By JB57

A week after the battle, on a warm Friday night, Teresa was putting the final touches on her makeup, waiting for Grant to pick her up. They would spend the evening doing the usual, boring routine – going to a movie, hanging out with their shallow friends, finally fucking hard at the end of the night. Teresa considered just getting right to the fucking – that was really all either of them was interested in doing. She was dressed in a tank top and a micro-skirt, with 3-inch stilettos showing off her powerful legs. It was her best “hooker outfit” and she planned to make good use of it that night.

She had just finished primping her chestnut brown hair when her cell phone rang. Teresa glanced at the clock. It was just after 8, right around the time that Grant was supposed to call. She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” Teresa asked.

“Hello, little cunt,” said a familiar voice in her ear. Teresa’s throat went dry and a shot of pure adrenaline raced through her body, jolting into her breasts and tightening her pussy. It was Martha. This was the call that Teresa had been expecting, with fear and anticipation.

“I think it’s time you started living up to your end of the bargain, Teresa,” Martha continued, not waiting for Teresa to say anything. “Come over to my house now, and come alone. And don’t make any other plans for tonight.”

Martha hung up and Teresa was left holding her phone, listening to the silence. She had not said anything. Now she stood in her bedroom, dressed to kill, and almost paralyzed with the feelings racing through her body. She did not have to go to Martha’s place. If she broke the deal, what could Martha really do about it? Teresa considered for another few moments. Then she called Grant to cancel the evening’s plans.

About 30 minutes later, Teresa pulled up in front of Martha’s house in a cab. She paid the driver, then walked up onto the porch, teetering slightly on her high heels. She tried the door but it was locked and she was forced to ring the bell. She heard the distinctive sound of high heels clicking on hard tile, then the door opened and Martha was standing there. The blonde beauty looked fantastic. She was wearing a short black robe which barely touched the tops of her thighs and 3-inch heels. The front of her robe was open down past her navel, revealing most of Martha’s majestic tits, the deep shadow of her cleavage and the curves of her unsupported breasts emphasizing their heaviness and impressive size. The teacher may well have been naked under the robe. Martha had on just enough makeup to highlight her blue eyes. She opened the door and then turned on her heel and walked back into the house, gesturing for Teresa to follow her.

“Come in and lock the door behind you, Teresa,” she said coolly, over her shoulder, as she walked away. Teresa did as instructed, her body tense with apprehension, heat building in her sex as she watched Martha’s hips sway and barely-covered ass flex.. She followed Martha into the bedroom, their heels clicking a staccato rhythm on the floor.

Inside the bedroom, the two women stood facing each other, their eyes locked, though occasionally flitting down to examine the other’s body. The air was thick with sexual tension and the growing scent of feminine arousal.

“I thought Friday night was the night you sparred with Cynthia,” Teresa pointed out.

“Cynthia is out of town tonight,” Martha replied tersely. “That’s why I called you. Why pass up my Friday night fuck when I’ve got a little fuckbitch on call?”

Teresa grunted derisively, but said nothing. The women continued to glare at each other.

Finally, Martha spoke.

“This is how it works. You agreed to be my sex slave. That means that you do whatever I tell you to do. No if, ands or buts. Do you get it?”

Teresa nodded. “Yeah, I get it. I also get that this is the only way that you can beat me, you old cunt.”

“Shut your mouth, girl,” Martha said mildly. She did not appear angered. “The reason you’re here is because I beat you.”

“You cheated!!,” Teresa exploded, but Martha held up her hand.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to match clits and tits with me in a fair fight. I don’t have too much interest in just riding your little cunt. You’re one boring fuck. But I’ll decide when and what happens. That’s what being the master is about. That’s what being a slave means to you.”

The women locked eyes again, the hate and rage flowing between them matched only by their mutual lust. Martha nodded at Teresa’s clothing. “Take off your clothes,” she said.

Teresa paused only for a moment. Then, she crossed her hands at her waist and peeled her crop-top up her torso and over her head. The material briefly tightened and caught her massive tits, pulling them high, then letting go. Her heavy tits bounced delightfully as they fell back into place. Teresa then unhooked her skirt and threw it aside. She stood before Martha, naked except for a black thong and her high heels. She started to reach for her thong, but Martha stopped her. “No, that’s enough for now.”

Martha pushed the robe back from her shoulders. The silk garment fell in a puddle at her feet. She was nude, save for a white thong and her high heels. Her round, taut tits sat high and unsupported on her chest and wobbled enticingly with her slight movement.

Martha walked up to the topless girl. The sex-enraged women regarded each other, and examined the other’s tits with looks of cool appraisal and barely-contained anger.

“Take off your shoes and get on the bed,” Martha ordered Teresa, her blue eyes returning to Teresa’s green orbs.

Teresa braced her hand on the edge of the bed and pulled off her heels. Then, she climbed onto the bed, pushed herself to the center and lay on her back, her beautiful tits bouncing as she moved, then shifting gently towards her sides as she came to rest, waiting for whatever would follow. Her tits were firm and round, and stood proudly on her chest, though their sheer weight pulled them a little off to either side. Resting her arms over her head, her long, muscled legs slightly spread, she waited for Martha’s next move.

With a grim smile, Martha pulled off her shoes, then crawled on to the bed. She pulled Teresa’s ankles apart, spreading the girl’s thighs even farther, exposing her thong-covered cunt. Then Martha crawled higher, kneeling between Teresa’s spread thighs, her arms on either side of the girl’s chest, her massive tits hanging down, directly over their counterparts on Teresa’s body. The women’s nipples were hard and sharp, engorged with lust and tingling with tension. Martha’s blonde hair hung in a shower of gold around her face.

Martha smiled, her beautiful face alive with eager desire. She glared down into Teresa’s green eyes. The brunette girl tried to hide her excitement, but she could not. Her nipples were hard, her thong was wet with her lust, her tits were throbbing with arousal and heat. Her breath was coming fast. Part of her was enraged at the thought of being humiliated and humbled by Martha. Once this contest began, she was sure that she could take control. But, for now, she just wanted to fuck, desperately.

Martha lowered her tits, until her nipples gently touched those of Teresa. Electricity leaped between their rock-hard nubs and the women inhaled sharply, their nipples swelling even larger and harder with the erotic contact. Teresa groaned and felt her thong get even wetter. Martha gritted her teeth, then moved her tits around, letting her hard nubs trace and grate against Teresa’s smooth titflesh. The girl’s tits swelled and tightened with arousal, her nipples grew harder and harder under the stimulation. Teresa could not help herself. She groaned with the agony of her lust and writhed her whole taut, round body into the bed, involuntarily thrashing her head from side to side, biting her lip, closing her eyes. As she writhed, her tits rocked, rubbing back against Martha’s sensitive nipples. Martha gasped and smiled wider, enjoying the sense of power, of forcing this teenage slut to slowly, deliciously, submit to her womanhood. But Martha felt the enormous pull of her own desire.

Martha could not resist anymore. With a moan of lust, Martha lined her engorged nipples up with Teresa’s hard brown nips, then slowly lowered her tits down onto those of the girl. The women groaned in unison as their thick, taut tits crushed and compressed, as their proud flesh squashed in tension, resisting the compression but yielding to it, sensitive flesh burning, hot sweat mingling.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Martha and Teresa sighed together as the teacher settled her full weight onto the tits of the girl beneath her. Teresa’s arms looped around Martha’s naked back. Martha wrapped Teresa in her arms. Simultaneously, the women squeezed tight.

“God, god oh god…” Teresa cried, her young body overwhelmed with the delicious tension, with the raw pleasure of her most prized possessions merging and melding and struggling with the equally large, taut tits of her greatest enemy. She could not believe the pleasure and, squeezing hard, she ground her tits as hard as she could to Martha’s resisting boobs. She felt her flesh yielding, heat rippling out of her nipples, pouring through her body, and she fought back a scream of lust.

For her part, Martha was enjoying the sensations just as much. She loved the feel of strong, dense tits crushed into one, wrestling and writhing, sensitive nipples grating and burning each other as they merged. Heat radiated from their struggling tits in building waves, feeding the tension and pleasure in their cunts, bellies, and every part of their delicious bodies.

The women’s bellies slapped tight, hot flesh rubbing and rolling and Teresa could not help but automatically twine her legs through Martha’s, locking the other woman in place as their bodies strained and crushed tighter. They rubbed into each other, their hips moving, their thronged-cunts touching and rubbing. Martha reached up and grabbed two handfuls of Teresa’s thick hair and pulled on it painfully.

“Do you like this, little girl?” she murmured, nose to nose with the teenage bitch, their hot, sweet breath mixing. “Do you like it? Do you want more of it?” She panted, the heat in her veins flowing like molten lava.

Teresa did not answer, but her writhing body, her groans of pleasure, her hands moving eagerly over the tight flesh of the teacher who was slowly stimulating her to the point of sexual nirvana, left no doubt as to her feelings. Still, she fought against this humiliation, against being dominated by a woman she should be dominating.

“Oh, god, you cunt, you cunt…” she groaned. “Fucking bitch, you’ll pay for this, you’ll pay, I’ll fuck your brains out, you whore, I swear….”

“Little whore,” Martha gasped. “Beg me for it, bitch, tell me how much you want it, tell me…” She licked at Teresa’s face, then bit the girl’s neck. Teresa snarled, then bit back. The women locked into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss, and Teresa almost passed out from the sudden surge of erotic tension in her body as their exquisitely sensitive tongues slid and wrestled. Oh fuck, she thought, I can’t take this, I just can’t take this... Her lust burned like acid in her blood, her vulva lubricated hard, soaking her thong even more, the heat poured out from between her thighs.

The women’s hard bellies slid, hot sweat lubricating the delicious rubbing, their deep, narrow navels sucking. They writhed on each other, their long legs moving restlessly, locking and releasing, rubbing and stroking, delectable skin sliding on smooth skin. Their tits ground mercilessly, taut flesh crushed tight, thick nipples burning and grating at each other, twisting together into knots of pulsing, over stimulated flesh. They locked together in a long, luscious kiss, pressing deep into each other, their tongues tangling and pushing, licking and struggling within their inosculated mouths.

Teresa could not stand anymore. With a cry, she broke the kiss, turning her cheek to Martha. She panted, furious with lust. She screamed, almost sobbing with rage and need.

“God, oh God, oh God… Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… PLEASE, oh God, you CUNT, FUCK ME, PLEASE!!!” She spread her thighs wide, offering her slick, hairless cunt to her foe.

Martha chuckled, then grabbed Teresa’s face and forced the girl into another hungry kiss. They sucked hard at each other’s tongues and lips for several moments. Then, Martha pushed herself off of Teresa’s burning, oversexed body.

“Nooooooo,” the girl moaned as Martha’s tits and hot, slick flesh separated from her own. She tried to hold onto Martha. The blonde batted her hands away. But the teacher was not planning to go anywhere. Her sex was radiating an aching, fevered heat that was driving her insane with lust. She needed satisfaction and she could only find it by driving her boiling cunt into Teresa’s beckoning twat.

Martha rolled onto her back beside Teresa, raised her ass off the bed, then peeled her soaked thong down her hips, away from her cunt and down her long legs in one swift motion. She threw the wet scrap of cloth into the corner of the room. Then, she turned back to Teresa, now totally nude, and positioned herself between the girl’s legs. She pulled Teresa’s legs together, then pointed them at the ceiling. Teresa allowed herself to be handled. The only thought consuming her mind was that she needed to fuck this blonde bitch. Martha slipped Teresa’s thong over her hips, around her wide bottom, then all the way up the length of her long, beautiful legs. Teresa was panting, her eyes glowing with desire, her body in a state of bitch-heat. Martha threw the girl’s thong aside, then pulled Teresa’s legs wide, pushing her ankles towards her head, exposing the teenager’s nearly hairless cunt, her wet slit and soft, juicy cunt lips. Martha smiled down at the smooth, wet slit, ran her right forefinger along the sex groove, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from Teresa. Martha licked her dripping finger, sucking at it.

“Oh, you’re nice and wet little girl,” Martha murmured. “You’re really hot and bothered, you tramp. And it’s nice that you’re begging me for it. Do you want me to fuck you, girl? Do you want my nice hot cunt sucked up into your little twat? Do you want my clit wrapped around your little clit?”

“Bitch,” Teresa panted. “You want it too. Just come and shove that cunt into mine, bring me those tits, and we’ll see who has the hotter cunt, the better boobs. We’ll see who has the harder clit, old woman. We’ll go at this all night, but you’re going to be my bitch by the morning.”

Martha chuckled again, then suddenly slapped the girl in the face. Teresa yelped and fell back, unhurt but shocked by the sudden sting. But it was enough to throw her off-guard.

Smiling, Martha threw herself at Teresa’s body. She grabbed the girl’s hands, interlacing their fingers, palm pressed to palm. She spread Teresa’s arms to either side of their bodies, then slowly lowered her aching tits down onto to Teresa’s matching pair. The women sighed in pleasure as their tits crushed and strained against each other. Their bellies slapped tight, Teresa opened her legs wide, welcoming her violation. Martha opened her thighs, too, and arched her back. Then, her blue eyes locked to Teresa’s green orbs, both women insane with pure lust, Martha brought her hot naked cunt down onto Teresa’s steaming pussy.

Both women threw back their heads and groaned in ecstasy as their steaming, hairless twats mated. Wet, sensitive, slick flesh slid and stroked as the women came together, both working their hips as they mashed pussies, allowing their thick cunt lips to suck and release, as they worked their labia around and into each other. Martha forced her eyes half open, watching Teresa whimper and moan with erotic bliss, her own gasps and groans of pleasure growing as she felt her cunt slip into Teresa’s hot hole and begin the delicious process of melting, merging with the teen’s sex. They writhed against each other, rubbing their torsos, rubbing their tits around and around each other, sliding their boobs between each other and over each other, then back into nipple to nipple confrontation. On and on, they writhed and rubbed, driving each other insane with pleasure, locking into luscious, licking kisses as they fucked. They broke the kiss, the need for air growing too great to maintain the liplock. Cheek to cheek, the women continued working their bodies into each other, their moans of erotic joy growing louder and more passionate with each moment.

Martha felt her throbbing clit unfurl from its hood and slowly, deliciously, penetrate and slide along Teresa’s warm, wet labia. Teresa sobbed with joy. A moment later, Martha felt an answering stab as the student’s hard clit penetrated and stroked her own labia. Martha smiled lazily, lustfully, knowing that an all-out, clit to clit fuck was only moments away. She continued to struggle, hand to hand, with Teresa.

Eyes locked, the two beautiful women moved their hips and asses gently, carefully, and brought their smooth, burning, slick clits together. Electricity rippled through them, exquisitely sensitive nerve-rich clits exploded with sensation and pleasure, erotic heat radiated from their touching sexnubs to every inch of their voluptuous bodies.

“Nnnngghhh, oh, oh, oooohhh… FUCK!!” Teresa exploded, her eyes closed tight, her teeth gritted, her body jerking and bucking as the raw pleasure detonated in every nerve. She squeezed Martha’s locked hands tight, and the teacher returned the powerful grip. Teresa struggled desperately to control herself as sheer ecstasy rippled through her body. Panting, she opened her blazing eyes, almost sick with lust, and smiled with a feral grin into Martha’s fevered eyes.

Martha returned the savage smile. She had been watching Teresa, enjoying the sight of the young girl trying to control her sexual power, even as her own body shuddered in sheer ecstasy. Martha moaned with pleasure. Fuck, this was good, the girl’s clit was so nice and hard and smooth and strong. Fuck, Martha thought, fuck, riding this whore is going to be so much fun, it’s going to be so, so good. But first she had to control the girl, first she had to force this bitch to submit. That was the challenge.

Smiling at each other with raw hatred and unquenchable lust, their eyes locked in an unbreakable glare of mutual detestation and desire, the two battling women slid their clits together, slow and hard, fencing with them like swords, rubbing and flicking each other back and forth, over and under. Every contact of their sex-saturated clits was like a bomb of heat and fire going off in their cunts, radiating raw pleasure out through their rubbing bellies to their struggling tits. Around and around, on and on, their clits fought for dominance. Their pussies were tightly sealed and grew ever wetter and tighter as the women battled, their labia melted together, their tits throbbed with blazing sensations.

Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, lip to lip, Martha and Teresa panted and gasped, cursing each other desperately, their erotic whimpers growing in volume. The only things either could see were the hate-filled eyes of the other, and they both wanted this. They wanted the intimacy of seeing the other break and fall before the more powerful cunt. They wanted to see that defeat deep in the soul of the other. Each woman was sure that she would emerge from this sexual contest as the victor.

Martha turned her head and locked Teresa in a brief, deep, licking kiss before they had to separate again. All the while, their fantastic bodies battled, shared sweat greasing their shining flesh, hard tits struggling to prove which pair was firmer and tighter, whose nipples were stronger, hard bellies rubbing and writhing, legs locked and straining, But the real war was between their struggling clits. On and on, their clits fucked. They sawed at each other, excruciating pleasure burning through the women until they sobbed with pleasure, until their moans of unbearable joy were almost screams of need, but still they kept fighting.

The women were trembling, groaning with pre-orgasmic tension. Their bodies jerked and bucked, their hands locked as they struggled to control each other, to control themselves. Teresa was sobbing, gasping with need, continuing to rub clits with Martha, but knowing that she was only moments away from a screaming orgasm. She knew that Martha was close to the edge as well, but she did not know if she could withstand any more ecstasy. Teresa’s entire body was burning with pleasure, she was delirious with need. She could see the same delirium in Martha’s fevered gaze.

With a shuddering groan, her teeth gritted as she struggled to resist her building orgasm, Martha suddenly released Teresa’s hands, wrapped her arms around the girl’s back, and squeezed hard. Their tits compressed even harder, sending a spasm of pure pleasure through their locked bodies, pushing both women almost over the edge. Teresa shrieked. “Fuck, fucking CUNT…!!” she sobbed.

Teresa instinctively moved her hands to Martha’s powerful, pumping ass. She spread her hands over her enemy’s smooth, rounded muscle and, aiming her clit head to head with Martha’s throbbing sexnub, she fucked back against Martha’s grinding thrusts with all of her strength, trying to pull Martha’s clit as deep and hard against her clit as she could, her ass and hips driving up. Their clits smashed and fused, grinding with excruciating force and unbearable pleasure. The women locked in a furious, desperate kiss as they fucked at each other with all their power.

Teresa could not take any more. Breaking the kiss, she threw back her head, sank her claws into Martha’s ass, and issued a full-throated scream of pure orgasmic joy.

Teresa came so hard that her body trembled and convulsed. Hot cum shot from her pussy, injecting up into Martha’s waiting cunt, smearing and moistening the intersection of the women’s bodies where they were joined and sealed into one. She buried her face in Martha’s shoulder, she bit and clawed at the other woman’s body as she exploded in ecstasy.

“FILTHY FUCKING CUNT!!!,” she howled. “DIRTY WHORE…God oh GOD!!” Multiple orgasms tortured and wracked her beautiful body.

On top of her, Martha smiled and snarled, riding this beautiful bitch as hard as she could, still grinding her clit to Teresa’s hard, pulsing sexnub. With a cry of joy, she arched her back, seized Teresa’s hair and pulled the girl’s head back, and powered her clit as hard as she could into Teresa’s matching sex. The hard impact was enough to force another devastating orgasm out of Teresa, but Martha exploded with her, screaming in ecstasy as her massive clit bent Teresa’s back. Martha rolled her ass around and around, spreading and penetrating the brunette beauty’s cunt as hard and deep as she could even as her own clit swelled and burned and rippled with pleasure. The orgasm built and built, finally peaking as her burning clit crushed with Teresa’s clit, both sexnubs squashing each other flat and fusing into one nerve-rich sex organ. Martha pumped hot cum into her enemy, her head thrown back, her howls and snarls of ecstasy merging and harmonizing with Teresa’s shrieks of savage joy.

“Yes, you little bitch, you fucking slut, take it, TAKE IT!!” Martha screamed. “Ride my clit, whore, feel my clit!!”

“Bitch, you bitch…,” Teresa sobbed, screamed. “YOU feel MY clit, bitch, ride it…I’ll fuck you, I’ll cuntfuck you, I swear to God, I’ll fuck your dirty twat off…” Her voice trailed off into hitching gasps as still more sexual ecstasy burned through her body. She wrapped Martha’s beautiful body in her arms and squeezed the teacher as tightly to her as she could, she twined their beautifully muscled legs and strained to merge their flesh into one raging body.

“Call me Mistress Martha, whore, call me Mistress!!,” Martha snarled, pounding at Teresa’s cunt with all of her strength, trying to humiliate the teenage vixen as much as she could.

“Fuck you…,” Teresa groaned in reply, her voice lost in hitching gasps of ecstasy.

Bucking, heaving with pleasure, the room filled with the erotic sounds of wet cunts sucking, taut flesh slapping, and the lustful moans of two multi-orgasmic bitches in heat. Martha and Teresa rode each other viciously and mercilessly, struggling to devour each other’s cunts completely until, overwhelmed with lust and rage and raw, wild pleasure, Teresa spread her thighs wide in absolute surrender, wanting nothing more than to have her cunt fucked until she could not take anymore. Teresa groaned, finally passing out, fucked into submission, the sensations burning through her body too much to stand.

Martha continued to grind herself into the teen’s voluptuous flesh and yielding cunt, her powerful ass pumping hard until, moments later, a final, devastating orgasm ripped through her. She lowered her head and roared in raw ecstasy, pumping hot cum into Teresa’s eager and welcoming pussy, before her own sexual exhaustion set in and she collapsed on top of Teresa, lost in a cloud of sexual bliss.

Martha moaned, a satisfied grin on her lips. Their beautiful bodies wet with sweat and cunt juice, their limbs twined, their hair tangled, their tits crushed tight into one erotic flesh, the battling beauties buried their faces in the other’s neck and fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued: