By HGHunt

“You’ve already shown me you’re a damn good fuck, you ugly slut. This feels really good! Come on! Keep your slimy cunt grinding back at me. You know your pussy wants me bad. You better be ready ‘cause I’m just gonna keep on coming.” Lisa wiggled vigorously and Luanne wiggled right back as she sarcastically responded, “Ya, ya ya. You talk a lot of shit for a woman who barely knows what fucking really is. You may think you’ve seen me fuck well before, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Luanne’s breasts heaved and bounced while she arranged her pussy as best she could to try to open wider than Lisa and inhale her thick meaty lips and bulging clit inwards. Her yoga classes were coming in handy as she splayed her legs wider and wider peeling her labia further and further apart, testing their stretchy limit and encountering persistent resistance from Lisa’s pink labia, which were also expanding their reach. The two women snarled at each other, deep guttural nasty vocalizations that belonged deep in a jaguar jungle more than in a fancy hotel room. Luanne recognized how wide Lisa was open, feeling the succulent inner lining of her depths swarming over her own slick chasm. Wider and wider she stretched, more and more of Lisa’s pussy fabric meshed with her own. The number of square inches of shared flesh contact within the confines of their outer labia escalated and escalated until there was no more available. Their wickedly wide holes each pulsed with power, driven by the feminine desire to engulf her foe. Silky smooth, wet with sticky juices, engorged to extreme pinkness, their most delicate tissues battled for female supremacy.

The comfortable positions they’d prepared on the bed allowed them laser-focus on the conjunction between their legs. Lisa was almost awed by how far Luanne opened her cunt and legs, but with the view from her eyes, she keenly assessed the way her brown bush battled Luanne’s blonde field of pubic hair in the perimeter of the battle, confident that her forest of delight was at least holding its own against the Viking horde. That gave her power to open her own legs even wider; gasping at the deliciousness of her outer labia mating with Luanne and at the same time relishing the slick eroticism of her inner labia tangling in battle with Luanne’s much engorged flaps. Her inner kegel muscles went to work, as if her cunt were a lamprey eel, intent on grasping Luanne’s cunt wholly insider her own and then swallowing her to the depths. Back and forth went the duel. First Lisa would seem wider and about to gobble Luanne, and then Luanne would find the optimum stretch and nearly suck Lisa down her pussy-gullet. The battle raged on and on, with each woman gloriously satisfied at the erotic ecstasy and the power of their own pussy in the face of such an enemy.

Their eyes met. The stare and glare of hatred made the air molecules between their eyes give off sparks from the intensity, elevating even more their mutual enmity, even as their cunts swarmed in warm juices and pulsed with pleasure. The twisting and turning, with all the elegant friction, labia slapping labia, hairs snared together, clits dancing in and out of holes and bumping each other, inner thighs grating in anger, all came together to constrict their thoughts in a loop of pleasure/hate. The outside world might have ended and they wouldn’t have known. It was as if supremacy of the universe was at stake to these two. The leverage each produced, the glandular productions, and the perfectly formed genitals all conspired to seek release. Lisa’s eyes opened wide. Her pussy was swarming with warmth of impending explosion. The heat conducted itself through to Luanne, arousing her to a new height.

Wham! The jolt of release surged through them both. Orgasms of individuals are inspirations. Orgasms in unity are ethereal bliss. The feelings of release swept through them both; sexual frustration shattered, pent-up energy drained away, feelings for their partner confirmed, which in this case meant a lot of things. For Luanne it meant affirmation of the power of her sexual organs, beautiful to look at, succulent to taste, and grindingly efficient at exploiting Lisa’s lust. Shared with that affirmation came also a sense of fulfillment; a sort of deep contentment with the way her body responded to Lisa, ratcheting up its arousal in ever so delicious tiny increments, allowing her to savor every nuance of Lisa’s body, especially her wickedly erotic pussy. When their lips and clits met, it was so fucking heavenly, she dreamily mused, she could just died right there and been as ultimately fulfilled as Nature would allow.

For Lisa, the racing orgasm, full of explosive ripples surging through her neurosensory tissues, blasting past former limits of pleasure also came a huge affirmation of her own sexual power, and with it a spirit of lust that even as her orgasm waned, penetrated her brain with such an overpowering desire for more, more, and even more, that the fatigue of her body washed away in the surf of arousal all the more powerful.

Here was the divergence.

“God dammit woman, that was so good! Your pussy is one great fuck, you know that.” Lisa blurted out between gasping breaths. “Let’s do it again!” she panted even as her hips began to slowly roll about, seeking that delicious friction between pussy lips that so enthralled her. Luanne, still on the downslide of her orgasm, felt the sensitivity of her cunt recoil at the thrusting touch. Her fulfillment in sex with Lisa had reached such a pinnacle that she couldn’t physically recoil at the touch, but in her mind, there was a disappearance of the vigorous enmity that had so colorfully motivated this entire encounter. All she wanted was Lisa; in every way possible! “My body is yours,” she managed to deliver the few words that punctuated her feelings for Lisa with an abrupt departure.

“You better believe it you little whore!” Lisa growled as her hips thrust toward Luanne, her wet sticky cunt perfectly adept at targeting Luanne’s pussy. Luanne managed a few retaliatory grinds, but her energy was depleted, her enmity was gone, her fulfillment now sought a new release, that of acquiescence to Lisa’s heavenly charms. Compliant as could be, Luanne opened her legs wide again so that Lisa could mount her from above, her dark pussy fur, twisting and turning against Luanne’s sticky cunt. But Luanne’s moisture production was waning, having spent so much of its reservoir on the build-up that only tiny amounts of fem-juice came to this cunt-party. So it was all up to Lisa to provide the slippery lubrication to keep their cunts from rubbing raw. She was up to the task and in only a few minutes Lisa was humping down on Luanne so hard and fast that she came again, this time putting Luanne in a bear hug so tight that Luanne gasped for air.

As soon as Lisa swooned back down from the orgiastic high, her tits plastered against Luanne’s big D’s, the resurgence of lust for more rebounded again.

“I’m done.” Short sweet sounds; Luanne pronounced in a little whisper into Lisa’s ear. “You win. I can’t go on.”

“Oh yes you can you cunt-bitch!” Lisa was having none of that. It wasn’t even apparent that Lisa understood Luanne’s capitulation; her lust for more was so high that she ONLY wanted more sexual release and Luanne was damn well going to provide it. Shaking her ass back and forth brought a little whimper from Luanne. Her eyes were closed when Lisa propped herself up with her arms to look in Luanne’s face. Finally sensing the transformation beneath her a giant grin grew across her face; at first a grin of joy, but soon a sheen of mischievousness crept into her countenance and the grin took on a devilish look. Luanne’s eyes cracked open just a slit, allowing her to see the transformation going on above her.

A few more humping twirls of her groin against Luanne’s rapidly shriveling pussy lips prompted Lisa to seek another outlet for her lust. Hopping up onto Luanne’s chest, Lisa positioned her crotch above Luanne’s boobs. She reached down and with her deft fingers peeled her labia apart so that she could engulf Luanne’s right nipple inside her groovy slit. A few little hops to punctuate her superiority and then the grinding began. Slowly at first, and then accelerating, Lisa used Luanne’s soft tit and hard nipple as a fuck-toy. She slid back and forth between tits, sharing her pussy juice and lathering Luanne’s D-size breasts with her nectar. “Ooh, Ooooh, Ooooh. Push your tits in me. Make me cum again. Make me feel goooooood.” Luanne was silent, but by now her eyes were open and glazing over with a sort of resignation of her fate. She hadn’t physically exhausted her body yet, but emotionally the desire for dominance that so motivated her to accept Lisa’s challenge, had completely transformed into subservience; and it didn’t even seem incongruous to her. It seemed real and natural. Her body’s muscles, nerves, and bones all still worked, but they were now acting as servants of a different master. Instead of seeking to control and dominate Lisa, they were awash with movements designed to please her. Small staccato “Ooohs, aaahs, and mmmmms” were interspersed with soft comments like “OK”, “This way?”, “Good,” and other little soothing remarks; all addressing Lisa in a very subservient and congenial way.

Lisa just ground away; her pussy opening and shuttering over Luanne’s hefty smooth tits, feeling her hard nipple bend and twirl against her clitoris. Lisa again felt the flow of energy rise in her loins. Her clit hardened another degree and she attacked Luanne’s big right nipple with a wicked glee, sending another orgasm flooding through her veins. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh my God yes! Fuck my pretty pussy you whore! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!” Her wailing cry of ecstasy didn’t wake the neighbors, but it sent shivers of joy through Luanne, who realized that even in her submission, she was very capable of giving pleasure to the one that mattered most to her.

Lisa fell off to the side of Luanne on the bed as her surging explosion withered away. Even she needed a rest. She lay at Luanne’s side for a moment, the two of them sharing the bed, each on their backs looking up, silent except for their mutually heavy breathing; landscapes of beauty that would do any nude photographer proud. Looking at them no one would have guessed at this moment what had transpired, but in their minds, each knew the opposite ends of the spectrum from the outcome of their match. For fully five minutes the two lay there in an awkward silence, the recognition of what had happened sinking in to their more thoroughly alert cognizance, the flush of competitive hormones subsiding a bit.

“I love fucking you,” the soft voice from Luanne, with its bitterness gone, and sweetness prevailing, jolted Lisa back to reality. As much as she wanted to let her body rest, she still felt the compelling pull of gravity towards punctuating her control over Luanne, lest the intuition she felt about Luanne’s acceptance was wrong. Her competitiveness was NOT gone. She still wanted to PROVE herself the better woman and better lover.

“Tell me I’m the better woman!” Lisa demanded in a voice that now didn’t sound as arrogant as before, but still carried an air of authority.

Luanne rolled her head towards Lisa, their faces nearly touching. She nodded.

“No, you’ve got to say it. Tell me out loud that I’m the better woman and the better lover and that you’ll never mess with me again.”

Luanne grinned at her and swooned out this answer, “Will two out of three be good enough? You, Lisa are the better woman and the better lover. But I won’t swear never to mess with you again.”

Lisa rose up on one elbow, trying in her depleted energy way, to assert dominance again. “What do you mean?”

“Well, I’ve NEVER had so much fun. I think we should fuck like this every week, or better yet, every day! My pussy wants you so bad. I’d do anything to try this again.”

The sly grin returned.

“Well, little girl, we’ll just have to see about THAT!” The gears were turning in Lisa’s mind. Would she be able to turn this to her advantage? Would Luanne become a long-term playmate or lover? Would this change the dynamics of her marriage? Would it be possible to coordinate such liaisons into her schedule? Would her body take the punishment such encounters demanded? The one thing that didn’t enter her mind as a question was whether or not SHE wanted this kind of hook up again. It never even occurred to her that such an encounter wouldn’t be fun or desirable. The ecstasy and pleasure she was enjoying was too great. The fulfillment of her desire to overpower Luanne was so stupendous, that she only focused on the logistical aspects of such a turn of events, and not the desirability of it. What her mind settled on, all this thought taking place in a matter of a few seconds, was that if Luanne was serious, then the relationship still needed to be solidified. She felt Luanne’s acquiescence beside her, but it wasn’t yet enough.

“Roll over little girl.”

Luanne obediently rolled towards the other side of the bed onto her tummy. Lisa gleefully sat up and immediately began spanking Luanne’s lush backside. Her round ass took a good handful of slaps, the sound echoing across their darkened room, Luanne’s little muffled grunts and squeals confirmed for Lisa the direction things were going. She knew Luanne wasn’t physically spent and she could have put up some resistance, had she been so inclined. But it wasn’t happening. She happily let her ass get reddened with a few dozen hot slaps. It was by no means an S/M session, but this did solidify for both women their new roles.

Lisa was the queen. Luanne took orders.

To be continued