By AngelDawn30

Second Tuesday

Wendy and Joy

Wendy Once she removed her top she just smiled once she saw your stunned expression. You’d known her tits were big, but she had been hiding just how big… | Pinteres…

Several hours earlier Joy was entering the code number at the front gate of the Corleone estate. As she stopped at the second gate she began to wonder if she had chosen the right outfit to wear this evening. Women always want to feel that they are dressed appropriately for the occasion. If they are over-dressed or under-dressed then they will feel awkward and 'out of place.' Wendy had told her that she wanted to discuss moving some of her money to a market account.. and to invest in one or more certificate of deposits. .. and perhaps keep some of the money safe in a savings account. That would demand that she dress professional.. in business attire. … However, it also seemed very obvious to Joy that Wendy also wanted to fuck her. Now when a woman feels like the evening will very likely include sex, she wants to look alluring.. she not only wants to dress sexy.. she needs to feel sexy. Women are so much more into 'touching and feeling' than guys are. … so … with that thought in mind, Joy wanted to look hot and sexy. These two contrasting choices had made it difficult for Joy to pick out the right outfit. She had left work early so she could get home and change clothes and be at Wendy's at seven o'clock. She had looked at this dress... then that dress .. then the other outfit .. and finally decided to do something that she had not ever done before. She had chosen a black dress . Yeah, it seems like every woman has that special 'little black dress' and Joy owned several of them. She did not choose the most revealing dress... it was a compromise between 'business' and 'sexy'. The hem was about four inches above her knees, so it was short, but not near as short as some of her dresses... The neckline was scooped, but again, not near as revealing as some of her dresses. She still looked sexy as hell... and why shouldn't she? Joy was gorgeous.. beautiful face ..long lovely thick black hair .. a fine ass .. long athletic legs … and two of the biggest firmest tits that any girl could ever hope to possess. The dress was somewhat of a reach as business attire, but the fact that the dress was all she was wearing allowed her to feel desirable and sexy. Joy was wearing three articles of clothing... if you count her black heels as two articles.

She dialed Wendy's cell phone … “Hi Wendy. I'm at the second gate.”

“Hi Joy. It should be opening now.”

“Yes it is.. be right there.”

“Ok.. See you in a few minutes. Bye.”

Joy drove through the second gate and when the Corleone estate came into view, she was, like everyone who came there, overwhelmed with the view. It was incredible. She parked her car and walked toward the door and rang the doorbell.

“You must be Ms. Antonelli. I am Charles... please follow me.” Joy followed this towering man through the foyer and to the staircase where he stopped. “Up the stairs.. turn right... there are double doors at the end of the hallway. Ms. Corleone is waiting for you.”

“Thank you Charles.”

“My pleasure Ms. Antonelli.”

As Joy walked up the stairs, Wendy was already anxiously waiting for her. Earlier in the afternoon Wendy had decided what she wanted to do with the money from the joint accounts she had with Carlo. She was going to set aside a certain amount for savings and a certain amount for c.d's … Wendy was not only one of the most beautiful women in the world, she was also very smart. No, she did not have her own business like Angel, Amber or Ashley … nor did she have a good paying job like Jane, Michelle and Joy, but she was very savvy when it came to finances. Her shrewd knowledge of the stock market had made hundreds of thousands of dollars for Carlo and herself. She knew what she was doing. .. besides, there is no need to work when you are filthy rich. So, now that she had made up her mind what to do with the money, she was going to give Joy an envelope with her instructions.. That would take perhaps thirty seconds.. leaving the rest of the evening for fucking. And Wendy really wanted to fuck Joy... Wendy wanted to fuck anyone who was reasonably attractive... it's what nymphomaniacs do.... they want to fuck all the time. She wanted to fuck Jane. She wanted to fuck Lisa. She even wanted to fuck Michelle even though she hated that bitch. …. but tonight it was Joy's turn.... tonight Wendy wanted to be Joy's 'fuck-toy.”

Wendy had dressed so that it was going to be obvious to Joy what her intentions were. She wanted to have that 'Fuck me right now” look, and she had certainly achieved it. She was wearing a clingy stretchy red micro-mini dress …with emphasis on micro and mini... which brings up the question of when is a dress to short to be called a dress? Was it a long top? Well, whatever terminology or definition you would choose, the truth of the matter is that what Wendy was wearing was short. The hem of her dress/top barely covered her buttocks … kinda. … sorta …. because the lower swell of her ass cheeks were visible... yes, they were … while she was still standing up that's pretty damn short! .. And if Wendy leaned forward... yes, you guessed it .. it was 'sneak-a-peek' time. Her red dress also left little to the imagination at the top. The neckline was deeply scooped, exposing the bare naked flesh of most of her massive tits. The clingy stretchy material hugged her big tits and small waist as tight as a body stocking... and of course you could see where her nipples were poking at the front of her dress.. Her nipples looked angry … they looked like they wanted to break free from the red prison that held them captive. … and, like Joy, Wendy was wearing absolutely nothing under her red dress. A pair of bright red leather double strapped four inch heels completed the look that she wanted .. the look of Hellfire... blazing hot hellfire. …. Oh, …. Wendy was wearing one more thing … an evil grin on her face. She took one last look in her mirror... her huge tits were perfection.. and her hair and face and makeup was perfect Wendy was ready to fuck as she heard Joy knock on the door that led into her sitting room.

“Coming.” Wendy said as she approached the door as if it was a foretelling of what was about to happen. She opened the door and Joy gasped at the drop dead gorgeous blonde in front of her.. “Come in Joy.” Wendy turned around and walked to a table next to one of the chairs in the sitting room and picked up the envelope and then walked back to Joy, who was still standing there... staring. Wendy reached out her hand and handed the envelope to Joy. “There are instructions in the envelope as to what I want you to do with the money.. I believe that my hand written instructions will suffice as being legal documentation for you to do what I have instructed. When it is all completed tomorrow, you can email me copies of the deposits with the new account information.”

Joy was staring at Wendy's massive tits and those unbelievable wicked nipples that were struggling to free themselves from the bondage of Wendy's dress. “Yes Wendy, of course.”

Wendy smiled... “Good, now that we have our business out of the way, let's go for a walk.” Joy tilted her head to the side as if to say 'what?' .. but before she could speak, Wendy was walking toward the doorway and Joy gasped at the sight of Wendy's hard buttocks that were barely covered .. “I should apologize for not greeting you at the door when you arrived... It's just that Charles has this thing …..

“Thing?' Joy asked as her eyes followed Wendy's shifting ass cheeks.

“He thinks, as he would say is inappropriate for the lady of the house to ever answer the door.”

“Of course.” Joy's eyes were still staring at Wendy's buttocks as they walked down the hallway.,.. her mind in overdrive .. 'Damn, that is one fine ass.'

Wendy stopped and reached out and took Joy's hand in hers as they walked down the stairway to the foyer. “You can leave your purse and briefcase here.” Wendy said as she pointed to a white marble table with several vases of flowers. “They will be safe.” Joy nodded and placed her briefcase and purse on the table between two vases of white roses. As Wendy clasped Joy's hand again. They walked through the great room and through the glass door that led to the pool area at the rear of the house. “You will have to come by sometime and swim with me.”

“I would like that.” Joy replied.

“We're going to go this way.” Wendy smiled at Joy as they walked around the pool and down a pathway through a rose garden. Joy had never seen so many roses in one place in her life... practically all the colors of the rainbow were in full bloom and the fresh scent of roses filled the air with a sweet fragrance. Wendy paused and pointed to some white roses... “These are my favorite.. they are white floribundas, commonly called 'Iceberg' roses.”

“They are lovely Wendy.” As they made their way through the rose garden Joy looked down at the pathway and asked, “Is this granite?”

“Yes, .. from the black hills of South Dakota.”

“Damn, there must be enough granite here to re-do a hundred kitchens.”

“Probably more like thousands.” Wendy answered as they walked through an opening and into what you would call a forest. The granite pathway turned left and right through the towering oak trees until you could look in any direction and see nothing but trees.

“Where are we going?”

There was a hint of excitement in Wendy's voice ..“You'll see, we are almost there.” The pathway took another turn to the left and led them into a clearing.

“Oh, how beautiful.” Joy said as she looked around. There were trees all the way around them except for the small opening that led them into this secluded place where there was a large gazebo with a very large redwood table. The eight posts that supported the octagon shaped gazebo were covered with climbing rose bushes that were in full bloom... red and pink and violet.. and about twenty feet from the gazebo was what appeared to be a wishing well.. It was round and made of stone with a slanted roof and a handle that you could turn, and yes, there was the familiar wooden bucket attached to a rope …. Joy looked around. There were trees all the way around them except for the small opening that led them into this secluded place ..and Joy just had to ask. “Is that a wishing well?”

Wendy smiled as she replied.. “Yes it is.. but it is a very special wishing well.” Joy listened intently as Wendy continued talking. “I was told that it is the revenge wishing well.”

“What does that mean Wendy?”

“Many years ago.. when the Corleone family was.. well, you know, when they were still in the mob business... there were times when certain people had to be... eliminated... and, of course, you have to find someone, and get them in the right place at the right time to eliminate them.”

“You mean ..??”

“Un huh... that is just the way it used to be done... anyway, you could come here and toss a silver dollar into the well and make a revenge wish.... I guess the easiest way to explain it is like this … you would wish that you could have your revenge with someone.. and then, usually in a matter of days, you would be able to find them, or meet them somewhere, or possibly have a chance meeting with them.. anyway, the story is that you can wish for revenge with someone and within days you will have your revenge... so I was told.”

Joy immediately thought of Ashley. “I would love to do that... but I don't have a silver dollar.”

“Do you want revenge with someone Joy?”

“Oh yeah... I certainly do.”

“Come with me.” Wendy whispered as she walked toward the wishing well and then began feeling around the stones... “It is here somewhere.” Wendy said as she kept moving her hands until she stopped and smiled ..”Right here.” She slid the stone back a few inches and spoke again .. “In here Joy.” Joy walked over and peeked inside. There must have been several hundred silver dollars in a little wooden box that had been hid under the loose stone. “Take one and make a wish and toss it in the well, but you cannot speak of this to anyone.. even me... or the wish will not come true.”

Joy reached in and picked up a silver dollar coin,, “This will not eliminate her will it? Cause I don't want that to happen.”

“Her?” Wendy asked … “You want revenge with another woman?”

“Yes I do.... in the worst way.”

As Wendy answered she thought of that bitch Michelle ….“Well, to answer your question... no. It only promises to allow you to meet this other woman... what happens then is between the two of you.”

“Ok then...” Joy closed her eyes and wished … she wished that she would meet up with Ashley very soon and sexually destroy her. … then she tossed the coin in the well... a second later she heard the 'plop' sound as the coin fell into the water.

Wendy then picked up a coin.. “I want some revenge too.” She whispered to Joy as she closed her eyes and wished … she wished that she would meet Michelle very soon and fuck that bitch into submission.... to fuck Michelle until she begged and pleaded for her to stop. Wendy had this evil wicked grin on her face as she tossed the coin into the well followed by the 'plopping' sound that reverberated from inside the stone well. “There,” Wendy spoke, “We shall have our revenge!” She then turned toward Joy and pointed to the redwood table under the gazebo. “You know, I have always wanted to fuck on that table” Wendy said in her sexy voice as she strutted toward the gazebo... “Why don't you take off your clothes so we can fuck.”

'My God.' Joy thought as they walked into the gazebo ....'She wants to get right to the fucking!' … She looked up and down Wendy's perfect body as she used her sexiest voice.. “There is nothing else I would rather do than fuck.” Joy unzipped the back of her dress and pulled it up over her head... standing in front of Wendy naked.

Wendy's eyes roamed up and down Joy's body... She was beautiful.. she had that sexy look... you know the look … the look that says 'I was created to be a fuck-toy .. I was built for fucking.' Fabulous hair, an ass that would make any woman jealous.. and those tits.. My God they were big!.. Big as in fucking huge! … Wendy reached down and pulled her red dress up over her head, shaking out her long blonde hair before tossing her dress down on the wooden plank floor. She then stepped toward Joy ..“I want to fuck you Joy.”

Joy shook out her long black hair then replied .. “I want to fuck you Wendy.”

They were about three feet apart, standing in their heels, as Wendy continued .. “My mouth wants to fuck your mouth.”

Joy inched a little closer … “My tongue wants to fuck your tongue.”

Wendy moved closer .. “My tits want to fuck your tits.”

“And my nipples want to fuck your nipples.” Joy was already gasping.. her pussy was already wet.

“My pussy wants to fuck your pussy.” Wendy whispered as she inched closer toward Joy.

“Oh Wendy.. I feel my clit twitching... my clit wants to fuck your clit.”

Wendy stepped closer... the tips of their nipples only a few inches apart.. “Mmmmmmm... you don't know how bad my clit wants to mate with your clit.”

Joy moved her hands to her own huge dense tits and squeezed them, pinching her stiff hard nipples.. Joy had fine nipples.. hard as steel and three quarters of an inch long.. but they paled in comparison to the nipples on Wendy's enormous tits... Joy began to tremble as she looked at those huge fucking nipples... easily more than an inch long.. and they were already twitching.. moving … jerking on the front of Wendy's massive tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Joy moaned as she felt so much sexual energy flowing through her tits and all the way down to her pussy.

Wendy cupped her own huge tits.. and toyed with her nipples.... and it did not take very long … the stimulation of her nipples along with the visual sight of Joy's big round tits was enough.. Wendy was going to cum before they even touched each other.... she could not control the sexual energy that was flowing through her body as she trembled …. and her body shook .. and she took a deep breath of air... and moaned .. “Ohhhhhhhh Fuck! .. .. Ohhhhhhhhh Joy! …. Fuck! Gonna cum … ah ah ah ahhh ahhhhh FUCK! … Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy's body jerked and her pussy gushed... her hot juices running down her inner thighs... “Uhhhhhhhhhh … Cummmmming!”

Joy was amazed as Wendy trembled through her orgasm... “Yes Wendy!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Joy! … shit!!!”

Joy closed the distance between them.. pushing her huge tits straight into Wendy's massive tits.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Joy moaned as she felt their big dense tits mushroom a few inches into each other before the mushrooming stopped.. most of their huge globes were still sticking straight out.. it would take a lot more pressure from both of them to cause those big firm tits to spread out more against each other. Joy wrapped her arms around Wendy's waist and began to sway back and forth as Wendy placed her arms around Joy's waist and began to sway with her... rubbing four of the biggest tits in Texas back and forth across each other. Since they were the same height, their hard jutting nipples would catch against each other as they swayed back and forth .. catching and pushing against each other before springing apart underneath their mushroomed tits. Wendy was loving this.... there were few things in life that she enjoyed more than rubbing her enormous over-sized tits against another pair of huge king-sized tits.. and Joy's tits were definitely king-sized. … big and round.... firm and dense... and they felt so fucking good against her own big round dense tits. Back and forth they swayed their upper bodies.. those huge tits rubbing across each other... first to the left, then to the right.. their hard nipples flicking past each other with each pass... again and again. Wendy's erect nipples were noticeably longer than Joy's hard spikes and Wendy's hard nipples were having their way with Joy's with each flick.

They were lost in the moment.... and it was certainly understandable. When a big-titted woman rubs her tits against another big-titted woman it is something very special... it's special because it is rare. The percentage of beautiful sexy women in the world who possess extraordinarily large tits is certainly in the single digits. which in itself is rare. .. but to have two beautiful sexy big-titted women at the same place and at the same time is even more rare... and .. for these two beautiful sexy women with massive tits to be at the same place at the same time and both of them be into other women is almost a miracle. They both understood that... and were relishing every single second as they swayed back and forth against each other... their big tits were swollen... swollen and expanded with desire and sexual energy ..something that you already know about. The skin on their incredibly big tits was stretched tight because of all of the sexual energy that was flowing to their huge tits... The skin on their huge tits was also being stretched tight because those four big dense tits were getting a little bigger... possibly as much as an additional half cup in size... and maybe even a full cup in size.. and they were getting more firm.... more dense …. to the point that their huge swollen tits were on the verge of being hard.... which was perfect for some tit pumping.

Wendy moved her hands from Joy's waist to her shoulders and Joy followed her lead, placing her hands on Wendy's shoulders. They paused to look down, to make sure their nipples were going to meet tip to tip... then, with their hands on each others shoulders, they pushed forward and at the same time pulled on each others shoulders as their huge E cup plus tits merged together. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned with delight.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Joy gasped at the feel of an equally huge pair of tits pressing firmly against her own firm tits.

They stood there … not moving … letting their big tits merge get acquainted with each other as they looked down at the incredibly rare sight. If you could have viewed this erotic sexy merger from the side, it would have looked like one gigantic pair of tits with hidden nipples.

Joy gasped ...“Goddamn Wendy.. your tits feel so fucking hard.”

“Unnnnnnnnn... so do yours.” Wendy panted in response as they eased themselves back from each other until only their areolas were touching with their nipples still hidden from view.. then they pushed and pulled themselves together again... with the same results... “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy was already close to coming. It does not take a nymphomaniac very long to reach an orgasm.

'Unnnnnnnnn” Joy moaned as they simultaneously slid their left thighs against each others pussy... pressing the firmness of their athletic thighs against each others wet slits.

Then they did it a third time.. pushing and pulling together with more force.. mushrooming their big dense hard tits together as much as they could.. as almost half of their firm tit-flesh spread out against each other... Joy felt Wendy's hardened nipples began to twitch against hers.... twitching and pulsing... and then those long hard concrete-like nipples began to jerk... pushing Joy's smaller nipples back and forth between their mushroomed tits... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy gasped. It was the sexiest feeling.... to feel Wendy's incredible nipples jerking against hers.. and then Joy felt something else..... suction. The tips of Wendy's nipples were sucking at the tips of Joy's nipples and Joy could feel her nipples being jerked around inside their pressing tits. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Joy gasped again.. she had never felt anything quite like this before. It was so fucking erotic. Wendy eased herself back again.. this time moving enough to expose their nipples and sure enough, as they both looked down, the broad flat tips of Wendy's nipples had a firm grip on the tips of Joy's nipples as their hard nipples stretched between them.. pulling each others areolas out a little from the front of both of their huge tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Joy.. my nipples are gonna cum!” Wendy moaned as she pushed her thigh firmly against Joy's wet pussy.

Joy pushed her thigh tighter against Wendy's wet slit... spreading Wendy's pussy lips ...“Ummmmmm Wendy.. yessssssss... cummmmmm!”

Wendy's body jerked as she wrapped her arms around Joy and pushed her big tits as hard as she could into Joy's massive pair of tits. Her pussy contracted violently as she screamed loudly... “FUCK!!! CUMMMING!”

“Yessssssssssssss Wendy.” Joy gasped as she wrapped her arms around Wendy, hugging her tightly, as they squeezed their enormously big hard tits together.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Unnnnnnnnnn Cummmmmmmmming!” Wendy moaned as she felt her nipples cum into Joys dense tits. Her nipples were ejaculating! .. and Joy felt it.

“Ohhhhhh Shit Wendy!” Joy panted as she felt her own pussy contract and spasm as her nipples twitched. Joy was also having a nipple orgasm. “Cummmmmmmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming!!” Wendy's powerful pussy sprayed her girl-cum on Joy's thigh.

Joy's hot cunt was also spraying her sweet cum on Wendy's thigh ...“Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their huge tits quivered against each other in their tight embrace as they gasped for air and moaned together.. their nipples throbbing against each other. Their sweet pussy juice was running down their thighs as they slowly humped each others gushing cunts.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God yes!”


For a couple of minutes they purred into each others ear as they held each other tight.. their thighs still slowly sliding up and down against each others splayed pussys. It was wonderful.... holding each other and sharing the sweet afterglow of their orgasm. Women love that... no 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am'... nope, women are not made that way... it takes longer for them to come back down from the pinnacle of pleasure. It is a special moment.. a warm-fuzzy moment. … and that special moment needs to be shared.

As they released their hug and began to pull themselves from each other, that is when they both noticed that their nipples were still sucked together.. and the front of their tits and areolas were shinny wet with Wendy's nipple cum... Apparently her nipple orgasm was so intense that it spurted from between their joined nipples. As their nipples stretched and pulled at each other they finally 'popped' apart,.. all four nipples were dribbling nipple cum as they breathed deeply.. their nipples rising and falling with their breathing. “Shit Wendy! Did your nipples just cum? .. I mean.. really cum?”

“Ummm hmmm.”

“Holy Shit!”

Wendy purred as she backed up to the large redwood table and placed her hands behind her on the table... then, with her hands and legs, she lifted herself up on the edge of the table.. her feet dangling in the air. “Would you like a taste?” Wendy asked as she scooted forward until her pussy was out over the edge of the wooden table.

“Hell yes I would.” Joy exclaimed enthusiastically as she stepped between Wendy's spread thighs and dropped to her knees. The height was perfect as her face was directly even with Wendy's oozing cunt. Joy placed her hands on the outside of each of Wendy's buttocks and scooted forward as she extended her tongue and began licking up and down between Wendy's wet pussy lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes... yes, just like that... that is purrrr-fect”

Joy dragged her tongue all the way up Wendy's slit.. all the way up to her clit, where she paused and sucked as Wendy squirmed....then she licked all the way down.. reaching deeply between Wendy's swollen labia with the tip of her tongue.. then her tongue began the slow journey all the way back up to Wendy's throbbing clit, where she once again paused for several seconds, sucking on Wendy's clit. “Ohhhhhhh yes.” Wendy gasped as Joy licked and sucked her pussy. “Unnnn Joy, that feels so fucking good.” Joy just kept licking .. up and down... up and down.. pausing and sucking on Wendy's sensitive clit for several seconds at the top of each long stroke of her tongue. Tasting … savoring Wendy's sweet flavor … again and again until Wendy placed her hands in Joy's long rich black hair,, tugging Joy's beautiful face tighter against her soaked cunt.. “Faster.” Wendy panted … “Faster.” Joy began to lick up and down Wendy's wet slit faster and faster... like a cat drinking milk.. her tongue lapping up and down between Wendy's wet sticky extended pussy lips … licking … stroking … sliding her tongue up and down.. up down up down.. as Wendy clenched her fists around Joy's thick black silky hair … “Ohhhhhhh yesssss... Suck me!”

'Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Joy moaned into Wendy's wet pussy as she parted her lips and sucked as much of Wendy's labia into her mouth as she could.. sucking and tugging on Wendy's pussy lips … then Joy began to shake her head back and forth with Wendy's labia still sucked between her lips... tugging and pulling... stretching Wendy's sticky pussy lips.. left and right.. sucking and tugging until Wendy's body was trembling. Joy knew she was close to another orgasm as she pulled her mouth back.. sucking hard on Wendy's pussy lips until they 'popped' free from her sucking mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as Joy pushed her tongue up inside Wendy's vagina and began to tongue fuck her.. sliding her tongue in and out.. licking deep inside Wendy's burning pussy as Wendy began to squirm and gasp.... she was almost there.. she was ready to cum …. and Joy wanted to drink her sweetness... she wanted to fill her mouth with the sweet essence of Wendy's pussy. Joy covered Wendy's fuck-hole with her mouth as she moved her right hand from Wendy's hip and placed her fingers on Wendy's clit, parting her fingers in a 'V' shape and stroking Wendy's clit. Joy's fingers were sliding up and down... one finger on the left side of Wendy's clit and the other finger on the right side of Wendy's clit... rubbing.. sliding... stroking .. up and down as her mouth sucked on Wendy's vagina.. sucking Wendy's fuck juices into her hot mouth. Wendy began to moan louder and louder as Joy sucked each new drop of wetness from Wendy's pussy.... as Wendy began to gasp for air, Joy removed her sliding fingers from Wendy's clit.. she then placed her thumbnail and the nail on her middle finger on either side of Wendy's pulsing clit and pinched! Joy pinched Wendy's clit hard as Wendy screamed …..

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!! …....... Cummmmmmming!”

Joy's mouth sucked hard at Wendy's vagina as she felt Wendy's pussy contract several times before gushing her sweet pussy cum into her mouth.

“Cummmmmmmmmmming soooooooooo hard! …. soooo fucking hard!!!”

“Mmmmmm,” Joy moaned as she began swallowing the hot honey that gushed from Wendy's pussy. She felt that sweet pussy contracting as it spewed her girl-cum into Joy's sucking mouth.... “Mmmmmm.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssssssss.” Wendy panted with her fingers wrapped tightly around Joy's long flowing black hair.

“Mmmmmm.” Joy continued to moan as she swallowed several times.... drinking from Wendy's hot pussy fountain... She licked and sucked for a few more minutes until Wendy released her grip on her hair.

As Joy stood up she moved toward Wendy and leaned against her until their big heavy tits were touching along with their wet pussys. They wrapped their arms around each other again as they pushed those four mammoth tits together and began to kiss.. first touching lips then touching their tongues together. Wendy could taste her sweet cum on Joy's tongue... it was sexually intoxicating. Very quickly their kiss became a fiery inferno of hot tongues and saliva and Wendy's pussy cum as they sucked their mouths together .. rolling their spit coated tongues together.. and moaning into each others mouths. With her hands on Wendy's back, Joy began pulling Wendy forward as she pushed forward.. pumping their big heated tits together.. squashing and releasing.. mushrooming and pulling back... merging them and releasing them as they moaned through their deep kissing. Several minutes passed before Joy slowly pulled her wet mouth from Wendy's.... they each kept their lips parted as they broke their kiss, forming several wet strings of their mixed saliva that connected their upper and lower lips. As they pulled back a little more, the spit bridged stretched until they began to loop down-word, finally snapping and falling down onto the mushroomed upper swells of their big tits. .... “You are so fucking nasty Joy.”

“Mmmm .. you were telling me earlier that you always wanted to fuck on this table.”

“Mmm Hmm, I did.”

Joy spoke softly as she walked around to the side of the table, stepped up on the bench, then turned around and sat down on the edge of the table with her feet on the bench seat. “I think it's time.”

Wendy smiled as she lifted her legs and scooted around on her ass.. then with her hands and feet, she scooted toward the middle of the redwood table top... It was constructed like your typical picnic table.. except it was perhaps twelve feet long.. and fortunately for Wendy and Joy, the redwood table top had been sanded and sealed with several clear coats of varnish.. each coat had been hand sanded, making the top of the table as smooth as glass. Joy placed her hands on her shins, right below her knees as she pulled her legs up and spun around on her ass facing Wendy. Both hot bitches then spread their legs out in front of them and began to scoot on her asses toward each other, scissoring their legs as they moved their pussys closer and closer toward each other. Wendy's leaking pussy was leaving a trail of wetness on the top of the table as she inched forward until their pussys were a few inches apart. She looked into Joy's eyes .. “I want our pussys to kiss.”

“Me too Wendy.”

“A very long kiss.”

“Mmmm yes, a very long kiss.”

“I want to feel every little sticky fold of your pussy mashing tightly against mine.”

“Oh God yes Wendy!” Joy was already breathing deeply as she began to inch forward, closing the distance between their wet cunts. When they were almost touching, Joy flexed her pussy for Wendy.. letting Wendy see her pussy open and close a few times.

“Ouuuuuuuuu Joy, that looks so fucking hot!” Wendy whispered as she flexed her powerful pussy in response.. closing her vagina tightly and then letting it contract before opening back up and spraying a mist of her sweetness on Joy's labia.

“Oh my God!” Joy gasped with wide open eyes.

Wendy then closed the short distance between them.. their extended sticky pussy lips touching first, then they both rocked a little to their right as their thighs slid together and their labia merged.. their pussy lips spreading out between them.. they rocked a little as they worked their lips apart until they could feel the smooth wet inner part of their pussys touching... and their vagina's were kissing. Joy flexed her pussy first.. letting her vagina open up and then close against Wendy's, then it was Wendy's turn as she flexed her magical pussy as their vagina's began to flex against each other... kissing each other.. several minutes wet by until there was a pool of pussy juice on the table beneath their kissing pussys. “I want to get closer.” Wendy spoke softly as she pushed against Joy a little more.

Joy responded .. “Closer and tighter.” as she also squished her wet cunt more firmly against Wendy's.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah.. just like that.” Wendy gasped as she began to rock her hips.. sliding their vagina's together. Joy was matching Wendy's slow rhythm as they pumped their cunts together... their heels sliding on the redwood table ...squishing their pussys very tightly together... As Wendy rolled onto her right hip just a little more, she felt Joy's hard clit with her own hard clit.. and they began to grind their clits together... flicking their pleasure buds back and forth across each other as their sticky pussy lips would cling and tug against each other. It was a slow fuck.. a deliberately slow fuck. …. rocking and pushing … sliding and grinding … flicking their clits back and forth across each other.. moaning together … gasping together... it was wonderful.... erotic …. sexy …. and it was quickly pushing both of them toward an orgasm. As long pleasure minute after minute elapsed, the grinding became harder and harder as they pushed more deeply into each other.. their cunts were on fire.. their breathing had quickened … their hearts were pounding in their chests..... grinding …. sliding … pushing …. fucking.

“Ouuuuuuuuu Wendy …. Your clit is soooooo fucking hard!”

Wendy began moving less as she concentrated on keeping their swollen clits constantly together .. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh.” She moaned as she mashed her clit hard against Joy's clit and began to jerk her hips.. letting their clits slide against each other faster and faster. The distance that her clit was moving was very short... just a quick side to side motion... her clit moving about an inch back and forth.. as Joy matched the short quick movements with her own hips... they were clit fucking... clit on clit.. sliding.. rubbing . Pressing … mashing … grinding … “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!! Wendy cried loudly.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnn fuck yesssssssss!” Joy squealed as their clits began to spasm together.. throbbing and jerking together.. “Ohhhhh Wendy, I want to cum inside your pussy!!”

“Oh God Joy!! … I want to cum inside your pussy too!!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit!”

“Fuck yessssssssssssss!”

They both felt their orgasm beginning at exactly the same time... and both of them wanted to gush their hot girl-cum inside each others cunts... so at the very last second, they shifted their hips one last time.. and mashed their open vagina's together tightly as they felt their fuck-holes suck together.... the timing was perfect.

“Wendy!!! Cummmmming!” Joy screamed as her clit twitched hard and her vagina clinched.

“Ohhhhh Joy Fuck!!! Cummmmmming!” Wendy's clit throbbed hard and jerked as her own vagina contracted and spasmed.

Joy's pussy had squirted first.. pumping her hot girl-cum into Wendy's sucking vagina.. a split second later Wendy's pussy squirted... it was powerful.. as her own girl-cum along with Joy's sweetness squirted back into Joy's sucking cunt.... a six inch stream of cum sprayed up between their joined cunts... splashing their abs and thighs as they screamed together.



“Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn God!”

Their cunts contracted and jerked together for more than a minute as they shared their wetness between their sucking cunts. It was an incredible orgasm for both of them..leaving them laying on their backs... their big tits rising and falling as they breathed deeply, sighing with pleasure. Several more minutes drifted by until they finally scooted back from one another and slid off the table.

“That was incredible Wendy.”

“Mmmmmmm yes it was.”

“We need to do this again sometime.”

“I would love to Joy.” Wendy smiled as she slipped on her micro-mini red dress.

“Anytime.” Joy replied as she slipped on her black dress … “Just call me.”

Moments later they were walking back toward the house. As they were walking through the rose garden, Wendy stopped and picked one of the white roses that was in full bloom and handed the rose that was attached to a long stem to Joy.

“Awww, how sweet.” Joy smiled as she held the rose to her face and inhaled the sweet fragrance. “Thank you Wendy.”

Wendy nodded and smiled as they continued walking past the pool area through the house and down the front steps until they reached Joy's car where they shared another long kiss... licking their tongues together for more than a minute.

“Mmmmmm.” Joy moaned as they ended their kiss.. “You are so fucking hot Wendy.”

“So are you Joy.” Wendy answered as Joy stepped into her car. As she started up her car and was about to drive away, she rolled her window down, “Wendy.. the revenge wishing well... does it really work?”

“I hope so Joy …. I sure as hell hope so.”

Joy nodded , …. “So do I.” She placed her right hand on the gearshift, pulling it down into drive.. and she was gone.

Wendy waited for the taillights to disappear behind the trees before she turned and walked back up the steps … “I sure as hell hope so.”

To be continued