Why have you failed me? Jennifer pondered to her defeated clit, as she softly stroked her soft, sore nub. Unable of erasing the pain of defeat, the former clit queen lay motionlessly on her bed, reliving her final battle with Alyson in her mind for over half an hour now. The effect of her first and only defeat was devastating, and the brunette was at the verge of a complete break down.

The brunette suddenly felt movement for the first time in hours, as her rival woke up from her slumber, and turned her perfect body towards Jennifer, facing the lovely brunette. Jennifer remained silent and continued to stare at the ceiling. For the first time since they’ve met, the brunette had nothing to say to her. The gorgeous redhead had destroyed her – physically, mentally and worst of all, sexually.

“You’re one hot slut, Jennifer,” the redhead said softly, her voice trembling with power and confidence. A dormant part of Alyson seems to have emerged after their epic battle. It was as if the redhead had obtained a new, personality. An innocent dove has blossomed into a majestic phoenix.

“Unfortunately, not as hot as me.” Alyson continued with her new, confident – almost cocky, tone.

Jennifer heard the redhead walk towards her closet, going through her clothing. The brunette couldn’t bear to look at the redhead, for her pride has taken a serious blow. Images of the redhead’s majestic clit crushing hers still tortured her mind. Finally, the brunette could sense the now-clothed redhead walking away, without even sparing her defeated foe a single glance.

The brunette thought she would feel the desire for redemption, the need for revenge, the thirst for victory. Instead, she felt like giving up, never wanting to fight again.

“Alyson, you sexy bitch… what have you done to me?” Jennifer asked no one in particular, as the beaten brunette continued to lie on her bed, sulking at her defeat.

To be continued