Melissa had always been a prompt person. She prided herself on being on time, she thought it was a courteous and professional habit, to value other peoples time. Melissa worked as a pharmaceutical representative for a large drug manufacturer and she had many clients. She also had the good looks to make an appointment and keep it. Melissa was 27 years old, with long brown hair down to the middle of her back and light brown eyes. She stood 5'7" tall, and with her heels on, which she always wore at work, she stood 5'9". With immaculate nails manicured and a shapely 36-26-36 figure packed into a 125lb body, she was the perfect person to get the attention of a buyer and keep it.

Helena was as busy a person as could be found. Between her job as an office manager for the 7 doctor medical practice and her hobbies and recreation, she was busy all the time. Helena got to work at 6am every day and stayed until 7pm at the earliest. Many days she worked later, just to keep up with the busy practice and to make sure things were done right. She loved her spare time on the weekends, and every Saturday you could find her tending to her immaculate yard and garden. She loved to don an old tee shirt and loved the feel of her breasts swinging freely inside the shirt with no bra. It made her feel free from the demands of her work day life. An old pair of shorts and she was happy for hours taking care of her lawn and garden. Helena benefited from her busy schedule and yard work too, always staying in perfect shape. With blonde hair flowing down to just above her middle back and deep blue eyes, Helena had a perfect 36-24-36 figure stored in her 5'6" inch 125 lb. frame.

Melissa arrived at Helena's office at 2pm, the agreed upon time to meet to discuss some sales. They had never met, but had struck up a friendship on the phone while arranging the appointment at the office. Melissa and Helena had a lot in common, both young, single professionals who prided themselves on their work and who carried themselves even better. So when Melissa arrived on time for her 2pm appointment and found Helena unable to meet with her, she was a bit upset. Helena came out from behind the office counter to greet Melissa and say she was sorry for the delay. She introduced herself to Melissa, extending her hand and greeted her, "Hello, I am Helena the office manager" she asserted. Melissa grasped the smooth, firm hand with exquisite pink nail polish and replied "It is so nice to meet you". Helena noticed the immaculate manicure Melissa had, complimented with strong hands and gentle fingers. "I am sorry we are running late, I will not be able to meet with you today to discuss your offer" Helena said. "We are just so backed up, and I have to stay late to catch up on the paperwork". Melissa knew her time was just as valuable as Helena's, even if she was the client, and she was a bit angry. "I must say, I have been looking forward to coming to your office for two weeks, and now you say you cannot see me. That is very disappointing." Melissa said. Helena noticed a tone in Melissa's voice she did not care for, as if Helena had done something wrong and Melissa was going to let her know about it. As Helena smoothed her pink and white dress which came to her knees, she flipped her long, blonde hair as she took in Melissa. Melissa had firm eyes and looked right at her, with a loose fitting yellow silk blouse which did not hide her firm breasts or the nipples which must have liked the material, as they stood up hard as rocks. The white skirt came down to her knees and was smooth and crisp, and 2" heels of her white pumps. "Well, I am sorry Melissa; however, our practice takes precedence over our sales calls. You will have to reschedule if you want to come back." Melissa gathered what Helena was saying as she was sizing up this office manager. Helena's thick, full light blonde hair was noticeable as were her full lips. Her skin was smooth and her breasts were high and firm, as she could easily hold up her dress with her firm breasts alone, without the spaghetti straps on the dress. Her tummy was flat and her dress revealed tan legs, Melissa thought she may enjoy being outdoors with a tan like that. "I would like to reschedule Helena, this time at a time when I may actually get to see you alone, so we can talk." "My schedule is very busy too, as I can see yours is, perhaps we can meet after office hours to discuss our mutual interests in working together." Helena thought for a moment and drank in what Melissa was saying. She could not help but notice the flawless smile as Melissa spoke to her as she considered another date and time.

As much as Helena thought, she had no other time. Helena laughed, "The only time I have these days is on the weekends and I know neither one of us wants to work then." Melissa listened intently to Helena's suggestion, slightly mesmerized by her beautiful lips and golden hair and that flawless skin. "My weekends are my only free time too," Melissa warmly replied, "perhaps if we both give a little, we can both be satisfied." " I can meet with you Saturday if you like and we can talk things over." Melissa offered. Helena thought for a moment, Saturday was her lawn and garden time, but it would be nice to have a little company for a change. "Okay" Helena replied, "How about 9am at my house, that is my garden time, so bring something you can get dirty in?" Melissa happily agreed and Helena gave her the address and went back to work as Melissa exited the office.

Helena woke up early that Saturday, actually looking forward to the sales call and the company it would bring in the form of Melissa. Helena showered, as was her usual routine, trimming her blonde pussy hairs so they would not stick out from her shorts while she gardened. Helena preferred a crop top these days on her bush, leaving a crop of blonde hair in a heart shape above her vagina and her pussy lips shaved clean. Her blonde pussy hair matched the hair on her head perfectly, both light blonde and full. Helena lathered and soaped herself, being sure to clean her asshole and pussy as was her usual routine. She lathered her asshole and pussy for 5 minutes each to be sure they were clean and then washed her hair, feet and legs. She let the water run over her pink nipples as her breasts beat back the water droplets from the shower. She finished up and changed into a clean white t-shirt, with no bra as was her usual habit. Her pink nipples loved the feel of the shirt rubbing against them and she enjoyed the freedom it brought. She blew dry her hair, slipped into pink panties and shorts and threw on some pink strapped sandals. She enjoyed a glass of orange juice while looking out over her yard as she awaited Melissa's arrival, putting on some soothing feng shui music as she relaxed.

Melissa kept her usual Saturday morning routine when she woke up. She brushed out the tangles in her hair from the last night's sleep and settled in for a light breakfast of cherry yogurt and fresh squeezed orange juice. She glanced at the paper while sitting in her gray polka dot shorts and white camisole pulling the cool cherry yogurt into her mouth. She loved the taste of the warm cherries combined with the cool, smooth feel of the chilled yogurt. It gave her a small chill from the coolness, then a warm feeling in her tummy from the cherries. The orange juice was tasty and refreshing and she lapped at the glass as she finished it off. Melissa jumped into the shower to freshen up before going to see Helena. She lathered her long brown hair and washed it, allowing the shampoo to run down to her vagina as she did. She rubbed the soap into her pussy hair, which was full and completely covered her pussy lips, but was cropped short. She trimmed the sides to make a rectangle over her vagina. She massaged the soap into her pussy hair and her cunt lips, becoming slightly preoccupied as she rubbed over her pink clit while soaping. Melissa dropped her head back to allow the soap to run down her back into the perfect crack of her ass and into her asshole. She pulled the soap off the end of her hair and put more of it into her asshole. She soaped and lathered her asshole and pussy for 5 minutes, being sure to clean inside and out. She then washed her brown, Hershey nipple tipped breasts in a circular motion, then her flat stomach, arms, legs and feet. She stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed, energized and clean. After blow drying her hair, she slipped into a pair of blue jean shorts, a yellow t-shirt with no bra to constrict her and went to her panties drawer. She had forgotten to put panties on, she laughed to herself. She selected a silk pair of pink panties, for some reason that color appealed to her today. She put her panties and shorts on and slid into a pair of white sandals and was out the door on her way to Helena's house.

When Melissa arrived at the door, she heard the soothing music. Helena answered the door, looking so much more relaxed in her t-shirt and pink sandals than she did at the office. "Please, come in" Helena said, extending her hand. Melissa smiled and took her hand as she entered the house, and as the door closed their hands lingered together for a moment before dropping off. "Thank you" Melissa replied. As they walked down the hallway, Melissa in her yellow t-shirt, perfect breasts swaying underneath and shorts and sandals and Helena in her short and pink sandals and white t-shirt, her nipples erect as they pointed the way down the hall. "That music is so relaxing, it almost makes me not want to work" Melissa said, "I could just lay around all day" "We can't lay around" Helena joked, "We must work and get our exercise, it is the weekend you know!" Both beauties laughed, Melissa's long brown hair flowing around her shoulders and Helena's golden locks shifting to touch the front of her breasts, right where her nipples were.

After discussing business for about 30 minutes, they wrapped up their business agreement. Melissa had made several sales and Helena had received several favorable prices on those deals. "Feel like a little gardening?", Helena asked. "Yes" said Melissa, "just don't work me too hard, it looks like your lawn and garden are perfect from what you have done already!" Both laughed again as they went out into the garden with garden spades and buckets. The garden was in the back where it got the most sunlight. Helena had a 6' high wooden fence all around the back yard to keep critters from getting into her garden. It was a fairly large garden, about 50' by 10', and well kept.

As they both sank down into the dirt on their knees, they began to hoe the soil with the garden tools and place the weeds in the bucket. Every once in a while, one of the girls hair would touch the dirt and get on the ends of her hair. While wiping the sweat away, Melissa and Helena got some on their cheeks and some behind the ears. Both girls were on their hands and knees weeding, and could not help but notice the others perfect breasts swaying beneath the t-shirts. Melissa's Hershey nipples had become rigid in the early morning heat and every time they touched her shirt, a bolt went through her. This was not lost on Helena, who was feeling the bolts from her own rock hard, pointed pink nipples against her t-shirt. They looked at each others breasts without the other seeing and Helena noticed some pink panties peeking out from Melissa's shorts too. Getting up from all fours, the girls faced each other, wiping the sweat from their own foreheads. As Helena did so her hair swung around to her nipples in front of her and her elbow brushed her breast, forcing it to jiggle. There was some dirt on Helena's elbow and some got on the front of her t-shirt. Melissa was wiping her own sweat from her forehead, her head tilted to the left, causing her full bosom and rock hard nipples to sway. Instinctively, when Melissa saw the dirt on Helena's t-shirt, she reached out to wipe it away before it got her hair dirty. As she did, her manicured nails glided over Helena's nipple, causing Helena to momentarily lose her breath. "That is going to stain" Melissa said trying to hide her own excitement "We better get that out". Melissa flicked the dirt away, poking Helena's stiffened nipple each time. "Oh no!' Helena said "you have dirt all over that beautiful yellow t-short too, let me get that out" Helena offered. As Helena reached for the dirt spot right above Melissa's right nipple, Melissa turned her head to see a blue jay. This caused her free swinging tits and nipples to move, and Helena's caught Melissa's nipple with her right index finger and pulled to the left to get the dirt out. Melissa hushed her breathing as she watched the blue jay. "That is a tough stain, let me try to get that out" Helena offered. As she did she tried to pinch the t-shirt to get dirt out, and she caught Melissa's right nipple again, this time between her index finger and thumb. Helena pulled, taking Melissa's nipple out an inch as Melissa felt her breath leave her body. "I think that's got it" Helena said.

Melissa turned to face Helena, who had a look of fear and excitement all at the same time. "I think I missed a spot on yours" Melissa said. Looking down at her own t-shirt, Helena smiled and agreed. "I can get that for you" Melissa offered and she pinched Helena's nipple through the t-shirt as she rotated her hand around, pulling and tugging Helena's pink nipples with her in a circle. Helena returned the favor, now both girls were tugging and pulling at the other girls nipples with their thumb and forefinger. "Oh my, it's on both sides" Melissa said, latching onto Helena's erect left nipple now. "Oh my, yours too Melissa" Helena said as she reached out with both hands and pinched the rock hard nipples at the same time and began pulling them as she rotated them in a circle. The girls were sweating heavier now. With both their hands pulling and tugging on the other girls nipples through their t-shirts, gasps of air left their lungs. Helena rolled Melissa's nipples while pinching and pulling and asked "Does your little hot cunt like that too?" Melissa nodded and began twisting Helena's nipples harder while she pulled them and rolled her breast by rolling her nipples in a wide circle. "I'll bet I like it as much as your little cunt hole does Helena". Both women now pulled each others nipples straight ahead and pinched them while looking into each others eyes. The nipples were being pulled out 2-3 inches on each of their breasts, and both loved it. "Do you have more dirt under your shirt?", Melissa asked. "You better check", Helena replied. With that, Melissa lifted Helena's t-shirt to reveal perfect white milky breast with a rock hard pink nipple. Melissa placed her mouth on her left nipple and sucked for all she was worth. She bit the nipple lightly with her teeth and flicked the nipple tip with her tongue. "I am going to clean you up" Melissa said. She began to suck Helena's nipples and pull her breast around by the nipples to suck them into her mouth. The whole time, Helena had a grasp on Melissa's nipples, pulling and pinching them. "Oh, you cunt you" Helena gasped, "You're sucking my nipples like you haven't eaten in a week". While tugging on Melissa's nipples, she heard Melissa say "Maybe you are a bit hungry too". With that, Melissa rose up and lifted her t-shirt for Helena to see her Hershey nipples like rocks resting on smooth, rounded breasts. Helena bent down and hungrily took in her right nipple, pulling most of her breast in with it. Helena sucked hard as she yanked Melissa's left nipple, twisting and pulling at the same time. "Oh!" Melissa exhaled "You suck my tits like the whore you are". Helena sucked Melissa's tits and nipples while calling her names once in a while. "You slut" Helena said, "Your nipples taste like candy". "Suck my nipple candy you blonde tramp", Melissa said. So Helena did. Then, while she was sucking her nipples, Melissa leaned sideways and began sucking hers too. There they were, both girls covered in dirt, one blonde one brunette, sucking each others tits in the privacy of the back yard. Melissa sucked Helena's right pink nipple and Helena nibbled and sucked Melissa's right breast.

Both girls were hungry as they pulled each other closer to get more perfect tit meat into their mouths while calling each other whores and sluts. Then Helena whispered in Melissa's ear, "Why don't we go inside and you can show me the rest of those pink panties". Melissa nodded again, both girls rose, latched on to the other ones left nipple, came together and pinched them together between four very horny fingers. "Cunt" "Slut" "Whore" were exchanged, as they held onto the other girls nipple as they walked into the house.

Once inside, they both stripped down immediately on the bed. "How dirty are you?" Melissa asked Helena. "Is your little asshole clean or is it a dirty girl like you?" "I guess you will just have to find out for yourself" Helena replied with a smile. Helena got on all fours doggy style as Melissa inspected her asshole. "Oh, your fucking asshole is clean, it smells like candy" Melissa cussed. "It tastes like that too my little cunt hole slut" Helena replied. With that, Melissa spread Helena's ass and drove her warm, soft, wet tongue into Helena's asshole. "Tongue my asshole you cunt slut" Helena cried. Melissa drove deeper into her ass with her tongue, reaching up and tugging Helena's nipples along the way. Helena was on all fours now, her golden hair on the bed, her full lips pouting, her pink nipples being tugged downward and pinched by beautifully manicured nails and her asshole being eaten out by a relentless tongue. She could take it no more and squirted her orgasm right from her cunt hole into Melissa's face while she was licking out her asshole. "Oh, you cum like a fucking slut you filthy little whore you" Melissa said. With that, she licked her asshole deeper and the tremors of Helena's orgasm began to subside. When Helena collapsed on the bed, she looked over her left shoulder, blonde hair all mussed up, full lips moist, perfect tan legs stretched out, cunt wet and her asshole still twitching from her orgasm and said, "Let's see what kind of dirty fuck tramp you are Melissa, I'll bet I am dirtier than you". "Let's see about that" Melissa replied with a smile.

Melissa got on all fours doggy style and presented her asshole to Helena. While doing so, she put her ass up and face down, sucking her own rock hard nipples. "Wouldn't you rather suck mine" Helena offered. Melissa smiled as Helena came around to her face and laid on her back and pressed their rigid nipples together. Erect pointy pink and hard Hershey brown twisted and tangled into each other. They began sucking the other breast as they pinched their nipples together and sucked the other breast of the beautiful slut girl beside her. Breaking the suckfest, both smiled at each other, Helena on the bottom, Melissa on the top. "Would you like me to hurt you?", Helena asked. "I thought you would never ask" Melissa wryly smiled back. With that, both girls bit into the others nipple, Melissa bit Helena's left nipple and Helena bit Melissa's right nipple. Sliding back, Helena grabbed a handful of Melissa's cunt hair and began pulling. Melissa reached down into Helena's full blonde heart shaped cunt hair and yanked her cunt hole by the hair. Both girls were now claws deep in the other's pussy hair, yanking and twisting the other girls pussy by the hair. Helena began twisting the cunt lips of Melissa, letting go of the hair and grabbing onto the lips while calling Melissa names. "Pussy cunt fuck hole bitch" Helena called Melissa. "You like your cunt pulled, don't you whore" "You cunt pulling whore you, oh, fuck you, fuck you!" Helena cried. Melissa released the full blonde cunt hairs of Helena and reached two fingers into Helena's cunt. She began pulling the inside pussy lips and calling Helena names. "Cunt hole fuck slut, you like your pink hole finger fucked and pulled, don't you bitch!" Helena could say nothing, but kept twisting Melissa's cunt and began pinching her erect clit . "I'll show you what a finger fuck is you cunt!" Helena cried out. With that, Helena took her index and middle fingers and rammed them up Melissa's asshole, all the while pulling and twisting her cunt hole lips and pinching her clit. She pumped Melissa's asshole with her fingers, "Get your asshole fucked you brown bombshell, take it in the ass you easy ass fuck, fuck my finger with your little asshole!". Melissa began to hump Helena's fingers, and her cunt was being twisted exquisitely while her clit was tortured. She could take no more and gushed her slut cum all over the arm of Helena and the bed spread. It was thick and sticky and it was everywhere. "My, you are a whore cunt, aren't you Melissa?" Helena remarked. As Melissa's orgasm subsided, Helena slowly eased her asshole pumping of Melissa, but kept her fingers in Melissa's ass. Melissa kept her fingers deep in Helena's fuck hole, moving them in circles to taunt her some more.

Rolling onto their sides to face each other, Helena with two fingers up Melissa's asshole and Melissa with two fingers in Helena's cunt, they smiled. "What next?" "Oh, I'll think of something" Melissa said, as she reached down and twisted Helena's perfect breasts. "I see" Helena replied as she began contorting Melissa's tits and turning the areola into a circle, causing a pain, pleasure cry to emit from Melissa. For a while, each girl lay there on her side with one leg bent at the knee and one foot resting on the bed. Helena on her left side with two fingers up Melissa's asshole, contorting the beautiful brunettes breasts and Melissa on her right side, her two fingers still working Helena's cunt while she twisted and pinched Helena's breasts and nipples. Moans of ecstasy emitted from both girls, their pussies freely flowing cum juice onto the bed as they finger fucked each other while torturing each others breasts and nipples. They French kissed as they came with mouths wide open, cunt holes spread and assholes ready for more.

After their orgasms they rested for a while, Helena said to Melissa, "I have a special tool I like to use". "Let's see it!" Melissa smiles. Helena produced a 12 inch double headed dildo, pink. "You lie on your back Melissa" said Helena. As she did, Helena spit on one end of the dildo and slid 6 inches of it up Melissa's asshole. Melissa pulled her knees up, then Helena mounted her and slid the other end up her own asshole. Helena pushed Melissa's knees more bent, and mounted her cunt hole above Melissa's cunt hole, squatting above her.

The women began to fuck, cunt hole rubbing cunt hole and the dildo stuffed up their assholes. Melissa bent her legs back further and Helena now was asshole to asshole with Melissa, the dildo no longer visible as their clit fuck got hotter and their fuck holes wetter. Brown, sweet, pussy cunt lips mashed against clean shaven, sweet cunt lips in a blend of brunette and blonde cunt hole hair from girls with perfect bodies humping and pumping assholes as they fucked like dogs in heat. For 10 minutes this went on, then Helena looked down and slapped Melissa across the face. Melissa did the same in return and now the blonde and brunette beauties slapped each other while their assholes fucked and cunts ground together. Melissa reached up and twisted Helena's perfect 36" tits and twisted. Helena reached down and grabbed Melissa's Hershey tipped 36" breasts and squeezed. Now they were fucking each others asshole, twisting tits and nipples, grinding their cunts and slapping each other in the face. 'Whore" "Cunt" "Fuck Hole" "Slut Cunt" were the names they called each other as the frenzy continued. Melissa began hitting Helena in the tits and pinching her nipples while clawing at her tits all the while grinding her cunt with her brown lipped cunt against the pink hole and their two assholes fucking and now were pulling hair. It was an out of control frenzy, Helena's asshole cumming down the dildo shaft, juices running into Melissa's asshole. Cunt holes and clits grinding and shooting cum into each other while calling each other filthy names, clawing breasts, pulling nipples, slapping each other in the face pulling tits, cursing and cumming into each other like true fuck hole whores. As one relentless orgasm followed another, Helena's and Melissa's assholes opened at the same time, causing them to jam their assholes and dildo deep into each other. Their clits tangled and pussy lips intertwined, they screamed as they slapped each others face, pulling hair and clawing tits and nipples cumming in an erotic eruption of cunt juice, asshole twitch cumming and humping in each others arms. Their assholes still fucking with the dildo, the two sluts spit in each others face, and passed out while still fucking. They awoke the next day, cunt hairs and nipples still sealed by their love juices from the day before.

The End