“Have you seen those breasts of hers? They’re huge!” One of Elisha’s friends exclaimed. Elisha couldn’t believe the amount of attention the bitchy blond was getting in just a couple hours after her arrival, almost everyone the brunette knew was talking about her.

“She’s hot as hell!” One handsome hockey player commented.

“Have you seen that body of hers? I’d tap her ass any day!” Another guy added.

Elisha continued hearing praises after praises as she quietly munched down on her Caesar salad. More and more she felt annoyed and intimidated by this new comer, and she wasn’t the only one; she saw a few girls’ faces twist with disgust and jealousy when they heard the comments from the guys. This cafeteria belonged to the all-female dorm, meaning that these men were probably visitors who are having relationships with girls in this dorm. Elisha could feel the other girls’ hatred and jealousy as their men praised another woman.

Just then, an actress, who was a sexfighter, although Elisha had never fought, whispered something into Elisha’s ear, which became Elisha’s only thought for the rest of the day.

“Do you think you can beat her in a sexfight?” the actress whispered shyly into Elisha’s ear, not really expecting a response.

Elisha knew she was good, and many people used her as an example to judge others’ sexual prowess. Elisha was quite famous as a sexfighter, and was probably ranked in the top tier, along with a few girls from the cheerleading squad, some actress, and a few others. But after the actress’ question, Elisha couldn’t help but ponder at the sexual prowess of this newcomer. Judging by their short encounter today, Elisha felt that the blonde seemed more like the spoiled brat type, the kind that had no self-discipline or what so ever. If her presumptions were true, than the blonde may not prove to be a threat after all.

To be continued