She noticed that on this particular night Rhonda had chosen to wear a light pink silk blouse very similar to Christina’s. That was kind of an affront on its own; given what had been going on between them in the back storeroom lately, Christina could almost take it as some kind of sick little challenge and it made her boobs ache a little more just to think about it.

On Fridays she always worked alone with the redhead, and the owner, Jack, usually retired to his apartment across the street where he could keep a general eye on the business while still letting the two girls do all the work. The bar was small enough for Christina and Rhonda to handle a good evening’s business by themselves, although Christina had to pitch in on stocking and both girls found themselves going in and out of the bar’s small storeroom. Each knew that the priority on any trip to the storeroom was to get in and out as quickly as possible rather than leave one girl alone too long in the bar. But it was very tough to move down the storeroom’s narrow corridors, and all too often Christina found herself in the room together with the cocktail waitress, bickering over who was in who’s way. One byway in the cramped room was a dead end and Christina found herself trapped in this cul-de-sac time after time with Rhonda blocking her way or wanting to bulldoze her way past. In those situations one girl had to give way, backing all the way down the ten foot aisle. Often the arguments about who was going to have to give way took up more time than it actually would have to just retreat down the corridor.

This particular Friday had seen half a dozen such confrontations before Rhonda finally insisted that Christina squeeze past her so she didn’t have to give up her position in the aisle. With that she put her back against the shelving and put her hands on her hips, flattening herself as much as possible against the wall—which wasn’t very flat, Christina noted. Rhonda was slim, but it took only one look at her full bust line to see that it wasn’t going anywhere and it seemed to fill more than half the space between her and the opposite wall of shelves. “Go on,” she insisted, jerking her head to the right to goad Christina into action.

“There isn’t room with your fucking tits in the way,” Christina said furiously.

“Then just squeeze past me!” Rhonda snapped.

Christina had had it with the redhead, but both girls knew they couldn’t leave the bar unattended for more than a few more seconds. Angrily shaking her head, Christina flattened her own back against the opposite wall and slid as quickly to her left as she could, glaring at Rhonda. In a second her left breast collided with Rhonda’s right and before she could slide in three or four more inches she found herself meeting real resistance from the redhead’s bosom. Wriggling a little bit, she managed to jam her left breast in between both of Rhonda’s big boobs; their two silk blouses made the maneuver a little easier, and Christina felt a chill at the slippery, seductive feel of their four weighty breasts arranging themselves mass to mass, sliding across and against each other. But even with the lessening of friction between their blouses there were limits to what two bosoms this size could do. For a moment Christina literally could not move any farther and said so.

“Then why don’t you crouch down or something?” Rhonda said.

“So you can stick those things right into my face? No thanks!” Christina snarled. “You crouch!”

Rhonda tried to twist sideways but only wound up smashing her left breast directly into Christina’s right one; Christina groaned as she felt her still-sore boob flatten out against her rib cage. Almost instinctively she ground forward with her left breast, pile driving it into Rhonda’s soft right gland. The other girl’s forehead was against hers now and Christina’s soft, blonde-streaked dark hair was mingling with Rhonda’s luscious, fiery mane. “God damn you,” Rhonda muttered into Christina’s face. “Get your fucking tits off of me.”

It took a flurry of twisting and painful squeezing and twisting of both girls’ bosoms to free them from the tangle. Christina stumbled back into the end of the corridor and both girls twisted to face each other furiously. “I’ve had it, girl,” Christina snapped, glaring at Rhonda. “From now on you’re not to enter this storeroom until I’m out of it.”

“I can’t afford to wait for your ass to be out of here every time I need something!” Rhonda snarled back.

“I don’t want an argument,” Christina replied. “Jack made me bartender so you take orders from me, remember?” The brunette knew that remark would sting; she and Rhonda had both been up for the bartending position and Christina had won out.

“Maybe you’re bartender now but I’m gonna have your job someday,” Rhonda bit back. “Jack and I get along just fine.”

Christina intentionally glanced down at Rhonda’s chest before she said “Get along all you want but I don’t think he’ll ever prefer you over me. He likes BIG ones,” she finished pointedly.

Rhonda’s expression turned from cold to downright icy. “I hope you’re not making out for one minute that you’ve got bigger tits than I do,” she said. “You’re full of crap if you are.”

“Let’s just say yours don’t scare me,” Christina said.

“Well they ought to, honey—don’t forget I’ve FELT what you’ve got. And you felt mine too so don’t pretend you don’t know I’ve got more in front than you do.”

Christina moved in close to Rhonda and the two big girls stared each other down in the cramped aisle space. With the shelf walls closing in on either side of her Rhonda looked like a fiery lioness, her big bust line and flaming red hair blocking out everything in front of Christina. She realized she actually had to look up a little into the other girl’s cold blue eyes; Rhonda must have a half an inch or so on her, she realized. She knew if the other girl ever started punching she might be in trouble. Rhonda probably outweighed her, but Christina thought she was probably in better shape and had more muscle. But there was no doubt Rhonda was a big, tough girl, a real bitch. Lately Christina had been thinking of herself as a pretty big, tough bitch too, but taking on a firebrand like Rhonda would be a challenge. Now all this open talk about their competing breasts was playing right into her hands, she realized. She wondered if Rhonda had ever really gotten down and dirty with another girl in private over their breasts. She had heard rumors of catfights but nothing more than that…but of course, until now no one had any reason to discuss anything more than a simple catfight with Christina.

Christina glared down at Rhonda’s chest. “Get back out to the bar,” she said flatly.

“Fuck yourself,” Rhonda replied. For a moment it looked like neither girl planned on going anywhere.

“I should fire you right now,” Christina snapped.

“Good; you can take care of this crowd yourself,” Rhonda said. Christina glanced briefly back in the direction of the bar outside. She knew she would be fucked if Rhonda left now. But something in the redhead’s face said to Christina that she didn’t really want to leave, whether because she wanted to keep her job or something else. Experimentally, Christina stepped forward into Rhonda’s space until they were almost nose to nose. Again she felt the imposing presence of the redhead’s breasts almost touching hers.

“How about we both keep our jobs and settle this after work,” she said quietly, studying Rhonda’s face at close range. The other girl smelled good, despite the crappy environment of the work shift. Rhonda’s mouth was thin but it had a cruel little twist that Christina had to admit was sexy. She knew the redhead shook her buns out at rock shows and she could see why men thought she was hot. There was something big and dangerous and mean about her, but there was also an almost delicate beauty to her features, hardened by her temper.

Christina’s brown eyes locked with Rhonda’s hazel ones, and she saw the redhead’s gaze flick down to Christina’s nose and mouth, maybe even checking her out further down. She too glanced down to eye the freckled swell of Rhonda’s breasts peeking out from her slightly unraveled blouse. When both women locked eyes again it was with some new kind of acknowledgement of what literally stood between them.

“I want to know if you’re really serious about wanting to settle this, bitch,” Rhonda said quietly. The ‘B’ word was like a slap in the face despite the redhead’s quiet tone and Christina felt a flash of renewed anger at her enemy.

“I’m just as serious as you are, honey,” she said evenly, still glaring into Rhonda’s eyes.

“Because I want to do it back here, tonight,” Rhonda said. “The minute we get the last customer out of here.”

“I would not mind that at ALL,” Christina said emphatically.

“Good, then let’s finish this shift and you meet me back here when we’re done.”

“Fine,” Christina said. The girls stared at each other intently for a few more seconds, neither willing to give ground, until as if on a signal both nodded silently and slowly withdrew, heading back to the bar. But before they reached the entrance Rhonda grabbed Christina’s arm and pulled her back into another face-off.

“Just one more thing, honey,” Rhonda said, suddenly as intense as ever once again.

“What?” Christina said sharply, refusing to give any ground to the redhead.

“I’m going to beat your tits off tonight,” Rhonda announced.

Christina’s chest almost seemed to explode at the sound of those words. Of course, she thought to herself, of course it had all been about their breasts all along. It was the reason why Christina felt compelled to confront Rhonda; something about the naked challenge of those big breasts in her face all the time. But somehow she’d managed to convince herself, at least for the moment, that this was just another girlfight, that maybe she and Rhonda would just push each other around for a few minutes after work. But she had known all along, and she certainly knew now, that whatever happened between them would be much more than a catfight.

She gave Rhonda’s chest one more contemptuous look before she replied, coolly but intently: “I doubt that Rhonda because I plan to be the one beating your big tits before this is through.”

Rhonda returned the look, coldly regarding Christina’s chest. Of course there were still plenty of ways of beating someone, she thought, and the unspoken issue was still exactly what the two women were going to do to each other at the end of the evening. But the central issue had at least been brought out into the open.

“Just keep those stiff hot things away from mine until closing,” Rhonda said. Christina swallowed dryly at that.

The ambiguity was dissolving pretty quickly. She felt compelled to step in closer to the redhead as she replied, feeling that old girl bully drive that made her flagrantly disobey anytime anyone tried to order her around. “I’ll keep mine off yours as long as you keep your big fat ones away from mine, cunt!” she hissed. That should have been enough to start a brawl right there but Rhonda only shook slightly as her glance ran up and down Christina’s lean body one more time.

“I’m going to wreck you, honey,” she said. “You’d better be ready to rock in two hours.”

“I’ll be more than ready for you, bitch,” Christina snapped. That seemed to be enough somehow. Both girls backed off warily before spinning and heading for the bar entrance.

The evening crawled by, a thousand times worse than it ever had while Christina was waiting for a date or any other normal activity. She found herself itemizing her wardrobe, wondering what she had to get damaged. The silk shirt would be a goner, probably the slit, knee-length skirt. She had worn a smooth black bra and sheer nylon shorts that cupped her rear just to the bottom of her ass cheeks instead of panties. She thought she had seen a similar black bra hiding behind Rhonda’s blouse but of course any idea of what the redhead was wearing on her hips was pure guesswork.

The bar was raucous and she and Rhonda had to shout over the counter to be heard by each other. From time to time the redhead had to enter the cramped space behind the bar and then Christina did everything possible to get her body in the other girl’s way, scraping shins and knees, ramming her hips into Rhonda’s whenever she could get away with it. Rhonda returned every attack in kind and Christina marveled at their ability to inflict damage on one another without customers who were only a few feet away having any idea what was going on. At one point Rhonda barged behind the counter and cornered the brunette as she pulled open a cupboard full of glasses behind Christina. “Get out of my way,” she growled, but instead of forcing her aside she cut off Christina’s escape routes and pinned her back into the corner as she reached up with both arms. The big redhead leaned into the brunette and Christina felt Rhonda’s two massive breasts pile slowly into her own, first the left, then the right, with a slow, purposeful thrust that flattened her own glands momentarily before the slippery contact of their silk blouses allowed Christina’s boobs to slide aside, this time letting one of Rhonda’s breasts wedge between Christina’s. Rhonda leaned in closer until her mouth was next to Christina’s ear and said “How’s that feel, baby? I just want you to know what you’re going to be up against later.”

Christina took a deep breath, arching her back a little until her retreating tits firmed up challengingly against Rhonda’s melons. She only had to twist her head slightly to breathe into Rhonda’s ear, burying her face in the redhead’s thick mane of silky crimson hair. “I don’t feel anything that impresses me, you big cunt, so back off or I’ll fire you right here.”

“You’re not firing me until we settle who’s got more going on upstairs you fucking little whore,” Rhonda snarled into Christina’s ear. Christina twisted slightly against the redhead, and then realized that Rhonda’s right breast was situated directly between her squeezing pair of boobs. She shrugged her shoulders forward and for a moment her twin glands crushed together and clamped down on Rhonda’s trapped tit like a vise.

“’How’s that feel, baby?’” Christina purred, throwing Rhonda’s words back at her. The redhead grunted and twisted away from the tit-hold, glaring dangerously at the brunette. Amazingly, none of the drunken customers picked up on the action. Rhonda ducked back out into the bar floor and waded into the customers, her hips swinging provocatively as she flashed a last, vicious look at Christina that made her flaming red hair briefly flare out like a dragon’s crest. Christina stared after her bitterly. She could see the attention the redhead got from the bar patrons—even some of the women studied her flamboyant body and hard-bitten confidence. Christina flashed back to the fight she had had a few weeks ago, just trying to teach a loudmouth a lesson at a party. She had used her body in that fight to control and humiliate the other girl, even used her breasts a little bit when the skirmish had gotten tight. Of course she had been taller than her opponent and there had been no question about who would dominate whom. She had loved humiliating that girl but at the same time it had all been a little too easy. Her heart pounded sickly as she looked at Rhonda and measured her up for the coming confrontation. The redhead was quite used to being the one to terrorize other women, that was obvious. Maybe Christina had already demoralized her by standing up to her so far. But it had taken guts; maybe more guts than she thought she had. She had always used her height and fitness to project an air of invincibility, so few women had ever dared to get in her way. But she knew that she had not so far faced the real test of matching up against an equal, let alone possibly superior girl.

To be continued