Lightning raced across the sky, illuminating the night with its eerie blue light; thunder quickly followed, shaking the earth with its deep, booming sound; rain fell from the clouds, covering the streets with its chilling wetness. It was a stormy Thursday afternoon, and the store was completely empty save for the two gorgeous sales girls. For the past few days, Jennifer found herself unable to stop thinking about her lovely rival. At night, Jennifer would bring herself to unsatisfying orgasms after unsatisfying orgasms, and would only be able to momentarily satisfy herself when she fantasized fighting the redhead. At work, the two lingerie sales girls acted like they didn’t know each other save for those rare moments where they would find themselves drowning in each other’s beauty, before snapping back to reality and pretending nothing ever happened. The two of them rarely talked – they didn’t even bother insulting each other anymore. Even on Tuesday, when a scout from a renowned modeling agency visited the store, and later offered job interviews to both girls, no bitchy, competitive comments were made. This was like a dream come true for both women, and they were now in a way, unofficially competing for a job – yet no slutty remarks were spoken, and no challenges were issued. Alyson had completely ignored Jennifer for three days in a row now, and even when they did talk, their conversations never stepped into the topic of their uncanny relationship. The restless brunette could no longer hold it – she had to find out what the redhead was up to. There was only one hour left before their shift was over, and neither woman would be working tomorrow. Jennifer feared that the redhead had completely forgotten about their agreement to meet on Friday. Jennifer knew that it was now or never, and decided to confront the redhead.

Jennifer’s timing was perfect. As she slowly approached the redhead, Jennifer could see that Alyson was stocking some shelves at the back of the store – a place where no one could see them. Alyson was dressed in a short white skirt and pink tank tops, which showed off her soft, shapely body. Alyson’s lustrous, wavy, red hair rested heavenly on the sex goddess. The redhead was bending over delicious, restocking some shelves. The tanned skin of her swaying ass was as smooth as silk, and Jennifer could see the contour of her pussy lips behind her red silk panties. The brunette didn’t know if Alyson was trying to seduce the brunette intentionally, but the sight of the redhead’s perfect ass sticking up high into the air, as if she was offering it to Jennifer, was too much for the brunette. The brunette felt a familiar wetness building up, as the sight of Alyson’s swaying ass mesmerized her. Without warning, Jennifer approached the redhead and grabbed her luscious ass. Alyson let out a little squeal, but did nothing.

“Tell Me. Why does the clit queen bend over like a common whore?” Jennifer taunted. Her crotch was dangerously close to Alyson’s panty covered cunt. Jennifer could feel her nipples harden and poke the soft material of her white off-the-shoulder blouse.

“Maybe it’s because she was minding her own fucking business before a dyke decides to come up and grab her ass?” Alyson responded, seemingly irritated. “What do you want now, Jennifer?”

“I want to know why you’ve been avoiding me, love,” Jennifer coldly replied. She sounded like a jealous lover.

“Am I obligated to even care that you exist?” Alyson retorted.

“Fuck you!” Jennifer cried. Those words hurt Jennifer more than the brunette expected them to. They plunged directly into her heart like vile daggers. Acting inanely out of anger and lust, Jennifer slammed her aching crotch against Alyson’s pussy, and began humping the redhead doggy-style. The redhead yelped in surprise, but once again did nothing. In fact, if Jennifer weren’t so blinded by her emotions, she would’ve felt the redhead humping back. Jennifer hiked her own black skirt up a little, so that there would only be two layers of silk panties between their cunts. Alyson spread her legs wider, giving the brunette easier access to her waiting sex. Jennifer humped Alyson in wide abandon, oblivious to the world around her. The material of their silk panties was soft and smooth – perfect for grinding. For minutes, the two ground their cunts together, filling the room with the sound of rubbing silk. Only the feeling on a building orgasm returned Jennifer to reality. Gasping, the brunette abruptly pulled away, mortified at her inability to control her desires. Alyson smiled victoriously as she stood up, to face her brunette rival.

“So I guess you’re done violating me?” Alyson asked innocently, feeling triumphant as she beheld the effects she had on her brunette rival.

“You enjoyed it as much as I did, whore,” Jennifer hissed back. Still smarting from her lost of control.

“I’m not the one who started all this now, am I?” Alyson replied. They remained silent for a moment, panting from their excitement and arousal. A slight glitter brought Jennifer’s attention to the redhead’s belly. A silver and sapphire belly ring pierced the redhead’s belly button. It complemented the sex queen’s softly tanned belly perfectly. Overwhelmed by her lust, Jennifer tried to move in for a kiss, but the sexy redhead turned away from it. Frustrated by her rejection, Jennifer tried to slap Alyson’s face, but the agile redhead dodged away from it. Both women had a murderous look in their eyes – Jennifer was pissed that Alyson rejected her kiss, and Alyson was angry at Jennifer’s sudden attack. They hissed like two fighting alley cats that were about to fight. The air between them was boiling dangerously, as both women threatened to explode in the heat of passion and hatred. Their chest heaved softly as they panted, daring each other to make the next move. Should they fight right here, right now, they had a pretty good chance of losing their jobs – something that neither woman seemed to care about anymore. What started as a petty rivalry had blossomed into an all out sex war – it was a dispute that could only be ended with the complete destruction of either one of the rivals. Their final battle had to wait however, as the sudden sound of a ringing bell brought both women’s attention back to the front door. A pretty woman with short brown hair walked in the store and went straight to the counter. It was Janet, their co-worker. Her arrival indicated that their shift was finally over.

“Don’t you dare leave,” Jennifer warned.

“I’ll see you later, bitch,” Alyson breathed as she walked away.

“I’m not finished with you, bitch!” Jennifer hissed, and pursued the redhead, who was already at the door

The rain was heavy, and in an instant, Alyson was soaked. The redhead walked gracefully towards her car, swaying her heavenly ass, the heavy rain. Jennifer followed, her heels striking the wet cement as she ran. She grabbed the redhead’s wet shoulder, and turned Alyson around. The redhead gave her a murderous glance before shoving Jennifer away, and made a dash to her car. Frustrated, Jennifer sprinted to her car and quickly started it up, preparing herself for a car chase. She saw Alyson’s red Camry driving off, and Jennifer followed with her BMW without hesitation.

They raced down the wet streets, oblivious to the world around them. Luck for the two speed devils, the traffic was light and the two managed to survive the dangerous chase. Alyson led Jennifer to the rural area – fields of corn surrounded them as they drove down a highway. Finally, the redhead ended the tedious race by pulling over. Jennifer quickly got out of her car to confront her redhead, as she stopped meters away from Alyson’s Camry. Before Alyson could stand up still, Jennifer was on her like a wild animal. Grabbing the redhead’s lustrous hair with both hands, Jennifer forcefully pulled Alyson into a deep kiss. Surprisingly, the redhead didn’t resist, and kissed the brunette back. They closed their eyes as they kissed passionately, and Jennifer could’ve sworn she felt the redhead curl her leg in pleasure. Suddenly, the brunette stopped and pulled back to glance at Alyson’s beautiful face – which looked almost disappointed by the fact that Jennifer had stopped. Softly pulling the redhead in against her, Jennifer pressed their bodies together lightly. She opened her lips and offered her mouth to the redhead. Alyson gave Jennifer a soft kiss to the noise, then pulled away, giggling like a little girl as she disappeared into the cornfield.

“You fucking clit tease," Jennifer hissed playfully, as she pursued Alyson into the field. The cornfield was like a maze – Jennifer’s only hope of following the redhead was keep her eye on her rival’s contrasting mane, which stood out from the green leaves like a beautiful girl in a bar. The redhead peeled her top off and flung it deliberately at the brunette. Jennifer dexterously snatched it out of the air before discarding it. That redhead bitch is trying to out do me in seduction! Jennifer thought to herself. So much about the redhead seemed to have changed. Last time they’ve fought, Jennifer clearly remembered how timid the redhead was – apparently, not anymore. Heavy raindrops soaked the field and the girls as they continued their game of seduction. Jennifer dodged Alyson’s silver sandals as she chased the redhead. The redhead’s little strip tease was having its effects, as Jennifer realized that the wetness of her crotch was not generated from the intense rain.

Alyson was completely naked save for the bead necklace and red panties. Alyson stood proudly, her hands on her beautiful hips. The redhead had the most wonderful sex hair – wet, wild and untamed. The hairstyle of a common whore, Jennifer remarked cruelly, smiling as she seductively approached her waiting rival. Jennifer stopped a few feet away from the naked redhead, panting more from excitement than exhaustion, as their eyes locked together. Their eyes were jealous as they feasted on each other’s beauty, comparing it with their own. Finally, the redhead broke the silence with a question.

“Aren’t you going to strip?” Alyson finally asked softly, hands on her hips, her breasts jutted towards the brunette proudly.

“Why should I strip for a whore like you?” Jennifer replied with renewed confidence, as she realized that the redhead wanted her as much as she did her. “Besides, we’re fighting tomorrow night. I know you love me, baby, but you just gotta hold it for one more night.”

“Aren’t we full of ourselves… Don’t worry love, I just need one look in the mirror and I’ll completely forget you,” Alyson replied, her melodic voice was lusty and playful – like a seductress who tempts with innocence. Calmly, the redhead took a step forward; her glossy lips dangerously close to Jennifer’s. “But despite the fact that I’m the hottest, you’re still one sexy bitch. Just because we’re not fighting, that doesn’t mean we can do some loving… right? Come on baby, strip for me.”

“No,” Jennifer simply replied, and turned away. Despite the fact that Jennifer wanted the redhead more than anything, she didn’t want to give the redhead what she wanted. Alyson looked disappointed as the brunette distanced herself away from her, but her look of disappointment changed into a smile of lust and excitement, as she congratulated the brunette.

“I’m glad you haven’t gone soft,” Alyson whispered sexily.

Jennifer just sneered and began to walk away. “Same time, my house, tomorrow night,” she hissed.

To be continued