Right next to Mariko, Ruby was in a tight labia lock up with Brenda. And she was fucking for all she was worth. The sultry redhead was so absorbed in the pleasure she was receiving that she had yet to notice anything different. Flat on their backs in a classic open scissor position, their sweat soaked bodies slithered like snakes through the underbrush with their cunts fused so tightly that it was difficult to discern which cunt was which. They both suddenly shrieked at the top of their lungs. Desperately in need of body contact, Ruby sat bolt upright. Her lover rose to meet her, tits to tits. The two women kissed passionately, swirling their juiced tongues and softly chewing each other’s lips. But Ruby sensed something was different. These weren’t Brenda’s tits. These were not Brenda’s lips and tongue. She stopped suddenly, opened her eyes and screamed in fear!

“Eeeeyaaa!!!! What the hell???”
“Easy baby. ..easy. Calm down. Everything will be alright.” said the woman she was tit locked with. Ruby was not in the embrace of a brunette. Instead, she found herself skin to skin with a glorious redhead - a woman of profound beauty - a woman she had only heard about in what she thought was a fairy tale. Everything came together in Ruby’s mind at light speed. It all suddenly made sense. But that did not stop her from shaking.

“Oh my god! Jill was right!!!” Ruby’s heart was beating rapidly. June felt it, and then used a technique she learned from Bianca. She held Ruby tightly and through the fullness of their breasts, matched her heart beat to Ruby’s, which gradually slowed it to a normal rate and matched it perfectly to hers. Ruby felt calmness slowly return as her heart rate emulated June’s. She gently brushed her lips against June’s, without initiating a kiss, sending chills to the back of June’s neck.

“So pleased to be grinding pussies with you, June.” she said excitedly.
“The pleasure is all mine, Ruby. Shall we continue?”

Ruby nodded enthusiastically. But then, she noticed Mariko in someone’s arms. And it wasn’t Antoinette who was embracing her. A dark skinned beauty smiled at her. This was perhaps the most mysteriously alluring woman she had ever seen! What a fucking goddess! The two women seemed to be enveloped in a soft glow.

“Is that…? Are you…? she stuttered.
“It is and I am, Ruby.” Bianca replied.


It turns out that, while she was at the small shop on Oak street, Jill gave Ruby the short version of the June and Lady Bianca story/legend. But Jill had the hots for her and was trying to seduce her, so Ruby took the story with a grain of salt and thought it nothing more than a lovely tale - intended to arouse her, but not actually true. Still, she purchased the lotion anyway because, well, you never know. And sure enough…right here in her bed…


Returning to the moment, Ruby immersed herself in June as their pussies locked in a deep, salacious fuck stroke. But then, something occurred to her.
“Oh my god! Is Brenda safe?”
June smiled warmly, understanding Ruby’s concern. She then mimicked Bianca’s technique and allowed Ruby to see Brenda. Brenda smiled at her, but seemed a bit disoriented. Otherwise, she was fine. When Ruby kissed her softly on the lips, June reappeared.
“It seems a little unfair to do that to someone.” Ruby observed.
“I’m sorry Ruby. But you’re so sexy that I just couldn’t resist the chance to come down here and engage sexually with you.” June paused, then continued.
“Do you wish me to go away, Ruby?”
“I’m torn. Can you promise me that both Brenda and Toni are truly safe, wherever they are?”
“OK. Then here’s what I want.”
“Tell me.”
“I want you to finish what you started.” Ruby asserted.
“You got it, girl!”

June tightened her thighs, clamping down on Ruby. The strength of her thighs impressed Ruby, as did the fullness of June’s cunt and the skill with which she used it. It was no mystery to Ruby why Bianca was smitten with her. The bitch could fuck.

“Come on, girl. Give me the full measure of that sweet pussy. Give it to me!” June taunted.

A re-charged Ruby dug deep and started to fuck with everything she had. June would have paced her, but the sexy bitch was getting to her, and she loved it. This earth bound bitch knew how to dance with her cunt. Enthralled with Ruby, she decided to go with the flow, and the flow was barreling down the tracks in the form of a thunderous orgasm. Now June was the one who was trembling. She fucked back, sealing her cunt in what felt like a death grip with Ruby’s smooth, lubricated cunt meat. Their mouths met in a scorching kiss. Ruby slammed and rolled her tits into June’s full tits. June could feel their nipples joust and then sink into tit flesh. This girl was one sweet fuck. June went down to her back and anchored herself as best she could with Ruby’s leg in an attempt to delay the fury of orgasm to come. Ruby chose to stay up, and with June’s right leg draped over her left shoulder, she rode the other worldly bitch to a screaming orgasm. Watching June squirm and writhe in ecstasy was all she needed. A few seconds later, she unloaded a seething caldron of cum, a goodly portion of which entered June’s receptive vagina. Some of the overflow coated June’s inner thighs,. The rest eventually came down on the bed sheets in a slow insidious drip to form that storied puddle that nobody wanted to sleep on. A spent and satisfied Ruby then collapsed into June’s with arms, making sure to keep her tits pressed fully to June’s tits and they wrested belly to belly to the edge of the bed and then back, with Ruby ending up on top. Both women were drained and exhausted, but deeply satisfied. June’s delicious body still moved rhythmically under hers.

“You’re good. Really good! Mariko is a lucky woman.” June cooed.
“Wanna go again?” Ruby challenged, slowly grinding her wet crotch into June. June’s face donned a devious grin.

“Bitch! Since early this evening you’ve been fucking two - no, make that three - different women. And fucking like a wildcat I might add. Where do you get the stamina?” June seriously wanted to know.
“Clean living, three square meals a day and an abiding faith in my lord and savior Jesus Christ.”
Ruby quipped.
“You’re perverted. And I love it!” June playfully responded. “OK, I’m up for it. Let’s fuck, you red headed slut!”

All of a sudden Ruby got the impression that maybe she was getting in over her head. June did indeed want to have another go with Ruby. Transcending space and time for just one orgasm would be silly. Besides, who is satisfied with just one orgasm anyway? She opted not to use her acquired transcendental powers. At least not yet. This woman was just too hot, she reasoned. Bianca had taught her much. But June, only recently removed from it, somehow wanted the physicality to remain. In the short time that she and Ruby had been together, June felt a closeness had developed between them. She had anticipated this intrinsic redhead to redhead bond. June recalled that it was like that in the “real” world too, long before she met Bianca. There was just something between redheads. It just seemed that anytime she ran across another stunning redhead beauty, they would lock eyes and she would note the subtle body language between them and sense repressed sexual tension in her womanly loins while wondering if the other girl felt the same. But in those days, June was rather inhibited and never followed through on any of her most clandestine desires. The more enlightened she became, the more she understood how the Victorian moral code she that she had been indoctrinated with had ultimately affected her relationship with a truly wonderful man. June now knew that Bianca fully understood this. Ultimately, when Bianca was able to extricate her from her repressive cocoon, there was no turning back. So she chose an existence with the dark haired goddess. It had been a wise choice. Bianca allowed her to truly be herself. This is how she came to be where she was - stretched out naked underneath a mild mannered yet scorching redhead who had just fucked a cunt to cunt quart of female ejaculate juice out of her. Come to think of it, who did this impertinent bitch think she was? June gave a mighty heave.

A momentarily stunned Ruby gathered her thoughts. But she wasn’t allowed much of a respite. June’s amazing body was on her in a flash. The two overheated breast mashing bitches immediately locked. No quarter would be given. Ruby understood this.

“Careful what you ask for, bitch. Because I just might give it to you.” June said, initiating a slow, full body fuck. Ruby reveled in the lascivious pleasure of this sex duel with June. Still…
“I’m not intimidated by you, slut!” a slightly intimidated Ruby responded, feeling June’s massive breasts crush hers - yet thrilled by the way her two tits stood up to June’s. The scraping of aroused nipples sent delicate pin pricks of pleasure throughout the entire surface area of both women’s breasts. June matched her taut belly flesh to Ruby. Ruby grunted and groaned and cried out at the mating of her cunt to June’s pussy. She knew then, that June had not really asserted herself in the previous go round.

“Your lady is in for it now!” Bianca watched excitedly as her woman took charge.
“Ruby can handle herself body to body.” Mariko countered, although she was a bit uncertain.
“Well, she’s never taken on a woman like my June, body to body.”
“Hummph!” Mariko scoffed. “Look, let’s just let them work things out between themselves. You and I have our own personal matter to resolve, Bianca.”
“Indeed we do, Mariko. Shall we get busy?”

Bianca and Mariko remained upright, body straining against body, while deep between their thighs two cunts were locked in a sweltering fuck. Mariko had no intention of separating from this woman from another echelon. She wanted the whole package. The enigmatic lady flexed her talented vaginal muscles and took Mariko’s well appointed labia to task. Thick labia folded into each other in a tight kiss. To the vulnerable Mariko, it felt like subtle jolts of sexual electricity were emanating from the mystery woman’s thick pussy into hers. She knew that it if time was actually passing here, it was only a matter of seconds before Bianca’s clitoris invaded her, in search of it’s counterpart. And then it happened. Her throbbing clit mated with Bianca’s. And then, once again, it felt like their bodies were being encased in some kind of energy field. All of this was Bianca’s doing. She now understood this.


Ruby’s body bucked and squirmed against June’s as their sexual assignation escalated. Despite the fact that she was sweating profusely, she could feel June’s body, tighter and closer than ever. But the action going on next to her startled her. There was a soft glow encasing the two upright women. She worried for Mariko. Ruby asked June if Mariko would be safe from harm.

“Don’t worry, Ruby. Mariko is safe.”
“Good.” Ruby sighed with relief.
“The only thing that’s going to happen to her is that Bianca is going to fuck the living daylights out of her.” June smugly stated. Ruby took umbrage.
“Mariko can handle herself.” she shot back.
“Mariko may be good, but Bianca’s going to fuck her into the next dimension. As a matter of fact, Ruby…”
“Is that the glow that I’m seeing? Are they in the next dimension?”
“Correct. They are.” June nodded.
“And so…” Ruby’s devious mind started to ruminate. “If you wanted to, could you fuck me into the next dimension, where they are right now?”
“Well, uh, of course I could.” June hesitated. This did not get by Ruby.
“Huh. I don’t think you can, June. I don’t think you have the skills to pull something like that off.” Ruby gestured to Mariko and Bianca, and the glow that surrounded their fused bodies.
“Be careful what you say to me, Ruby. Or…”
“I’ll say whatever I want to you, June. If you claim that you can do something, then you should be able to back up your words.”
“Are you challenging me, you naive slut?”
“I am indeed. Just like my lady challenged your lady. I’m not afraid of you.” Ruby stated.
Truth be told, Ruby was afraid. But her overpowering curiosity had taken over common sense. Tonight had been such an amazing journey that she wanted it to continue. She wanted to experience everything.
“I want you to fuck me to where Bianca and Mariko are. Can you do that, June?”

June found it necessary to clear her head with another deep sigh. Then she nodded yes.

“OK Ruby. I’ll accept your brazen challenge. But be warned. This is the first time that I’ve done this.”
“I consider myself warned. Show me what you’ve got. Fuck me into the ethereal plane.”
“Get ready for a roller coaster ride, bitch!”
“I love roller coasters. Bring it, you big titted, incredibly hot cunt.”

June concentrated, attempting to coordinate all of her newly acquired knowledge. A spark of enlightenment flashed through her mind and she knew instantly that Bianca had sent her the instruction manual.

Somehow Ruby sensed that this was going to me a momentous journey. She locked on to June with everything she had. Their searing bodies fused. She matched June the best she could, surrendering every part of her anatomy to this phenomenal woman. Their breasts battled, their nipples married, their tummies melded and ultimately, their cunts coalesced. She became one with June. She fucked and fucked this gorgeous redhead. In time - how long she couldn’t tell - the two locked women were surrounded in a soft glow. June had done it!

“June! Oh god, June!!!” Ruby cried out.

Right next to them, within the same halo, Bianca sent a thought.
“Hello ladies! Nice of you to join us. And June, may I say, nicely done.”
Bianca praised June for her first successful attempt at crossing the boundary between the physical realm and the metaphysical plane. Then she returned her attention to Mariko who, as it turned out, was a woman of formidable sexual prowess. Bianca was duly impressed.

“You’re very good, Mariko.”
“Why, thank you, Bianca.”
“Shall we fuck this out, woman to woman, cunt to cunt?”
“I’ll fuck you with everything I have, lady.”

Bianca nodded seductively just before the two sealed their full lips and slick tongues in a fervid kiss. Next to them, Ruby and June were writing in full bodied ecstasy.

Mariko matched her pussy to Bianca’s tightly, causing yet another deep moan. The two sexually fused brunettes battled intimately, but they now had company. Both of them could feel the skin on skin connection that Ruby and June were sharing. To Mariko, it felt like her entire body was encased in the bodies of Bianca, June and Ruby. The overheated Asian woman shrieked at the top of her lungs as she released a powerful orgasm into Bianca. A split second later, Bianca matched her, letting a powerful orgasm surge into Mariko. Bianca’s next move was to take the sensei down and stretch out on top of her, matching breasts and bellies while pounding her cunt into Mariko’s. This elicited a scream from Mariko, who clamped her legs tightly with Bianca’s, knowing that another orgasm was on the way. Right next to them, June and Ruby were fucking savagely to a mutual orgasm. Ruby screamed and cursed at June as she exploded with cum. But June continued to pound into her relentlessly as Ruby sensed the imminent arrival of a second a thunderous orgasm. But before this came about, Ruby and Mariko felt a sudden urge to look at each other and send thoughts expressing pure ecstasy to each other.

“Is it time, Bianca? I sense that we are about to move on.” June asked, with new and deeper understanding.”

“Yes, my love. We given them a new, more profound perspective. Not to sound like a cliché, but our work here is done.”
“I’m gonna miss this sexy redhead.”
“And I will miss the beautiful sensei, too. But know that we will always be connected with them.”
A reluctant but happy June smiled.
“Bianca, can we leave them on a high note, with a big resounding gesture?”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Bianca grinned.

To Be Continued