By ANONYMOUS - An erotic story dedicated to Christina

Christina had invited her friend Tammy over to Craig’s for a cookout. She told Tammy to wear her bathing suit since we would get in the hot tub after dinner. This was all news to Craig as he and Christina went to the store to buy food for the night. He had thought it was going to be just the two of them, but he knew that they were good friends and Craig loved to make Christina happy. Besides, who could complain about having two gorgeous women to spend time with? What he didn’t know is that Christina had some very special plans of her own to make this a night Craig would never forget.

Christina and Tammy had almost identical bodies, but Christina had shoulder length reddish-brown hair and Tammy’s was short jet black. Christina had forgotten to mention to Craig what she had told Tammy to wear for the night. As Craig was prepping the food for the grill, Christina came downstairs into the kitchen in her skimpy black bikini. The bottoms were a thong and the top barley contained her supple breasts. Craig almost cut his finger off as he was chopping the onions when he caught sight of her as she entered the kitchen. Her outfit looked more like lingerie than swimwear. Craig could hardly concentrate as he watched her luscious ass move about the kitchen.

“Sweetie, are we bit underdressed for dinner….I mean I know its summer and I love to see you that way….” He stammered.

“ Oh, did I forget to mention that I told Tammy that we would get in the hot tub after dinner if that is all right with you?”, Christina innocently purred.

Craig knew that tone and the fact that little escapes her when she has something on her mind. He wondered what she really had in mind. He knew that the both of them had been wild in their day, but the three of them had been together many times before and never did things slide off the cliff so to speak. Though there was this one time that the both of them were really drunk and Tammy and Christina had kissed and they wanted me to say who was hotter in this contest and they wanted a judge. I said I couldn’t be fair since I was with Christina and Tammy deserved a fair judge. They both just laughed and nothing more was said. That was the other part of the relationship between Tammy and Christina, they were very competitive with each other in looks and style and who was the sexiest and always joking about who was better at what.

Christina could see the curious look in Craig’s eyes. She knew he knew her very well and that she had to be careful to keep him surprised. As he continued to prep the food she made small talk about this and that. She moved around the kitchen in ways she knew would distract him by bending over at the waist when she reached into the fridge so that he got a full view of that magnificent ass smiling back at him. She would brush her tits up against him as the talked or lightly brush her silky smooth thigh against his. And most of all she would punctuate every sentence and movement with that deep longing look from those seductive brown eyes. Her fingers danced across his arms and back as she spoke and returned to her own body at times gliding down from her delicious neck and traced her body to breasts and her nipples which were now straining against the material in her top. Christina’s attempts to distract Craig were working, but at the same time she was starting to get warm herself, not only from her actions, but the thoughts of the excitement that awaited them.

The doorbell rang and Christina turned to Craig with a devilish grin on her face and a quick lick of her lips.

She said “That must be Tammy. Be a dear and go let her in. I want to go check myself in the mirror just to make sure I’m at my best.” And with that she slid her lips across his with a little nibble and bounded up the steps.

That competitive issue again, Craig thought to himself. He walked to the foyer and opened the door. In silhouette from the last bit of twilight stood Tammy. Craig took note of her well shaped form and the very relaxed look on her face as she turned towards him. Tammy’s look of relaxation suddenly changed into an expression that was almost primal and beautiful at the same time. Craig had always noted that she was one of the few women who could actually give Christina a run for her money in about every category, but he never had thought of Tammy as more than Christina’s friend, though a very hot one.

Tammy stared at Craig for a moment with those deep blue eyes and then cooed, “Craig thanks so much for inviting me over tonight. I was really feeling down and Chris said y’all would love the company.” Tammy’s heart raced because she knew why she was really there and wondered if he could sense the excitement in her voice. She wondered if he knew the experience he was about to be part of. Did he know how lucky he was and how much Christina cared for him? Tammy had to remind herself that this was Christina’s idea and though she didn’t need convincing she secretly wished she was doing this for Craig. Tammy had been jealous of the fact that Chris had found someone to treat herself so good. Why did she deserve him over Tammy?

Tammy didn’t wait for him to move form the doorway. She brushed up against him sideways so that her breasts and very hard nipples rubbed his arms as she passed. As she walked away Craig observed that she was wearing what amounted to a short T-shirt type of dress, more of a cover up than a dress actually. He assumed that she came dressed for the dip in the hot tub later that Christina has mentioned. Craig grinned to himself at the thought of those two entering and exiting the hot tub, water running down all of the sensual curves of their bodies.

As Tammy entered the kitchen she caught sight of Christina from behind and instantly her eyes locked onto Christina’s magnificent ass. She instantly felt herself flush with some excitement both from the appealing look of that well rounded butt and the thought of the erotic competition that approached. Tammy was instantly jealous wondering what a great guy Craig must be and how well he treated Chris for her to reward him like this. She secretly thought she would gladly do the same and better, a thought she would never openly share with anyone. At that moment Chris turned and looked at her and she felt the combination of lust and power flow from Chris’s being, which both surprised her and scared her slightly. Tammy realized she had to focus or Christina would make quick and embarrassing work of her.

“Well I see that you are all ready to go” Christina half whispered, “Do you need to warm up any or can I tell him now?”

“I’d like a glass of wine first just to unwind a little.” said Tammy. “besides don’t’ you want to tease him a little first?”

“No, I want total shock and surprise. I don’t want to hint about anything” Christina half demanded. “I just want him to be overwhelmed. Now why don’t you take that cover up off and let’s start this show. Besides I can’t wait to make you moan against your will and have you beg me to stop.”

Tammy again was shocked by Christina and worried that she had not prepared herself for this in the right way. She remembered the day that they had talked about this and how it got started. Christina was talking about the time they got drunk in front of Craig and got silly and started kissing some. Tammy had laughed and said that was fun, but had wondered what Craig thought. Chris said he never mentioned it and Tammy couldn’t believe it. She said most guys would have asked for more. Christina said that was the way he was. She would give him anything he wanted so he didn’t need to pursue certain things. Again, Tammy had felt jealousy about the relationship that Chris and Craig had. Christina said not to get the wrong idea and that Craig and her talked about a lot of things. In fact one of his turn-ons was to watch women wrestle and try to subdue each other using a combination of physical and sexual control, with the loser being the first one to cum. They had watched videos of this and told each other stories.

Christina said she was surprised by how turned on she got, not just by the effect on him, but how exciting the thought of it was and to watch. Tammy remembered the warmth in her crotch as Christina spoke and realized how much it turned her on too. Christina must have noticed that and the hardness of Tammy’s nipples as they appeared through her top. She looked at Tammy and asked if she would her do a special favor for Craig, one the she might enjoy too, and the cookout plan was born.

At this point Craig started to come into the kitchen behind Tammy. Christina looked at her with a sly smile.

“Take your cover-up off Tammy” commanded Christina “and let my man see my opponent in full view.”

Craig had a puzzled look on his face for a moment that soon turned to one of appreciation as Tammy lifted the garment over her head and tossed it to the chair. She was wearing a bright red bikini with a thong bottom and a very small top. Craig instantly zeroed in on her inviting ass framed so nicely by that thong and noted she was very close to being as sexy as Christina. Tammy turned her head over her shoulder and gave him that “eat you” look of hers and then turned to stand by Christina.

Craig regained his senses and asked “okay, what is really going on?”

“Honey, you always give me what I want and no man has ever treated me better, so I just wanted to say thank you and settle an old argument at the same time.” Christina explained with a face full of lust.

Christina continued, “Remember that time we asked you who was hotter after I had kissed her and you said it wouldn’t be fair for you to judge? Well, Tammy and I still disagree on that so we decided to settle our differences using a forum you will like. She and I are going to wrestle each other for you and the loser will be whoever cums first. You get to set all the rules, but I determine the reward for the winner.”

Craig could hardly manage words, but he was able to spit out, “What would be the prize?”

Christina eyed Tammy for a moment. While they had been standing there in front of Craig they had unconsciously moved right next to each other and had gently been rubbing their sides against each other and subtly running their own hands over their well rounded tits.

“Well,” Christina started, “the winner gets to have the other two do anything sexually they want for the rest of the night. That could mean they do nothing or all three of us or one person will have to help the other two at whatever they do. The winner picks and can change it at any time. It’s sort of a winner take all.”

“So, I have to do whatever the winner says?” Craig asked with still some stunned tone in his voice.

“Honey, I mean how can you lose? You get to watch us do one of your favorite things and then you might still end up with both of us.” Christina let those words dribble out of her mouth as though they were hot oil poured over Craig’s back and they got the desired affect as she watch the quickly growing bulge in his shorts.

Christina continued, “Now you set the rules and act as referee. That will help keep us safe and give you the close up view you want. My only requirement is that you can only be wearing your boxer briefs.”

During these talks Craig had been stealing glances at Tammy to judge her reaction. To his surprise she looked as though she was more excited than Christina. He noted that Tammy seemed to be circling her pussy with her hands, yet not touching herself yet, but the movements looked like it was not deliberate on her part. She was just getting fired up.

Craig looked at Christina and said, “When do you want to do this?”

“Right now! The food can wait.”

“Tammy, are you sure you are up for this?” Craig asked politely.

Tammy glanced at Christina quickly and then locked eyes with Craig and said, “Baby, first I’m gonna hold your girlfriend down and make her moan and then I’m gonna rock your world. Hell yes I’m ready!”

Tammy surprised even herself with the enthusiasm of her answer. She caught a glimpse of Christina out of the corner of her eye and noted that she too seemed taken back, but only for a second. The look of lust and power returned to her face.

“Christina, you know you don’t have to do this, but if you are okay with this I’m certainly not going to turn it down.” Craig stated with excitement.

“Craig, don’t worry about a thing. Like I said not only get to give you a treat, but I finally get to prove to Tammy that I am indeed hotter than her. It’s quite obvious the truly hot woman can make another woman cum and her day has come, so to speak.” Christina giggled.

Tammy didn’t see the humor in that and fired back, “Bitch, we’ll see whose hot when I have you on your stomach and I’m sitting on your back holding your hair with one hand and my other hand will be buried in your pussy finger fucking you to climax.”

Craig realized it was then real and stepped in to channel this sexual energy the way they intended. “All right ladies proceed to the living room. When you get there take off your tops, but leave the thongs on. They can be used as sexual weapons. Also, get on your knees and face each other and wait for me. Do not touch each other until I get there.”

Tammy and Christina walked quickly into the room and did as they were told. Craig went to put on the requested referee outfit and returned to the living room.

“Okay, ladies here are the rules. There will be two ways to win. Either force your opponent to cum or cause her to give up five times by hand over mouth smother. Just tap out if you want to give up.”

“Why did you put that way to win in there?” Christina demanded to know.

“While the sexual control is the ultimate way to win, the only way to do that is to be in physical control and if it is day where one is in better control of their sexual urges this will level the playing field. Plus, only the hotter, stronger woman can win that way too.”

Both Tammy and Christina knew they only win they were going after was the forced sexual submission of each other, but both decided that may be an excellent way to weaken their opponent.

Craig continued, “No standing. No higher than one knee. That’s for safety. On the physical side you cannot punch, kick, scratch, and gouge the eyeballs, nose or ears. There will be no choking, but as I said hand over mouth and nose smothering will be allowed. Thongs may be pulled on in any way you can find. Every other body part may be touched, rubbed, fingered, squeezed, licked, and sucked. Forced kissing is also okay. Anything that you think will cause your opponent to cum. Any questions?”

“Yeah,” Tammy yelled, “when can I start making this bitch moan?”

Christina glared back, “Tammy you are going to be squirming in no time.”

Craig smiled and said, “Okay ladies….begin.”

Tammy and Christina instantly flew at each other trying to push the other to the floor. After about ten seconds of this they both fell to their sides and their struggle to gain some physical control of each other continued. Tammy rolled on top of Christina and ended up with her thigh pressed against her pussy. At the same time she grabbed Christina’s tits and squeezed. She rocked her thigh in Chris’s pussy and kneaded her tits while also flicking at Chris’s rock hard nipples. Chris felt an immediate surge of excitement overtake her body and anger at being the first to lose ground she reached up and grabbed Tammy’s tits, but didn’t squeeze as much. She concentrated on the nipples and expertly played with them between her fingers. That caused Tammy to sense her first big wave of arousal. They stayed in this position for a minute or so, but Chris was losing more ground because of the thigh in her pussy. She managed to roll Tammy over and end up on top. Christina now had the thigh rocking in Tammy’s pussy. She decided to try and weaken Tammy some more physically so she clamped her hands over Tammy’s mouth and nose. Tammy’s eyes shot open wide at this surprise tactic and quickly realize she was being controlled both physically and sexually. Chris was so close to her body that she couldn’t reach Chris’s tits, so her arms flailed around. She reached down and grabbed the sides of Chris’s thong and began to pull up and in. Chris felt the material pull up into her pussy lips and it soon make contact with her clit and the movement began to rub against it, but she could tell Tammy was in trouble. Ten seconds later Tammy tapped out and Craig stopped the action.

“Fall one to Christina.” Craig announced.

“You know you can’t make me cum, so you took the easy way out.” Tammy screamed.

“Bitch, I had you both ways and if you hadn’t run out of breath you would have cum soon.” Chris shot back.

At that they flew back at each other. Suddenly Christina put Tammy in a side headlock. This caused Tammy’s face to be buried in Chris’s right tit. Chris had very strong arms and she was really squeezing Tammy’s head hard. Chris seemed to want to completely dominate Tammy both physically and sexually. Tammy’s eyes were bulging due to the pressure. She reached behind Chris and grabbed her thong again and pulled up side to side. Then suddenly she took her other hand and shot down the front of the thong and squeezed Chris’s pussy and started to rub it hard. At the same time her mouth found the right nipple of Chris’s tit and began to suck on it. Tammy was in full sexual assault and the affect was immediate. Chris began to moan and she debated what to do. She thought if she kept the headlock in place that Tammy would weaken and then she could begin her own full sexual assault, but she realized that her arousal level was rising quickly and she couldn’t control the sounds of pleasure her body was making. Tammy’s hand was finding her clit repeatedly.

Christina decided to release the headlock and she tied to push Tammy away. Instead, Tammy slipped behind her and pushed Chris to the ground on her stomach and Tammy still had her hand buried in her pussy. Her fingers continued to raise the excitement level in Chris’s body. Tammy took her other free hand and pulled back on Chris’s hair.

“Who’s the bitch now?” screamed Tammy.

Craig had been staying very close to the action but neither woman had had time to pay attention because they were focused on each other. Suddenly, Tammy turned her head to Craig and smiled.

“Let me give you a little sample, baby.” She cooed.

She took her hand from Chris’s hair and wrapped it around his raging hard on right through his underwear and squeezed. Chris knew she couldn’t hold on much longer as she felt the weaves of pleasure rising in her body. She turned her head at the same time Tammy grabbed Craig’s cock and sensing her chance bucked Tammy off and flew up behind her. Christina wrapped her legs around Tammy and reached around with her hands and squeezed both tits and fondled her nipples. Chris’s leg scissors allowed her feet to end up pressed into Tammy’s pussy and she ground her heel, gently into her moist love patch. Tammy hadn’t realized how excited she had become. The moment Chris fondled her nipples and pressed against her pussy she began to moan. Tammy knew she was in big trouble and so did Christina.

“Who’s moaning now, little girl?” Chris teased. “You like this don’t you? It will soon be over and then I’m going to fuck Craig like he has never dreamed of. All I have to do is to figure out what to do with you.” Chris ended this statement with her mouth in Tammy’s ear and put her tongue in there for the exclamation point. Tammy’s entire body shivered.

Tammy knew it was only a matter of time. In this position she couldn’t attack Chris sexually, so she reached back trying to clap her hands around Chris’s head to hand smother her to break the sexual attack. She was able to do this but each time Chris shook her way out. Christina knew that she had a huge advantage and that she couldn’t give up on a smother and give Tammy a chance to recover, so she made her move. Chris gave a big squeeze of Tammy’s tits to distract her and then threw her down on her back and Christina lay sideways across Tammy’s upper chest. She trapped one of Tammy’s arms between her legs and the other she held down with one hand. With her free hand Christina dove down into Tammy’s thong and starting to rub her clit and finger her roughly. She knew from stories that Tammy had told that she liked rough action down there and the results were immediate. Tammy’s eyes started to roll back in her head and her hips were bucking. Tammy’s breathing was quick and her moans filled the room. Christina looked up at Craig and smiled that devilish grin of hers.

“Honey, this is for you.” She said as she licked her lips.

Christina increased the motion of her hand and almost instantly Tammy erupted into a tremendous orgasm. She was almost screaming and her whole body was shaking. Christina closed her eyes and bit her lip. This was a look that Craig knew to mean that she was close to orgasm, but was trying to hold out. After about thirty seconds Tammy stopped moving and just lay there with these low soft moans a woman has after a great orgasm. Christina looked at Craig and suddenly the look was tender.

“Come here baby.” Christina softly asked. She sat up and kneeled next to Tammy who was still out of it.

Christina grabbed Craig’s face as he knelt next to her. She ran her fingers over his lips softly and gently. She then placed her lips lightly to his and moved them very slowly. She took one hand and reached down and grabbed his cock gently and gave it a slight squeeze. Their lips twisted together and they drew close into an embrace. Craig was so excited at seeing his woman dominate another woman and to be able to feel her slightly sweaty body of hers up against his while kissing him softly.

“Sweetie, you know what I want don’t you?” Chris asked innocently.

Craig nodded his head yes. Christina turned around and got down on all fours with Tammy lying beneath her at a ninety degree angle so that Chris’s tits hung right over her body.

“Okay, baby, fuck me good and fuck me hard from behind like I love it!” Christina yelled.

Craig entered her almost instantly and began to bang away as hard as he could.

Christina looked down at Tammy who had now recovered somewhat.

“Tammy, sweetie, I told you I was the hottest. Now do us a favor and fondle my nipples while my man fucks me silly.’ She commanded.

Tammy didn’t hesitate. She reached up and played with Chris’s nipples. Christina moaned and gasped, “Oh Craig, baby harder, harder. Tammy, suck my nipples, bitch.” Tammy got into position and took one of her hard nips into her mouth and began to work it over with her tongue. At this it was more than Christina could take.

“Craig…..I’m gonna cum, baby…..cum with me…..ohhhhh……please!”

With that both Cristina and Craig exploded into two tremendous orgasms and then Tammy had another one just from watching. All three shuddered for about a minute and then they collapsed into one big pile with Craig on top. They were all sweating and still breathing hard.

“Baby, I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but thank you. I hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did. Is this a one time thing or what?” Craig asked.

Christina looked at Tammy and they both grinned.

“I think it was pretty close during our sexual wrestling match, so I think I deserve a rematch.” Tammy stated.

“Don’t worry. I give you another chance, but the rest of the night is for me to decide now.”

With that Christina kissed Craig again very slowly and deeply.

The End