By JB57

Valustriana’s open, gaping cunt smashed head on into Lorena’s equally beautiful pussy. Thick, juicy pussy lips squelched wetly together then sucked and opened, trying to draw each other in. Soft, luscious pink labia met and merged. Massive throbbing clits, swollen to enormous size by the unprecedented arousal of both women smashed into each other head on. The two powerful sex horns crushed and held, then seemed to fuse into one exploding nub of ecstasy, even as they pushed each other back in a trembling stalemate. As their clits mated, the women’s thick pussy lips sealed and sucked their cunts tightly. Hot vaginal fluids gushed between the sealed cunts, pumping out as their internal muscles contracted with the pleasure of the moment. Hot liquid pushed out from the tight seal, dribbling down to the bed sheets even as it increased the suction between their straining bodies.

Lorena and Valustriana had both thrown back their heads on the initial contact, their eyes wide, tears of pure joy and unbelievable pleasure trickling down their faces, both women silenced by the sheer ecstasy. Their breath finally came back in hitching gasps that turned to shrieks of pure pleasure. “FUCK!!” Lorena shrieked; “Oh, GOD!!” Valustriana screamed. Valustriana could not believe what she was feeling, and she sobbed with pleasure as her clit exploded again and again with raw sensation. Lorena basked in the unbelievable pleasure, her hot cunt sucked and melted into Valustriana’s. Both women sobbed with unrestrained joy. For Valustriana, every previous fuckfight she had engaged in had found her clit rapidly overpowering that of her foe. Now, however, her womanhood was being held in check by an equally powerful, beautiful clit. She shrieked with joy, her mind ablaze with anticipation. This fight was already promising to become everything that she dreamed.

Lorena was also shocked to feel Valustriana’s clit holding hers at bay. Every inch of her body was exploding with waves of burning pleasure. She had never felt such intense physical joy in her life, and the promise of more to come drove her mad with desire. She now began to buck and jerk her hips, grinding her swollen clit with Valustriana’s, actually increasing (as unbelievable as it felt) the intensity of the pleasure burning through their bodies. Valustriana screamed, then began to buck back, grinding her clit with Lorena’s sex nub, preparing for a clit to clit fencing match. Lorena was simply intent on rubbing her sex into Valustriana’s thick clit, however, forcing waves of burning joy through both battling women.

The two warriors finally found their voices. “Bitch, you cunt…,” Valustriana moaned, her voice quivering with passion. “This is nothing, I’m still going to eat you alive.”

“Give it to me, cunt,” Lorena demanded, jerking her hips, driving her clit to that of her enemy. “Give me everything you’ve got, I can take it all!”

Hot sweat flew off the women’s bouncing tits as they fucked desperately. Their breasts ached with arousal and tension, their nipples were steel hard and almost painful with their sensitivity. Valustriana and Lorena threw their heads back and moaned and cried and grunted with each thrust. Their hard bellies rippled with effort as they poured all of their energy into the mutual fuck. They leaned back, supported by their arms, and worked their hips and asses furiously, gyrating their hips so that they could rub their clits together in an ever growing circle of electric pleasure.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh…,” they grunted out in unison, in time to their powerful thrusts. Vaginal juice squeezed out from their joined cunts, sweat glistened on their bucking bodies. Both women were smiling savagely, eyes closed tightly, as they fucked each other’s brains out. Their asses worked with all of their strength, their hips pushed hard and rhythmically. Their toes curled up in sheer ecstasy. Neither woman let up. Each was determined to fuck the other woman until she exploded, each was determined to grind relentlessly until the pleasure became unendurable. Valustriana and Lorena were both confident that she could outlast her opponent. As the pleasure built, their bodies began trembling with muscular tension, but each woman used her well-trained mind to find ways to not succumb to the growing pleasure. For ten, twenty, thirty minutes, the fuckfight raged on. The screams and cries of joy from both women became increasingly desperate, but neither slackened the pace of their grinding hips. The sheets of the bed became damp with sweat and the vaginal juices trickling down the women’s locked thighs.

In her previous fights, Valustriana had always felt the clit of the other woman quickly softening and breaking before her overwhelming power. She was almost delirious with pleasure, but she could still tell that, incredibly, Lorena’s clit continued to swell and harden as the fight went on. Just as remarkably, Valustriana felt her own clit rising up to meet the challenge. Her clit had never before been as big and powerful as it now was, as it drove against its rival on Lorena’s magnificent body. Valustriana’s pride in her body, in the power of her womanhood was never greater.

Lorena, too, was amazed at what was happening to her clit. Her entire body was brimming over with raw sexual power. Her tits bounced furiously, harder and more powerful than ever. Her nipples ached with pleasure and tension. Even so, Lorena was overwhelmed and overjoyed with the incredible sexual energy Valustriana possessed. She could tell that she and Valustriana would be fucking each other, driving each other over the brink of sheer ecstasy, for a long time to come. Going clit to clit with a woman like Valustriana would only make Lorena’s eventual victory much sweeter when it came.

As the women continued to struggle, each grew more delirious with the incredible intensity of the battle. Their aching clits, pulsing with unbearable pleasure, continued to grow, grinding together ceaselessly, exploding with raw ecstasy, filling the two battling Amazons with unimaginable sexual joy, driving tension into every muscle. As their clits grew harder and stronger, the women’s bucking, grinding hips gradually worked their throbbing clits into a twisted knot which became unbreakable as their clits grew in size and thickness, fusing them into one. Lorena and Valustriana continued grinding at each other, their eyes now wide with sheer ecstasy and staring up blindly at the ceiling as each woman fought to control the unbelievable pleasure blasting out of their knotted clits. The continued bucking of their hips kept the joined clits in a state of constant ecstatic explosiveness as they strained against each other, incredibly sensitive sex nubs crushed and pulsing as one. Valustriana and Lorena could only moan and cry out with sheer joy, lost in the unbearable sensations of the most unbelievably intense fuck either woman had ever experienced.

Lorena and Valustriana had been fuckfighting now for over an hour. They were both leaning back on their elbows, their hips and asses working hard, pumping each other relentlessly, their nearly superhuman strength and endurance now being put to the test. Valustriana used her TGO training to disassociate herself from her body. It was the only way for her to continue to endure the pleasure and tension that had built up in her beautiful form. Her mind was focused only on accepting the incredible pleasure being inflicted on her body, on withstanding the tension that had built up in every one of her muscles and now demanded release. Lorena continued to employ willpower and her own military training to also disassociate herself from the continuing sexfight. Like Valustriana, she trained her mind to pull back, to force her body to accept the raw ecstasy of the incredible fucking that Valustriana was forcing on her. For both women, every inch of their bodies burned with sensations.

“God, oh God…, “Lorena moaned, gasping under her breath, moaning with the agony of absolute ecstasy. She had never experienced anything like this before, and she felt she was in heaven. She desperately needed to win this conflict, but she also did not want the pleasure to end. Suddenly, Valustriana reached down, past their rippling bellies, and seized Lorena’s bouncing left tit. Valustriana squeezed the nipple hard. Lorena’s eyes shot open.

“FUCK! Oh, FUCK!” Lorena cried. A wave of sheer ecstasy rippled through her body, flowing like a sharp spear out of her tit and into her clit, adding to the unbearable tensions already suffusing her being. The intense sensations wracking her body suddenly became even more unendurable. Lorena screamed out, struggling to maintain control of her building orgasm. She instantly retaliated, reaching down the length of their warring bodies and seizing Valustriana’s massive, bouncing brown jug, squeezing the hard nipple. Valustriana threw back her head and howled.

“CUNT! FUCKING CUNT!” she shrieked, her cries quickly becoming sobs of unbearable pleasure. “God, oh God…,” Valustriana sobbed, desperately trying to regain her concentration and detachment before her body was overwhelmed by the orgasmic sensations. Her cunt blazed even hotter, her swollen clit expanded even more, locking ever more tightly with Lorena’s monstrous sex horn, which grew to match it. Valustriana pulled herself up and grabbed both of Lorena’s massive, throbbing tits; she squeezed hard, sinking her fingers into the glowing golden orbs, which were hard with tension and arousal. Lorena instantly reciprocated, sinking her claws into Valustriana’s massive olive-hued tits, rubbing the steel-hard nipples with her palms. The women screamed and howled as new ecstasy was inflicted on their already overwhelmed bodies.

Continuing to squeeze each other’s massive tits, Lorena and Valustriana now pulled each other up towards the other. They stopped grinding their hips and turned their attention to their tits. They pulled their trembling torsos together. With a groan of lust, the women pushed their beautiful tits together. They wrapped their arms around the other’s back and slowly, carefully, sobbing with joy, Valustriana and Lorena forced their steel-hard nipples together, and pushed them back into the other’s areola, fighting the electric current of raw pleasure that rippled through their tits and ended in their aching clits. They groaned and, still scissor-locked and immersed in the other woman’s burning cunt, the two Amazons began another slow, hard titfight. They worked the muscles of their backs and abdomens as they ground their tits into one mass of sensation. They pressed their noses and foreheads together as, their eyes half-closed from the pleasure, they gazed into each other, each wanting to see the moment of her enemy’s defeat. Wave after wave of burning pleasure cascaded through their bodies as their tits, harder and stronger yet more sensitive than ever, caught and held and almost exploded.

“Do you feel me, you cunt?” Lorena whispered at Valustriana, her lips brushing those of the dark-haired beauty. “Do you feel my clit crushing yours, my tits smashing yours flat?”

“I feel you, you slut,” Valustriana whispered back, hoarsely. “Do you feel me? Do you feel my cunt eating yours?”

The women pressed even closer, legs spread wide, their cunts still sucked and merged and sealed tightly into one, their delicious clits twisted into an unbreakable knot. Hard tits, throbbing with heat and engorged with sexual power, slowly, agonizingly crushed each other back, the taut titflesh merging, hard nipples and areolas burning with aching pleasure.

Lorena felt the terrible orgasm that she had been holding back gradually bubbling up. She knew that she could not hold out much longer. She needed to consume Valustriana, she needed to force her enemy over the edge. With a groan, she forced her luscious mouth onto Valustriana’s, driving her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Valustriana eagerly kissed back, and they were soon embroiled in an all-out kissfight, pushing their tongues and mouths as deeply together as possible, occasionally jerking their hips to add extra pressure to their entwined clits as the battle raged on. Their powerful muscles trembled with the growing, pre-orgasmic tension.

Valustriana sucked and bit at Lorena’s mouth, lost in the delicious sensations of fighting tongue to tongue with her foe. Every inch of her body was on fire. Constant electricity coursed through her body from her burning pussy, her aching tits were alive with voluptuous sensations. This epic fuckfight was a dream come true for Valustriana; she had never before encountered a woman as sexually powerful as Lorena, and the challenge posed by the blonde had forced Valustriana’s magnificent sex to rise to its full power. Still, even as their bodies struggled to consume each other, as every inch of her skin and womanhood locked itself in mortal combat with every inch of Lorena’s womanhood, Valustriana knew that the end was near. Her body had taken incredible pleasure for so long, but she could feel the pleasure and tension reaching the limits of her power to resist. She and Lorena grunted, moaned and occasionally screamed into each other’s mouths as the battle raged on, but their cries grew increasingly desperate and strained.

Valustriana suddenly reached up, grabbed a handful of Lorena’s golden hair, and pulled the Amazon’s head back with a sharp jerk, breaking their kiss. The unexpected movement caused Lorena to gasp. Valustriana pulled Lorena’s hair even harder, trying to pull the blonde far enough back to relieve some of the pressure on their compressed tits; at the same time, she arched her back, pulling herself slightly away from their tit to tit confrontation, slapping their naked bellies together. She rubbed her belly ring into Lorena’s, and then quickly put her plan in action. With her free left hand, she reached down and cupped Lorena’s right tit and pushed the hard, taut golden orb up towards her mouth, away from its burning battle with Valustriana’s breast. Valustriana locked her mouth around the coffee-colored nipple; she sucked hard, and bit, devouring as much of the salty, sweat slicked tit as she could.

Lorena’s eyes opened wide and she shrieked. “GOD, Oh, Fuck!” She had not expected this new, incredibly devastating attack. As Valustriana sucked her aching tit, she felt the beginnings of an unbearable orgasm starting to ripple in her belly. The delicious sensation of her hard, sensitive tit being sucked and eaten by her beautiful foe was just too much to bear. A spike of pure ecstasy was burning directly from the engorged nipple caught between Valustriana’s teeth and Lorena’s swollen clit. But Lorena refused to go down alone. She quickly seized Valustriana’s right tit, still locked to her left, and lowered her head to the dark-skinned orb. She groaned with pleasure as she sank her teeth into the taut flesh, as she sucked on the salty nipple, as she used her tongue to caress the areola. Valustriana howled into Lorena’s tit; the two Amazons now found themselves knotted around each other, sucking at the other’s tit, jerking their powerful hips, crushing their entwined clits, their cunts sucked together in an unbreakable bond.

The two beauties feasted on each other, but it was Lorena who finally came first. Her burning body, forced to endure so much pleasure, finally exploded. The orgasm roared up from her clit and exploded out of every pore on her body, a nuclear blast of raw ecstasy. Lorena shrieked into Valustriana’s tit, her eyes streamed with tears of pleasure, she tried to hold on and continue her sucking attack on her enemy’s burning breast, but it was finally too much.

“FUCK, oh FUCK!” she screamed, as she released Valustriana’s tit and found her hips jerking uncontrollably. Her spasms sent shockwaves of pleasure through Valustriana’s clit, and the dark-haired beauty gasped, inadvertently freeing Lorena’s tit from her mouth. Lorena screamed and fell flat onto her back on the bed. Her back arched and her powerful, muscled body began to buck with ecstasy as unbearable pleasure began to blast through her. Lorena’s bucking had a devastating effect on Valustriana. Their clits still twisted together, the blonde’s jerking hips and pumping ass subjected her enemy’s clit to a series of irresistible pulses of pleasure. Valustriana hardly had a moment to savor her victory before she was claimed by an excruciating orgasm.

“Oh, GOD!” Valustriana howled, and fell back on to the bed. The women were joined tightly at their cunts, sucked and sealed together. Their incredible bodies jerked and heaved, their massive tits rocked with passion, their beautiful legs thrashed with the need for release. As her orgasm exploded, Lorena’s belly rippled as she pumped hot cum into Valustriana’s vaginal canal; moments later, Valustriana began pumping back, as her own orgasm claimed her.

As they writhed together, Lorena began driving her cunt into Valustriana’s, determined to continue the fuckfight even through their orgasmic explosions. She continued grinding her clit with Valustriana’s equally engorged sex, forcing devastating orgasms out of her foe. Valustriana thrust back with equal power and passion, and the two battling beauties began fucking frantically, pulling orgasm after orgasm out of their enemy, rocking and bucking and working their bodies as hard into each other as they could. Lorena braced her right hand on the wall above the bed and sank her left hand fingers into the surface of the bed, using her leverage to drive against Valustriana’s thrusting cunt; Valustriana sank her claws into the mattress and thrust back with all of her strength. The women screamed and snarled at each other; their wet, hard bodies slapped together rhythmically as they fucked to the end.

As they fought, Lorena shrieked out her rage and lust. “You whore, you CUNT! I’ll break you, I’ll fuck you blind!”

“FUCKING SLUT!” Valustriana screamed back. “I’m going to break you, I’m going to… Oh, GOD!” she howled, as yet another orgasm took her.

Lorena and Valustriana kept writhing together, arching their backs and pumping their asses, driving their hips, keeping their over stimulated clits grinding together. The women screamed and cried, moans and gasps of pleasure spilling from their mouths. On and on the fuckfight raged, neither woman willing or able to surrender both determined to fight to the end. Now that the dam had burst on their orgasms, neither woman could keep from suffering through one devastating orgasmic explosion after another, each more intense than the one before. They fought on, their vaginal juices and hot sweat soaking their bodies, their powerful muscles filling with tension then collapsing in a constant cycle of ecstatic release. The aroma of aroused womanhood, of hot sex and sweet sweat filled the room. Their cries and moans rose in intensity as they fucked wave after wave of unbridled ecstasy out of each other.

“You bitch, you cunt, I’ll fight you forever, I’ll fight you… give it to me, give me everything,” Lorena moaned as she continued pumping her body into her foe, grinding her throbbing clit into its counterpart, fighting and fucking with all of her will.

“Bitch, dirty bitch…,” Valustriana groaned, thrusting back with all of her strength. “My cunt will eat yours, I swear it, I’ll fuck you until you can’t walk, you whore, you cunt…”

As the sheer ecstasy built higher and higher, it became more and more difficult for the pleasure-engorged women to breathe or talk. They panted furiously, desperately trying to hold on to consciousness as unbearable sensations filled their bodies to overflowing, as their warring flesh melted into one writhing mass of beautiful muscle, grinding hips and rocking tits. Finally, the most powerful mutual orgasm yet blasted its way through the battling warriors, driving a spike of pure pleasure up through their exhausted bodies and causing Lorena and Valustriana to buck hard, throw back their heads, lift their asses high off the bed, their arms behind them to brace them up, holding each other in excruciating tension as the orgasm detonated in every part of their bodies with unbelievable intensity.

“YES, OH GOD, YES!” Valustriana shrieked.

“FUCK, FUCK, YES!” Lorena howled.

The women breathed in hitching gasps as their incredible bodies locked and strained, trying hard to merge, rolling waves of incredible sensation electrifying every inch of their sweat-soaked flesh. Their tits quivered as the women held each other, eyes wide with the shock of unbearable pleasure. Hot cum practically exploded out of both women, filling their overwhelmed vaginas, trickling from their joined pussies and down their ass cracks to drop down to the soaked bed.

With a groan, Lorena passed out, finally pushed to the end of her sexual endurance. Valustriana collapsed only a moment later, her body following Lorena’s back down to the bed. Valustriana struggled to hold onto consciousness, her hard clit throbbing with Lorena’s, their sex nubs trapped together within their sealed cunts.

Valustriana gasped, and tried to push away from Lorena. Their massive clits were still entwined, however, and their cunts remained sucked together. Valustriana lacked the strength to disentangle herself from Lorena. She was exhausted, more so than she could ever remember being. She had never been so thoroughly fucked before in her life, and she was too spent to celebrate or revel in her victory. She had won – she had succeeded in fucking her incredible enemy into unconsciousness. But now she was too tired to do anything else. With a final gasp, she joined her defeated foe in an exhausted slumber.


Several hours later, the women were dragged out of their exhausted sleep by the sound of the communication alarm.

“Captain, please report to the bridge, Captain to the bridge,” requested a tinny voice over the ship’s intercom system.

Lorena groaned, throwing her right arm over her head, fighting to regain consciousness. “Computer,” she ordered. “Yes, Captain,” replied the ship’s computer.

“Put me in communication with the bridge,” Lorena said, clearing her throat as she realized how dry it was.

In a moment, communication was established. “This is the captain. Status report.”

“Sir, we’re now out of the Azari system and ready to make the jump to hyperspace,” reported the first officer.

“Fine, do so without me. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Lorena groaned again. She felt completely spent, but also strangely elated. She had never been involved in such an incredible fuckfight in her life; she had never been so thoroughly and completely fucked by another woman before. Valustriana had proven herself to be a truly incredible enemy.

The alarm had awoken Valustriana who now, with groan, pulled her spent body away from Lorena’s. Valustriana pulled herself up and sat kneeling, her legs folded under her, facing Lorena. Lorena pulled herself to a sitting position to face the TGO agent. The women contemplated each other, raw hatred intermingled with burning lust. They eyed the other’s perfect body. Their tits were raw from the constant friction, but still beautiful and glowing with sexual power; their cunts were reddened, but otherwise every bit as hot and hungry as when the battle had first started.

“I won our encounter, Captain,” Valustriana said, a tight smile of lust lighting on her face. “I believe that decides which of us is in charge.”

“Hardly,” Lorena said grimly. “I don’t accept that you won. Neither of us won. It was a draw.”

Valustriana snarled. “I fucked your brains out, you bitch. You passed out –how can that be a draw?”

Lorena snarled back, angrily. “If I passed out, you certainly didn’t take advantage of it. You were just as unconscious as me. That’s a draw. If you think that I’m taking direct orders from a cunt like you, you’re insane. We agreed that we fought until one of us can’t go on. As far as I’m concerned, I can still go on, right now.”

The women glared at each other but, at the same time, the heat between their legs began to grow. Both women had experienced absolute sexual ecstasy with the other, and both were eager to begin the battle again, to fight and fuck for as long as it took to establish dominance between them.

Valustriana smiled, hunger and lust blazing in her eyes. “Then we’ll have to have another discussion about the command structure on this ship, Captain. I suggest that you leave orders that we not be disturbed. This is going to take some time.”

Lorena smiled back, and then issued the order to her bridge crew. The heat between her legs had become a furnace, and her massive clit was already beginning to re-emerge. Her beautiful golden tits were hardening with arousal. She could see the same signs of lust appearing on Valustriana’s perfect body.

The two women moved toward each other, beautiful chests heaving with lust and anticipation, hot pussies already starting to drip with arousal. Lorena and Valustriana locked eyes and reached for each other. The battle for domination, to prove who the Alpha bitch was, began again.

The End