It was well known around the offices of the Stoddard Building that Lois Wilson and Kathy Sinclair were not the best of friends. Three years earlier, fresh out of high school, the girls had gotten low-level secretarial jobs at the company. It was about this time that their rivalry started. The arguments that began between them almost always had to do with the physical appearance of the girls. They were both extremely attractive. They possessed beautiful faces and figures. Their legs were long and svelte and looked stunning in the dark stockings the girls usually wore. Perhaps most basically, though, the rivalry had to do with the stupendous busts the girls had. Each girl had gargantuan thrusting mounds that stuck out from their chest an incredible distance. Their busts were exactly the same size but each girl believed hers was bigger.
As time passed the two girls rose from job level to job level. It was little wonder because not only were they the most beautiful but also the most talented. In three short years they had risen to the position of secretary to two of the vice-presidents in the company. The fact that these two men were the top candidates for a big promotion only added fuel to the fire of hatred between the two women.

One particular evening both girls were at the office later than usual. They were the only two employees left in the building. Neither knew the other was around. It was with great surprise that they encountered one another in the elevator on the way out of the building. They avoided looking at each other and said nothing.

Suddenly, as the elevator was descending, it jerked to a stop. Kathy frantically pushed the buttons on the wall. Nothing happened.

“Crap!” Kathy cursed. “We’re stuck.”

“Let me see.” said Lois pushing Kathy out of the way. She pounded at the buttons. “Damn, it looks like we’re here for the night.”

“Oh no,” wailed Kathy. “I’ve got a date in an hour.”

“Too bad, sister,” replied Lois.

Each girl retreated to a corner of the small elevator, and the silence returned. They tried to sleep. Kathy grew restless, however, and began to pace in small circles. Disturbed’ Lois shouted: “Stop that, bitch, I’m trying to sleep.”

“Drop Dead,” shrieked Kathy.

“You’d better shut your mouth,” said Lois rising to her feet, “or I’ll shut it for you.”

“Are you woman enough to do it?” asked Kathy.

“Any time.”

“That’s fine with me,” said Kathy. “I’ve been waiting a long time to give your hair a good yanking, and now you won’t be able to run. C’mon strip and fight.

“Good, Lois grimly replied, “I’ve been looking forward to pulling your hair, too--above and below.”

Glaring at each other they began to strip off their clothes. Beautiful, expensive dresses were flung aside. In an instant they stood only in their dainty lingerie--bras and panties, garter-belts and stockings. Lois untied a ribbon from her waist-long blonde hair and shook it out freely behind her back. Kathy ran her fingers through her ebony hair and shook it back behind her where it fell to her protruding buttocks. Their stupendous breasts seemed to thrust and point threateningly at one another.

Two beautiful women in a cat-fight. With a mutual scream of hate the catfight began. Kathy swung out first and landed two open-palmed slaps against Lois’s cheek. Lois swung blindly back and caught Kathy’s cheek with one of her slaps. Then both swung out their arms flailed at one another. A few times they stood directly in front of one another and simultaneously slapped each other’s cheek. Then one of Kathy’s slaps caught Lois on the nose and she winced. She staggered and started to go down to one silken knee. As she went down, however, she caught hold of Kathy’s blue bra and tore it shreddingly from her chest. Kathy’s enormous milky globes plunged down exposed. Still on her knees, Lois wrapped her arms about Kathy’s waist and placed her mouth over one of Kathy’s drooping breast. She bit into it. Kathy screamed and lunged backwards. Her quick movement freed her breast from Lois’s mouth, but now Kathy was on her knees facing Lois on her knees. Lois immediately launched both hands to entwine into Kathy’s blonde hair. Facing Lois, Kathy retaliated in kind. She dug her hands deeply into Lois’s black hair. Screaming into each other’s face, the two girls pulled and tugged at one another’s long hair which flowed wildly around them.

Kathy, however, felt too vulnerable with her breast nakedly exposed while Lois’s were still encased in her bra. Letting Lois still pull on her hair, Kathy grabbed into Lois’s bra straps and yanked. The bra tore off and now Lois’s gargantuan breasts tumbled into view. The two girls fell to their sides.

Kathy leapt to her feet first. She was intending to slap and pummel Lois’s head from her superior position. To thwart her, however, Lois lurched forward to tackle Kathy. She missed somewhat and instead her fingers hooked into Kathy’s panties. As Lois fell forward she tore Kathy’s panties from her naked hips. Infuriated and determined to even the score, Kathy leaned over Lois’s body and ripped away her panties with sharp fingernails. Kathy stumbled back after tearing them off and that gave Lois a chance to rise to her feet.

Panting harshly, the two women now faced one another standing on their feet on opposite sides of the elevator. Pausing to recover their wind, they had a chance to survey the other’s body. Having just stripped off one another’s panties, they now had a chance to see how much pubic hair the other had-- which was quite a lot. Each had a great mass of hair between her thighs. Lois had a great black pubic bush and Kathy had a tussled mass of blonde pubic hair. Then their eyes took in one another’s breasts and their jealousy really grew. What each girl saw were stupendous, swollen mounds that shimmered and shook with milky fullness. Gigantic nipples crowned each pair of breasts.

“Well,” sniffed Kathy, “no matter how the fight comes out, one thing I’ll always know is that my breasts are much bigger than yours.”

“What,” exclaimed Lois, “You’re crazy! Mine are much, much bigger, it’s no contest.”

“No! Mine are bigger.”

“MINE are bigger.”

“Mine will squash yours flat.”

“Mine will completely mash over yours.”

As they argued about their respective bust sizes, the two girls inched slowly towards each other. Their gigantic breasts were directly opposite each other now and the nipples were barely touching. Then Kathy stepped slightly in and caused her nipples to bump and cross over Lois’s nipples. Lois took up the challenge and began rotating her own nipples until both sets of nipples were poking and crossing together. Then, when the two sets of nipples were hooked together, Lois moved in a bit and let the two sets of marshmallow-soft breasts press slightly together. The contact was enough, however to sink the entwined nipples out of sight. The four huge fleshy mounds were now in intimate contact as the two girls continued to argue.

“I’m going to enjoy crushing your breasts with mine,” said Kathy, “as I rip your hair out at the same time.”

“Ha!” snorted Lois, “I’ll stand up to you in a bust-crushing hair pull anytime.”

“Really!” replied Kathy, “I bet I even have more hair than you do down below.” And with that Kathy pushed her blonde-haired pubic mound up against Lois’s.

“I can match you any day, baby!” retorted Lois and she humped her black-haired pussy up against Kathy’s. With their gigantic breasts ballooning together, the two arguing women began grinding and humping their pussies together in out-and-out sexual rivalry.

“Let’s go, then,” shrieked Kathy and she tightly wound her arms about Lois’s back. Lois then got Kathy in the same grip and the two women compressed their breasts tightly together as they stumbled about in a double-bear-hug. Squeezing and straining, they bumped and went in circles inside the tiny elevator.

Infuriated now, they reached up with their hands, although still keeping their fat breasts tightly together, they entwined their fingers in one another’s flowing hair and began to pull wildly. Now the battle became an enraged hair pulling struggle as the two wild girls pulled and yanked at each other’s hair. Their nylon-clad legs hooked and interlocked as they hair pulled together. Their huge milky breasts rolled and mashed together as they jerked at each other’s hair. Locked tightly together, with even their cunt-hairs intermingling, the two women fought in this hair pulling breast-squashing battle for about twenty minutes.

Out of sheer exhaustion finally, the two women broke apart panting and gasping for air. Catching their breath, the two women just stared at one another as sweat now glistened from all parts of their body.

Then suddenly Kathy attacked. She sank all ten of her fingers in the vast spongy softness of Lois’s breasts. Lois screamed with pain and tried to pry Kathy’s hands away. When she failed to accomplish that, she retaliated and sunk her own clawing fingers into Kathy’s heavy breasts. Faces contorted with pain as the two amazons tore and pulled with all their might. Their huge breasts were stretched into bizarre shapes as they tugged. Tears rolled down their cheeks as they twisted their hands deeper into the beautiful flesh. Slowly, as they squeezed, they sank to their knees. Both girls whimpered and sobbed but neither would give in.

Then, unable to take the pain of the breast squeezing any longer, they flung their arms around one another again and flopped over sideways to the elevator floor. They screamed curses at one another as they began the catfight anew. They moved in close to one another, legs interlocking, rolling on the floor, as they pulled again at one another’s long hair. Lois bit Kathy’s ear and Kathy bit Lois on the neck. They began scratching at each other’s back and sides. Their shrieks were horrendous. Kathy suddenly pinched one of Lois’s nipples. Lois pinched back and the two girls lurched backwards from one another’s punishment.

Like animals, they wearily rose and circled around one another again. Although they were physically tired, they were strangely exotically exhilarated. They lunged together again. Breasts mashed against breasts and cunt pounded against cunt as they grappled together. They viciously tore at one another’s lush pubic hair with one hand and scratched at one another’s ass with the other. Falling to the floor, they slapped each other and then lying side by side they pulled out handfuls of pubic hair.

“Oh, how I hate you,” gasped Kathy. But even as she spoke, she hunched her cunt hard into Lois’s cunt. Humping her cunt back, Lois said: “You jealous bitch, let’s settle this in a real cunt-lock.”

Releasing one another, the two girls remained on the floor but got into a sitting position facing one another. Staring deeply into one another’s eyes, the two girls opened their thighs widely to each other. Their hairy pussies were also facing one another. The two girls used their legs to inch closer together. As they got close enough each girl raised her right leg over her rival’s left. Their thighs were now interlocked, pussy faced pussy, and they continued to inch together. They kept coming together until hairy pussy was flush against hairy pussy. Then, with the strength of their internal vaginal muscles alone, they opened their cunts to one another so that moist interiors could plaster together. Moaning now with a passion other than just hate, the two women lined up their long crusting nipples and poked and rolled them together. With a passionate groan, they slid their arms about each other’s back and hugged their gargantuan breasts together in mammary intercourse. Although totally in lust, however, their hands still latched into each other’s long hair and tugged. They were absorbed in a cat fighting lust-frenzy. With their heels they squeezed each other’s buttocks so that they pulled their hairy cunts even closer together. The heads of their long clits bumped stickily and slid together. They continued to pull hair as they ground their cunts together. With their long clits they penetrated each other’s cunt. Their huge breasts were mashed into erotic pancakes of flesh. They poked out their tongues at one another and then lapped them together. Finding themselves unable to any longer withhold the coming orgasm, they kissed one another deeply with tongues lolling back and forth within their open mouths. Then, grinding cunts and clits and pulling hair, the two girls exploded as two simultaneous mind-wracking orgasms ripped through their locked loins, drenching their intertwined pubic bushes with sex juices which flowed down their clenched thighs. They held this ecstatic position for five minutes and then fell backwards in mind blown ecstasy.

The next day Lois and Kathy became roommates.

The End