After ten minutes of vicious smack fighting the girls quieted their motions; Christina’s back and shoulders ached from the workout and she could feel Rhonda trembling exhaustedly with each motion against her. She curled her head deep into Rhonda’s neck until she could feel the other girl’s ear pressed up against her open mouth; Christina could no longer tell where her own hair ended and Rhonda’s thick, luxurious mane began. Both girls positioned themselves closer so they could push the full length of each other’s dangling breasts into one another and really take the measure of each other breast to breast: Christina felt the first swell of Rhonda’s boob flesh under her collarbone as she nestled against her, then aligned her boobs so the quivering, tender flesh of her full mammaries exactly matched up against the redhead’s until their nipples, still pointing at the floor, pressed against each other length to length. Rhonda managed to twist one shoulder slightly higher than the other so that Christina felt the redhead’s long nipples scrape along the full length of her own until she felt a torrent of warm, tingling energy flooding across her back, sending goose bumps rising all over her body. She hissed and squeezed her eyes shut as she returned the motion and dragged her nipples back against Rhonda’s hard ones in response.

“Why don’t you just admit mine are longer and harder than yours,” Rhonda whispered, her hot lips caressing Christina’s ear.

“Why don’t you admit mine are bigger and thicker than yours are?” Christina whispered back, burying her face in Rhonda’s sweet-smelling, soft head of hair and feeling the tender curl of the other girl’s ear against her own lips. Her whole body was trembling at Rhonda’s touch, alive with the terrible thrill of saying every dirty thing she’d ever wanted to say to the big redhead, of being here almost naked with the other girl in their secret duel. Both girls bore into each other full on, slowly grinding their naked tit flesh against one another with every ounce of strength left inside of them. “You wanted to match knockers with me; now let’s see if you can handle it,” Christina hissed.

“I can handle anything that big hot body of yours can put out,” Rhonda growled back into her ear. Christina’s mouth was open in a silent scream of agony and excitement by now; she had to hold herself back from the consuming desire to devour the soft girl flesh already touching her lips. Rhonda hugged Christina to her, increasing the pressure between their four dueling breasts beyond the point where Christina thought either of them would have ever taken this battle.

“You goddamned fucking hot cunt!” Christina snarled against Rhonda. “I’ll press the milk right out of you, right here!”

“Not before those fat tits of yours squirt cream you big sexy bitch!” Rhonda growled back, shoving the full length of her breasts back against Christina’s. The brunette thought all her fight had gone but she could not resist the siren call of Rhonda’s hot body against hers. Suddenly she felt Rhonda’s fingers disentangle themselves from her hair and slip down her sides until they were beneath her; she stiffened as she felt the redhead’s hands closing on her aching breasts.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she demanded.

“What do you think, bitch?” Rhonda growled. “I’m going to milk those big titties of yours.”

“I thought you wanted to do this tit on tit,” Christina protested, immediately pulling her own hands out of Rhonda’s hair.

“There’s plenty of time for that after I wring your big boobs dry,” Rhonda snarled against her. Christina instantly reached up and filled her hands with Rhonda’s soft, heavy breasts. As erotic as the twin glands had felt caressing and pressing against her bare boobs, they felt twice as hot against her fingers and palms as she trapped Rhonda’s long nipples between her fingers and cupped her weighty boobs. She tugged on Rhonda’s nipples and gauged the mass of her opponent’s breasts in her hands and shivered as she felt the redhead’s fingers exploring her own soft breasts. For several moments neither girl attacked as they gently probed one another’s jiggling glands for weakness and let their long fingers glide across each boob’s bare, exposed skin. Christina caressed Rhonda’s nipples, feeling how fat and stiff they were and mentally comparing them to her own even as she winced at the erotic touch of Rhonda’s hands on her own throbbing breasts. She had had other girls pinch or slap her boobs in the locker rooms at high school or camp, but she had never had another woman feel her breasts openly like this, nor had she ever been able to feel out another girl, and she found herself hoping that they would both draw this part of the contest out even as she wondered whether she would be able to control the erotic feelings the exploration was producing in her.

“I knew your tits would be soft like this,” Rhonda purred into her ear suddenly as she swirled her fingers enticingly around Christina’s aureoles. “I’ll bet you always wanted me to touch them, the way you shook these babies in my face all the time.”

“Maybe I just wanted you to know whose were better, baby,” Christina whispered back. “I can tell you’re getting hot just feeling what I’ve got.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t like feeling mine,” Rhonda countered, arching her back a little to drop more of the weight of her hanging breasts into Christina’s cupped hands. “You were always checking me out in that bar and you might as well admit it now.”

“Maybe I don’t mind feeling up your big ones, Rhonda,” Christina hissed into the redhead’s ear. “But you’re the one with the soft ones. Mine are hard and firm, just like my nipples are harder and longer than yours.”

“There’s nothing wrong with soft tits, baby,” Rhonda groaned. “I’ll prove that to you before this night is done, that’s for sure. But if you want to talk about nipples,” she said, suddenly tugging Christina’s painfully downward, “Then let’s see how much milk yours can give.”

Christina hissed and immediately dug her fingers into Rhonda’s boobs, probing upward until she felt the ribs above her rival’s breasts. Both girls then curled their fingers around each other’s aureoles and nipples and began pulling them toward the floor, twisting and tugging at the tortured flesh as if they were both milking a pair of stubborn cow udders. “You just try and milk me, whore,” Christina snarled into her enemy’s hair. “I’ll wring your fat tits dry first!” She winced against Rhonda’s fingers as she felt her own nipples corkscrew and bend under the redhead’s ministrations, sending a firestorm of pain through her already over sensitized boobs. It took all her concentration to ignore the pain and focus on tugging and twisting at Rhonda’s heavy tits and stiff, resilient nipples. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the continuing struggle, trying to use her sense of touch to build a mental picture of her rival’s bare bosom. She tugged down on the protruding points for several seconds until she felt Rhonda trembling in pain against her, then probed upward, digging her fingers upward into the meaty, jiggling flesh of the redhead’s breasts. She felt Rhonda’s fingers invade her boobs in the same way, alternating between squeezing their full weight and twisting and tugging at her nipples. Of course neither girl was going to give milk, but each was determined to make her enemy feel as much like a powerless, violated farm animal as possible.

“You’ll never shove these babies in my face again after I’m through with you,” Rhonda growled.

“I warned you to keep your fat ones out of my way and now you’re going to pay the price, bitch,” Rhonda retorted as she continued to work her rival’s hot, sweating bosom.

“You’re going to give me milk and beg me for mercy you cunt,” Rhonda shot back. At that both girls tightened their breast grips, each forcing a groan of pain from the other, and for the next five minutes there was no talk, only moans and vicious grunts of discomfort, hisses and gasps as each girl intensified her attack on the other’s boobs. Christina felt like she was holding her swaying breasts over two candles, like a flame of agony was spreading from her nipples and aureoles deep into the mass of her twin orbs. For every moment Rhonda twisted and pinched at her the redhead also let her fingers caress and massage Christina’s boobs, sending shivers of sensual feeling to alternate with the pain. As much as she cursed the redhead for adding this extra dose of humiliation to the struggle, Christina realized that she was doing exactly the same thing, gently squeezing and exploring Rhonda’s soft globes and eliciting some keening little squeals of pleasure out of the redhead. She realized that it made her feel just as dominant and controlling to make Rhonda squirm with pleasure as it did to make her flinch in pain; if anything, it only added to the recipe of humiliation.

“You just love my fucking hands on your tits, don’t you, bitch?” she growled into the redhead’s shoulder.

“I can hear you moaning like a fuck-whore too, baby, so don’t tell me you’re not getting off having your big ones squeezed out,” the redhead said, her breath hot against Christina’s hair. Both girls added a fusillade of wringing and nipple pinching to the mix, and for several more minutes they were too involved in shrieking into each other’s mouths in pain and fury to say anything intelligible. Finally both girls seemed to cup each other, smacking fitfully at each other’s quivering, sore breasts in a final assault before they seemed to reach a silent agreement that they had done enough damage in this phase of the fight.

Christina grabbed a handful of Rhonda’s hair and forced her head backward just as both girls came up out of the clinch, gasping for air. She felt her own hair yanked and her chin met Rhonda’s; as the girls scuffled Rhonda’s chin slipped past hers and she felt her open mouth scraping across Rhonda’s cheek for a second before the other girl’s soft mouth brushed hers. The fighters hissed at each other and Christina flinched as Rhonda bit at her cheek; she twisted and their mouths collided again in the dark in a smash of tangled lips and clacking teeth against teeth. The desire to feast on Rhonda’s tangy-aroma’d girlish flesh was overwhelming Christina and she briefly held the redhead against her and sank her teeth into the soft skin of her jaw line, holding the bite just long enough to produce a squeal of pain from Rhonda. Rhonda forced her chest back against Christina’s and the brunette felt herself tottering backward on her knees with the redhead coming after her. She felt her knees give way and Rhonda’s body pressing her downward with first her breasts, then her stomach and hips contacting Christina’s. Christina’s lower legs splayed out to either side and her thighs spread to take on the weight of the other girl’s body and for the first time in the fight she found her body being overwhelmed by the cocktail waitress’s.

Rhonda bore down on her, her abdominals tensing to steely hardness against Christina’s belly and Christina’s abs leaping in response as she tried to keep her body hard against Rhonda’s. The other girl’s hips were the final nail in the coffin as she felt her shoulder blades touch the cold linoleum floor. Rhonda’s sinewy body writhed over her, adding a new dimension of pain and pleasure as Christina found her own body unable to avoid contact with the dominatrix. Rhonda gathered her arms under the small of Christina’s back and held her, nose to nose for a moment as the duelists considered their position. The girls panted against each other’s open mouths and Christina closed her eyes as she drank in Rhonda’s sweet, hot breath and filled the other girl’s gaping mouth with her own. Her nostrils flared as she sniffed the ruined smell of perfume and sweat that still kissed Rhonda’s face and the tangy scent of her mouth so close to Christina’s. Suddenly the redhead maneuvered her upper body so she was no longer smashing her breasts down on Christina’s, separating their sweating bellies for a moment as she seemed to reposition herself for some new phase in the battle. Her breasts with their still dangerous nipples hovered over Christina’s still jutting bosom and Christina felt her own nipples erect and ready for any combat Rhonda wanted from them. And in fact the other girl did allow her stiffies to press into Christina’s tip to tip for a moment before she let them drift off target. She began to glide her erect nipples and the soft, caressing flesh of her breasts over Christina’s boobs, and Christina suddenly realized that the other girl was going to erotically tease and taunt her pair from her new position of dominance. She briefly managed to arch her back and thrust her own boobs back against Rhonda’s but it was impossibly to maintain that defiant stance for long and soon she found her back flattening against the floor again.

“You like that, bitch?” Rhonda whispered, her face hovering over Christina’s, barely touching her nose to Christina’s nose, her open mouth to Christina’s gaping, panting mouth. “Like the way my tits feel on yours?”

“You dirty fucking whore,” Christina whispered, her yawning mouth yearning to bite Rhonda’s. She felt Rhonda’s warm boobs caress slow circles around her boobs, raking her nipples with agonizing slowness across Christina’s quivering tits, finally allowing her tit flesh to alight on top of the brunette’s waiting breasts. Christina groaned as Rhonda let more and more weight press down on top of Christina’s bare boobs; the redhead’s breasts felt like two balls of warm dough flowing down over Christina’s tingling tits, caressing and massaging her abraded bosom until her sleek, muscled belly met and kissed the brunette’s navel to navel.

“Now I’m going to make you want me like you always wanted me,” Rhonda purred, her lips brushing Christina’s as she spoke. “Like you always wanted me in a dirty little fuck.” For the first time since the fight had started Christina felt Rhonda’s steaming hot crotch press down on top of her hers, and she instinctively twisted her pelvis to tilt her own vulva upward into position so that they aligned neatly with the other girl’s bulging lips.

“You’re the one that wanted that fat pussy of yours on mine so I hope you enjoy it, bitch,” Christina murmured, torn between the desire to rub her hot snatch into Rhonda’s and the knowledge that giving in to the redhead’s seduction would only lose her this fight. She knew that her nylon shorts, even though in a way they almost magnified the feelings radiating off her pussy, still afforded her a barrier against Rhonda’s sex, just as the redhead’s soaked thong crotch protected her. She shuddered to think what might happen if her glistening labia were to come into direct contact with Rhonda’s. She could feel the heat roiling off the other girl’s pussy as if it might melt the fabric holding their two superheated cunts apart. Christina’s breasts felt as if they might explode either with pain or pleasure as Rhonda’s breasts overwhelmed hers.

“I’m going to enjoy every minute of pussy-fighting with you,” Rhonda growled.

“Is that what you’re looking for you slut?” Christina demanded. “A pussy to pussy fight?”

“You’ve been asking for it,” Rhonda purred. “You’ve been asking for a pussy fight for a long time.”

“You’re the one who’s asking for it, bitch,” Christina whispered. Every time either girl spoke their lips touched now. “Why don’t you just admit you’ve always wanted to fuck me.”

“Shut your mouth, whore,” Rhonda said.

“Why don’t you shut it for me?” Christina taunted, twitching her hips against the redhead’s and evoking a hiss of fury from Rhonda. Rhonda twisted her mouth sideways against Christina’s and their lips came into full contact for several aching seconds; in other circumstances the action would have been a kiss but here in the darkness it was just another taunting, maddening challenge between the two rivals, like two elephant seals fighting for dominance with their mouths. The contact was light at first, delicate enough to send another wave of goose bumps along Christina’s body. But Rhonda continued to press and Christina eagerly pressed back until their lips were compressed painfully. Their mouths were still open wide and Christina could sense Rhonda’s teeth and her delicious tongue lying in wait just as hers were, but neither girl dared yet cross the threshold between their open mouths and explore the forbidden territory within. For all the sexuality of this long duel Christina was still able to delude herself that she and Rhonda were fighting each other and she wasn’t yet ready to discard that illusion. Both girls growled and groaned as they pressed their lips together almost painfully before finally pulling away.

To be continued