"Well, you seem to be in a hurry," Melissa wryly smirked at Helena as she entered her hotel suite. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No, not really" Helena replied, eyeing her suspiciously and cocking a perfectly framed blonde eyebrow over her right eye as she lifted her bag.

"Just checking out, are you?" Helena politely replied.

"Hmmmm.. I guess so" Melissa said, her tone softening for the moment, "I guess I was in a fuss seeing you bent over and thinking about our valet's little tet'a'te last night." Smiling back now at Melissa as she reached for her second bag, giving her a full view of her rounded ass, long, tan legs and heeled shoes wrapped inside her flowing mid thigh length yellow skirt.

"Hmmm.. uh.. yes, that was, shall we say, hotter than that tub we soaked in together the first night."

"I actually saw Melonie squirt INTO her pussy. To be honest, I jerked off all night thinking about that." Helena said with a smile as Melissa soaked in her perfect form.

Melissa shot back a warm full smile, her brown hair laying softly on her shoulders, full lips parting and wet with her firm high breasts and erect nipples pointing out from her white camisole. She rubbed her right palm down her right thigh toward her pink heels, accented by her mid thigh pink skirt, giving Helena an eyeful herself. "Me too." she said simply, "Still thinking about it."

Helena stood, drinking in the beauty before her, her soft, blonde locks flowing down to her shoulders as her white camisole did nothing to hide her erect pink nipples. Now face to face, Helena said, "We should get going, we have a bit of drive down the mountain road."

"I agree, let me get my bags and I will meet you at the elevator." Melissa responded.

Meeting at the elevator, they rode down together, enjoying the fragrant companion beside them, but keeping their thoughts to themselves. They called for the valet, who brought the car around, the valet runners almost fighting to get to the car just to see them step in wearing those miniskirts. The girls knew it and let their long legs linger on the seat, giving the two valets a peek at their panties as they got in. With both girls long, tanned legs and flowing hair, one blonde, one brunette, they were a vision. They both tipped the valets $20.00 each and as Helena drove away, they smiled at each other as they looked in the side mirrors and watched the valets bang their heads against the entrance way pillars to the Resort. They get a lot of that.

With the top down, Helena cruised down the mountain road, enjoying the fresh air and wind in her lavender scented blonde hair. Melissa's brown locks flowed like a commercial in slow motion, her strawberry scent brightening the ride. She relaxed as Helena carried them down the mountain, neither speaking for the first ten minutes. Helena's yellow mini skirt was riding up her thighs, almost at her panty line and her white camisole was so comfortable, only wearing nothing would be better she thought. She liked the feel of the leather on her long, tanned legs and it made her a bit randy. She squirmed a bit in her seat, a familiar urge stirring in her.

Melissa was having her own stirrings as Helena drove. She was itchy in all the right places and had some tension she wanted to release. Shifting in her leather bucket seat to the left, her pink skirt rode up her tanned, muscled thighs, exposing her upper thighs as she spoke. "I guess you think you're pretty hot in that white camisole, huh Helena?" Melissa said unflinchingly. "You probably saw one of mine and tried to copy me."

As Helena took another mountain curve as she drove, she cocked her right eye over her right shoulder and stared at Melissa. "You think I copied you because I have a white camisole, like ten thousand other women have? Maybe you're just jealous because I look better in mine than you do in yours?" Helena continued to drive down the curved road as she talked.

"You know, Helena, sometimes you can be such a bitch!" Melissa shot back with little or no feeling at all. "You really could use a lesson in humility!"

"I suppose you are the one to teach me?", Helena replied. "You can't even cover your brown tipped nips in that cammy and you want to give me

Melissa did not take kindly to that remark.

As Helena drove down another curve to the left, her right hand on the wheel crossing over, Melissa said, "You know what Helena? When you act like a bitch, you get what a bitch has coming!" With that Melissa reached over and pinched Helena's hard, pink erect nipple right through her camisole.

Helena let out a scream and jerked the wheel to the right, almost losing control.

"Being a bitch has its price!" Melissa said. She twisted the perfect, hard pink nipple causing Helena to scream again as she tried to hold on to the wheel and not wreck the both of them.

"Are you Crazy Melissa!?" Helena said holding the wheel tight. "You're going to kill us both!"

"Maybe bitch!" Melissa said. With that, she reached under Helena's white camisole and grabbed her right breast and squeezed. As she did, she let her manicured pink nails go up into her white flesh meat and into her nipple. She twisted and pinched with abandon.

"AAAGGGGGHHH!!" Helena screamed at the top of her lungs, no one hearing them as they careened down the mountain.

"Feel good bitch?" Melissa asked.

Not wanting to wreck on the two way road and with no place to pull over, Helena was at her mercy as she continued to drive down the mountain road. She had to take it.

Melissa scooted closer to her seat, her mini skirt now rising above her panty line, exposing her tanned thighs. Reaching for Helena's perfect, free, vulnerable left breast with her right hand she sunk her nails into the hard nipple and pink areola while seizing her right breast with her left hand and pulling the nipple out. Helena let out agonizing scream after scream as her lily white breasts were tortured. Melissa mauled her tits and yanked her nipples at will, torturing Helena's breasts pulling the nipples around in a circle then sinking her nails back into the soft flesh.

"My brown tips are better than your pink tops any day!" Melissa injected.

With that she leaned over and lifted Helena's camisole top and wrapped her wet, perfect, full lips around the tit meat and sucked the flesh into
her mouth. With half of her white breast in her mouth, she bit into the pink nipple.

"AGGg,......AGGGGGGJHJJA, you crazy bitch!" Helena screamed in agony again, not letting go of the wheel for fear of her life. Her nipples being tortured, and Melissa's face and teeth buried into her right breast and nipple, Helena was helpless as Melissa chewed on her breast meat.

Taking the nipple between her teeth, Melissa pulled to the left, then the right, then bit her breast, sucking the nipple into her throat. Screaming and crying, Helena continued to drive with no where to go. Melissa lifted her head and went back to squeezing her breasts and pulling the nipples. With the convertible top down, Melissa's brown hair was blowing in the wind, with both hands under Helena's shirt.

A truck went by, a rented moving truck, and looked down at the catfight as he drove past. Skidding to a halt, he nearly totaled the truck. Helena kept driving for fear they would wreck, her soft white breasts hanging down into the palms of Melissa's cruel hands. Yanking and pulling, Melissa mauled her tits as she drove.

Finally, a scenic overlook appeared and Helena steered for it. With her eyes glued to the perfect tits in front of her as she twisted Helena's breasts, Melissa did not notice. Coming to a stop, and parking, Helena snapped Melissa up by her hair, pulling her off her tortured breasts.

Undoing her seat belt, Helena flung herself onto Melissa, her hands going up Melissa's camisole as she landed on top of her. Seizing both her tanned breasts in each hand, she squeezed them as she bit into Melissa's neck. Twisting and scratching her tits like a wild animal, she clawed the brown, erect nipples with manicured yellow nails and twisted them into odd shapes while biting into her neck. Melissa was still trapped by her seat belt and stunned and had no defense as Helena rose up and slapped her hard on her left cheek with her right hand.

"You crazy fucking bitch!" Helena yelled, tears still in her eyes. She ripped the camisole of Melissa and dove into her firm, warm tits. Biting her right tit and sucking in the nipple, she mercilessly twisted her left nipple, yanking the brown nipple out, down and away from the breast, twisting it into a circle and pulling harder. Helena bit into Melissa's right nipple again and again and Melissa let out a scream.

"OOOAAGGGHHH!" she screamed. High pitched and afraid, Melissa was stunned.

Helena dug her nails deeper into the perfect rounded, firm breast meat, torturing and biting the nipples and twisting the breasts into spinning top shapes. Her teeth wrapped around Melissa's right nipple she bit the tip, causing Melissa to let out a blood curdling scream. Helena rose up again and grabbed Melissa by the hair with her left hand and slapped her again with her right. Her blonde hair flowing in the mountain top wind, tossing from side to side, she went back to biting Melissa's left nipple now while twisting her right breast flesh, her nails sinking into the nipples with each twist.

Melissa reached under her hands and grabbed her breasts again, still in her seat belt. Now both girls were pawing and scratching at each others' tits, pulling the nipples, squeezing the girl flesh with both hands. Helena rose up again and used all her body weight to press into Melissa's breasts with both hands. Melissa was under cupping Helena's breasts and pulled them down into an elongated shape. Helena twisted Melissa's
Hershey kissed tipped breasts into a circle. Both girls were screaming and pulling each others' tits for all they were worth.

After a minute, both let go, Melissa undid her seat belt and scrambled away from under Helena and out of the car. The adrenaline rush subsiding for Helena, she paused in her assault as Melissa went to the front of the car by the hood and Helena sat up on the back of the car seat. Both just eyed each other for a minute, while they gathered themselves, just staring half glazed looks at the other.

There were two other cars at the scenic overlook, a married couple in their fifties and two college guys standing by their car. As they watched the catfight, one of the college students fell off the cliff, no one noticed.

"Care to go for a little walk Melissa?" Helena asked provocatively, "We could go up this hill, near those trees, to get a better view of the overlook" she suggested.

"That would be lovely Helena." Melissa politely responded, "I would love to see the mountains from up there."

The two sweatiest, sexual, prettiest, hottest women within 100,000 square miles joined hands together and made their way up the mountain side, into the woods. As Helena's manicured yellow nails intertwined with Melissa's professionally done pink nails, they disappeared into the trees.

Jay, one of the college students, noticed his friend was missing. Looking over the edge of the cliff he sees Jeff, his buddy, climbing back up the mountain toward the overlook. As Jeff reaches the crest, Jay is standing there. Jeff looks at him straight in the eye and says "Did they keep cat fighting?"

"Nah," Jay replied, "they took a break and went up into the woods."

"Oh crap, hope I didn't miss it." Jeff said.

"You saw the best part, c'mon, let's get going." Jay replied.

Jeff pulled himself over the railing and they took off in their car. The married couple in their fifties turned to each other and had to lift each other's jaw as their mouths were hanging open. They shook their heads, got into their car and left as well.

Holding each other's hands as they climbed the mountain, Helena and Melissa concentrated on the steep grade, not talking much. They pulled each other up, squeezing their exquisite hands together tightly as they did, first one then the other. Walking side by side now, Melissa in her pink mini skirt and tanned muscular legs with brown flowing hair and Helena in her yellow skirt, tanned, long legs and flowing blonde hair, they came upon a small clearing surrounded by trees with a view of the mountains.

Sitting and resting, both women propped their arms up on their bent knees, revealing their sensual inner thighs, as they took in the view. Turning to her right, sliding her hand up and over Melissa's tanned, smooth, muscular inner left thigh, over her exquisite hips and under Melissa's white camisole lifting it up, Helena leaned her face down into Melissa's breasts and began sucking her left nipple greedily.

Melissa lifted her head to the sun and moaned.

"You got me so hot pulling my nipples, Melissa, I must suck on your tits." Helena said as she slurped at the perfect brown nipple coming to life in her mouth. Helena swirled her tongue around the Hershey nipple again and again, feeling the hard pebble against her wet tongue. "I love your tits, Melissa, they're perfect." Helena gasped between slurps.

"Suck my tits, Helena, suck them good, that feels so good, suck my nipple more." Melissa moaned as Helena sucked in her nipple and licked and sucked it again. Pressing her hand into Melissa's panty top, Helena looked up from Melissa's left breast and nipple, blue eyes shining and said to Melissa "Your cunt is sopping wet."

Melissa groaned and reached up the lifted skirt of Helena, sliding her hand up the muscled, tanned, luscious thigh and pressed her hand against Helena's pussy through her panties. "Your cunt is sopping wet too." she said.

"Finger fuck me Melissa." Helena begged between slurps of her breast. "Finger fuck my pussy."

"Finger fuck my pussy too, Helena." Melissa gasped back.

Helena pulled aside Melissa's pink panties and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. Melissa pushed Helena's yellow panties away and inserted two of her fingers into Helena's pussy. They began finger fucking each other's pussy at the same time, creating a wet suction sound as they fucked each other. Helena still had Melissa's perfect, hard, erect nipple in her mouth and sucked on it as Melissa tossed her head back.

"Finger fuck my cunt, Melissa, finger fuck me!" Helena demanded, spreading her legs to allow Melissa better access to her cunt.

"Fuck my cunt hole hard, Helena, fuck my cunt!" Melissa heatedly replied spreading her thighs to allow Helen better access. The girls finger fucked hard, jamming their fingers in and out of the sopping wet pussy of her rival, parting the tender, pink vaginal lips and rolling their fingers around inside the perfect holes as they created a loud suction sound from the juice and the repeated thrusts.

"Ohhhh....fuck me, Melissa, fuck me you slut!" Helena moaned lifting her head from the rigid nipple she had been sucking. "Ohhhh fuck me harder" she cried.

Hearing Helena's moans and begs made Melissa crazy with lust. Pushing Helena down onto her back and tearing away her panties, she lifted Helena's white camisole and pushed her yellow skirt up to her hips. Melissa then ripped her own panties off and removed her white camisole top, revealing perfect, rounded firm 36" inch breasts topped with hard, erect nipples. Mounting Helena, Melissa pressed her cunt hole right into Helena's cunt and began grinding.

Helena ripped her own panties off and reached up and grabbed Melissa's smooth, rounded ass in both hands and jammed her cunt hole up into Melissa's, pulling her ass down into her for better thrusting. Grinding their hot cunts together now, their pink pussy lips spread open, dripping into each other. As they were grinding, their hard clits met each other.

"Oh fuck!, I'm going to die!" Helena shrieked in ecstasy.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Melissa gasped. "Your clit is so hard, Helena!" Melissa said.

Grinding their clits together now, Melissa reached under Helena's ass and began humping her while pulling her ass toward her too. Both girls now were humping clits and pulling each other's ass into them to grind their pussies and clits harder. Dirt was drawn up into each girl's hands as they squeezed the other's ass with their nails and hands, neither caring as it mixed into their soft ass flesh rippling together. They began rubbing the dirt into each other's ass as they slid their clits and cunts together.

"You dirty slut, Melissa!" Helena smiled up at her, feeling her clit horn shocks. As the orgasm washed over Helena her clit slid off Melissa's pointed horn and into her cunt hole.

"Oh, you fucking dirty slut!" Melissa gushed as she rubbed more dirt into Helena's ass. "Fuck my cunt hole with your clit!"

"Only if you promise to squirt in me!" Helena replied, white breasts jiggling with each pounding of their cunts together.

"Oh fuck you, yes, I will squirt in you Helena!"

Helena doubled her pumping of Melissa's cunt with her clit now, flexing her ass as she pounded into her. Melissa pulled Helena's ass harder into her, their hands frantically rubbing each other's ass mixed with dirt. Her clit invaded Melissa's sopping wet hole, which opened to accept it deeper. Her own asshole began to pucker now, as Melissa began to squirt. Her asshole opened and closed as the juice thrust out of her steaming wet cunt hole, onto Helena's horn.

Helena shifted up and placed her hole over Melissa's hole as her wet cavern spread for the sticky juice to come.

"AGgggg, oh fuck yes, fuck yes!" Melissa huskily breathed, her head dropping down as her juices exploded into Helena's waiting open, wet, spread cunt. "Fuck, oh fuck, you fuck me good!" Melissa breathed.

A line of girl cum streamed out of Melissa's pussy into Helena's, her asshole puckering open and closed with each squirt. Helena pulled her deeper into her, their clits now grinding together again as wet cunt lip mashed against wet cunt lip. Taking all the cum, Helena began to squirt into Melissa now. Not holding back, her perfect pink nipples hard as rocks arching up, she rubbed more dirt into the fuck slut over her.

"My cunt hole is gushing into yours!" Helena cried, her hips bucking into Melissa.

Melissa pulled Helena's knees up and slid up her cunt a little, rubbing their pussy lips together as she better positioned their holes. Mounting her now, their holes lined up, Melissa received the hot girl cum into her own spread open waiting hole.

"Ahhhhhhh, your cum is sweet into my cunt you filthy tramp!" Melissa sighed as she received spurt after spurt from Helena.

"Ohhhhh, it feels good in my hole!" Melissa said.

Both girls leaned down into a wet French kiss, their hands still frantically rubbing dirt into each others ass, the rough, warm soil exciting their ecstasy. Their tongues locked, swirling around each other's mouth in the wet kiss, their asses pumping into each other as they pulled their pussy lips together, wet hole open to wet hole, as they shared Helena's cum juice. Pressing their breasts together now, Melissa lay down on top of Helena, warm Hershey nipples jabbing into erect pink points. Their hair over each other's face, their sloppy kiss continued as their tits pressed flat into each other, making them crazier.

They continued to hump each other, sliding a dirt covered finger up each other's asshole and pumping it as they ground their wet cunt holes into each other. Fucking each other's asshole and humping their clits together, they came again and again into each other's waiting wet caverns. Their manicured fingers covered in dirt pumping the eager asshole as they humped, they pressed their tits together, their fuck holes jammed together as they pumped the other girl's ass.

Resting from the orgasms, they broke the kiss and lay cheek to cheek, keeping a finger up the other girl's asshole in the dirt on the mountainside. Rested now, Melissa moved up over Helena and placed her feet by her shoulders and then her knees into the warm, brown soil. Staying a foot away from Helena's mouth, she began masturbating her pussy, rubbing the wet lips and revealing her hard clit as she spread her pussy lips. Licking her lips, she watched the lust in Helena's eyes as she rubbed her clit and fingered herself only inches away from Helena's face. Melissa began to moan.

Helena cried out "That's my sweet pussy hole....oh fuck it Melissa, fuck it...I want that cunt, I want your hole!" Helena cried. As her clit became rigid, Melissa lowered her pussy onto Helena's mouth.

Helena slid her tongue up her cunt and sucked and slurped at the wet pink walls and cunt juice pouring out. Melissa threw her head back, rigid, erect nipples standing straight out and tilted up, her breasts heaving and spread her cunt hole as she began to cum. Gushing, squirting, pouring her girl juice into Helena's open mouth as Helena continued to slide her tongue up the wet, tight hole. Rubbing her chin on Melissa's pussy, Helena looked up and said, "Cum on me, you're my cunt hole, you're my cunt hole!"

" fucking cunt slut Helena, you cunt sucking fuck slut!" Melissa gasped as the next wave of her orgasms went through her. Placing her hands down into the dirt above Helena's head, Helena drank in all the juice Melissa shot into her mouth. Exhausted now, Melissa rolled off to the side of Helena's blonde covered head, her sweet asshole in view as she rolled onto her right hip. Helena inserted a dirt covered finger into the sweet nether region and Melissa arched her back, revealing a soft white inner ass cheeks access to her asshole as Helena pumped her asshole as she lay there in the dirt on the mountainside. Fucking her tight, dirty hole furiously now, Helena rolled her hips so that her ass cheeks and Melissa's ass cheeks were touching. Helena kept fucking Melissa in the ass, reaching behind her. Both girls pulled their knees slightly up and Melissa reached back and inserted her manicured pink finger covered in dirt into Helena's asshole.

Melissa reached back with her left hand and Helena reached back with her right as they finger fucked each others asshole. Moaning now, they insert two, then three fingers into the other girls ass. They began pumping as they lay there in the dirt, ass to ass, fingers buried in the warm tight asshole of the beauty next to them. Making a small fist, Melissa inserted her bound fist into Helena's ass.

Helena did the same and both girls began fisting each others asshole at the same time as they lay on their sides ass to ass in the warm mountain dirt. Rolling onto their sides more, each girl reached over with her free hand and pulled her ass cheek back so the other could fist fuck her open, waiting asshole better. Moaning incoherently now, they fist fucked each others ass, humping their sweet holes into the thrusting fist inside them. Their tits laying on twigs and leaves and dirt, the rough feel accentuated their pleasure. As they came fist fucking each other they both bent their heads down and pulled a perfect breast into their mouth, sucking their own breast and nipple as their cunt holes squirted their juice into the warm soil. Feeling the hard fist up their asses, they came in wave after wave pumping the dirty tramp beside them. They lay their heads down into the soil, releasing their fists from each others ass and rubbed their ass cheeks together.

Rolling over onto Melissa, Helena mounted her missionary style, Melissa rolling onto her back to accept the wet vixen. Mashing their cunts together again, Helena pressed her pink tipped white breasts into Melissa's hard chocolate nipples and rubbed their pussy lips together. As the last bit of cum oozed out of each girls hole into the wet pink pussy lips attached to her, they drifted off to sleep, in a cunt soaked, sealed, tit to tit, nipples grinding into each other dripping with wet cum and desire.

The End