Alyson wore a white choker and her hair in stylish waves. She wanted to look her best for when she settles things with Jennifer. Wearing the outfit she chose the other night, Alyson took an extra moment to check on her make up and mascara before leaving for work. Although the drive was unusually smooth, the young redhead had never been so excited in her life. The same emotions that she felt when she made first contact with Jennifer were rushing through her blood once again. Lust, hate, anger and excitement consumed all other emotions.

Surprised to find that the brunette arrived even before she did, Alyson took one last look in the mirror of her car before leaving it to enter the shop. Alyson felt confidant when she saw the brunette was waiting for her beside the entrance of the ladies’ room. The brunette was leaning against the wall, with her hand folded across her breasts. She was wearing the same semi-transparent white blouse on the first day the two rivals admitted their hatred for each other. Alyson could also she that the brunette was wearing the same set of lingerie as she was from the opening of the brunette’s blouse, which revealed the laces of the bra, and the brunette’s mini skirt, which revealed the brunette’s pantyhose. Instead of red, the brunette chose black for herself.

“It seems like you’re more woman than I thought you were,” Jennifer broke the silence. The pair admired each other’s body in silence for a moment. Finally, Jennifer smiled confidently than turned and entered the bathroom.

Alyson followed hastily and found the brunette inside, waiting for her. The store was completely empty and they probably would not have their first customer in hours. Enough time to get it on.

“I gotta give it to you, you’re a very brave girl,” then with a sneer, “or very stupid… to have the courage to go up against me.”

“And just what do you mean by that?” Alyson said softly, calmly, as she slowly moved towards her opponent.

“What I mean is there is no competition. You are nothing compare to me, you stupid slut,” Jennifer hissed venomously, closing in to meet the redhead’s challenge.

Moving in until they were an arm’s length away, Alyson raised her hand and softly stroked Jennifer’s silky straight brown hair and said, “You better be ready to prove it cunt.”

“Gladly,” Jennifer said, and with that, she delivered a quick and hard slap to the redhead face, almost knocking the gorgeous woman down to the floor.

Getting a hold of herself, the redhead retaliated with a slap of her own. “You BITCH!”

Alyson’s blow was just as hard, and the brunette smiled evilly as she brushed some of her hair out of her face. Alyson prepared herself for the brunette’s next assault. The eyes locked onto each other; breathing quickened; and pussy juice flowed with anticipation. The sex war has begun.

As if the girls had a mutual agreement, the two women immediately slam their bodies together. Even with the blouses and bras as protection, both women can felt their opponent’s hard nipples dig into their soft tit flesh. Their arms wrapped each other into a tight embrace. Forcing their tits together with all their strength for the first time, Alyson could feel their breasts giving in to the pressure of their hug, flattening against each other. Breathing became harder and harder as the two woman crushed their breasts together. Soft moans of pain filled the room. The pair held on to this for a couple of minutes, their eyes glaring into each other.

“Ugh…Feel how my tits are flattening yours?” demanded Jennifer, as she moaned softly.

“Fuck… No…” Countered Alyson, applying even more force on their tits. She felt her anger ignite as the two gorgeous women battle it out.

Finally, Alyson felt Jennifer remove her grip and softly push her away. Alyson agreed and backed away, and for the first time in 5 minutes, she was able to breathe properly.

“Had enough?” Alyson mocked cruelly. She knew it was far from over, in a way, it was a small victory since Jennifer was the one who pulled away first.

Smiling her usual, cocky smile, Jennifer shook her head. Then, sexily, the brunette reached to the top of her blouse, and slowly began to unbutton it.

“I just wanted to get a few ‘distractions’ out of the way” she said with a smile. One by one, she buttoned her blouse, and in one smooth motion, she let it slip down her shoulders and onto the floor. Jennifer slowly cupped her breasts under her black bra and pushed them together to display the size of her cleavage. Turning backwards and leaning down to pick up her fallen blouse, the brunette gave Alyson a glimpse of her lush ass as she intentionally stayed in that position for a second before picking up and blouse and placing it onto the counter.

Not to be outdone, Alyson slowly reached down to the bottom of her skin-tight shirt, and slowly began to peel it off her. She made sure she shook her hip sexily as she finally took her shirt off, revealing her red laced bra, which could contained her delicious boobs. Then she shocked her head and brushed her hair to show off her fiery red mane. The sex war has reached a new level, just as the two competitors reach a new level of arousal.

After studying each other’s flat bellies and smooth skin, the two closed in once again. This time, as the tips of their tits touched, no pressure was applied. The two girls softly pressed their tits together, almost sexually. Hands on each other’s hips, the two girls began a slow breast grind, grinding softly side to side, letting nipples trace tit flesh, and then finally meet head to head. Alyson carefully aligned her nipples to where she thought Jennifer’s nipples were, and pressed forward lightly, careful to apply only pleasure and not pain.

Jennifer moaned softly at Alyson’s sexual attack, and countered attacked by pressing her nipples against Alyson’s in the same manner. Both women let out aroused groans as they became more and more turned on.

“Enough,” Jennifer whispered raggedly. She then slid her hands up Alyson’s back and undid the redhead’s bra under the redhead’s silky hair. Alyson released her grip on the brunette’s back to allow the bra to fall onto the floor. “Playtime is over slut.”

Alyson quickly slid her hands up the brunette’s back, and undid Jennifer’s bra, revealing the brunette’s beautiful breasts. Both women had large breasts, although Alyson’s appeared to be a bit larger, rounder and softer, while Jennifer’s were a bit smaller but firmer. Immediately, nipples met head on, before sliding off to the side to stab into enemy aureoles.

“Feel how much longer and firmer my nipples are, slut?” Jennifer hissed into Alyson’s ears.

“They’re nothing compared to mine, watch mine bend yours into submission!” Once again aligning their nipples together, Alyson felt her muscles tighten and clenched as she pressed her orbs forward to meet Jennifer’s nipples head on. Both girls growled in pleasure and pain as they watch their nipples painfully bend upwards together. Finally, juicy breasts once again flatten themselves against each other as both girls pressed forward with all their strength.

“Impressive, but still not good enough!” cried Jennifer as she backed away from the embrace, only to slam forward again with renewed strength. Alyson could only watch helplessly as her softer tits mushroom around Jennifer’s firmer orbs in defeat. The redhead let out an agonized moan as she felt her juicy tits crushed by her opponent, her body being forced backwards into a wall.

“See how my tits are milking yours?” Mocked Jennifer. Pressing her advantage, Jennifer decided to take the fight to the next level. Sliding her nylon-covered leg right against Alyson’s, Jennifer leaned forward and pressed her smooth right thigh against Alyson’s panty covered cunt. Releasing her vice like grip on the redhead, the brunette moved one of her hand down to grip and spread the redhead’s thighs, while at the same time using her upper body and her other hand to pin Alyson to the wall. With her upper arms pinned, Alyson was unable to attack the brunette’s lower body. Tit’s still crushed together, Jennifer began grinding her thigh against Alyson’s vulnerable cunt, and the redhead can only moan in delight as she desperately sunk her nails into the brunette’s smooth back.

“Can’t take it bitch?” Jennifer growled sexually as she drove her thigh against Alyson’s cunt, switching from slow grinds to quick humps, sending waves after waves of pleasure through Alyson’s lovely body.

“Fuck you, whore! Suck my tits!” Alyson moaned defiantly, and squealed in pleasure as the brunette took her advice, and felt her rival’s glossy lips on her stiff nipples. The redhead, unable to bear the new sensation of the new stimulation, let out an uncontrolled sexual wail. Her body buckled and thrashed against the sexy brunette, desperate to get free. Observing Alyson’s reaction to her attack, Jennifer increased the pressure of her pin, making sure the redhead’s wish would not come true.

Alyson pulled the brunette’s hair hard, tilting the brunette’s head back, making it impossible for Jennifer to continue her assault on Alyson’s pink probe. A trail of saliva can be seen leading from Alyson’s swollen nipple to Jennifer’s lipstick covered mouth as the brunette was forced to remove her mouth from Alyson’s throbbing, erect nipple. The opening also allowed the redhead to move out of the pin. Forcing the brunette back, the girls took a moment to reposition themselves after they regained their balance. To keep the brunette from conducting further attacks on her vulnerable breasts, Alyson leaned down to fasten her lips onto those of Jennifer’s. Alyson felt the brunette forcing her moist tongue down her mouth, licking her white teeth and Alyson’s own pink tongue. Alyson countered by driving her own down the brunette’s mouth, tasting the brunette’s sweet saliva. Alyson took a soft bit at the other girl’s lush lips before pulling back, and allowed the tongues to continue their battle outside their lips.

Now that she was no longer pinned against the wall, Alyson slid her thighs outward to rub Jennifer’s cunt the same way she rubbed her own. Hands gripped asses as the girls began an all out humping contest.

Jennifer felt that beyond Alyson’s soaked panties, a hard nub was emerging from its sanctuary. Both girls moaned in each other’s mouth as their body entered a higher level of arousal. Even though her cunt hasn’t even been touched once until now by her red-haired rival, Jennifer’s pussy was drooling, her womanly juices freely flowing. Knowing how excited her own body is, Jennifer knew that after all that thigh humping the redhead must have been pretty close to an orgasm.

The redhead suddenly pulled on the brunette’s hair again, hard. Forcing the brunette’s head from their kissing war and the two panting girls glared at each other murderously. Jennifer could feel Alyson’s thigh grinding against her labia through her soaked black panties. Changing from pumping to grinding, Jennifer made sure she made as much contact as possible against Alyson’s growing sex horn.

As the redhead moaned sexually at the contact of Jennifer’s thigh, which continued to grind against her clit, the brunette sneered and hissed into Alyson’s ear. “Is the famous cunt I kept hearing the other girls talk about in high school? Cause it sure doesn’t live up to its reputation.”

“It’s better than anything you got, baby,” growled the excited redhead. Alyson’s clit has almost reached its full length now, while Jennifer’s own weapon just merely began to emerge from its hood.

Smiling, Jennifer released her grip on the redhead’s juicy ass and softly pushed the redhead back, stopping their hump-battle. With her hands on her hips, and a confident smirk, Jennifer challengingly said. “Then why don’t you prove it and go pussy to pussy with me?”

Absolute silenced followed after Jennifer declared her challenge. Other than the soft panting of the recovering girls, not a single sound was made. Both girls’ skirts were hiked up to waist level. Alyson was softly stroking her cunt and clit to ease the feeling of the brunette’s touch. Jennifer finally broke the silence and sexily asked. “Well?”

“I’m going to beat your stupid little girl’s pussy by making it come all over mine.” Alyson finally said. Reaching down, Alyson sexily slipped out of panties and skirt in one motion, once again shaking her sexy hips as much as possible. Allowing the brunette to admire her lovely smooth cunt for a moment before turning around and bending over to pick up her fallen skirt and panty, Alyson knew she was a sight to behold. Her softly tanned body didn’t have a single mark of imperfection. Her lovely pink stilettos stood erected from her breasts. Her long and thick clit could be seen sticking out of her labia in its full glory.

Smiling her trademark smile, Jennifer finally looked away and turned to the mirror. Fixing her dishevel hair until her silky mane once again rested neatly on top of her head, Jennifer’s hips swayed sexily as she pulled off her skirt and panties. Leaning forward against the counter, the brunette showed off her lush ass to the redhead. Using her legs to scoop up the fallen clothing, Jennifer lifted her leg up arms level, allowing herself to pick up her stuff without ever bending over, and at the same time show off her lovely shaven cunt to Alyson. After carefully placing her clothing onto the counter besides Alyson’s, the brunette turned around with her hands on her hips, in anticipation to the up coming duel.

Both girls stood and admired each other’s body in silence, until finally Jennifer moved towards Alyson sexily, shaking her hips like a model as she walked.

“Be a dear and prepare my clit for its duel, will ya?” The brunette seductively whispered into Alyson’s ear. Moving forward until their nipples softly touched, Jennifer soft hand reached down and took Alyson’s. The beautiful brunette sighed softly as she placed Alyson’s hand on her own clit, and held it there, encourage the redhead to touch it.

Alyson had a newfound respect for her brown hair rival. As the redhead followed Jennifer’s instruction and started stroking the brunette’s semi-erected clit, Alyson felt for the first time, a strong feeling of admiration and respect for her rival. Alyson was at a higher level of arousal than Jennifer was since the brunette hump her for a respectable amount of time in their previous skirmish. Jennifer didn’t want to give herself an advantage over Alyson in their upcoming pussy fight, and she’s making Alyson even the odds before commencing the fight.

As Alyson continued working on Jennifer’s clit, the brunette began fastening their garter belts together. There was no turning back now. There was no escape for either woman.

The brunette’s clit grew larger and larger against Alyson’s finger, and it wasn’t long before Jennifer’s weapon also reached its full glory, standing out from its protective hood firm and proud.

The brunette smiled proudly as she caught the redhead staring at her now fully aroused clit. Finally both women felt that they were ready for their first pussy fight.

“Are you ready for me?” Jennifer whispered.

“Give it to me cunt… fuck me,” replied Alyson with a “fuck me” look on her face. This contest was as physical as it was mental. Both girls will have to use all their weapons at their disposal to defeat the other sexually.

“Here I come bitch,” said Jennifer. The brunette pressed her body against the redhead. Nose to nose, breasts to breasts, belly to belly, pussy to pussy. Both women tried to keep clitoral contact to a minimum. Both wanted to fully test out their bodies before challenging other to the ultimate battle.

As Alyson felt the soft wetness of her rival’s pussy against her, she moaned in ecstasy. Sensing the redhead’s arousal, the brunette began her verbal assault.

“Ah… You’re so… Wet…” the brunette whispered through uncontrollable pants. The two women grind their pussies against each other deliciously, at the same time struggling to keep standing.

“Mmm… You’re wet as hell too… bitch,” the redhead managed to shot back through her ragged breathing.

“Really?” Jennifer was slowly regaining control of herself as she adapted to the pleasure of their vaginal contact. “I barely feel a thing down there.”

Alyson softly tugged the brunette’s head back and slid her nose against the older woman’s neck. Slowly and sensually necking the brunette, Alyson sucked in the sweet aroma of her nemesis. Jennifer moaned at this unexpected attack, and returned the favor by burying her fingers into the redhead’s ass meat. With deadly precision, the brunette pulled out of their quickening pussy grind for a split second, and drove her cunt forward into Alyson’s pussy. Jennifer’s engorged clit deliciously parted her rival’s labia, sliding her clit against the inner territories of Alyson’s pussy, exploring the exquisite softness of her rival’s cunt.

Alyson growled sexually at invasion of Jennifer’s clit. Pulling herself back to escape from the attack, Alyson returned the favor by driving her clit into Jennifer’s pussy this time, grinding it against the folds of the brunette’s labia, but careful not to make contact with her rival’s dread clit yet. Neither girl was ready for the final violation. Alyson stopped necking the brunette and glued her saliva-coated lips to the brunette’s. As their pussies traded blows, their nipples and belly had duels of their own. As the two girls reached newer levels of sexual arousal, their panting and pumping both quickened. Girlish moans of pleasure filled the ladies’ room as the two girls prepared to fight themselves to an orgasmic finish. Clits parted labia as the pair continued their duel. Labia pressed against one another in intense pussy grinds as the two prepared their bodies for the final violation. Finally the brunette broke off their tongue duel to issue the final challenge.

“Are you ready to finish this baby?” Demanded the brunette challengingly. “Are you ready for it?”

“I’m ready love…” Alyson softly, confidently replied. “I can take anything you can give. Come on, fuck me clit to clit.”

“Agreed. Let’s see who has the better clit, bitch.” Jennifer snarled. Her words trailed off into a delighted squeal as the redhead finally pressed her clit against hers. The two sex rods were completely covered by their opponent’s juices, lubricating them and making it impossible to align them should the girls quicken their pumping. Both girls slowed down their pumping to make their clitoral combat as long and sensual as possible.

“Ohhh you fucking bitch! I hate you and fucking clit! Ohhh…” Moaned Alyson. The constant clitoral contact was orgasmic, and the redhead knew that the end for her was near. As the rivals pressed nose to nose, they looked down at the clit war that would decide the outcome of this battle. Alyson can smell and feel the brunette’s icy breath, as Jennifer’s panting became faster and faster. Alyson knew that she was probably doing the same thing, but in her own mind she was winning this fight.

Their juice-covered clits slid deliciously against one another, and neither was giving way to the increasing pressure of the girls pumping. Alyson cannot believe how large and sensitive her clit was. As her clit slashed sexually at its rival, she can see that Jennifer’s was perhaps even longer, but not as thick. The two girls gasped in pleasure as their clits fenced. As their clits separated for the first time in what seemed like forever, Alyson can see the trail of woman juice still connecting the two clits together. Both women were now on the blink of a mind-blowing orgasm. Both women were about to collapse from the pleasure that was flowing through their body.

Looking up, Alyson can see Jennifer panting, but still smiling confidently as they meet eye to eye for a final time before the final, orgasmic finish of their first sexfight.

“Any last words - *pant* before my clit completely destroys yours?” demanded Jennifer cruelly.

“Fuck you bitch… You can’t make me cum with that tiny clit of yours.” Insisted Alyson angrily. “Meet me head to head, I dare you. Let’s find out who’s the better woman.”

Kissing the redhead softly on the nose, the brunette concluded. “Let’s do this, bitch!”

With that, the two women gripped each other’s beautiful asses tightly, and prepared to bring this fight to an orgasmic finish. Both their clits stood erected out of their hoods proudly, at their full glory. Instinctively, both women drove their clit forward for one last orgasmic attack. For the first time in this war, their clits met head on, and both women let out a glass-shattering scream. Neither woman can believe the immense pleasure they felt as the little proud weapons rammed directly into each other. Jennifer’s eyes were wide with shock and as she felt her body buckled uncontrollably, beginning to come. Alyson felt Jennifer’s powerful clit push her own sex rod back and felt a wave of undeniable pleasure, which shook her lovely frame, sending her body into a shattering orgasm.

Unable to keep standing, the two coming woman fell. The screaming Alyson fell first, and landed on her back, dragging the coming brunette with her. Both women continued to squirt their juices into each other’s love hole as the two women buckled themselves to exhaustion. Both women were multi-orgasmic, and their constant clitoral contact sent both into chain orgasms, completely draining the pair.

The End