By Nylon NY

Amy was a veteran wrestler and she was ready for tonight's match against Alexa a relative newcomer. Amy stood about 5'8" with short blonde hair and a very curvaceous body with large round breasts and strong legs. She got dressed in her locker room. Tonight she wore a pair of tight fitting silver spandex hotpants with a matching spandex crop top that barely contained her large breasts. Under her shorts she wore a pair of shiny pantyhose (for looks as well as protection from scrapes in the ring). And for good luck she had her lucky black satin panties. Topping off the outfit was a pair of black patent leather boots. After adjusting her attire in the mirror, she headed to the ring.

It was hot in the arena tonight and Amy was beginning to think the pantyhose might get a bit uncomfortable, but she knew they made her legs look great so she would deal. Besides she was confident she would dispatch this newcomer quickly.

Amy entered the arena to wild cheers from the crowd. Amy was a longtime favorite because of her great success in the ring and also due to her sexy ring attire. In the ring was Alexa stretching in her corner getting warmed up. Alexa was a bit shorter than Amy and was much thinner, but her body was hard and toned. She was very pretty with long red hair and green eyes and fairly large breasts. She wore black spandex shorts and a matching halter top with black boots, she did not look impressed with Amy as she entered the ring.

Amy finished stretching and the ref called both girls to the center of the ring for the instructions. Alexa stared at Amy and licked her lips. Amy was wondering what she was thinking but it didn't matter, it would be over soon. They shook hands and went back to their corners and awaited the bell. Amy adjusted the waist of her hotpants to try to let some heat escape her shorts as the pantyhose were already starting to get a bit warm.

The bell rang and both girls charged to the middle of the ring. Amy got behind Alexa and put her in a reverse headlock.

"Owwww!" yelled Alexa as Amy kept up the pressure.

"You should submit now before you really get hurt!" sneered Amy.

"I don't think so!" said Alexa. Alexa dropped to the ground suddenly slipping free of Amy's grasp. She quickly got to her feet and as Amy tried to slap another headlock on her she sidestepped Amy and tripped her up. Amy hit the floor on her belly with a thud, "oooof!" Amy groaned as she landed. Alexa jumped onto Amy's back straddling her prone body.

"Get off me!" yelled Amy.

"Sorry honey..it's playtime." laughed Alexa.

Amy lifted her spandex covered ass off the mat to try to get her legs under her but another jump by Alexa onto her back flattened her onto the mat. Once more Amy tried to lift herself off the mat but this time when she got herself to all fours, Alexa, still on her back riding her like a pony, wrapped her lags around her midsection in a painful scissors and began to squeeze.

"Owwwwwwwww!" yelled Amy as Alexa twisted her around so Amy was sitting in the middle of the ring with Alexa's legs around her midsection like a vice. "Nghhhhhhhhh!...let go of me...!" cried Amy.

"Sorry honey,..you can't always win!" laughed Alexa.

"Unnnngh...you...won't beat me..!"grunted Amy. Amy could not believe this girl was doing so well. She would have to really keep her head in the game and turn the tables on this girl. As Amy's nylon clad legs tried to push against the mat for some means of escape, Alexa's hands came around Amy's chest and began to caress Amy's huge breasts through the tight fabric of her top.

"Stop that!" struggled Amy.

"Oh you know its turning you on." whispered Alexa. Amy could not understand what this crazy bitch was trying to accomplish, but she didn't want to be made a fool of. The crowd, clearly seeing what was going on, was going crazy. The once Pro-Amy crowd now chanting for Alexa. Amy continued to struggle in the middle of the ring with Alexa wrapped around her waist rubbing her breasts and now pinching her nipples through the straining material. Amy was starting to feel a warm tingling deep in her hotpants and it wasn't from the pantyhose, as Alexa skillfully worked her breasts. Amy knew she had to break the hold and couldn't submit to this girls manipulations.

Amy got both feet planted on the mat and using all her strength got to her feet causing Alexa to break her scissors. When Alexa hit the ground Amy picked her up by her hair and threw her into the ring post. Alexa crashed into the ring post and Amy ran into the corner after her to really knock Alexa out. At the last moment Alexa shook off the cobwebs and moved aside, Amy was unable to stop in time and slammed into the ring post face first. Alexa saw the opportunity and tied Amy's arms up using the upper ring ropes. Amy was stuck facing the crowd unable to free her arms. She tried to get her legs between her body and the ring post to push herself free.

"Awww poor baby is stuck." whispered Alexa into Amy's ear. "We might as well enjoy ourselves while you're here." she giggled.

Alexa quickly reached into her boots and pulled a small oval shaped item out. To her surprise Amy felt the back of her hotpants being pulled open and Alexa's hand slip inside her shorts. "Hey! stop that!" yelled Amy.

"Oooo you must be sooo uncomfortable in your sweaty hotpants." whispered Alexa noticing the sweaty waistband on Amy's pantyhose. "Let me give you a little relief." she said.

Amy's pantyhose covered ass twitched as Alexa plunged her hands down under the waistband and under her ass until she found the crotch of Amy's pantyhose. "What do we have here?" whispered Alexa. Amy's ass spasmed as Alexa began to rub the crotch of her satin panties.

"Unnnnnghh. Stop that you crazy bitch!" yelled Amy.

Alexa placed the small device she had been concealing in her hand into the crotch of Amy's Pantyhose and pressed a small button on it causing it to vibrate at a very rapid pace.

"WTF!!" Yelled Amy, her eyes wide with shock.

"Am I turning you on honey?" moaned Alexa.

"No. Not all all!" lied Amy through clenched teeth, the vibrator working away on her most sensitive area.

Amy tried to squeeze her thighs together to move the vibrator away from her crotch, but Alexa had put it in a spot where her snug pantyhose and tight pants kept it firmly in place against the crotch of her getting damper by the minute panties. "Ughhhhhhhh fuck!" grunted Amy as she twisted her ass left and right to try to get the vibrator away from her pussy.

She tried to get free from Alexa but she had a tight hold on the back of her shorts, and Amy couldn't break loose. Amy felt her pussy starting to get wet. Amy had always loved to be dominant in everything she did and the feeling of someone else having control over her was getting her hot beyond belief! She couldn't believe this girl had placed a vibrator in her pants! It felt sooo good against her pussy. She knew she would not win this fight if she lost focus and she was starting to worry more about trying not to cum then winning a wrestling match.

Alexa started to pull Amy's hotpants up into a wedgie exposing Amy's struggling pantyhose clad ass for all to see and also making a nice silver camel-toe out of the front of Amy's hotpants. The wedgie also helped press the vibe more firmly against Amy's now wet panties. Amy shook her hips trying to get some relief but only made the situation worse.

"You want to cum don't you?" moaned Alexa.

"Get that thing out of my pants!" grunted Amy.

Finally one of Amy's arms slipped loose from the ropes and she backhanded Alexa and knocked her to the mat. Amy untangled herself and immediately reached into her pants to try and get the vibrator out. But Alexa was back up and grabbed Amy from behind pinning her arms. Amy was unable to get to the vibe which was still working away deep in her hotpants.

"How's it feeling down there?" whispered Alexa into Amy's ear.

"Your...unghhh..plans....unghhh...wont..work!" grunted Amy, as she struggled in Alexa's hold.

"Oh it will work, it's only a matter of time!" smiled Alexa.

Amy was starting to really squirm. She crossed and uncrossed her pantyhose clad thighs, tried to buck her hips, anything to move or dislodge the vibrator that felt like it was glued to her crotch. Amy began to sweat heavily, her large breasts heaving against the tight spandex of her top. Amy was tiring, her matches never lasted this long or had been as tough as this one. And now this girl was taking advantage of her sexually as well.

With a great show of strength Amy finally was able to break out of the bearhug Alexa had her in, and tossed Alexa onto the mat. Amy pulled her shorts down to the delight of the crowd and reached into her pantyhose and finally removed the vibrator and threw it across the ring.

"No more tricks to save you now!" said Amy.

Amy pulled up her hotpants and adjusted her pantyhose. She pulled the crotch of her pantyhose away from her pussy to try and stop her juices from soaking through her costume. If her shorts were hot before the match they were smoking right now. The cotton crotch of her pantyhose was already wet and added friction against her pussy every time she moved. She needed to finish this bitch before Alexa could get her hands on her again because, like it or not, Amy was getting very turned on and couldn't win if this woman's sexual assault continued.

Amy runs towards Alexa as she is rising off the mat. Alexa sees her and tries for a headlock but misses and Amy grabs her around the waist in a bearhug. Amy is face to face with Alexa and can feel her hard nipples pushing against Alexa's ample chest.

"It's over for you now, no more playing around!" says Amy as she squeezes harder.

Alexa suddenly throws her arms around Amy's neck and kisses her right on the lips. Shocked, Amy lets go of Alexa who quickly runs behind Amy and kicks her legs out from under her.

"Unggggh!" cries Amy as she lands hard on her ass on the mat. Alexa wraps her legs around Amy again in another scissors hold.

"Time to play with you some more!" sneers Alexa.

Amy feels Alexa's hands run over her hose covered legs from her boots to her thighs.

"Ooooo, your legs look so sexy in your shiny pantyhose!" moans Alexa. Her hands move to the inside of Amy's struggling thighs and over the tight silver fabric of the spandex hotpants covering her crotch.

"Mmmmmph..stop that!" whines Amy as Alexa starts massaging the crotch of her hotpants. Amy is struggling to stay focused. The war deep inside her pants is raging out of control. She has to get this woman's hands off of her before she loses it. Amy feels the wet pantyhose and panties rubbing against her crotch, it feels so good against her burning crotch. She feels her juices leaking out of her pussy. Amy finally wedges her hands between Alexa's legs and manages to escape the painful hold finally.

Amy gets to her feet, embarrassed to see her pantyhose are wet around the legs of her hotpants. She tries to adjust her pants to try and hide her obvious sexual distress, but the crotch of her silver shorts is already wet and dark gray from the continuous sexual assault by her opponent.

Alexa is back up and seems none the worse for wear. Amy gets to the middle of the ring and wraps up the smaller girl in a headlock. Alexa glances at Amy's shorts noticing the wetness spreading from the legs of her hotpants around her crotch. "Poor baby, are you getting a little too hot?"

"It wont matter once I finish you off!" Grunts Amy.

"How bout I finish you off instead?" sneers Alexa.

Amy ignores her and tries to concentrate on squeezing the life out of her opponent. Once again Amy feels Alexa's hand against the crotch of her hotpants.

"That won't do you any good!" moans Amy, feeling her pussy burning deep in her pants.

"Oh, I think it will. I think you will beg me to make you cum!" They struggled in the center of the ring locked together for what seemed like hours, Amy holding onto the headlock and Alexa rubbing Amy's wet crotch furiously. Amy's huge breasts are heaving. Her rock hard nipples strain against the tight silver fabric. She is panting, sweat dripping from her face.

"I have to hold on!" thought Amy to herself. Amy was struggling to stay focused when she feels Alexa's hand find the way into the leg of her hotpants.

"No!..Don't!..Please!" gasped Amy.

Alexa moved her hand to Amy's pantyhose covered crotch. "You're sooo wet honey..why don't you just cum already?"

Amy was trying to form a reply when she felt Alexa tear through the soaking wet crotch of her pantyhose with her fingernails and slip her fingers under her satin panties and into her pussy.

"Ungghghhhhhh...stop!" pleaded Amy as she felt Alexa plunge her fingers into her dripping pussy. Amy tried desperately to wriggle her pussy free of Alexa's manipulations but no matter what she tried she couldn't get free without letting Alexa go. They stood tangled together, Amy trying to maintain her headlock and Alexa working over Amy's pussy inside her shorts.

Amy couldn't take it. She felt Alexa's fingers moving in and out of her pussy. She tried to get Alexa's hand out of her pants again without success. Alexa laughed as she felt Amy slowly losing the battle. Amy's arms opened and Alexa slipped from the headlock and moved behind Amy. She pulled her hand out of Amy's hotpants. Amy didn't have much strength left but tried to compose herself and fight back. Alexa spun her around before she could react and locked her up once again.

"This won't take long!" laughed Alexa. Alexa bent the stunned champ over her knee and reached into Amy's now soaking wet shorts and under the waistband of Amy's ruined pantyhose. Amy twitched as Alexa's hand slipped inside her satin panties.

"Noooooo...!"cried Amy, but she was too exhausted to break free from Alexa's hold.

"Sorry, honey! Time for me to become the new champ!" said Alexa.

"Never!" said Amy, but it came out like a whimper.

Alexa slipped one...two...and then three fingers into Amy's sopping pussy.

"Ungnnnnnnngh!" moaned Amy as she was bent over Alexa's knee like a schoolgirl. Her silver clad ass wriggling in Alexa's grasp, the whole backside of Amy's hotpants were wet as Amy's juices continued to flow uncontrollably. She thought, "this can't be happening...!?!"

Alexa began pumping her fingers in and out of Amy's pussy...slowly.

"I can't...fight it..much..longer!" thought Amy to herself.

Alexa then began to spank Amy's ass at the same time she was fingering her.

"Owwwww!" yelled Amy. Amy's boots stomped the mat, her pantyhose covered thighs struggled to break free of the hold this bitch had on her, but she was running out of time. Amy's mind was reeling, the spanking was pushing her over the edge, she loved the feeling of being so severely dominated. Amy's tits ached for attention and as if knowing what Amy was feeling Alexa began to alternate between spanking Amy's ass to pinching and pulling her nipples.

"Oh god..unghhhhhhhhh!" moaned Amy. Amy felt her pussy being pounded as she felt her burning nipples being pinched and squeezed. She was losing it! She had to think of something but she was so horny she couldn't focus. Once more, Amy tried to pull her throbbing pussy free of Alexa's hand but failed. Amy's breasts were heaving. Alexa was finger fucking her like a jackhammer. Amy felt her pantyhose tearing from the struggle, the hole in the crotch spreading to the waistband. Amy was dizzy, her body drenched in sweat...gasping for air.

"Almost there, you want me to make you cum don't you little girl?" shouted Alexa to the crowd who went wild with the events playing out before them.

"No! I don't..unghhhhhh...stop....!" pleaded Amy trying to sound defiant, knowing that she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer from the sexual assault going on in her pants.

"What do we have here?" yelled Alexa as she held up the tiny vibrator laying at her feet.

Amy was horrified! She realized now she should have tossed that thing out of the ring but now this crazy bitch has found it again!

"I think we need to put this back where it belongs!" yelled Alexa to the crowd.

"Noooo....I can't...take...anymore..!" begged Amy. She knew if that vibe went in her pants there was no way she could avoid an orgasm. Amy's body was desperately sweating and shaking when Alexa reached into the back of Amy's soaked shorts once more, this time following the curve of Amy's well rounded ass to her backdoor.

"I think I know where this will do you the most good!" sneered Alexa as she began to probe the opening of Amy's ass.

Amy, still trying desperately not to cum couldn't believe this girl was about to violate her like this. Amy's ass bucked on Alexa's lap trying to prevent her from inserting the vibrator but Alexa held onto her firmly.

"Don't you dare!" yelled Amy. Amy was about to say something else when Alexa wet the vibe with Amy's own juices and pushed it against her ass!

"What a nice tight ass you have!" grinned Alexa.

"Ughhhhh owwwww! ohhhhhh...!" Grunted Amy as she felt the vibe getting pushed into her ass.

"Almost forgot!" said Alexa as she pressed the button to turn on the vibe.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" yelled Amy as she felt her entire ass vibrating.

Alexa pulled Amy's wet pantyhose and shorts back in place and resumed her spanking and fingering of the champ.

"Damn..I'm going to cum!" thought Amy to herself.

Alexa increased the speed of the finger fucking and Amy's hips started to buck uncontrollably. Her thighs started to quiver and she began to lose control of her pussy. The stimulation from the vibe in her ass was making her crazy! Amy was losing the fight, only wanting to cum on this girl's fingers to put out the fire between her legs!

"Ohhh...fuck.....I'm....going...to...cum...!"stuttered Amy.

Alexa smiled and increased her work inside Amy's hotpants.

"You...can't..unghhh...make....unghhhh...me...cum....unggghhh....I.....won't...unghhhhhhhh!" struggled the champ. But with another hard swat to Amy's spandex covered ass, Amy's ass cheeks clenched tightly, her pantyhose covered legs shook as a massive orgasm erupted from the champ.

Amy threw her head back and moaned, "UnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnHHHHH...oh god....unggggggggghhhhhh! Feels so....gooooood...unghhhhhhhh..I'm cummingggggg....!!!" as she spasmed and dropped off Alexa's knees to the mat.

Alexa slowly removed her hand from Amy's pants and licked her fingers smiling. Amy lay with her hotpants stained and dripping from the huge orgasm. Her pantyhose were tattered and torn around her thighs. Her body was soaked in sweat and her chest was heaving from all the exertion. Alexa rolled the spent champ onto her back and pulled Amy's leg up for the pin which put more pressure on the vibrator still working her ass over and as Alexa was pulling Amy's leg up for the pin she felt along Amy's wet crotch and pushed on Amy's ass with her fingers, working the vibe some more.

Amy grunted and clenched her teeth as she felt the vibrator slide deeper into her ass, her thighs struggling in Alexa's grasp. She didn't have the strength to escape but still Amy tried to kick out. The vibrator in her ass was her undoing as she felt another orgasm rip through her tortured pussy.

Alexa hung on to her legs watching Amy's hips buck from another orgasm. She hung onto the waistband of what was left of her pantyhose and Amy was counted out by the ref. The ref raised Alexa's hand in victory as the crowd went crazy.

Amy sat up slowly, her crotch felt like a wet sponge between her legs. She reached into her pants and managed to work the vibe free from her ass and threw it out of the ring. Amy struggled to rise using the ropes to pull herself up. As she got to her feet to exit the ring Alexa came over to her. "I want my prize for making you my bitch."

"What?..." Amy began, but Alexa spun her around and once more reached down into Amy's hotpants. In shock once more Amy felt Alexa grab the waistband of her satin panties and pull up on them until Amy felt them snap under her crotch, causing Amy's exhausted body to quiver as another orgasm rippled through her pussy.

"Thanks baby!" said Alexa as she raised the panties over her head to the crowd. Alexa then grabbed Amy and pulled her close and gave Amy a deep kiss. Amy was shocked to feel herself kiss her back. Alexa pulled away from their embrace and gave Amy a swat on her ass and said, "Hope I see you for a rematch."

Amy did not know if she could take another match like this and crawled out of the ring.