By TCC56

Miranda and Gale were two hot-blooded amazons whose hate for each other kept them on the brink of an explosive confrontation between their aggressive sensualities. Strong, gorgeous, and in their mid-thirties, both females worked at a leading sales agency and enjoyed annoying one another on a daily basis. Miranda competed almost viciously with Gale for all the important accounts, and since both women were big and muscular, the wrangling between them quickly became much more personal and intimate. Each woman was confident that she could defeat her rival and it didn't take long before both sullen amazons deliberately challenged each other's rugged sensuality whenever they found themselves alone together.

Miranda, proud to be known as the top bitch at work, was an arrogant redheaded woman at her sexual prime. At 6'3" with 225 pounds of pure muscle, she was an intimidating powerhouse of seductive femininity. She kept her imperious beauty well hidden under the professional look of expensive business suits while sporting a pair of fashionable eyeglasses to frame her dark brown eyes. She boasted wide powerful shoulders with formidable arms, an attention grabbing 44-inch chest, slender waist, and always wore dark hued nylons with spiked heels to further emphasize the long curves of her muscular legs. Her unconquered pussy was always on the lookout for other dominant females to fight with, but other women worthy of her size were a rarity.

Gale was nearly as big as Miranda. Her brawny body boasted a similar pair of respectably sized 42D tits on a solidly built, 220-pound body. Her 6'2" tall body, although muscular as well, kept its voluptuous curves in perfect proportion. Her thick nipples were always hard from the constant bouncing of her big, D-cup tits and she loved showing off her monolithic stature with extremely tight dresses, which infuriated Miranda. Her smooth elegant legs, packed with feminine muscle, looked as if they were sculptured from Roman marble and glistened provocatively from the sheen of her luxurious pantyhose. Her auburn locks were loosely curled in a designed arrangement to enhance her authoritarian nature yet still contributed to her sensuality. Like Miranda, an untamed femininity lay hidden just underneath the fabric of her business-like manner, but, when it was aroused, it was an unstoppable force. Being so big, Gale found it all too easy to defeat other jealous females that stood between her and success. Yet a showdown with Miranda, the reigning office queen, suddenly became an exciting challenge and her crotch grew surprisingly moist. Now more than ever, Gale became determined to lock up, woman to woman, with the big redhead and fight for the position of top bitch.

Their showdown came on a late Friday afternoon in the executive washroom after a long and arduous proposal meeting in front of top management. Wearing showy outfits, the two redheads desperately tried to outdo one another to gain full attention from their bosses. Their smoldering hate for each other became obvious as the two amazons exchanged murderous looks of pure jealousy during their proposals. The senior vice-president of the firm, a mature and sensuous woman, was well aware of Miranda's reputation and recognized the hostility flowing between both competing rivals. She squirmed in her chair, squeezing her rich thighs together while excitement hardened her old clit. As Gale spoke, Miranda easily distracted the men's attention from her by thrusting out her tight silky blouse, showing plenty of her D-cup cleavage. She smiled challengingly as Gale's ire flashed from her green eyes and welded solidly onto Miranda's. Not to be outdone, Gale proudly stood in front of the conference and arched her back, displaying her own deep cleavage under the plunging neckline of her dress for all to see. All eyes were now on Gale as Miranda's manicured nails strummed aggressively on the table with frustration. Gale ignored her rival's tapping talons but couldn't resist shooting back a ferocious glare that clearly made Miranda's clit tingle with anger and excitement.

The meeting dragged on, and Miranda and Gale intensified their silent taunts until their pulsing cunts burned with a savage desire to fight each other. Jealous waves of hate flowed from their heaving chests straight down into their stirring clits, gradually swelling both of them into oversized buds of angry flesh. When it was Miranda's turn to present her proposal, Gale seductively teased her by slowly dragging a long red nail tip up the length of her silken thigh and shamelessly stroked her throbbing, lace-covered cunt. As Gale continued with her lewd display, both corporate giants felt a shudder of rage course through their bodies, becoming strangely turned on the more their anger grew. Miranda was now completely consumed by both excitement and fury and hastily ended her presentation. She didn't care now whether or not she would win the account; she just needed to get at this big arrogant bitch, and needed to get at her right now.

The meeting finally came to an end and as people gradually left the room, Miranda and Gale silently glared at each other's powerful bodies and flexing muscles. Miranda broke off their eye contact and stalked off to the ladies room, hot from Gale's lewd taunts. Splashing cool water on her face and neck, Miranda heard the door open, followed by the familiar click of Gale's spiked heels approaching from behind. Miranda looked at her enemy's reflection in the mirror and slowly undid the top two buttons of her blouse as her arms and legs flexed, ready for battle. She sprinkled a few more drops of water into her heaving cleavage and turned around to face the red-haired creature standing behind her.

"I'm tired of your slutty arrogance, Miranda." Gale grumbled, stomping her spiked heel down in a threatening manner. "How dare you think that you're better than me?"

Miranda just smiled and moved up closer to her beautiful foe. "So what are you going to do about it, bitch!"

Gale was finding it harder to contain her fury and she glared at the other redhead menacingly. "You don't scare me, bitch! It's about time someone taught you some manners."

Miranda's smiling face became twisted with anger. "Are you threatening me?"

"You fucking know I am, Miss Soon to be Dethroned Office Queen!" Gale fired back.

The two office amazons stood eyeball to eyeball, letting loose their raging jealousy while the lush outlines of their heaving breasts almost touched. Their quarreling voices began to echo off the ceramic walls as the levels of battle-lust increased dramatically between them. Gale's powerful leg muscles flexed and bulged with fiery eagerness to slide and coil with Miranda's, confident that her legs would crush Miranda in a fight for superiority. Miranda suddenly became silent. Her dampened tits expanded excitedly inside her tight bra as she found it impossible to ignore Gale's powerful beauty. Her nipples expanded and quickly became noticeable under her blouse.

"You do have a gorgeous body," Miranda noted, "but you don't look strong enough to beat mine!"

That was the signal Gale was waiting to hear. Without saying a word, she removed her jewelry and tossed it on the counter beside them. She unbuttoned her silk blouse right in front of Miranda's wide brown eyes and with hands on hips, threw out her impressive chest and waited for her enemy's reaction. Miranda calmly removed her glasses, and placed them folded on the counter's edge. She paused for a moment as a confident smile touched her lips, and then slowly she raised a hand to unwind her fragrant auburn mane. Gale's eyebrows rose with interest as she watched the other woman's nipples swell into thick pegs inside a petite, D-cup brassiere. She felt her own nipples spring up in response to Miranda's muscular beauty and moved in closer. Four rock hard nipples aimed at angrily each other, the protruding outlines hinted their impressive size, as both competitors readied themselves for battle. The intimate tension radiating from Miranda and Gale became unbearable as the raging beasts of their sexuality drooled with sexual hunger to devour one another completely.

With cries of lustful hate filling the tiled room, the two corporate giants lunged at each other with their long red nails extended to rip into each other. Their massive bodies thumped together with explosive force. Miranda and Gale each grabbed a handful of the other's metallic red hair and pulled viciously, while their silk-veiled breasts flattened completely against one another. As the two women wrestled and staggered together, their spiked heels stamped in protest of the pain being inflicted by their head-snapping hair pulls. Strands of brassy hair came away in Gale's clamped fists while Miranda mercilessly yanked hard on her rival's coifed hair. The two screeched with pain and tried to knee each other in the groin. Suddenly, Miranda felt Gale's manicured nails scraping down the sides of her face and she quickly released her hair-hold to brutally push Gale away. Gale's sweaty face was filled with both lust and fury as she regained her balance and sprang forward. Both women knew that their bitch-fight had only just begun.

With a sharp cry, Miranda launched a barrage of vicious slaps, hitting Gale's face with savagery. The stunned Amazon staggered back from the painful blow, but she came back swinging with a few stinging slaps of her own, each one burning an imprint of her hand on Miranda's smooth cheek. Swearing loudly at each other, both determined women declared war upon each other's beautiful face and the slap-fight now turned ugly. Arms swung wildly in the air as both big women were consumed with blind rage, yet the increasing pain only seemed to turn both women on. A definite wetness was forming between their sturdy thighs with each painful slap, and their whimpered grunts began to sound clearly sexual. Overheated crotches tightened with sexual desire, as their evenly matched feminine muscles demanded closer body contact. Stinging with pain, their brutal facial attacks slowed to a stop, as their arms grew tired and heavy. Miranda's face was streaked with tears but she quickly wrapped her beefy arms around Gale's buxom body and crushed their immense cleavages together. Gale squealed out in painful delight. This was what she wanted all afternoon and her clit tingled fiercely as they crashed into one of the bathroom stalls. Now confined in a smaller space, Miranda quickly reached behind Gale and shoved the locking bolt of the closed door firmly in place.

"Now you're going to wish that you never fucked with me, you stupid bitch!" Miranda growled.

"Fuck you Miranda! I can take anything that you can dish out, and more!" Gale said, wiping the sweat from her face.

Gale and Miranda were breathing heavily. Gale leaned against the hard surface of one of the walls and softly rubbed her reddened face. A wanton tension slowly filled the cramped void between and both women smiled challengingly at one another as they slowly raised their skirts.

"Get a good look honey," Gale teased. "These legs of mine will soon have you begging for mercy."

Miranda felt her pulse quicken while her brown eyes gazed at the lacy panties hugging Gale's prominent cunt. Miranda moved closer and let their strong legs touch each other inside the cramped space of the locked stall.

"You talk a lot, let's see some action, cunt." Miranda snapped.

Firm, sensuous leg muscles rippled together, separated only by a silky skin of dark nylons, while both women brushed away their disheveled hairdos. Covered with a thin sheen of sweat, they ripped open their expensive blouses, buttons flying off in all directions, and threw them carelessly down to the tiled floor. Poised for battle, their enraged nipples were completely erect as they poked through D-cupped bras, letting each rival know just how big her sexual weapons were.

"Think your nipples are strong enough to fight mine?" Gale asked in a low voice.

"I know they are, because they're bigger!" Miranda answered confidently.

With a lustful growl, Gale seized her arrogant opponent with a rib cracking bearhug. Both sweaty chests crashed into each other as the two amazons wrestled and twisted in their cage-like confinement. Miranda's firm ass crashed into one wall while Gale's solid ass flesh slammed into the opposite wall as they threw each other around. Hard female muscle collided with hard female muscle as the enraged women now tore away each other's bras, and hungrily mashed their naked mammaries against one another. Miranda's stiff pink nipples rubbed and tangled with her rival's engorged pair, and she squealed with excitement as their huge nipples battled for dominance. Locked in each other's strong arms, Gale's swelled breasts felt like they were going to explode with pleasure as she pushed harder and harder against her rival's muscular flesh. Meanwhile, Miranda felt Gale's smooth nylons rubbing deliciously against her own as their thighs strained together.

Oh god! Miranda thought, this is better than I ever imagined! She felt her massive body shake with furious passion and with each naked thrust of Gale's massive tits, Miranda lifted her big thigh up higher to raise Gale's tight skirt. Gale now lifted her sturdy leg up and sensuously slid it down the length of Miranda's long legs. Suddenly, both women opened their thighs and welcomed their enemy's raised leg into their warm crotch. Miranda's skirt was up around her waist as their muscular thighs rubbed together, creating erotic whispers of nylon sliding against nylon. The sexual heat between the two amazons was volcanic and their crimsoned lips quivered slightly as solid thighs caressed excited cunt mounds.

Miranda leaned in close to Gale's face, nipping at her glistening lips. "That's it, bitch," she hissed. "Get me nice and ready for your cunt!"

Gale trembling lips snarled against her rival's angry face, "My big clit is ready for yours right now, slut!"

Miranda shoved out her pelvis at Gale. "Then show me that nice big cunt of yours, let's see if it's as strong as it looks."

"Only if you show me yours, you big cunt fucker!" Gale answered back with a powerful pelvic thrust of her own.

"You're on babe!" Miranda replied. "My sex against yours!"

Miranda rammed her pelvis forward at the same time Gale drove hers forward and both hissed when the moist patches of their panties rubbed roughly together. Gale shuddered and hunched her strong ass in; grinding her hot cunt across Miranda's while their tingling nipples crushed against one another. The hot friction of pantyhose to pantyhose made muffled erotic sounds while the luxurious material started to snag and rip apart. The two redheads were slowly destroying each other's thin, silky hosiery as they viciously fucked their hips together. Wanting a naked pussy-fight, both big women hastily ripped open gaping holes in each other's nylon covered crotches and roughly tore off their delicate panties. Suddenly, they felt their pulses quicken with wide-eyed excitement. Both of their mounds were completely covered with a dense and tangled growth of dark red pubic hair, already matted with their sex juices, but what held their uncontrollable gaze was the immense growth of their feminine power tensing excitedly between glistening labia lips. Their giant clits matched each other in size, pulsing rhythmically and fully charged for battle as both women stroked themselves through the tangled riot of their wiry pubic hair. Gale and Miranda each felt a trembling wave of envy as they stood close together, breathing unevenly, as their opposing pussies grew wetter in aroused fury with each passing second.

"I see that your clit is as big as mine." Miranda breathed. "Let's see how well you can fight with it."

Smoothing her lush tangle of red pubic down, Gale glared at her hated rival and prepared herself for what she was sure would be the greatest fight of her career. The air in the small stall was filled with the acrid mix of sweat and female lust. Both Miranda and Gale smiled nervously, pausing for a moment to breathe in the heady aroma. Even with inches separating the two, both women could feel the coarse red hair of her enemy's cunt already lacing with her own. The thought of their giant clits clashing together with enraged passion fueled their hunger for a frenzied sexfight. With low growls of raw lust, the beautiful amazons drew closer together, proudly arching out their erect clits just before their bodies lurched together in a thunderous body slam. Miranda rammed her thick carpet of red fur directly into her rival's steaming pussy while she and Gale sunk their sharp claws into each other's supple ass flesh. Hard, churning muscles in each woman's beautiful ass rippled with furious effort as the rivals humped into each other's cunt with furious need. Miranda moaned huskily as she crushed her hot tits against Gale, while Gale's hard stomach pressed tightly against Miranda's equally hard midriff. Their snarling mouths threatened one another through clenched teeth as their grinding cunts and oversized clits wantonly stoked each other's flaming battle-lust.

"Are you getting nice and stiff thinking about me, Miranda?" Gale asked.

"You're the one with the stiff clit, honey." Miranda answered, almost calmly.

The snarls of hatred were gone, replaced with whispered gasps and moans, as their oversized clits slashed into each other's hairy cunt, fucking each other with grinding ecstasy. Miranda's strong legs buckled and she groaned loudly, feeling her swollen vaginal lips press flat against Gale's with an almost audible hiss. She cried out with uncontrollable lust and abruptly kissed Gale with violent passion. They screamed their erotic rage into each other's mouth as rock hard clit became fully fused to rock hard clit. Tangled red cunt hair ground together painfully from the brutal poundings of two females fucking each other, knowing that the end was near for one of them. Strong hands gripped flexing asses as they continued to exchange strong pelvic blows to each other's hairy vulva, both seeking for the devastating moment when her giant clit would trigger her enemy's pussy into a mind-shattering orgasm first.

"Fuck me!" Gale demanded in a ragged voice as she tore her lips free. "Fuck my big cunt harder, you slutty bitch!"

"My fat clit will destroy yours soon, Gale!" Miranda moaned back as she pussy-punched her foe.

Finally the end came, and both sexy brutes stiffened in each other's muscular arms. They automatically locked their mouths together with a violent, lip-chewing kiss as their shuddering clits clashed and rubbed each other in orgasmic combat. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through each woman's big body as they sobbed uncontrollably while their cunt mounds pounded into one another. Their sweat slick bodies heaved and jerked with repeated spasms as they kept stabbing their bursting clits into each other's hunching pussy. Gale screamed uncontrollably with exhaustion, as her cum-flooded cunt grew sore against Miranda's attacking pussy. Their mixed sex juices smeared and covered their knitted cunt hair as they smashed back and forth into the metal walls of the tiny stall. Gale began to lose consciousness and whimpered as Miranda laughed wickedly in her ear. Tears of defeat flowed down her cheeks as Gale succumbed to her hated enemy's triumphant clit. With a final victory grind, Miranda released her pussy hold on Gale, letting the defeated red head crumple slowly to the tiled floor. Mustering what strength she had left, Miranda unlocked the stall door and gathered her clothes. She cupped her still tensing pussy mound and left the bathroom, knowing sooner or later that they would fight again.