By AngelDawn30

Second Monday

Amber picked up her cell phone and dialed her sister Ashley.... “Hi Amber.”

“Hey... there is something I want to talk to you about.”

“Ok... what is it?”

“No.. not on the phone... Can I drop by your office tomorrow so we can talk about something?”

“Amber,, if it's about what happened the other day...”

“No,” Amber interrupted her sister, “It's something else.. I need your help with something.”

“Ok.. sure... anytime.”

“Thanks Ashley.. I'll call you before I come over.”



“Bye Amber”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was early afternoon as Jane's cell phone rang... it was Angel. “Hi Angel.”

“I just had to call you and tell you how very much I enjoyed spending the weekend with you.”

“It was wonderful Angel.”

“I have been thinking about you... and wish we could see each other tonight, but I promised to go to the ballgame with some of the guys from Dallas PD.”

“I know... I understand... you will have a great time.. perhaps tomorrow?”

“Maybe.. I have an all day conference at the convention center that I need to attend.”

“Ah, ok... well....”

“Jane... I want to see you again as soon as possible.”

Jane smiled … “Just say when.”

“I will. Talk to you very soon.”

“Bye Angel”


Angel had been busy all day.... and it had been a very productive day.. she had found a clients brother... they were separated when they were less than a year old.. and she was happy that she helped reunite them... She also spent time following a man whose wife suspected him of doing drugs.... Angel got some photos of him buying some crack from a dealer... and she continued to search for clues about the missing ring and the woman named 'Kiera'... As the time approached 4:30, it was time for her to go home and change into something that would be appropriate for attending the ball game with Jack and some guys from Dallas PD. She began to think out loud... “Soooo if it's eye candy they want... then eye candy is what they are gonna get.” Ten minutes later she had locked up her office and was on her way home.

Angel thought about stopping and picking up something to eat on her way home, but decided she would just wait and get a hot dog at the ballpark.. It was after five-thirty when she finished showering and putting on her make-up and fixing her hair. She walked over to her full length mirror and began talking to her 'twin' … “So where are you? I was told that we would meet soon... Who are you?.... what are you thinking right now? … I am about to be the eye candy for some cops... what are you doing tonight?” Angel sighed as she closed her eyes and dreamed of her mystery girl. She tried to imagine what she looked like... was her hair as long as her own?... did she have one of those 'melt your heart' smiles? She looked at her phone to see what time it was.. it was time to get dressed and go to the ballpark.

“Eye candy.” She whispered to herself... “Hmm, let's see.. It's going to be warm.. sooo perhaps a pair of shorts would be good... and a t-shirt... surely I have a Rangers t-shirt somewhere.” She looked for several minutes before finding a red Rangers shirt.. It was a typical t-shirt... but she wanted to wear something to display a little cleavage, so she kept looking until she found the right t-shirt. “Ahh, there you are.” Angel pulled off a cut-off tee from it's hanger. It was black.. made with stretchy material. It had a wide scooped neckline.. “This will work if it does not fall off my shoulders.” Slipping it on she looked at herself in the mirror. It barely hung from both shoulders.. and if one side slipped down.. no big deal. The cunt-off tee was a couple of inches above her navel, so you could see her belly button. She made the decision not to wear a bra.. her long nipples would not be quite as noticeable in the black top.. and it did show cleavage... the stretchy material squeezed her tits together just a little bit creating a deep line between her massive tits. “Looks like eye candy to me!” Angel thought about wearing a ball cap but decided against it. She put on some ankle high white socks with her white athletic shoes and slipped on a pair of white shorts.. they were not real short.. but did show plenty of her perfect thighs. She shook her head as she looked at herself in the mirror.. her beautiful long blonde hair flying through the air around her face. Stepping closer to the mirror she looked at her mirror image... making eye contact with her twin … “I would fuck you. Oh yeah.. would definitely fuck you.” Angel grabbed her purse and phone and was out the door and headed to Arlington.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I was a little after six o'clock and Jennifer was at work..waiting on customers at Joe's Pub. She had been thinking about Emily most of the day as she whispered to herself.. “That dirty nasty whore.. fucking her own sister... God .. how filthy can you be? … or was she lying? … that lying little bitch!' As she handed a couple of guys two more beers, her phone buzzed.. it was a text from Emily.

Emily: Looking at ur pic again

Emily: My tits r bigger than ur's

Jennifer: Whatever

Emily: My bras r bigger than ur's

Jennifer: No fucking way

Emily: Yes fucking way

Jennifer: Bullshit

Emily: What size bra u wear

Jennifer: Bigger than U

Emily: E

Jennifer: Fucking liar

Emily: Cunt

Jennifer: F

Emily: U wear a F?

Jennifer: Y

Emily: Fucking liar u r not as big as me

Jennifer: Cause I'm bigger

Emily: I really wear a G

Jennifer: I really wear a H

Emily: Lying bitch

Emily: Looking at your pic rubbing my clit

Jennifer: God I hate you bitch

(several minutes pass)

Jennifer: U there bitch?

(several more minutes pass)

Emily: Cumming

Jennifer: FUCK U

“God! I fucking hate that goddamn bitch!” Jennifer whispered to herself as another customer sat down at the bar and ordered a beer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel arrived at the ballpark a few minutes before the meeting time... after parking her Vette and walking from the parking lot to gate 4 it was 6:45. She noticed the guys before she got there.. there was Jack.. and representing Dallas's finest were Steve, Randy, Tucker, and two other guys that she could not remember meeting before. They introduced themselves as Jerry and T.J. “Hey Guys... How do I look?” Angel asked as she spun around for them.

“Woo Hoo!”. .. “Yowza!” .. “Wow!” .. “In a New York minute!”

That last comment made Angel laugh.. as she asked the question that was guaranteed to make the guys attention focus on her big tits.. “My top is not too tight is it?” Sure enough, six pair of male eyes were instantly glued to her rack and her abundant cleavage.

“Oh no it's just right”... “Looks good to me”... “Can I get a selfie with you?”

“Absolutely!” They spent the next couple of minutes taking pics and selfies with Angel and she was more than happy to show off her support for the Dallas PD.

As they walked into the ballpark, Angel got plenty of stares along with the occasional whistle.. and she heard a few comments.. “God Almighty.” .. “Would you look at that?” and, of course, she also heard a woman's voice.. “Ralph!! Stop gawking at her!” A couple of minutes later they found their seats and sat down...they were on the first row, right behind the Ranger's dugout ... the guys had already drew straws to see who would sit next to Angel... it was Jack and Tucker.

“So who are we playing tonight?”

Tucker quickly answered.. using the opportunity to sneak another glance at Angel's big rack... “The Twins.”

“Oh my God.” Angel thought out-loud. How odd that all this stuff was happening about her 'twin'.. and the Rangers were playing the 'Twins'.. it just seemed to be an odd coincidence.

“Sooo, you like the Twins?”

“Oh... no... die hard Rangers fan... it's just.. well... nothing really.”

“Beer. Cold beer here.” The guys all got a beer and they chipped in to get one for Angel. The beer vendor popped open the cans and poured the beers into the paper cups.. trying not to stare too much at Angel.. but he did anyway.. almost spilling one of the beers. A few minutes later they had bought hot dogs... Angel got a packet of mustard.. and of course, they had to have some peanuts.

As Angel opened her packet of mustard she accidentally squirted a little on her t-shirt.. right on her left nipple. “Dammit!”

Tucker immediately responded, “Let me get that for you.” as he reached over with a napkin.

“I got it.” Angel answered as she wiped the mustard off her left tit with a napkin as they all watched. Knowing that their eyes were glued to her tits, Angel squeezed them together a couple of times.. “Does it look ok?”

“Oh yeah” … “Damn straight.” …. “Looks good to me.”

Angel giggled at the responses... she was loving all the attention. A minute later they all stood as they played the National Anthem then sat back down as the ball game began. As the Ranger pitcher threw the first pitch, the Minnesota Twins first batter hit the ball out of the park... not a good sign for the Ranger fans … but in the bottom of the first inning, the Rangers loaded the bases with no one out, then the cleanup hitter hit a long fly ball to right field... the outfielder drifting back... back... until he was standing in front of the fence and watching the ball sail into the stands. It was a grand slam... 4-1 Rangers. They all stood and cheered.. Angel hopping up and down.. her huge tits bouncing on her chest as the guy who hit the home run trotted around the bases. And, as fate would have it, Angel was caught camera, hopping up and down.. and as the players made their way to the dugout, they replayed the video on the jumbo-tron of Angel hopping.. her big tits bouncing. One of the guys yelled, “Hey Angel! You're on the jumbo-tron.” The crowd cheered... and when the video ended the boo's started... the next pitch was a strike, and as the catcher threw the ball back to the pitcher, they played about five seconds of Angel's tits bouncing again... and once again the crowd cheered. But the cheers turned to boos when the video stopped. Angel was amused.

The Rangers scored two more runs, and added two more runs in the third inning, making the score 8-1. It was time for another round of beers, and of course, all they guys wanted to buy Angel's beer. “I have an idea that will be fun. … Let me hear your best 'pick-up' line, and the one I like the best can buy me a beer.” All the guys agreed . “Ok Jack, you can go first.”

“Ok.... how about …. Is your daddy a Baker? Because you've got some nice buns!” They all laughed.. then it was Jerry's turn.

“Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me. … get it? 'wright'”

“Ewww, that's pretty bad.” Angel laughed. “Ok Steve, you're next.”

“My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl on the planet. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?”

“That's pretty good Steve. I like that one.” Angel replied. “T.J?”

“Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? ….. Because green eggs and... Damn!”

Angel laughed again.. “Now that's funny... green eggs and Damn!”.. How about you Randy?”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I really suck at pick up lines, but you have some really nice tits.”

“Randy!” Angel exclaimed as she smiled... then they all laughed. “I like the green eggs and Damn!, but they were all pretty good!” T.J. was more than happy to pay for Angel's beer,

They all were drinking their third beer in the fifth inning when a batter hit a foul ball that went almost straight up, high in the air. It looked like it was going to land near their seats as they all stood up, hoping to catch a souvenir. When the ball came down in bounced on top of the Ranger's dugout, bouncing about twenty feet up in the air before coming down a couple of rows behind where they were standing. The fans behind them reached for the ball, but it bounced forward off a pair of hands and fell right into Angel's left hand.. She quickly raised her hand up, holding the ball... and, of course, being excited, she hopped up and down again as the crowd cheered.. watching the replay of her catching the ball... although most of the cheers were because her big tits were jiggling up and down on the hundred foot screen. Once again there were boo's as the replay ended... and the cheers began again at the end of the inning when they replayed the catch. Angel was having a good time.. and the guys were having a great time!

After they had stood up during the seventh inning stretch, Angel turned to Jack.. “I think the Rangers are gonna win this one... I have some paperwork I need to do before tomorrow morning, so I am gonna call it a night.”

“Awwww.” “Do you have to go?” …”You're gonna miss the fireworks.” .. “Thanks for coming Angel.” .. “Yeah, thanks!”

“I had a great time guys.. thanks for the beer and stuff... we will do this again sometime, ok?

“Absolutely.” … “Anytime.” “You just say when.” “Enjoyed it very much Angel.”

“Thank you.. Thank you all.. and thank you for all you do to keep us safe.”

“Welcome.” “Thanks Angel.”

They all stood up as Angel squeezed past them... turning herself so that she was facing the guys as she scooted past them one at a time.. leaning a little toward them so she could barely brush her tits against each one of them as she squeezed by. It was a way to say “thank you.” as each of the guys spoke to her as she squeezed by them .. “See ya later.” … Glad you joined us.” … “Come see us sometime.” As Angel made her way up the steps, holding her baseball souvenir, a few of the fans clapped and whistled... Angel smiled and waved as continued up the aisle.

About halfway up she noticed an old man who must have been eighty years old sitting at the end of the row wearing a glove on his left hand. He recognized Angel from the video that had played on the jumbo-tron as the girl who caught the foul ball. “Nice catch.” He said with a cracked voice.

“Thank you.” Angel politely answered.

The old man smiled as he spoke, “You know, I've been coming and watching the boys play ball for more than fifty years.. all the way back to when they were a Double A team.”

“Wow!, that's a long time.”

“Yep. Still waiting to catch a ball.” He laughed as he continued.. “Of course now it would have to come right to me.. land in my lap.”

Angel leaned over and placed her left hand on his baseball glove, opening it up, then placed the ball that she had in her right hand in his glove. “There ya go... tell the grand kids that you got one!”

His eyes sparkled as he said .. “Thank you!”

“You're welcome.” Angel replied as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek... “Don't tell anyone that you were flirting with a blonde at the game.”

His eyes were beaming as he responded ..“It's our secret.” Angel smiled at him then turned and walked the remaining steps to the top of the aisle and disappeared from view. Five minutes later she was driving her 'Vette out of the parking lot and was headed home.

Angel and Joy

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As Angel was driving home, she noticed a neon sign.. “Joe's Pub' and under the big sign there was a smaller sign.. 'Burgers and Beer' and written under that was 'Fried Pickles'. She had eaten fried pickles before and liked them... and suddenly she had a craving for some fried pickles, so she turned into the parking lot, parked her car, grabbed her clutch purse and walked inside. It was a typical hole-in-the-wall bar, smelling of beer and burgers. It was dimly lit, as most bars are, but there was enough light for her to make her way to the bar. It was a long bar.. perhaps forty feet. There were a couple of guys sitting at the bar and a woman who was sitting on the far left end of the bar. Angel walked to the last seat on the right and sat down on the bar stool. A moment later a young girl with lovely long dark hair and a pair of unbelievably big tits approached her..

“Hi there... what can I get you?”

“Fried pickles.. and a Miller Lite draft.”

“Ok.” She answered as she turned around, picked up a frosty mug and filled it with Miller Lite. She turned back around, placed a napkin on the bar and placed the mug on the napkin. Angel noticed that she was staring at her big tits. “Here ya go... it'll be a few minutes on the fried pickles.”

“Thank you.” Angel smiled as she checked out the young girl.

“Welcome.” She answered as she continued to stare at Angel's massive tits .. “Anything else?”

“No, I'm good.”

“Let me know if you need anything.” She then turned and walked down to the other end of the bar where she began talking to the woman that was seated on the last bar stool. Angel looked down, but it was kinda hard to see the woman.. the two guys were in the way.... so she did what anyone would do... she had to get a closer look. She noticed that the restrooms were near where the woman was seated, so she stood up and made her way toward the restroom. The girl bartender and the woman were still talking as she walked by, but Angel got a good enough look to tell that the woman seated at the bar had a pair of really big tits.. every bit as big as the young bartender. She had long dark hair.. it appeared to be black, but she could be a brunette.. it was dark in the bar and hard to tell. The stunning woman was wearing a dark dress... it was black.. or perhaps navy and it was short... the hem of the dress was easily half way up her thighs. The dress was not as low cut as Angel's top, but it was low enough to reveal that the woman was incredibly busty. Angel walked past her and pushed the door open, walking into the women's restroom. It was small with barely enough space for the two stalls and the vanity where there was soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels, but it was very clean. When she came out a few minutes later, the two women were still talking... she got a good second look at the woman seated.. she certainly did have some big tits and she was very attractive.. a beautiful woman. Then everything 'clicked' in Angel's mind.. She had seen this woman before. She was the one who had the titfight at the motel with Emily. She was Joy. As she approached them the woman looked up and her eyes locked with Angel's as she smiled and said “Hi.” Angel smiled back and said “Hi”.. then she stopped for just a brief moment and noticed that the dark haired beauty was staring at her tits. Angel felt her nipples twitch as she began walking back to her seat.. sitting down and sipping on her beer. A few minutes later the young beautiful bartender was bringing her the fried pickles.

“Ranch dressing?” she asked.

“Yes, that's fine, thanks.”

She reached under the bar and grabbed a bottle of Ranch dressing and handed it to Angel.

“Thanks.” Angel smiled at her as she squirted a little Ranch dressing on her plate full of fired pickles and began to munch. The big-titted bartender returned to the woman at the end of the bar and they began talking again. A minute later the two guys sitting at the bar stood up and left.. leaving Angel and the woman alone at the bar, but on opposite ends. Angel spent the next several minutes eating her fried pickles until the young girl behind the bar approached her with a napkin and placed it on the bar in front of her and then stepped back as if she were waiting for something. Angel looked at the napkin. There was note written on it... just two simple words.. “Nice tits” Angel glanced up at the young dark-haired vixen behind the bar and smiled as she picked up a napkin, opened up her clutch purse and wrote a note on the napkin, folding it and handing it to the bartender. She took the napkin and strutted to the other end of the bar and placed it in front of the woman sitting on the bar stool. Angel had written three words.. “So are yours.”... A minute later the bartender was back with another note on a new napkin.. Again Angel read the note... “Do your tits ever talk to you? And if so, what are they saying right now?” Angel wrote another note and handed it to the bartender, carefully watching her as she walked toward the woman at the end of the bar, and sure enough, as she suspected, the young girl was reading the notes as they were being passed back and forth. She handed the note to the woman and watched her smile as she read .. “Yes they do, and they are telling me that they want to meet yours.” Again the bartender walked toward Angel with a napkin in her hand.. her big tits swaying a little as she strutted toward Angel.

“Wow, these notes are making me wet.” She whispered as she handed the note to Angel.

Angel already knew, but she asked anyway ..“So you have been reading them?”

“I know I shouldn't, but the two of you are just sooooo hot.. and I have such a weakness for .. well... you know....”

Angel smiled as she completed her sentence .. “Big tits?”

“Yessssssssss.” her reply was filled with enthusiasm.

Angel placed her hands and elbows on the bar as she leaned forward.. resting her huge tits on the edge of the bar.. letting the young girl get an eye full of her massive cleavage as Angel read the note. “Skin to skin?” She placed the napkin down and looked at the young bartender and noticed that she was staring at her deep cleavage... “So tell me.. how do you think I should reply to that last note?”

“I know what I would do.” She answered, her eyes never leaving Angel's cleavage.

“What would you do?”

“I would accept the offer.”

“You would want to press your tits against hers.... naked skin to naked skin?”

“You Goddamn right I would.”

“Then why don't you tell her that and do it.”

She frowned as she replied.. “We already talked about that and we want to do it, but I have to work until 2 and she can't stay that long.. something about a meeting early tomorrow morning.”

“So why not plan to hook up another time.”

She smiled as she answered .. “Already done that.”

Angel nodded then placed a twenty dollar bill on the bar and wrote another note ... it read .. “Yes. Follow me.”

“Thanks for the tip.”

“You're welcome.... ahhhhh...?”


Angel thought for a moment... 'Jennifer... no .. it couldn't be … there had to be thousands of girls in Dallas with the name Jennifer.' She took a moment to look around the bar, noticing that the she and Joy were the only women customers in the bar... and Angel had an idea. “I need for you to do something for me Jennifer.”

“Ok... what?”

“Do you have an 'Out of Order' sign that you sometimes place on the restroom door?”

“Yes I do.”

“I need you to go get it and hang it, or tape it, whatever you do, on the women's restroom door for me.”

“But it's not out of order.”

Angel was still leaning against the edge of the bar as she placed her arms on either side of her tits and squeezed them together... giving Jennifer a view of perhaps the deepest cleavage that she had ever seen. “No, it isn't... but it you place the sign on the door, everyone will think it is out of order.”

“You mean that you and her are.. are going to... y'know... in the restroom?”

“Yes... that is the plan.”

“Wow!” Jennifer gasped.

“And one more thing Jennifer, once we are inside the restroom, you might want to drag a couple of bar stools over to the door and block the door... for anyone who can't read.”

“Oh my God... Wow!.. that is so fucking hot!”

“Now go place the sign on the door and then come back.”

“Ok” Jennifer answered as she went and found the 'Out of Order' sign, walked to the women's restroom door, and hung the sign on the door before walking back to Angel.

“Now give her this note... and make sure no one else goes into the restroom.”

She slid off her bar stool, glanced at Joy at the other end of the bar, making eye contact with her and slowly headed toward the restroom... rocking her hips a little more than was necessary as she strutted past Joy to the restroom, pushed open the door and walked inside. A moment later Jennifer handed the note to the woman.... then waited for her to pay her bar bill and then watched as she walked toward the door, following Angel into the women's room. “Holy shit.” Jennifer whispered to herself as she watched the restroom door close behind Joy... “Wow! ...What I wouldn't give to watch those two pair of big tits slam into each other.... “Holy Shit.”

As Joy walked into the restroom, Angel was standing there waiting for her. “I'm Joy.”

Angel pulled her black top up, her huge tits catching under the material before they slipped out and wobbled for a moment. “I know... I have been looking for you.” Angel said as she finished tugging the top over her head and shaking her long blonde hair out.

“You have been looking for me?” Joy asked as she stared at Angel's enormous tits.

“Yes... I met a woman the other day who hired me to find you.”

Joy reached behind her back and unzipped her dress as she asked... “Who are you? And who is this other woman?”

Angel unbuttoned her shorts and begin to slide them down over her hard tight buttocks as she answered … “I'm Angel.. a private investigator.. I met a woman named Ashley recently and she hired me to find you... she said she caught you fucking her boyfriend.”

“Oh! That lying little bitch!!” Joy exclaimed as she slipped her dress off, stepped out of it and placed it on the vanity. “She was fucking my boyfriend!”

Angel finished stepping out of her shorts and placed her hands in the waistband of her panties as she tugged them down over her hips... “It seems that both of you were fucking the same guy.”

Joy was slipping her panties off as she replied.. “Everything would have been fine if she would have just left him alone... the bitch!”

The two woman finished removing their panties and stood there facing each other,, naked, except for their shoes, which were still on. “That is exactly what Ashley said.”

The took a few moments to let their eyes take in the stunning beauty of each other's bodies... the lovely hair and eyes, the beautiful faces, the huge massive tits and the flat tummies.... and their wet pussys. “Soooo, now that you have found me... ?”

Angel stepped forward until their big nipples were about an inch apart... “Ashley asked me to set up a meeting between the two of you.. she wants to settle this.. woman to woman.... Ashley wants to fuck it out.”

Joy stepped forward.. mashing her huge E cup tits into Angel's over-sized E cup tits as she glared into Angel's eyes … “You tell that fucking whore that I would love nothing more than to fuck-fight her until she begs me to stop.”

Angel wrapped her arms around Joy's waist, pulling their giant tits closer... causing them to mushroom against each other... “That is exactly what Ashley said... she wants to lock cunts with you until you beg her to stop.”

“That fucking whore!” Joy whispered as her hands reached down and cupped Angel's hard buttocks... jerking her forward as their cunts 'smacked' together.

Angel placed her hands on Joy's tight buttocks as she rocked her hips back, then jerked forward.. tugging Joy's hips at the same time … “Smack.” Their cunts slapped together again... “Why don't you show me Joy... why don't you show me how you want to fuck that lying dirty bitch that was cheating with your boyfriend.”

Joy jerked her hips forward.. again slapping their pussys together... and then again... and again.... Angel was rocking with her as they slapped their cunts together... again and again... 'slap' …. 'smack' …. 'smack' … 'slap' .. pounding their wet cunts together as they slowly spread their legs apart.. allowing more contact between their slapping cunts. Their huge tits wobbled against each other as they slapped their wet cunts together over and over... sometimes it was a quiet 'smack'... sometimes it was a loud 'clap' .. minute after minute they banged and slammed their cunts together... hard. Neither of the hot bitches knew that Jennifer had walked to the restroom and had her ear against the door. ... listening to the constant slapping and clapping sounds... she thought they were slamming those huge tits together!

As they continued to slap their cunts together and grind their heavy tits together, Angel began to taunt Joy... “Ashley said her tits were bigger than yours.”

Joy stepped back and then slammed her tits into Angel's with a loud 'smack'... “Bullshit! My tits are bigger and much firmer than that bitch!” Again she slapped her huge tits head on into Angel's dense pair.. making another 'smacking' sound.

Angel kept on... “She also told me that she had a better pussy... that she could suck your pussy dry with hers.”

“That fucking bitch!” Joy gasped as she continued to slap tits and cunts with Angel.

“She also said that her clit was bigger than yours... and that she could not wait to grind her big clit on yours until you were cumming and begging for her to stop.”

Joy pushed Angel back toward the wall...”Spread your legs.. I'll show you what a big clit feels like!” Angel could tell that Joy was riled up as she leaned her upper body back against the wall and thrust her hips forward as Joy moved between Angel's legs and arched her mound toward Angel's... then pushed forward... forcing her hard clit against Angel's.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Angel moaned as Joy began sliding up and down.. rubbing their two throbbing clits together... “Fuck me Joy... fuck me like you are going to fuck Ashley.”

“I'll show you how to fuck clit to clit!” Joy moaned as she kept sliding her sensitive hard clit up and down against Angel's equally hard vibrating clit … rubbing... sliding... up and down against each other as their tits wobbled together.. nipples stabbing into each others areolas as they fucked.

“Oh my God!” Jennifer whispered to herself as she was able to hear little bits and pieces of their conversation... but it was enough for her to know that the two big-titted bitches were fucking each other. “Shit!” She whispered again as a customer sat down at the bar and she had to go wait on him. Ten minutes later she walked back to the restroom door and once again placed her hear up against the door... hearing moans and gasps... they were still fucking.

Although neither Angel or Joy thought it was a good idea to get down on the restroom floor, they had eventually decided that it was the only way to really get their cunts in tight contact.. Angel was laying on the floor with her right leg up in the air and Joy was straddling her... grinding her open wet cunt down against Angel's soaked pussy.. they where rocking and humping together.. mashing their pussy lips as tightly together as they possibly could... rocking and grinding... flicking their big clits together... Angel's hands were on Joy's hips as they fucked... and they were fucking hard... really mashing and grinding their cunts together... grinding them together very hard... sliding.. rocking... clits flicking... their mixed wetness was pooling on the restroom floor as they fucked.. “You dirty whore!!!” Joy moaned … “I fucking hate you Ashley!!!”

“Show me that hate!!! Show me how much you want to fuck her brains out!!” Angel moaned as they kept grinding and rubbing together... Angel's ass sliding around in the pussy juice on the tiled restroom floor.

Jennifer had to wait on a couple of more customers before she returned to the restroom door, glancing at the clock on the neon Budweiser sign.... they had been in the restroom for almost an hour! “Damn,, they're still fucking!” She whispered to herself again as the moans from the restroom became louder and louder.

“Come on Joy.... Come on... Show me how you're gonna make that bitch-whore cum for you!” Angel moaned loudly.

“You fucking whore!!” Joy gasped as she began to rock faster against Angel's clit.. rocking and rubbing... pushing and grinding … “Fuck you!! Fuck you, you nasty slut!!”

“Yessssssssssss fuck me Joy!!!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!”


“Make that dirty whore Cum!!!” Angel cried out... wanting Joy to win this battle.. wanting her to make 'Ashley' cum first.

“Cum you filthy dirty cheating whore!!!”

Angel could have lasted much longer... but it was important that Joy 'win'... so she gave in to the pleasure of their fucking.... and her orgasm began … “Ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!! Cummmmmmmming!” Angel's pussy gushed hard against Joy's wet cunt.. gushing and spraying her hot cum on Joy's pussy. “Oh .. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss Cummmmmming!”

The heat from Angel's gushing pussy was enough to send Joy into her orgasm.. “Unnnnnnnnnn... fuckkkkkkkk Cummmmmmmming!”



“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss.” Angel gasped.

“Ohhhhhhh my God.” Joy was moaning.

Jennifer's pussy was soaked as she listened....but she had to once again leave to attend to a customer. “Damn” She whispered to herself as she walked back behind the bar.

Angel rolled to her side, separating their joined cunts as Ashley slid off of Angel's body. Angel quickly got to her knees and reached out for Joy...grabbing her hand and pulling her close... Once again, their extraordinary tits meet as they moved their lips together and began kissing each other wildly … their tongues licking and lapping at each others mouth. Joy moaned as she felt Angel's hard lengthy nipples pushing into her own rock hard nipples. You already know that Joy had some very impressive nipples... big and round and hard … extending ¾ of an inch from her areolas... but they were no match for Angel's intimidating erect spikes. Within a minute Joy began to feel the hard mass of Angel's massive nipples as they rocked their tits together. “Unnnnnnnnnnnnn God Angel.”

As they kissed, both hot women reached between the others thighs and began rubbing each others wet slit with their fingers... sliding up and down between their wet pussy lips... feeling how wet each other was... and a very short moment later, those fingers were pushing inside of each others wet cunts.. They began to pump their huge tits together.. their nipples straining against each other, their fingers pumping in and out of each others cunts as their tongues wrestled.. They moaned … they squealed … they gasped... their tits were pounding into each other... they were not separating enough to create some of those familiar 'smacking' sounds but there were little 'plops' as their big tits would mushroom together each time they pushed forward into each other. After several more minutes, they pulled their fingers from each others vaginas and were now rubbing each others clits.. fingers sliding up and down... rubbing.. pinching...sliding... their tongues still twisting and rolling together as their nipples burned with heat. “Oh My God!” Joy gasped... “Oh my GOD!!!!” she gasped again. Angel's concrete nipples were pushing into her tits, as Joy threw her head back and moaned...the pleasure from Angel's fingers on her clit with the pleasure of Angel's nipples pushing deeply into her tits was too much.... Joy began to tremble... her body shaking... and then her clit jerked hard … her vagina clenching and spewing her girl-cum on Angel's hand and fingers. “Cummmmmmmmming!”

“Yesssssssss Joy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit! Cummming hard!!”

Jennifer had once again returned to the door and had reached between her legs.. her fingers rubbing the front of her jeans.

Angel gave in to her own pleasure as her powerful cunt sprayed Joy's fingers with her own girl-cum … “AH ah ah ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh yessssss Cummmmmmming!”

The two big-titted women held each other tight as they trembled together.. their fingers still rubbing each others sensitive clits... Joy was lost in the moment as she once again called Angel 'Ashley'. “Unnnnnnnnn Ashley, you fucking whore!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm Joy.” Angel moaned as they slowly removed their fingers from each others cunts. It had been a good fuck... a really good fuck … leaving both women panting and moaning.

Jennifer was close to having her own orgasm when yet another customer sat down at the bar … “Shit!” Again she had to walk away from the restroom door and help someone.

Angel and Joy wrapped their arms around each other and hugged for a few minutes, playfully flicking their tongues together as they swayed their heavy tits back and forth across each other.... Joy finally speaking.. “That was fucking hot Angel... I was really into it.”

“Yes you were Joy... so was I” Angel purred.

“I think I called you Ashley.”

Angel laughed, remembering that Ashley had called her Joy when they had hooked up. “It's ok Joy. . . . You just really want to grind that bitch down.”

“I want to fuck her until she can't move.”

“I know you do.”

Joy looked into Angel's eyes... “So how do I get in touch with the bitch?”

By now they were standing up and putting their clothes back on.. “I will arrange the meeting … Is there anytime that does not work for you?”

“I can make time for that bitch... so anytime works for me.”

“Then I will set it up and call you and Ashley and tell you when and where.”

“Good.” Joy replied. “Let me give you my cell phone number.”

“I already have it Joy.”

“How do you have my number?”

Angel smiled.. “I'm a private eye.... remember?”

“Oh yeah.. well... all right then.. you let me know when and where... just the two of us.”

“Just the two of you... you and Ashley.”

“I cannot tell you how bad I want to get at that bitch!”

“I know.” Angel answered as she had finished dressing.

“I'll be waiting for your call Angel.” Joy responded as they opened the restroom door. Joy seemed surprised that there were a couple of bar stools blocking the door. She grabbed one and Angel grabbed the other one as they scooted them a few feet, clearing a path for them to walk. Joy smiled as she noticed the 'Out of Order' sign on the door. “Looks like you thought of everything.”

“I'm a private eye.” She said once again as she smiled.

“And apparently a damn good one.”

“I'll be in touch Joy.. it was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Yes it was Angel... maybe we can hook up again sometime.”

“Perhaps.” Angel smiled as she turned and walked away.. winking at Jennifer before walking to the door and leaving Joe's Pub. Joy and Jennifer talked for a few minutes about the two of them getting together before Joy left.

“Wow!” Jennifer said out loud. “Wow!... what a fucking night.”

To be continued