By AngelDawn30

Second Wednesday

Wendy and Michelle (Continued)

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Several hours had passed and Michelle was waking up. She realized that she and her hated rival, Wendy, must have passed out. She cautiously untangled their long hair and moved her hands around Wendy's back … rolling her over. Their pussy lips were still clinging together with their dried cum and they tugged a little before slowly peeling apart. Their long nipples were still gently sucked together and they pulled at each other a little before 'popping' loose. When Michelle had Wendy on her back, she got up on her hands and knees and then braced her body with one hand as she used her other hand to pull Wendy's arms out to her sides. Michelle then positioned her body over Wendy's ... she was still consumed with sexual lust for Wendy and was going to fuck her again... it did not matter that Wendy was still unconscious.

She spread Wendy's thighs with her own thighs as she inched her knees back.. moving her face down until it was over Wendy's pussy.. she dropped down to her elbows and positioned her mouth above Wendy's pussy and worked up a load of slippery spit .. squishing it around in her mouth and then lowered her mouth a couple of more inches until it was very close to Wendy's pussy lips. She then parted her lips and drooled a thick bubbly glob of saliva down on Wendy's cunt.. watching as the spit soaked into Wendy's cunt... Again she squished more saliva around in her mouth before she once again drooled a slimy load of saliva down over Wendy's clit and pussy lips. Michelle braced her upper body with her left arm as she moved her right hand to her face, licking her fingers.. getting them wet. As she removed her wet fingers from her mouth, she spit on her fingers.. leaving a glob of her saliva on her fingers as she moved her fingers to her own pussy and spread her spit over her pussy lips, preparing them for the fucking that was about to take place.

An evil wicked grin formed on Michelle's lips as her twisted deviant mind thought about fucking the unconscious whore they lay sprawled out underneath her. She was going to violate Wendy in the most degrading fashion. She was going to cum on that whore's cunt... she was going to gush her hot pussy cum all over Wendy's cunt.. She was going to settle this, once and for all, by using and violating this dirty filthy gold-digging piece of whore trash. Michelle looked down at Wendy's body... staring at her huge round tits as they were gently rising and falling on her chest as she breathed. She took a brief moment to stare at her lovely face and her beautiful blonde hair that was spread out on the bed around her head. Her pussy was already twitching and her hot cunt juice was now mixing with her spit. This was going to be her most prized conquest.

She slowly lowered her body down on top of Wendy's .. their long nipples making contact as their huge tits merged together, mushrooming up and out to their sides. She placed her hands up above Wendy's head and grabbed hold of the sheet as she lowered her cunt, dripping with her saliva and pussy juice down until her pussy lips brushed against Wendy's. Michelle had no reservations about fucking the unconscious bitch-whore as she squished her cunt down against Wendy's and began rocking her hips in a fucking motion. … dragging her wet pussy lips up and down Wendy's wet pussy lips.. stroking their clits together at the top of each slow movement of her hips. It was perverted. It was vile. It was nasty and filthy... she was fucking Wendy without Wendy's consent or knowledge. Her long black hair was draped over Wendy's face as she moved her hands and arms again.. placing her hands out to the side of Wendy's body and lifting her torso up. Their over-sized tits were no longer tightly mushroomed, but they were so huge that they were still pressing against each other.. enough to barely hide their areolas and nipples from view. As Michelle rocked her hips she would also move her upper body forward and backward.. just enough to slide the front of their tits back and forth against each other... as she rocked forward, their nipples would pop free, only join together again when she rocked backward. Her perverted pleasure was building up inside her body as she flicked her clit up and down against Wendy's.. over and over.. up and down... flick flick .. flick.

Wendy was really out of it as her body lay motionless underneath Michelle. … but Michelle did not care.. she did not 'give a shit' … she continued her depraved perverted assault on Wendy's body. Her corrupted and distorted sick mind was consumed with the desire to defile and humiliate this piece of garbage that she was fucking. She continued to slide her wet cunt up and down against Wendy's... dragging her now swollen cunt lips against Wendy's. … and as demented as this fucking was... as warped and twisted as it would seem to be … Michelle was intensely sexually aroused as her clit began to throb with her perverted pleasure. .. Michelle had to be the better woman.... and if fucking the limp Wendy was the way to achieve her goal then so be it... the end would justify the means.

“How do you like it?” Michelle whispered... “You like me fucking you? .. using you? … proving that I am, without question, the better woman?”

Michelle begin to move her hips quicker... rocking faster and faster on top of the sprawled out Wendy. Flicking her clit against Wendy's again and again, she began to moan with pleasure … her orgasm was approaching … she was going to cum very soon.. she was going to gush her hot sweetness all over Wendy's pussy.. she was going to conquer this whore... and walk away victorious.

It was only going to be another minute... perhaps two … before she was going to cum and keep her position as the 'Top Bitch'... as the sex champion... as the hottest woman in Dallas. Her breathing became quicker... her clit began to throb with her impending orgasm... and as she was approaching the threshold of release, she suddenly gasped... Wendy had opened her eyes ….

“What the fuck? Wendy whispered with blurry eyes.

As they stared at each other, a brief moment of fear penetrated deep into Michelle's wicked soul as Wendy narrowed her eyes and glared at Michelle. Her brown eyes were filled hate and vengeance. It only took a few more seconds for Wendy to become wide awake and she reached out and grabbed Michelle's face between her palms, catching her completely off guard as she jerked Michelle's head to the side, rolling them over.. their long hair flying in the air as Wendy quickly grabbed Michelle's wrist and pinned her hands to the bed above her head. “Oh you dirty fucking bitch!!” Wendy screamed at her. “You nasty vile whore!... you wanna fuck? I'll show you some goddamn fucking!!!”

Wendy felt her body instantly consumed with the most vile and depraved kind of lust... the kind of lust that wanted to use Michelle for her own pleasure... the kind of lust that overcomes hatred and anger and turns that hatred and anger into a blazing inferno of sexual need and desire.... the kind of lust that can only be satisfied by totally and completely sexually dominating every part of Michelle's body.

Michelle desperately tried to free her arms from Wendy's grip but Wendy would not let go... Michelle tried to buck Wendy off, but Wendy remained on top as she began to slide her wet cunt up and down against Michelle's dripping pussy. Michelle had been sooo very fucking close to cumming that she was immediately turned on as Wendy began fucking her... sliding … rocking .. flicking their clits together... their huge E cup tits squishing and rubbing against each other as Michelle began fucking back.. rocking her hips with Wendy.. sliding her hard aroused clit against Wendy's. Michelle was way ahead of Wendy on their journey to orgasm and she knew that she was going to cum first. The thought infuriated her, but there was nothing she could do to prevent the oncoming wave of pleasure. “Ill show you some goddamn fucking !!!” Wendy once again spitted out her intent to sexually dominate Michelle.

“You fucking whore!!!!” Michelle screamed at Wendy.

Wendy shouted back ..“You goddamn right I'm a fucking whore... and I am going to fuck you into submission if it takes the all night!”

They kept rocking and sliding their hungry cunts together... they were locked in a hate fuck... the only goal was to destroy each other's cunts. Wendy began pumping her hips faster... grinding her clit hard against Michelle's as she fucked Michelle.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooo NO!” Michelle moaned. She was going to cum... and it only served to increase her hate and disgust for Wendy.

“Cum for me you fucking bitch!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Michelle panted.

“Now!! Now you fucking slut!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!!!!!!!!! Cummmmmmmmming!!! … Cummmmming!!!”

Michelle's pussy clenched hard as she squirted her pussy cum all over Wendy's pussy.. splashing both of their warring cunts with sticky wetness as they humped and bucked their cunts together.. squishing all their wetness over the inside of their thighs as Michelle's cum ran down to her asshole... Wendy still had Michelle pinned as she rode her cunt with her own cunt for a couple of more minutes until Michelle was cumming again... moaning and gasping … “Cummmming!! Ohhh you bitch!!! Cummming!”

As Michelle's body was jerking and trembling, Wendy, while still holding Michelle's arms to the bed.. lifted her hips and raised herself up to her knees... crawling over Michelle's body until her pussy was above Michelle's face... “Eat my cunt!” Wendy demanded as she dropped her wet pussy on Michelle's mouth and began rocking.. fucking her face. Wendy's hands were still holding Michelle's arms to the bed as she leaned forward.. dragging her wet pussy lips up and down and back and forth across Michelle's mouth as her huge tits swayed on her chest from her rocking motion.. “I said EAT it bitch!!” Michelle parted her lips and sucked Wendy's pussy lips inside her mouth.. pulling and tugging on them.. stretching and sucking as Wendy fucked her mouth. For several minutes Wendy fucked Michelle's face and Michelle ate Wendy's cunt as Wendy kept rocking and grinding her cunt against Michelle's face until she was gasping with pleasure. “Give up bitch.” Wendy gasped .. “Give up... admit I am the better woman.”

Michelle replied, her voice muffled with Wendy's cunt .. “Fuck you!”

“Fucking slut!” Wendy gasped as she began to moan more frequently, giving in to the pleasure that Michelle was giving her. Michelle's tongue was a fiery probe that was thrusting in and out of her hot cunt.. burning the walls of Wendy's vagina with a searing hot lust and Wendy could not force back the pleasure that was making her clit twitch. As Michelle pulled her tongue out of Wendy's vagina, she leaned her head back and extended her tongue out.. flicking Wendy's clit each time Wendy rocked with her hips.. flicking it as it slid over her tongue,, then flicking it again as Wendy slid her clit down over Michelle's mouth .. flick flick flick.. again and again until Wendy's body stiffened and she stopped rocking... she released Michelle's arms and raised her upper body so that she was not sitting on Michelle's face. Within seconds, Michelle had reached up and grabbed Wendy's huge tits. With the palm of her hands against the outside swells of Wendy's massive tits, Michelle began smacking them together... slapping Wendy's big globes against each other … making smacking sounds as her big tits would smack together and quiver before Michelle would let them fall back in place, only to push them together again with another 'smack' …

Wendy was going to cum and it gave her great pleasure to know that she was going to gush all over Michelle's face. She began to whimper with pleasure... her clit twitched several times in succession.. and then she closed her eyes as her orgasm began... her hips began moving again.. violently rocking.. and her vagina sucked hard before opening up and spewing her cum out... squirting on Michelle's face. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!! Cummmmmmming!!” Wendy moaned as her cunt clinched and gushed... splashing Michelle's face with her hot wetness. “Ohhhhhhh Fuck you! … Cummmmming!!”

Michelle moaned into Wendy's cunt as she sucked and drank Wendy's hot cum.. slurping and sucking up her juicy pussy... drinking and swallowing. As Wendy quivered on Michelle's face, Michelle grabbed her around the waist and pushed Wendy over where she laid on her back for a minute, gasping for air, her tits wobbling on her chest from her deep breathing. Michelle rolled to her knees... and then straddled Wendy's face with her own face toward Wendy's feet. Wendy reached up and grabbed Michelle's buttocks and squeezed her ass cheeks hard.. digging her nails into the hard tight skin of Michelle's ass. It was now Michelle's turn to do some face sitting as she began rocking and grinding on Wendy's mouth. As she squished her wet cunt on Wendy's face, Michelle remembered how Angel rubbed her pussy all over her own face.. and now she was going to even the score by grinding her own wet cunt all over Wendy's face. Wendy stuck out her long tongue and pushed it deep inside Michelle's wet vagina and began tongue fucking her as Michelle reached out in front of her and grabbed Wendy's nipples between her fingers and began twisting them around and around.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as Michelle pinched and tugged on her hard nipples... pulling them out from her tits then letting go as they snapped back in place. “Ouuuuuuuuuuuuu.” Wendy continued her tongue assault on Michelle's pussy as Michelle began palming and pushing Wendy's incredible tits around on her chest. Wendy licked and slurped for ten more minutes on Michelle's steamy cunt until Michelle was about to explode with pleasure. Knowing that Michelle was close to cumming, Wendy reached her hands out to the side of Michelle's buttocks and jerked hard.. pulling her back enough for Wendy to clamp her luscious lips around Michelle's engorged clit. She sucked her clit as hard as she could suck.. her cheeks hollowing out from the intense suction as she pulled and tugged on Michelle's clit with her mouth. Michelle squeezed Wendy's big tits hard as she began to cum... her body trembling as she ground her clit hard against Wendy's sucking mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle groaned with pleasure.

“Cum for me bitch!!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhh Fuck!! Cummmmmming!!” Michelle's cunt twitched hard several times as she gushed her hot juices on Wendy's face. ..splashing her pussy cum all over Wendy's cheeks and chin as it ran down her neck. Wendy licked and slurped as much of the cum into her mouth as she could as Michelle's body spasmed hard and she came again … “Cummmming!!! Cummming on your nasty face you whore!!!” This time Michelle's pussy hit the mark... squirting her cum directly into Wendy's open mouth .. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmming!”

Wendy drank it all... gulping and swallowing Michelle's hot pussy cum as Michelle gasped and whimpered with pleasure... Wendy's face was wet... sticky wet... shiny with Michelle's girl-cum... both sex crazed bitches panted and gasped for a couple of minutes until Wendy placed both hands in the middle of Michelle's back and pushed her forward. As Michelle was falling forward, Wendy extended her legs high into the air, and before Michelle had a chance to respond, Wendy had locked her thighs around Michelle's neck and rolled her over on her side. They struggled for a minute before Wendy managed to roll Michelle over on her back as she released her legs from around Michelle's neck. Wendy quickly scooted.. moving her face the short distance to Michelle's pussy as she lowered her own pussy down on Michelle's face... within seconds they were clutching each others buttocks as they began to slurp and lap at each others dripping cunts. “Let me show you how to eat pussy, you fucking whore!” Michelle gasped into Wendy's pussy.

“Fuck you... let me show you how a fucking whore eats a bitches cunt!”

The challenge had been made as they entered into a sixty-nine fight. Their objective was clear and to the point... to force as many orgasms from their hated rival as they could... they had to drain the others sexual energy until their abhorred enemy would be driven into complete submission.

Tongues began thrusting in and out of wet vaginas.. sliding in and out.. licking and twirling their tongues around inside each other... violating each others pussys with their mouths. Hands grabbed hold of buttocks as they pulled each others cunts against their hungry mouths. The two hot bitches were drunk with pleasure as they pushed their tongues in and out of each others cunts minute after minute.... again and again... relentless .. determined … focused … they were overwhelmed with the need to sexually devastate each other... there was no quitting … there was no turning back … Wendy and Michelle each knew that they must sexually destroy the other. They had to use sex as their weapon of choice to force the other into unconditional surrender.

At the twenty minute mark they came together … gushing their cum into each others faces as they moaned and gasped... bucking their hips hard.. their bodies jerking with their exploding orgasm.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned into Michelle's pussy “Cummming!”

“Cummming!” Michelle gasped as her tongue darted in and out of Wendy's clenching vagina.

They shook together for several minutes as intense aftershocks rocked their bodies with pleasure... but the tongue fucking continued as Michelle rolled over, assuming the top position. They had now moved their mouths to each others clit and were sucking each other hard... minutes later their fingers joined in the battle as they began to finger fuck each others cunts as they sucked and slurped on each others throbbing clits. They eagerly sucked each others clits as they pushed their fingers in and out of each others cunts.... two fingers became three fingers as they felt each others powerful vagina sucking at their pumping fingers. If was if they had both taken sex drugs... their thirst for pleasure was raging.. and there was no end in sight as their sixty-nine fuck-fight passed the forty-five minute mark... they were becoming physically weak but they kept sucking and fingering each other... the only victory that could be achieved was total and complete surrender. With their lips locked tightly around each others clit, and with their hands squeezing and kneading each others buttocks...they sucked on and on and on.. their huge heavy tits were drenched in their mixed sweat and they slid against each other with squishy movements. Their nipples were hopelessly buried in each others firm dense tit-meat as they had sucked together tip to tip a long time ago.

As they neared the one hour mark, they were about to cum again... Wendy was now on top as she sucked and tugged with her lips on Michelle's clit. Michelle began to slap Wendy's buttocks. 'SMACK!' … 'SLAP' . Michelle bared her teeth and sank her teeth into Wendy's clit.

“Oooooooooooooh.” Wendy cried out as she placed her teeth around Michelle's clit. Neither girl wanted to get into a bite war on each others clit. Their victory had to be a sexual victory.... but Wendy had to let Michelle know that she could play this bite game.. she could not allow this to be one sided.. and she sank her teeth into Michelle's clit forcing a deep cry from Michelle's lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh fucking whore!!!!”

Michelle had pushed the unspoken rules to the limit and Wendy had answered back.. fortunately for both of them, they understood each other and their bite quickly became a nibble.. just enough to force intense pleasure from each others clit.... with their teeth around each others clit they once again closed their lips tightly around each other and sucked hard.. sucking and pulling on each others pulsing clits as they teeth gnawed on each other... the orgasms came quickly.

Wendy was the first to scream as her clit jerked violently inside Michelle's mouth .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ahhhh ahhhhh Ohhhhhhh ahh Cummmmmmmming!”

“Ouuuuuuuu yesssssssssss Fuck!! … ah ahhhh ah Cummmmmmmming!”

They gasped together.. panting.. moaning … weakly squirming together... they were close to being completely exhausted.... as they finally rolled apart they wondered how much longer they could go on... but as they looked at each others hot sweaty bodies... covered with their cum... they both gave in to their irrepressible lust as Wendy slid around on the bed and slipped her body on top of Michelle's.. mounting her.. she lowered her face to Michelle's and they began to kiss... sharing deep spitty kisses with each other until their mixed saliva was running down Michelle's chin and down her neck.. Wendy would sometimes lift her face up,, creating a thick string of spit connection their wet mouths.. she would then shake her head a bit.. and the string would quiver as if it were a violin string vibrating... Wendy would then close her mouth back on Michelle's as they would swap their spit back and forth between their mouths.. it was dirty and nasty and very soon their hips began to undulate as their wet pussys flowed together. They began fucking cunt to cunt.. as they had done before.. only this time their movements were more slow and deliberate, as they would pause when their clits met.. wiggling them together... slowly dragging them up and down and back and forth against each other... they were slowly building to what was going to be an incredible intense orgasm that each of them was hoping would completely drain their hated rival.

With sweat dripping and running off their bodies they fucked for another hour. .. squishing and grinding their saturated cunts together in slow-motion... each long drag of their cunts seemed to take forever as they would pause and wiggle their throbbing hard clits together.. then their sticky pussy lips would stick together.. slowly peeling apart as they slid down before beginning their upward journey again.. over and over.. driving each other crazy with lust and desire to out-fuck each other. Kissing … moaning .. rubbing … panting … grinding … thrusting … gasping .. on and on and on, seemingly without end. Their eyes were glazed over with lust for each other.. revealing to each other their desperate need to continue fucking.

They became more and more frustrated as they fucked.. Wendy wanted Michelle to submit and Michelle wanted Wendy to give up.. but they both kept moving... kept grinding... finally Wendy rolled off.. breathing deeply... physically exhausted. She turned around and reached down and spread Michelle's legs.. panting and gasping Wendy laid down on her back in the opposite direction and lifted Michelle's right leg and slowly inched her wet cunt toward Michelle's wide open dripping pussy. Wendy was going to scissor with Michelle. She was going to suck Michelle's will power out of her body. Michelle looked down at Wendy... her eyes trying to focus .. and then she felt Wendy pushing her cunt against hers and she shivered with lust for the blonde whore. Michelle reached out and grabbed Wendy's thigh and tugged her closer as their pussy lips spread out against each other. She knew it had to end right here. She knew that were going to suck each other with their cunts. As Wendy reached forward and placed her hand on Michelle's thigh, they pulled their wide open wet pussys together with a squish and they both sighed.



They stared at each other as they flexed their powerful cunts together and sucked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!!!”

“Fuck... Fuck!!!”

Their cunts sucked together. ...creating an air tight vacuum between their vaginas. It was incredible. They moaned.... and squirmed ….their huge tits wobbled on their chest in rhythm with their thrusting.... they gasped and panted … as their hungry vaginas sucked each other. Their swollen extended pussy lips were tangled up inside their sucking cunts... their clits were flicking as they rocked back and forth.. making sure they always were keeping their sucking cunts plastered together. Their cunts were juicing.. and their mixed juices were being slurped from one pussy to the other as they tried to pull the inside of each others souls into their sucking cunts. It quickly became a constant endless pleasure that was irresistible ….and the overwhelming pleasure came quickly.

It all happened so fast … Wendy's body began to tremble.... her hips began jerking.... Michelle clenched her pussy tightly against Wendy's... and Wendy screamed... “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohh fuck!” Michelle moaned loudly.

They screamed together.. at the same time … “Cummming! Cummmming!”

Their pussys gushed... squirting... spewing... “Ohhhhhhh my GOD!” “Ahhhhhhh.” Wendy and Michelle squeezed with their powerful kegels... squeezing hard.. their pussys locked in some kind of a death suck as they pumped their hot juices into each others fuck-holes.. “Cummmmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy could feel her hot cum being sucked into Michelle's pussy... “Ohhhhhhh Cummmming!!”

Then Michelle's pussy would began to spasm hard and she would have to relax her kegels for just a moment.... and as she relaxed she could feel all of her hot cum being sucked into Wendy's cunt … “Fuck!! Fuck Fuck Fuck!!! Cummmming!”

And as Wendy felt her pussy spasm hard, she would have to pause, momentarily resting her strong pussy muscles and catching her breath... and as she felt the incredible suction from Michelle's pussy, she began cumming again... “Cummming!... Ohhh you nasty bitch!” Her big tits shook on her chest … her abs tightened … “Cumming!”

Wendy gasped and withered as she moved her pussy over Michelle's clit and sucked hard with her well developed kegels.. pulling and tugging on Michelle's sensitive clit. It was only a matter of seconds before Michelle began to cum.. her hips jerked.. her huge tits wobbled as she gasped for air, bucking her hips hard against Wendy's sucking cunt. “Cummmming!! … God! Yesss! .. Fucking whore!”

As they swiveled their hips, once again their pussys lined up vagina to vagina and the suction began again... slurping at each other .. tugging and pulling … devouring each other's most intimate parts... sucking their fuck juices back and forth between their sucking cunts .. there were slurping sounds.. pussy fart sounds … sucking sounds... squishing sounds... and they began to cum again...



Wendy and Michelle were having multiple orgasms … “Cummmming!... Fuck! .. Ohhh! .. Yesss! Cummmming! … GOD! … Bitch! .. Cumming! … Fuck! … Whore! … Cummming! … Slut! … Cummmmmming!” …... and the multiple orgasms went on and on... minute after minute.. their bodies constantly jerking and trembling.. their cunts locked in an unbreakable suck-vacuum … their huge tits quivering with each electric jolt flowing through their bodies.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

Five minutes quickly turned into ten minutes … then fifteen...their bodies being consumed with their shared extreme pleasure as their cunts sucked their way to orgasm after orgasm... neither one of them knew how many.. or even cared. All that mattered was their hell-bent desire to drain every last drop of sexual energy and willpower from each other....

“Whore!! Ohhhhhh Cummming!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh Cummming.. fucking slut!!”

Wendy and Michelle became so utterly exhausted that they finally had to let go of each others thighs... their heads falling back down to the bed.. moaning and trembling as the most intense aftershock orgasms that either had ever experienced flowed their cunts and tits.. again and again.. until they were barely moving.. slowly rubbing their heated clits together... whimpering... gasping … moaning .. Finally the orgasms stopped.. and they lay there.. their tits rising and falling on their chests from their heavy breathing.. they had pushed the limits of their physical and sexual endurance.. and there was almost nothing left... the bank was empty ...their bodies were spent.. they laid there for several minutes before Wendy slowly slid her body back from Michelle's, disconnecting their wet sticky cunts as thick shinny strings of their hot cum stretched out between their pussys like strings of sticky honey. Wendy then pushed her cunt into Michelle's cunt again and pulled back.. more sticky strings stretching between their cunts. Gasping, Wendy rolled away and rolled off the bed onto her knees. She stayed there for a couple of more minutes.. catching her breath before she got to her feet. Perhaps she was in better physical condition than Michelle. Maybe she worked out more... whatever the reason, she seemed to be somewhat in control of herself as Michelle continued to gasp and moan as she laid there on the bed.

“Admit it... you're too tired to continue.” Wendy whispered.

“Fuck … (deep breath) .. you.”

“You're finished Michelle... give up.”

Michelle turned her head toward Wendy... her eyes seemed out of focus as she looked up at Wendy … “Never.”

Wendy was frustrated.. she felt that she had won.. Michelle appeared unable to continue.. “Then get up... come on.. get up... let's fuck!”

“Nooooo.” Michelle panted... “Fuck on the bed.”

Wendy grabbed her arm and pulled her.. sliding her to the edge of the bed. “I said get your ass up!” She tugged a little more and pulled Michelle off the edge of the bed.. watching as Michelle fell on her side on the carpet. “Get up!” Wendy reached down and grabber her arm.. it was all she could do to pull Michelle up into a sitting position. “You wanted to fuck until one of us could not continue... get up... let's fuck it out whore!”

Somehow Michelle found a little strength left in her body as she began to stand up.. her legs were wobbly.. and she reached out and grabbed Wendy.. and continued to pull herself up until she was standing.. leaning against Wendy. Wendy reached down and began to rub Michelle's clit with her fingers but Michelle pushed her away.. Wendy stumbling back a few steps.. They glared at each other... their bodies were to the point of complete exhaustion.. but their willpower burned with lust for one another. Michelle stepped toward Wendy and grabbed her long blonde hair and began pulling.. Wendy reached for and grabbed Michelle's long cold black hair and yanked as they stumbled around the bedroom until they lost their grip on each others hair. They continued to struggle .. their wild hair flying around their faces ...knocking over a table before they stumbled out into the living area... their hands had now moved around each others waist and they pulled each other tight.. mashing their swollen tits together.. crushing their hard nipples together … They ended up against the wall near the front door with Michelle pinned against the wall.

Michelle looked like she was about ready to pass out again ...Wendy was also near the point of exhaustion, but she managed to keep her arms wrapped around Michelle, pulling their almost breathless bodies even tighter together and looked into her eyes as she whispered .between gasps of breath, “Do …. you …...surrender?” …. Michelle mumbled something that was unintelligible …so Wendy repeated the question .. “Do ….. give up?”

“Never” Michelle faintly whispered. She was exhausted and could barely move as she wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist and pushed her huge swollen tits into Wendy's enormously swollen tits.

“Who..(pant) .. is the better... (gasp) ... woman?” Wendy was getting sexually turned on again as she held Michelle tight. .. Again Michelle quietly mumbled, slurring her words. Wendy moved her right thigh between Michelle's thighs and pushed her leg forward and began humping Michelle's dripping cunt... a few moments later Michelle had pushed the top of her hard smooth thigh against Wendy's soaked pussy. Their nipples flicked back and forth a few times as they swayed from side to side until they met tip to tip and flared out against each other.. sucking together with relentless lust. Their thighs were sliding up and down each others cunts as they rocked their pussys on each others thighs.. panting and gasping... how much longer could these two hot bitches continue their fuck war? They began to moan and whimper as they moved their hands down to each others perfect buttocks and began squeezing and kneading one another's hard ass cheeks as they ground their over-sexed clits against each others thighs .. sliding.. rubbing .. slithering up and down..moaning .. humping .. gasping.. as their huge tits would move against each other, they remained sucked together at their nipples... nipples that were on fire.. burning with desire and sexual passion. Michelle was gasping more and more as Wendy whispered again …. “I am.. (gasp) ... the better woman … tell me (gasp).. tell me that I am the (deep breath) ... better woman.”

Michelle's body ached from the long string of almost constant orgasms.. her voice was barely above a whisper … “You are .(gasp)... you are ..(gasp).. a fucking whore!”

Wendy and Michelle were really humping each other now... riding each other's thighs.. rubbing and sliding.. ouuing and ahhing .. their heavy swollen tits were mushroomed as much as they could be... every little square inch of their tit skin that was possible for them to touch together was touching.. their nipples were moving by themselves.. pumping in and out of their dense tits... locked together deep inside their massive mushroomed tits, thrusting and fucking each other... Their thighs were wet with each others pussy juice as they continued sliding up and down on each others legs... groaning with lust and pleasure. Wendy dug her nails into Michelle's hard buttocks as she gasped her words ... “Tell me …. that I out-fucked you …...... Say it Bitch!!”

“No …. no... whore!” Michelle moaned... “Fucking … … whore!”

Wendy closed her eyes... it was happening again... her body tensed as she felt her already hard swollen nipples expand.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

Michelle felt her nipples began to jerk wildly... “God!!!” She panted then gasped as her nipples began to cum... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy's nipples jerked.. as she felt her own nipples cumming... “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy and Michelle moaned as their nipples began to pump their wet sticky cum into each others tits . ..“Fuck!” … “Ohhhh!” … “Unnnn!” … “Ahhhhh!” .. “Cummming!” … “Cummming!” The two hot bitches could feel each others nipple cum.. pumping out of each others nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!! … “Whore!” … “Cunt!”

They humped their thighs for a few more seconds... dragging their swollen throbbing clits up and down their firm tight thighs as their bodies shuddered together... Michelle's cunt gushed hard... splashing her hot cum all over Wendy's thigh .. “AH ah ah ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh FUCK YESSSSSSS Cummmmmmmmmming!”

Wendy squeezed Michelle's ass as hard as she could as her cunt clenched.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” and she began to cum... “Fuck!!!” ..spraying her hot girl-cum on Michelle's thigh... “Ahh ah ah ahhhh ahhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK! .. Cummmming! …. Cummming on you, bitch!!! … Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssss!!” Their four huge tits quivered as their nipple cum was squeezed out from the compression on their massive tits.. oozing out at the top and sides of their big round globes. They gushed on each others thighs.. the cum running down their legs .. orgasms flowed from cunts to nipples to clits to tits. cunts .. an endless loop of electric pleasure.

“Cummming! .. Cumming!”

“Fuck....Ohhhhhhhhhh Cummmming!”

“Unnnnnnn fucking bitch!! Cummmming!”

They rubbed their drenched cunts up and down each others thighs, gasping and moaning … both bitches panting and gasping with exhaustion as Michelle pushed Wendy up against the wall and then slammed her huge tits into Wendy's.

“Ohhhhhhh God!” Wendy moaned as their still wet nipples pushed together, sliding past each other and drilling into each others areolas. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

With Wendy pinned against the wall, Michelle placed her hands out, just above Wendy's shoulders, and braced herself against the wall as she began slowly sliding her cum drenched sweaty tits back and forth across Wendy's big tits as Wendy groaned with pleasure. Wendy could not help it …. she was a nympho whore slut and could not resist .. she began to moan again … pleasure flowing through her big tits as Michelle swayed back and forth against her. They had pressed and mashed their huge dense E cup tits together for hours, yet those big firm tits still retained their shape...they still maintained their fullness. Each time Michelle would slide all the way to her right, and her big right tit would squish past Wendy's huge left tit, Michelle's dense tit would reform... once again taking it's full round shape. Wendy's tits were also just a firm and dense and round as they had been from the very beginning of their sex war.

Several more endless minutes passed as they pushed and rubbed their huge tits together before Wendy wrapped her arms around Michelle's waist and turned her around and pushed her up against the door. As she pushed against Michelle, Wendy reached down and unlocked the door. She was going to push the naked bitch out into the hallway and lock the door. That would teach the fucking bitch a lesson!

With her left hand around Michelle's waist, Wendy pulled her over to the side of the door and turned the doorknob with her right hand... pulling the door open. Michelle grabbed Wendy and they struggled in a tight circle until Wendy had Michelle right where she wanted her... in the open doorway. Using what strength she had left in her strong legs, she pushed Michelle through the doorway and was about to close the door, leaving the naked Michelle all alone in the hallway, when suddenly she felt Michelle's hands in her hair, spinning her around. They struggled for a few seconds before Michelle reached out with her right leg, tripping Wendy.. As Wendy lost her balance, Michelle released her hair and placed both of her hands on Wendy's back and pushed her toward the open door, but Wendy reached out and grabbed the doorknob, slamming the door shut in front of her.

As she spun herself around, facing Michelle, Michelle gasped as she hissed at Wendy .. “This is not over you fucking cunt!” .. and before Wendy could respond, Michelle reached up and grabbed Wendy's huge tits in her hands and squeezed hard.. digging her nails into Wendy's dense titflesh.

“Owwwww! ..You Bitch!!!” Wendy screamed as she bared her nails and raked them across Michelle's big tits, leaving red marks.

“Ohh! You goddamn whore!!” Michelle screamed back at Wendy as they staggered around, mauling each others big tits for several seconds before Wendy jerked her hands from Michelle's tits and pulled her right hand back, slapping Michelle's face hard with a loud 'clap'. As Michelle screamed, Wendy grabbed Michelle's hands and pulled them off her tits then quickly shoved Michelle back against the wall. They stood there for a few seconds, panting and cursing each other as their eyes burned with hate and sexual desire.





Wendy stepped into Michelle, mashing their heavy swollen tits together as they leaned their faces toward each other until their foreheads were touching. Wendy parted her lips and swiped her wet tongue across Michelle's mouth .. “Fuck you!”

Michelle answered with a long swipe of her own wet tongue across Wendy's lips .. “Fuck you!”

Wendy fought back as she pushed her open mouth hard against Michelle's and they shared a long deep wet French kiss, swirling their tongues together. As she pulled away from the kiss, Wendy glared at Michelle as she panted.... “I fucking hate you!”

“I fucking hate you.... you goddamn whore!” Michelle gasped as she forced her mouth over Wendy's, licking deep inside Wendy's mouth with her tongue before finally pulling her face back and spitting on Wendy's face.

“Ughhh! You fucking slut!”, Wendy gasped as she spit on Michelle's face. Once again they had their hands in each others hair, yanking and tugging.... screaming and cursing … gasping and panting as they struggled around on the room with drunken steps until they lost their balance and fell to the carpet... Wendy falling on her back and Michelle falling on top of her... their hands were still in each others hair as they rolled back and forth across the carpeted floor. They were both exhausted.. panting.. gasping... rolling … with Michelle finally jerking her hair free from Wendy's hands and pinning Wendy to the floor. “Give up bitch!”

“Never!” Wendy gasped her response.

“I am the better woman ….. say it!”

Wendy gasped again .. “No.”

“Fuck!” Michelle was angry as she pushed herself up with her hands, and slid her cunt up over Wendy's pussy... then pushed herself on up to her knees. It took a few more seconds before she had straddled Wendy... pussy to pussy.... with one thought on her mind.... she was going to fuck this blonde whore until she passed out... or until she passed out herself. It was a gamble she was willing to take as she began grinding her wet cunt into Wendy's wet pussy, Their swollen pussy lips were almost raw as they mashed out against each other..... what was earlier pure lustful pleasure was now a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. Wendy was already fading.. but still found enough energy to thrust her hips up and grind with the black haired bitch. Mashing... grinding .. rubbing … sliding up and down... Michelle somehow forced her hips to rock back and forth.. sliding her dripping cunt up and down against Wendy's pussy... their clits rubbing.. flicking... five minutes.... ten grueling minutes … fifteen desperate minutes.. minutes filled with cursing... spitting... moaning …. gasping …. Michelle began to flex her cunt.. using ever last drop of her reserve strength.. sucking at Wendy's cunt. Wendy gasped and moaned from the pleasure... and she tried to flex her kegels … she tried to suck back at Michelle's pussy... but there was nothing left.

It was the blonde nympho lesbian whore who was the first to cum .. her pussy clenching and twitching before erupting in a gushing stream of hot girl cum … gushing into Michelle's sucking cunt.. Wendy's moan was faint … “Cummmming!”

Michelle kept sucking and rocking ….

And Wendy came again.... gushing as she trembled and moaned … “Ohhhhhhhh Cummming!”

And Michelle continued sucking and sliding her cunt against Wendy's

And Wendy came again ….... and again …..... and again ….. as multiple orgasms shook her body... one after the other... her huge tits jiggling... her head tossing back and forth on the carpet ….. This sexual journey that began more than ten hours earlier was about to reach it's destination.

Michelle had stopped moving... her body ached … gasping with what little breath she had left she whispered .. “Say it …....... say it ….. I ….. am …the. better … woman.”

Wendy slowly moved her head back and forth.... her body was physically exhausted.. she had fucked through several strings of multiple orgasms and her energy was completely drained. … depleted … worn out. Wendy could not fuck anymore.... but her will was not going to give up.

“Give up Whore!”

Wendy again slowly shook her head back and forth... and gasped … “Fuck ….. you.” as her eyes closed and she passed out.

Michelle rocked her hips a couple of more times... sliding her wet sticky pussy against Wendy's soaked cunt and then just sat there with their sticky cunts mashed together. Michelle's huge tits were swollen as much as they had ever been as they gently swayed with her breathing. Several minutes elapsed before she made an effort to get up off of Wendy. She reached up and was able to grab the doorknob as she pushed up off of Wendy, their pussys slowly peeling apart but still connected with honey-like strings of their sticky girl-cum until they stretched out and snapped apart. Pulling with her arm and lifting with her legs Michelle wobbled to her feet. By now, Michelle's breathing had slowed down as she awkwardly walked into the kitchen, turned the faucet on... and splashed her face with cold water several times before slowly walking the few steps to the refrigerator and finding a bottle of water. Michelle wandered back into the living room and slumped down in a chair and drank about half of the water before finally getting to her feet and picking up her clothes. It took her about fifteen minutes to slip on her bra, panties, blouse and skirt before she slipped on her heels. She picked up her purse and moved toward the door, then stopped and looked around on the floor until she saw Wendy's panties. Leaning over, she reached down and picked them up, placing them in her purse... a 'victory' trophy.

There was only one thing left for her to do. She reached inside her purse and found her red lipstick and walked back over to Wendy who was still laying on the floor. Wendy was slowly beginning to recover, drifting in and out of consciousness as Michelle knelt down next to her on the carpet, and holding the lipstick in her fingers, she marked Wendy..... writing in big letters across her chest, just above her big tits .. “W H O R E”

Getting back to her feet she wobbled on weakened legs toward the front door, pausing one last time to look at the sprawled out blonde nympho whore. She hated Wendy... but the stunning blonde bitch that was laying there breathing deeply had just given her the fuck of her life. As she walked out of the Corleone suite, closing the door behind her, she smiled.. knowing that she had fucked her hated rival until Wendy was unable to continue... but Wendy had not admitted that Michelle was the better woman. Wendy had not surrendered.... this was not over.

To be continued