Elisha couldn’t help but stare at the blonde’s beautiful body as Katherine rubbed soap all over it. The lovely blonde purposely cupped her breasts, squeezed her own muscular asses softly, as she rubbed soap all over herself. She didn’t spare Elisha a single glance.

“Can I use your soap? I forgot mine,” Elisha asked, trying to start a conversation, as she turned on the shower momentary to wet herself. The brunette felt that it was time to confront the blonde about her snotty attitude, and was prepared to teach the newcomer a lesson.

The blonde ignored her; Elisha had expected something like that. Feeling that the time was right, Elisha continued, challengingly. “Why are you such a bitch, Katherine? Acting like you’re all high and mighty, like you’re the beyond me when obviously you’re not.”

“Because I’m beyond you. I’m stronger than you, sexier than you, better than you in every single possible way.” The blonde replied coldly, as if she finally noticed the brunette. “So why don’t you leave now before I decide to whip that weak pussy of yours?”

The blonde obviously knew how the girls settled things here, and she was just playing along with Elisha, waiting for the right words so that the two girls could start a fight. It seemed like that the blonde wanted the brunette to issue the challenge, as she always threatened, but never challenged. Well, so be it, Elisha thought, as she reached out and grabbed Katherine’s soap, just as the blonde was about to turn on the water.

“If you think that blonde pussy of yours can whip mine, you’re sadly mistaken, bitch.” hissed Elisha as venomously as she could, as she slowly rubbed the blonde’s soap across her wet chest, down her belly to her pelvis, then finally her ass.

“Just who the hell do you think you are, taking my shit like that?” the wet blonde growled, as she moved towards Elisha. Reaching for her soap, which the brunette held behind her now, the blonde accidentally ground her slippery, soaped breasts against Elisha’s. The girls let out a soft squeal as their sensitive nipples touched slightly, before slipping away.

“You dirty dyke! What the hell are you trying to do?” Elisha shouted, pretending to be surprised. She could feel her nipples harden as the two girls continued their mind game, leading towards their inevitable battle. Sexily, the brunette continued rubbing the blonde’s soap over her wet thighs and the rest of her body. Finally, the brunette dropped the soap and closed in towards the blonde, until the wet girls were looking face to face, their proud breasts sticking out proudly, only inches away from each other.

“I thought a dirty tramp like you would like what I’m doing.” Katherine hissed sexily. Smiling confidently, the blonde moved in even closer. Elisha could feel the warm of Katherine’s breasts, as they were only a thumb’s distance away from each other now. Up close, Elisha could fully see how massive the blonde’s smooth cleavage was. The blondes pink nipples stood out from the blonde’s aureoles proud and erected, challenging the brunette’s own dark pink rods to meet them in combat.

“The only way to beat a dirty slut is to be even dirtier. I’ll just as dirty if that’s what I need to wipe that smile off your face.” Grunted Elisha as she finally pressed her slippery tits against the blonde’s.

“Oh it’s going to take a lot more than that to wipe this smile off my face,” The blonde growled girlishly as she felt their soaped breasts grinding, nipples licking. Their intimate battle was sending tingling sensations down from their chest to their wet crotches.

Girlish grunts and squeals filled the change room, as the two girls broke out into a sensual battle. Elisha had tried to increase the pressure, but it was too slippery. Every time the shorter brunette tried to crush the blonde’s glands against hers, she would slip away and end up jabbing her weapon against the blonde’s ribs.

Elisha still couldn’t believe that she was already fighting her neighbor the very same day she had met her. Fighting on the day of meeting was something that Elisha and the other cheerleaders would only do with a rival school’s cheerleading squad. She remembered the sexfight orgies that occurred after important games were played. The cheerleading squads would usually challenge each other after the game, to defend their school and squads honor. After finding a suitable location, entire squads took on one another until only one squad was left standing. Elisha remembered how proud their squad had felt, as they were the undefeated champions of the competitions that took place after the games.

The blonde was once a cheerleader of an opposing school, and according to Helena, the blonde’s school had played against Elisha’s own school. That meant that the blonde must have been defeated along with her team in one of those sexfight orgies. Deciding to use that knowledge to her advantage, Elisha taunted. “Remember how our squad raped yours, you blond bitch? I’ve beaten you before and I’ll beat you again.”

“Nice try bitch, but I wasn’t there… Helena told me that you two were from the same school? Ah yes, I think I was having a private little duel with your leader, Chloe.” Katherine whispered softly, proudly as she remember how she went one on one with the brunette, fucking each other for hours before she finally came out on top. With a pride and confidence, the blonde continued “And I’m pretty sure I did a pretty good job at whipping that sorry cunt of hers. I heard that I whipped her so badly that she even stopped cheerleading?”

Elisha was left speechless as she suddenly remembered Helena’s words and how Chloe had resigned as leader, before quitting the squad without giving any reasons why. She knew that Chloe had lost fights before, but was it the blonde who ultimately defeated her so badly, that the former cheerleader captain’s pride and spirit were completely destroyed?

Elisha’s pondering was interrupted when she felt the blonde’s latest breast attack slammed home. Their slippery orbs collided, and the taller blonde’s heavy breasts slide on top of hers from the pressure. As their bodies melted into each other, the brunette could only marvel at the smoothness of the blonde’s hard, tanned belly. Their wet pussy lips slid by one another only momentary, but that was enough to send an explosive sensation throughout Elisha’s petite frame. Pulling back, the brunette could see the blonde grinning wickedly, in anticipation of what was about to come.

Without even issuing the challenge out loud, the blonde spread her legs and waited for the brunette. Knowingly, Elisha closed in, sliding her smooth thigh against the blonde’s, pressing it against Katherine’s warm, moist pussy. She felt the blonde’s toned thigh force itself against her own wet pussy. The two standing, soap-covered cheerleaders began humping each other with their thighs. Their lips locked together, their tongue fighting for dominance inside each other’s mouth. Katherine’s hands playfully stroked Elisha’s hair, at the same time holding on tight to Elisha’s head, trapping brunette’s lips with hers and controlling their tongue duel. Elisha’s hands gripped the blonde’s tight buns, allowing her better control of their rhythm of humping.

Saliva mixed as Elisha desperately fought off Katherine’s aggressive tongue. The blonde’s deadly pink probe repeatedly stabbed itself into Elisha’s moist mouth, invading it, forcing moans of passion out of the brunette. The pace of their humping quickened as the panting girls got more and more excited. Warm juices flowed out of her opponent’s hot sex as Elisha pressed her smooth thigh against it faster and harder with each passing second. She can feel her own womanly juices flow as the blonde also quickened your pace. Finally, the blonde released her grip on Elisha’s head, giving room for both women to breathe. Looking into each other’s eyes challengingly, both girls were ready to fight to the finish. Finally, the blonde pried Elisha’s hands away from her ass, and forced the brunette back with a powerful shove.

“What’s the matter, had enough?” Elisha asked mockingly, knowing that the sexfight was far from over.

“Not really, just thought that it was about time I got to fuck you with this big pussy of mine,” answered the blonde innocently, looking down at her crotch. Slowly, she closed in on her brunette rival. Taking Elisha’s hand and leading it to her burning pussy, the sexy blonde continued. “Care to have a feel of what’s about to fuck you?”

“This weak pussy can’t make me come.” Snarled Elisha as she began exploring the blonde’s pussy. Running her fingers across the blonde’s labia, playing with it, Elisha realized how discipline the seemingly spoiled blonde really was. Not a single sound escaped Katherine’s mouth as Elisha toyed with her pussy. The brunette ran her finger across the blonde’s non-erected clit before she finally stuck her entire index finger into the pussy. The blonde’s pussy was as soft as a cloud, as warm as a volcano, as wet as an ocean. The lovely blonde proudly showed off her vaginal muscles as she clamped her pussy onto Elisha’s finger, almost causing pain before the brunette managed to pull her finger out.

“How did you like the tour of the best fucking pussy there is on this campus?” asked the blonde seductively.

“I think this pussy is way overrated,” Elisha said with a smirk, as she leisurely closed in towards the blonde, till the two girls were breathing on each other’s face. “I think I’ll ---”

Elisha cut herself off when she suddenly heard voices nearby. Shit, it’s the girls’ volleyball team. Elisha thought as she instinctively pulled away from the blonde. Katherine also pulled back as she too heard the voices, although that challenging glance never left her face. The girls looked almost as if they were disappointed by this sudden intrusion.

“This isn’t over, bitch.” Katherine hissed quietly and venomously, before twisting the knot, letting hot water spray all over her soaped body.

“You’re damn right it isn’t over. I said I was going to fuck you and I will.” Elisha spat, but the running water drowned out her voice. Elisha tried her best not to look at the showering blonde beside her, who seductively rubbed her smooth body as she cleaned herself. Their interrupted encounter had left the brunette’s juices flowing with excitement, and Elisha felt that Katherine had already taken the lead in this unfinished competition between the two hot women.

To be continued