(by EAGLE)

It was a cold January Wednesday in the Furniture Shack, a home furnishing store in a small New Hampshire town close to the mountains. Monica, the thirty-two year old woman who owned the store, had just finished a long conversation on the phone with a very nice man who wanted to give her store a lot of business. She was excited about it and wanted to share the news with the two women who worked for her.

She called to Lisa and Claudia to come into her office so she could pass along what she’d just been told. The store wasn’t too big and Lisa and Claudia were Monica’s only full-time sales people. The rest were part-time, and all but one were women. It was Monica’s philosophy that when it came to home furnishing and decorating, women were more suited than men to satisfying
customers, and so all her employees were women. The exception was a 60 year old man named Jerry, and the only reason he worked there was he was the former owner. Part of the agreement of sale to Monica stated he could work part-time because he didn’t want to completely retire.

To see the three women standing there, one had to think there were no physical similarities at all between them. They were all about the same height and that was about it. Monica was a light-skinned honey blonde, Lisa a longhaired brunette, and Claudia, true to her Italian ancestry, had shoulder length black hair. They were all very attractive, well-built women. The only thing they had in common, aside from working together, was they had all at one time been married, but were now divorced.

Lisa, age 28, and Claudia, age 27 had both been working for Monica about 9 months. They seemed to get along with each other fairly well. There was no jealousy because each woman quite easily accepted her own sexuality and didn’t worry about anyone else. They had both recovered from their recent divorces, and occasionally talked about it to one another. Other than that they didn’t see much of each other outside of work. However, Lisa and Claudia did have one other thing in common, although neither of them knew it. Monica had been having an affair with both of them, and although each of them knew she wasn’t the only person in Monica’s life, neither of them knew who the other person was. Monica had been divorced for almost two years,
and she had come to grips with the fact she liked women just as well as men. She cultivated relationships with the two women with a strict set of rules, chief of which was that nothing personal was ever said or happened at the store, and there she was clearly the boss.

When Monica called the two into her office she was clearly excited. The call had been from a man who represented a large chain of motels. The new interstate four-lane highway ran close to town, as well as some of the area ski centers. His chain had started to build a large motel at the nearby exit, and as it was their policy to do business with local retailers wherever they went, they wanted the Furniture Shack to provide furnishings for the entire motel, as well as do much of the interior decorating. Monica was so excited she could barely get the words out, said he would be there in a few days, and she wanted the two women at the meeting.

The following Tuesday at 11:00 the meeting took place. Rick, who was in charge of planning the new motel, joined the three women. The first thing all three women noticed was that he was a very good looking guy, and all the girls were glad they had somewhat dressed up. He was in his early thirties, very personable, but seemed to be all business. He handed them copies of the building plans and the two-hour meeting began. Every room needed to be furnished, including lobbies and offices and he wanted Furniture Shack to do it all. Monica told the two women to work and plan independently and they would all meet in two weeks to compare results. Lisa and Claudia looked at each other, and for the first time, experienced feelings of being in competition. In the meantime Monica took Rick out to lunch.

During the following two weeks Lisa and Claudia, believing they were in competition with each other, worked separately on their plans and didn’t seem as friendly as they had been. A follow-up meeting with Rick was scheduled and each woman was to present her plans. That morning both Claudia and Lisa came to work dressed to kill. Both wore short skirts, low cut tight-fitting tops, and black lace stockings, all designed to accentuate their figures. Monica, who had also dressed up more than usual, teased the two while they waited for Rick. “Girls” she said, “Why don’t you just wear nothing at all. I’m sure Rick would notice that. We’re showing decorating plans, not casting a movie.” They both smiled and stuck their tongue out at Monica, but then gave each other a cold look.

Rick walked in and the meeting began. First Lisa and then Claudia made her presentations. Each also gave a subtle sideshow to Rick. Lisa, more than once, rubbed up against Rick and gave him a good look at her cleavage as she bent over at the table to point something out on her drawing. Claudia “accidentally” dropped some papers and bent over with her back to Rick so he would have an excellent view of her legs and ass. Claudia also pissed Lisa off when she volunteered to spend as much time as necessary with Rick to work on any changes he might want to make. Claudia gave Lisa a wicked smile as she finished and sat down. Monica then said there were a number of things she wanted to discuss with Rick. She asked the girls to go back to their office until the store opened.

The two quietly walked back to their office. Later Claudia was sitting at her desk and wondering how she was going to kill the hour and a half until the store opened when her thoughts were interrupted by Lisa’s voice. Lisa sarcastically said, “I’m surprised you’re not still in there trying to sit on his lap.” Claudia answered, “Look who’s talking. If you’d bent over a little more he’d have seen your belly button.” Lisa smiled and replied, “At least I have something to show him.”

The two swung around on their chairs and were now facing each other. Claudia said, “Honey, I’ll match up with you anytime and besides I’m not the one wearing a skirt that’s practically showing my pussy.” Lisa responded, “No, you’re the one wearing a top that lets your nipples hang out.” The two glared at each other for a long moment, looking each other over from top to bottom, and then the same word came out of their mouths at the same time, “Slut.”

They both jumped to their feet and in an instant locked their hands in each other’s hair. Just about the time they were really going to get into it a single word came loudly from their office doorway. “STOP!” They both turned and saw Monica standing there glaring at them. “In my office now ladies!” she said. The two glared at each other and moved toward Monica’s office. “Sit down!” She commanded. “I’d like to get a few things straight before this goes any further.”

Monica started, “First off, you two are completely screwed up in your thinking. Neither one of you is going to get all of her own plans accepted. This is a team effort. Did it ever occur to either one of you nitwits that I also did a set of plans? I’ve been in this business longer than either one of you, and as the owner I’ll have more input than both of you. After you left the meeting I showed Rick my plans and the end result is we’re going to use some of all three sets of plans.”

“This is the biggest business deal of my life and I don’t want it derailed because you two can’t get along. Let me put it in terms you can both understand. If you catfight I’ll fire you. That will cost you your job as well as the $10,000 bonus you’d get when this job is finished.” Claudia, who was still angry, said, “How will you know if we fight away from here?"

Monica smiled and said, “Simple, I’ll see any scratches, bruises or marks when I sleep with you." Claudia started to blush, when she looked at Lisa and saw the strangest look on her face. All of a sudden they each realized Monica was talking to both of them. In an instant each realized who the other person was in Monica’s life.

They both started to say something when Monica said, “I wasn’t planning on both of you finding out this way, but circumstances force it. I love being with both of you away from here, but I mean it. No catfighting. Any questions?” Both women were too dumbstruck to answer so Monica continued, “Good, we need to work together on this one. Now go back to your office. I’m going to open the store.”

The two women went back to their office feeling stunned and angry at the same time. Each was thinking the same thing, “I can’t believe I’m sharing Monica with that bitch!” went through both their minds. They glared at each other, but didn’t say anything. They heard the sound of customers and went to work.

In the weeks that followed the three women worked on the project. To all outward appearances Lisa and Claudia were working together as well as possible. There were two reasons for that. First, they both wanted the bonus and secondly, neither wanted to incur Monica’s wrath. However, when Monica wasn’t around the two were very catty with each other. On a personal level with Monica each tried to show her that she was the better lover during those two nights a week each would spend at Monica’s house. Monica, knowing what was going on between the two, was enjoying herself. She not only had Lisa and Claudia, but was beginning to develop a relationship with Rick.

One day, while Monica was in a luncheon meeting with Rick, the two women were sitting in their office with nothing to do. It was cold, and rainy so there were no customers in the store. They had avoided talking to each other except when necessary, but they seemed to sense things were coming to a head. As if on cue they turned to each other. Lisa said, "I don’t know why Monica bothers with you when she has me? I guess she just feels sorry for you?” Claudia responded, “You’re the one who is a charity case. After she’s with me I guess she must feel like punishing herself with you?”

The two women traded insults back and forth for awhile about who was the better lover for Monica. Then they went to work insulting each other’s clothes, describing each other as tasteless dressers, because each knew the other was trying to out dress her. Finally Claudia said, “I’m sorry I promised Monica I wouldn’t catfight you because I’d love to rip your clothes off right now and put you in your place.” Lisa replied, “The feeling is mutual, bitch. I’d love to take you apart, but you’re not worth losing my
job and $10,000 over.” “Besides,” she smiled evilly, “there are other ways to decide who the better woman is.” For a minute Claudia couldn’t figure out what Lisa was talking about. Then the light bulb went on in her head and she looked closely at Lisa to see if she was serious. When she decided Lisa meant what she said Claudia said sarcastically, “Why darling, I do believe you’re challenging me sexually.” Lisa replied just as caustically, “Of course I am. Are you woman enough to take me on?” Claudia responded, “In a heartbeat.”

During the next half-hour the two calmly discussed the details of where and how. They agreed to meet the following night after work in the mattress room at the store. Thursday was the day Monica left two hours early and they had the responsibility of locking up. The mattress room was the display room in the store where they kept samples of mattresses which they sold with their bedroom furniture. There were a number of different size mattresses sitting on bed frames and they would do nicely for their little contest. Lisa then said, “Let’s make it interesting. The loser eats the winners pussy and also stays away from Monica for a month.” Claudia replied, “Fine with me. I’ll enjoy having her all to myself for the next month.” Lisa said, “In your dreams bitch.” The two then went their separate ways until the store closed for the day.

The next day, Friday, was also a day when the three women had a meeting with Rick. Not that they needed a reason, but the women used the meeting as an excuse to dress up even more than usual. They tried to be sexy while still looking professional enough to do their job. Lisa and Claudia wore short skirts, and tight fitting tops, and black silk stockings to show themselves off not only to Rick, but also to each other. Each refused to be intimidated by the other, although they both had to admit privately that because of all the time she spent with him Monica had the edge with Rick.

Following the long meeting with Rick the two women went to open the store. Jerry was also working so no one expected to be too busy with the three of them on duty. Lisa looked at Claudia as people started to come in and said, “Ready to be humiliated tonight honey?” Claudia was pissed because she didn’t have time to answer, but at least she knew Lisa had set the tone for the day. Later as Lisa was sitting with a customer and writing an order Claudia came up behind her and whispered softly in her ear, “I can’t wait to embarrass you tonight, sweetie.” Lisa couldn’t answer because of the customer, and Claudia walked away smiling.

Things really heated up an hour later when Claudia was in the woman’s lounge. Lisa came in and walked up to Claudia, and pushed her back against the wall. “I thought I’d give you a little sample of what I’m going to do to you tonight.” She said. With that she brought up one leg and pushed it up between Claudia’s legs under her skirt and thrust it tight against Claudia’s pussy. This completely took Claudia by surprise, but she quickly recovered and using the wall to help her maintain her balance did the same thing to Lisa. They looked into each other’s eyes as they rubbed their stocking covered legs together and pushed their thighs into each other’s pussies. They locked their arms around each other, and stood cheek to cheek and for a few moments the only sounds heard in the room were stocking covered legs rubbing and heavy breathing. They had their eyes closed and seemed to be lost in what they were doing. This lasted for about a minute when the silence was broken with the sound of Jerry’s voice coming through the door. “Lisa,” he said, “You have a customer out here looking for you. Lisa stepped back and answered, “I’ll be right there.” She broke away from Claudia, walked away smiling and said, “Until later.”

The rest of the day was an exercise in one-upmanship. Every time the two women were near each other they taunted, grabbed, clutched and rubbed each other whenever they thought no one could see them. Once Claudia came up behind Lisa and grabbed her ass with both hands, saying sweetly, “Oh excuse me. I didn’t see you standing there.” Rather than move away, Lisa looked back over her shoulder and replied, “Oh that’s okay honey. You can get used to grabbing my ass because you’ll hold on with both hands tonight while you’re sucking my pussy.” Claudia squeezed a little, and said, “If you’re so confident, how about upping the stakes a little in our bet?” Lisa responded, “What would you like to do?" Claudia smiled, saying, “How about the loser sucking off the winner right in front of Monica?” Lisa replied, “You’re on.” And walked away.

By the end of the day the two women couldn’t wait to tangle. Each had tried to intimidate the other all day with no outward success. Monica left at 6 o’clock, reminding the ladies to lock up after Jerry left at 8. By 8 o’clock the store was empty of customers and Jerry finally left. The two women looked at each other and quickly locked up the store, turning off the outside lights. After turning off most of the inside lights Lisa went to the mattress room. She found Claudia waiting for her. She had already rolled two of the larger mattresses together and was standing with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly apart. “It’s about time slut.” She said, “I thought you chickened out and went home.” Lisa, trying to show outward calm, replied, “There’s no way I’d miss a chance to put you on your knees you whore.”

She walked over to where Claudia was standing, and stopped when they were toe to toe. Lisa softly said, “I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Claudia replied, “You should have said something before yesterday. I’d have taken you on anytime.” As they spoke waves of anticipation were running through both of them and they lightly ran their hands up and down each other’s body. Claudia finally said, “Enough of the foreplay. Let’s get out of these clothes and get it on.” Without speaking any further the two moved to opposite sides of the bed and started to remove shoes and clothes. By prior agreement they had decided the only thing they would wear would be their thigh-top stockings. They stared at each other’s body in anticipation as they moved onto the bed and toward each other on their knees.

After what they had been doing to each other all day the sexual tension between the two was very high and both women could feel how wet their pussies were and they hadn’t even started. Claudia spoke first, “Honey, this is where you learn what being a real woman is all about.” Lisa answered, “I have to admit you’re a hot looking woman, but after I out fuck, out suck and out kiss you, you’ll belong to me along with Monica.” Claudia countered, “Well, thanks for the compliment. You’re pretty hot looking yourself, but the only loser here tonight will be you.” With that Claudia cupped her breasts as if offering them to Lisa. Lisa did the same and the two came together.

As the two women came together they presented a fascinating contrast. Lisa, a beautiful curly-haired brunette with a light complexion stood out against Claudia, a dark-skinned beauty with long straight black hair. They had agreed this would not be a catfight. There would be no slapping, punching, clawing, biting or kicking. This would be about sexual competition, to see who was the better woman. Both women had stopped on the way to the mattress room to apply a fresh coat of lipstick and some perfume, so together on the bed their scents mixed as they clashed.

As they came together their breasts mashed against one another. Both women gasped at first contact. They started rubbing them up and down, and side to side. Their already-hard nipples bent each other back and forth as they ground into each other. Claudia said, “You have nice big succulent tits honey. They’re almost as nice as mine.” Lisa replied, “Mine are not only nicer, but they’re better.” The two women stared at each other as their tit fight continued. They switched grips with each now holding the other’s tits, and they squeezed and pulled each other’s nipples. This went on for a few minutes and then they both started to moan and locked their arms around one another and squeezed each other in a bear hug.

This lasted for awhile and then Lisa reached up and pulled Claudia’s hair. This caused them to topple over and as they lay on their sides they entwined their legs. Each was struggling to be on top and they rolled back and forth across the bed. As they came to rest for a moment on their sides, facing each other Claudia said, “I thought this wasn’t supposed to be a catfight?” Lisa replied, “It isn’t, but we didn’t say anything about a little hair pulling.” Claudia’s response was now to pull Lisa over by her hair so Claudia was on top. “Good,” she said, “I’ll remember that.” Lisa tried to throw Claudia back over to no avail. Each girl was now working her way into the other’s pussy and starting to slowly grind into each other. “Oh my.” Said Claudia, “What a wet pussy.” Look who’s talking.” Lisa replied, “Yours is gushing.”

Both women were so sexually charged that the slow grinding quickly became wild humping with both women beginning to gasp and moan. Each knew she was close to coming and Lisa, being the one on the bottom, felt like she didn’t have as much control as Claudia. The two women started to passionately open-mouth kiss each other. Their tongues started dueling and that took them over the edge. First Lisa, and then Claudia, yelled out as they reached their first orgasm. Their bodies shivered from the explosion.

They lay still for a few moments and then broke apart and sat up. Claudia said, “I guess we know who won the first round don’t we?” Lisa answered, “Just barely, and besides I’m just starting on you. After awhile we’ll see who has more endurance and who stops.” Claudia smiled, “Give me your best shot.” she said. They moved back to an upright position on their knees, this time side by side. They looked over and could see themselves in the full-wall mirror.

Lisa said, “Look at the two of us. How could you think Monica could prefer you over me?” Claudia answered, “Simple honey, it’s not just the equipment. It’s how you use it.” They stayed side by side, put one arm around each other’s back, and with their free hand they each grabbed one of the other’s breasts. They also started kissing again. A minute later Lisa swung quickly around and took one of Claudia’s breasts in her mouth. She started to kiss, lick and suck it, concentrating on the nipple.

Claudia tried to pull Lisa away by the hair, but Lisa had a good grip with her arms. So Claudia did the next best thing. She swung around and forced Lisa down on her back. Then she pivoted and took one of Lisa’s breasts in her mouth. So in a weird 69 position both women were kissing and nibbling one another’s breasts while lying side by side. At the same time Lisa snaked her hand down between Claudia’s legs and began stroking her pussy. Claudia realized if she didn’t do something she would lose this round so she did the same thing to Lisa. It was a very erotic scene with both women fingering each other’s pussy while working over each other’s breasts with her mouth. Each woman inserted two fingers in the other’s pussy and began a rhythmic motion. They became so aroused that they were actually humping each other’s fingers and the motion went faster and faster. Lisa stopped her nibbling long enough to say to Claudia, “Come on baby, you know you can’t hold back. Come for me bitch.” Claudia replied, “Go to hell slut.” But she finally couldn’t hold back any longer and she started to go off. This excited Lisa and she too went over the edge. Both women shook and loudly moaned as sensations racked their bodies.

Lisa broke away and swung around to face Claudia. “I guess we know who won that round, don’t we lover?” Claudia replied, “Yeah and here’s your reward for that one, tramp.” With that she took her fingers, still wet from Lisa’s pussy and rubbed them across Lisa’s mouth. Lisa replied by doing the same thing to Claudia and that very quickly turned both women back on. They both sucked on each other’s fingers, grabbed each other’s hair to drag themselves closer together and started licking each other’s lips with their tongues. Once again they entwined their legs and rolled back and forth across the bed. Then they came to a stop side by side and it appeared for a few moments nothing was happening. Although their arms, legs, and bodies weren’t moving they were passionately kissing . Their mouths locked together and their tongues were dueling, trying to turn each other on even more.

Every time they stopped kissing they taunted one another with “Pussy, whore, cunt, slut, tramp,” and “Is that the best you can do?” After five minutes of this the two of them slowly started grinding their pussies into one another. Now it became a battle of self-control as each one was determined to go slow and use her body to tease the other into losing this round and erupting. They presented a wild picture of sexuality as their hands were locked in each other’s hair, while at the same time their tongues, tits, and pussies were all grinding against one another. In spite of the fact that both were doing their best version of “slow love” the two of them were starting to lose control. The gasps and moans were becoming louder from both women, and they rocked each other to an earth-shattering orgasm with both coming at the same time.

Out of breath they rolled apart and lay on their backs. They were hot and sweaty and had been going at each other for almost an hour. For almost ten minutes no one spoke while they tried to recover. Finally they sat up and faced each other ready for the next round. Claudia said, “You thought you were pretty hot with your legs this morning in the women’s lounge, didn’t you?” Lisa responded, “Too hot for you bitch.” “Let’s just see.” Claudia countered, and with that she moved her leg and started rubbing it against one of Lisa’s. Lisa said, “I’ll play that game with you.” And with that the two started rubbing their legs together. For a minute it looked like the two were leg wrestling. Then Claudia started moving her foot higher and higher up Lisa’s thigh toward her pussy. Lisa did the same and very shortly both women had a stockinged foot rubbing her pussy. This was getting both women turned on and wet again and Lisa said, “Why don’t we finish this the way we’d both really like to.” Claudia replied, “I’d love to.”

With that the two moved so each swung her right leg over the other’s left. They slid closer until they were in a sitting position facing each other with their pussies coming together. When their wet pussies met it was like an electric shock running through both of them. They moaned, threw their heads back, and started thrusting into each other. In a kind of rhythm they matched each other stroke for stroke. They each leaned back on two hands to push and thrust as much as possible. From time to time they drew the upper part of their bodies closer to each other, squeezed, and pulled on each other’s breasts.

Then Lisa sat all the way up and beckoned Claudia to do the same. While they were still thrusting with their pussies they put their hands in each other's hair and pulled each other close enough so they could wrap both arms around each other and kiss. The tongue kissing did it. They both lost control and with a loud moan; it was almost a cry, they both went off.

They were so aroused it didn’t even slow them down. They taunted each other as to which one of them was better, and kept grinding. They kept alternating between positions; up where they could kiss, half way back where they would pull each other’s tits, and all the way back where they got the best leverage. Once when they were in the up position Claudia whispered in Lisa’s ear, “Monica loves me to fuck her this way. This is one of her favorite positions.” Lisa responded, “I know bitch. The only difference is I’m so much better at it than you.”

They kept at it for a long time, reaching a number of orgasms, each one more intense than the one before. They were both getting tired, but neither would give in. Lisa decided to try to end it. She said to Claudia, “Open wide honey. My clit is going to find yours and take it down.” “In your dreams slut,” was Claudia’s response. Both women spread their legs a little wider and lifted their asses up off the bed. In coming together they felt each other’s clit and both moaned loudly. Their clits feverishly rubbed together and juices flowed from one pussy into the other. In a few moments they went off; Claudia screamed and Lisa yelled, “Oh my God.” Then they both collapsed on their backs.

They lay flat on their backs, not moving, for almost fifteen minutes. As their pussies were still touching Claudia bumped Lisa’s pussy with hers to see if she still wanted to continue. Lisa said, “I’m so tired, but I won’t quit. Claudia responded, “I’m just as tired as you, but I won’t quit either.” They slowly sat up and Lisa smiled. “Neither of us is going to be happy with a tie,” she said, “What’ll we do?” Claudia thought and finally replied, “Let’s make Monica decide.” Lisa said, “Okay. Tomorrow before the store opens we’ll talk to Monica. Whoever gets there first will wait for the other so we can talk to her together.” Claudia said, “Fine.” Then the girls got up, got dressed, cleaned up the room and left. This part of their sexual competition was over.