It was a full week before their eyes met in the hallway. By then Judy’s body had healed, and the tell-tale signs of the struggle she saw hidden under a few layers of makeup on Judy’s face and neck had disappeared. It seemed each had waited until they were back to full strength before facing one another. But Kathi saw Judy staring at her from far down the hall. She returned the look intensely, willing herself not to look away from the oncoming redhead. The staredown was broken by dozens of other students coming between them but when only a dozen feet separated them their view was unobstructed. Kathi glared into Judy’s liquid blue eyes and thought she saw the glint of tears brightening them; she felt a flush run over her own body as Judy glared right back at her, and the girls even turned their heads slightly to maintain the stare as they passed each other. Kathi almost gasped as her shoulder brushed Judy’s and she had to concentrate on the path in front of her to keep from tripping as she continued down the hall.

Judy’s look had said everything and she only hoped her own expression had given a worthy reply. The hard set in the redhead’s eyes had said “I know you, I know what you’re capable of…and I’m ready for it.” When she made eye contact with Judy she tried to send the same silent message to her rival. Judy had gotten lucky that night after the football game. Maybe Kathi had jumped into things too quickly, before she herself had been ready for the confrontation she’d been aching for. But now she knew what both she and Judy were capable of. As weeks, and then a month passed by, Kathi felt her resolve firming up. She managed a harder expression every time she passed Judy in the hall, but there were few other opportunities to confront the redhead. Of course, she had Judy’s phone number. She longed to call her up and often went to sleep with her bedroom phone clutched to her stomach, but somehow she couldn’t bring herself to take the step. She had been the one to call Judy out. If the redhead wanted more she would have to make the next move. If she didn’t, Kathi knew she would leave high school feeling that the one girl she’d been brave enough to confront had beaten her, even if only symbolically.

She was thinking those same sullen thoughts outside her locker one afternoon when she saw the flash of Judy’s red hairdo at the other end of the hall. For once she pointedly turned back to her locker to ignore the oncoming girl. Then she heard some boy’s voice near her say “Man, look at the rack on that girl!”

Kathi turned back out of idle curiosity, almost trying to look past Judy to whoever the boy was talking about. Then she saw it. Judy was wearing a new dress, a blue nylon number that fit her lithe body like a second skin. Kathi’s eyes nearly bulged out as she watched Judy approach, swaying down the hall with a confident, feminine gait. The dress hugged her body so tight Kathi could even see the dimple of her navel between smooth pads of stomach muscle and maybe even a hint of the redhead’s panty crotch as the tight material gathered between her flashing legs. She looked confident and happy, her eyes sparkling as she acknowledges her friends. Boys all over the hall were turning to watch her pass. Kathi looked in awe at the redhead’s beautifully round and full bosom, barely jiggling as it made its way toward Kathi. She felt a familiar tautness at the tips of her own breasts as she caught sight of what had to be Judy’s nipples jutting out from the firm tissue of her boobs, practically poking their way through the nylon dress fabric. Judy’s smile had an almost lascivious, crooked cast to it as she looked Kathi’s way. Kathi blushed at the feel of her own angry, hardening nipples responding to the sight of Judy’s tight ones. The clack of the redhead’s heels on the hallway’s tiles seemed to drown out all the other sounds around her. Judy smiled tightly at her, her eyes sparkling with a dazzling coldness as she brushed past her.

Kathi turned to watch the blue dress retreat with Judy’s pertly jiggling, curvy behind advertising itself within it. She couldn’t believe that this was the body hers had been locked together with so many weeks ago. This wasn’t an awkward high school girl anymore, but a comely young woman.

Kathi went home demoralized, but with a growing, inner fury. She would not be outdone like this. Ever since the kissing duel she had felt oversexed, as if her body was flooding with hormones. She couldn’t go to sleep without touching herself and she couldn’t touch herself without thinking of Judy. Every night she would start dialing the redhead’s number and every night she couldn’t make herself punch the final number. Finally the first quarter ended and Kathi added a dance class, hoping to channel her energies into more physical endeavors. It was her second day in the dance class when she got her next surprise.

“Class, this is Judy; she’ll be joining us for the rest of the quarter,” the teacher had announced, and Kathi had turned to see her redheaded nemesis padding into the room in a trim black leotard that contrasted wildly with her pale skin and flame-red hair. She even wore a little black choker that gave the whole ensemble a kinky quality that put Kathi even more off balance. The redhead kept to her side of the practice floor but whenever Kathi looked over at her she met her glance defiantly. Kathi gave up after a while. The practice floor walls were mirrored so she could check Judy out even while she had her back to her. The black leotard hugged her body tightly and the bright lights of the practice floor helped her study the sculpted lines of her torso, but the effect wasn’t nearly as spectacular as that of the blue nylon dress she’d worn earlier. Kathi eyed her strong-looking legs and got a good look at her flaring, womanly pelvis, much of which was bared by the cut of the two-piece leotard. Judy’s creamy, supple belly was bisected by a sleek navel, settled like a torpedo tube between the smooth tubes of her abdominal muscles. She looked good, all right, but Kathi thought she might have overestimated the other girl’s body the other day in the hallway. She eyed the curvy, well-muscled lines of her own body in the mirror and noted how the lush flesh of a growing woman had filled out her own hips and thighs. Her plain gray leotard even showed off her supple bustline a little better than Judy’s, complete with a nice hint of cleavage. She had nothing to be worried about.

When the teacher called them together to work out a routine she was the first to volunteer. The teacher positioned her at the center of the floor. “All right, I need someone Kathi’s size. Who’ll volunteer?”

Kathi saw Judy stand up immediately. She walked over to stand on the other side of the teacher, who quickly sized up her two subjects. “Yes, you match up with Kathi very well, don’t you? Now stand over here, face to face with her.” She positioned the redhead as if she were a department store mannequin, then took Kathi’s forearms and pulled her over to Judy. “Take her around the waist like this. That’s right,” she said, positioning both girls’ arms around each other’s waist while placing their free arms on each other’s opposite shoulder. Then she extended Judy’s right leg out to her side and Kathi’s right out to the opposite side, creating a kind of symmetrical sculpture. “Now hold that position while I talk to the other girls.”

Kathi couldn’t believe it but immediately the teacher moved away and began lecturing the other girls and setting up positions for them, leaving her and Judy isolated in the center of the room, face to face and holding each other close. Judy stared at her nose to nose and Kathi struggled to face her down in the glaring light. There was no darkness to hide in this time and she felt practically naked like this.

Judy seemed to be reveling in the secret showdown. She nosed closer and Kathi took in a sharp breath as she felt the lycra covering the redhead’s bustline whispering against her own chest. Immediately she felt that terrible tightness in her breasts and groin and even worse, she felt two protrusions pinning against the tips of her incredibly sensitive breasts.

Judy glanced over at their teacher as if gauging whether she was out of earshot, then said under her breath “Mine are harder.”

Kathi felt a shudder run through her entire body. In her ears the statement had read like a round of gunfire, and she shot a look back at their teacher, half expecting the woman to be already marching over to separate them. But the teacher was oblivious, as were the other girls in the class. She glanced down at where her firm boobs were pressed up against Judy’s. Between the four globes, packed down hard from the elastic of their leotards, she could see two sets of opposing points straining at each other, stabbing into the flesh of the other girl’s breasts. She remembered how long her nipples had gotten that night after the kissing duel she’d had with Judy. She stole a quick look into the redhead’s eyes and said, also under her breath, “Well mine are longer.”

“Not longer than mine,” Judy hissed.

“Why don’t you keep those stiff things away from me?” Kathi whispered hotly.

“What are you going to do? Run away from me just like last time?” Judy said with deadly precision.

Kathi had been looking down at the redhead’s cleavage but at this last challenge she snapped her gaze right back up into Judy’s eyes. All the feelings of defeat and humiliation she’d suffered since the kissing duel now collided with the raw competitive drive she always felt burning inside her, the drive that had compelled her to seek out Judy as her natural enemy and rival. She would not back down from the redhead and she certainly wouldn’t back down from Judy’s hard nipples. She had nipples of her own, and as she glared into Judy’s eyes she purposefully maneuvered them into hard contact with her enemy’s, felt the long rods scrape against each other with a whisper of lycra against lycra.

“I won’t turn my back on you ever again, Judy,” Kathi murmured slowly. “We can have a rematch any time you—“

At that moment the teacher cut in suddenly. “Do you girls have something to share with the class?” Judy and Kathi exchanged wary looks before shaking their heads. Neither girl spoke as the teacher turned her attention elsewhere. Kathi knew staring at Judy would probably just draw the teacher back to them so she kept her focus on the other side of the room where their instructor busied herself with the other girls. But she still felt the rise and fall of Judy’s breasts against hers and the tangle of stiff nipples and rubbing fabric that gathered between their two chests. She arched her well-muscled back slightly and stabbed her nipples back against Judy’s and was rewarded with a sideways motion of the other girl’s breasts, cutting her nipples beneath Kathy’s. Kathy shivered as the hard points dragged into the softer underside of her boobs, and she warily pressed her own pair as deep into Judy’s as she could. She could tell that the tender, dark skin around her nipples was more sensitive and vulnerable than the pale, surrounding tissue and she was instinctively aiming her nipples toward that weakness on Judy’s breasts. She could feel an answering shudder in the redhead’s body every time she plunged her stiff points into those targets and she gritted her teeth and trembled as Judy maneuvered her own nipples to invade Kathy’s aureoles.

Kathy knew that with the taut lycra fabric and sports bras they were wearing most of the sensation of their cutting and crossing nipples wasn’t even being felt, and she quivered at the idea of what lay beneath Judy’s snug leotard top. She remembered how her nipples had popped out of her bra cups the night of the kiss fight, an inch or more longer than she’d ever seen them, burning with sensation and arousal. She wondered whether the same thing had happened to Judy. They weren’t wearing much less clothing now than they had that night behind the gym, but Kathi couldn’t remember Judy’s nipples pressing this hard against her before. She had to admit that even the other girl’s breasts felt bigger and harder, and even with their slight movements against each other the redhead’s boobs jiggled with a new, pregnant mass against hers.

As intimidating as Judy’s breasts were, though, Kathi still felt her own were matching them. She couldn’t really press her breasts fully against Judy’s here, but she could still gauge the size and weight of Judy’s, almost from the heat of the enemy glands situated so close to her own. Her own boobs had been aching ever since the first fight, seeming to strain against her bra cups every morning as she got dressed. The feeling got worse every time she saw Judy or even thought about her. It was as if her breasts were struggling to free themselves from some imaginary prison and her throbbing nipples were the jackhammers pummeling through the prison walls.

She thought about how she had planned to lick Judy raw that night when she’d challenged her to a kissing duel. For some reason that had seemed the way to beat the redhead. Everyone thought Judy was so cute, and her face was deliciously soft and kissable, set off by bee stung, heart-shaped lips and those sparkling blue eyes. She had thought to prove to the slender redhead that she could be just as passionate and desirable as her rival by kissing her into submission and making her beg for mercy, forcing her to admit that Kathi was her equal or her better. But she’d let her own strange obsession for the redhead overwhelm her. She had to keep telling herself that Judy beating her had been her own fault—she had beaten herself by allowing her own passion to run away with her. She had planned to make Judy her own, subject to her whims – she wanted Judy to want her the way she wanted Judy. But the redhead had proven she would be no one’s toy. At least not yet.

She turned her head briefly to stare down her silent enemy. Judy’s bright eyes narrowed slightly and the girls simply breathed in each other’s sweet scent. Judy’s blood-red, lustful lips parted slightly and the pink tip of her tongue slid out just slightly, taunting Kathi. Every dirty name she had ever heard suddenly rushed into her head and she felt another hot flash of fury at the redhead. She was advertising the fact that she’d beaten Kathi at kissing, and Kathi tingled as Judy subtly continued her assault on Kathi’s breasts. It was so very clear that the war between them had now moved to a new battleground. Even if she wanted to rejoin the kissing battle, Kathi knew she would have to deal with Judy’s new willingness to use her breasts against her. The thought filled Kathi with a mixture of fear, anticipation and wild desire. She felt like the two rivals were chained to opposing walls, straining to get at each other but held back by the eyes of all the other girls in the room. She wanted this new fight with Judy, but no one could know what was occurring between them. This duel was utterly private, utterly secret, and it had to remain that way. She never wanted anyone to know how Judy had beaten her that night outside the gym, and if Judy were to defeat her now in this new arena, the shame would be even greater.

She and Judy stood together at the center of the practice floor for ten minutes, breasts violating each other, before the instructor separated them. Kathi immediately crossed her arms over her chest and she saw Judy do the same; her nipples were jutting away from her breasts, lifting the fabric of her top like tent-poles, and she knew Judy’s were doing exactly the same. The girls exchanged soulful, raw stares before the class broke up. Kathi knew this new conflict had only just started. She followed Judy into the adjoining locker room, and her pulse quickened for a moment as she realized she might see her rival undressed. The thought of seeing Judy’s breasts naked, seeing just how long and stiff those enemy nipples might be, made her mouth go bone dry. But at the same time she felt unprepared to reveal her own bare breasts to Judy, and she wondered if the redhead felt the same way. Even though the display might go unnoticed by the other girls Kathi felt it would somehow violate a tacit agreement between them if they were to let everyone else see what they seemed to be saving just for each other. Even as she was thinking about it Judy shot a challenging glance back at her as she advanced around a corner and disappeared. Even if she was staying in the locker room it was clear she wouldn’t be undressing in sight of Kathi. The blonde efficiently changed her clothes; showering wasn’t mandatory after dance class and very few of the other girls did it. She lingered for a while but never caught another look at the redhead; she must have left.

Kathi spent the rest of the day in a haze. She knew she would see Judy twice a week at the class and for all she knew the teacher would put them in that same opposing position at every session. They could fight their hidden, subtle duel two days a week and no one would ever notice. But Kathi knew that wouldn’t be enough for her. She had to have another chance to face the redhead alone. Her breasts ached for it every day. Of course she could simply call the redhead again and issue another challenge, but somehow that didn’t seem right. She had made the first call and now it was up to Judy to issue the next challenge. But she did know something she could do to hasten that process.

She spent the evening alone in her room, finishing homework quickly before locking her door and sifting through her collection of drawings and photographs. She slipped off her top and eased her boobs out of the black bra she’d worn, kneading them gently. The underwires and strap buckles had seemed to be cutting into her flesh all day. She had a thought and dug into her closet where she’d kept a larger bra that her mother had bought her by mistake. It had always been too big for her but she’d never taken it back. She slipped into it and was surprised by how comfortable it was. She checked the label, noting it was a full cup size larger than the one she’d been wearing. It clearly fit her perfectly, even leaving a little more room for her jutting nipples. Her whole body felt different somehow and had ever since she’d first faced down Judy. She slipped off her jeans and looked at herself in the mirror, noting the balance of athletic musculature and curvy, quivering femininity in the body that faced her. There seemed more flare to her hips, a slight thickening of her well-sculpted thighs. There was something poutier and sexier about her belly despite the ripple of abdominal muscles there, and her breasts thrust out provocatively, her nipples almost pointing slightly upward. She pulled out a photo of Judy that had been taken almost a year earlier. She was wearing normal clothes so it was impossible for Kathi to really gauge the other girl’s body against hers, but even fully clothed she thought Judy’s body seemed less curvy, more girlish and awkward than hers did now. Of course, that picture had been taken a while ago, and it had been taken before their fight.

She felt like she had changed so much since she had dueled with the redheaded girl. Eyeing herself in the mirror, she wondered how she could ever have been embarrassed about her body, or been intimidated by the body of another girl, especially Judy. She would be surprised if the redhead looked any better than she did naked. She’d even be surprised if Judy equaled her now. She had been anxious about facing another challenge from the redhead, but now she realized she was looking forward to their next encounter. She happily began picking her clothes out for the next day.

Kathi knew that Wednesdays were the days Judy would wear her blue dress for that long walk down the school’s center hallway. Wednesday morning she went to school prepared to face the redhead down in her own battle gear: a very tight, knee-length red dress that showed off her body just as brazenly as Judy’s did. It was not easy to get away with wearing clothing like this at school—belly shirts were one thing, but the dresses left very little to the imagination. Kathi had to make sure she was carrying a backpack that she could strategically keep in front of her whenever teachers were present. But as she headed down the long gauntlet of the center hall that morning she dropped the backpack to her side and set her sights on the blue-dressed girl approaching from the other end of the hall. She caught sight of Judy before the redhead saw her, but only by a second or two. She saw the other girl’s expression change from her usual bright-eyed friendliness to a look of cold anger as she saw Kathi approaching. She even hesitated for a moment and Kathi thought she might actually change direction to avoid her. Even though she kept her attention fully focused on Judy she could see the reaction from the boys and other students in the hallway as she passed. They had never seen her looking like this.

Judy was now only thirty feet away, her firm bosom bouncing aggressively as her heels rang along the hallway tiles. Kathi smiled grimly, staring directly into the redhead’s eyes, and thrust her own chest out slightly, mindful of the way her own boobs were bouncing as if in reply to Judy’s jostle. When they had closed to within ten feet a mutual friend stopped Judy to talk, but she turned to notice Kathi as she came into view. Instantly the other girl’s view flicked from redhead to blonde, from red dress to blue one. “Wow, did you guys plan this today?” she said as Kathi came to a stop next to Judy.

“Just a coincidence,” Judy said tightly, pulling away from their friend.

“You two look like superheroes!” the other girl remarked. Judy made a stab at smiling politely at Kathi as she brushed past her but the results weren’t very convincing. Kathi felt a flush of triumph as she realized she’d finally regained the upper hand.

“Oh, Judy!” she said brightly as the redhead started to retreat down the hallway. Judy turned to face her, still trying to maintain the illusion of a friendly chat.

“Yes, Kathi?” the redhead bit out. Kathi pulled a small piece of paper from her purse and pressed it into Judy’s hand.

“I just realized that you don’t have my phone number. I just had a phone put into my bedroom at home. I got my own private line,” Kathi said agreeably.

“Yeah, I’ve got one too,” Judy said, staring at Kathi probingly.

“I thought you might like to give me a call to talk about our project,” Kathi said warmly. “I’m always in my room after ten, so there’s no reason to be afraid to call.”

Judy bit her lip as she stared back at the blonde, absorbing the very clear implication of Kathi’s last sentence. “Don’t worry, Kathi, I certainly know there’s no reason to be afraid,” she said a bit more slowly than necessary.

“Good!” Kathi said, as chipper as she could muster. “Then I expect to hear from you!” With that, she spun on her heel and gave Judy a good, long look at her retreating backside in the red dress.

At ten o’clock exactly that night Kathi’s phone rang. She had set the ringer to a low buzz, something only she would be able to hear. She snatched up the receiver even so, her heart in her throat, and mustered the were-with-all to say “Hello?”

There was a brief silence on the other end of the line before a familiar, low voice said “This is Judy.”

“Hi,” Kathi said uncertainly. Even after making the first phone call in this campaign she felt a sudden uncertainty about how to handle this. But she didn’t have much to worry about.

“I won’t be wearing a bra at dance class tomorrow,” the voice on the other end of the line said. Then there was a click and a dial tone.

Judy slammed the receiver of the phone down after delivering her challenge. She was breathing hard, her body flushed with the cold fury she always got when other girls got in her face. She had been feeling full of herself in the weeks following her confrontation with Kathi and had delighted in wearing the tight blue dress to flaunt her developing body in front of her newfound rival. In her mind Kathi had made this bed and now she could lie in it. If she wanted an enemy in Judy the redhead was more than happy to provide one.

Judy had always had a temper but something had changed in her since Kathi had challenged her to the kissing fight, and the changes hadn’t been all psychological. She seemed to feel hormones flushing through her body at twice their normal rate since the incident, and even that first night her swollen breasts had seemed bigger and heavier, her nipples distended to almost uncomfortable size. She had actually bought a new, larger bra in the past week to hold her newly developed load and she had been fending off more than her share of attention from the boys. Of course she had joined Kathi’s dance class to get right in the other girl’s face and she couldn’t have been happier when the teacher paired them off into that opposing dance position. It was the perfect chance to take the competition right back to Kathi. The blonde had started all this and now Judy felt she had her on the ropes. At least she HAD thought that until the past few days. She was still fuming about the blonde wearing that dazzling red dress and showing her up in the hallway. But she had to admit that, while it had flustered her, she was grateful for Kathi giving up her bedroom phone number. Judy had been tempted to call the other girl ever since that first night, but she knew she couldn’t just call up her parent’s house. She had laid by the phone night after night, hoping Kathi would dare to issue another challenge to her, and when that hadn’t happened she’d made the decision to enter the blonde’s dance class. She had never gone looking for trouble before but now she found an incredible thrill in this secret war.

The frustration was that circumstances kept her confrontations with Kathi highly public, something she knew neither girl wanted. And since they had to tone their faceoffs down so that nobody but they knew what was transpiring between them, every little meeting was an exercise in frustration. Judy loved getting in her secret little digs at Kathi, and she knew for some reason everything was now centered around her boobs and the way she was using them to taunt and tease the blonde. It made sense in a way—since they couldn’t touch each other with their hands in dance class and since they obviously couldn’t start up a kissing war in front of the other girls, breasts were the weapon of choice. In the position their teacher had put them in their boobs just naturally pressed together. It was Judy’s choice to turn that contact into a contest, and Kathi seemed inclined to go along with it. But now that she too seemed to be flaunting her body around school Judy knew she had to up the ante in order to maintain the upper hand.

To be continued