A friend of mine is a professional photographer. He wrote and told me of an incident in which he took his girlfriend on a photo shoot with him, and his ex girlfriend showed up. The rapport between them was a bit stiff and at some point they began to verbally joust and compete for his attention. Other than that, nothing happened. But he said that it gave him a bit of a rush to see two women act this way. He asked me what I thought about this. I wrote back and told him that this was the stuff of which my fantasies were made. A few days later I wrote and asked if he would mind if I took the scenario and ran with it, giving it my own personal slant. He said it was OK. This is the result. I hope that you all like it.

by a. penman

I’d worked these kind of shoots many times before. A family gathering or a reunion. They were typically a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet some wonderful people who I would inevitably wish had been in my family. Lots of attractive young women too-some of whom I could talk into coming to my studio for a model shoot. But that’s a trust that a photographer is never supposed to break by revealing details.

The story that I’m about to relate, fortunately, has no such confidentiality issues. It’s just one of those stories that needs to be told.

Because of the nature of these gatherings, with a family getting together on a large scale after so many years, and probably not to gather again for a number of years to come, after receiving the initial fee for doing the job, the after shoot sales of prints was usually quite brisk. Everyone wants a picture of them with uncle Joe because he’s getting up there in years and his health is failing and, well you get the idea.

Having been a semi-pro shooter for many years, I discovered the neat (and economical) trick of taking my current girlfriend along on each job. It was a great way of sharing myself and my passion for photography with them-a great way to make them feel included in my life. It worked like a charm. Usually after a few lessons on which equipment was which and how lighting worked, etcetera, it would become a routine thing and I never had to pay anyone to do the same job. It also had one other, non job related surprise benefit. Making that special lady feel so special, and so included in something that you cared about had the effect of making her feel loved, which made it much easier to get that special lady out of her clothes after the job was completed and you were at home.

Anyway, my current lady, Brandi (with an i) was very much into it. She enjoyed working with me on these photo shoots. Yeah, I know. I never thought I’d ever date a woman named Brandi (with an i) either. But there was much to be said for her intellect, her willingness to learn about photography and her spectacular, large tits. Indeed, if I’ve done anything consistently well in my thirty one years (and I haven’t) it would be my unparalleled ability to seek out, seduce and couple up with beautiful, big breasted women. What can I say? I’m a boob man. Can’t get enough of them.

Having said that, and also having brought you to this point, let me continue and hope that I haven’t lost my audience.

I got a call from a local family (we’ll call them the Smiths) to do both a wedding and a pre wedding family gathering. No sweat, I thought. I got on the phone to Brandi (with an i) and told her we had a scheduled shoot for the following weekend, the 14th of June.

“Oh hell! I’m sorry babe. I thought that weekend was open so I made plans to meet with an old college roommate of mine. We got along really well in school, but we kind of lost track of each other after graduation.” She apologized.

Brandi had a degree in marketing. Also lucky for me. As well as being my gofer on shoots, she was more than willing to handle that end of the business. She even took over management of the web site. This was really cool, as I would have had to pay for that service. I can find my way around a computer well enough, but not enough to manage a website. In other words, I can burn to a disc and upload photos easily, but nothing more complex than that. I did not ask or coerce her into doing this valuable service for me. In fact, I insisted on paying her for her much needed help. She only took a nominal fee. Bless that generous heart of hers that was conveniently situated beneath a double D sized left tit. I thought for a few seconds and then came up with an idea, which I casually shared with her.

“Well, I guess I could give Fallon a call. Maybe she’s available to help on that day.” Protracted silence. Something wasn’t right.

“Fallon?” Brandi said in just one word. Uh-oh.

“Is that a problem?” I heard a rather deep sigh from her on the other end.

“No no no...give her a call. I’m sure she’ll be more than eager to help you out.”

So...Here’s what I’ve learned about women over the years, in one sentence. If a woman says it’s not a problem, it IS a problem. But fuck it. I had big a shoot coming up and I needed help. Still...

“Look Brandi. If this doesn’t set well with you, just say so.” For the second time, I gave her the option to spill what was troubling her about me using Fallon for this shoot. Again, a lengthy silence.

“Nope. There’s no problem. It’s good that you have someone who’s worked with you on shoots before. Call her. It’s totally OK.” Brandi responded.

Before I try to decipher that statement, let me preface it by explaining something. I was fortunate enough to have had two seriously hot girlfriends in succession. I don’t know how I do it!

Fallon and I dated for slightly less than a year. Then we kind of grew apart. No one’s fault. People just change. At least that was my take on the situation. So we split up. A couple of months later I met Brandi (with an i). I don’t think they knew each other, only of each other. And I should point out that both women were equally well endowed. Like I said, I love big tits. Fallon’s name had only come up in conversation a couple of times, casually. I was never sure how Brandi felt about Fallon, but I never had any reason to concern myself with that until now.

So, loosely translated, here’s what I think Brandi was actually saying:

“Yes! There’s a problem and you should KNOW this is a problem and do I have to spell it out for you? That big titted bitch is your ex girlfriend. How do I know you’re not trying to get back with her? Or how do I know she won’t try to seduce you?” Complicated as that.

I’m not insensitive. But, you know what? I had a big shoot in five days and I wasn’t about to immerse myself in the convoluted world of female psychobabble. I needed help. And if Fallon was willing, I would use her on the photo shoot. So, here’s my male psychobabble, insinuated only of course:

“If you seriously think I’m doing this with some ulterior motive, like maybe trying to get Fallon into bed again, you’re wrong. And why don’t you trust me?” Simple as that. So, not to create any further confusion, I clearly stated my intent.

“OK Brandi. I’m going to call and ask if she’s available to help on this photo shoot. I’m sorry that you’re uncomfortable with this, but this is a big job and I need help. Enjoy your reunion with your college friend. I’ll let you know how things turn out.”

“Oh, by all means, Bill, do.” Hard not to catch the dripping sarcasm there.

At this point, every cell in my body wanted to scream into the phone and say “Will you PLEASE tell me what the fucking problem is? I’m not a mind reader!!!” But I kept my cool. I was now past the point of caring what this was all about. I took a deep breath, collected my thoughts and bid her adieu. Her response was chilly.

I spent the next few days with Fallon, going over the time, location, lighting dynamics and other technical aspects of the shoot. We went out to scout the site while no one was there for some ideas and to asses the movement of the sun. The only thing different from when we last worked together was two new lenses. I had purchased a fixed 20 mm f 2.8 wide angle lens which was great for sweeping landscape panoramas and some interesting special effects. But I seldom if ever used it under these circumstances.

Unless of course, some drunken family member wanted a photo of himself with a distorted face. I get those every once in a while. The other lens was a 70-300 mm telephoto zoom lens, which I used more when I needed to be non intrusive. It’s a good lens for shoots like this and better for weddings. Once Fallon got those down, we were good to go. She seemed really pleased that I called, and was quite eager to help me once again.

On the 14th of June, the shoot went off stunningly well. I was with a group of willing participants who didn’t seem to mind me being in their faces with my camera. The only shy ones were the kids. But that’s pretty normal and that’s why I have a 70-300 mm lens. A good time was had by all. The day went off without incident. Well...almost without incident.

At about 4 PM, just as we were wrapping up, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Brandi. She decided to come by because her visit with her friend had been truncated by some urgent family matter.

Our embrace and subsequent kiss was warm and loving. It felt good. And she didn’t seem upset with me. But as we separated, I felt the close presence of Fallon. I turned and positioned myself so as not to favor either woman, then proffered the mandatory introductions.

“Brandi, this is Fallon. Fallon, Brandi.” As uncomplicated as possible. At this point I didn’t feel that I needed to elaborate any further. I was at the end of a very long, but rewarding photo shoot. I did not need any complications. But women are women...thank goodness.

Hands clasped, salutations were exchanged, but eyes were full of figurative daggers. This was truly uncomfortable.

“Bill has told me a lot about you, Brandi.” Fallon was full of shit. I never mentioned Brandi.

“All good I hope.” Brandi came back with a standard, inane response. Jesus Brandi! You couldn’t do better than that?

“All good.” Fallon reassured her in her best phony voice. She then excused herself to go pack up equipment. “It was nice to meet you, Brandy.”

“That’s Brandi, with an i.”


“Nice to meet you too, Falon.”

“That’s Fallon with two ls.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.”

Somewhere nearby, I could hear the snarling of two cats. My hell! Were they both purposely trying to be complete bitches?
I wrapped things up with Fallon and then drove her home. I thanked her profusely for helping me out in a pinch as I waited for her to disembark. She gave me a funny look.

“What?” I asked.

“You used to always walk me to the door.”

“That was when we were...”

“Oh never mind Bill. I get the point.” She got out in a huff.

Oh for fuck’s sake! I got out and caught up with her halfway up the walkway to the door. When I caught up to her, she took my arm and then turned directly to me with a smile that indicated she had just won some minor skirmish or test of wills. At the door, she looked at me again, oddly. Then she asked the question I knew she’d been wanting to ask.

“So, how serious are things between you and her?”

“That’s not relevant, Fallon.” I said, evasively.

She then gave me a long stare, then nodded as if she had looked into my soul and found the answer she was looking for without a response from me. “I hope that we can work together again soon, Bill.” Fallon then turned and went inside. I drove off, completely puzzled.

On Monday the sixteenth, I spent most of the afternoon working on the editing process from the weekend shoot. It was about five thirty PM and I needed to eat. So I microwaved a container of Rice-A-Roni, that epicurean blend of rice, vermicelli pasta and “seasonings” that, to this day, is still served in the finest dining establishments in San Francisco. I was just about to sit down to my meal when the doorbell rang.

“Hi Bill!” Fallon said. I invited her in. We sat down at the kitchen table and I offered to share my meal with her.

“Oh no. No thanks.”

“Suit yourself. But this stuff is really good.” I said.

“I’m sure it is. But it wouldn’t be good for my figure.” She winked, playfully. So I played along.

“And, what a figure it is.” I responded, playfully. Damn! I should have never said that. I gave her the entry point that she was looking for. She blew it off, laughingly. But I knew more was coming.

“So, Bill. Is her body as sexy as mine?”

And there it was, almost on schedule.

“Fallon...Don’t go...”

“What about her tits? Are they as big and full and my tits?”

“I’m NOT going down this road, Fallon.” I resisted giving her any further satisfaction. She just smiled sarcastically. “So what’s on your mind? Why are you here?” I asked, steering away from comparisons.

“Well, I thought you might want some help editing and...”

“All done.” I cut her off.

“Well there is something else.”

“And that is?”

“Well, I was actually hoping that your girlfriend would be here. But I see she’s not. So it doesn’t matter. I guess I’ll be on my way.”

“Why were you hoping that Brandi would be here?”

“You’re not going make this easy for me, are you?”

“Absolutely not.” I smirked. “Please continue.”

“I was hoping she was here so that I could apologize to her for the other day.”

“You were kind of rude to her.”

“You’re right. I was. Although it did seem that she was rude right back.”

“Well, you could be right. The whole encounter seemed very frosty.”

“It was. But you know women. Sometimes we can be catty with each other.” Fallon said with a fake chuckle.

I nodded in agreement while my mind searched for reasons to get her to leave. My dinner had gotten cold and I was starving. Then a thought occurred to me.

“Hey! Were you serious about wanting to apologize to Brandi?”

“Of course. Why?”

“I’ll be right back.”

I went into the office and ejected a DVD from the computer. I marked it with a permanent marker, “Smith Family Gathering” then placed it into a plastic case. I returned to the kitchen and handed it to Fallon.

“What’s this?” She asked.

“It’s a DVD of the shoot from the other day.” Fallon looked puzzled.

“147 Maplewood. Blue house on the left. It’s about twelve blocks from here.”

Fallon still didn’t get it.

“It’s Brandi’s place. If you could drop it off for me, I’d really appreciate it. She can upload the photos to the website.”

“Oh.” Yet another sullen response.

“I used to do that for you.” Fallon said with a pout.

“The operative words being ‘used to.’” I watched as her eyes moistened slightly. Oh FUCK! Now I had hurt her feelings.

“I’m sorry Fallon. I just keep saying stupid shit.”

“No. No. You’re right. I had that coming.”

“Things are different between us now, Fallon.” I gently explained.

“I know they are Bill. But a girl can still hope.” Hope? Maybe Brandi’s fears were justified. And how the hell do women know this shit? I didn’t respond to that because I had no idea what to say in response.

“Can we still see each other occasionally, as friends?” I had anticipated this question too. But I had no idea how to respond. If I said yes, it would be like holding out a carrot of false hope. If I said no, well, who knows how she might have reacted.

“As friends? Of course we can.” I acquiesced.

“Maybe we can even do an occasional photo shoot together?” She asked.

I was uncomfortable with this idea. I know that I was the one who initially called her for help. But that was before she and Brandi met and the friction between them occurred. So, naturally, I was reluctant to agree. But I did.

“Will it be you and me? Or you, Brandi and me?”

“Well...” I hesitated.

“It’s OK Bill. I get it. Either way is fine with me. All of us working together should be fun. I look forward to a threesome.” She joked.

“Well, the two of you are about to become friends, right?”

“Yes.” Fallon said assertively. “Yes we are indeed.”

Good for you Fallon! Good for the both of you, I thought to myself.

“Speaking of which, I guess that I shouldn’t keep Brandi waiting. I’m sure that she’ll want to get started on this right away.” She said, holding up the disk.

“Thank you so much, Fallon. Say, maybe you and Brandi could work on this together.” I said. Although I knew it only took one person to upload a disc, I was grasping at straws, trying to offer any way to get these two women to bond with each other. As it turned out, Fallon had her own idea of how she wanted to bond with Brandi.

“That’s a great idea! Just us two girls, working closely with each other.”

I smiled, then leaned in to plant a kiss on her cheek. But she anticipated me and turned in. And just like that, we were lip locked. She offered her tongue but I just couldn’t go there. She did, however, make absolutely certain to get her incredible tits fully involved. It was like she was trying to remind me of the days when I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. I have to say, I felt a stirring. The kiss broke off amicably. She had a sly smile on her face. I did not try to analyze it. In retrospect, I probably should have. I just wanted her to leave before my addled brain became fraught with more complications.

“You better be on your way, Fallon.” I urged. She nodded in agreement, then turned to leave. “And don’t forget. You’re going over to give her the disc and to apologize.”

“I won’t forget. It’s good that we’ll be alone. This way I can apologize to her woman to woman.” Fallon winked and left. The door closed assertively behind her.

Finally, I could sit down and eat dinner. I had to reheat it in the microwave. I decided that a meal such as this deserved a great wine. So, I opened the bottle of St.Veran that was in the fridge.

About twenty minutes after dinner I stood in front of the bathroom mirror while my electric tooth brush did it’s job, ridding my teeth of all deeply embedded food particles. I smiled at the handsome, frothy mouthed dude in the mirror. And then came the realization that I had seriously fucked up.

“SHIT!!!” I said as I sprayed the mirror with droplets of extra cavity protection, whitening formula Aqua Fresh. What the hell had I done? I missed it, because I didn’t want to hear it-because I wanted her to leave. Here’s what I missed.

Fallon had said it was good that they were going to be alone. She wanted to apologize to Brandi “woman to woman.” Seriously? Woman to woman? I know what that means! I’ve read enough stories by JB57 to know what that means. So, I rinsed my mouth with water, flossed, then did my sixty second fluoride rinse. Then I jumped into my car and sped to Brandi’s house, obeying all posted speed limits of course.

I pulled up in front of the house with a bad feeling in my gut. As expected, Fallon’s car was parked in the driveway. I just knew that something was not right. On the front porch I put my ear to the door, which was locked. There were odd sounds coming from inside. I heard multiple low thuds and thunks. These were accentuated by the grunts and groans of both women. Then came the cursing and the screams. What in the hell was going on inside? I had to get in there!

I remembered the key to the back door that Brandi left outside and where she stashed it. She didn’t want to leave a key out, but she was prone to occasionally locking herself out. Something told me to be quiet. I went around the back, located the key and let myself in. I noiselessly made my way through the kitchen and peeked around the corner into the living room, where the ruckus was coming from. I could not believe what I saw!

There they were, Brandi and Fallon, locked together on the floor, grunting and straining against each other in full body contact. Both women were completely naked! Woman to woman indeed! The two hottest women I knew, with the two best bodies I’d ever seen and the four best and biggest breasts that I’d ever dated, were rolling around in an intensely erotic confrontation. My eyes beheld this wondrous sight. Then my eyes were drawn to the couch where two sets of clothes had been neatly folded along side each other. This told me that a mutual agreement had been made; they would settle things au natural. And, since there was no cat scratching, punching or kicking going on, they must have also agreed to settle things in full body contact. How else would two goddesses such as these fight each other?

Like I said, I’ve only read about this. But each woman seemed quite comfortable with it. In fact, each of them seemed quite proficient at matching her body against the body of another woman. I wasn’t surprised about Fallon being into something like this. If my memory serves me correctly, she always seemed ready to take on another woman. But Brandi’s willingness to meet her body to body, well, that was something I hadn’t figured on. And for some reason, the scenario of ex girlfriend against current girlfriend made the whole thing even hotter. But as I watched I understood that this wasn’t just about me. It was just as much about both women knowing instinctively that this had to happen, from the moment that I introduced them on Saturday. And I was OK with that. I know, I know. I was hoping these two women could be friends. But, who in their right mind would NOT be thrilled with this turn of events?

I found myself inwardly applauding both women’s eagerness to meet skin to skin-delighted to see my Brandi’s willingness to match her two beauties against Fallon’s awesome pair, nipple to nipple in full contact. It had been many months since I’d seen Fallon naked. Seeing her like this, I was reminded of what an incredible body she had. But I’m pleased to say that in every aspect, Brandi’s body was a match for Fallon’s form.

Consequently, there they were. Two big titted brunettes, with their voluptuous nude bodies in full contact, rolling around on Brandi’s living room floor. And I mean to tell you, these two women were seriously locked up with each other! Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, smooth stomachs firmly flattened together, arms wrapped around each other in crushing bear hugs-a test of strength and a dogged test of four massive breasts that were fully engaged in a personal war.

Fallon had always been proud of her rack. She flaunted them whenever possible, often in front of lesser endowed women. This got more that one stranger or casual acquaintance pissed off at her. So, I imagine that it didn’t set well with her when she saw that Brandi’s chest was as fulsome as hers. Brandi, needless to say, was also quite proud of her beautiful breasts. She especially liked to linger with them and lovingly lather them in the shower. Actually, Fallon also indulged in this breast loving ritual in the shower. Can’t say that I blame either one of them. If I had a set of tits, I’d never leave the house. It was a habit of both women that drove me crazy with lust and caused me to take far more showers that I needed, just to assist in the process of breast care. If I see a job that needs doing, I jump right in, naked. What can I say? I’m a man of deep conviction.

To me, it now made perfect sense that these four magnificent mammaries would meet and mate. How soft and sensual this encounter must have been! As they rolled back and forth, I noticed that their long legs were entwined. Perhaps this was a lower body test. Not sure, but I liked it. Closer observation revealed that I was wrong about something. Both girls still had on their bikini brief panties. I wondered if this was a line that neither woman was willing to cross. One would hope not. With all the intense body heat between them, why would they keep those sweet pussies covered up? Why deny themselves the full package, the ultimate contact between two women? It certainly looked like there was a good amount of unabashed crotch to crotch slamming going on.

There were vituperations flying everywhere. Cunt, slut, whore, bitch, pussy licking lezzie, fat cunt, skinny cunt, flabby titted slut, and lesbian cunt slut, just to point out a few. Nothing but the best descriptives were being used to express how fond these two women were of each other. And while it was exciting to hear them engage in spirited intellectual discourse like this, it was the heated coming together of these two superb females that was making my dick hard.

Brandi and Fallon, in a woman to woman anatomical coalescence. Their hands were now in each other’s hair and firmly yanking. They continued to grunt and groan and fight with their sublime torsos that were now sparkling with beads of perspiration. These girls were seared together, and glistening. Maybe it was just the soft evening light of the living room, but this now took on the look of a surrealistic movie scene. It was just mind boggling to witness two naked women with such amazing bodies struggling against each other in a battle like this-a battle that was becoming more and more intimate and heatedly sexual as it progressed.

And much to my delight, Brandi seemed more than willing to handle any challenge from Fallon. So far, this was a very evenly fought contest. This fact was interesting to me because, in a matchup like this I would have expected Fallon to easily dominate. But Brandi was holding her own very nicely. As a matter of fact, she didn’t seem the least bit intimidated by Fallon. She seemed to be giving her far more than she expected. Tit locked and body locked, both women were really into it. The heat between them showed in their beautiful faces as they stared at each other with both hate and pure lust, while two superb bodies and four classic breasts continued to test each other. It was truly intense!

Then something super sexy happened. Fallon body rolled Brandi, taking the top position. She then fully sealed her mouth to Brandi’s in a volatile kiss. I can say with certainty that both women are exceptional kissers. Never one to withhold her emotions, Fallon did not disguise her increasing desire for Brandi at all. I was beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, this was what these two hot, horny women really needed-to meet privately and fuck each other without any consequences or inhibitions. The whole dynamic of this was incredible!

My ever more surprising current girlfriend did not back down from this either. Not to be outdone by Fallon, she put everything she had into the kiss. It was now obvious how turned on both women were. Release seemed imminent, indeed, necessary. I could see tongues intertwining and breathing was now quite labored for both girls. Their bodies continued to writhe against each other, but now it seemed more out of urgent need than anger.

Fallon’s head then turned at a slight angle. Her eyes then opened and dammed if she didn’t spot me in the distance! I thought for sure that this very private encounter would come to a screeching halt. It didn’t. I should have known that it would not stop her. She’d been wanting to take on Brandi since they first met. Maybe she wanted to show me that she was the better woman. Or maybe she just needed to show Brandi that she was sexually superior. I don’t know. The psychology of rival females is complex. I have to admit that I was quietly pulling for my girl Brandi. But there was a whole lot to be said for Fallon and her devious mind and her incredible body. The duplicitous bitch then sent a wink in my direction, as if to say “Isn’t this what you’ve been wanting to see?”

When she didn’t inform Brandi of my presence, I continued to watch the proceedings. There was no way that I was going to leave without seeing this through to the end. Fallon then changed her modus operandi. The kiss broke off so that they could both catch their breath.

Fallon remained comfortably on top. Brandi seemed content to be underneath her and, I might add, more and more aroused by the sensation of Fallon’s body against hers. She responded excitedly to Fallon’s chest to chest manipulations, giving Fallon’s boobs the full measure of her tits. Fallon was increasingly excited by the evenness of this challenge. The fact that Brandi was able to use her body so skillfully against hers excited her. A fire was building deep in her loins. They had clasped their hands and stretched their arms out at shoulder level. Each subsequent deep breath that they took forced their massive breasts into a tight mash.

The two women now looked deeply into each other’s eyes, as though they were two warriors trying to assess each other before their evenly contested battle resumed. I’ve never seen such a stunning exchange. Unquestionably, the look conveyed just one mutually understood, unspoken thought: “Whatever happens next has to happen. There’s no turning back. It’s woman to woman.”

Fallon opened the dialogue, getting things charged up again with a bit of purposeful antagonism.

“Can I ask a question, Brandi?”

“By all means Fallon, ask.”

“Do you shave?”

“You’re a slut, Fallon!”

“Answer the question, bitch! Do you shave?” Fallon insisted.

“Of course I do. Why? Do you shave?” Brandi asked.

“Oh yes. Bill likes his pussy nice and smooth. But you know that.”

Oooh. That was a low blow. Brandi responded by flipping Fallon onto her back rather easily.

“You’re a filthy, conniving cunt, Fallon!” Next came another quick body roll as Fallon once again took the top.

“No no. I’m a soft, full lipped, clean shaven cunt. Just like you, Brandi with an i.”

“You better think this through before you go down this road, you has been slut.” Brandi warned. Fallon seemed a bit confused by this warning. I was completely confused by it. Brandi? What the fuck?

“Oh, really?” Fallon scoffed. She then untangled herself from Brandi and rose to her feet.

“Get up, Brandi.” Fallon commanded her. Brandi very casually rose to her feet.

Fallon knew that Brandi wouldn’t take her eyes off of her. She cleverly maneuvered herself to keep Brandi’s back toward me. Apparently she did not want Brandi to know that I was there, yet.

The two exquisite women stood, hands on hips, breasts jutted out and eyes locked. Fallon then moved in tight and scraped her nipples across Brandi’s stiff nubs. Brandi gasped. Both women obviously could not get enough of the heated tit to tit sensations. But Fallon had something more primal in mind. She took a step back and seductively eased out of her panties. Brandi didn’t miss a beat. Her panties were off a split second later.

“Give them to me.” Fallon demanded. Brandi tossed her panties up and watched casually as Fallon snatched them out of the air. She then did the single most erotic thing I’d ever seen in my life. Aligning the wet crotches, Fallon tied the panties together in a crotch to crotch knot. Who knew that women challenged each other in such intimate ways? Although I can’t say that I completely understood everything I was seeing, I truly was enjoying the gradual unfolding of this wondrous psycho-sexual drama. Even from behind I could see that Brandi was electrified by this sexually charged gesture. My girl was about to get busy. Actually, my girls were about to get busy.

“Hold on a second.” Brandi excused herself for a few seconds. Then she returned to the living room with a few bed sheets and what looked like a small glass vial. I wondered about its contents.

I had to get back around the corner, out of her line of sight. I didn’t want to have any effect on how things progressed.

“Good idea.” I heard Fallon say, as they shared the task of spreading out the sheets.

“Well, I just don’t want to get any of your cum stains on my carpet.” Brandi cracked.

“When our pussies meet, you’re the one who’s gonna be exploding with cum, bitch.” Fallon responded with candor.

Damn!!! As if the panty challenge wasn’t enough, these two imminent combatants were now launching verbal salvos into each other’s cunt. It made me want to unwrap my member and crank one out right there in the kitchen, sanitary considerations be damned. But, I brought my carnal impulses under control with deep yoga breathing techniques...namaste.

Fallon got down on the sheet-covered floor and positioned herself so that I could see them as they faced each other. Brandi was far too focused on Fallon to look in my direction. She went down to the floor to meet with her. I peaked around the corner once again, desperate to see what was going to happen next. They appeared to be arranging their long legs in a kind of mutual scissoring position. That meant that their pussies were...Holy shit!!!

As she had for most of the time she was there, Fallon set the tone with an opening verbal jab.

“Bill said that your pussy isn’t all that good, Brandi.”

“You lying cunt! Bill never said anything like that.”

Brandi was right. Fallon was full of it. If anything, I thought Brandi’s cunt was amazing. But, come to think of it, so was Fallon’s cunt. Indeed, both women were quite well endowed down there. Both had thick, rounded labia which protected clitorises of approximately 3.8 to 4.0 centimeters each, by my metric measurements. Wow!!! If it ever got underway, this promised to be an epic battle. But there was a little more trash talking that needed to happen first.

“You’re right Brandi. He didn’t actually say that. What he did say was that he thought my pussy was much sexier than yours.”

Fallon kept trying to push Brandi’s buttons, but she wasn’t falling for it.

“That’s bullshit too. And you know it, Fallon. I’ll admit that cunt of yours looks pretty hot. But there’s no way that it’s sexier than mine-no way that it can match mine.”

“Now you’re the one who’s full of crap, Brandi. I’ll also concede that your cunt is very impressive. But you know just by looking that mine is easily a match for yours.”

“I guess there’s only one way to know for sure.” Brandi said. “Only ONE way, bitch!” Then, Brandi laid another surprise on me.

“OK Fallon. Here’s the deal. You are an incredibly hot woman and I am very turned on by you. But, as sexually turned on as I am, I’m going offer you a chance to change your mind about this.”

“I’m flattered, but are you fucking serious?” Fallon replied, puzzled.

“Are you absolutely sure that you want to go through with this?” Brandi reiterated.

“What are you saying Brandi? That you’re some kind of expert at this?”

“You might say that.” Brandi’s response was casual but sincere.

Damn Brandi! What am I learning about you today?

“Why don’t you ‘enlighten’ me?” Fallon scoffed.

“Four years at a private, all girl Catholic college. What do you think?”

Shit!!! The former college roommate that she was so “close” with! Why didn’t I see that? But the story had much more to it.

“Oh my!!!” Now Fallon was a bit taken back. “Do tell me more.”

Brandi continued to reveal her past. Yes Brandi, I thought. Do tell us more.

“My college roommate and I...well we were more than just roommates. We were great friends who loved to challenge each other. So we would pussy fight just to keep in shape for our real matches. Our fights were more for pleasure though, because she knew that in a real match, she couldn’t beat me. My pussy was just too good.”

Now Fallon seemed a bit disconcerted. She had reason to be. Still, she tried to save face. She claimed to have taken on a few women before, in this manner.

“I’ve been in a few cunt to cunt skirmishes. This ain’t my first barbeque.”

Brandi smiled, then continued to unfold the story of a four year college career of studying for her degree, while concurrently engaging in weekly matches. She was such an exceptionally smart gal that studying was a cinch. I guess she needed something to fill in the spare time.

Apparently it all started one day, after a fairly rough intramural soccer match. She and a gorgeous blond sophomore coed named Trinity had repeatedly roughhoused with each other during the match. There was never an actual fight, but in the heat of the contest, they made sure to body slam into each other at every opportunity. After the game, apologies were made and handshakes accepted. Then, the two ended up in the post game showers right next to each other. Coincidence? She said that as hard as they tried, they could not keep their eyes off of each other’s voluptuous nude bodies. She could feel her nipples and her pussy tingling and wondered if the blond was having the same reaction.

Brandi didn’t have a freshman year roommate. Trinity knew this. So, when Trinity came knocking on Brandi’s door that evening, Brandi knew exactly what she wanted. The two girls spent the entire night in bed, grunting, groaning and fucking like two cats in heat. That was the first time that Brandi had ever scissored, pussy to pussy with another girl. She took to it like a duck to water. Trinity was so impressed that she invited Brandi to join the “group.” Brandi accepted eagerly.

According to group bylaws, once a week a different girl would come to her room, or she would be given the room number of a girl. They would strip naked and engage each other sexually. All the members of this elite group agreed that since this was all about woman to woman, there were no dildos allowed. First, there had to be extensive body to body contact, emphasizing breast against breast. Then they would scissor, cunt to cunt. They could either go with a first to climax loses, or a no orgasm limit match, in which they fucked until one of them could no longer continue. The second option was by far the most popular as it was, by far, the most excruciatingly pleasurable. It didn’t take long for Brandi to become TCOC. You figure out the acronym.

“Are you saying that you won every match?” an astounded Fallon asked.

“Undefeated...well, except for one girl.”

“Let me guess. Trinity, right?” Fallon asked, now enthralled by the story.

“Exactly. What a teacher she was! We fought to many draws, but I never got a solid victory over her.” Brandi smiled at Fallon.

As the story unfolded, I thought to myself, “Brandi! You hot bitch! I’m falling more in love with you by the second.”

“So, Fallon. One last time. Do you want to continue this?” My lady asked.

“I have no choice, Brandi. I’m so fucking turned on by you. How can I possibly stop?” Fallon admitted.

“Well, you’re right Fallon. In spite of all this friction between us, you’ve managed to get me really aroused too.”

“Don’t you mean, because of all this friction, Brandi?”


Brandi then held out the first two fingers on her right hand. Fallon recognized the international symbol of womanly challenge immediately and slid the first two fingers of her right hand into them, creating a scissor lock. This was the point of no return. Finally, it was on!!!

“Bring it, bitch!” Fallon challenged.

“Oh, I’m gonna bring it, slut!” Brandi accepted.

I knew now that not even knowledge of my presence could deter this inevitable lockup of two juiced up cunts. So I took the opportunity to make a quick bathroom trip. What a relief! Now I could relax and enjoy the show.

When I returned, I heard wet, delicious squishing noises coming from the two fully engaged pussies. It was a sound I’d never heard before and one that I won’t soon forget. My two girls were labia locked, squaring off as only two women can. Oh yeah! Then Brandi held up the vial that she had brought out and administered exactly two drops directly to the junction of two pussies that were now firmly in each other’s grip. It took a couple seconds. Then...

“Oh my god, Brandi!!! What is that stuff?”

“I’ll tell you later. Let’s fuck.”

Fallon was up on her elbows, as was Brandi. Their eyes looked deeply into each other.

“Cunt to cunt to the finish, Brandi.”

“Cunt to cunt to the finish, Fallon.”

They were in a serious duel now. They would test their womanhood by mutual infliction of sealed together, flesh locked lotus eating.
I did not feel the need to conceal my presence any longer. The way these two women were going at it, nothing was going to break the seal of their voracious cunts until either one of them, or both of them could no longer continue. And, judging from the way that they were enjoying the sensations of their mated pussies grinding and sucking together, that was, most likely, going to take a long time.

So, I assigned myself a choice viewing seat on the couch while Fallon and Brandi fucked each other in cunt to cunt savagery and uninhibited desire. Through the haze of mutual lust, both of them now sensed my presence. I think Brandi had figured out that I was there a while ago. She seemed only slightly surprised to see me, and pleasantly so. Both women briefly smiled at me, then returned their attention to each other. Then, for my enjoyment, Brandi turned up the heat.

“Honey! So glad you’re here! Now watch, baby, as your girl takes down this slut ex girlfriend of yours.”

“Not today or any other day, bitch!” an annoyed Fallon responded.

“We’ll see, Fallon. Just remember. I gave you a chance to back out of this.” Brandi taunted.

“Oh, will you STOP with this whole superior attitude?!!!”

“What are you talking about? What attitude Fallon?”

“You know what I’m talking about-this whole attitude that your cunt is superior to my cunt. I say fuck you, you arrogant bitch.”

Brandi just laughed, derisively. “Then prove me wrong Fallon, if you think you can. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Fallon agreed. They both went down flat on their backs and secured each other’s right leg. I couldn’t say for sure, but this seemed like an ultimate position that would assure maximum leverage and contact between the two pussies. Who would use it to the best advantage? These women both knew what they were doing. I liked the position because it gave me the best possible view of this intimate vulva lockup.

Then, the two hottest pussies I’d ever seen went into full battle/fuck mode. Not wanting to separate their fulsome labia for even a fraction of a second, the two infatuated women moaned as their pussies rhythmically lapped and squished, seemingly penetrating each other. Considering the anatomy involved, this was a really deep fuck. The lubricant Brandi had applied seemed to be working quite well. As I looked closer, I could see that their erect clitorises were now engaged. From my excellent vantage point I could see it all. Damn, it was hot! I was already hatching a plan to get these two women into the studio so that I could do a photo shoot of two women having a sex fight/fuck. It would, of course, be tastefully rendered.

I could see swollen labia sucking together, then both engorged clitorises would slide against each other and sink into the other woman’s cunt, then re-emerge from the depths of wet cunt meat to battle each other. This process repeated itself again and again. It was amazing!!! I can’t even imagine how incredible a flesh lock of this nature must have felt.

Fallon was battling a supposedly undefeated woman and doing quite well. Brandi was obviously surprised and delighted. But, after about twenty minutes, Brandi began delivering on her promise. She turned up the heat to a level that she knew Fallon could not match. Indeed, I wondered if she had just been toying with Fallon. I watched her superb, sexy pelvic rotations as she interlocked with Fallon. Fallon was also using some stunning pelvic rotations against Brandi as she pulled hard on Brandi’s leg, trying to force an even tighter lockup of their full cunt lips while sliding her sizable clitoris deep into Brandi. But Brandi’s clit met Fallon’s clit head on, and they became entwined in a battle-a contest that Fallon seemed to be having more difficulty handling. Brandi’s experience was now beginning to assert itself. But Fallon struggled gamely. The exquisite pelvic rotations continued. I’d never seen either woman move like this. I wondered if this was because of the anatomy involved.

I concluded that it must be different in female to female hookups, because I checked with my cock and it didn’t remember such intense pelvic gyrations when it was inside either or these sweet pussies. Either that or it was just simply a matter of two women, therefore, something to prove. In any case, slowly but surely it was becoming obvious that Fallon was out of her league. Brandi, my sweet slut girlfriend was an experienced woman to woman competitor. And although Fallon was gradually loosing ground, it was also clear that she was in a state of unparalleled sexual bliss. Squishing her thick cunt into Brandi’s in a way that she thought might buy her some time before her first orgasm, Fallon battled with Brandi valiantly. But even I could see that she was about to explode in orgasmic ecstasy.

Brandi then seemed to ease up a bit. She knew that she was in control and could push Fallon over the edge at any second. But she now seemed to want to prolong the intense pleasure they were both getting from the meaty lockup of their pussies. Fallon was amenable to this. Indeed, she was even more into it.

“Oh fuck!!! Brandi! You are GOOD!”

“Glad that you approve, Fallon.”

“Brandi please don’t make me cum just yet. This is just too much heat. I want it to last for a while longer.” Fallon was sincere. And, since Brandi knew she could fuck her to an orgasm anytime she wanted, she obliged.

They slowed down the pace a bit, keeping the two pussies tightly fused. Their smooth bellies were coated in sweat. Their juicy cunts continued to lap each other in succulent strokes as the lubricant seemed to allow them to share a labial bond that would have otherwise not been possible.

Now, they wanted to look each other in the eye, so they propped up on their elbows without breaking the rhythm of their intimate fuck stroke. Fallon smiled at Brandi.

“Brandi. You’re incredible! I’ve never been fucked so good.” She then caught herself.

“By a woman, I mean.” That was close.

Then my honey surprised her and me by offering Fallon a mutual orgasm. But there was one caveat.
“We have to keep fucking. Until we’re exhausted.”

Fallon eagerly agreed. As I recall, both women had initially agreed on “cunt to cunt to the finish.” Both of them, it seemed meant to keep their word. Just hearing that phrase repeat in my mind compelled me to pull out my cock. They both giggled, then turned their attention back to each other.

And then it was once again on. They sat up and fully embraced, breast to breast, belly to belly and then locked in a passionate kiss. Their hips battled as their cunts fucked, once again with savage intensity. It took almost ten more excruciating minutes of body to body cunt grinding before both women screamed in delight. Orgasm achieved.

“I can feel us cumming inside each other!” Fallon screamed.

“Give it to me bitch!!!” Brandi screamed.

“Give it back, slut!!!” Fallon retorted.

This lasted another five minutes or so before Brandi took Fallon down to the floor and slowly continued to fuck her, body to body while Fallon entwined their long legs. It seemed like a kind of victory lap for Brandi, but Fallon didn’t seem to mind. They kissed deeply for several more minutes before things came to a stop.

“Oh Brandi. I hope this isn’t going to be the only time we do this.”

Brandi looked into Fallon's eyes, almost lovingly.

“You want MORE?”

“To the finish, remember?” Fallon rededicated herself to the erotic pledge.

“Is that OK with you, Bill?” I was surprised Brandi even consulted me, but flattered in a strange way.

“You bet it’s OK.” I responded, gleefully.

“Bill. Be a dear would you?” Brandi asked.


“Well, this cunt ex girlfriend of yours came into my house and literally attacked me. BEFORE I had a chance to upload those photos to the website. Would you be a dear and take care of that for me?” Brandi cooed.

“OK, I guess.”

“Yes Bill. Do that for US. Please?” Fallon chimed in. “Me and this cunt slut girlfriend of yours have some urgent personal matters to resolve.”

And with that, Fallon rolled Brandi (with an i) onto her back. Once again their gorgeous bodies began to writhe against each other in this hedonistic womanly confrontation. Shit was about to get real, again. Oh yes. My ladies! Gettin’ busy!

To be continued