By AngelDawn30

Previously on Wednesday (Highlights)

Angel catches Joy and Emily titfighting for Rick at the motel
Wendy and Jennifer met at the country club
Emily and Jennifer met at the library
Angel and Jane met at Armando's Restaurant. Angel had to leave to pursue the mystery woman “Kiera”
Joy met Mark at the Hotel Texas
Ashley catches Joy and Mark having sex at the Hotel
Jane met Ashley in the bar
Angel caught Kiera and Sophia together. Kiera escaped.


Angel was sitting at the receptionist's desk in her office. She was wearing a short light pink skirt, with pink heels, and a white pull over top with a V neckline.. and yes, you could see some of her enormous cleavage. When you have E cup tits, it's kinda hard to hide them. She was finishing her cup of coffee when Amber walked in the front door. Angel had not met Amber... they had only communicated on the phone. “Hi. May I help you?”

“Hi, I'm Amber. You must be Angelica?”

Angel stood up and walked around the desk, extending her hand to Amber .. “Yes, I am Angelica. .. Please …. call me Angel... it is so nice to finally meet you.”

The lovely and sexy Amber took Angel's hand in her own and squeezed .. “It is especially nice to meet you Angel.”

Amber was wearing a navy dress that was way too short for someone her least eight inches above her knees ... but if fit her like a glove. The scoop neckline showed plenty of bare skin... and an amazing amount of deep cleavage. She looked hot as hell … and with the confirmation that her husband was, indeed, cheating on her, . ...she was looking for a 'grudge fuck'.... and as she looked at Angel she thought that Angel would do just fine... but unfortunately, she had an appointment with her lawyer that she had to keep... so it would have to wait until later.

Angel walked over to the loveseat. “Please have a seat Amber.”

“Thank you.” Amber smiled as she sat down with Angel sitting down next to her.

As they placed their hands in their laps and turned their heads toward each other. Amber spoke first. “I came here to thank you and to pay you what I owe you.”

Angel smiled at her... “All right...first of all, here are the pictures I took.”

Amber looked through the pictures.. “What was he doing with two women?”

“I think you need to know what was going on Amber.”

“I don't want to know.... How much do I owe you?”

“I have an audio tape.. and you should listen to it.”

“Angel, I really don't want to listen to it.”

“I really think you should.”

“No, please.. I would rather not.”

“Ok, let me go look on my computer and see how much you owe.” Before Angel could stand up, Amber reached out with her right hand and placed it on top of Angel's left hand.

“There is a problem... I am a little over-extended at the moment, and I can't pay you today.. .. but I can in a couple of weeks.”

Angel placed her other hand on top of Amber's right hand.. “It's ok Amber.. You can pay me later... whenever you can.”

Amber then placed her other hand on top of Angel's hand so that all four of their hands were stacked on top of each other. Amber turned her body toward Angel.. her huge right tit pressing against Angel's upper left arm... “That would be so very nice of you to do that for me.”

“It's not a problem Amber … we caught the bastard... that's what really matters.”

Amber stood back up. “I have to go see a lawyer today... and I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Who is your lawyer?”

“Michelle Richardson.”

“I have heard of her... but if you don't like her, you should contact Jane Love at the Johnson Law Firm.” Angel wrote down Jane's number and handed it to Amber. “Now tell me, what is the favor you wanted to ask me?”

“If this goes to court.. you would be willing to testify about what you saw and about the photos you took?”

Angel stood back up facing Amber. “Absolutely.”

Amber stepped toward Angel and placed her arms around Angel's waist, pulling Angel close. As their big tits pressed together, the exposed skin above their necklines touched and pressed together.... Angel closed her eyes, enjoying the skin on skin contact as she hugged Amber a little closer. She could feel Amber's heart beating fast as they pushed their huge racks together. 'Mmmm' Angel whispered to her.. “I like the way you hug.”

“I like the way you hug too. … When this all gets settled.. I hope that I can properly thank you... in a very special way.”

“I would like that very much Amber.”

Amber released their hug... leaned forward and kissed Angel on her cheek.. “Thank you again.”

“You are very welcome Amber.”

Amber smiled as she turned around and walked out the door. Angel was pleased that there was a possibility that she and Amber would hook up some time in the future.... and although Angel was also pleased that she had been able to catch her cheating husband.. she wished that Amber would have listened to the audio tape. It's true that Rick was doing things behind Amber's back... obviously lying to her about where he was and what he was doing.. but he wasn't fucking anyone... only watching two girls titfight. Perhaps if Amber knew, then maybe she and Rick might be able to work things out... especially if Amber was into girls.

As soon as Amber left, Angel picked up her cell phone and called Jane.

“Hi Angel.” Jane's voice sounded friendly.

“Hi Jane... I am soooo sorry about last night.”

“It's alright .. I understand. … did you catch her?”

“No, she got away... but I do have a little more information.”

“I have no doubt you will find her Angel.”

“Eventually... I do hope it is soon.... Hey.. are you busy tonight?.. I thought we could get together.”

Angel could hear the disappointment in Jane's voice as she answered... “I have to attend the Fine Arts Gala at the country club... Paul is sending me so he does not have to go... I'm sorry Angel.”

“It's ok.. I am sure you will have a good time... sooo what about Friday night?”

Jane was very happy that Angel obviously really wanted to see her again … “I would love to meet you Friday evening...but I have a better idea... if you are free... Why don't we spend the weekend together?”

That was more than Angel had hoped for.. “Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday?”

Jane whispered into her phone.. “Yesssssss.”

“I would love it, love it, love it.”

Jane laughed.. “You sound excited.”

“I am!”

“Me too Angel... It's a weekend date. I'll call you and we can plan where to meet Friday evening... ok?”

“Yes... and Jane?”

“Um huh?”

Angel whispered … “Bigger.”

Jane laughed... “We'll see about that Angel.. I am so very much looking forward to spending time with you... I have to go.”

“Ok Jane... see you soon.”

Angel smiled as she spent the next few moments thinking of Jane.. She was so incredibly beautiful... It was going to be an unforgettable weekend.


Michelle Richardson was one of the most sought after attorneys in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and she used her 'celebrity-like' status to her advantage. She had graduated at the top of her class at law school and quickly worked her way to the top. Part of this quick assent may have been the fact that she came from a very wealthy family, one of the most well known families in Texas ... Oil money... what some people refer to as 'old money'... and part of her quick success was the fast that Michelle was gorgeous. ... a brunette with big brown eyes who was physically just about perfect... At age 30, Michelle was 5'8” tall and weighed 127 pounds … with long dark, almost black hair that flowed down her back past her shoulder blades... Her measurements were 40-25-34. She required a 34E bra to contain her massive tits. ... the rumor was that her tits had been enhanced. .. Maybe they were... maybe not... either way they were big... big as in 'fucking huge'. … and Michelle was proud of her tits. She did not flaunt them except on rare occasions … after all, she did have an image to protect... but she did have a personalized license plate on her black Mercedes that simply read '34E'. Of course everyone knew it referenced to her bra size even thought she said it referred to the first oil well that that her grandfather drilled that produced oil... It was partial number 34, and the 5th well that was drilled... and since E was the fifth letter of the alphabet …. 34E.

Michelle had a reputation of being arrogant. .. as if she thought she was a little better than anyone else. Her bitchy attitude certainly helped in the courtroom... but it prevented her from having very many close friends .. which was not a major concern to her.. because she only had two priorities … her career as an attorney... and fucking.... fucking women. Michelle was really into women.. particularly women with big tits. She was competitive.. and was always comparing her assets with other women.... not that she had anything to prove. … it was more like a 'game.' … a game that she had to win. It gave her great satisfaction to go tit to tit with another woman.., nothing gave her more pleasure than to destroy another pair of tits with her own... the bigger the other woman's tits were, the more pleasure she derived from winning. The concept was quite simple. Titfighting. .. putting her massive rack up against any and all who would dare to compare tits with her. .. and Michelle always won. Her tits were heavy … firm …. dense … and unlike some women, .. Michelle was not afraid to smack and slap her huge tits head on into anyone who wanted to titfight. If the other woman wanted a rough slapping, smacking, violent titfight.. Michelle was more than willing to oblige. … or if her adversary wanted to 'grind' it out tit to tit... Michelle loved that too. … but perhaps her favorite thing was to humiliate her opponents by nipple fucking them. You see, Michelle had incredible nipples.. an inch long … as big around as a dime ... and hard. She would always easily dominate anyone who was brave enough to match nipples with her ...Now, it is true that there were a few times when she would face-off against someone who also had long nipples. .. but she had yet to meet anyone with nipples as hard as hers. Michelle's nipples were unusually hard … abnormally hard …. think concrete … think steel. .. yeah, that hard. And when nipples like that meet another pair... they penetrate... they probe … they literally push deep inside the opposing pair of tits. … leaving the other woman stunned and devastated

She was always on the prowl … looking for women to titfight. She even had her secretary seek and find opponents for her. Of course, not wanting to tarnish her lawyer image, this was all done in a 'hush-hush' manner. Her secretary, Abby, was well paid, above her normal salary, to visit strip clubs … and night clubs … and to place suggestive ads on web sites.. and to even call escort services... the minimum requirement for an opponent was a 'D' cup... but Michelle liked them bigger … the bigger, the better. In fact, her secretary was a DD cup.. and she and Michelle had titfights on a regular basis. .. at least once a month... but Abby was getting married... and moving to Houston. Abby was currently in the process of finding women for Michelle to interview as her replacement. In particular, Michelle was looking for a young law school student.. someone who could be her secretary on a part time basis now, and then, after graduating from law school, could work with her on a full time basis.... someone who was at least a DD cup and someone into was in to titfighting.

Michelle and Amber

Amber Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Christy Canyon, Sexy and Succulents

Amber walked into the law office, attracting stares from everyone as she made her way toward Michelle's office. She approached Abby and identified herself. Abby quickly excused herself and knocked on Michelle's door before entering. “Your eleven o'clock appointment is here Ms. Richardson … and I think you will like her.” That was Abby's way of saying that she might be a possible titfight opponent.

“Please send her in Abby.”

“Yes Ma'am”

Abby strutted back toward her desk.. “Ms. Richardson will see you know.. right through the door.” Abby said as she pointed.

“Thank you.” Amber politely replied as she walked into Michelle's office. As she walked through the door she saw Michelle for the first time... Michelle was beautiful. As Michelle stood up from behind her desk and walked toward her, Amber's heart began to beat a little faster. Michelle was wearing a white buttoned blouse, with the top two buttons opened, revealing a little of her awesome cleavage. When you have huge E cup tits like Michelle, it does not require a very low cut look to show cleavage. It's always present. A short navy skirt that zipped on the side and navy heels completed her attire.

Michelle's eyes immediately were transfixed on Amber's big tits. They were magnificent. “Hi.. I'm Michelle... you must be Amber.”

“Yes. It is nice to meet you Ms. Richardson.”

“The pleasure is mine Amber.....please call me Michelle. …. excuse me for a moment.” Michelle walked to the door and told Abby to hold all her calls... she then locked the door, and turned back and walked toward Amber, checking her out... her eyes noticing the very short skirt and the deep cleavage showing above her scooped neckline. Michelle was impressed at how attractive and sexy Amber looked. “Please have a seat.” Michelle said as she directed Amber to the love seat... it was a little narrower than most love seats.. and as Amber sat down.. the hem of her skirt rode more than half way up her athletic thighs. Michelle sat down in the narrow space next to her.. .. the love seat was barely wide enough for both of them, but Michelle managed to squeeze in.. their skirts and bare thighs touching together as Amber crossed her lovely legs.. revealing a little more thigh than Michelle. Amber was also checking out Michelle and liked what she saw.... a lot.

As they placed their hands in their laps and turned their heads toward each other, Amber spoke first. “I came here to thank you for taking my case. I hear that you are the best attorney in town when it comes to divorce cases.”

Michelle smiled at her... “Thank you”

Amber reached out with her right hand and placed it on top of Michelle's left hand. “I have pictures..and an audio tape. ... documented evidence that my husband is cheating on me.”

“Then it will be an open and shut case.” Michelle reassured her as she placed her right hand on top of Amber's right hand.

“I want to settle out of court... I want more than half... or I will show the pictures to his family and co-workers.”

“That works for me Amber... I am sure we can get whatever you want.. or we will drag his ass through hell.” Michelle squeezed Amber's hands.

“That's exactly what I want... I want to scare him into giving me the house and my car and half of his retirement and half of everything we own together.”

“And we will Amber... we absolutely will do just that. First, just so we can get it out of the way... we need to discuss my fees. It's three hundred dollars per hour plus court costs, if we have to go to court... but I feel very confident, with the photos you have, that we can settle out of court.”

“So.. what do you think the total will be?”

“It's difficult to say... but it is a fair question... my best educated guess it about eight to ten hours of my time... so you are looking at about 2500 to 3000 dollars... and it could be more if we go to court.”

“I understand... I am not sure if I can pay that much right now... maybe after we settle the case.”

Michelle gave Amber a wicked grin as she stood up and moved her eyes to Amber's big tits ..”I am sure we can work something out”

Amber waited for Michelle's eyes to return to her own eyes before she also stood up and lowered her eyes, staring at Michelle's massive tits and reached behind her back, unzipping her dress and replied .. “I would love to work something out with you Michelle.” Amber then reached down and pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it on the floor behind her.. standing in front of Michelle in a black bra and a black thong.

“You look amazing Amber.”

“Thank you Michelle.” Amber answered as she moved her fingers to the front of Michelle's blouse and began unbuttoning it, then sliding it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor behind Michelle, revealing her white bra. Amber then walked around behind Michelle, reached to her side and unzipped Michelle's skirt, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles revealing Michelle's white panties. As Michelle stepped out of her skirt, Amber was unfastening Michelle's bra, slipping the straps over her shoulders and letting it fall forward. Michelle caught her bra and tossed it over to a nearby chair. Reaching around, Amber moved her hands to Michelle's huge tits, cupping and squeezing them with her hands as Michelle moaned quietly. As she pressed her own big tits into Michelle's back, Amber's fingers found Michelle's stiff nipples and began to roll them with her fingers.. pulling and tugging on them as she rolled them back and forth. Needless to say, Michelle was loving the attention as Amber fondled her tits and nipples. She whispered in Michelle's ear .. “Your tits are so big Michelle... and your nipples are incredible”

“Mmmmm.” Michelle turned around facing Amber … “Lets get a look at yours.” She pressed her naked tits against the front of Amber's black bra as she reached behind her and unhooked the bra, pulling the straps off of her shoulders... Amber stepped back, letting the big cups of her bra fall off her tits and to the floor. They stood there eyeing each other... Michelle with her huge E cup tits that were so amazing.. and Amber with her equally huge E cup tits that were sticking straight out. “Oh my, I was not expecting something this nice.... very nice... I love your nipples.” Michelle whispered as she flicked Amber's long nipples with her fingers. They were not as long as her inch long spikes, but they were much longer and bigger than average... and were very hard. Amber had began toying again with Michelle's stiff nipples as they moaned together. This went on and on for several minutes... four hands and fingers playing with four hard nipples. .. pulling …. tugging …. pinching …. rolling …. “I want to touch them together.”

“Me too Michelle.” Amber continued to hold Michelle's nipples in her fingers as she moved forward.. lining up their four ridged points of pleasure. Then they touched. It was like a lighting bolt as they both threw their heads back and gasped. Sexual energy flowed through their nipples.... it was something they both felt... and their nipples were only touching tip to tip. They stood there.. not moving any closer.. just letting their nipples share their sexual energy with each other... and it was intense. Amber's nipples began to spasm.. jerking against Michelle's … a moment later Michelle felt the same spasms in her own nipples as they began jerking... it was an amazing sight as they looked down at their touching nipples.. and watched them move on their own accord... twitching against each other.. rising and falling … it was if they were fencing each other... and it felt insanely hot.

“Want to nipple fuck?” Michelle whispered.

Amber smiled as she answered .. “I would love to nipple fuck.”

Michelle was very good at 'reading' people... and she thought that Amber was not sure what to do.... so she guided her... “We keep our nipples touching.. and we rock back and forth against each other.. you will try to push your nipples into my tits, and I will try to push my nipples into your tits.... nipple fucking.... but we don't want to press our tits together.. just our nipples until they disappear.. that's as close as we want to get”

Amber did indeed know and understand the concept of nipple fucking, but played along ...“Sounds like fun” Amber leaned forward slowly.. watching their nipples sink back into each others tits... slowly... until the bumpy surface of their areolas touched... they held their tits together like that for a long time... Michelle could feel Amber's nipples getting harder.. and Amber could feel Michelle's nipples twitching against her own.. then they slowly pulled apart.. their nipples retreating equally.. then again pushing.. and holding . Then pulling back... slowly .. again and again.. At age 36, Amber's sexual desires were peaking... and she was already getting wet. She reached her hand down between them.. and slid her fingers inside Michelle's panties... discovering that Michelle was also wet. Michelle returned the favor as she reached inside Amber's thong, and easily, in one quick motion, sank her middle finger up inside Amber's vagina... “Ohhhhhhhh” Amber moaned as she inserted her middle finger into Michelle's hot fuck hole. They began fingering each other as they nipple fucked. It wasn't long until the heels of their hands were grinding against each others clit as they added an additional finger.... inserting their ring fingers into each others hot cunt. They were really finger fucking each other now.. their wet fingers sliding in and out of each others pussy as they applied pressure to each others throbbing clit... then Michelle's concrete nipples began to take over.. with each forward push of their nipples, Michelle's nipples were pushing Amber's hard nipples back.. deeper and deeper inside her own tits.... until all you could see was Michelle's thick nipples.. “Ohhhhh God!” Amber moaned as she felt Michelle's nipples sink inside her tits.. more and more, until the full hard inch of those steel rods were thrusting all the way inside of her tits. “My God!” she gasped.

Michelle was really fingering Amber's twat.... sliding her two fingers as deep and as fast as she could... then she pushed her index finger inside her pussy... fucking her with three fingers as Amber continued to moan.... Michelle was moaning too.. Amber's fingers were driving her crazy as she squeezed her cunt around Amber's fingers... Amber's eyes opened wide as she felt Michelle squeezing her fingers... She had never felt a pussy with this much power. Michelle's clinching vagina was wrapped tightly around her fingers... it was amazing. Michelle continued to finger fuck Amber... sloshing her three fingers in and out as Amber was having more difficulty pushing her fingers in and out of Michelle's squeezing vagina.. Michelle's nipples penetrating all the way inside Amber's firm tits as they nipple fucked... they were both getting close to orgasm... then, as if they were following a pre-written script … they withdrew their fingers and began jerking their fingers against each others protruding clit... rubbing and stroking... they were moaning with pleasure... then Amber felt it... the hot sensation that begins in your clit.. and flows through your body... she was going to cum. “Ahhhhhhhhhh ….. Ohhhhhhhhh.”

“Cum for me Amber.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss! … Cumming! …. SHIT! Cummming!” Amber squealed as her whole body jerked and spasmed, her pussy gushing against Michelle's hand. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Michelle kept jerking her fingers against Amber's clit as her orgasm raced through every nerve in her body...

“Yes Amber.... yes!” Michelle pushed her rock hard nipples deep into Amber's heavy tits one last time.. and gasped... “Ohhhhhh Fuck !!!” I am gonna … gonna …. Ohhhh .. Gonna Cummmmmmmm!!!”... Cummmmmming!” Michelle bucked against Amber... as her pussy gushed. “Ummmm.... Ohhh yesss my nipples are cummming!!”

Then Amber felt something hot inside her tits... it was like liquid fire... hot... burning. Michelle's nipples were cumming inside her tits.. ejaculating their clear hot sticky nipple cum inside her tits... “God!!!” Michelle gasped.. She had never experienced this before. They continued to massage each others clits as their orgasm subsided. Moaning together …. it was warm and wonderful. Michelle slowly eased herself back from Amber... her hard nipples slowly sliding out of Amber's dense tits.... until the tips were visible.. with a thin string of clear nipple cum connecting the tips of Michelle's nipples to the tips of Amber's nipples..... nipples that were still hard and sticking straight out. Amber was in awe... it wasn't that her nipples had grown soft... they were still fully erect... and how Michelle was able to penetrate her tits... it was amazing. She wrapped her arms around Michelle and pulled her close.. their firm tits mushrooming together as they kissed for the first time... it was a soft kiss... their tongues slowly touching and moving together.

“Michelle... that was the most amazing thing ever..... what you did to my tits... and your fingers... God.”

Michelle grinned. “You are an amazingly beautiful woman Amber.”

“Nothing like you... you are unbelievable.”

Again Michelle smiled... she had conquered another pair of tits. “We will consider this a down payment for my services.”


“A down payment.. I'll take a couple of hundred dollars off my bill.”

“I thought this would take care of the bill... I told you that I could not pay all of the bill... and you said we could work something out... which we did.” Amber began to get dressed.

“Oh no Amber... that is not the way it works.”

“Well, that was my understanding.. that we would do this little hook up and it would zero out the legal fees.” Amber was just about finished dressing.. zipping up her dress and slipping on her shoes. “You still expect me to pay the rest?”

“That is how it works Amber.”

Amber was getting angry … “Well let me tell you how it works Ms. Richardson... you can consider today's payment in full for your time. I will find another attorney and you can go to hell.”

“Now now Amber.. let's not rush to any decision.”

“I heard that you were a bitch... I should have listened.” Amber walked to the door, and turned back around … “I will not be your little whore until you decide when my bill is paid... so we are even.... and you are fired. Fuck you.” She slammed the door behind her.

“What a cunt.” … Michelle whispered to herself as she began to think of what she was going to wear tonight to the Fine Arts Gala at the country club.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Amber got into her car and looked inside her purse for the name and phone number that Angel had given to her. “Jane Love” She spoke to herself as she called the number.

Jane was working on a business merger contract when her cell phone rang... she did not recognize the number, but needed a break anyway so she answered her phone. “Jane Love.”

“Hi Ms. Love.. Sorry to bother you.”

“It's ok... who am I speaking with?”

“Oh, sorry, I'm Amber Walker …. Angelica Johansen gave me your number.. I need a divorce lawyer.”

“I would be glad to help you Amber.. would you like to make an appointment?”

“Yes, the sooner the better.”

“Let me check my calendar ….. How about Monday morning at 9:30?”

“That would be fine.. thank you Ms. Love.”

“Please, you may call me Jane.”

“Ok Jane... and you can call me Amber.”

“Ok Amber.. see you Monday morning at 9:30.”

“Thank you. Bye.”

“Bye Amber.”

To be continued