The next day she and Kathi were almost totally separated at dance practice and could only shoot angry glances at each other from across the room. When it was finished Judy resignedly marched to the locker room, losing track of Kathi in the process. It had been frustrating, but maybe it was best that she and the blonde girl stay away from each other at least for a little while. Lost in thought, Judy barely noticed the other girls filing out of the locker room. In another minute or so she would be late for class and she began packing up her things when she felt a hand slide up the nape of her neck into her hair. Suddenly she was slammed up against a locker and Kathi’s body was pressing against hers. “I’m not finished with you, Judy!” Kathi hissed, pressing nose to nose with the redhead.

Judy instantly went into attack mode. “Good!” she said, slamming her books to the floor. But Kathi was one step ahead of her: in a half second Judy felt a terrible force clamping down on her nipples. Kathi had each hard protrusion pinched between thumb and forefinger and she pressed her knuckles deep into Judy’s boobs as she twisted and tugged at Judy’s pink nipples. She held Judy’s body against the locker with her hips, almost daringly letting her own breasts wide open to attack and Judy instantly responded by clamping down on the blonde’s highly visible, erect bullets. The girls’ foreheads collided as they twisted and pulled at each other, snarling into each other’s faces.

“I knew it!” Judy growled. “You couldn’t do me in with your pathetic boobs so you have to use your fingers!”

“So do you!” Kathi shot back. “You’re lucky we’re not naked because I’d use more than my fingers on these hard little things!”

“Oh yeah, just what else have you got?” Judy challenged, twisting Kathi’s hard points under her fingers.

“You’ll find out, you stiff little bitch!” Kathi said. “I’ll get you naked and you’ll find out!”

“Just try it!” Judy replied. Now she spread her fingers and squeezed the whole of each of Kathi’s pear-sized boobs. They were soft and hot under her fingers and she instantly felt Kathi begin to cup her boobs and apply just as much squeezing pressure as she was. Kathi’s open, snarling mouth dangled hotly, brushing her lip against lip as the girls wrestled against each other. The blonde spitefully flashed her tongue past Judy’s lips as if to renew their kissing duel and Judy angrily snapped her teeth at the darting pink probe, narrowly missing it as Kathi withdrew. She smashed cheek to cheek with the blonde and redoubled the pressure on Kathi’s breasts, instantly feeling an answering squeeze from her enemy. Their powerful legs strained against each other and Judy smashed her hips against the blonde’s in a struggle to push away from the cold metal of the locker against her back.

As quickly as it began the skirmish was over—the bell sounded and each girl instantly realized they were late for their next class. Judy shoved Kathi away from her and for a moment both girls gingerely massaged their sore boobs and nipples. “I hate you, Kathi,” Judy said hotly as she began to gather her books up.

“I have ALWAYS hated you, Judy,” Kathi said. “I’ve had it with your attitude and you’re crazy if you think this settles things.”

“I’m about ready to settle things with you for good!” Judy snarled as she stomped out of the locker room.

Judy got through the rest of the day barely concentrating on her classes. Ever since she had made the decision to take this battle to her blonde rival she had felt as if there were a brick wall between her and Kathi that came up whenever the two got anywhere near being able to settle their differences. She couldn’t stand dragging things out any longer. She could feel her body burning for release and when she got home she slipped into a swimming suit and took a long dip in her parents’ heated pool. The water felt like a thousand cool tongues on her bare skin, fluttering between her legs and floating her firm breasts as if they were in zero gravity. She loved the feeling and for a moment the spectre of Kathi was lifted from her thoughts. Then she had a sudden thought.

Judy went up to her room and dug into her closet until she found her swim suits. She had a one piece suit that she wore most of the time, a relatively modest two piece ensemble, and one suit that she had never worked up the guts to wear in public. She had bought the green bikini on a dare and had chosen it specifically because it was the most revealing one in the store. Locking her door she slipped the suit on and checked herself out in the mirror. Her swollen boobs strained at the triangular cups of the bikini top in a way they never had when Judy had tried the suit on the first time; there seemed to be twice as much boob flesh bulging out on either side of each cup as their had been when Judy had first tried the suit on at the store. She wondered if she’d be able to walk without falling out of the top.

If anything the bikini bottom was even smaller than the top: just two tiny triangles of fabric connected by wispy elastic strings. She slipped into the panties and tugged the sleek front patch over the fiery red thatch of pubic fur on her crotch. Curls protruded out on both sides and it was very obvious that she would have to shave and trim very closely to fit into the bikini bottom. She twisted to inspect her firm, round behind, noting that its creamy nakedness was pretty much completely displayed by the bikini. Judy slunk into the bathroom, trimmed herself, then took a shower and neatly shaved until only a mohawk-like tuft of red fur perched over her vulva. She slipped back into her room and pulled the bikini bottom back on. The green silk crotch neatly rode atop the sleek, twin mounds of her vulva, revealing a firm swell of creamy flesh on either side of the fabric.

As she looked at herself Judy flashed back to the skirmish in the locker room when Kathi had pinned her against the locker. She recalled the hot feeling of the blonde’s pelvis pressing against hers and the cool metal of the locker pressing against her back and buns. The girls had been focused on ravaging each other’s nipples but Judy remembered how Kathi had pressed their bellies together on the dance floor and how she’d used her hips to pin Judy while she pinched her nipples. Judy studied her sleek pubic mound and noted how blatantly the tiny bikini put her womanhood on display. She still ached to dominate Kathi with her bare breasts and she was dying to know what the blonde had underneath her top. But something else had entered the picture now and for all their promises to take their duel to the finish she felt that matching her bare breasts against Kathi’s would only be the beginning of the end, not the end in itself.

It was very late that night when she heard her phone ring quietly on her nightstand. She grabbed it up and held it to her ear in the dark, listening to soft, wordless breathing on the other end of the line. Judy waited for a moment, imagining Kathi naked in her bed across town just like Judy was. Finally she quietly said “If you have something to say to me, Kathi, say it.”

“How do your boobs feel now, Judy?”

“Just fine—how do yours feel, Kathi?” Judy said spitefully.

“They feel better than yours,” Kathi responded.

“I doubt it,” Judy said impatiently. There was another long silence before Kathi spoke again.

“Are you naked?” she asked flatly. Judy felt her pulse quicken at that question.

“Yes,” she said quietly. “Are you?”

“Yes,” Kathi replied.

“Do you have a bikini?” Judy asked pointedly.

“Yes, I have a bikini,” Kathi answered after a moment. “Why?”

“My parents have a pool and they’re going to be gone this weekend. I was thinking of having some people over.” Judy said.

“What people?”

“Just you and a few other girls,” Judy said.

Kathi swallowed that for a moment. “Do you need other girls there to protect you from me, Judy?”

“No,” Judy shot back. “I just thought I’d let you look at me in a bikini for a few hours before I let you get alone with me.”

Kathi sounded completely infuriated on the other end of the line. “That’s just fine, Judy. I happen to have a nice bikini too.”

Judy said. “I hope yours is sexy enough because I know mine is.”

“Mine will be just as sexy as yours, Judy. I’m going to show you.”

“You can try all you want but I’m just sexier than you are, girl. I’ll show you whose body is best Saturday.”

“Are you planning on showing me your bare boobs Saturday, honey?” Kathi demanded haughtily.

“They’re bare right now, blonde, and they’re hard,” Judy said in as low a voice as she could muster. Just the sound of Kathi’s voice on the other end of the line was raising gooseflesh all over her body, and her nipples were lifting the sheet covering her breasts. She felt a small fire of arousal begin to burn deep in her groin.

“You’re lucky I’m not over there right now, Judy,” Kathi purred. “I would put my bare nipples against yours and I would press your boobs down hard.”

Judy snorted derisively. “What makes you think your boobs would be on top of mind, ‘honey’?”

“Because they’re bigger than yours and my nipples are stiffer than yours, that’s why,” Kathi said.

“They’re only stiffer because I’m making you hotter than you’re making me, bitch,” Judy said. That produced a long silence and Judy smiled grimly to herself, feeling that she was getting the upper hand at last. “Why don’t you just admit my body turns you on?”

When Kathi finally spoke her voice was practically hoarse. “Well somebody’s big pussy was feeling pretty hot when we were fighting today, KAREN. So don’t tell me you don’t get hard when we fight each other.”

“How hard are you right now?” Judy demanded sharply. “I want to know how big you are. And I mean DOWN THERE.” Her fingers were in her own neatly trimmed bush and she slid them now into her labia. She jerked involuntarily as her fingers encountered something wet and erect poking up through the folds of her labia.

Again Kathi was silent for a moment, and Judy imagined her searching herself the same way the redhead had. “I think I’m just as big as you are there.”

“What would you do if you were over here right now?” Judy asked suggestively. “Just us two naked in bed.”

“I’d hold you down and do whatever I wanted to you,” Kathi said. “And I think I’d start with your pretty boobs.”

Judy sent her fingers plunging against her clitoris and labia as she listened to the blonde’s voice. “That’s good because I’ve got plenty I’d like to do to your bare breasts.”

“Why don’t you just suck on them, bitch?” Kathi suggested. “Why don’t you just suck me good?”

“Maybe I’d rather bite your big boobs and bite down on those bitchy stiff nipples you have, Kathi,” Judy said huskily, continuing to rub herself.

“I’d love you to try and bite my boobs because I’d bite yours right back,” Kathi replied. “I’d love getting my teeth into those rubbery hard nipples of yours. Then I think I’d suck you for good measure. Yeah, I’d suck you just about dry.”

“Oh, if you ever want to have a little sucking contest with me you can bring it on, Kathi, because my boobs are a lot fuller than yours and I would suck you dry a lot quicker than you could suck me.”

“Well if you think your tits are ready to be sucked on Saturday maybe I’ll just suck you dry then,” Kathi answered.

“Ha,” Judy taunted, “If I suck your weak little boobs it’ll just be to soften them up, baby. I don’t need my mouth to beat your tits because my boobs are hard enough to finish the job.”

“I’m sick of your cheap talk, Judy!” Kathi snapped. “Don’t think you’re going to flash me Saturday and then sneak away from me again. You’d better be ready to come up against my bare boobs for real and you’re not getting out of it!”

“I don’t plan on getting out of it. I’ll send the other girls home and we can fight. Or maybe we’ll fight right in front of them so they’ll all know who loses.”

“You got it!” Kathi said.

“Good!” Judy said. “Now you can answer my question because I want to know how big you are.”

“Why? Afraid I might be too much for you to handle?” Kathi demanded. Judy closed her eyes, fingering herself and mentally measuring the slick little tongue between her labia.

“Can you handle one inch, bitch?” she growled.

“Can YOU handle an inch, Judy?” Kathi replied. “Because I’ve got an inch for you.”

“I doubt it,” Judy said. “I doubt you’re as long as me.”

“You’re in for a rough night Saturday, girl,” Kathi said. “You just better believe that I’m as long as you are and as stiff as you are, EVERYWHERE. I’m willing to bet I’m more than you can take, top or bottom. So if you’re girl enough better be ready because I am more than ready for you, Judy.”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, Kathi,” Judy said slowly. “I’ll fight you ANY way you want to fight, with ANY part of my body you want to try and match. And I’ll show you you just don’t have what I’ve got.”

“I’ve got MORE than you’ve got, you little redheaded priss,” Kathi said. “I hope you’re ready because I will wreck your little body Saturday. You want a body war, you’ve got it.”

“Good; my body against your body, any way you want it,” Judy said. “And you’re the one who’s going to get ruined, honey.”

The conversation was so electrifying to her that Judy could barely stand the thought of ending it, but somehow she knew they’d reached an impasse and that there was no more to be said. “I’ll see you Saturday, Kathi,” she said coldly, and pressed the receiver down into its cradle. She was almost rolled into a ball, gripping herself furiously, her eyes squeezed shut as she imagined Kathi’s naked body in front of her and the other girl’s cold, taunting stare daring her to come closer and finish what they’d started. Something careened through her entire body like a convulsion and she lay, recovering in a pool of her own sweat.

The words she and Kathi had spoken to each other echoed in her ears in the cold darkness of the room. She had never, EVER said or even thought such graphic, dirty things with anyone else in earshot. She felt as if she and Kathi had practically raped each other with their words, and she felt violated not just by the other girl, but by herself. But the flood of shame she felt was just as quickly overcome by the old, familiar feeling of hot fury that so often controlled her actions. Judy’s temper was terrible and anyone who goaded it out into the open could pay a terrible price. Usually she just cut people who crossed her down verbally but obviously with Kathi it had already gone much farther than that. Part of her was afraid of what she might do to the blonde if they were ever truly alone again but another part of her recognized that Kathi was well able to take care of herself and if things really came to a head between them it was not certain at all who would come out on top.

Kathi sat for thirty minutes in the dark, quivering in the aftermath of her verbal battle with Judy. Then she clicked on her bedroom light and hunted through her closet until she found her red silk bikini, a present from a former boyfriend. She had never gone very far with the boy and in fact his insistence that she wear the bikini had eventually made her break up with him. It was so tiny it was barely there and it was so intensely red that it seemed to draw the eyes like a magnet to her breasts and crotch. She could never bring herself to wear such a scandalous swim suit in public but now the idea of wearing the bikini to Judy’s house seemed too good to ignore. She tugged the wispy, tight little bikini bottom up over her creamy thighs and slipped its blood-red, slender waistbands over her swelling hips. Her corn silk pubic hairs tufted out on either side of the slender triangle pressing against her crotch, and as much as she would have loved to display that to her redheaded rival, she knew she would have to shave and trim herself closely if she were going to be in front of other girls. She tucked the blonde fur into the bikini crotch as much as she could and eyed the results intensely. The tiny, elongated triangle seemed to ride the valley between her firm vulva, showing a definite, creamy bulge on either side where her thick lips protruded from under the garment. She pivoted and noted the way the shocking red material contrasted with her milky white skin, and the way the small triangle of fabric at the suit’s rear did nothing to hide her beautifully round and full little derriere. She stood topless for a second and ran her hands up her flanks and across her flat, creamy belly, whose muscles were smoothed out by the perfect amount of girlish fat. All her athleticism had never been able to banish that smooth layer that gave her body such an enticing feeling of softness and suppleness, and she had to admit she would never want to be all muscle like some of the other girls on the gymnastics team were.

She reached for the red bra and hooked it around her stomach, then reversed it and slid the shiny red cups over her breasts. Of course her nipples were still standing out at full attention after her heated conversation with Judy, so she gingerly adjusted the stretchy material to slide over her tender nips and aureoles. She gasped a little at how confining the bra was as she slid the red straps over her shoulders. It had definitely not felt this tight and snug the first time she’d tried it on in private. She cupped her breasts hesitantly, shuddering at the feel of her own fingers on the sleek-feeling silk material. She knew her breasts seemed to have grown in the past few weeks and she also knew that trying the top on right after her verbal confrontation with Judy probably wasn’t a good idea.

Nevertheless she took a long look in the mirror at the beautiful, milky-skinned young blonde that faced her. For the first time she was truly in awe of her own supple, deliciously sculpted body, and the striking contrast of the blood-red bikini against her bare skin was dazzling. Her breasts fairly bulged out of the trim red cups that held them, swelling up onto her chest and creating a milk-white, stark valley of cleavage between them. She watched them rise and fall with her own breaths for a moment and then got another idea. She rummaged through her dresser until she found the brightest red lipstick she could find, then applied it to her tender, swollen lips. She pursed them poutingly as she studied herself in the mirror. Kathi wasn’t the most confident girl in the world but right now she couldn’t imagine anyone on Earth looking sexier than she did. She reached down and tugged the bikini bottom straps, pulling them up to ride higher on her hips, and got a burst of pleasure as the bridge between the bikini crotch and rear slid between her two flexing buns and up into the division between her tight-pressed vulva. She sank into bed on her back and let the bikini bottom saw back and forth between her legs while she thought of Judy. She had never really seen the other girl undressed—even the few glimpses she’d gotten of her swimming had been with the redhead wearing a very modest one-piece suit. She realized that she didn’t really know what Judy’s body looked like or how closely it compared to her own. But she was going to find out.

To be continued