By HGHunt

The pulse pounding in Luanne’s chest proved her excitement was mounting. The thump, thump of her heart was evidence of her metabolic arousal, an arousal of sexual dimensions mixed with the thought of physical dominance over her hated enemy. “Mmmm…” she thought, “I can’t wait to teach this bitch a real lesson!” Her recollection of the humiliation of lying on that cold damp ground outside the hotel with Lisa slapping her face over and over again was fueling her rage and yet undeniably and a bit incredibly her lust. Already she felt her nipples hardening with excitement. Delicious!

They strode across the hotel floors, heels clicking on the stone tiles, matching each other stride for stride. The elevators were empty and they punched 15 and headed up, facing each other, eyes intently gazing into the others eyes; Lisa’s browns and Luanne’s Swedish blues, absorbing the emotions stewing inside and radiating through the scant inches between them.

The low buzz of noise in the hotel was not penetrating their consciousness. Only the soft swish of fabric and hosiery of the “other” woman was discernible as they glided down the hallway towards Lisa’s room number 1569.

Lisa fumbled with the card key, needing two tries to get the timing right and open the door.

To be continued