By AngelDawn30

Second Wednesday

It was a few minutes after two o'clock when Joy arrived back at the bank. As she walked past Lisa's desk, Lisa smiled as she said.. “I have three messages for you.. Bob Hastings called from North Texas Ford about drafting instructions on a new vehicle for a customer, Jim and Pat Conway want to schedule an appointment about a mortgage re-fi and there is a message to call Angelica Johansen.” She then handed the messages to Joy.

“Thank you Lisa” Joy answered as she walked into her office, sat down behind her desk. She was already in a state of sexual arousal because of interactions with Lisa and as she picked up her cell phone to call to call Angel, she felt her cunt twitch in anticipation that Angel had found Ashley.

“Angelica Johansen Investigations”

“Hi Angel .. Joy Antonelli.”

“Oh, hi Joy. Thanks for calling me back. Is it ok for us to talk on this line?

“Yes, I am calling you on my cell phone.”

“Good. .. I have located Ashley and want to arrange a meeting for the two of you.”


“She said anytime would be fine.. I was thinking, that it would be a good idea to settle things with her if the two of you worked out your differences where the problem originated.”

“At the Hotel Texas?”

“Yes.. same place.. same room.”

“I love it.. what a great idea.. to fuck that bitch until she can't move.. right where she interrupted me and my X-boyfriend.”

“She thought so too.”

“That whoring bitch!” Joy's anger had quickly reemerged.

“There can be no violence... I am not arranging a fight between the two of you which could leave someone hurt very badly.. You must agree to settle your differences sexually. Ashley has already agreed to this. Do you also agree to this?”

“Absolutely. There is nothing that I want more than to fuck that whore until she begs me to stop!”

“Good.. I will make the arrangements and call you back.”

“Ok.. oh, and Angel?”

“Yes Joy?”

“I really had a great time with you the other evening.”

“Me too Joy. Talk to you soon.”

“Thanks Angel... bye...... Lisa?” Lisa stood up and walked into Joy's office. “Close and lock the door.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Lisa closed and locked the door and then walked toward Joy who had already pulled her dress up around her waist. Lisa quickly noticed that Joy's panties were wet... she was in such a heightened state of arousal that her pussy juices had soaked her panties. As Lisa approached her, she also reached down and tugged her dress up over her hips, however, this time, she kept walking toward Joy until she stopped right in front of her, widened her stance, and leaned her upper body back slightly... then she rocked her hips forward.. lightly slapping the front of her crotch-less panties against the wet front of Joy's panties.... 'Smack.'.. Joy and Lisa rocked their hips back and then rocked forward with a certain amount of eagerness in their forward thrust as they smacked their mounds together again.. this time is was a little louder.

Joy stepped back.. breathing deeply.. “We can't do this Lisa.. it will sound like one of us is slapping the other... we must be quiet.”

Lisa nodded as she extended her tongue and they flicked their tongues together again, being careful not to touch their lipstick coated lips together. For several minutes they licked each others wet tongues.. sometimes just holding them together.. sometimes carefully sucking them.. and sometimes sliding them back and forth across each other.. their breathing quickened and soon they once again had their fingers inside of each others cunts... finger fucking each other again... There was squishing sounds as their fingers slid in and out of each others dripping vagina's, but with the door closed, the squishing sounds would be trapped inside Joy's office. Within a couple of minutes, they had two fingers pumping in and out of each others fuck-holes as they rested their faces on each others shoulders and pushed their enormous tits together... mashing the fullness of their firm globes together..... and just as their orgasms were building … yes, you guessed it... that fucking phone on Joy's desk began to ring again. “Shit!” Joy gasped as she pulled her fingers out of Lisa's pussy.

“Fuck!” Lisa whispered as she removed her fingers from Joy's wet twat and took a couple of steps toward Joy's desk and answered the phone .. “Joy Antonelli's office, this is Lisa. ….. yes... yes she is in... one moment please.” She put the caller on hold as she turned and looked at Joy … “It's they guy from the Ford dealership.. line one.” Joy nodded as Lisa smoothed down her dress and walked out of the office and back to her desk. As Joy was on the phone, Lisa answered another call was the Conways calling back about their mortgage re-fi... Lisa scheduled them for a five o'clock appointment with Joy. The next couple of hours was busy for Joy and Lisa and the time flew by until it was almost 4:30.. and Lisa heard Joy's voice on the intercom.

“Lisa, may I see you in my office?” Lisa walked into Joy's office, closed the door and locked it. “Come over here.” Joy motioned to her as she scooted her chair back from her desk. Lisa walked toward her as Joy reached out and patted the top of her desk. “Sit right here.” As Lisa stepped between the chair where Joy was seated and the desk she already knew what Joy had in mind, as she pulled her dress up over her hips and pushed herself up on the edge of the desk facing Joy. As Joy stared at Lisa's naked pussy she rolled her chair forward, reaching down and grabbing Lisa's legs and with Lisa's help, lifted her legs up on the arms of the chair.

“Are you going to eat me.” Lisa whispered as she scooted forward until she was barely sitting on the edge of the desk. Joy did not answer her as she leaned forward and extended her tongue toward Lisa's pussy and began licking her clit. As before, Joy was careful not to touch her lips to Lisa's pussy as she flicked Lisa's clit with the tip of her tongue. “Ohhhhh that feels sooooooo fucking good.” Joy's tongue licked up and down Lisa's clit.. stroking and licking.... flicking... as Lisa tightened her grip on the edge of the table and quietly moaned .. “Mmmmmm.” Two minutes went by.. then three.. then four... Joy's tongue flicking Lisa's clit..... “Ohhhhh Joy, you do that soooo fucking good.” As Lisa's breathing became deeper and deeper... someone knocked on Joy's office door. This time both girls spoke at the same time.... “Shit!” Joy scooted her chair back and Lisa hopped off the desk, smoothing her dress down as she walked to the door, unlocking and opening it .... it was the Conways.

Mrs. Conway spoke first ..“I know we are a little early... the lady told us that you were in your office and to just knock on the door and go in.. but the door was locked.”

Joy stood up, speaking to Lisa .. “I have already asked you twice to get someone to come and fix the door.”

“Yes Ma'am. I will take care of that right now.” Lisa answered as she walked back to her desk.

Joy turned her attention to the Conways.. “That door sometimes locks by itself.... sorry about that... please, have a seat.”

An hour later the Conways were leaving Joy's office. It was almost six o'clock and the bank was closing for the day. Lisa walked back into Joy's office with a wicked grin on her face... “Sooo.. is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“I am going to need you to stay and work a little late tonight. I hope you don't have any plans.”

“Of course not.”

“Good, grab your things and follow me.”

Lisa picked up her purse as she asked .. “Where are we going?”

Joy smiled … “I'll show you.”

They stepped on the elevator and were on their way to the top floor. Lisa stepped toward Joy but Joy held out her hand and whispered … “Cameras”. Lisa nodded as they continued their journey upward.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a few minutes after six and Angel was about to leave her office and go home so she could get ready for Jane and Kiera .... but there was one more phone call she needed to make.

“Hotel Texas, how may I help you.”

“Hi, I need to make a reservation for a couple of clients please.”

“I would be glad to help you with that.”

“Thanks, I need a room for Saturday night for two guests, and I need to reserve room 3025.”

“Yes Ma'am.. one moment please …... ….. …... …... “Yes Ma'am suite 3025 is available for Saturday night. May I have the names of the guests?”

“Joy Antonelli and Ashley Williams. They will be arriving at eight o'clock.”

“Yes Ma'am.. I have a Joy Antonelli... that is spelled A n t o n e l i?”

“Two L's”

“Yes Ma'am .. and an Ashley Williams for suite 3025 arriving at eight o'clock.”

“Correct.. let me give you my credit card information....” After Angel had finalized the reservation she thanked the girl for her help and spent another ten minutes tidying up her desk before locking up and driving home.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Joy and Lisa

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Joy and Lisa stepped out of the elevator on the top floor. “Where are we going?”

Joy smiled as she answered .. “I'll show you... this way.” Lisa followed Joy to a door which Joy unlocked. It appeared to be a conference room with a very large walnut desk and about a dozen nice leather chairs around it. The room was paneled with burled Walnut and there was a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room over the table. Lisa followed Joy as she walked to one of the walnut panels that lined the room and pushed on the right side of the panel, opening a door that led into a passage way. Joy turned on the light as she closed the door behind them and they walked down the hallway about twenty feet where she unlocked another door which also opened up into another hallway. Again they walked about twenty feet until they reached yet another door which Joy also unlocked. As they walked inside, Joy flipped the light switch ….

“Oh my.” Lisa gasped. It was a suite.. a living area with a small kitchen to the right and there was a opening on the left that led into a bedroom. “It's like a secret little hide-a-way.”

“Yes it is.”

“And you have been here before because you have the keys.”

“Un huh... it's commonly referred to as the 'fuck-room'”

“Wow! How very cool.”

“It's also sound proof.”

“Mmmm I love it.”

Joy turned toward Lisa as she unzipped her navy dress... “No more interruptions.”

“Mmmm.” Lisa smiled as she took off her black blazer, her nipples straining against her light blue dress. A minute later they were standing facing each other in their bras, panties and heels. There was no emotional attachments .. This was an exercise in sport fucking.. .. an opportunity to use each other for their own sexual gratification. Joy reached out and placed her fingers around Lisa's exposed nipples and began rolling them between her fingers as their lips touched for the first time and they finally had their first long deep tongue kiss. Joy's hands were trapped between their large mushroomed tits as Lisa dropped her hands down to Joy's buttocks and began squeezing her firm hard ass cheeks in her hands. They began squirming and moaning within a few minutes as their tongues twisted together in their locked mouths. Joy continued to pinch and tug on Lisa's nipples until Lisa finally stepped back.. staring at Joy's tits and gasping. They simultaneously reached behind their backs and unhooked their bras... letting them fall forward as they slipped their arms free and tossed their bras on the floor. Joy quickly removed her panties but Lisa left her crotch-less panties they stepped toward each other, their huge E cup tits spilling out against each other as they pushed their massive globes together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Joy moaned as she felt Lisa's long hard nipples pushing into her equally hard but slightly shorter nipples... “Ohhhhhhh that feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmm Joy... I love your tits!” Lisa moaned as she began to slide her huge tits back and forth across Joy's... her almost inch long hard nipples dragging back and forth over Joy's ¾ inch hard nipples... “Mmmmmmmmmmm yessss.”

As they continued to slide their heavy tits back and forth against each other, they both reached down with their right hands.. and a few seconds later each hot woman had two fingers thrusting in and out of her partners pussy. The many interruptions that had occurred during the day had only increased their sexual desire for each other as they pumped their fingers in and out of each others wet vaginas … moaning and gasping as they slid their big tits back and forth across each other. For the next few minutes they fingered each other with wild abandon.. sliding their fingers in and out of each others soaked cunts... pushing and thrusting.. in and out... pausing every now and then to twist their fingers around inside each other as their breathing quickened and their moans became more frequent and louder... in and out... pushing … twisting … thrusting.. in and out... twisting around and around … in... out … in .. out... Just as they were getting close to climaxing, Lisa pulled her fingers out of Joy's pussy and gasped between deep breaths... “I want to fuck-fight you.” Joy slowly dragged her fingers out of Lisa's vagina then reached to her clit and pinched it . … “Unnnnnnnnnnnn.” Lisa moaned.

“Let's sexfight you little slut!” Joy moaned as she grabbed Lisa's hand and led her to the bedroom where they fell on the bed together in a tangle of arms and legs as their long hair flew around their faces... blonde and black tangling up with each other. They rolled over a few times as their legs rubbed together with their arms around each other... four huge big tits mashing and squishing against each other for several minutes as they violently kissed each other... pushing their tongues into each others mouths as deep as they could and calling each other names between breaths...





The dirty talk aroused them even more.. until they both thought of themselves as slutty whores who wanted to fuck each others brains out. Joy reached down and grabbed the front of Lisa's crotch-less panties and yanked hard.. ripping them apart and then with help from Lisa, tearing them away from her body. They were completely naked except for their heels, but they left them on... there was just something whorish about women fucking in heels. Joy managed to keep Lisa down on her back long enough for her to get up on her knees and straddle her.. lowering her gaping cunt down on Lisa's wide open pussy.. mashing their labia tightly together and squirming and pushing against each other until their pussy lips spread out against each other, exposing their vaginas and clits to each other... then the fucking began. Joy started rocking with her hips... dragging her hard clit back and forth across Lisa's burning clit... their vagina's sliding around each other... each one trying to suck at the other... and occasionally they could get their vaginas together and would squeeze and suck together as they ground their heated clits against each other.. Lisa stared at Joy's enormous tits as they wobbled on her chest with the constant rocking of her hips... by now, Lisa was also rocking with her hips... sliding .. rocking .. fucking .. flicking and grinding her hard throbbing clit against Lisa's jerking clit. They had built up so much sexual tension throughout the day that it only took a few more minutes for their cunts to begin contracting... clenching and sucking at each other as they moaned with pleasure at their approaching orgasm.

Joy reached for her big tits and began squeezing them... and Lisa followed suit... pushing and squeezing on her own over-sized tits as they gasped and moaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh you dirty little slut!” Joy screamed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Lisa gasped as she jerked her hips hard up and down,, thrusting and grinding her hard clit against Joy's sensitive clit... “Ohhhhhhhhhh yessss!”

“Ooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Yessssssssss … Cummmmmming!” Joy screamed loudly as she pushed down as hard as she could.. grinding their two hard throbbing clits together... clit head to clit head.

“Yessssssssssss Joy!! Lisa moaned with delight as Joy continued to cum.

“Cummmmmming!!!” Joy hissed and moaned. The two over-sexed women continued to rock and grind together a minute later Lisa was screaming as her orgasm flowed through her hot body.

“Ohhhhhhhh Joy !!! Gonna.... ah... unnnnn... fuck!! Cummming!”

Joy began to cum again as they gushed their wetness all over each others cunts and thighs... “Cummmmmmmming” … Joy rocked on Lisa for another minute before lifting herself up and laying down on top of her... face to face and tit to tit as they began fucking again.... long thick black hair tangling with long blonde hair.

“Two out of three” Joy gasped as she began to hump and grind her cunt against Lisa's... they fucked for another ten minutes before Lisa was cumming... her pussy gushing her sweet cum up into Joy's wet pussy... they were starving for sex... and they continued fucking as Lisa rolled Joy over on her back and they began pumping and mashing their hot cunts and clits together again.... pushing and grinding .. sliding and rubbing... another ten minutes passed before Lisa was cumming for a third time... squealing and trembling against Joy... their huge tits sliding and wobbling against each other as they fucked... it did not take Joy long to join Lisa with her third orgasm as they held each other tight... rubbing their wetness together in a slow deep grind as they deep kissed... licking and sucking at each others tongues.

They lay there for several minutes before Lisa rolled over, so that now she was on top as she whispered to Joy … “Three out of five.”... and the fuck-fight was on again.. grinding and mashing their soaked cunts together minute after minute.. their huge tits mashed tightly together as they held each other tight, kissing deeply as they panted and gasped into each others mouths. Another thirty minutes elapsed until they rolled apart... wanting to scissor together again ..they slowly moved around on the bed until they were laying on their backs. . their huge E cup tits moving and wobbling on their chests as they moved into each other.. moaning and gasping as their hot cunts melted together again...and then the fucking began once again ... rocking their hips up and down against each other... smearing their mixed cum all over each others cunts and thighs.... sliding together in the slippery wetness... rocking and fucking... moaning and groaning they fucked for another thirty minutes before it was Joy who could not hold back her pleasure any longer.. She was cumming again... her entire body trembling with pleasure as she gasped for air.. her cunt jerking hard ... spraying Lisa with her hot sticky wetness.

“Shit!..... God! … Cummmming!” Joy deeply moaned as her pussy twitched and spasmed.... It was good... really good... Joy quivered against Lisa for several minutes before she inched her cunt away from Lisa and crawled up and over Lisa's hot sexy body. She mounted Lisa pussy to pussy as she slid her arms underneath Lisa's buttocks, squeezing her hard ass cheeks. Lisa reached down and cupped Joy's incredibly firm buttocks and whispered in her sexiest voice … “Four out of seven”. It was already after eight o'clock.... nine o'clock came and went.. they had now moved their hands and arms around each others neck ... then ten o'clock passed .. and they were still fucking.. their movements had slowed down.. sometimes they just lay there in each others arms... cunt to cunt and tit to tit and kissed... sometimes they would rock for a few minutes before tiring... they were exhausted..... but somehow they found enough strength to begin rocking and grinding together for a few more minutes... this time they both came together... their clits burning into each other with a passionate fire as they looked into each others eyes.. eyes that were filled with physical and sexual lust.

“Ohhhhhh my God!” Lisa panted as her body convulsed against Joy.. “Ahhhhhh .. Ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

Their stare was glazed over with lust and sexual passion for each other as a guttural moan escaped Joy's lips and she screamed.. “Ohhhhhhh LISA!! Cummmmmmmming!!!”

“Cummmmming with you Joy!!”

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Lisa .. Cummmmming with you!”

They grunted and groaned for a few minutes,, their bodies covered with glistening sweat as they shook and trembled together, kissing each other deeply as they moaned into each others mouths. Joy and Lisa held each other for several more minutes as their orgasm subsided and they slowly rolled apart ... laying on their backs.. gasping and breathing deeply.... four huge tits rising and falling on their chests with their labored breathing. They had drained and depleted each other until there was nothing left to use... they were spent.

“God, Lisa.. I never imagined that you were so fucking hot.”

“Mmmm and I never dreamed that fucking you would be sooo incredible.”

A few minutes later they rolled off the bed... dressed …. talked for a few minutes.... both of them finally checking their phones for any messages... Amanda had texted Lisa a couple of times wanting to know where she was and if she was ok. Lisa texted her back that she had been working late and was on her way home. Minutes later they were walking out of the building into the parking garage where they said goodnight. As Lisa stepped into her car and was about to start it, she got a text from Joy .. “I want to do this again.” Lisa texted back .. “You're my boss.... whatever you want.” Joy smiled as she drove home. … and Lisa also was smiling as she drove to her apartment.

To be continued