VIIth Masturbation World Championships , April 2004

By Valis

Budokan Stadium, , April 2004. The top 50 female spitfires from the five continents meet in the capital of the extreme events to dispute the VIIth female masturbation world championships. Unlike previous attempts, this year the sponsor has succeeded in gathering together the elite of global power-sex by means of substantial purses and massive publicity throughout the web. Sylvie, a French lycéenne who has been registered in the championship with a special parental permit because of her age, has made it to the semi-final, were she's been matched with Brazilian borne, but Santa Monica based, Becky Delos Santos-Smith.

Sylvie, who is dating her high school gym instructor, seeks his help to get rid of her jogging pants and climbs up stage wearing the compulsory see-through tiny slip. She is bare-chested and her delicate tit buds, still to expand, blossom in anticipation. She has defeated a couple of dedicated locals in the preliminary rounds, but her real break-through came in the quarters, when she outperformed a buxom Zambian in a legendary match. The experienced black woman and the French teen exchanged volcanic eruptions non-stop till the dark skinned lady was forced to ask for a time out. After the break Sylvie simply blew up the nerves of her rival, cumming abundantly and effortlessly each time the African struggled to catch up with the power teen.

In the semis she had to face the American, who had simply destroyed her previous opponents with an aggressive and self-confident style.

So this was the clash the 10 thousand souls in the Stadium, assisted by the giant screens, had come to watch. 200 pound Becky, cheered on from her corner by her husband, a wealthy entrepreneur, waits already on stage, swinging her knockers and facing the Japanese audience, who madly adore her, whilst the warm-up girls thoroughly finger her.

As the French young girl approaches the ref grabs their shoulders and chants the rules, they both know very well. Sylvie goes for a hand shake but the much taller blonde pinches her cheek and walks away.

Forty minutes into the match a surprising result shocks the crowd. The French puppy is 8 to 7 ahead. She cums fluently and effortlessly every 5 minutes, whilst big Becky struggles to keep her pace. A few minutes later the bob haired young beauty gets a two-cums edge, noisily celebrated by her instructor and bed mate, who makes a fist and spits an "Allez Sylvie".

But the Brazil-American powerhouse, a natural born fighter, is not done yet. She squeezes a monster double climax in record time and the one hour break is reached with a close and awesome score of 12 to 11.

During the breather the girls drink isotonic beverages from squeeze bottles and receive massages from their corner assistants. Becky has placed an ice bag into her crotch. Little Sylvie leans her forehead on her partner's chest whilst his fingers conduct an expert reconstitution job in her tender, nubile sex, crowned by thin golden fuzz.

In the second half of the match Becky proves why she is All-American toughest bunny. She manages to squeeze intimate juices out of her battered lower belly, and in front of the lycéenne who seems to have run out of fuel. Her large eyes abundantly water and her throat expels painful, tiny moans of pre-defeat.

At 1 hour 20 Becky dominates 3 orgasms ahead, and 10 minutes later the pile of muscles of the gym instructor invades the mat and clutches his exhausted pupil, waving a hand and calling 'no more'.

Becky raises one fist whilst her other hand keeps pounding to strike yet another abundant cum and prove who is the best girl.

Sylvie embraces her partner, weeping, and he carries her off the stage straight to the lockers, under a mild salve of applause from the appreciating Japanese crowd. A towel across her petite bony shoulders, and leaning on her assistant, Slyvie crawls to her rival’s corner and sportily wishes her good luck for the final match. Becky sandwiches the young girl’s face with her hefty, cum-soaked hands and maternally kisses her thin lips. ‘You did great, love, toughie little chick. I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.’