as they walked up the steps and were greeted by Charles.

He bowed his head as he spoke with his authoritative voice.. “Ms Corleone.”

“Charles, you have met Jane Love, my attorney.”

Charles nodded to Jane .. “It is a pleasure to see you again so soon Ms. Love.”

“Hi Charles, nice to see you again too.. and please, call me Jane.”

Before Charles could say what you all know he was about to say, Wendy interrupted... she wanted to fuck Jane right now ... “Jane and I have some very important business to attend to and we do not wish to be disturbed.”

“Yes Ms. Corleone... and what shall I say to Ms. Marquez when she arrives?”

Jane wondered if Charles was referring to Olivia Marquez. Did the missing ring belong to Wendy? She almost said something, but thought it best to remain silent.

“Oh yeah.. I forgot about that.... Meet her at the gate and let her in. Buzz the intercom in my room once you have brought her to the house.”

“Yes Ma'am. Will there be anything else Ms. Corleone?”

“No. That is all. Thank you Charles.”

“It is my pleasure Ms. Corleone.”

As Charles opened the door for Wendy and Jane, Jane said, “Thank you Charles.”

“You are welcome Ms. Love.”

She looked into Charles eyes .. “Jane.”

“It would not be ….”

Again Wendy interrupted... “Thank you Charles. I will call you if I need anything.”

“Yes Ma'am.” He turned away and headed down the hallway out of sight as Wendy and Jane walked up the stairs, down the hallway and entered into Wendy's sitting room. As soon as they stepped inside, Wendy closed and locked the door and quickly slipped off her blazer. Jane had already placed her briefcase on the floor and was taking off her blazer as well... They paused for a brief moment as they looked into each others eyes before stepping forward until their heavy tits pushed together... “I need to fuck you right now.” Wendy gasped as their big tits pushed together...

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God yes Wendy... I want to fuck you soooo bad!”

They squeezed their hands between their pressing tits and fumbled with the buttons on each others blouses for a few seconds before they became frustrated... this was taking too long and they had to fuck right now. Wendy stepped back from Jane with her hands still on the front of Jane's blouse.. “This is taking too fucking long!” Wendy gasped as she ripped Jane's blouse open... buttons flying through the air and landing on the floor.

“Ohhhh fuck yes!!” Jane moaned as she ripped Wendy's silk blouse open.. jerking the buttons loose as they fell and rolled around on the floor. They were wildcats. They were burning with lust for each other as they ripped the blouses off of each other and jammed their big naked tits together.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy groaned as she dragged her huge over-sized tits up and down against Jane's massive tits... their hands moving to each others asses .. squeezing and slapping the back of each others tight skirts. It only took a minute for their hands to find the zippers as they slipped the skirts off of each others buttocks. As they stepped out of their skirts their hands reached inside the back of each others panties.. kneading and squeezing.. digging their nails into the firm hot ass cheeks. Groaning and moaning they continued to grind their heavy tits against each other .. up and down.. left and right.. pushing and shoving against each other as they struggled around on the carpeted floor. Jane would push Wendy back a couple of steps, then Wendy would push Jane back a few steps as they leaned forward and pushed into each other with their massive swollen tits.. all the while with their hands on each others buttocks...

“I need to fuck you.” Jane gasped.

“We need to fuck Jane.” Wendy moaned in response as she grabbed the waistband of Jane's thin panties and tugged.. ripping them.. shredding Jane's panties with her nails... Jane was also pulling and tugging hard on Wendy's panties as they panted and gasped for air... a few seconds later she had ripped Wendy's panties and was pulling them off in pieces. “Ohhhhhh God Jane... tit-fuck me!!”

Totally naked now except for their heels, Jane grabbed Wendy's shoulders and pushed her back... and as Wendy placed her hands on Jane's shoulders they looked at each other with lustful eyes... and then jerked their big tits together with a loud 'Smack!' They held their big tits together for a few seconds before moving their hands from each others shoulders and stepping back … staring at each others big round tits. Wendy believed her massive tits were perfect. Jane also believed her enormous tits were perfect.. and as they looked down at each others over-sized tits they became jealous of each others huge rack. That is what women do. They compare their tits with other women's tits... whose are bigger? … whose tits are fuller? .. and to be in the presence of another hot woman with equally huge tits is very frustrating... and at the moment that frustration had turned into jealousy. They had to settle this... but not with a ramming slapping smacking titfight. There was a better way.

Wendy purred .. “My nipples are stronger than yours.”

“I don't think so Wendy.”

“I know so Jane.. I was the Nipple Queen for four years in a row when I was in college.”

“Really? .. well, there is only one problem with that Wendy... I was not there... Let's nipple fuck and find out who is the real nipple queen.”

Wendy purred again ..“So, you know what a nipple orgasm is?”

Jane spoke softly in response, “Of course I do. ..If two women are touching at the nipples and/or touching together with their tits, with their nipples hidden from view but still touching, and if one or both have an orgasm, with neither of the two women touching or stimulating their pussys in any way or, if their nipples are being touched, stroked, kissed, licked or sucked with absolutely no touching or stimulation of their pussys, in any manner whatsoever, then the aforementioned orgasm is considered a nipple orgasm and is hereby and duly noted as an official and legal nipple orgasm”

“My goodness.. you are well informed” Wendy replied as she swayed her huge tits back and forth in front of Jane. “I am very well aware of that definition. Where did you read that?”

“I wrote it.”

“Mmmm, then it will make the victory much sweeter.... let's nipple fuck until one of us has a nipple orgasm.”

“I would love to make your nipples cum first Wendy.”

Wendy purred again ..'I am going to pump your tits full with my nipple cum.”

Jane moaned .. “I have more nipple cum than you do.”

Wendy gasped... her pussy was soooo fucking wet as her pussy juice dripped to the floor. “It better be a lot, because my nipples really gush when I cum.”

Jane's pussy was also leaking drops of her wetness onto the floor .. “You have never seen as much nipple cum in your life as what you are about to see when my nipples cum.”

“It that challenge?” Wendy gasped between deep breaths.

“Yes it is.” Jane gasped.. “A challenge to see who can make the others nipples cum first and to see who can squirt the most cum from their nipples.”

Wendy slowly inched toward Jane... “I accept your challenge.” You already know that their hard nipples were going to line up perfect.. the height and spacing between them was perfect. All that had to do was move forward until their nipples would weld together. As they closed distance between the swollen flared tips of their nipples, Wendy and Jane placed their hands on each others shoulders as they looked down. Their eyes opened wide at what they saw.. the tips of all four nipples had flared out more than either one of them could ever remember... the tips of their long hard nipples had puffed up like a pair of lips that were preparing to kiss ...and they were already making sucking sounds. With the broad tips of their nipples about two inches apart, Wendy and Jane just stood there... looking down... watching … observing... breathing deeply. As Jane would inhale her big heavy tits would move forward and her nipple would extend toward Wendy's.. and as she exhaled and Wendy took a deep breath, Wendy's long hard nipple that was attached to her huge round tit would move forward. Each time their nipples would advance toward the opposing nipples, the tips would flare out even more.. as if they wanted to grab hold of the other nipples that were so very close. Their nipples began to twitch.. nodding up and down at each other.. like warriors preparing to do battle. Then it happened.... they both inhaled at the same time and their nipples moved very close to each other, twitching and throbbing. Without leaning forward, and without stepping closer to each other, Wendy and Jane watched with passionate anticipation as their big nipples expanded forward.. reaching for each other.. wanting to join together.. desiring to suck together... and they wide flared tips of their nipples touched. It was hot ...It burned. And they both gasped with lust and need.



“Ohhhhhhh God it burns!”


Their nipples had latched on to each other... sucking together as they pulsed and throbbed. Wendy and Jane were already so turned on... so incredibly aroused.. that neither one of them was going to win... they were going to cum together... right now... at this very moment.

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!” Wendy gasped as the burning sensation flowed through her big tits and all the way to her clit. “Fuck!!”

“God!!” Jane panted as the burning spread quickly from the tips of her nipples, through her dense tits and rushed to her throbbing clit.. “Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy and Jane screamed together … at the same time … and their nipples gushed... at the same time … squirting an enormous amount of nipple cum together... at the same time … “Cummmmmming!! Cummmmming!! Cummmmmmmming! Cummming!”

Nipple cum gushed out from between their joined nipples... even with the tremendous amount of suction that had locked the tips of their nipples together, there was just no place for all of that cum to go.. it had to squirt out between their nipples... gushing on each others tits... spraying each others huge trembling tits with nipple cum.. just as they had done at Armando's... only this time there was much more nipple cum.. wetting their tits with hot sticky cum. Their hands clenched each others shoulders.. their hips jerked... their clits jerked .. their vaginas contracted and exploded... squirting hot pussy cum on the front of each others thighs... gushing .. spraying … squirting.

“Ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhh,” Wendy gasped .. “Cummmming!”

“Ohhhh Fuck!” Jane moaned deeply.. “I am Cummmming!”

Nipple cum was dripping off their tits... pussy cum was running down their thighs.. with their hands on each others shoulders, they pulled together.. mushrooming their heavy wet tits together... nipple cum being squeezed out and dripping from the lower swells of their dense wet tit-globes. Pussy cum was running down their legs.. past their knees as their cunts clenched again... and their over-sexed vaginas squirted again.. showering each others thighs with searing hot wetness. Then there was the suction. They both felt it... their nipples were trying to devour each other... trying to swallow each other. Jane had never felt such powerful suction on her nipples before and Wendy could feel her nipples pulling and tugging at Jane's with an intensity that she had never known. Their nipples were burning with intense heat,, and it quickly spread through their bodies once again all the way to their jerking clits. Once again their cunts twitched and fluttered.. quivering with pleasure as another orgasm rushed through their bodies.

“Ohh Shit! Wendy! Cummmming again!”

“Cummmmmming with you Jane!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmming and Cummming Jane.. Fuck!!”

Moving their hands to each others buttocks they pulled their cunts together.. the front of their wet thighs sliding against each other in their pussy cum. Nipple cum was running down their abs... some of it pooling in their deep navels. With their hips and nipples still jerking.. they moved their faces together, cheek to cheek. . ..moaning and gasping as they squirmed their cunts together as close as they could in their standing position. Their legs were wobbly... their bodies were shaking... nipple cum had now run all the way down to the sides of their hips and down toward their clits.. They felt the hot wetness of their pussy juices running over their ankles and into their shoes as they staggered against each other.. panting and gasping and moaning. My God, what an incredible orgasm. … but the best was yet to cum.

Jane finally spoke after a couple of minutes.. “Wendy... that was amazing.”

“Mmmmmm Jane, yes it was.”

Still gasping, Jane whispered, “I think it was a tie.”

“Soooo much cum.”

“Unnnnnnnnn.. yesssssssssss.”

They slowly let go of each others buttocks and began to step away from each other,, their wet tits, wet with their nipple cum, regaining their full round shape as their nipples came into view. As they leaned back their nipples seemed to grow longer and longer and longer until they were pulling at each others areolas.

“Oh my God!” Jane gasped as they looked down at the nipples .. “Look Wendy!”

“Holy Fuck!” Wendy panted. Their hard nipples were hopelessly sucked together. .. but it was more than just being stuck together. The tips of Wendy's big nipples had flared out and wrapped around the tips of Jane's nipples. Neither woman had ever experienced anything like this before... the tips of Jane's big nipples had been sucked inside the tips of Wendy's huge nipples. Wendy's nipples had literally swallowed almost a half inch of Jane's nipples. No wonder Jane had felt so much suction on her nipples.

“Damn!” Jane whispered. “How in the hell did you do that?”

Wendy was still breathing deeply as she answered with a smile .. “Bionic Nipples.”

“Un huh... right.”

“Well, truthfully, I am not sure.”

“Whatever it is... it is sooo fucking hot Wendy.”

They leaned forward and pulled back again with the same result. Wendy and Jane were cemented together at the nipples.

“If we do this... “ Jane gasped as she placed her hands on the front of Wendy's shoulders.. “And push each other away.. they will pop free from each other.”

“Ok.” Wendy panted as she placed her hands on Jane's shoulders. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Jane replied as they nodded to each other and then pushed each other away.. their nipples stretching and yanking at the front of their tits.... but their nipples remained glued together.

Suddenly, Wendy remembered .. “Oh my God!” she gasped.. but she wanted to be sure... “Let's try it again.. on the count of three.. and push hard.”

“Ok Wendy …. One … two... three!”

With the palms of their hands firmly placed on the front of each others shoulders they pushed each other away.. hard .. their stuck nipples yanked at the front of their tits.. and they felt like their areolas were going to be jerked loose from their heavy tit-globes. It hurt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

“Owwwwww Shit!”

Breathing deeply Wendy remembered every word that the Voodoo Queen had said to her about what would happen if the magic spell began working. The old woman had told her that their nipples would be sucked together for “long time.. not get nipple unstuck.. except orgasm... cannot pull them loose any other way.. must have orgasm.” Looking into Jane's eye's, Wendy quietly gasped.. “We have to have another orgasm. .. it is the only way our nipples will come apart.”

Jane questioningly looked at Wendy … “What?”

“We have to fuck some more Jane.. our nipples are going to stay sucked together until we cum again.”

“I love the idea Wendy.. but surely you are joking.. I've had my nipples sucked together like this before and is usually only take a few minutes for them to come apart.”

“It's already been several minutes Jane... trust me... we need to fuck.”

“I definitely want to fuck some more... but I don't see how ...”

Wendy interrupted her … “Just fuck me Wendy.. lets get to the bed.” It was quite an awkward looking sight as the two 'glued at the nipples' hot girls staggered and stumbled in a kinda sorta sideways movement across the carpet toward the bed.. as they made their unusual journey, their nipples would tug and pull at their tits. This only increased their sexual urges for each other and so they had to pause every few steps and share a long tongue kiss...Wendy's cunt was dripping again and so was Jane's. They would take a couple of steps then stop and kiss for a minute before resuming their journey. Walking chest to chest is not an easy thing to do. When they reached their destination, they looked down at the bed... wondering just how they were going to get there. “What if I hold you and fall backwards, bringing you with me?”

“Ok.. I think that will work.”

They turned around until the back of Wendy's knees were against the side of the bed. They shared another wet kiss before they counted to three and Wendy leaned back and Jane leaned forward as they fell to the bed in a tangle of blonde hair and legs... with their nipples still stuck. Their feet were hanging off the side of the bed and so they turned on their side face to face.. and using their hips and arms, they inched their way until they were completely on the bed. “Fuck me Jane.”

Jane rolled them over again so that she was on top of Wendy.. face to face... pussy to pussy and, of course, still tit to tit. Jane moved her legs inside of Wendy's as Wendy lifted her legs up and wrapped them around Jane's thighs. She then reached down and grabbed Jane's hard ass with both of her hands and pulled as Jane pushed down.. their wet hungry cunts melting together in a hot wet kiss as their pussy lips spread out between them.

Jane placed her hands on the bed on either side of Wendy's chest.. and began lifting herself up... their heavy tits separated and their nipples began to pull and tug at each other as she raised herself higher... Their nipples were stuck. Jane was convinced.

“Fuck me Jane.” Wendy gasped again.

“Fuck me Wendy.” Jane moaned as she began to grind her cunt against Wendy's.. It was soooooooo fucking wet... their pussy lips squished together.. their clits found each other and pushed against each other... it was sooooooooo fucking hot. They looked at each other with lust... they wanted to use each other for their own pleasure... “Fuck me real good Wendy.”

Jane began rocking her hips .. grinding their spread open cunts together.. Their already wet cunts began to make squishing and slurping sounds as they rocked together.. their powerful glutes thrusting and working together in a perfect sexual rhythm. Wendy and Jane could feel their over-sized nipples still sucking at each other. With her face above Wendy's, Jane parted her lips as a ropy string of saliva drooled from her mouth down toward Wendy's open mouth. Wendy extended her tongue as the string of spit landed right in the center of her tongue... and began pooling until the string finally snapped and the remainder of Jane's wet spit fell on Wendy's tongue. Jane hastily lowered her mouth toward Wendy's open mouth and closed her lips tightly on Wendy's lips... and sucked... sucking all of her spit back into her mouth.. along with Wendy's spit. Jane lifted her face a few inches above Wendy's and drooled into her mouth again... and once again she urgently covered Wendy's wet mouth with her own wet mouth. This time they sloshed their tongues around inside their locked mouths... squishing their spit back and forth between each others mouths.

“Mmmmmmm.” Wendy moaned as they kissed.. she loved to wet kiss... to sloppy kiss. It was nasty and filthy. .. and her clit began to throb with more intensity. They kept fucking... and fucking... until once again, their hot skin was sharing each others sweat. There was an abundance of pussy aroma in the air... filling their senses with even more lust. It was like an aphrodisiac.. burning their cunts with the need to fuck and fuck and fuck... Their nipples sucked.. their clits flicked … their pussy lips were sliding and sticking and sliding again... over and over.. up and down.. tugging and pulling.. their tits quivered together as their nipples sucked violently at each other.. trapped inside their massive dense tit-meat. Their pulse was racing.. their breathing was ragged... their hips were moving faster... thrusting and grinding their open cunts together... their clits were in constant contact.. clit head to clit head.. and every time one of those clits would twitch or jerk, both of them could feel it.. Wendy and Jane began to moan.. they had been fucking for more than forty-five minutes.. grinding and sliding together.. their tits mushroomed tightly together.. nipples burning .. clits rubbing and grinding together... kissing and swapping spit until it was drooling out of the corners of Wendy's mouth and running down her cheeks and neck. Their blonde hair was wet with sweat and clinging around their faces. It was a good fuck... a very very good fuck.

Wendy and Jane were on the threshold of their orgasm.. They could feel their hard clits mashing and grinding against each other.. rubbing .. stroking .. vibrating .. twitching... Jane's hips began to jerk wildly.... their throbbing clits were moving fast and hard against each other.... tits bulging … panting … gasping … grinding … fucking … mashing … wiggling … fucking … and fucking .. and fucking.

Jane pushed her hard clit into Wendy's with all her strength.. using her powerful thighs and well developed glutes to grind her clit hard against Wendy's... trying to push Wendy's clit back inside her body. The pressure was staggering … Wendy squeezed her thighs around Jane... “Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!”


They felt each others clit jerk at the same time... their vaginas spasmed and clenched at the same time... They were so perfect together.. so in sync with each other... They gasped and moaned... and then their clits jerked again... and the orgasms began.

Wendy felt her cunt clench and gush... squirting cum all over their grinding pussys.. “Ohhhhhhhh Jane.. I am Cummming!!!”

Jane's cunt gushed at the same time.. squirting her hot pussy cum all over their joined cunts .. “Fuck... fuck fuck fuck fuck!! Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their nipples throbbed together... and all four nipples oozed their hot sticky nipple cum on each others tits... Hips were jerking... tummys sucked in … heads shaking back and forth... legs spasming … tits quivering.... Gushing and gushing.. pumping their cum out of their cunts as they screamed and gasped...

“Cummmmmmmming!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummming! Wendy!”

“Yes Jane!!! Cummmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wendy!”

“Jane! Mmmmmmmmmm.”

They held each other for several more minutes as they kissed and cuddled together. Wendy finally whispering to Jane .. “Let's do it again.”

Jane moaned in response as Wendy rolled them over so that Wendy was laying on top of Jane. They kissed for a few more minutes before Wendy placed her hands on the bed and began to lift herself up. Looking down she saw her nipples still wrapped around the end of Jane's nipples, and as she lifted her upper body higher and higher their nipples began to tug at each other... then she ran out of room.. her arms were fully extended.. but their heavy tits were so big.. they stuck out so far,.... that Wendy could not lift herself high enough to pull their nipples apart... soooooo.... she inched forward... their nipples bending where they were attached to their areolas.. then they pulled on each other.. tugging and stretching. Wendy pulled her legs up so that she could get on her knees... then she rocked back.. and forward.. then as she was rocking back again, she pushed with her arms and yanked her nipples free from Jane's.... “Ahhhhhhh.”

Jane moaned with her .. “Ohhhhh.” As all four nipples immediately began to ooze what was left over of their nipple cum. “Wendy.. that was about the most amazing thing ever.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm. … Let's fuck again.”

“I would love to fuck again.” Jane gasped in response.

“Pussy to pussy.” Wendy whispered as she rolled over to her back next to Jane and spread her legs.

“Ohhh Fuck yessssssssss.” Jane moaned as she scooted her ass on the bed until her hips were a little past Wendy's... she then turned around on her ass until she was facing Wendy with her legs spread open.

As they braced themselves with their arms out to their sides, and with their big tits gracefully wobbling on their chests, they slowly advanced their hungry cunts toward each other... inch by inch until their pussys were almost touching. Wendy and Jane looked down at each others cunts.. both of them completely shaved. Jane was proud of her pussy. She believed that her pussy was perfect... her labia was not too big or too small.. her pussy lips were just right... they extended enough so that she could squeeze them around a clit.. but not too long to be floppy. Wendy also thought that her pussy was the perfect pussy.. her pussy lips were practically identical to Jane's... more than enough to trap a clit inside them.. but not huge and loose like some pussys are. As they stared at each others cunts, Jane squeezed her pussy... her pussy lips closing together... showing off her talented pussy to Wendy. Not be outdone... Wendy squeezed her skilled pussy.. closing her pussy lips together. Now it was Jane's turn to impress Wendy... as she opened her labia back up she clenched her vagina a few times.. making her fuck-hole open and close several times as she smirked at Wendy.

“Very nice.” Wendy whispered as she opened up her own pussy and squeezed her powerful vagina closed... then she opened it up and closed it again a few more times.

“Damn.” Jane whispered. “This is going to be fun.” Jane had one more little trick that she was going to show Wendy. With her big clit already extended... she clenched her cunt again... and her clit bobbed up and down.

“Oh my … this is really going to be fun.” Wendy gasped as she made her own big clit nod up and down a few times.

They were ready to fuck.... they had 'showed off' their cunts to each other.. the introductions had been made... it was time for the bell to ring and the pussy fight to begin. They both inched forward the final distance and their cunts slowly touched.. their wet sticky labia spread out evenly... opening up their clits and vaginas to each other. As they squirmed a little tighter, their cunts mashed together... their vaginas had lined up perfectly.. and as they swiveled their hips just a fraction of an inch, their clits met head on.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!” Wendy gasped.

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Jane moaned as they shared each others heat.

Bracing their upper bodies with one arm, they reached out with their other arm and grabbed each others thighs and pulled themselves closer... squishing their pussy lips out even more than before. They sighed together as they felt the smooth delicate wet sticky skin of the most intimate part of each others cunt. They stayed that way for a few moments... feeling each other... absorbing each others passionate heat... feeling their pussy lips melting together … and feeling every little throb of their touching clits. Jane, ever so very slowly, slid her pussy back and forth against Wendy's... flicking their sensitive clits together. Wendy closed her eyes... this was so delicious... so very luscious … so incredibly sexy. Being the nympho whore that she was, she knew she was not going to be able to control herself for very long. As Jane continued sliding her cunt up and down across Wendy's cunt, Wendy began to shudder... her tits quivering.. her glues tightening... the tempo of her breathing increased... and she quietly moaned... “Ohhh Jane.. that feels soooooooo fucking good.”

Jane began twisting her hips.. rotating her pussy around in a small tight circle against Wendy's pussy. It was all Wendy could do to starve off her orgasm as she began to rotate her cunt against Jane's.. their clits flicking each time they would slide together.. their pussy lips clinging, stretching.. sliding... it was more than just delicious.. it was heavenly. Wendy began pushing harder against Jane.. each time their clits would slide together, there was more pressure as they moved together before slipping apart.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh God!” Wendy gasped. She was almost there.. and Jane knew it as she pushed a little more with her hips.. more pressure... deeper grinding... and when their clits met together again, Jane stopped moving and just pushed with her powerful hips... pushing her clit head on against Wendy's clit... each of them could feel the throbbing... could feel the vibrations... could feel every twitch and every spasm. Wendy was going to cum.... she gasped and moaned.. her clit began to jerk against Jane's... her body spasmed... her tits quivered... she tossed her head back... closing her eyes... and groaned.
She could feel the river of pleasure flowing through her body and her pussy clenched. She pushed her wide open vagina hard against Jane's wide open vagina and Wendy screamed.... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy gushed.. her vagina squirting pussy cum into Jane's vagina... filling her up with her hot cum... her pussy clenched again … and she squirted again... pumping her cum inside Jane … “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!” Jane moaned as she squeezed her vagina... sucking Wendy's cum deep inside her pussy as Wendy's cunt shook violently against her pussy.

Wendy gasped again... “Cummmmmmmmming!”.. and her pussy squirted a third time.. overflowing Jane's cunt and squirting several inches up in the air between their tightly mashed cunts... spraying their hot skin.. spraying their abs and thighs.. “Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!! .. Cummmmmmmming!”

Jane lost control... her pussy clenched hard and she gushed.. squirting her hot pussy cum from her pussy.. along with Wendy's pussy cum... squirting it deep inside Wendy's fuck-hole... “Cummmmmmmmmming!” Her huge tits shook on her chest as she dug her fingers hard into Wendy's thighs and squirted again... their mixed cum splashing out of their joined cunts.. all over their lower tummys and their thighs... “Cummmmmmmmming!”

Wendy continued to have one orgasm after another... “Cummmmmmming!” Their shared cum was running down the cracks of their asses.. wetting the bed with their lustful wetness. “Oh My God Jane!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmming with you Wendy!”

They squished their sloppy pussys together as their hips jerked and their tits trembled.. their clits were throbbing against each other as they bucked their hips together.. mashing and grinding their cunts together very hard.


“Yesssssssssssss Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy then felt something she had never felt before... as she was still in the midst of her orgasm, her cunt clenched hard and her vagina sucked hard... sucking every last drop of pussy cum out of Jane's pussy. Sure, she had accomplished this before.. but not like this. Wendy could feel her kegels flexing .. it was powerful.. intense...boarding on the unbelievable. She moaned loudly as her cunt locked itself tightly against Jane's. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh GAWD!!! Wendy gasped and squirmed.. her body shaking.. her fingers clenching Jane's thigh... the vacuum between them was more than incredible. It was beyond belief... it was magical.

“FUCK!!!” Jane screamed... “My God!! … Cummmming!”

Wendy was cumming again,, her pussy sucking wildly at Jane's .. “Cummmmmming!”

Jane felt like her vagina was being turned inside out... she had never felt such power.. she had never experienced such intense suction.... Her clit throbbed with Wendy's.. She shook her head back and forth... she let go of Wendy's thighs and dropped her upper body down to the bed … “Cummmmmmmmming! … Shit! Fuck! God! Yesss! Cummmmmmming!!”

Wendy could not control her pussy.. it had a mind of it's own as it continued to flex and suck.. pulling on Jane's cunt with an irresistible force.... her pussy was going crazy... she tried to pull herself away but could not... they were vacuumed together so tight that when she tried to move it only increased the suction... it only made the vacuum tighter... her pussy was a black hole … sucking Jane's sexual energy out of her body.

Jane was having multiple orgasms.... so fucking intense … so powerful... she screamed again .. “Wendy!! Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck!!.. Cummmmmmmming!”

Wendy was also having multiple orgasms.... her huge tits were shaking..her nipples began to ooze nipple cum... her hips jerked.... “Ahhhhhh Cummmmming!”

Jane tried to suck back... but her efforts were hopeless... there was no way her pussy could compete with Wendy's. No one could compete with what Wendy's pussy was doing... No one … not Sara... not Lisa … not anyone … not even Angel... No one else was even remotely close.... she was cumming again... her whole body trembling.. her clit jerking wildly... “Cummmmmmmming”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!! Wendy was sweating profusely... nipple cum was dripping off the tips of her nipples... her glutes were spasming.. her clit jerked up and down wildly against Jane's... “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Jane was gasping for every breath.. she felt like her body was being drained... .. she wiggled against Wendy... trying to break the suction.. but Wendy's cunt was overwhelming her most determined efforts.

A few more seconds went by and Wendy finally felt the suction taper off just a bit... her mind was reeling... she remembered the Voodoo Queen's words . .. “take many orgasms to break magic.. many times you cum before magic goes away.” She had certainly had many orgasms in the last few minutes... maybe it was enough... she slid her pussy up.. her lips still sucking lightly at Jane's cunt... and when her vagina had slid up to Jane's clit... Wendy felt her cunt clench hard again... very hard.. as her pussy lips clamped around Jane's clit with power and strength that was way beyond all human possibilities. There are not words to describe how intense this moment was... She vacuumed Jane's clit between her pussy lips as her vagina pulled hard.. tugging and pulling on Jane's clit with enormously super-human strength... Jane lost it.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!! Cummmmming!!” Jane bucked and kicked her legs wildly... she felt like she was going to pass out... “Wendy!! Ohhhhhh fuck... Cummmmmming!!”

Wendy's pussy kept sucking.... with immense power... immense pressure...

Jane was delirious with pleasure . ..“Wendy!!! GOD!! Make it stop!!! Cummmmmmmmmming!! Ohhhh Wendy.. please make it stop!!!!.... FUCK.. Cummmmmming!” .. Her body convulsed.. Her nipples erupted with a spray of her hot nipple cum.. spraying her abs and tummy …. she squirted again... pumping an immense amount of pussy cum into Wendy's sucking cunt...and Wendy's vagina sucked every drop up inside her... filling her pussy completely with sweet pussy juice.

Suddenly Wendy's cunt jerked hard... her vagina clenched... and then the suction broke as her vagina erupted.. and her pussy cum, mixed with Jane's... squirted hard.. blasting Jane's cunt with several hard pressure filled streams of their shared pussy cum... Wendy cried out ... “Cummmmmmmmmmmming!”

Jane continued to gasp and moan.. her body shaking uncontrollably .. “Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Their orgasms kept cumming... an endless torrent of gushing … a perpetual river of streaming cum … pushing them to the point of sheer exhaustion. Wendy and Jane were trembling … shivering … shuddering … their massive tits quivering and wobbling … hips jerking and quivering... it was the best fuck that either of them had ever had. As the orgasms finally faded, Jane was barely conscience... panting and gasping. Wendy found enough strength to slowly inch her pussy away from Jane's... pussy cum stringing between their labia... thick sticky strings of their wetness stretching between them like honey. She rolled over and got to her knees and turned around before inching her way up toward Jane. Wendy was light headed and dizzy as she laid down on her side next to Jane, facing her. Jane rolled over so she was facing Wendy as they shifted their bodies together... their enormous swollen tits merging together as they maneuvered their legs together... wet thighs pressing against soaked cunts. Jane was still quietly moaning.. she was woozy.. Wendy was dazed... wrapping their arms around each other they shared a kiss, then quietly passed out in each others arms.... tit to tit .. nipple to nipple... thighs pressed against pussys... with their lips touching as they shared each others breath.

To be continued