By A. Penman

“In that dreamlike split second that resides between asleep and awake, in which the body experiences total surrender, Fallon’s dreams and fantasies took over. But then, she felt a slow, rhythmic movement beside her...”


On Friday August 1st, two women checked into a luxury suite at the exclusive and expensive Shoreline Hotel. By agreement, they split the cost of the room. Also by mutual agreement, it was a private rendezvous. The suite had been booked for the entire weekend. Both women wanted luxury accommodations because they were going to be spending almost all their time together in the suite. No tourist activities were on the agenda. The entire weekend would be devoted to their highly anticipated sexual showdown - the rematch between two busty brunettes, Brandi and Fallon.

They had met and tangled sexually once before. And although it had been a one sided victory for Brandi, she eagerly accepted Fallon’s rematch challenge. Her reasoning for this was sound. Fallon was one of the hottest, most sexually intense women she’d ever taken on. Their bodies were a great match in every area. And from the moment they first came together in a tempestuous roll-around on her living room floor some two months ago, Brandi knew that she and Fallon would come together in repeated physical/sexual confrontations. And Brandi truly loved the erotic thrill of matching bodies with another woman. She discovered this about herself in college, where she had taken on many women. Fallon’s body was exquisite and, body to body, she was quite good. Brandi also felt that with a few more encounters, Fallon’s cunt to cunt technique would improve dramatically. There was certainly nothing wrong with that. Win loose or draw, Fallon seemed very willing to re-engage with her in the ultimate womanly encounter. It was Brandi’s hope that, depending on their busy schedules, they would be able to meet on occasion to engage in sweaty lesbian trysts. But that arrangement would be up for discussion. Then of course, there was Bill, her on again, off again boyfriend. But for right now...

“Care for a shower Fallon?” Brandi seductively asked.

“Yes indeed! I’ll be with you in a second.” Fallon replied, feeling the familiar stirrings of arousal. This entire weekend would be her “moment of truth.” Brandi went off to the luxurious bathroom. Fallon heard a polite, barely discernible door knock.
Seconds later, she was lathering Brandi’s back.

Intense emotion overtook both women. Their passion over being reunited after almost two months quickly got the better of them under the hot, embracing waters as Fallon and Brandi passionately kissed in a full body embrace. Cleansing and foreplay be dammed. They were there for one reason.

Fallon: motivated by a mix of desire to prove herself a worthy adversary, and intense longing to feel their bodies writhing together once again. No matter how she felt about her rival personally, sex with her was other-worldly.

Brandi: motivated by her desire to dominate Fallon in bed, but undeniably sexually charged by this beauty. No woman had gotten into her sexual psyche like this since...well...

Someone had doused these two women’s bodies in a volatile accelerant. The extended shower kiss was all it took to ignite them. Brandi then lost control. Mindful not to waste precious resources, she shut the water off, then lifted Fallon in her arms and swiftly carried her to the bedroom, tits to tits, dripping wet with Fallon’s legs wrapped around her hips and their mouths and tongues still locked in a kiss. The loud rattle of the bed was enhanced by the slamming together of two naked bodies. Both women cringed at the nerve rattling slamming of their teeth. The flesh surrounding their mouths was coated with a mixture of shower water and excess saliva. Fallon became aware of the taste of blood on her tongue, as did Brandi. Not knowing for certain-and not caring-whose blood they were tasting, neither woman was willing to relinquish or extinguish the incendiary kiss. It got to the point of them grunting and cursing into each other’s mouth. Eventually, they both needed to come up for air while they re-acclimated their bodies to each other.

“Damn, Fallon! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your body.” Brandi had to admit.

“All I’ve been able to think about lately is fucking you Brandi.” Fallon offered, in response.

They smiled at each other then got down to the business of hedonism. Bodies slapping and grinding, tits crushing into tits in a long awaited reunion, the two women began the rhythmic undulation of desire. As the shower water dried, the slick moisture on their searing flesh came from mutual, mingling sweat. Their bodies melded in the heat of the fuck. Sweet pussy lips had long since located each other and merged in a slippery dance. The mouthwatering squish of sex could be heard, but the fusion would not be complete until cunt met cunt in a scissor lock. But the night was young and these two sensual, competitive women craved full body contact...for now.

With their arms wrapped around each other and their long legs entwined, crotches aggressively battling, Brandi and her nemesis Fallon fucked voraciously. Each grunt and groan, each crotch bump, each tit mash and nipple scrape pushed them closer to the precipice. A little more than twenty minutes into the fused anatomical roll-around came a perfectly synchronized mutual, mind-blowing orgasm. Mouths glued together, breasts and nipples locked, firm, smooth stomachs pressed tightly, cunt lips slowly grinding, while coated in spewed ejaculate. Both women were exactly where they needed to be. After a ten minute deceleration that included cat naps by both spent sexual collaborators, Brandi disengaged from Fallon.

The main event was at hand. Excitedly, both women repositioned themselves. With long legs scissored, the open space between their libidinous cunts closed quickly.

“It’s time for your second lesson, Fallon.” Brandi challenged.

“Brandi, you’re such an arrogant cunt!” Fallon responded.

“Arrogant...maybe. But you love fucking me.” Brandi replied with a slightly bloated ego.

“Well, that’s true. But unless I’ve misunderstood completely, you rather enjoy fucking me too.” Fallon countered with equal pussy pride.

“I do, rather enjoy it. So, dear Fallon, shall we lock cunts?”

Fallon nodded enthusiastically. Then...squish...

“Oh my word!” Fallon stated enthusiastically, at the initial vulvae kiss.

“Oh yes! Brandi like, tooooo!”

Finally, after two months of anticipation, it was on.

“Fallon! Your cunt feels amazing. But make no mistake. You’re about to get your second comeuppance.” Brandi said, as she slowly worked her pussy into Fallon’s receptive cunt. Fallon’s entire body trembled as the two thick lipped cunts began their contentious fuck duel. Her pussy had craved this for two months. Apparently, so had Brandi’s, as a fleshy, liquid rapport was achieved rather quickly.

“Ohhh!!! Sweet fucking Jehovah!!!” Fallon cried out as she matched her pelvic rotations to Brandi’s.

“I’m taking you down bitch...again.” Brandi taunted.

“Don’t be so sure, slut! Oh shit! This is even more amazing that the first time they met!” A spunky Fallon replied, as she felt every nerve ending in her pussy respond to fleshy incursion of Brandi’s cunt meat.

“You’re gonna get a real run for your money this time, you fucking conceited floozy.”

Brandi smiled inwardly, loving this wondrous reunion and knowing that her pussy was taking charge of the situation. Or was it?

After fifteen minutes of solid cunt to cunt action had passed, Fallon was still locked in with her, stroke for deep stroke. Intending to turn up the heat on this incredibly sexy, yet persistent bitch, Brandi went down onto her back and pulled on Fallon’s right leg for maximum leverage. But Fallon was right there with her. The two rivals were really going at it now. Two throbbing clitorises were just now beginning to enter the fray.

“Ugh!!!” Fallon grunted, as she felt the penetration of Brandi’s engorged clit. But she responded appropriately.

“Oh Fuck!!!” Brandi announced as her invading tool was met head on by Fallon’s fully aroused clit. The two turgid shafts swirled around each other, and then fused. This bitch was improving! So much the better, she thought. A more skillful opponent would make for many more exciting sex matches. Brandi then used the lips of her pussy and slight pelvic rotations to open up Fallon. She could feel her cunt melt into Fallon’s thick meat. The suction between the two battling slits was maximum and mind bending. She pushed, Fallon pushed back. She rotated, Fallon responded. She sunk her clitoris, and Fallon’s clit responded to the clit on clit throw down with skill and gusto-like a woman who had been well schooled.

“Fuck! Fallon. This is amazing!”

“I told you it wouldn’t be so easy this time.”

“Damn girl! Your technique has really improved.” Brandi stated with admiration.

“Glad you like it. Now let’s fuck, you sexy slut.”

They continued to fuck with even greater urgency and abandon. Thighs clamped down while the vulvae confrontation raged on. Both heated women were edging ever closer to another orgasmic eruption. Brandi continued to marvel at how much more refined Fallon’s pussy to pussy technique had become. This had to rank up there with some of the best cunt fucks she had ever experienced. And then it hit her like a brick. She bolted upright in bed.

“Fallon, you unscrupulous cunt! Sit up! Now!!!” Brandi screamed. Fallon sat up, perplexed.

“What’s up with you?”

“Where did you learn those moves?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake. I joined one of those adult aerobics classes. We practice a lot of those exotic pelvic moves. The ones designed to ‘firm the tummy.’ But the instructor said they were also great for fucking. What difference does it make? And what is your problem?” Fallon feigned innocence. Brandi remained skeptical.

“Bitch, please! I’m not buying it.”

“Read my lips Brandi. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. Now can we please get back to the business between our legs?”

“Don’t screw with me Fallon. Aerobics class? That’s bullshit. I’m going to ask one more time...who taught you those moves?”

Suddenly, from a darkened corner of the room came a human stirring. A small table lamp was turned on. Then a tall, lithe woman stood up. As she moved closer, her lovely face became visible and her soft voice broke the silence.

“Who do you think taught her those moves, bitch?” Trinity asked.

Her voice had an undertone of belligerence that Fallon had never before heard. It made her feel both aroused and somewhat apprehensive. Had she made a mistake by agreeing to let the blond beauty observe the rematch? Had she re-opened old wounds? Obviously, there were ill feelings between her and Brandi. But how serious were they? There was no going back, however. This would have to play out.

“How did you get in here?” Brandi demanded to know.

“I let her in.” Admitted Fallon.

“Somebody better explain all of this to me.” Brandi was livid.

“I did some research. When I located Trinity, I invited her to my place enlist her help with my retirement portfolio.” Said Fallon.

“Obviously, that was a ruse. As our nipples met for the first time, she admitted that her finances were sound. What she really wanted was for me to teach her all the intricacies of woman to woman techniques. I, of course, balked at this ridiculous request even as we mashed our sensational breasts together. But then, as we rolled around body to body in bed, she told me who she was going up against.”

Trinity was taking some liberties with the way things actually happened. Fallon knew she was doing it just to annoy Brandi. She did not correct her.

“I asked Trinity...scratch that...I begged Trinity to be my teacher.” Fallon explained.

Brandi could not believe what she was hearing. “The two of you have been fucking?” She asked, astonished.

“As student and teacher would fuck. For educational purposes only.” Trinity said, trying to minimize the drama, but not her sarcasm. Fallon interjected in an attempt to diffuse what she felt might be growing tension.

“Brandi, I love the way we fuck. I just wanted to get better at this. And it worked too. A minute ago you were close to an orgasmic eruption.”

“You mean WE were close.” Brandi swooned, softening just a bit; oddly flattered that Fallon would go to such trouble to improve for their sake.

“Well, yeah.” Fallon agreed.

“I still don’t understand why SHE had to be here.”

Fallon noticed that Brandi’s anger was starting to dissipate. Trinity then chimed in.

“Look Brandi, when Fallon told me that she was going to take you on again, I was a bit concerned. You are a rather formidable woman. Believe me. I know.”

“Whenever you’re done bullshitting, Trinity, feel free to speak the truth.” Said Brandi, with as much cynicism as she could muster.

“OK. Truthfully. I really really wanted to witness this. But I meant what I said. You are a formidable woman.” Trinity finally came clean.

“Well then, perhaps you should get comfortable while I fuck the daylights out of your ‘student.’” Brandi stated with renewed resolve.

Then, Brandi turned to address Fallon as she slowly moved her pelvis, reinstating the friction between their pussies. Fallon softly moaned.
“You know, I really ought to slap the shit out of you. You duplicitous cunt!”

“I’d rather you fuck the shit out of me, you self-aggrandizing slut.”

“Now ladies. Enough of the rarely used, multi-syllabic adjectives. This has to be settled. And the only way to settle is with your well endowed pussies on full bore.” Trinity summarized.

“OK Fallon. Let’s see what you’ve learned from the ‘Sensei.’”

“Hold on a second, you two.” said the blond Sifu.

“You don’t get to interfere in this any more, Trinity.” Brandi stated.

“Oh, I have no intention of interfering. I just want to get comfortable.”

Both brunettes watched excitedly as Trinity stripped off her clothes.

“I want to observe, up close.”

“Oh Jesus!” Fallon said with hardening nipples, seeing Trinity’s amazing body once again.

“Still hot as ever, I bleach blond slut.” Brandi observed.

Trinity slid into the large bed along side the two sexual adversaries. The highly flexible blond spread her legs into a split, revealing her gaping cunt.

“Pay me no mind. You two have business to take care of.” She said, excitedly.

Brandi and Fallon both marveled at the anatomical masterpiece between Trinity’s thighs and then turned their attention back to each other. The room became silent as Fallon and Brandi locked up with renewed resolve. Trinity watched with fascination as her student and her former college rival matched their lovely cunts in a succulent fuck. Her eyes were fixed on the focal point of the battle. Both cunts were exquisite and so well matched. She watched closely as Brandi began to work her cunt into Fallon’s lush folds. Seeing Brandi’s fulsome labia engaged in a heated sexual assignation, brought back memories of the many long nights in college when she and Brandi would rattle cheap dormitory beds as their splendid pussies fought to repeated, vigorous stalemates. Oh how they tried and tried, but never succeeded in dominating each other. Goddamn! How they fucked and fucked and fucked! It was amazing how either woman managed to graduate.

Trinity now watched wistfully, and with increasing titillation as her ardent protégé Fallon took on the awesome Brandi. She was pleased with her astute disciple’s newly learned skills and techniques and how well she applied them. It appeared her lessons had achieved some positive results. But Fallon still had a long way to go. She hung there and fucked gamely. For almost fifteen more writhing, labia locked minutes the two naked women fucked with equal gusto. Trinity marveled at this stunning visual. It seemed to Trinity that they were cresting simultaneously. But she knew who was in control. Trinity knew that it was only a matter of time before Brandi’s spectacular cunt skills would begin to assert themselves. Slowly but surely, Fallon was coming unhinged. Brandi also seemed close to a climax, but Trinity knew better. She still had that incredible ability to remain in control. It was just like in college, when women she locked up with were inevitably lured into a false sense of power and pride, like they had a chance to take down the TCOC. Then, she would wait until just the right moment and demolish them with her well schooled cunt. Poor Fallon, she thought, as her student battled cunt to cunt and clit to clit with Brandi. She came in, knowing she would most likely loose, but showed spunk, courage and fortitude. She was a competitor and, in Trinity’s assessment, an honorable woman. Trinity was pleased to have her as a student of the trib arts.

Closing her eyes in order to take in this moment with all of her senses, Trinity’s ears heard the sound of pussies squishing, and her nostrils took in the familiar fragrances of woman to woman sex. Now sitting in lotus, she reached down to her own aroused pussy and parted its sweet lips with her fingers, allowing her musk to enter the mix. And, as long as her fingers were in the neighborhood...

She was brought back into the moment by the increased thumps of the bed and a primal groan that came from the diaphragm of an out of control Fallon. Trinity rose up to observe as Fallon convulsed in what appeared to me a multiple orgasm event. Seconds later, Brandi’s body responded and she experienced the same bliss. Trinity’s eyes were drawn to the two tightly fused, secretion coated cunts. She then became aware of fingers coated in cum that had erupted from her own cunt. Then, in a deeply lascivious moment, she reached out to apply her copious, sticky juices to the two conjoined cunts, so that they could mingle with Brandi’s and Fallon’s. The two warriors, in a post orgasmic state of euphoria, never noticed...

How much time had passed? What day was it?

In that dreamlike split second that resides between asleep and awake, in which the body experiences total surrender, Fallon’s dreams and fantasies took over. But then, she felt a slow, rhythmic movement beside her.

Her re-entry into consciousness revealed that the fantasy that had been roosting in her semi-conscious dream state had indeed come to life.
Trinity and Brandi noted Fallon’s awakening with half-hearted apologies, as they continued to lay into each other. As Fallon watched with fascination, it occurred to her that the particle physicists just might be right. Grand unification just might be more than a theory. It might be real. Right in front of her eyes she observed, with moistening genitalia, two elegant, rival pussies that years ago had embarked on their separate life journeys, meeting in just one more heated fuck. Perhaps a more elegant understanding of how the universe works is possible. Or, perhaps these two women of deep passion just could not help themselves. Maybe there was simply no way these two long time heated rivals could be in the same room and NOT lock up in a sweltering, woman to woman sex duel. Whatever the case, Fallon had never seen two such wondrous, antagonistic and inosculated cunts. It was truly an event, a dream come true for her.

“Are you kidding?” Said a delighted Fallon.

“No apologies needed! This is a fantasy come true for me! By all means, continue.” Her sincere enthusiasm was duly noted by both women.

Fallon relaxed as this dream battle resumed. She studied both women’s faces, noting the dichotomy of anger and lust. It was sexually stimulating to her. But there was no such schism in the lustful language of two bodies that were so obviously thrilled to be united once again-two pussies that were once more, rapturously sealed together.

She was completely enthralled at watching two such goddesses go at it. Her eyes remained glued to the junction of the Vs, watching closely as her uninvolved pussy experienced thrilling, voyeuristic sexual arousal. She gently stroked her juiced labia majora, then sunk two fingers between them, laying one on either side of her erection as the two long time adversaries now battled almost savagely in another deep rooted fuck that would undoubtedly end in yet another draw. Fallon then sat back on her haunches. The moment had arrived. The two women screamed, pulling hard on each other’s legs, grinding their cunts deeply into each other through an exudate of mutual female cum. Something made her reach in and take Trinity’s right hand into her left, then Brandi’s left hand into her right, symbolically establishing a triangle of lust. Both women acknowledged this highly erotic gesture. After five or so minutes of decompression, Trinity spoke to her, sagely.

“You must first empty your cup, Fallon. If you do this willingly, it will be my honor to help you fill it.” The blond said as she caressed Fallon’s hand. Then Brandi made a sincere request that totally surprised Fallon.

“If it pleases you, Sensei, perhaps I could also help her on her journey?”

Trinity smiled.