By AngelDawn30

Angel, Jane, Lisa, and Amanda

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It was a little after midnight when the four hot girls arrived at Angel's home and were walking inside... Lisa and Amanda making comments about Angel's home. They laid down their purses and followed Angel upstairs to the master bedroom. Lisa and Amanda were wow'ed by the size of the bedroom and were really amazed at the size of Angel's bed.

“So what is on the agenda?” Jane asked.

Angel responded... “First thing on the agenda is for us to get naked!” A couple of minutes later they had all undressed.. everyone checking out each other with their eyes.

“How about we all kiss each other.” Amanda smiled as she spoke.

“At the same time.” Lisa added.

“That sounds fun.. a four-way kiss.” Jane chimed in.

They all stood close together in a tight little circle. .. Angel spoke in her sexy voice, “I don't think we have enough space to get our lips together... sooo ...everyone stick out your tongue and we will tongue kiss together. Four tongues extended as they brought their faces close together and touched all of their tongues together at the same time. They licked.. and lapped.. flicking their tongues against each other.. they kissed this way for the next five minutes.. their breathing slowly becoming deeper. Lisa was the first to step back... “I want to see who has the best tits between Angel and Jane.”

Amanda seconded the motion ..“So do I!” She looked at Angel and then at Jane .. “Y'all stand next to each other.. side by side and we will feel you up so we can decide.” Angel and Jane laughed as they took off their tops and stood next to each other.

Lisa looked at the two blondes.. “Don't move.. just stand there while we determine who has the better tits.”

“OK.” Jane said as Angel nodded her approval.

Amanda and Lisa stepped in front of them.. Amanda reaching out and cupping Angel's huge tits in the palms of her hands and Lisa cupping and palming Jane's massive tits. They ran their fingers over the heavy globes.. feeling how tight their skin was.. lifting them .. weighing them in their hands... squeezing and kneading... occasionally forcing a moan from Angel and Jane. “Ok” Amanda said to Lisa.. “Now lets switch.” Again they played with the huge tits in front of them... this time it was Lisa who was squeezing and playing with Angel's tits as Amanda fondled Jane's big tits. After a few minutes Lisa and Amanda stepped back.. “What do you think Lisa?”

“I think I need to check both of them out at the same time” as she reached out and placed her right hand on Angel's left tit and placed her left hand on Jane's right tit... again squeezing and kneading.. moving both tits around on their chests.. seeing how much they mushroomed when she placed the flat palm of her hand and pushed in.. then she lifted them and dug her nails into the dense tit-flesh... Angel and Jane were enjoying the attention as they moaned.. and sometimes winced a little as Lisa really squeezed their tits hard. “OK Amanda.. it's your turn.”

Amanda took Lisa's place and began to compare Angel and Jane's tits. Like Lisa had done, Amanda squeezed and played with those incredible tits.. feeling how firm and dense they were... As Amanda squeezed and kneading their heavy tits, Angel and Jane felt their tits swelling up with sexual energy.. they were aroused.. their pussys were wet and their nipples were extended and hard. After a few minutes Amanda stepped back and looked at Lisa.. “It's time to vote.”

“Secret ballot.” Lisa smiled as she had already found a pen and a piece of paper which she tore in half... she handed the paper and pen to Amanda and Amanda wrote on the paper, folding it in half then handed the pen back to Lisa who also wrote and folded the paper in half.. then handed the two pieces of paper to Jane. “You may read the judges decision!” Jane and Angel laughed as Jane unfolded the first piece of paper and read out-loud … “Tie.”... she then unfolded the second piece of paper and read it out0loud.. “It's a tie.”

“I agree with that... but I'm bigger!” Angel exclaimed.

Jane smiled.. “I don't think so Angel.”

“That sounds like a challenge” Lisa said in her sultry voice.

“Got any measuring tape Angel?”

Angel pointed to her dresser.. “Top drawer.. on the right side.”

Amanda walked over to the dresser, pulled open the top drawer and found the tape. “Got it... who wants to be first?”

“I'll go first.” Angel replied.

Amanda walked over to Angel.. “The only fair way is to determine the difference between your under-bust measurement and your over-bust measurement.. agreed?”

“Sounds ok to me.” Angel answered as Jane nodded her approval.

“Come here and help me Lisa... you take this end of the tape.. and now lets wrap it around Angel.. right under her bust... make sure the tape is level all the way around.” Lisa grabbed one end of the tape and walked all the way around Angel until she was standing next to Amanda in front of Angel. “Does it look level Jane?”

“Yes, it's level.”

They pulled the tape together,, not tight, but firm. “Does this look all right Jane?”

“It looks fine to me, yes.”

Lisa read the result... “Twenty-nine and a half inches... everyone agree?” Everyone said yes as Lisa continued.. “Now lets measure Jane.” Amanda and Lisa repeated what they had just done with Angel watching to make sure it was fair... when everyone was in agreement Lisa read the result.. “It's the same as Angel.. twenty-nine and a half.,, now we measure around the fullest part of the bust.. just below the nipple... we'll start with Jane.” Amanda and Lisa pulled the measuring tape around Jane.. keeping it level all the way around and placing the top edge of the tape against the bottom of Jane's nipple shafts.... when they agreed that it was done correctly, Lisa read the result.. “Damn Jane... you are fucking huge! .. forty and ¾ inches.. that's a difference of... Hmm.. what is it Amanda?”

“Eleven and ¼ inches.... now Angel.”

Lisa and Amanda measured Angel the same way they had measured Jane, keeping the tape level and placing the top edge of the tape against the bottom of Angel's protruding nipple... “God.... I can't believe it.... it's the same as yours Angel.. forty and ¾ inches.. Y'all's tits are exactly the same size.”

“That's because Angel cheated!” Jane smirked.

Angel laughed.. “I did not... you all agreed on the measurements”

Jane replied.. “Yeah, but you took a deep breath before they placed the tape around your tits!”

“I did not.” Angel protested as she reached behind Jane and slapped her buttocks.. 'smack'.

“Ow.” Jane responded as she was trying not to laugh. “Hey, I have an idea.”

“What's that?” Amanda answered.

“Lets have a sexfight tournament!”

“I'm in.” … “Me too.” … “Count me in.”

“Good... Let me get a pen and some paper and I will write down three names on three pieces of paper.”

“Psssssst... there are four of us Jane.” Amanda looked puzzled.

“It's ok Amanda... I'll explain.” Jane wrote down names on three pieces of paper.. although the other three girls did not see what she was writing, Jane wrote down Lisa on all three pieces of paper, thinking this would be a good way for Angel to interview Lisa for the personal assistant position She then folded them and placed them in a glass. “Since we are all here at Angel's home and since she is such a wonderful hostess, I will let Angel draw out a name... that is who she will sexfight... leaving the other two of us to sexfight.. then the winner of each sexfight will fight for the championship!”

“Yeahhhh!” Amanda cheered as everyone else laughed... Amanda joining in and laughing with them.

“OK Angel.. close your eyes and draw a name.” Angel reached in with her eyes closed and pulled out one of the pieces of paper, opened her eyes, unfolded it, read the name and then showed the piece of paper to everyone as she exclaimed .. “Lisa!”

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss... I want to fuck you soooooooooo bad!” Lisa gasped

Jane looked at Amanda... “Looks like you and I are gonna hook up Amanda.”

“Mmmmmmm I'm ready Jane.”

They all stripped and climbed up on Angel's mammoth bed... Angel and Lisa on the left and Jane and Amanda on the right. Jane stated the rules ..“First one to cum loses the match and the two winners will fight for the trophy.”

Angel laughed.. “We have no trophy Jane.”

“Then we'll get one and have it inscribed... “Jane... Sexfight Champion.”

They laughed as each couple got on their knees facing each other, with one hand around their opponent's waist and the other hand on their opponent's pussy.. “Shouldn't there be a whistle or a bell of something?”

Angel yelled out … “Ding Ding!” and the sexfight was on. Four fingers simultaneously slipped inside four wet vaginas as the two couples pressed their big tits together and began kissing and finger-fucking each other... within minutes four voices were moaning and gasping as they mashed their heavy tits together and licked each others mouths with their wet tongues.

Lisa pushed Angel over on her back and mounted her thrusting her hot wet cunt against Angel's as their long hard nipples met tip to tip then disappeared under their huge tits. “Fuck me Angel.”

“Oh yesssss Lisa.. let's fuck and fuck and fuck!” Angel gasped as she lifted her ass up off the bed and thrust her pelvis up, grinding her wet cunt hard against Lisa's.. Lisa was grinding down as hard as she could as their pussy lips spread out and their clits met head on... “Ohhhhhh Lisa I can feel your clit against mine!”

“I'm gonna fuck your clit with mine until you cum for me Angel!” Lisa moaned as they began rocking and sliding their hard clits against each other... up and down and up and down... it was an intense fuck.. both women wanting to force an orgasm from the other. Angel's tits were on fire... Lisa had amazing tits and they felt just as firm and dense as Angel's as their massive chests mushroomed together.. their nipples burning against each other as they fucked.

By now, Jane and Amanda had also laid down on the bed, on their sides facing each other with their thighs pressed against each others wet cunts. Their heavy tits were squeezed tightly together as the began to slide their firm thighs against each others wet cunts. With their tongues extended the two hot bitches began to kiss... although their lips were not touching.. it was just tongue against tongue as they licked and stroked each others wet tongue with their own.... lapping and licking... moaning as their thighs rubbed against each others clits and pussy lips. Jane leaned back and shifted her upper body about an inch so that their hard nipples were lined up... tip to tip... then she and Amanda leaned into each other... their nipples burning together as they disappeared from view beneath their enormous tit-flesh.

Angel and Lisa were really into their fuck-fight... their throbbing clits flicking and rubbing against each other as they jerked their cunts together... making sweet little smacking sounds each time their swollen pussy lips would smack together... spraying their wet juices on each others cunt. They were moaning... Angel had reached around Lisa with her legs and was squeezing Lisa with her powerful thighs as they humped their naked cunts together. As Angel grabbed Lisa's buttocks, Lisa reached her hands under Angel's ass and cupped her hard tight buttocks in her hands as they pulled each other tighter and tighter together.... so tight that all they could do was grind together... and what sweet heavenly grinding it was... their pussy lips sliding up and down and back and forth against each other... it felt so warm and gooey.... their hard clits continued to throb and pulse against each other as they pushed their hungry cunts together in a deep grind.... their hands on each others buttocks.. pulling themselves together as tight as they could as their heavy dense tits mushroomed against each other... they were locked together... as they moved their hot cunts up and down and back and forth against each other... moaning and gasping.

Amanda had rolled Jane over on her back and had reached under Jane, cupping her amazing ass cheeks in her hands.. just as Lisa had done to Angel. Jane had also reached for and grabbed Amanda's hard buttocks in her hands as she wrapped her firm thighs around Amanda's legs... squeezing her and pulling her cunt against her own cunt as hard as she could... They were now grinding together... clit to clit.. just as Angel and Lisa were grinding together clit to clit. As they fucked, Angel and Jane slowly inched their way toward each other until their shoulders were touching.. and their hips were touching.. and their thighs were touching... all four women fucking and moaning as they rubbed and slid their hungry cunts together in a deep grind-fuck. Jane released her right hand from Amanda's buttock and slapped her ass cheek... 'Smack.'... a moment later Angel was also slapping Lisa's buttocks with her right hand …'Slap … 'Smack'. Amanda and Lisa were moaning as Angel and Jane slapped their hard buttocks... “slap'.. 'smack …..... 'smack' … slap.'

The bedroom was flooded with the sweet scent of pussy juice as the four hot women fucked each other. Angel and Jane loved the feel of their skin rubbing together as they laid side by side … Lisa was really grinding her cunt against Angel's hot cunt and Amanda was thrusting her wet pussy hard against Jane's soaked cunt as they fucked and fucked and fucked..... with the occasional 'smack' of Angel's and Jane's open hand on Lisa's and Amanda's buttocks. Amanda began to moan loudly... Jane knew that Amanda was very close to an orgasm as she began to squeeze Amanda's wet pussy with her own pussy.... tugging and pulling at her pussy lips and clit with her strong pussy lips. Angel had also began to flex her potent pussy against Lisa's... squeezing and sucking at Lisa's hot cunt with her magical pussy. Angel and Jane turned their heads toward each other and smiled as they both squeezed their cunts against Lisa and Amanda.... as Angel and Jane stared at each other, Jane whispered... “I can make Amanda cum first.”

Angel was panting as she replied.. “Lisa will cum first.” Angel and Jane were now locked into another contest.... another challenge … not only were they determined to make their partner cum before they did ... they were now competing to see who could finish off her partner first. Angel and Jane began to use all of the experience they had learned over the years... every little trick... every little move... as they competed to see who could make their partner cum first. Amanda and Lisa were moaning and gasping as two of the most talented and powerful pussys in the world worked their magic.. squeezing and sucking … tugging and pulling.... Amanda began to whimper... Lisa was gasping for air.... and then Jane felt Amanda's body tense.... and at the same time, Angel felt Lisa's body stiffen with pleasure ….. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!” Lisa moaned loudly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh my God!” Amanda panted.

“Cum for me Lisa!” Angel moaned.

“Cum on Amanda... Cum for me!” Jane gasped.



Angel and Jane both squirmed their cunts against Lisa's and Amanda's … trapping Lisa's and Amanda's throbbing clits between their swollen sucking pussy lips... squeezing and sucking on their clits … sucking hard … Lisa had never felt a pussy that could suck her clit like Angel's pussy was doing... and Amanda had never felt such suction on her clit from another pussy …. It was just a matter of a few more seconds.....

Amanda screamed first …. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Lisa screamed a split second later … “Ahhhhhhh Angel! … Cummmming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming !!! Amanda cried.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmmmming and cummming!”

“Cummmmmmmmmmming !”

Angel and Jane were still staring at each other.. looking into one another's eyes as they let go and began to cum together.... “Cummmmmming!!” Jane moaned.

Angel was moaning with her … “Cummmmmmmmmming with you Jane!” It was as if Angel and Jane were fucking each other and cumming together as they moaned and gasped together. Lisa and Amanda were withering together as they came again...


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!! Cummmmmming!!”

All four sexy girls moaned together as they caught their breath... Lisa and Amanda finally rolling off of Angel and Jane.... the next few minutes were filled with deep breathing as four pairs of over-sized tits rose and fell on their chests... Lisa finally speaking... “Ok.... now it's Angel and Jane for the sexfight championship.” Jane giggled as she gave Lisa one of her ..'You've got to be kidding.' looks. She and Angel were exhausted. “Well... ok....” Lisa was trying to think of something to say when Angel spoke...

“Let's do a daisy chain.”

Amanda responded first … “Yummy,”

Jane joined in.. “Sounds like fun.”

“What's a daisy chain?” Lisa inquired.

“Oh come on!” Angel said. The four girls looked at each other for a moment until Lisa broke out in laughter.... and Angel, Jane and Amanda laughed with her for a few moments until Lisa spoke again ...”I was just kidding.” They all moved around on Angel's enormous bed until Angel had her face buried in Amanda's cunt … Amanda was licking Jane's pussy and Jane was tonguing Lisa's hot cunt as Lisa began to suck on Angel's big clit. Four tongues were licking and lapping at four wet pussys as they tasted each others girl-cum … Once again Angel's bedroom was filled with the sweet sounds of fucking. … slurping.... smacking … sucking … moaning and groaning... gasping and heavy breathing as they tongue fucked each other... it was a sight to behold. They were really getting into it.. humping their wet fuck-holes against hot wet mouths... licking and sucking the cunt that was in front of their faces... until Jane yelled out... “Switch!”.. They all turned around and began sucking on a new cunt... slurping and lapping with their lips and tongues... sucking pussy lips into their mouths and tugging and pulling with their lips... tongues flicking clits.... tongues stabbing deeply into hot wet vaginas.. The four hot bitches began to moan louder and louder... Angel was now sucking and licking Lisa's cunt …. Lisa was tongue fucking Jane... Jane was eating Amanda's pussy and Amanda was lapping and slurping on Angel's wet pussy. They were really into it now as hands clutched buttocks... there was the occasional slap of an ass cheek as they moaned and groaned together on the bed... Another long intense five minutes went by until Jane once again gasped … “Switch.”... she rolled over and crawled over toward Angel and burried her face in Angel's sweet pussy as Amanda moved around so that her pussy was pushing against Angel's face. Lisa was once again licking and sucking on Jane's pussy as Amanda licked and slurped on Lisa's pussy... licking and sucking... Angel finally got a good hold on Amanda's clit with her mouth and tugged and sucked as hard as she could..... within a minute Amanda was shaking and trembling as she began to cum...

“Cummmmmming!!” Amanda moaned with her face between Lisa's thighs.... She gushed against Angel's face.... as Lisa began to cum on Amanda's face...

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck !!!!” Lisa screamed as she began gushing her hot wetness on Amanda's face... a moment later Jane and Angel were cumming together....

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jane gasped loudly.

“Yessssssssss FUCK!!!!” Angel moaned with Jane ….”Cummmmmmmming!”




They were all screaming into each others cunts as they spasmed together... shaking and trembling against each other....... they slowly rolled over to their tummys as they got up on all fours and crawled toward each other... moving their faces together... and licking each others faces... tasting each others cum... kissing and licking... sucking the hot juices from each others face... tongue wrestling.... tongue sucking.... swapping saliva between their mouths... they moaned as they all slipped their fingers down to their own clits and began finger-fucking themselves.... kissing.... sucking each others lips and tongues... lapping and licking each others faces... their fingers a blur on their own swollen throbbing clits until, one by one, they were all cummming again …. sharing their hot breath together as they orgasmed together. … continuing to lick and slurp at each others mouths until they slowly came down from the intense pleasure.

“Oh my God.” Amanda whispered.

“No shit!” Lisa gasped.

Angel and Jane just moaned and smiled at each other..... until they all collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs …. panting and breathing deeply. It was almost four in the morning.

Thirty minutes later Amanda and Lisa had got themselves dressed and were on their way home. Angel and Jane were still naked as they laid down on the bed facing each other ...their huge tits were snuggled together and their legs were intertwined … and their lips were barely touching so they could share each others breath. A few minutes later Angel and Jane drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

To be continued