THE GYPSY DUEL – JB57 variation

The sun was already high in the sky at 10 AM on a late April morning when Karen Swenson walked down the dusty street of the old Nevada town. The place looked deserted. So far, Karen had not seen a single person. But she had received a message asking her to meet a mysterious party to discuss a business deal at the old town saloon. Karen made her way toward the building.

Karen was wearing a thin, tight-fitting white cotton blouse, which was completely unbuttoned and open to expose much of her chest. The blouse was rolled up and tied beneath her melon-shaped, DDD breasts, leaving her taut, muscled midriff exposed. Her skin was tanned to a golden glow. Her large, round breasts shifted freely beneath the light cotton. Her dark nipples, wet with sweat, were visible through the white cloth. Her legs were beautifully muscled and bare. Short-short cut-off Levi jeans molded like a second skin to her curved buttocks and hung tight on the widest edge of her womanly hips, before dipping low on her belly. Most of her chiseled torso was exposed. She was wearing cowboy boots. Her hair was long, thick and blonde, and reflected the burning sun.

Karen stepped into the saloon and allowed her eyes to adjust to the gloom. The saloon was a single large room. The walls and floors were a deep mahogany and the large bar against the side wall was gilded with gold. A mirror filled the wall behind the bar and tables and chairs were scattered carelessly around the open space. Standing to the side of the bar was a very beautiful woman, playing solitaire with a pack of ornate tarot cards.

The woman was wearing a sleeveless yellow blouse, which left her powerful shoulders bare. The shirt was barely able to contain her massive rack as it thrust against the silken fabric. Like Karen, the woman had her blouse completely unbuttoned and tied in a knot beneath her breasts, leaving her midriff naked and her breasts almost falling out. An elaborate medallion the size of a quarter hung from a short necklace around her neck. Her skin was swarthy, a light chocolate brown, and her long, black hair hung luxuriously down her back. She was wearing a long, red skirt that reached almost down to her shapely ankles. The skirt had a slit that went almost all the way up her right thigh, allowing the flash of her long, powerfully muscled brown legs. She wore low-heeled ankle boots. Karen realized this magnificent Amazon of a woman must be a gypsy. She estimated the woman was no more than 27, her own age, but the dark-skinned beauty had an air of sophistication about her that made her seem older.

The woman looked up as Karen walked in. The gypsy’s dark green eyes caught Karen’s blue eyes. Karen felt a surge of energy race up her spine and through the most sensitive parts of her body. She shivered as her nipples tightened and her breastflesh seemed to thicken. She felt a heat stirring between her legs.

The gypsy woman smiled lazily. She put down her cards and picked up a bottle of whiskey that was sitting on the counter top beside her, along with two crystal glasses. With the bottle in one hand and the two glasses in the other, she gestured towards a table near where Karen was standing, just inside the door. Karen sat at the table and watched as the gypsy glided gracefully towards her from across the room. The woman’s taut, dark belly was exposed almost down to her pubes. The muscles of her midriff undulated in rhythm with her swaying hips. Her massive tits, apparently just as large and solid as Karen’s pair, rocked gently in her yellow shirt. Karen was aware of the incredible sexual power of the woman before her.

They still had not said anything to each other, but their bodies were communicating and challenging each other at a primal, primitive levels. The woman slid into the seat across from Karen and, still smiling pleasantly, filled the two glasses with whiskey. She pushed one glass towards Karen, then raised her glass to her ruby-red lips and drained it in a single gulp. Karen copied the move. The gypsy woman then refilled both glasses. Finally, she spoke.

“So, you decided to come,” the gypsy purred in a smoky voice. “Good”.

“Yes,” Karen responded, her own voice a seductive growl. The gypsy smiled wider and turned the power of her green eyes on to Karen’s blue.

“I have been told that you own a great deal of land in the next county,” the dark-haired beauty began. “I would like to buy it from you.”

“It’s my family land,” Karen replied. “I’m afraid it is not for sale.”

“I will give you an excellent price.”


The woman nodded. “I am Romany. Do you know anything about us?”

Karen smiled. “A little, perhaps. But why don’t you tell me?”

The dark beauty held up the medallion that was hung around her powerful neck and which had been resting on her chest, just above her considerable cleavage. “Do you know what this is?” she asked the blonde.

“It is the symbol that you are queen of your tribe.”

“Very good. I can see that you have more than a passing familiarity with our ways. Yes, I am queen. My name is Yolanda. One of my responsibilities is managing business between those of my tribe and those outside of the tribe. I chose to deal with you myself because I had heard that you were a woman much like me.”

The Romany queen paused and allowed her eyes to roam over Karen’s breasts, which were glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Her gaze roamed hungrily into the blonde’s deep cleavage.

“Do you know how gypsy women settle our disputes?” the queen asked.

“I have an idea,” Karen replied.

The gypsy woman leaned forward, her beautiful face intense, her eyes glowing. “I want that land and I am prepared to fight you for it. Do you dare to test your strength against mine?”

“What do you have in mind?” Karen asked, her mouth suddenly dry.

“I want to wrestle you in the gypsy way!,” the woman growled. “Are you willing to meet me in such a test?”

Karen nodded slowly. In fact, she was very familiar with gypsy customs. A few years ago, she had a brief affair with a gypsy man. A woman in his tribe who wanted him for herself had taken offense and tried to scare Karen off. Karen did not scare easily, however, and the escalating conflict between the gypsy woman and the cowgirl had forced the gypsy leaders to intervene. After one particularly nasty barroom brawl, the elders came to Karen with a proposition. Karen agreed to face the young woman in a ritual combat for the man. One night, Karen had found herself nearly naked, her body oiled up, locked in a savage struggle with the young woman. They fought in the heart of the gypsy camp, wrestling and struggling to pin and control the other. By the end of the struggle, she and the gypsy girl were both naked, locked together passionately, muscles twined, their bodies straining against each other in the most primitive ways. Though the battle was long and difficult, Karen had ended up winning decisively. If she had lost, there were other stages to the battle, and they could have gone on to the next stage in the ritual combat. However, her gypsy rival had conceded the battle and the war and there had been no need to go on to the other rounds.

The gypsy queen removed the medallion from around her neck and placed it carefully on the table between herself and Karen.

“I am Yolanda,” the gypsy queen declared.

“I am Karen,” Karen replied.

The ritual introduction out of the way, the two women prepared for battle.

Yolanda reached down and slipped her boots off. Then she stood, her voluptuous body unfolding from her seat, rising gracefully and sinuously, her remarkable tits rocking gently, her belly undulating. She stood in her bare feet. Karen kicked off her cowboy boots, then rose, equally sinuous in her movements. She stood with her hands on her hips, her right hip cocked out, her bronzed belly tight and firm, her taut tits jiggling with her movement. Yolanda gathered her skirt to her left side and tied the garment firmly at her hip. Her long, powerful bare legs were fully exposed. The skirt was wrapped tight to her ass but it angled up in front, leaving her thighs free to move and almost – but not quite - exposing her crotch.

The two women approached each other, hands on their wide hips, chests thrust out, eyes challenging and burning with anticipation. Their eyes roamed over the other woman’s powerful body, admiring the other’s sculpted arms and muscled abdomen and legs, their huge, firm tits. They stepped closer and closer. Karen felt her thick brown nipples straining against the fabric of her blouse. She lined her nips up with Yolanda’s nipples, which were clearly visible under her yellow shirt, and stepped forward. Yolanda did the same at the same time. Their stiff brown nipples crushed together and throbbed with heat and sensation. Even through the layers of Yolanda’s halter and Karen’s blouse, their tit bullets caught and struggled. Karen and Yolanda gasped in unison as their nipples intercepted each other. The women pushed closer and harder. Their equally firm, massive tits overflowed from their tops. Their sensitive, perspiration-glazed titflesh pressed tight and melted together, their deep cleavages squashing tight and forming one deep crevasse between their struggling bodies. Karen and Yolanda wrapped their arms around each other. Yolanda thrust out her bare belly and groaned as her naked flesh rubbed and slid against Karen’s equally taut, naked abdomen. The women flexed their stomach muscles, feeling their hot bellies ripple against each other. The deep, tight slits of their navels sucked gently at each other. Yolanda pushed her face forward; Karen moved to meet her. Their beautiful faces came together nose to nose and forehead to forehead. Karen’s deep blue eyes met and locked with Yolanda’s dark green orbs. Hot breath blasted between them as, simultaneously, they wrapped their arms around each other’s backs, finding the best grip, then tightened their arms. They groaned in unison as they locked together in a mutual bearhug.

Karen and Yolanda twined their powerful, naked legs together. Their calf muscles bulged and flexed against each other, and they locked ankles as much as they could without losing their balance. They continued to squeeze harder and harder, each woman struggling to overwhelm and overpower her beautiful foe. Their bodies crushed tighter and tighter. Their melon solid tits throbbed electrically, the firm flesh trying to resist its inevitable compression. Their swollen nipples grew harder and thicker, growing into each other, trying to squash each other back. Their naked titflesh bulged out of the open “V”s of their tops and merged, sweat from each pair of tits trickling down into both women’s straining cleavage. Nose to nose, eyes locked together, panting furiously, the beautiful women pitted their incredible bodies against each other and fought to prove to each other who was the stronger woman. Sweat formed and trickled down their backs. Their arms flexed and bulged, their perfectly-developed shoulder muscles began to burn with pain and effort. The warring Amazons never broke eye contact. Both women needed to see the defeat of the other in her eyes when the time came.

It seemed like an eternity of desperate struggle, but Karen slowly, agonizingly succeeded in pushing Yolanda’s upper body back a fraction of an inch. She could see the pain and rage in the gypsy woman’s eyes, and she felt Yolanda strain against her even harder, struggling to make up the ground she had lost. But Karen pushed and squeezed with all of her power, her body driving itself beyond its limits. She managed to force Yolanda back just a little more.

The two women were grunting and gasping now, each using reserves neither thought she possessed. In another two minutes, Karen had Yolanda's body drawn backward as tight as a bow. Their massive, solid breasts heaved and strained powerfully against each other, struggling to crush each other down. Shared sweat poured down between their big globes, making their magnificent tits slide and slurp together until their nipples were hard and throbbing. Yolanda's grunts were now half-sobs, and her face was a mask of agony, as was Karen's, who was now uncertain that she would ever pin the other woman's hard-muscled body.

Finally, pulling with her right leg, which was locked against Yolanda’s left, Karen managed to unbalance the gypsy woman. With a shared cry, Karen and Yolanda crashed to the floor of the saloon, Karen on top. Their massive tits flattened against each other, their nipples speared each other even through their blouses, their hard bellies slapped tight. In a flash, their naked legs thrashed, Yolanda seeking to find some way to roll their bodies so that she could get on top, Karen seeking to keep her advantageous position. After a brief, furious struggle, Yolanda accepted that she could not get Karen to budge. The women twined their naked legs tight once again and resumed their titanic struggle of calf to calf, thigh to thigh, muscle to muscle. Their breaths came in panting gasps as each beauty sought to crush her enemy into submission. Their naked bellies rested hot and sweaty against each other, pressed so tight that only the difference in skin colour between Karen’s bronzed tan and Yolanda’s swarthy brown flesh made it possible to distinguish them.

Nose to nose, panting desperately as they squeezed the breath out of each other, both women could tell that the other would never give up. Karen pushed her forehead hard into Yolanda’s forehead, using the power of her neck to try to pin Yolanda’s head back to the floor. Yolanda resisted, pushing back. Their beautiful eyes blazed at each other, burning with hate. The women snarled at each other, their cries growing in rage and agony as they fought. Karen cast her mind about, trying to come up with some way to bring the rest of her powerful body into play. She was beginning to despair that she would ever force Yolanda to surrender and she needed some other way to use her wrestling skills against her foe.

Squeezing, squeezing, their bodies aching and burning with their superhuman effort, their breath coming in hard, desperate pants as they crushed each other, the women’s perfect bodies trembled and shuddered, struggling to conquer each other, struggling to merge into one flesh. Finally, just when she thought she could take no more, Karen saw the light fade from Yolanda’s brilliant eyes. The gypsy woman’s eyes rolled up into her head, her eyelids drooped and her head fell to one side. Karen felt her opponent’s vise-like grip on her body slowly weaken. Sobbing, gasping with relief and the need for air, Karen rested cheek to sweaty cheek with Yolanda. The women lay locked together, their limbs twined like vines, Karen too spent to move, Yolanda unconscious.

Karen was not surprised by the powerful sexual feelings raging in her body by her struggle with this incredible woman. Karen shivered with excitement as she realized that there would be more tests before their battle could be decided. Their magnificent bodies would strain together three more times before final victory could be achieved. Karen smiled in joyful anticipation.

Yolanda stirred back to consciousness. The gypsy queen realized that she had been defeated by Karen. The women lay plastered together for some time, both too weak to release each other and separate. The women stared hatefully into each other’s eyes, their world consisting of nothing but the other’s beautiful gaze, their shared animal hatred and their awareness of the primitive challenge they posed to each other’s womanhood. Karen saw the rage in Yolanda’s green orbs, the volcanic anger that the gypsy queen felt after she had been conquered by the beautiful body of another beautiful woman. But Karen also saw the respect that Yolanda had for her. After two or three more minutes, the women found the strength to slowly release each other, their limbs untwining. Karen was reluctant to pull away from Yolanda’s hot, voluptuous, muscular body. Yolanda felt the same way.

Finally, with some difficulty, Yolanda rose to her feet and looked down at Karen. Then, she stepped over to the table and picked up the medallion. She hung it back around her neck then sat down and poured herself and Karen two more glasses of whiskey. Karen rose unsteadily, then sat at the table, facing Yolanda. The women regarded each other. Their blouses were soaked with sweat and their massive tits heaved. Their breasts were completely visible, every ridge in their areola clearly outlined by the wet cloth. Their smooth, exposed skin glistened. Their thick manes of hair were damp with the sweat of their exertion.

“I have never been beaten before,” Yolanda said calmly.

Karen nodded, sipping her drink. “I can understand that. But neither have I.”

"Next time we meet we will wrestle one another for a final fall, with all the glorious strength of our naked bodies. We will forego the other two preliminary contests, and get right to the final match. Do you agree?"

Karen smiled at the gypsy queen and nodded. Their eyes locked, a look of raw passion and intense womanly jealousy passing between them. Both of them wanted this final lock-up desperately, but they were both prepared to wait, to let the anticipation build, before they could meet each other again and struggle body to body. And, Karen hoped, fight in even more intimate and primitive ways than they had yet tried. Karen took another sip from her whiskey, then pulled on her boots and rose from her seat. She nodded at the queen. Yolanda nodded back. The two Amazonian beauties parted without another word.

The hot April turned into an even hotter July. Late one morning, the sun high in the sky, Karen was working on her ranch. She was naked, except for a pair of short, short cut off jeans, which rode well up her ass, allowing the lower curve of her rounded butt full exposure. Her magnificent torso twisted and rippled as she worked, her bronzed, sweaty flesh shining in the sun. Her powerful arms knotted and flexed as she pumped water from the well into a wooden trough. Her fantastic tits bounced free, enjoying the kiss of the sun. Her brown nipples were hard from the gentle caress of the wind. She was preparing to use a bucket to slosh the water over her nearly naked body in a “horse trough shower”.

She was surprised to see a buckboard moving down the road towards her isolated ranch house. The wagon was too far away for her to see who it was, though she could tell that the driver seemed to be wearing quite a bit of red. Aware of her near-nudity, she retreated to her house to peek through the curtains and see who this intruder was.

Karen was not really surprised to see Yolanda stepping down from the buckboard. Karen felt a shiver of intense excitement, accompanied by a powerful surge of sexual desire.

The Romany woman stood there, wearing a bright red dress, her black hair billowing out behind her. The dress fit snugly, hugging her voluptuous curves. Her shoulders were bare and the neck scooped low, allowing a generous display of Yolanda’s magnificent cleavage, which was holding up the dress. The queen’s medallion hung down toward her massive breasts, drawing even more attention to her impressive rack. Yolanda waited for Karen to come out. Clearly, she had seen the cowgirl in the distance as she approached.

Karen walked out the door, still stripped down to her shorts, her body shining with sweat. The gypsy woman's eyes glittered with hot lust as they slid across Karen's splendidly muscled torso, resting on Karen’s fantastic tits and the hard brown nipples that now protruded from the center of the blonde’s areola like fleshy spikes. Karen smiled as their eyes met. She sensed the incredible energy in Yolanda.

Without a word, Yolanda removed her necklace, putting it inside a box built under the seat of the buckboard. Then Yolanda kicked off the sandals she was wearing on her feet. She reached down, seized her dress by the waist, and pulled the whole thing up and over her head. She was absolutely nude beneath the dress. Karen’s eyes hungrily devoured the incredible sight before her. Yolanda was absolutely perfect. Her dark body glistened with a light sweat, brought on by the heat of the day. Her round, DDD tits hung high and proud, her nipples jutted like spears. The thick, v-shaped thatch of black hair between Yolanda’s columnar legs caught Karen’s gaze, as did the wet, slick pussy lips beneath that thick bush.

Karen felt the heat build within her erogenous zones. Karen nodded at Yolanda, and then slithered out of her shorts, wiggling the tight garment down past her womanly hips, letting it drop at her bare feet. She now stood absolute nude before the gypsy Queen, ready to wrestle. Yolanda’s eyes drifted down to examine Karen’s pubic push, the golden hair just as thick and well-shaped as her own. Yolanda’s eyes caressed Karen’s dripping pussy. Green eyes locked to blue and the heat of raw power and lust flowed between the two magnificent women like a living thing.

Yolanda drew a line in the dirt with the toe of her left foot, stepping across it with her right foot. She kept her eyes locked with Karen's, waiting. Karen felt the same sense of excitement that she had in the bar. She stepped forward, not crossing the line with her left foot, but placing the heel of her right foot solidly against the heel of Yolanda's. She felt Yolanda’s calf muscles tense against her own. She flexed her own in return. Their thighs, pressed side by side, were both hard, like rock. The two big women could feel the ripple and crawl of each other's hard-flexed sinews. They felt the trembling excitement of the other, each breath pressing them closer together.

"Now, we shall wrestle like true women", murmured Yolanda in a strained voice. Yolanda looked at Karen without smiling. "Are you ready?"

Karen nodded. Their flashing eyes met as they carefully fit their bodies together, leg against leg, thigh against thigh, massive tit to massive tit. Their naked nipples, longer and tighter than either woman could ever remember them being before, came together bare flesh to bare flesh for the first time. Both women inhaled deeply and groaned in concert as electricity raced through their bodies at this delicious contact. Karen felt Yolanda's spirit meet and challenge her own as their bodies interlocked, feeling the excitement in the other woman. Their arms slipped around one another and pulled their luscious bodies together into dual bearhugs. Each woman felt the trembling muscles of the other as their contest began. They were locked together as tightly as lovers. Karen's breathing quickened as Yolanda's solid breasts swelled and slid wetly across her own.

Karen and Yolanda were gripped together in their hatred and desire, giving their naked muscles full vent as they each knew they would fight to the finish. Each woman could feel the sweat building. Each felt the hot, slick skin of the other, pressing her breasts ever harder against the other. Their muscles hardened ever more as the hatred between the two women grew. They grunted loudly, and their breath hissed through clenched teeth. Their eyes were wide and unfocused, alone with each other and their test, lost to the rest of the world in their savage intensity.

Yolanda rejoiced in the depth of the hatred and lust between herself and Karen. Yolanda had fought many gypsy wrestling matches before, yet never had she ever felt such a strong spirit as she now felt in Karen. Yolanda felt her passionate hatred for Karen. And the gypsy felt something more . . . a powerful sexual yearning to possess and conquer this magnificently muscled woman with whom she wrestled, to conquer this beautiful blonde bitch in the deepest, most intimate ways. She knew that great hatred and passion would make that final victory so much more satisfying when it came.

Yolanda and Karen were locked in between each other’s powerfully scissored thighs, their loins jammed together as tight as lovers, their thick pubic bushes crushed tight and intertwined. Yolanda's muscular arms slid around Karen's back and her fingers knotted together. Then, with a grunt of effort, the gypsy increased the already overwhelming pressure of her solid breasts against the other woman's tits and bore down on her bearhug with all her might. Her mighty arms bulged with effort, her biceps knotted and bunched. Slowly, she felt the blonde's steel-sinewed body giving way, that terrible strength waning against her own. Karen's grip around Yolanda weakened just slightly, bending against the pressure of the Romany woman's strength. Karen fought back. Yolanda felt Karen's muscular body strengthen, accompanied by a sob of pain and effort, but she held her advantage, though not without a similar cry of her own.

They locked eyes once more and Yolanda was astonished at the agony on her rival's face, never dreaming that her own agony appeared just as intense.

She felt Karen's body stiffen, the leg thrust between hers hardening as the hatred grew even more with the eye contact, and their arms actually began to close even tighter. Breast heaved against breast and the two women screamed ferociously, desperately, as the last of their reserves went into the struggle. Their bodies were locked into a straining mass of womanhood, crushed as tight as two bodies could get, their limbs twined, their muscles trembling with effort. Neither woman gave an inch as they glared hatefully into each other’s eyes, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, their teeth clenched in effort, their tits squashed and throbbing as one, their nipples twisted together and buried deep inside their combined titflesh. Their pants came in hard, gasping breaths, but still they kept squeezing and squeezing, each woman absolutely determined to crush her opponent into submission.

Karen took a desperate gamble. Her powerful thigh was already thrust up into Yolanda’s slick, wet womanhood. She arched her foot, lifting the other woman just slightly, and was able to throw Yolanda off balance just for an instant. With a cry, Karen succeeded in toppling the other woman, their bodies still twined together. Screaming, the two magnificent women tumbled to the dusty ground, Karen on top, Yolanda beneath her. Their perfect, sweat-slicked bodies slammed together even tighter. Their massive tits pancaked into one, their long, muscled legs interlocked and froze into a quivering stalemate, their arms somehow found even more strength to increase their grips on the other’s back. Karen and Yolanda screamed into each other’s faces, their desperation and raw rage and hatred coming out in animal cries of pain and need.

Yolanda strained as she never had before, determined not to be beaten in the same way as she had in their previous fight. Screaming and gasping, driving her body beyond its limits, she managed to slowly, agonizingly roll Karen over onto her back, their bodies still locked as one. Karen sobbed in rage and desperation but, despite her greatest efforts, she was unable to prevent the roll. Somehow, though, she found the strength to keep the roll going. Yolanda fought her every inch of the way, pressing her tits, hips and torso down onto Karen’s matching body parts with all of her power. But it was not quite enough. Yolanda found herself on her back again, under Karen’s body, the blonde struggling to control and master her.

Drawing on strength she could not have, Yolanda rolled Karen back under her body and the two women resumed their long, slow, agonizing struggle as they slowly, painfully, continued to roll and roll. Every inch of their magnificent bodies struggled against the other. They used their crotches, pressing and thrusting, arching backs and working hips, finding any way to gain the momentum necessary to keep their slow, painful turning going.
They rolled in the dust for what seemed like forever, their cries of rage and hate and effort growing ever more desperate. Their beautiful faces were contorted into grimaces of agony.

Finally, however, cheek to cheek, gasping and panting and whimpering with effort, squeezing and crushing, muscles locked and straining, the victor emerged. Karen had managed to force one final roll, taking the top position again. Despite her greatest efforts, Yolanda’s magnificent body just could not find the strength to continue, to force Karen back over onto her back. Karen squeezed and squeezed, trying force Yolanda into final submission. The gypsy queen returned the grip just as hard, refusing to surrender. Crushing each other, their bodies heaving as one, their flesh drenched with their shared sweat, Karen and Yolanda slowly felt their strength fade as they fought each other to exhaustion. Still, Karen knew she had won. She was on top, the final victor in their desperate struggle. She raised her head and placed her face nose to nose with Yolanda, the women’s lips resting on each other. The women shared their hot breath. Karen looked down into Yolanda’s eyes, which were half-closed with tiredness, and gave the gypsy woman a look of triumph. Yolanda glared back in anger, but she had to accept the outcome.

It was several minutes before the two women could finally separate, rolling apart to lie side by side on the dry earth. It was several more minutes before they could find the strength to pull themselves to their feet. Completely spent, they walked to the horse trough and sloshed water over their sweaty, naked, dust-covered bodies. The cool water helped soothe the incredible heat boiling off of them. They poured the cold water over their heads, washing the sweat and grime out of their hair. Neither woman said anything as they squeezed out their hair, as they let the hot sun dry their glistening flesh.

Finally, Karen turned and looked deeply, hungrily into Yolanda’s eyes. The matter of the land was over. Karen had won their struggle. But other matters remained unresolved. There was one final contest for them to engage, the one that mattered the most, the one that they had both been building towards with growing, feverish anticipation, from the moment they had first met.

“I am the strongest woman you will ever meet,” Karen said to Yolanda, exhaustion slurring her words.

“I hate you,” Yolanda whispered. Her green eyes glowed with heat.

“No more than I hate you,” Karen replied, her heart pounding behind her breast.

“I love you,” Yolanda purred, beginning to move her naked body closer to Karen’s.

“No more than I love you,” Karen murmured, reaching out for Yolanda’s nude form.

The women slid their naked bodies together. Their arms wrapped around each other again and squeezed tight, but this time it was to bring their flesh together in the most erotic ways. Their heavy tits pushed and crushed as they throbbed with electricity. Their hard bellies pressed, the women slid their muscled thighs into each other’s crotch, the smooth flesh abraded by their rough pubic bushes. Karen and Yolanda looked deep into each other’s eyes, the heat and lust of their bodies radiating into each other like burning stars. Their noses touched and they turned their heads just enough to slide their tongues into each other’s mouth. They melted together in a luscious, lustful kiss. Their powerful tongues moved slow and hard inside of each other’s mouths, wrestling and tangling, pushing and stroking, exchanging spit and slow, hard licks. Karen and Yolanda each grabbed the back of the other woman’s head and pushed their mouths even harder together as they struggled to devour each other. How long they kissed, neither woman knew. The delicious kissing and sucking seemed to go on forever. They rubbed bellies and swung their hips gently, pushing their pubic hair together. Their hot, slick cunt lips sucked hungrily to the smooth hard flesh of the other woman’s thigh. Deep within their locked mouths, both women groaned in ecstasy.

Finally, they broke the kiss, pulling apart only to lick at each other and exchange looks of growing, raging lust. The women’s eyes gleamed with excitement. The nude women walked hand in hand into Karen’s small cabin. They walked to the large, heavy wood frame bed in the corner of the room. Karen climbed onto the bed, turned herself around, and spread her powerful legs wide, an unmistakable invitation to her rival. Yolanda smiled eagerly. She climbed onto the bed facing Karen and arranged her body in reply, spreading her thighs, pointing her wet, hungry, cunt directly at Karen’s welcoming twat. Both women looked down into the other’s open, gaping pink slit. Karen flexed her cunt; Yolanda flexed her own pussy in response. They locked eyes and smiled savagely.

“I will fuck you until you submit to me, Karen,” Yolanda whispered, her eyes burning with lust. “I have never been defeated in a sexfight. You have proven a formidable foe when it comes to wrestling, but I don’t think you will be able to match my cunt.”

“We will fuck, Yolanda,” Karen replied, panting with excitement. “But my cunt will eat yours. I have defeated you in every battle we have had. I will defeat you here, again.”

Yolanda shook her hand. “No, girl,” she replied. “This ends here, with your body and spirit surrendering to mine.”

“Let’s see,” Karen snarled. Her previous battle with the gypsy girl had not been a sexfight, though the sexual dimension to their combat had been undeniable. When Karen had won, she remembered pussy punching the other girl, even briefly grinding into her enemy’s twat with her own, to establish her dominance. But she had not gone any further, though there was a big part of her that had wished she could. She had no doubt that Yolanda had much more experience sexfighting than she did. But she also suspected Yolanda had much more experience wrestling, and Karen had still managed to win. Her confidence in her body’s incredible abilities was undaunted.

Karen pushed these thoughts out of her mind. She was about to embark on the most erotic journey of her life. She could not wait a moment longer. Her twat was soaked with anticipation, cunt juice dripping down to the bed. She could see that Yolanda’s pussy was every bit as wet and hungry. Karen reached down and spread her engorged pussy lips, pulling them apart to let her swollen clit spring free. Her clit was long and hard, bigger than she could ever remember before, and throbbing with a maddening intensity. She could feel it growing even as she panted with desire.

Yolanda reached down and used her fingers to spread her cunt lips. Her red, thick clit protruded like a small fleshy knife. It burned with a pulsing heat. Yolanda could not remember ever being this aroused before, could not remember the sexual fever ever gripping her quite this hard in the past. She ran a fingernail over her throbbing clit, thrilling to the incredible jolt of electricity that followed.

Without another word, the Amazonian women pushed towards each other on the bed, their hearts pounding with excitement, their cunts glistening with lubrication, their tits taut with arousal and rocking as they moved. They scissored each other, right legs over left. Eyes locked one last time. Karen’s head was spinning with lust. In another second, she would finally be joined cunt to cunt with the most magnificent enemy she had ever dreamed of having, she would finally be giving and taking unbearable pleasure in the most intimate ways from this magnificent bitch. In another moment, she would finally know what it was like to be locked cunt to cunt with Yolanda. She savoured the anticipation a moment more. Then, signaling with their eyes, the two alpha bitches braced their powerful bodies with their muscular arms, pulled back their hips, and rammed their drooling pussies together with all of the power of their hips and asses.

Their wet pussies slapped, their thick cunt lips squashed and merged and slid against each other in the slickness of their mutual lubrication. Karen and Yolanda threw back their heads and shrieked as one. They gasped and shuddered with the unbelievable sexual pleasure that exploded through their bodies. The women pulled back and slammed their twats together deliciously several times in a row, cunt juice spraying with each impact, their faces contorted with the incredible sensations, animal grunts and screams of joy and lust accompanying each impact. But soon they kept their pussies pressed tight and began working their hips and asses in hard circular movements, each woman doing her best to drill their cunts together, to penetrate each other, to eat the other woman’s pussy with her own.

Karen and Yolanda’s wet inner labia mashed together, the soft, deliciously sensitive tissues opening, merging and melting into one flesh. Sexual secretions poured from their locked cunts like a torrential rain. They shoved harder and harder, screaming and grunting with each powerful thrust. Their soft, yielding cunt lips sucked, wet squelching sounds emanating with each jerk of their hips. Their cunt lips flattened, sealing tight in an unbreakable suction. The women stared down at their battling cunts over their vigorously bouncing tits, their eyes glazed with passion and lust, the raw sensations blasting out of their twats almost more than they could stand.

The women’s thick clits grew even harder and longer and slid into their enemy’s fuck trough. Karen felt Yolanda’s long, hard clit probing her labia. She whimpered in anticipation. At the same time, Yolanda felt Karen’s throbbing clit violating her. She trembled with need. Through half-lidded eyes, Karen and Yolanda locked their burning gazes as they moved minutely, maneuvering to bring their swollen clits into direct contact. Their fleshy sex swords touched, exquisitely sensitive head to head. Karen felt like an erotic bomb went off in her cunt. She trembled with the unbearable pleasure, then threw back her head and let loose an animal scream of raw joy. Yolanda shrieked with pleasure, throwing back her head to howl at the ceiling, her eyes wide and unfocused. The erotic electricity flowed through their perfect bodies in waves and, for a long moment, they held each other immobile with pleasure, simply enjoying the incredible contact. Then, instinctively, they began to move, rubbing their clits together, beginning the next stage of the fuckwar that they had both wanted for so long.

Teeth clenched, tears trickling from their eyes, gazes locked in an agony of pleasure, Karen and Yolanda worked their clits against each other. They pushed head to head, struggling to crush the other back. They rubbed their clits side to side, trying to bend the other, sawing them against each other, struggling to overwhelm the other woman with ecstasy. They worked their clits around and around inside of the sealed arena of their clenched, throbbing cunts, each woman desperate to trigger a submissive orgasm in the other. Their juicy twats compressed ever harder, eating at each other like ravenous carnivores. Pussy lubricants continued to pour from their sealed twats in copious amounts, a testament to the incredible arousal of both women.

As their sexual fury grew, Yolanda and Karen’s desire to join their bodies completely became ever more feverish. The women reached for each other and pulled each other’s upper torsos tightly together. Their heavy tits squished, their rock hard nipples crossed and penetrated and twisted together into deliciously painful knots of erotic intensity. Their hair cascaded down over their faces, merging like two waterfalls. Karen and Yolanda locked together in a hungry kiss, their tongues twisting together, then licking and stroking, imitating the far more intense clit to clit struggle going on between their legs. They were fuck machines, grinding into each other mercilessly, their bodies burning up with sexual fever, their need to fuck the other woman into total submission never greater, matched only by their need to find ecstatic sexual release with each other. Karen was almost delirious. She had long since stopped thinking, allowing her body to follow its primitive instincts, to simply keep grinding and fucking and fucking until the sexual fire burning in her core could be quenched and satisfied. She knew she had to outlast Yolanda, she knew she had to force the gypsy woman to an unbearable orgasm first. But she also knew that her body, her raging cunt and her burning tits, wanted to devour Yolanda completely and she knew the best she could do to achieve this goal was unleash the sexual beast raging in her core.

Yolanda was astonished at the sexual power, the raw natural talent, that Karen was displaying. Yolanda knew from her long experience that the best way to win a battle like this was to surrender to the urges and desires of her body. Her own insatiable sexual hunger was usually far more than any opponent could handle. But she was amazed to feel the intensity of Karen’s spirit rising to challenge her own. She could tell that Karen had also let go completely, that what she was now battling was the raw sexual animal that nested deep in her enemy’s core. Yolanda was almost overwhelmed with delight. She had released her own sexual beast and she now felt that she and Karen were like two ravenous cats locked in a battle to the finish, their bodies twined and twisted into one, their voracious sexual appetites at full power. Yolanda pumped harder and harder, she fucked Karen with wild abandon, opening herself, violating Karen and being violated in turn and loving all of it.

The women wrapped themselves together as tight as they could, tying their bodies into an intimate knot. They crushed tighter and tighter, they kissed ever more savagely, they worked their hips and asses, driving their cunts into each other with ever greater intensity. Their swelling clits were trapped together within the tight arena of their merged twats, both women’s pussies biting and squeezing at each other as hard as they could. Karen and Yolanda whimpered with lust, their bodies trembling with pre-orgasmic bliss as they fucked furiously.

Karen reached behind Yolanda and grasped the gypsy’s shapely, rippling ass. She pulled on Yolanda’s ass, causing Yolanda to go over on her back, Karen riding her down, their big cunts still clamped together in a sucking bond. Karen separated from Yolanda for a moment, pulling their pussies apart in a spray of cunt juice, then threw herself back onto her enemy, lining her body up with Yolanda’s once again, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. She slammed her soft, juicy cunt onto Yolanda’s equally thick, wet twat, then rotated her pussy, drilling into Yolanda’s snatch. Karen powered her vaginal crack down into Yolanda’s pussy, splatting their sopping wet cunts together, sealing them tight once again. Their engorged clits lashed at each other, grinding hard, sending shockwaves of raw pleasure coursing through their bodies. Fuck lips slid and ground into fuck lips, juicy cunts squashed and merged. Karen drove her clit into Yolanda’s fuck trough and ran the thick organ all the way up Yolanda’s sex-slick slit, again and again and again, stroking hard at Yolanda’s burning clit, fucking the gypsy queen ferociously. Yolanda grabbed Karen’s round, pumping ass and began thrusting up with all of her strength, slamming her cunt into Karen’s, matching the blonde’s fuck attack with her own powerful thrusts. Their clits fenced furiously, stroking and crushing, slashing and grinding. For long minutes the women writhed together, their massive tits crushing and rolling and slopping up and down on their chests, their nipples stabbing firm titflesh, then tangling and twisting together, their moans and cries of ecstasy growing sharper and louder.

With a desperate arching of her back and thrusting of her hips, Yolanda succeeded in throwing Karen off-balance. The gypsy queen rolled their twined bodies and took the top position. She slammed her fuck hole into Karen’s matching slit with all of her strength. The women shrieked in rage and lust, overwhelmed with the desire to fuck and fuck. The women locked together in an open mouth kiss, tongues twisting together, sucking at each other. Both women grabbed the other’s ass and pulled hard, trying to pull the other as hard and deep inside of her as she could. Yolanda pinned Karen’s massive, throbbing clit with her equally huge sexhorn and ground mercilessly, sending pulses of unimaginable pleasure roaring through both women’s enraged bodies. They mashed tits hard, they gasped and kissed desperately, then bit and clawed at each other as their snatches continued to eat at each other, sucking and devouring each other millimeter by millimeter. Karen fucked back with all of her will, giving just as good as she was getting, ramming up with all of her strength. Their bodies shook and quivered, the women broke their frantic kiss to scream with rage and effort and pleasure. With a furious cry, Karen thrust hard and succeeded in rolling Yolanda back over and resuming the top position.

Karen started slamming her sopping cunt into Yolanda’s matching snatch, splatting their twats together in a series of savage thrusts. Karen drove herself as deep as she could into Yolanda’s hot, wet, thick-lipped cunt, then worked her hips and wiggled her ass furiously, working as hard as she could to force Yolanda’s slit to open and spread beneath her own. Their snatches sucked and sealed hard once again, flattening and spreading. Their clits pulsed with exquisitely agonizing bursts of pleasure as they stabbed and rubbed against each other. Yolanda’s legs began to flail as Karen fucked her harder and harder, as she was overwhelmed by the raw pleasure the blonde’s snatch was inflicting on her. The gypsy woman felt the sexual pleasure building in her core, rolling out in waves. She knew she was only moments from an incredibly intense orgasm. Yolanda grasped Karen’s ass and pulled the other woman as hard into her as possible; Karen seized Yolanda’s ass and continued to power down, driving her clit into Yolanda’s matching sexhorn, groaning with the incredible pleasure of the clitfucking she was forcing on the gypsy queen. The women rode each other up the pleasure curve, gasping and moaning, shuddering and trembling with erotic power.

Yolanda splayed her legs, opening them as wide as she could, offering herself in sexual surrender to Karen’s driving cunt. Karen drilled deep, deep into Yolanda’s yielding cunt. The women’s swollen, rock-hard, throbbing clits squashed hard, crushing head to head. Karen moaned, ecstatic beyond all belief as she felt Yolanda spreading and opening beneath her, as she felt her own cunt merging with the gypsy queen’s twat, as their soft, thick labia became one mass of pleasure. Karen gathered herself and unleashed a powerful, pussy-splitting hunch, which spliced Yolanda’s hungry cunt in two, mashing their battling clits so hard that they fused into one flesh.

Yolanda shrieked in despair as her clit exploded, as an enormous orgasm blasted out of her core. Both women pulled each other’s asses as tight as they could, dragging each other into their burning snatches with all their strength. They continued slamming their powerful cunts together, grinding together, penetrating each other completely. Another powerful orgasm rolled out of Yolanda’s squirting cunt. Moments later, Karen could not take anymore. An incredibly intense orgasm pulsed out of her clit, filling her entire body with sheer ecstasy. Her cunt melted into Yolanda’s eager pussy. Karen came so hard she felt like she was peeing as she released a long, hot stream of pure cum, injecting it deep into Yolanda’s welcoming twat, filling the other woman’s already overflowing vaginal canal with her secretions, violating Yolanda in the most delicious and intimate way that she could. Yolanda twined her legs with Karen’s and, together, the women bucked and heaved and gasped, biting and kissing at each other, panting hard, screaming in sheer bliss as they shared orgasms, as their interlocked cunts pumped intermixed cum back and forth between their raging bodies. Karen continued to grind and work her ass and hips, determined to merge her twat completely with Yolanda’s, determined to master and conquer the other woman in the most primal and decisive way possible. Karen could not believe how good this felt. Every inch of skin on her voluptuous body was alive, tingling with sexual power. She felt her whole body fusing to Yolanda’s, she felt their burning clits flowing together like hot wax. She kept driving her cunt as deep into the gypsy’s open, hungry twat for as long as she could, concentrating on sucking Yolanda’s cunt inside-out. Yolanda moaned and gasped and pulled on Karen’s ass ever harder, struggling hard to squeeze back at Karen’s dominating pussy.

Finally, the last orgasm rippled through their bodies. The women collapsed, limbs twined, bodies soaked with sweat and the copious amounts of cum that had squeezed out of their overloaded vaginal canals. Their tits throbbed into each other, their nipples stabbed each other deeply. Their bellies were hot and flat against each other, so tight that their navels were sucking together. Their contrasting hair was tangled. They lay cheek to cheek, panting in unison, hands still grasping each other’s ass, nails digging into the firm flesh. Both women felt their locked clits pulsing, throbbing into each other. They basked together in the afterglow, enjoying the delicious sensations of their complete coupling, of their joining into one voluptuous body.

After several minutes, Karen rolled off of Yolanda’s wet body, their pussies sucking apart with a loud pop and splatter of cum, their tangled pubic hair ripping, their hard, burning tits wobbling tiredly on their chests. Karen smiled as she sprawled her sweat-slicked body next to Yolanda’s equally beautiful, exhausted form. Karen knew she had won. Once again, she had forced the beautiful gypsy to surrender, but this time in a way that proved, without a doubt, which of them was the stronger woman. She had never felt more satisfied in her life. Her burning clit was still hard, engorged with blood and throbbing with heat. Her pussy was sopping wet, her abdomen smeared with the juices she had shared with Yolanda. She considered what she would do to Yolanda, now that she had defeated the gypsy woman. She turned her head to look at the beautiful gypsy, who was panting hard, her massive tits rising and falling, her body gleaming with sweat, her eyes closed.

Yolanda opened her eyes to catch Karen staring at her. The gypsy queen smiled then suddenly rolled on top of Karen and mounted her. The gypsy forced her mouth onto Karen’s and the women sealed together in a long, savage, open-mouthed kiss. They shared tongues and spit, even as they aligned their beautiful, voluptuous bodies again.

“We’re not done yet, Karen,” Yolanda moaned when she finally broke the kiss. “I think my hot, hairy cunt wants to eat a bit more of your little twat.”

“Fuck you, Yolanda,” Karen groaned. She could not believe the gypsy woman’s stamina. It was as if the thorough fucking Karen had just administered to her was giving the dark-haired beauty even more power. But Karen refused to back down. She was sure that her body would rise to meet this new challenge.

Yolanda rubbed her big tits all over Karen’s equally huge rack, flicking hard nipples, slipping their sweaty mammaries around and around each other. Yolanda pulled Karen’s legs wide, splaying the blonde’s twat beneath her, and aimed her wet, dripping sex gash at Karen’s open pink slit. With a groan and a smile, Yolanda rubbed her aching, hairy snatch directly into Karen’s equally hairy, open twat, sighing with joy as she felt her fuckmeat sinking into Karen’s yielding meat, as she felt Karen’s cunt opening up to receive her burning twat. They crushed tight, and Yolanda worked her hips and ass, drilling herself into Karen. At the same time, she pulled Karen’s left tit to her face and began chewing and sucking at the other woman’s beautiful nipple.

Karen groaned as she felt herself violated and stimulated by Yolanda. She struggled to find the sexual power to resist and defeat her beautiful enemy. But this was different than a physical fight, where the outcome depended on sheer physical stamina. Now, her ability to win depended on her body’s ability to summon sexual power, the desire to want and need even more sexual contact. She began to wonder if Yolanda had not exaggerated when she had alluded to her body’s insatiable sexual appetite.

“I’m going to fuck you blind, Karen,” Yolanda promised, her eyes shining with vengeful hate and raw lust. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget – never match cunts with a gypsy!”

“Bring it on, you whore,” Karen snarled back. She could feel her body regaining its power, rising to meet the sexual threat posed by Yolanda’s ravenous womanhood. “You’re going to learn never to go clit to clit with a cowgirl!”

Yolanda reached down between her legs and spread her engorged pussy lips, aligning her throbbing, rock-hard clit with Karen’s equally huge and solid sexhorn. She seized Karen’s round, hard ass, and moved the blonde into position, then shoved forward, driving her throbbing clit into Karen’s wet, cum-coated fuck trough, sliding the thick organ up the blonde’s pink slit before powerfucking their clits together mercilessly. Yolanda threw herself forward, making sure her hard nipples lined up with Karen’s throbbing nips. The women screamed together in pleasure as their massive, meaty tits squashed into one mass of hot, firm flesh, as Yolanda began writhing and grinding every inch of her beautiful brown body into every inch of Karen’s equally beautiful bronzed perfection. They grabbed each other’s asses tight once more, digging their fingernails into the taut, round flesh, and resumed their fuckfight, splatting their juicy, hungry fuckholes together in a savage rhythm, drilling and penetrating each other, sawing thick clits furiously against each other, before pulling back and then slamming their wet cunts together again and again. Pussy juice flowed, lubricating their grinding, thrusting battle. The beautiful women grunted and groaned and sobbed, cursing each other, working their bodies together in a hard, brutal rhythm as each sought to fuck her foe into oblivion.

“You dirty fucking cunt!,” Karen sobbed. She glared up at Yolanda through half-closed eyes, her body a raging furnace of raw, overwhelming sexual pleasure. Yolanda’s eyes were closed, but her face was a vision of pure lust and joy. She wore a smile of absolute delight as she basked in the incredibly intense sexual sensations saturating her body as she fucked and fucked Karen’s beautiful body, as her tits squashed and mashed with Karen’s powerful tits, as their nipples wrestled for dominance, as her slick flesh rubbed and slid and merged with that of her enemy. The women’s grinding clits began to knot together and both women could only cry out in overjoyed pleasure as the excruciatingly intense fucking entered a new phase.

Karen screamed in despair as she felt her body slowly fill to the breaking point with sexual pleasure; the raw sensations were indescribably wonderful. Part of her wanted to do nothing except throw her legs wide, lean back, and let Yolanda fuck her brains out. But her pride kept her fighting, kept her resisting the intense pleasure burning through her body, kept her driving up to meet Yolanda’s dominating thrusts with pussy-splitting hunches of her own.

Yolanda moaned in ecstasy as she felt her cunt flatten down onto Karen’s red-hot twat, their fuckmeat boiling with electrical sensations, their twats melting into one delicious flesh. The women continued to buck and heave, their cunts squelching together as they sucked and sealed, pulling hard on the other’s clenching ass. Karen wrapped her powerful legs around Yolanda’s hips, holding the gypsy queen in place, trying to use the leverage to fuck back against the other woman’s cunt with all of her power. Yolanda’s ass continued pumping hard, ramming her clit up and through Karen’s fucktrough, fencing with Karen’s throbbing clit.

Yolanda felt Karen’s fantastic body surrendering to her own. She forced her mouth down on Karen’s open mouth, slipping her tongue down Karen’s throat, almost causing the blonde beauty to choke. Karen broke the kiss, gasping for air. She sank her teeth into Yolanda’s shoulder, sucking and biting. Yolanda bit back, grasping Karen’s lower jaw in her teeth in a gentle bite, then forcing her tongue back into Karen’s mouth. Karen was ready for her this time, however, and their tongue-twisting, spit-flowing kiss soon descended into a vicious, moaning deadlock.

All the while, Karen felt her cunt opening and spreading, sucking tighter and tighter to Yolanda’s writhing, thrusting twat. Yolanda’s clit was grinding and rubbing and crushing against her sexhorn, sending constant shockwaves of excruciating ecstasy raging through her body. Her only consolation was that she was sure she was inflicting just as much pleasure on Yolanda. Despite her certainty that she was on the verge of exploding in orgasmic ecstasy, Karen kept grinding and thrusting back, refusing to give up the struggle. Tears of pleasure and effort streamed down her face and she sobbed uncontrollably beneath Yolanda’s onslaught, but she still kept pumping back with her powerful ass, driving her clit to Yolanda’s sexhorn with equal fervor, fucking back just as hard as she was being fucked.

The women broke the kiss and lay cheek to cheek, their hard, locked bodies moving in rhythm, their powerful muscles undulating and rippling with effort as their clits fought to the finish. Karen’s head was almost exploding with pleasure. Their swollen, three-inch clits were grinding and rubbing at each other with absolutely fury, two long, thick, nerve-rich nubs of sheer ecstasy, occasionally tangling together and locking, causing both women to scream hysterically. Their snatches had flattened against each other, leaving their thick clits to rub and rub and grind within the fleshy arena formed by their locked cunt lips. Yolanda knew she had the advantage of gravity and she was expecting to feel Karen’s hot clit softening and squashing beneath her own throbbing sexhorn at any moment. But Karen’s clit was strong and hard and it kept resisting. Karen screamed out in desperation. She felt like her whole cunt was being sucked into Yolanda’s ravenous twat. She felt like her whole body was being eaten alive with the pleasure and tension Yolanda was beating into her. Karen squeezed with her snatch, trying hard to bite back with her cunt muscles.
Both women were trembling with pre-orgasmic ecstasy. They could feel the pleasure building to unbearable levels and they worked their bodies harder into each other. Yolanda was amazed that Karen had managed to hold out this long. She redoubled her attack, fucking Karen even harder, her ass rippling and clenching with effort as she slammed her cunt deeper and deeper into Karen’s spreading twat, as her own pussy flattened against Karen’s snatch. Karen screamed and shrieked, but she still managed to buck up and meet all of Yolanda’s devastating thrusts, their hot, wet cunts splatting together and then grinding relentlessly, before pulling apart to drive together again. Their long, hard, throbbing clits stayed in constant contact.

“Give, give you little whore, you fucking cunt, GIVE!!,” Yolanda shrieked at Karen. She refused to believe that Karen could hold out against her.

“Never, you whore, you motherfucking bitch, NEVER!!,” Karen sobbed. But she felt herself splitting in two, she felt her pussy being spliced by Yolanda’s devastatingly powerful cunt thrusts, she felt her throbbing clit so enflamed with pleasure that it had to explode like a bomb in her cunt. She felt her aching nipples twisted and struggling desperately against Yolanda’s rock-hard nips. She felt her massive tits squashing with Yolanda’s massive rack, firm flesh pulsing and resisting, yet still being slowly overwhelmed by Yolanda’s matching boobs. The gypsy woman had the advantages of gravity and sexual insatiability, and she was using both to full effect, slowly fucking Karen to the point where the blonde’s body could not stand anymore.

Finally, Yolanda delivered a pussy-splitting thrust that rammed her powerful clit so hard against Karen’s burning clit that the blonde’s steel-hard sexnub bent just a little, then twisted around Yolanda’s clit and sent a pulse of excruciating pleasure exploding through both women’s incomparable bodies.

“Oh MY FUCKING GOD!!,” Karen howled, her hands pulling on Yolanda’s ass, dragging the gypsy queen’s twat as hard into her cunt as they could, her body bucking up with all of her strength, her back arching as the most intense orgasm of her life detonated in her core. ‘No, NO, Oh FUCK, NOOOO!!!,” Karen shrieked as the orgasm blasted throughout her entire body, filling every muscle with sheer erotic ecstasy. Yolanda’s hands were fixed to Karen’s ass and she thrust her mouth onto Karen’s mouth, locking the blonde into an eager, voracious kiss. She rode Karen mercilessly, determined to force every orgasm that she could out of her foe, determined to completely exhaust and dominate Karen’s beautiful body. But it was not long before the effects of the jerks and convulsions of Karen’s writhing body on their twined clits pushed Yolanda over the orgasmic edge. Her clit exploded and she, too, experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. Yolanda shrieked in joy and victory as her body released its tension.

The women’s bodies slowly stopped thrashing and, instead, trembled and shuddered as one as their muscles locked and strained against each other. Devastating multiple orgasms chained through their powerful forms, as they crushed each other in a desperate effort to become one body and merge completely. They gasped and cried out in each other’s faces, their cunts gushing with pussy juice, the sexual secretions coating their bodies. Yolanda and Karen glared furiously into each other’s faces through half-open eyes, their beautiful visages masks of sexual fury and raw passion. Yolanda was determined to ride Karen into submission. She felt indescribable ecstasy saturate her body, as pleasure so intense that it felt like her head would explode pulsed through her deepest core and radiated out through every muscle, forcing her deep inner muscles to contract and pump copious amounts of cunt juice down into Karen. Karen’s body was doing the same thing, pumping cum up into Yolanda in a delicious erotic circuit. The women held each other and shuddered and sobbed as they exchanged orgasms and body fluids and rode each other to the end.

With a shuddering moan, Karen spread her legs wide, splaying herself out in sexual submission. Yolanda was treated to the incredibly gratifying sight of the light in Karen’s beautiful blue eyes flaring and fading. The blonde beauty’s body gushed one final, delicious flow of cum up into Yolanda’s body. Yolanda moaned, enjoying the intimate heat as Karen’s hot cum mixed with her own. Then, she came in an orgasm so intense she was sure her head blew off. She released her ecstasy into Karen’s body in an endless stream of pussy juice. Completely spent, she collapsed on Karen’s unconscious body. She had won. A smug smile of satisfaction lit her beautiful face as she slowly faded into unconsciousness, joining Karen in blissful oblivion.

The late afternoon sun filtered in through the windows of Karen’s cabin. Karen finally stirred, and found herself still crushed under the delicious weight of Yolanda’s beautiful body. Their limbs were twined, they were covered in drying sexual secretions. Yolanda’s face was tucked into Karen’s shoulder. Karen’s movements woke the gypsy, who raised her head to smile down at Karen. Yolanda’s sweat-damp hair cascaded like a curtain, covering both women’s faces. Yolanda pressed her lips onto Karen’s soft pair, then licked the other woman’s lips, before she slowly rolled herself off of Karen’s prone body. Yolanda lay on her side, her head propped up with her right hand. Her left leg sprawled across Karen’s left leg. The blonde’s legs were still slightly spread; Yolanda took her left hand and ran two fingers up Karen’s wet, pink slit, scooping out some of the thick cum that had gelled there, then raised her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. Karen watched, glaring hatefully.

“Mmm, you taste good, little cowgirl,” Yolanda taunted. “But I think that you know what you owe me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Karen replied resentfully. She had been defeated and she knew that she now needed to accept her humiliation by expressing her submission to Yolanda’s superior sexuality. This was one of the gypsy rules of womanly combat. She started to sit up, but Yolanda stopped her by placing her hand on Karen’s right tit. She squeezed the blonde’s massive mammary gland hard. “Not yet,” the gypsy queen murmured. Then, she lowered her head to Karen’s left tit and began licking the swelling nipple, then sucked Karen’s entire areola, before taking as much of the blonde’s beautiful boob into her mouth as she could, chewing and sucking vigorously.

“Aaaaah, God,” Karen gasped, arching her back and writhing as the intense sexual energy rippled from her throbbing tit and into the rest of her body. She could not believe she was capable of any more sexual arousal after the tremendous fucking she and Yolanda had inflicted on each other, but she could not deny that her body was responding enthusiastically to Yolanda’s new assault.

Slowly, moaning with pleasure, Karen pulled herself into a sitting position. Yolanda moved with her, refusing to release her suckled tit. Once both women were sitting up, Karen lowered her head to Yolanda’s massive left tit, pulled it to her mouth, and began sucking vigorously, excitedly. She had not yet sucked on Yolanda’s massive breasts and she was eager to do so now. The women spread their legs and slipped between each other’s thighs, straddling each other as they feasted on each other, low moans of pleasure harmonizing as they went at each other with a ravenous hunger. At the same time, Karen and Yolanda moved their hands to the other woman’s free tit and began squeezing and kneading the firm, sensitive flesh, teasing and stroking nipples and areola.

Karen pushed her wet pussy up against Yolanda’s wet cunt and felt the other woman push back. Their thick pussy lips pushed tight, sending a pulse of joy through the beautiful Amazons. Both women sucked and ate even harder at the other’s tit. Then, as their hips started to move, as they began to slide their slick cunts together, Yolanda reached up, grasped a handful of Karen’s blonde hair, and yanked the other woman’s head back, forcing the cowgirl to release Yolanda’s suckled tit.

“Not yet, whore,” Yolanda groaned. She continued to move her hips and ass, to rub cunts with Karen. But it was clear that this was an almost involuntary movement. “I want what you owe me. Do it now.”

So saying, Yolanda released Karen’s hair and pushed herself away from her blonde opponent. She threw herself back on the bed, her enflamed tits rocking, and spread her legs, exposing her pink gash. She flexed her cunt lips. “Come and eat me, girl. Suck my clit and lick my slit. Clean me out.”

Karen crawled towards Yolanda. But rather than simply diving into the crevasse between the gypsy woman’s legs, she crawled up beside Yolanda, turned herself around so that she was facing down the dark-haired beauty’s body, and then climbed over Yolanda’s body, her pussy directly above the gypsy’s face. Karen was careful to angle her lower body up, so as not to shove her cunt into Yolanda’s face as she dropped her head down between the other woman’s legs. She looped her arms around Yolanda’s hips, seized the queen’s round ass, and buried her face between the other woman’s legs. She rubbed her face around and around in Yolanda’s wet, pungent cunt, moistening her face with the gypsy’s sexual secretions. Then, she dived in, driving her tongue deep into Yolanda’s gash, eating out her sex trough, licking and sucking at the woman’s rapidly emerging clit. Her fingers delved into Yolanda’s sex and probed the queen’s tight asshole. She rubbed and teased and sucked. She spit into Yolanda’s sex, then licked and spread the spit around. She turned her full attention to the task of eating Yolanda’s pussy, of devouring it completely, of giving Yolanda all of the pleasure that her victory demanded.

Yolanda writhed and moaned, laughing and sighing with pleasure, her ass rubbing into the bed, her hips and lower body bucking, her tits rocking, as she enjoyed Karen’s efforts. She was enjoying Karen’s humiliation almost as much as she was enjoying the clit-sucking that the blonde was administering to her. Yolanda fully understood why Karen had chosen to eat her in this position; the blonde was hoping that her own pussy would prove too tempting a target for Yolanda to resist as the dark-haired beauty’s lust built. Yolanda squeezed her own tits and played with her nipples. She closed her eyes, resisting the enormous urge to bury her face and tongue in Karen’s appealing pussy. She felt a drop of moisture strike her face and opened her eyes to look into Karen’s dribbling pussy. She wrapped her arms around Karen’s hips and ran her hands over the blonde’s perfect ass. She ran her hands down Karen’s rippling back, to pull hard at the blonde’s hair. The tension and pleasure built in Yolanda’s cunt and, suddenly, she could not resist any longer. Wrapping her arms around Karen’s hips, spreading the blonde’s buttocks with her grasping hands, she pulled her face up to Karen’s twat and dived in, driving her tongue deep into the blonde’s gash, licking out the cum, finding Karen’s swollen clit and sucking it mercilessly. Karen screamed in response, then redoubled her own pussy-eating efforts.

Moans and groans and muffled cries of ecstasy filled the room as the two beautiful women devoured each other in a relentless 69. They rolled over onto their sides and ate each other from an equal position. Their fingers probed and thrust up into wet pussies and puckering assholes, finding new and exciting ways to stimulate and violate each other. Just when both women’s bodies started to tremble with pre-orgasmic pleasure, Yolanda suddenly broke off. With a gasp, she released Karen, then pushed the other woman away from her and rolled to the edge of the bed. Karen was caught off guard by the sudden disengagement and was left feeling momentarily bereft, and desperate to re-establish the mutual cunt-eating that had broken so abruptly. “No!” Karen cried out, reaching for Yolanda.

“Don’t worry, whore,” Yolanda gasped. “We’re not done yet. Get on your hands and knees and turn around.”

Gasping, almost delirious with lust, Karen did as she was told, getting on her hands and knees facing away from Yolanda. She wondered if the gypsy planned to violate or mount her from behind. She heard Yolanda moving behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see the gypsy queen facing away from her on her hands and knees, too, and backing up her rounded ass to meet Karen’s bulging ass.

Yolanda looked over her shoulder and locked eyes with Karen. “Ass to ass, bitch,” Yolanda groaned. “I want to feel what that little ass is like, I want to feel your pussy from behind.”

Karen eagerly pushed back. To two women who had such confidence in their powerfully muscled bodies, it only made sense to want to match all of their muscles to each other, and both women took enormous pride in their pear-shaped asses. The hard, rippling pads of their buttocks met and pressed hard, struggling and trembling against each other. The women sighed and groaned with pleasure. They pushed harder, moving their sweaty asses from side to side, slipping their ass cheeks between each other. Karen and Yolanda groaned with delight as their felt their puckered assholes sliding against each other. Both women shoved hard and worked their hips, grinding their assholes into each other. They slid back and forth, up and down. Both women leaned down, their hands stretched before them, bracing them, their asses high in the air, as they pushed and slapped ass to ass. They spread their legs, bracing the backs of their thighs and calves against each other and raised their buttocks together in the air. They arched their backs and slowly, carefully, slid their hungry cunts against each other, slick pussy lips sliding and caressing, opening and spreading their twats. Karen felt Yolanda’s engorged clit slip into her cunt and stroke her labia insistently. A moment later, Karen’s long, hard clit slipped into Yolanda’s pussy and massaged her inner lips. Yolanda shuddered with pleasure.

For a time, the women played with each other, tantalizing and antagonizing each other with their clits, bringing them close but not quite into contact. They explored the inside of each other’s pussies, stroking and teasing their labia with their swollen clits. Cunt juice flowed from their kissing twats, spilling down to the bed, moistening the soft flesh of their inner thighs. Yolanda looked back over her shoulder at Karen.

“Are you ready, cunt?” she whispered.

“Give it to me, you cuntlicking whore,” Karen moaned back.

The women shoved hard with their asses, squashing their pussies, letting their long, hard clits lick each other deliciously. Karen screamed with joy as the underside of her massive clit crushed tight to the underside of Yolanda’s sexhorn. Yolanda howled with pleasure. The women thrust hard, forcing their thighs wider apart, giving them better access to their enemy’s cunt. Yolanda glued her clit to Karen’s throbbing sex; Karen writhed her magnificent body, her ass rippling, and snaked her pulsing clit around Yolanda’s matching sexhorn. The women squealed in concert, their cries of ecstasy turning to sobs of unbearable sensuality.

Karen twisted her body and reached behind her to sink her fingers into Yolanda’s black tresses. She pulled Yolanda’s head back viciously. Yolanda cried out, then reached back and seized a handful of Karen’s golden hair and retaliated, jerking Karen hard.

For a brief time, they pumped at each other, asses rubbing, hot cunts locking like hungry mouths, swollen clits firing electricity and incredible heat into their bucking, grinding bodies. Karen sobbed with the raw pleasure; Yolanda groaned wildly and pulled viciously at Karen’s locks. The women twisted around deliciously, their clamped, contracting pussies still sucked and sealed tight, their throbbing clits twisted into a knot of pure ecstasy. They flipped their legs around, rotating their bodies around their locked cunts, and faced each other, scissor-locked once more, each women still pulling savagely at the other’s hair. Yolanda sank both of her hands in Karen’s golden locks and yanked violently, trying to cause as much pain as she could. In an instant, Karen was tearing at Yolanda’s black hair with both hands, holding the gypsy’s ink-black tresses like handles and pulling Yolanda’s head back painfully. The excruciating pleasure between their legs built unbearably and began pulsing with heat and electricity.

The women pulled each other close, moaning with delight as their heavy tits mated. They folded their bodies into each other and wrapped arms and legs around each other, both women seizing the other’s ass, holding each other in place as their hips and asses jerked and exchanged delicious, excruciating thrusts. They kissed viciously, long tongues probing and scouring the inside of their opponent’s mouth. They moaned in delirious pleasure as they broke the kiss, but pressed forehead to forehead and nose to nose and lip to lip as they fucked each other powerfully. They whimpered and shuddered. They closed their eyes and concentrated on reaming each other’s cunt, on riding each other up over the edge of ecstasy.

“Say that you’re my bitch, whore,” Yolanda demanded. She was gasping, her breath coming in heaving pants as she fought to keep from exploding in a devastating orgasm. “Say it, say it now…”

Karen resisted only for a moment. She knew she had been beaten, she knew that she owed this humiliation to Yolanda, she knew that Yolanda wanted her to acknowledge her defeat.

“I’m your bitch, you cuntlicking slut,” the blonde cowgirl snarled, her pride aching, her body close to an incredible orgasm.

“Say I’m your mistress, say it, cuntfucker!!,” Yolanda cried. She could not hold out much longer.

“You’re my mistress, bitch, you fucking whore!!,” Karen screamed. Both women were panting, gasping, on the verge. Their hips and asses worked harder and harder, their knotted clits were pulsing with unbearable sensations, torturing each other with ecstasy. They sank their fingers into each other’s ass and pulled hard, sealing each other together. Nose to nose, moaning and gasping into each other’s faces, eyes locked with hate and lust, Yolanda and Karen rode each other viciously, savagely, fucking to the very edge of orgasm.

“On your back, bitch,” Yolanda groaned at Karen. “I want you under me, where you belong. I want you spread like the cunt you are.”

“You dirty fuck,” Karen moaned. But she did as she was ordered, letting herself be pushed back on to the bed, Yolanda riding her down. Karen spread herself, allowing Yolanda to drive into her even deeper. She cried out in ecstasy, her blonde hair thrashing from side to side as Yolanda fucked her mercilessly. She fucked back with all of her strength, her nails digging deep into Yolanda’s ass flesh. She could feel Yolanda’s nails piercing her flesh. Karen bridged her body, throwing Yolanda up, grinding her steaming crotch deep into Yolanda’s black-furred pussy. Yolanda clenched her ass as she rammed her pussy deep into Karen’s twat, their bodies locked together in the final, grinding confrontation. Their massive tits mashed hard, nipples stabbing and stimulating, firm titflesh rolling and compressing. Their hard bellies slapped, sending shockwaves of pleasure radiating through their sex-saturated flesh. They continued to exchange delicious pussy thrusts as their knotted clits swelled up and crushed tight, like two pythons mating.

“Oh God, you filthy FUCK!!,” Karen screamed in rage and despair and pure sexual ecstasy as another submissive orgasm was finally forced out of her. She bucked hard, her clit radiating electricity, her body convulsing in excruciating pleasure as she exploded in sexual release. Her cunt gushed. She struggled to hold onto consciousness as her body overflowed with sensual electricity.

Yolanda covered Karen’s mouth with her own, driving her tongue deep into the blonde’s orifice, struggling to hold off her own impending orgasm, determined to ride Karen into absolute submission. Karen’s tongue fought back, lashing and twisting around Yolanda’s invading pink probe. But the cowgirl’s bucking, grinding body was raging in full heat, driving Yolanda insane with lust. Once Karen began writhing in pleasure, it was only moments before Yolanda joined her in orgasm.

“Yes, Yes, Oh FUCK, YESSS!!,” Yolanda howled, slamming her cunt and belly against Karen’s torso, her powerful ass clenching, working her cunt into Karen’s twat just a little deeper, squeezing with her cunt muscles, crushing their interlocked clits, rubbing and grinding their massive tits, wringing the last bit of sensual pleasure out of their joined, fusing bodies.

The women kissed viciously as they rode each other to the end, hot tongues thrusting and shared spit flowing between them, their tongues mirroring the far more intense corkscrew battle going on between their raging clits.

With a final shuddering, devastating orgasm and a final licking, biting kiss, the women collapsed in each other’s arms. They panted and moaned, their bodies heaving, sharing sweat and other juices, too spent to move, both still enjoying the sensations of naked flesh on flesh, of heavy tits squashed into one pulsing mass, sensitive nipples twisted into excruciatingly pleasurable knots. Their clits pulsed into each other. Their sweat-soaked manes of hair intermeshed and tangled together.

Finally, Yolanda rolled off of Karen, her majestic tits rocking with the movement. Panting, the women lay side by side, basking in the aftermath, radiating pure sensuality, glowing with the glory of the absolute sensual ecstasy that they had inflicted on each other.

Karen and Yolanda turned their heads and locked eyes. Yolanda’s deep green eyes shone with smug satisfaction. Karen’s blue eyes glowed with frustration and desire.

“Have you learned your lesson, cuntlicker?” Yolanda panted.

“You fucker. You filthy, sexy fucker,” Karen gasped at her rival. “This isn’t over. We will fuckfight again. Cunt to cunt, tit to tit, clit to clit. No matter how long it takes. I’ll fight your big ass and dirty cunt again. And next time, I’ll win.”

The End (for now)