Ginny was the Alliance Manager for a well-known Singapore Trading House. The firm arranged shipments, traded on its own account and brokered commerce throughout most of South East Asia. A beautiful woman of Chinese heritage in her late twenties, Ginny enjoyed the challenge and travel that came with her job.

Lately, however, the challenge had taken on a more personal meaning. The Trading house that Ginny worked for had recently formed a strategic alliance with another Trading House from Kuala Lumpur. This firm had links into the Indian sub-continent and west into Pakistan and the Gulf States. The alliance gave firms trading and brokerage coverage over a very large part of the Tiger Economies.

The alliance required close collaboration between the firms, and this was where trouble was brewing. The other firm had assigned Suzy, Ginny's long-time love rival, to the position of Alliance Manager and this meant that the two women would have to work closely together to make each joint venture a commercial success. Suzy, a Malay in her mid-twenties, had brown-black hair and legs that were the envy of every woman in her firm.

Suzy and Ginny had known each other for years and had competed fiercely for everything from academic standing to boy friends and sex partners. A simmering sexual tension could be felt when they were in the same room together. On occasion, the tension boiled over into screaming matches and then escalated into catfights where each woman tried to dominate the other and prove conclusively who was the best. Because they were so similar in build and physique, neither had a clear advantage in these encounters and so the rivalry continued and deepened, with each convinced that she was top cat.

In recent months, the two woman had competed for the same man, the Vice President for a third Trading House. His sexual drive and bedroom ability were well-known among business women the length and breadth of the Malay Peninsular and both women sought his exclusive attention, in bed and in the board room. Ginny would often find opportunities to brush her large breasts against his back, or to cross her legs slowly, showing an expanse of thigh and a perhaps a glimpse of lace-covered pussy. Similarly, Suzy would find the time to lean over their dinner table in restaurants so he could lose himself in her cleavage.

The tension boiled over one evening. After a long day where each struggled to make sense of the other firm's accounting procedures, and where each became intimately aware of the other's presence and power, they met again accidentally in the elevator. The air thick with sexual tension, Suzy let Ginny know that she was meeting the VP for drinks and most likely sex, and that this placed Ginny in an inferior position because she would have commercial information that could only come from pillow-talk.

Ginny turned to her rival and her breasts brushed against Suzy's. There was an electricity in the air as Ginny said, "You know, he really does prefer me...and I think you should forget about fucking him...especially with those pancakes.." and with that she pushed a finger into Suzy's breasts.

Suzy responded by pushing Ginny back against the elevator wall and grabbing her breast. The women struggled briefly, briefcases falling to the floor and hands seeking hair or flesh to pull, pinch or twist. After a very brief struggle the elevator slowed and the doors opened. Suzy stepped out, smoothing down her skirt and straightening her blouse.

Ginny followed her rival out and said, " You cunt, why don't we finish this at my place?"

Suzy replied with a slap to Ginny's face and a swift, "any time, whore...lets go."

The women made their separate ways to Ginny's flat and met briefly at the open door. Wrapping their arms around each other and grabbing for hair, they fell into Ginny's apartment and fought silently on the floor. Nothing could be heard except the grunts and groans of the two rivals.

Suzy managed to rip open Ginny's business suit and tear down her bra, seizing her nipples and pulling and twisting. Ginny screamed..."Nooooooooo...arggghhh..," and ripped open Suzy's blouse to return the favour. Staggering to their feet, the two women fought upright, pulling hair and slapping breasts with lightening speed. Tiring, Suzy suddenly tripped and fell to the floor, pushing Ginny back onto the sofa as she fell.

Ginny lay on the sofa looking at her rival sprawled in a most unlady-like manner on the floor. Like Suzy's, her own lustrous coal-back hair was tangled and dishevelled, her make up now streaked by sweat. Topless, with breath coming in ragged gasps, she sat half-upright and looked over her breasts at Suzy. "You cuntfucker," she gasped "wait until I get my pussy next to yours, then you'll feel what a real woman is like!"

Her navy blue business skirt was in ruins and she slowly eased it off her hips, revealing black lace panties and stockings, still more or less intact, with her panties revealing a thatch of midnight black pubic hair and glistening labia.

Throwing her tattered clothing at Suzy she came upright and moved off the sofa toward her rival. Breasts heaving and wobbling, with nipples pointing directly at Suzy, she moved toward her presenting a picture of an elegant she-cat moving to attack, balancing on black high heels with legs framed in nylons and panties, barely covering her throbbing womanhood.

Said Ginny, "C'mon you cunt...let's go......"

"Come here, you bitch," said Suzy and came to her knees in time to lock hands in a test of strength with Ginny, who descended to her knees facing Suzy. They stretched their arms high above and locked hands to see who could overpower the other. In this position their nipples and breasts came into light and fleeting contact, and they gradually drew closer as first one woman then the other achieved a momentary advantage.

Suddenly Suzy leaned forward and planted her lips on Ginny's in a death-kiss: quickly rimming her rivals mouth with her tongue she then thrust it inside her mouth and dueled with Ginny's tongue, forcing it backward until Ginny had to break off. She ducked her head and bit Suzy on the neck, raising a red welt that would later become a badge of erotic combat.

Ginny shifted her hips sideways until she could force one of her thighs between Suzy's. The women were now in full contact along the length of their bodies. Ginny disengaged from the test of strength, grabbed Suzy's white garter belt with both hands and began to rock her rival back and forth so that her panty-covered pussy rubbed against her stockinged thigh and garter strap. The friction was maddening!

Suzy retaliated by grabbing Ginny's black garter belt and doing likewise, grinding her rival's cunt against her nylon-covered thigh. Both women moaned, rocked and strained against each other as pleasure and pain built up from the friction of their cunts rubbing against taut nylon thighs. Their breasts mashed and rubbed together, nipples digging into taut breast flesh. The air was filled with moans and the scent of aroused womanhood.

Suzy went one step further and reached behind Ginny to grab the waistband of her black panties. Pulling up hard she forced the thin material to disappear between the cheeks of her full ass and into the folds of her labia, further heightening the pain and pleasure Ginny felt as the material rubbed against her clit.

Ginny gasped, "Oh fuck....my pussy's being split in half... augh augh...!"

Suzy used both arms as the thin material sawed back and forth several times, but it lasted only a few minutes because the material gave way and Ginny found herself now essentially naked, except for nylons, with a steaming, streaming wet cunt and a massive orgasm building.

Reaching up she grabbed two handfuls of Suzy's hair and pulled hard, determined to break away and re-establish her dominance. The pain was unbearable, the more so as one of Suzy's garter snaps had now come into maddening contact with her own clit. Suzy reached up to grab her own handfuls of hair. Both women squealed as they tugged and tore at each other's scalps.

Suddenly, Suzy got a hand under Ginny's chin and pushed her rival away. The women broke apart and sat back on their haunches, each glaring at the other.

"C'mon slut", said Ginny, "take your panties off and lets go cunt to cunt. That is, if you're woman enough?"

"I'll show you who's top cunt, you slut," said Suzy, ripping off her sopping wet panties and throwing them at her sex rival.

Ginny caught them full in the face, paused to inhale the woman-odour deeply, and then threw them aside. "Lets go," she said, holding and cradling her rock-hard breasts with their bullet nipples pointing directly at Suzy's, "I'm gonna fuck you with my nipples."

They leapt at each other and Ginny bore Suzy backwards, ending up on top of her rival with her breasts covering her face. She buried Suzy beneath her and felt her rival snapping at her tits with her teeth, trying for a nipple. Sensing an opportunity, she moved up Suzy's writhing body trying to mash her rival's face with her pussy. However, she reckoned without Suzy's own sexfight experience.

Suzy let her come up and, just as her legs passed over her arms she grabbed Ginny's garter belt and held her trapped: legs spread on either side of her body and cunt directly over one of Suzy's hard breasts with their stiff engorged nipples. Suzy arched quickly upward and got her right breast jammed into Ginny's crotch. She could feel her hard nipple moving past Ginny's labia in search of her clit.

Suzy quickly bore in with her right breast on her rival's cunt. Getting her nipple hard against Ginny's engorged clit, she began to fuck Ginny with her breast: back and forth, back and forth, feeling the large clit flutter and twitch against her stuff nipple. She let go of one side of Ginny's garter belt and reached up to maul and claw at Ginny's breasts and then down to grab a handful of pussy hair.

Twisting and pulling the pussy hair hard while fucking her cunt, she caused Ginny to scream and begin to hump back against her breast. Legs splayed and hips now bucking involuntarily, Ginny began to lubricate heavily until Suzy's breast was a slippery, rubbery-hard mound with an iron-hard nub rubbing against her clit.

Ginny began to moan, "Aughhh...augh...my cunt...you fucker...get off me!" Feeling the taste of an orgasm starting in the back of her throat she frantically smashed Suzy in the head and ripped at her hair, doing anything to break the hold. Wriggling free she managed to pop Suzy's breast out of her cunt and resumed her climb up to her rival's
face. Getting there she began to grind her labia and clit over Suzy's mouth, trying to smother her, but leaving herself open to counter-attack.

She felt Suzy struggling for breath as her lips and nose were covered, but then felt Suzy's tongue engage with her clit. Soft strokes and sucks brought her back to the point of orgasm and she was forced to break away. Rolling free, she came to her hands and knees glaring at Suzy, now lying back with a winning smile on her face.

"You're wetter than I am, cunt, and I think you're gonna lose!" said Suzy as she rolled to her knees beside the sofa.

Ginny leapt at Suzy and managed to pin her against the sofa, still on her hands and knees with Ginny crouched slightly over her from behind. Pinning Suzy's head and shoulders with one arm, Ginny reached between her rival's legs from behind and rapidly got two fingers into Suzy's steaming hot pussy.

Quickly she probed until she found Suzy's most sensitive spot. With an index finger on her rival's clit and two more buried deep in her pussy she began to masturbate her sex rival in earnest. With the other arm she held Suzy's torso immobile and clawed at her hanging breasts.

Finding a nipple she began to pull and twist. Suzy's hips began to pump, and she found herself squatting involuntarily and thrusting downward as her rival's fingers plunged into her cunt and caressed her clit. She moaned, "ohhhh...fuck me...fuck... me... fuck..." as the metallic taste of a huge and massive come filtered into her dry mouth. Seeking sexual sanctuary, she collapsed against the floor and trapped Ginny's invading arms and fingers underneath her.

Elbowing Ginny sharply in the head so that her rival was momentarily stunned, she rolled free and away. Both women now paused for a breather, Ginny slumped against the sofa with her legs splayed revealing a drooling, dribbling pussy framed by a black garter belt and nylons. The insides of her thighs were slick with pussy juice.

Suzy was sprawled on the floor facing her rival, with wet cunt open revealing a throbbing clit, breasts and nipples now a light shade of red from the abuse they had received, and long and slender legs framed with nylons.

Each regarded the other with a mixture of rage and sexual intensity. Ginny humped her pussy at Suzy in a clear challenge. Suzy responded by opening her cunt lips to reveal an engorged clit. She stroked it a few times and said "Ok...I'm ready!"

Coming off the sofa Ginny spread her legs and duck-walked on her haunches toward Suzy. Suzy did likewise and the two women came together in the middle of the carpet. Suzy got her right leg over Ginny's left one and hooked her from behind to draw her rival closer. Ginny got her elegant right leg over Suzy's left. The women came slowly together, pussy hairs meeting first, then nipples coming into contact, then breasts mashed together, until finally cunt met cunt in a full, wet match.

Ginny reached behind her rival and grabbed Suzy's garter belt for better leverage and to ensure that her rival did not escape the onslaught of her clit. Suzy did likewise. Both women were now fully joined from cunt to tit. A steady rocking motion began as first one then the other thrust and humped her pussy against the other.

Suzy reached up with her free hand and grabbed one of Ginny's breasts to squeeze and abuse the nipple. Ginny reached for her rival's hair and pulled. Both continued humping and rubbing pussy against pussy, feeling the moist cunt lips slide past and against each other. Pussy hair became wet and matted and the smell of wildly excited she-cat permeated the air.

With her hand gripping Suzy's garter belt Ginny put on a spurt of power and felt her clit enter Suzy's cunt. Not to be outdone, Suzy retaliated and felt her clit part her rival's cunt lips. Clits came into contact and began to duel against each other, sending waves of pleasure coursing through the she-cat's bodies as they sex-fought, balancing the pain from the breast and hair punishment each was inflicting.

Their faces close together, with each whispering obscenities at the other, the women began to kiss, their tongues replicating the clit-duel. Ginny forced Suzy's tongue back, but felt her rival sucking hers and had to break off. Breasts were in full contact with nipples hard against each other. Cunt juice spread over most of their inner thighs, soaking stockings and garter belts. Ginny felt herself on the verge of coming, knew it to be unstoppable, and bore down hard, frantically jerking her clit against Suzy's.

Suzy felt the orgasm building and knew she could not stop: she frantically embraced Ginny's waist with her nylon legs and jerked her hips back and forth, determined to make Ginny come before she did. Moans and gasps filled the air.

"Ohhh...unggghhh...Jesus...my pussy!"

"... you gonna come... no, you...ohhh fuck my cunt...fucker...fucking cunt...!"

Ginny started to come first, the orgasm starting deep in her belly and surging, rippling outwards like a super-nova star in the first stages of burn-out, a long rolling wave of orgasms that left her nearly unconscious, legs jerking, hips bucking, and saliva drooling from a mouth now firmly joined with Suzy's. Her clit fluttered and twitched and brought Suzy to orgasm almost simultaneously. Suzy bit down to try to hold it off but only succeeded in bringing blood to Ginny's mouth, causing her to buck against her rival's cunt even harder.

Suzy felt her belly suffuse with heat and warmth as the orgasm started deep in her gut, moving outward in a series of shattering quakes that left her legs jerking and hips heaving. With their hands buried in garter belts and hair, both women bucked and strained against the other, milking the come to the last drop.

Screaming with pain and pleasure they came together.

As the waves of orgasm subsided they kissed deeply and then, their anger exhausted and depleted, the two women collapsed backwards. Their legs were buckled under them, revealing tattered and torn nylons, thighs wet from pussy juice, matted glistening cunts, with angry swollen lips and twitching clits, breasts red and angry looking with welts from digging nails and fingers. Hair matted and dishevelled, but with eyes glistening in triumph, they each rolled apart.

Looking at each other they said, "Ok cunt, you came first, so now its your turn to make me come!"

"You came first!"

"No, you did!"