All four women were flat on their backs, completely relaxed and fucking in a familiar, comfortable groove. All four women thrilled at the exquisite softness and latent fury of their swollen, enmeshed labia as they explored the depths of each other. Ruby was stretched out next to Mariko and Toni next to Brenda. This was not an orchestrated arrangement. It just happened to work out in this manner. Still enthusiastically involved in cunt to cunt pleasure with each others girlfriends, all four women began to feel the need to be close with their respective partners. This was a good thing. The closeness thrilled them. Yet, it seemed to say to all of them that it was OK to occasionally venture out and explore the sensations that new, different pussy could offer. Ruby and Mariko regarded each other warmly, smiling as their intrinsic cunt needs were being deeply met by another woman. Ruby loved this. Mariko did too. The thought had occurred to both women that, at some point, they should invite Antoinette and Brenda to become their regular friends. Friends with sex benefits.

Antoinette was thoroughly enjoying her pussy connection with Mariko. Her eyes were closed and she concentrated on moving her pelvis in a matching response with the beautiful Japanese woman. Their cunts were an especially good fit. Toni’s sexy counter moves made Mariko groan with pleasure. It was awesome to feel her thick lips slide into Mariko’s lushness and electrifying when their hard clits came together to fence with each other. Toni could have kept up the even pace all night long, staving off the ever close explosive orgasm.

Brenda stroked clits with Ruby deep inside the succulent mating of their cunt meat. This was heavenly. Just watching the way that Ruby took on Toni, and the hot fuck that the two girls had shared, Brenda knew that locking up with Ruby would be extraordinary. And it was. She recalled how wonderful it felt the night that she and Antoinette first sealed their thick pussies in a sticky, wet fuck. The sensation was mind blowing and with each subsequent trib session, she and Toni learned a little more about how to please each other. Still, the earlier cunt fuck that she had shared with Mariko had been a profound, new experience. And now, cunt to cunt with Mariko’s beautiful lover, the boundaries of ultimate pleasure, for her, were being pushed once again. She wanted to fuck Ruby deep into the night. Brenda turned to face Toni, who she knew had been watching her now, for a couple of minutes.

“I love this!” she whispered to her softly. Toni smiled.
“Me too!”

Ruby grunted, matching her stroke perfectly with Brenda’s extraordinary body movements, trying to force an even tighter seal with her. She was quite pleased to finally be in a scissor lock with this amazing woman. She had sensed that a woman who could keep up with and continually satisfy Antoinette was a woman to be reckoned with. She was right. Brenda was an amazing lover! She relished every deep stroke of their locked cunts. While Antoinette seemed more sexually aggressive and demonstrative, Brenda seemed more comfortable in her own skin and it was quite obvious to Ruby that Brenda enjoyed a hot fuck and was really good at it. It’s not that she was better than Toni, just different and very sensual. She found herself hoping that this would not be the only time that their pussies would meet. She turned to Mariko, hoping to get some sense of how she felt about this. The look of deep pleasure on Mariko’s face told Ruby all that she needed to know.

As for the sensei, well, she was drifting off into her own private world of thoughts as Antoinette’s thick cunt slowly, relentlessly pleasured her simmering sex. The feeling brought Mariko to tears. She never wanted this to end. Like Antoinette, she was willing to grind cunt to cunt deep into the night while keeping that ever close orgasm at bay. She wondered if her lover felt the same with Brenda. Mariko knew in her mind that this could not possibly be a one night only encounter with these two women. She wanted more and was willing to bet that Ruby felt the same. In the morning, if they ever got through this amazing night, she would have a chat with Brenda and Toni. But for now, Toni’s clitoris was knocking and she intended to open the door…


June stood alongside Ruby’s bed, watching with acute interest as Ruby and Brenda embraced each other’s opposing right leg and pulled in a concerted effort to fuse their opulent cunts ever more deeply, grinding nonstop into each other. From her cat bird seat, June had a clear, close up view of two well appointed cunts with thick outer labia as they sucked deeply together - each cunt sinking into deep folds of the other, in and out, then in again, never loosing contact. As Ruby continued to stroke her fulsome pussy with Brenda’s, June could see that Bianca’s lotion was working quite well.
“Looks like leaving something of yourself behind was a good idea after all.” She communicated in thought to Bianca.
“They all seem to be enjoying my ‘legacy.’” Bianca delighted.

“You know, Bianca, it almost seems a shame to interfere with them.”
“They all seem to be enjoying this moment so much.”
“Technically, we’re not going to interfere June. We’re just going to blend in and enhance their collective experience.”
“Oh yes. And just exactly how do we do that, dear lady?” June wanted to know.
“You know what June? I’m gonna let you figure that out for yourself. I’ve got business to take care of.”

June was lost for a few moments, but Bianca had faith in her. Meanwhile…


Mariko pulled hard on Toni’s right leg and screamed at her.
“Antoinette! You fucking bitch. You slut! You whore!!!” Mariko was beginning to loose control. She was at the precipice. Toni smiled, knowing that her pussy was doing its job. Yet she also was edging ever closer to the point of no return. Her cunt was locked in a searing, hot fuck with Mariko’s cunt and the two women were desperate to stay in control.
“You fucking cunt!!! Fuck you! Take this!!!” Toni screamed back.
Mariko readied herself for the deep incursion of Antoinette’s clitoris. She could feel her own clit rising to the occasion. As the two shafts met, Mariko felt shockwaves of pleasure. But then she felt a sudden change, which was accompanied by a sudden flash of outright fear. Something was wrong!!! Or was it? Toni had propped herself up on an elbow and extended a hand. Mariko rose in order to clasp the extended hand. Her Zen mind then took control and she was able to process what was happening. The hand that she had clasped did not belong to Antoinette! Her thighs were no longer scissored with Toni’s and her cunt was no longer sealed to Toni’s cunt. Her eyes slowly focused on what she thought could only be an illusion. But what an illusion it was! Mariko’s breathing became animated as she regarded an olive skinned goddess with spectacular breasts, jet black hair and eyes as dark as the night sky. She knew.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady Bianca.” Mariko said as she worked her pussy into the lady’s lush pudenda.
“Nice to finally meet you, dear sensei.” Bianca replied with genuine respect.
“I’m deeply honored, but why have you come?”
“I believe you challenged me. And, seeing just how beautiful you are, I thought I would accept the challenge. I just couldn’t resist.”
“You do know that it was a playful challenge issued during a moment of intense sexual pleasure, right? A moment that was prompted by your amazing friction lotion. I meant no disrespect.” Mariko explained, privately hoping that she wasn’t about to get a thousand volts of electricity from Bianca’s pussy. The Lady smiled at her.
“Of course I understand. But you’re so beautiful that I had to accept. Even without Lady Bianca’s Friction Lotion, rich in natural oils and emollients and specifically designed for woman to woman pleasure, the four of you were giving off incredible sexual energy. June and I were mesmerized.
“I guess we have been going at it rather vigorously.” Mariko blushed.
“‘Vigorously’ is a giant understatement. The four of you have been fucking like jackrabbits in mating season!”
“We didn’t mean to disturb you. This all happened so spontaneously.” Mariko apologized.
“Yes. ‘Spontaneously.’ With a little collusion between you and Brenda.”
“You’ve been with us the whole time, haven’t you?”
“Kind of. But, contrary to what you’re thinking, I have not interfered. Not even with the resulting lotion application. ”
“Are you trying to convince me that you didn’t step in when the lotion was first applied?”
“No,Mariko, I did not. You four women all have a natural affinity for each other. My lotion only served to enhance the pleasure. Nothing more. June and I have only been interested observers. Highly aroused, interested observers.”

“Is June here too?” a shocked Mariko asked.
Bianca gestured directly to her left. She was mind blown to see that Ruby was now cunt to cunt with a phenomenal, busty redhead. Mariko shook her head in disbelief.
“Redhead to redhead! Wow! What a vision! My word Bianca! June is amazing! That’s one spectacular woman!”

“Your gorgeous girlfriend is about to find out just how hot June really is.” Bianca beamed with pride.
“I envy her. But I’m all yours, Lady Bianca. I humbly request that you share your knowledge and skills with me.”
“I’m only too happy to share, sensei.”
“Dear Lady. What have you done with Brenda and Toni? Are they still here with us?”
“They are.” Bianca then closed her eyes and summoned Antoinette. Toni appeared for a few seconds, right where she was a split second before Bianca appeared. Mariko felt relief that Toni was OK. Then, she vanished and Bianca reappeared.
“Brenda will materialize again when June feels that it’s necessary. And you should know that they’re not in any danger.” Bianca reassured her.
“As long as they’re safe, I’m happy with this. By the way, is it OK to ask how you are doing this?”
“Of course it’s OK. The best way to explain it is to tell you that I’m shifting time. Not drastically however. When you see me, I’m a few seconds ahead of Toni in the space/time continuum. And exactly the opposite when you see Antoinette.”
“Wow!” Mariko’s jaw was agape.
“And, not to offend anyone because all four of you are super hot babes…”
“But…” Mariko asked, her interest peaked.
“Well, like I said, all four of you women are fabulous…”
“But…” Mariko prodded.
“Well, from what I’ve observed, Antoinette has the best pussy to pussy skills. But I suspect that you know that already, Mariko. You’re quite fortunate to be fucking her.”
“I suspected as much. And I’m not offended. Toni is an amazing woman.” Mariko agreed wholeheartedly.
Bianca smiled, and then laid a move on Mariko. The Asian beauty’s pelvis froze and her clit began to throb. She had never felt anything quite like this before. It was as though Bianca’s muscular vulva had taken complete control. Her cunt was now completely at the mercy of Bianca’s pussy. But Mariko knew there was urgency and gentle strength, not to mention infinite wisdom to be discovered and absorbed here. Now, responding once again cunt to cunt with Bianca, she humbled herself to the olive skinned goddess.

“I want to know what you know, Lady Bianca.”
“So you shall. Let’s fuck.”
Mariko sat upright. Bianca rose to meet her.
“You want my tits too, Mariko?”
“I want everything that you have. Give it to me. Teach me! Fuck me!!!”

Mariko now felt like she was floating a few feet above the bed. For all she knew, she might have been. Bianca’s otherworldly body seemed to be absorbing hers. Her large, near perfect breasts had never felt anything as full and fleshy as Bianca’s extraordinary tits. Their nipples had fused and the rounded globes seemed to be inside and outside each other simultaneously. Her entire body had become a fusion of oneness with Lady Bianca’s body. She understood that she was locked in a deep, metaphysical fuck. Mariko now wondered if her body could survive this amazing journey. Her state of mind was equal parts bliss an fear. Bianca read her mind and spoke to her in thought.

“Don’t be afraid, darling Mariko. I’ll keep you safe.”
With these words, Mariko was able to relax a bit. But there were questions…so many questions.

To Be Continued