by JB57

The two women looked at each other, a shared look of pure lust and mixed apprehension. Then Darielle smiled and lay back on the bed, stretching herself out in her nude beauty, her arms extended above her head, her long, muscled legs stretching out until her toes pointed down to the foot of the bed. Her massive tits swelled up, beautifully firm, the nipples hard and thick and fully aroused. Thick liquid trickled away from her juicy pussy, her cunt fur was matted with drying cum. She looked absolutely magnificent, the personification of sexual magnetism. Her dark hair spread out behind her head like an aura.

Minerva took in her beautiful rival with an angry glare, then crawled out on the bed, turned around and stretched herself out beside Darielle. Her body was equally beautiful, though not quite as aroused yet. Her powerful tits pushed to the ceiling, her hard nipples stood at attention. She looked down her body at Reynald and smiled her sexiest smile, doing her best to encourage his attentions. She felt the burning heat of lust between her legs, and she opened her thighs just wide enough to show the pink of her wet cunt. She flexed her powerful pussy lips. But she was not sure if she was feeling lust for her captain or for the gorgeous woman stretched out beside her.

Reynald smiled, then said, “No, I want you two closer together. Get right side by side, so I can see you at the same time.”

Minerva and Darielle inched over until their delicious bodies touched; both kept pushing. Their bare thighs and hips crushed together. Their hands were over their heads, and Darielle reached up and interlaced the fingers of her left hand with Minerva’s right; Minerva squeezed back tightly. One beautiful tit on each woman – Minerva’s right, Darielle’s left – pressed up against each other, flattening. Their massive tits, despite being hard and firm and jutting from both women’s chests like small mountains, still swayed over to the side under the influence of gravity and ended up bracing each other up, pushing each other higher. Both women inhaled sharply at the contact, but then tried to stay as still as possible as Reynald examined them. He looked at them closely for a few minutes, studying each beauty in exquisite detail, running his hands down their bountiful chests, over their naked stomachs and down to their thick pubic bushes. He cupped both women’s pussies, running a finger over their smooth pussy lips, causing Minerva to gasp with arousal and Darielle to moan with lust. Finally, he smiled. “You are both equally beautiful,” he said. “Both of you are perfection. I am a truly fortunate man.”

He leaned forward and tightly grasped Minerva’s right tit and Darielle’s left; he squeezed both, then crushed them together, rolling the thick flesh into one. The women gasped as their taut flesh, already deeply sensitive and engorged with arousal, crushed and merged with each other. Minerva writhed, rubbing her breast even more firmly with Darielle’s; the dark haired beauty writhed back. The women’s hips and thighs rasped together with a hot friction. Reynald lowered his head and sucked first at Minerva’s swollen nipple, then Darielle’s. He then released their breasts and ran his right hand down Minerva’s belly to her cunt, which he cupped and squeezed. He did the same with Darielle, using his left hand. Both women groaned and wriggled on the bed, gasping in the sudden explosion of pleasure as he inserted a digit into each woman’s twat and rubbed their clits. The women moaned, each rubbing her hard ass into the bed, their hips and breasts grinding as they writhed beneath the man’s ministrations. Each woman tightened her grip on the other’s hand. Their massive tits jiggled, bouncing into each other as the women rocked. Reynald watched this, his eyes lighting with pleasure, his desire building to new levels.

“Minerva, Darielle, I am not yet ready to take pleasure from you, but there is something you two can do to help me get to that point.”

“What is that, milord?,” asked Darielle, innocently.

“I’d like you to make love to each other. I think I would enjoy watching that and I suspect you two would enjoy it too. Would you do this for me?” His eyes were burning with hunger.

Minerva barely had time to react to the captain’s request before Darielle, flashing the captain a lustful smile, rolled her magnificent body on top of Minerva’s equally gorgeous form. The women’s heavy tits crushed hard, firm flesh yielding and melting together, sending a spike of delicious pleasure burning from their tits to their wet pussies. Their pebble-hard nipples caught and twisted together, digging into each other’s taut titflesh. Their hot bellies flattened to each other, deep navels sucking as they rubbed into each other. Darielle wrapped her beautiful arms around Minerva’s back, grabbing the other woman’s auburn locks and pulling hard. Minerva gasped with the sudden pain and suddenly found her mouth invaded by Darielle’s probing tongue, forcing its way down to Minerva’s tonsils.

Minerva struggled, fighting back with her own tongue, even as heat and unbearable lust exploded through her body. Incredible tension and desire flowed from her belly into her soaking cunt. She writhed, her magnificent body wriggling against Darielle’s firm flesh. Minerva refused to be dominated so easily, even though she had been caught off guard. She pulled viciously at Darielle’s black hair, she twined her powerful legs through Darielle’s matching pair. The women’s bodies trembled as they strained against each other, the beautiful calves of their perfect legs matching strength to strength.Their thick pubic bushes crunched and intertwined and Minerva felt the heat and wet from Darielle’s steaming, dripping crotch burning down onto her belly.

Minerva and Darielle’s tongues fought slowly, sensuously, within their locked mouths. Their tits rolled and struggled, sending blasts of erotic heat rippling through their bodies. The women broke their passionate kiss with a gasp, panting cheek to cheek. Darielle’s tongue snaked out, slipping onto Minerva’s lips from the side. Minerva bucked up and clawed at her enemy’s flawless back. “Cunt, you fucking cunt…,” she whispered beneath her breath.

“You’re mine, whore…,” Darielle groaned into Minerva’s ear, being sure to hide her words beneath their gasps and groans, not wanting Reynald to hear their rivalry.

Minerva was determined not to be mastered and dominated by Darielle. But the incredible lust burning in her body demanded satisfaction. Almost involuntarily, she found herself untwining her legs from around Darielle’s pair and spreading her thighs wide, opening herself, inviting her enemy to invade her wet, hot cunt. Minerva’s hands gripped Darielle’s rounded ass and pulled the other woman down to her eager, hungry twat.

Darielle slid her thick, wet, juicy cunt down onto Minerva’s steaming pussy, their slick, moist pussy lips sliding electrically on each other. The women cried out in unison as their womanhood met and mated. Their cries turned to shuddering moans. Their erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they continued to fight, rubbing and sliding and grinding cunt to cunt, back and forth and up and down, their erotic duel growing more and more intense with each moment. Their hot cunts kissed and sucked, juicy vaginal lips flattened and merged into one, then pulled apart, trailing strings of pussy juice, then splatted together again to eat at each other. The women concentrated on the struggle, working their cunts into one sensitive mass, trying to spread each other’s pussy lips, trying to bring their swelling clits together into battle. Minerva and Darielle locked together tongue to tongue once again, both women forgetting Reynald as they fought to dominate the other, to fuck each other into submission. Minerva twined her legs back through Darielle’s legs, her hands fixed to the black-haired woman’s pumping, clenching ass, her own body bucking up to meet every one of Darielle’s cunt-splitting thrusts.

On and on they fought, their hips working in hard circles, drilling their hungry cunts together, their torsos writhing, rubbing their massive tits into one. They both refused to break the passionate kiss they were locked into, their tongues thrashing powerfully within their mouths. Their long, hard clits rose up, slipping out from between their wet vaginal lips, finally ready to meet in the ultimate erotic confrontation.

Suddenly, however, Darielle pulled off of Minerva. Minerva gasped, confused by the abrupt end to the intense sexual stimulation. She looked up; Darielle was straddling Minerva’s body, on her knees. Reynald was cupping and squeezing one of Darielle’s massive breasts. Reynald was on his knees behind the black-haired beauty. His other hand slid down her flat belly, through her thick pussy fur, to insert a powerful finger into her sopping wet cunt. Darielle moaned loudly, a cry cut off as Reynald pulled her head around and thrust his tongue deep into her open mouth. As Minerva watched, Reynald pulled Darielle aside. Minerva was confused; her perfect body was aroused beyond all measure and she watched what was happening with Darielle and Reynald through the haze of her lust. But her heart also cried out with anger as she watched her lover turn, once again, to her rival.

But this lasted only a moment. Reynald gently lowered Darielle to the bed beside Minerva. Then he turned his attention to his auburn-haired lover. Minerva’s eyes filled with the figure of Reynald looming over her. The captain’s eyes were blazing with lust and his manhood was thick, hard, and jutting out from his groin like a club. He grasped Minerva’s ankles, pulling her legs wide apart. He aimed his pulsing shaft at her thick, pink womanhood, placed the tip of his cock just inside of Minerva’s steaming pussy lips, and wet the head of his penis with her juices. Minerva reached out for her captain even as he thrust hard with the power of his hips and ass. He impaled Minerva on his massive cock, plunging deep and strong into her very core in one hard thrust, separating and driving all the way up her tight vaginal canal, all the power of his body shoving his manhood up to the hilt in the tight, wet, heat of his mistress’ steaming twat. Minerva whooped, shrieking with pleasure as she was penetrated and filled to the brim, her pussy walls contracting powerfully around Reynald’s massive cock. She gripped the invading shaft with her internal muscles, massaging its thickness, squeezing and releasing, working the shaft with all of her skill. She bucked her hips and rotated her ass, using all of her abilities to drive Reynald crazy with lust and pleasure, even as her own body sought ecstatic release. Reynald released her ankles and dropped forward on to Minerva’s voluptuous body, his rock-hard chest squashing her firm tits, his flat belly slapping her equally taut midriff as he pounded his cock into her twat.

Grunting and panting, moaning and straining, Minerva and Reynald fucked harder and harder, pulling apart, almost letting his cock slip out of her body, then ramming together, slamming belly to belly, Reynald’s sword sheathing itself all the way inside of Minerva’s welcoming cunt. Minerva’s claws sank into the captain’s hard, pumping ass as he pounded at her, her breasts throbbed with pleasure as his weight ground and massaged her rolling tits, her hard nipples wore a tattoo into his muscled chest.

As the pleasure built, as she felt the heat inside of her sexual core reaching unbearable levels, Minerva wrapped her legs around the captain’s hips, locking him in place as her burning cunt continued to suck and pull at his rock-hard member. Her engorged clit rubbed and slid along the top of his massive shaft, sending delicious spikes of pleasure dancing through her body. Minerva now moved with Reynald, squeezing and working his throbbing shaft with her cunt, pulling him up the pleasure curve as her body neared the peak.

The man came in a spasm of ecstasy, crying out in pleasure as his seed exploded deep inside Minerva’s hot body. Feeling Reynald’s release, Minerva let herself go and groaned in sheer joy as an intense orgasm burned through her core. Her pussy gushed uncontrollably, her toes curled in pleasure, every muscle in her body stiffened with intense sensation, then released. She felt Reynald going through the same process, shuddering as she squeezed his shaft with her cunt, then relaxed her grip, allowing him to gush some more. She took him up the pleasure curve, prolonging his orgasm even as she bucked and groaned through her own ecstasy until, finally, he collapsed in her arms.

For some time, Minerva and Reynald lay together, their arms wrapped around each other, their legs tangled, their bodies wet with sweat as they panted hard. Minerva felt a soft hand delicately trace her left thigh. She forced her eyes open, fighting her sexual bliss. Darielle was stretched beside Minerva and Reynald. She was stroking Minerva, but she quickly turned her attention to Reynald.

Darielle rolled the captain’s prone body off of Minerva’s form. Reynald’s wet, flaccid cock pulled out of his mistress’ wet cunt. Darielle wasted no time. She straddled Reynald upside down. Her knees on either side of his body, her juicy cunt waving enticingly in his face, she lowered her head to his crotch and began to gently lick at his balls, lapping the cum off his member, taking each ball into her mouth and sucking gently. The captain groaned in pleasure. Darielle took the softening penis into her mouth and, in moments, was sucking and licking and stroking Reynald’s cock from stem to stern. The spent organ quickly began to harden as it stirred back to life. Reynald placed a rough hand on Darielle’s round ass, which was almost in his face, and began to probe her asshole and her pussy with his questing fingers. Darielle raised her head from her work on his cock only long enough to smile back at him, then resumed her expert ministrations.

After a few minutes, Reynald’s cock was back to its full length and thickness, standing up rock-hard from his groin. Smiling, Darielle shifted, turning herself around until she faced the captain, then straddled his body again. Her calves pressed into either side of his thighs, she lowered her wet, hungry cunt down onto his thick pole and impaled herself, sliding him all the way in. Then, she lifted herself up carefully, only to drop back down, her rhythm increasing as she began riding the man below her with growing passion. Reynald reached up and filled his hands with Darielle’s bouncing tits; the black-haired beauty moaned as she rocked up and down on the man’s cock, reaching up to run his fingers through her wild mane, her head thrown back, her eyes closed in the intensity of her pleasure, pausing from time to time to squeeze Reynald’s cock with all the power of her raging cunt.

Minerva watched all of this from beside the two bucking bodies that were now straining together in sex. She gave herself a few minutes to recover from her love-making with Reynald, to let her own sexual power return with her arousal. She rose to her knees beside Darielle and Reynald, then she positioned herself at Reynald’s head. At first, the captain did not notice her; his eyes were closed, his hands were vigorously kneading Darielle’s tits, his body was burning with sensations. Minerva began kissing him, however, and he soon began to respond to her attentions. They exchanged a deep, passionate upside down kiss. Then Minerva moved a little lower on his body, kissing his chest as her own tits swung down into his face. Reynald sucked lustfully at her chocolate nipples, until Minerva raised herself into a sitting position, placed her knees on his shoulders, and lowered her wet, hot cunt down to his face. Immediately, Reynald began licking and sucking at her fragrant twat. He released Darielle’s tits, then looped his arms around Minerva’s hips, his hands splayed on her round ass, holding her open as he licked and sucked at her womanhood.

Minerva moaned with pleasure and leaned forward. She and Darielle were face to face, both sitting on Reynald, both being pleasured by his body. They were tit to tit, their hard nipples pushing together, throbbing with heat and arousal. The women offered each other their hands and interlaced their fingers, squeezing hard. Green eyes locked to blue, the look of shared hate and lust passing between them sending a spark of fire burning down into their cunts. They pushed their faces close, touching lips and noses, touching hungry, sensitive tongues, before turning their heads and sliding into a long, deep kiss. Their tongues swirled together in their locked mouths, their arms struggled for control, their throbbing tits crushed tight and burned with delicious friction as the women continued to rock their bodies as they fought on top of Reynald. The captain was too lost in his own pleasure to notice what was going on between his two bed companions. His cock continued to burn and throb with intense pleasure, his tongue, lips and fingers were expertly engaged in licking, sucking and stroking Minerva’s long, thick clit.

The heat and lust between the two women continued to build even as their cunts were serviced by the captain’s skills. Minerva and Darielle wrapped their arms around each other, trying to crush each other’s tits, even as their kiss became ever more ferocious, their tongues ever more aggressive as they fought. Darielle felt the incredible pleasure building in her twat as the captain’s shaft worked in her core. Minerva was groaning with passion as the tension in her pussy built to unbearable levels, as Darielle’s tongue and tits twisted and ground against her own.

On and on the struggle raged, the women riding the captain, using their bodies against each other until, suddenly, Darielle broke their vicious kiss by grabbing Minerva’s auburn hair and pulling her head back. Minerva instantly returned the grip but, as she watched, Darielle’s beautiful face suddenly contorted in sexual agony.

“Fuck, fuck, Oh God, FUCK!!,” Darielle cried out as her cunt exploded in an intense orgasm. A moment later, Reynald bucked and thrashed beneath the women, almost bucking them off, as his body erupted in another spasm of ecstasy. Minerva smiled, taking advantage of Darielle’s momentary weakness to crush the other woman to her hard body in a bear hug and force her tongue into Darielle’s mouth. A moment or two later, however, Reynald’s clit sucking of Minerva reached a sudden peak and Minerva found herself erupting in a gusher of passion. She screamed, her pussy blasting hot cum into the captain’s face. She continued the kiss with Darielle, even as she felt her strength seep out of her muscles as the sexual release rushed through her.

Darielle and Minerva held each other, pressed cheek to cheek, panting furiously, as they struggled to recover from their orgasmic experiences. Beneath them, Reynald was completely spent, his powerful body finally exhausted by the intense sexual marathon he had managed to engage in for the past hour or more. But it was clear that he was finished, at least for now. He turned his head from Minerva’s dripping cunt and collapsed into a deep sleep.

Minerva pulled Darielle to the side and both women fell off of Reynald, Darielle’s twat slipping free of the captain’s thick pole. They lay gasping on their sides, bodies pressed tight, arms wrapped around each other and their beautiful faces panting into each other. They lay that way for a few minutes, each woman gathering her strength.

Darielle threw her right leg over Minerva’s left hip, and struggled to push Minerva over on to her back. Minerva resisted, but only for a moment; she was still too tired to offer any great resistance. In a moment she was flat on her back, Darielle mounting her, twining their legs, and spreading Minerva’s delicious body beneath her own. Darielle grabbed Minerva’s hand and, interlacing their fingers, pushed Minerva’s hands down to her side. Darielle slapped her wet pussy down onto Minerva’s matching twat and rubbed it around and around, speading Minerva’s pussy lips, drilling herself into her enemy. She forced an open-mouthed kiss onto the auburn-haired beauty. Minerva returned the kiss eagerly, her tongue wrapping and pushing against Darielle’s invading probe. Darielle broke the kissfight after a few more moments.

“Now we finish what we started,” Darielle murmured to her beautiful enemy. She began to rock, bucking and grinding her cunt down onto Minerva’s soft, thick pussy, riding the auburn-haired beauty mercilessly.

“Fuck you…,” Minerva began, but Darielle’s mouth locked with her’s once more, their tongues twisted and struggled, and the sexual battle began in earnest.

Darielle’s belly slapped rhythmically with Minerva’s taut stomach. The black-haired courtesan drove her raging cunt hard against Minerva’s equally voracious twat. Juicy pussy lips slid and rubbed against each other deliciously, sending erotic electricity burning through the battling beauties. Their massive tits rubbed and rolled continuously as they writhed, nipples twisting together into pleasurable knots, hard titflesh pulsing with delectable sensations. They soon had to break the kiss as their raging battle demanded that they both be able to breathe. Cheek to cheek, panting and sobbing, they rode each other with all of their remaining strength. Minerva matched every one of Darielle’s thrusts with thrusts of her own. The room soon rang with the sensual sound of taut flesh slapping together in a growing rhythm. The women slammed their drooling wet cunts together in ecstasy, their erotic moaning growing and harmonizing as they fucked each other mercilessly. Incredible heat rippled away from their struggling cunts, filling their bodies, feeding the pleasurable tension that continued to build in all their muscles but which seemed to concentrate in their breasts.

Their cunts were now tightly sealed, locked together in a wet kiss that mirrored the earlier battle between their mouths. Minerva felt her engorged clit push free, rising up to slip into Darielle’s hot pussy. Darielle glared hatefully, lustfully down into Minerva’s eyes, shifted her body, freeing her clit to bring it into confrontation with Minerva’s sex rod. Eyes locked, panting with lust, the two women slowly and deliberately brought their throbbing clits together, head to head.

The explosion of pure pleasure that erupted in their bodies was unbearable and caused them both to throw back their heads and screech in ecstasy.

“NNnnnnn, Fuck!!,” Minerva gasped. She had had her clit stimulated many times before, but somehow this touching of clit to clit was more intense than anything she could remember.

“Gods, oh godsssss…,” Darielle moaned, her eyes squeezed shut, her mind struggling to hold back the raging sensations rippling up from her superbly sensitive clit.

The women began sawing their clits against each other, grinding them hard even as they sobbed and snarled with the raw sensations. Their wet cuts splatted together and sealed, their raging bodies ground together relentlessly. Powered by the incredible pleasure burning out of their stroking, caressing clits, the women’s desire to consume each other continued to grow. Darielle began long-clitting Minerva, driving her clit hard and deep, stroking it all the way up Minerva’s fuck trough, before grinding it hard against Minerva’s matching sexhorn. Minerva fought back, but her disadvantaged position on the bottom of their battle gave her less room to maneuver. She thrust back, bucking and hunching, rubbing her clit to Darielle’s sex as hard as she could, but she knew that she was slowly being overwhelmed. Minerva freed her hands from Darielle’s grip and placed her hands on the courtesan’s rippling ass. Darielle grabbed Minerva’s ass and the two women began pulling the other as deep into her own cunt as they could, their bodies struggling to the end. The room filled with the pants and groans of desperate sexual combat, the gentle whisper of taut flesh sliding and merging, the wet sound of hot cunts sucking, the grating sound of pubic hair meshing.

Minerva felt the heat in her breasts and her crotch suddenly explode in a nova-intense blast of pure pleasure.

“No, no, no, NNNNOOOO!!!,” Minerva shrieked, her body convulsing as erotic electricity flowed through her muscles. Her cunt contracted powerfully and she felt a gusher of hot woman cum jet from the depths of her sex up into Darielle’s conquering pussy. Darielle moaned and sobbed in pleasure, but she continued grinding, pounding her pussy down into the depths of Minerva’s aching, grasping twat. Minerva continued to buck and grind her aching clit into Darielle’s matching sexhorn. Darielle jerked hard then moaned in pleasure as her own orgasm finally detonated deep in her body. Hot cum flowed down from her and into Minerva. The women’s drooling cunts exchanged copious amounts of pussy juice as their pussies devoured each other. They shuddered together as multiple orgasms chained through their bodies.

After some time, Darielle finally pulled her exhausted body off of Minerva. The woman lay side by side for a brief while, their shining tits heaving as their breath came in hot pants of satisfaction, their smooth flesh slick with sweat and pussy juice, their long legs damp with cum, their pubic bushes matted and gleaming with wet.

Darielle finally propped her head up on her right elbow and leered down at Minerva, her beautiful face smug with satisfaction, her wild hair bushing out around her head like a mane, her blue eyes shining with sexual fever.

“First blood, to me, you little whore. I’m going to suck your cunt inside out by the time I’m done with you,” she promised.

“Fuck you, cunt,” Minerva replied, her green eyes shining with rage. “This isn’t over yet, bitch. I’m going to grind your little clit into mash by the time this is done.”

Before Darielle could reply, Reynald began to stir. The black-haired courtesan quickly lowered her mouth to Minerva. The women shared a long, savage kiss, and squeezed each other’s tit. Then, eyes still blazing with hate, they turned their attention back to the awakening sailor king. The rest of their battle would need to wait for another time.

To be continued