By AngelDawn30

Second Tuesday

Earlier in the day, Angel arrived at the convention center a little after 8 o'clock.. Angel was wearing a pair of black pants, a blue scooped neck women's golf shirt that still managed to show off some of the upper swells of her big tits. Since she was going to be walking around quite a bit, she decided that heels would not be that comfortable by the end of the day so she had slipped on a pair of black leather flats. She was very interested in seeing and learning about some of the new technology that was available to law enforcement and to people, like herself, who were in the private investigation business. One electronic company had coffee. Angel had to have some coffee and the donuts were very tempting.. but she resisted. As she strolled through the exhibits, everyone wanted to talk to the tall blue-eyed blonde with the big tits. She could see them whispering to each other as they looked at her... some even pointing. Angel was accustomed to the attention and actually felt flattered. Many women did not ever get a second look, and Angel was glad that others thought she was attractive.

She got demonstrations of all the newest digital listening devices, the newest infra-red imaging software and even saw some prototypes of new cameras that could take a picture of a newspaper from 200 yards.. and then blow it up with the resulting image as clear as if you were holding the newspaper in front of you. That would be great for surveillance. Angel attended a meeting at 10 AM about new privacy laws that would be effective very soon and she wanted to know how it would effect her private investigation business. It was an informative meeting with a great deal of discussion from those attending... she left the meeting knowing that there would still be times that she would have to bend the rules a little to continue to get the information that she might need for a case. It was now a little after eleven-thirty and she was hungry. The convention had arranged to have a caterer provide sandwiches and salads but nothing looked good to her so Angel decided to walk a few blocks to Bob's Burger Bar. they had a very good grilled chicken salad. She sat down at one of the tables on the sidewalk and was checking her email on her phone when she heard a familiar voice.

“Hi... oh Hi! It's you again.”

“Hi again to you to Rocky.”

“What can I get you?” He still could not resist the temptation to take a quick peek at Angel's chest.

“Grilled chicken salad with a diet coke, please.” Angel wanted to tease him a little.. she thought it was funny... as she continued.. “Oh, and Rocky.. the chicken salad is made with 'breasts.'... correct?”

“Uh... Un huh.” He stuttered.


“I'll be right back.” Rocky smiled to himself as he walked away.. he was having a great week.

A few minutes later he was back with Angel's order. “There ya go.”

“Thank you.”

“Hey.. can I ask you a question?”

Angel corrected his grammar... “May I.”

“Yeah, sorry.. May I ask you a question?”

“Yes you may.”

“Were you here with another blonde or with a girl with black hair?

“She has strawberry-blonde hair. .. why do you ask?” Angel was curious.

“Cause another girl was here who looked just like you.. I swear y'all could be twins.”


“Oh yeah... same hair.. face looks a lot like yours....” He glanced at Angel's massive rack .. “Same... everything... I thought she was you.”

“Sooooooooo tell me Rocky.. did you talk to her.?

“Oh yeah.. I stuck my foot in my mouth big time.. thought I was gonna get fired.”

Angel laughed... “Oh my.. what did you say?”

“Well.. it was like this... I thought she was you.. and like.. I said something about the conversation we had the day before... y'know... about y'know.. like.. who was bigger.”

Angel shook her head.. trying not to laugh too much... “Yes I remember.”

“And she had no idea what I was talking about cause.. like .. she was not you. Make sense?”

“Kinda... but I have a question Rocky.”


“You say she looked a lot like me?”

“Oh yeah.. like a mirror image.”

Rocky's last comment really caught Angel's attention. “You mean she looked exactly like me.. as you just said... a mirror image?”

“Really close.. I mean I said.. I thought she was you.. yeah.. looked like you.. it's kinda freaky, y'know?”

Angel beckoned Rocky closer with her finger and whispered to him.. “She had boobs like mine?”

“Oh hell yes... frickin huge.”

“Did you get a picture of her?” Angel asked.

“No... it's funny.. she asked if I had a picture of you.”

“So you told her what you just told me.. that she had a 'twin'?”

“Yeah.. did I screw up?”

“No, it's ok Rocky.. thank you.”

“No problem.” He turned and walked away as Angel turned her attention to her phone, reading a few emails.. and thinking about her 'mirror image.'

Michelle Richardson was also attending a meeting at the convention center. Michelle was wearing a tight light pink dress with a fairly modest V neckline which still showed some cleavage. The dress was what you would call 'conservative-short', being about four inches above her knees. She wanted to wear some flats which would have been more comfortable, but she choose a pair of two inch heels... Michelle had to always look good.. she had to maintain her image. The meeting that she was attending had a much smaller crowd than the one that Angel was visiting. Michelle's meeting was mostly about new laws and she needed to keep up to date. She met a few attorney's that she knew and they talked about some of the new laws and how it would affect them. Even though she had read all the new information, it was good to discuss it with other lawyers and it seemed that each one had their own interpretation of what the new laws really meant. It was a little after eleven-thirty and she had about an hour and a half before she needed to attend an afternoon session about new restrictions on manufacturers liability in auto accidents.
She decided to walk about three blocks to Bob's Burger Bar. As you already know, the food was good and it would be a nice little walk. across the street and grab a quick bite to eat. Bob's had good food and the tea was good. Michelle began to look around for a place to sit. The small cafe was already full... she did not see any empty she looked around at the tables on the street. With her purse over her shoulder she walked around for a few seconds before she saw a stunning blonde sitting at a table by herself. As she walked over toward the beautiful blonde as she became very aware that the blonde had an unbelievably incredible rack.

Angel was still looking at her i-phone when she heard a female voice speak.. “It seems that all the tables are taken .. would you mind if I share my lunch with you?”

Angel looked up... her eyes going to Michelle's huge 34E cup tits and lingering there for a moment before lifting her eyes to the woman's lovely face. Michelle noticed that the blonde had checked out her tits as the blonde spoke.. “No, I don't mind at all. It would be nice to have some company.”

“Thank you.” Michelle spoke softly. “I'm Michelle.”

“Angelica... well... Angel will do just fine.”

“It's nice to meet you Angel.”

“Nice meeting you too Michelle.” Angel raised her arm up and waved and sure enough she got Rocky's attention. Angel turned her face back to Michelle's. “Do you come here often?”

“I've eaten here a few times... not much atmosphere, but for a quick lunch the food is very good.”

“Yes it is... I have been attending some meetings across the street at the convention center and the food in that place is... well... frankly... not very good.” Angel laughed and Michelle laughed with her.

Rocky walked up to the table and looked at Michelle. “What can I get you.”

“Just a sec.” Michelle answered as her cell phone buzzed. It was a text from her secretary Abby.

Abby: I'm about to text that woman I was telling you about to set up a titfight for the two of you.

Michelle: Joy?

Abby: Yes. When?

Michelle: Thursday after work about 7

Abby: K I'll set it up and let you know when and where.

Michelle: K

Angel thought that was kinda rude.. Michelle could have waited until she placed her order before answering the text. Rocky waited for a little longer before Michelle spoke without looking at him... “Turkey sandwich.. lettuce and mayo only.. and an unsweet ice tea, and don't get it wrong.” Again, Angel thought that was a rude comment. She then continued her conversation with Angel .. “You said you were attending a convention?”

“Yeah... just a sec.” Angel turned toward Rocky who was walking away.. “Thanks Rocky.” He smiled at Angel, then made his way back inside... Angel turning her attention back to Michelle. “Yes, about new technology and how it relates to law enforcement.”

“You're a police officer?”

Angel laughed..”No, I am a private investigator... and you?”

“Attorney. Meetings about new laws and regulations.”

“Ahhh.. sounds interesting.”

Michelle smiled... “Actually, my day has been pretty boring... until I met you.”

Angel smiled back.. “What a nice thing for you to say.. but that's only because you don't know me very well.” She then laughed.

“Then we will have to get better acquainted”

Again Angel smiled, “I would like that Michelle.”

“Me too Angel.... what time are you meetings finished?”

“I have to look.” She picked up her phone again and in a few seconds responded.. “Looks like the last meeting is at 4. It will probably last about an hour or so.”

'My last meeting ends about 5 also... maybe we can go have a drink afterwards?”

“Sure.. I would love to do that.. and will probably need one... or two.” Angel giggled.

“Or three.” Michelle laughed.

They continued to chat .. each one letting their eyes drift down to look at the others tits... Each one wondering who was bigger.. which was something neither one of them did very often... simply because they had bigger tits than almost everyone they met.. but this time it was different. Michelle was blessed with an incredible pair of tits... they appeared to be big and round... and Angel wondered how firm they were... from what little cleavage she could see, Michelle's tits looked amazing.. the skin looked very tight. Michelle was also curious about Angel's huge tits. Where they as big as her own? It was hard to tell.. but there was no doubt that the woman sitting across from her was at least a DD cup.. maybe an E cup... and maybe as much as an F cup which meant that Angel's tits might be even bigger her own. … but how firm were they? She had already made up her mind that she was going to do everything she could to lure this hot blonde bitch into a titfight... but how? Michelle had an idea.

They were almost finished with their lunch when Michelle asked.. “May I ask you a question... a personal question?”

Angel smiled.. “I guess that depends on how personal the question is”

“I don't want to offend you.”

“You won't.... I've heard just about everything.”

“Are you sure?” Michelle asked.

“Of course... go ahead.. ask your question.”

“You're going to think it's silly.”

Angel laughed... “Well, we won't know unless you ask.”

“I will answer if you will answer the same question.”

“Deal.” Michelle replied.

Angel leaned toward Michelle.. letting her see a little more of her cleavage. Michelle could not help but look down... Angel really did have very big tits.. and she could see part of Angel's black bra as Angel leaned forward.

'Oh my God' Michelle thought to herself... 'She looks as big as me.'.

Angel was now very interested in this busty woman with the light brown hair.

Michelle finally asked her question ...“Are you into other women?”

Angel looked directly into Michelle's eyes as she replied.. “Yes.”

“Me too.”

Angel smiled as they kept eye contact with each other.. “Next question?”

Michelle was feeling brave... so she wanted to get to the point.. “Do you like competing?”

Angel thought she knew what Michelle was asking but wanted clarification. “Can you be more specific... what kind of competing?”

Michelle leaned a little more toward Angel and reached out with her right hand, extending her index and middle fingers, making a peace sign... she then turned her hand to the side so her extended fingers looked like a pair of scissors. As you know, that is the universal sign for tribbing. Angel reached out with her right hand and extended her index and middle finger as Michelle had down and interlocked her 'scissors' with Michelle's 'scissors.' They pushed their scissored fingers together then slowly twisted them back and forth together as if they were grinding their 'scissors' together. Both women understood each other and they both smiled.

Angel kept staring right into Michelle's eyes... “I love it.” She continued speaking as she made a fist with her right hand and then inserted her thumb between her middle finger and her ring finger, causing her thumb to stick out from her fist and presented her hand to Michelle. “I love to do this too.” … This was the universal sign for nipple fucking. Michelle made a fist and placed her thumb between her fingers as Angel had done, then moved her hand toward Angel's hand until their thumbs touched... Angel then moved her hand in and out a few times, bumping the tip of her thumb against the tip of Michelle's thumb. Michelle responded to the challenge as they bumped their thumbs together several times. Once again they both smiled.

Michelle whispered, “I have one more question.”



“Yes Michelle?”


“Lets meet for that drink and we will discuss it.”

“Sounds like a plan... here is my number.. just text me when your meeting is over.”

Angel put the number in her phone. “I will.”


Rocky was back with Michelle's order... he placed it on the table asking, “Anything else I can do for you?”

“No.” Michelle answered as she picked up her turkey sandwich and took a bite. “I said mayo!... you put mustard on it! .. Damn, can't you do anything right?”

“I am so sorry... I told them mayo.. I'll bring you another one.”

Michelle pointed to her plate.. “You can take this crap back.”

Rocky picked up the plate and left without saying anything else.

“It wasn't his fault Michelle.”

“I don't care whose fault it was.. it's not what I ordered.”

Angel told her just what she thought ..“Well, you don't have to be a bitch about it.”

“I'm not being a bitch,, I just want my sandwich the way I ordered it.”

“He seems like a nice young man.”

“The world is full of nice people... I am only interested in the ones who can do things right... without fucking everything up.”

“Like I said Michelle. was not Rocky who fucked everything up.”

“Well. You're probably right.”

Angel thought to herself..'Probably right? … there's no probably to it.. I am right.'

Rocky was back with Michelle's sandwich.. it was correct this time.. “Sorry about that.”

Angel waited for Michelle to respond and when it appeared she was not going to say anything she spoke up.. “Thanks Rocky.”

“Welcome.. anything else I can do?”

“No, thank you.. we're fine.”

“Let me know if you need anything.” He turned and walked away.

They continued to eat their lunch as they chatted about everything from taxes to where to buy shoes, to the best places to eat a steak ...Angel then noticed the time... “I really need to get back to the convention center. .. it was very nice meeting you and I will text you later Michelle.”

Michelle scooted her chair back and stood up as Angel did the same.. “Ok Angel.. I will see you later.” She then stepped close to Angel so that they were almost touching and leaned her face close to Angel's left ear .. “I want to touch them.”

“So do I.” Angel whispered back as she took a small step toward Michelle, the front of her blue pull over shirt pressing against the front of Michelle's pink dress. It was just enough for their tits to say 'Hello' …. Angel liked what she felt and so did Michelle.

“Nice meeting you Angel.” Michelle began walking away.

'Damn' Angel thought..' she did not leave a tip' Angel opened her purse and left more than enough to cover for both of their lunches.. as she was about to leave, Rocky came over to begin to clean the table. “Is she one of your friends?” He asked.

“No, I just met her.”

“Well... she's not nice like the other girl you were with.”

Angel smiled at Rocky.. “No, she's not.”

“But you are really nice.”

“Thank you Rocky... you are a very nice young man.”

“Thanks.. come back and see us.. and bring that other girl with you.. maybe you'll see your twin.”

“Rocky. Will you do me a favor?”


“If my twin comes in again.. can you try to get her name or a phone number or something.... you can tell her that her 'twin' would like to meet her.. ok?”

“Yes Ma'am.. I will.... Can I.... May I ask what your name is?”

Angel smiled as she answered ..“I don't have a name Rocky... I'm an Angel.” She started to walk away but stopped and turned back around.. “How old are you Rocky?”

“Twenty.. but I'll be twenty-one next week. … I can show you my driver's license.”

“No, that's ok.. I believe you..... get her name and number for me Rocky.” she turned and began to walk away.

“Yes Ma'am.. I will.”

Rocky walked back inside and one of his buddy co-workers asked.. “Who was she?”

“She's an Angel.”

“Damn straight!... but what's her name?”

“I have no idea.”

“She's hotter than hell!”

“Damn straight she is!... I think she likes me.”

His buddy laughed.. “Bullshit!”

Rocky raised his voice and called out.. “Angel?”

Angel was already across the street but she stopped and turned around. Rocky waved at her and she smiled and waved back.. then turned and walked away. He turned to his buddy.. “See?.. I told you.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

A split second later they heard that familiar voice.. “Are you guys gonna stand around all day or are you going to work?”

“Yes sir.” .. “Yes sir.”

The remainder of the afternoon went quickly for Angel and Michelle. Michelle mostly thinking about Angel and Angel mostly thinking about her 'twin'. As Angel left her last session, she texted Michelle. Her last session ran a little late and it was almost six o'clock. The convention center was next door to the Marriott Hotel and Angel said she would meet her there. A few seconds later Michelle texted her back and said she got tied up in a meeting than ran a little late and was on her way. Angel arrived first, picking out a table in the corner of the bar where there was less light. In fact, one of the overhead lights was out and it was rather dim.. which was fine with Angel.. they would have a little more privacy. She decided that she would wait until Michelle arrived before ordering drinks as she began to think about her.. She was definitely attractive.. with very nice tits.. but she also seemed a little bitchy.. .. Even so, Angel wanted to know more about her, and besides, Angel could handle 'bitchy'. … .. Angel could handle anything.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A few hours earlier in the day, Wendy picked up her cell phone and called the bank. “Joy Antonelli please.”

“One moment please.”

“Joy Antonelli.”

“Hi Joy, this is Wendy.”

Joy felt her nipples twitch as she heard Wendy's voice .. “Hi Wendy, how may I help you?”

“I need to tell you what to do when you get to my home.. there is a gate where you will need to enter a code.. today's code is 1913.”

“Ok .. 1913.”

“When you reach the second gate, call my cell phone and I will open the second gate. You may park in the circular drive at the front door. Charles will let you in.”

“All right... May I ask … who is Charles?”

“Charles is my butler and the keeper of secrets.”

“Ahh, of course.. Ok I got it.”

Wendy then lowered her voice and spoke softly .. “I am looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

“So am I Wendy... I am looking forward to this very much.... about seven?”

“Yessssssssss. I will be waiting.”

“Ok Wendy.. I'll be there.”

“Bye Joy.”

“Bye Wendy.”

As Joy hung up the phone her nipples twitched again. “Damn, that woman makes me so fucking hot.”

To be continued