NEW FIGHT (True Story) - Part 2


The two hellcats cautiously approached one another with their hands out. As they got within reach, they jostled for a grip on each other's arms. Dana quickly buried her hands in Lisa's hair and nearly yanked her head off of her shoulders. Lisa didn't waste anytime attacking either. She immediately grabbed Dana's soft small breasts and easily encompassing each with one hand, she grabbed tightly and twisted.

"Holy SHIT!" yelped Dana, instantly reacting by grabbing Lisa's wrists. Lisa smirked and twisted harder, forcing Dana to her knees. Dana's face was contorted in pain as she desperately tried to pry Lisa's claws from her tits.

"Wanna quit?" Lisa taunted.

Dana's eyes were filled with pain. Her curly hair fell into her face as it flushed with pain. Dana desperately shot her hands up to Lisa's big globes and dug her long red nails in to the fleshy orbs. Lisa grunted and tightened her grip for a moment, leaving even deeper welts on Dana's breasts. Dana remained on her knees in front of Lisa. Suddenly, Lisa switched tactics, grabbing Dana's hair with one hand and yanking her head back. Dana's muscles strained as Lisa manipulated her body. The big breasted girl took her free hand and punched Dana in the head--I think actually trying to punch her in the face. Dana rapidly covered up as Lisa pushed her backwards and she fell over--Lisa had landed about five or six punches. Dana curled up in a ball as she fell to the ground and Lisa kicked her back several times, eliciting an "Ow! Ow! Ow!" from Dana's muffled voice.

Dana uncurled herself and scrambled up to her feet, or at least she tried as Lisa chased after her, hitting her in the back and shoving her forward, my wife's momentum carrying her into the wall of the room.

Lisa stood back smiling, hands on hips as Dana turned around, flushed, facing her.

I was rooting hard for Dana to get back in the fight, but I was worried that she had already been intimidated. She cautiously moved forward as Lisa stood her ground, licking her lipstick coated lips with her wet tongue. "You done yet, skank?" Lisa inquired again.

Dana shook her head as she advanced slowly, with her hands up. Lisa closed the distance confidently.

The two grappled and initially Dana got Lisa into the beginnings of a headlock but Lisa was strong and she was able to flip things around and she ended up with Dana on the ground underneath her and in a headlock instead. Lisa quickly grabbed a hold of Dana's right tit again, twisting it, producing yelps from my wife. One of Dana's hands was buried in Lisa's hair and the other was groping vainly at her breast and stomach. Lisa pinched her nipple and tugged violently on it, stretching it out into a deformed state.

Dana desperately pulled on Lisa's long hair, without eliciting much of a response as Lisa occasionally slammed punches into her face and head. Then Dana switched tactics, reaching down and pinching the inside of Lisa's thigh. Lisa screamed, and jumped up releasing Dana. Dana quickly tried to get to her feet, unfortunately not quick enough because while she was on all fours, Lisa swung a big kick right into her face. I grimaced as Dana's head snapped back and she wailed, rolling to her back clutching her nose, screaming "Bitch!!" as she rocked back and forth.

Lisa chuckled, prancing around my battered wife. "You shouldn't play when you're outclassed, you dumb cunt." Lisa chided.

Lisa got down on her knees next to Dana and grabbed her labia, pulling on it viciously. Dana screeched. She twisted harder. Dana writhed and kicked in agony, one of her spasms caused her leg to slam into Lisa's back, encouraging her to get up and move for a moment, leaving Dana writhing on the floor as Lisa walked off the kick in the back. When Lisa turned back, Dana was on her knees and getting up. Dana's face was flushed and her thick eyeliner had streaked down her face, but her nose wasn't bleeding. Lisa's face was flushed from the heat of exertion. The two came together again, exchanging wild swings of their arms, turning their heads away and then their bodies contacted. They wrapped up in a mutual bearhug and then stumbled about the room with one of them trying to tackle the other. Dana succeeded in taking Lisa down, but Lisa quickly rolled on top of my wife, entwining her legs into Dana's and driving her pelvis into Dana's as well. Dana struggled beneath her foe as strong legs and pussy did battle with each other and both fighters began to moan and gasp as they thrust towards one another grimacing in pain with each contact. The fight lasted a few more moments before Dana again caved at Lisa's attack, yelping and moaning as Lisa was able to slide up onto her and straddle her stomach. Lisa bounced once before Dana was able to flip onto her belly. Lisa sat on the small of Dana's back and bounced brutally, chuckling as she did so...then she forced her hand between Dana's ass cheeks and her legs.

I winced, Dana tried to flail, and Lisa smirked. Trouble was about to arrive.

To be continued...