Danita was icing her tits down when I got to her dressing room. I could hear Heidi throwing things and having a complete temper-tantrum in her own room, much the way Danita had after her loss. She looked at me and said, let's go back to the hotel, I need to regroup before tomorrow's finale. She gingerly slipped into her dress, fixed up her hair. Notified the organizer and we left, only to return at 1:00 am again the next night.

The scene was similar again when we were escorted through to the back room, for her part tonight though, Danita was wearing leather pants and a leather string bikini top and she looked fantastic.

When we got there this time though, Heidi wasn't there yet. She walked in a few minutes after us with considerable fanfare. She was wearing a red mini-dress that was evidently too small for her, as her rack was popping out even as she walked in the room. She smiled at me and gave Danita the finger as she entered her dressing room. The one thing that stunned me was that even after last night's brutal conflict, neither girl looked as if they had been involved in anything more than a beauty pageant.

Apparently the bad blood between the two women had been noted by the organizers and they had clarified the rules so that no attacks would be permitted to the head or face. Both women had agreed although for Danita, in some respects, her tits and her crotch were as important to her as her face.

It was what seemed like an eternity before everyone was ready for the rubber match. Danita was out first, and the only other change in the rules was that both fighters had agreed to drop the plan for the initial "tit-fight" part and just go at each other with the catfight, with tit attacks of course allowed.

Danita strutted out, completely naked, playing to the crowd. She looked great. I think I was the only one who could notice any blemishes on her perfect tits. Her bountiful chest bounced gently as she paraded down to the fighting area. The crowd cheered.

Heidi soon followed. A bit more flamboyant, but perhaps a bit more intense and subdued than last night. She was clearly here for a fight. The two women stood tit to tit in the center of the fighting area for the "stare down." Their nipples barely brushed one another as the two stood face to face.

"You better know a good plastic surgeon, bitch..." whispered Heidi.

"Mine are real, you bionic whore..." retorted Danita.

"Doesn't matter to me, you loser, I'm gonna rip them to pieces either way and if you ever want to be thought of as a woman again in public, you're gonna want somebody to repair them..."

"Whatever you cheap tramp, you got lucky in the first round as I showed you in the second... We'll see who's whimpering and begging for mercy at the end here..." answered Danita...

Suddenly, Heidi leaned in, grabbed Danita's face with her hands and like Michael and Fredo in Godfather II, planted a kiss of death on Danita's lips. In this case though, Danita opened her mouth and the two French-kissed for several seconds before the 'ref' pulled them apart. Heidi was smirking as she wiped the lipstick from her lips and moved back to her side of the ring.

The fight was on. The crowd cheered and the two women went at one another with a vengeance. They instantly grabbed each other's hair and yanked viciously, stumbling about the ring bent at the waist pulling and cursing at each other, hanging on to their opponent by their long hair. They both stood, shortening their grips and slamming their bodies into one another. They ground their sexy bodies on each other, driving their thighs between their opponent's legs as they switched to a mutual bear hug...Tit flesh oozed from between them as they both started to groan.

Heidi grunted with sudden exertion as she hauled Danita off her feet. Danita shrieked as Heidi lifted her off the ground, my ferocious fighter releasing her grip on her opponent as Heidi slammed her to the floor. Danita moaned but quickly got to all fours and tried to scramble away to get back to her feet. Heidi had different plans though, slamming her foot into Danita's back and forcing her back down. She stomped several times on Danita's back while she lay prone. Then Heidi paused and Danita moved to get up again, quickly achieving all fours and this time, as she scrambled on her hands and knees, Heidi attacked with a vicious kick to her tits. And then another and then another as Danita's face contorted with pain and she screamed with anguish, flipping on to her back clutching her wounded chest.

Once again I found myself worried.

Heidi continued on the offensive, picking up Danita's long tanned legs and preparing to stomp her exposed crotch. Danita though was not out of this fight yet and she freed her foot from Heidi's grasp and slammed her own kick into the arrogant youngster's exposed crotch...

Heidi gasped and stumbled back.

Danita got to her feet and grabbed Heidi by the shoulders, slamming several knee lifts into her wounded crotch. Heidi wailed, stumbling backwards clutching her wounded womanhood. Danita took a moment to catch her breath as Heidi pulled herself to her feet.

The two went back at one another, this time latching on to their foe's tits.

Like taffy, they pulled and stretched their opponent's tits, both squealing and moaning in pain, their faces twisted as they hissed and cursed at each other.

They worked each other over, leaving deep welts and scratches on each other's tits pulling each other forward and back until they were both bent at the waist gasping, still dragging on each other's tits.

Suddenly, they both released, stepped back and began pummeling each other in the body and chest. They were cursing at each other and screaming and they were really pounding one another. The thuds of fist hitting flesh was easily audible as each fighter tried to punish her opponent.

Both women were suffering at the hands of the other when again Heidi made a move, tears streaming down her face from pain and frustration, she grabbed Danita's hair, hauled her forward and kneed her in the chest. She followed up several times, lifting Danita's body off the ground with the blows and then stepping back and allowing my champion to collapse to the floor writhing in pain...

Heidi, despite being battered, taunts Danita and prances around the ring arms raised as if victorious. Danita forces herself to her knees, in obvious pain, when Heidi moves in behind her and grabs her tits, hauling them up and trying to pull them off and over her shoulders. Danita wails grabbing her wrists as she is dragged backwards and then up to her feet.

She is flailing and shaking her head wildly at the punishment she is receiving from Heidi.

Heidi spins and throws Danita into the wall. Danita steadies herself and moves out to retaliate against Heidi and as she swings, Heidi blocks the punch and lands two solid blows into her gut.

Danita's body is rocked by the blows and she stumbles, obviously hurt. Heidi moves in and windmills, slamming an unbelievably powerful shot right into Danita's crotch. Danita yelps, and her face becomes a mask of pain. The crowd actually gasped at the force of the blow...

Heidi repeated the attack, not once, not twice but three more times, crippling Danita. My champion sobs as she falls to the floor, clutching her womanhood and finds herself in the position she ended round one in, with Heidi grinding on her face. This time though, Heidi attacks her tits, taunting her that they may have beaten her once, but they will never beat her or anyone again. She viciously digs her claws into Danita's tits as I hear my woman's muffled squeals begging for mercy and the young German is hauled off of her.

Danita lies on the floor battered and sobbing. She has lost the fight and her title, soundly. I help her up and to the back where she lies on the couch quietly crying. I am not sure what hurts more, her body or her pride...I am not sure if she will ever fight again....

the end....?