“You stiff little bitch,” Rachel hissed at her. “Just keep it up because I’m going to make you scream.”

“Bring it on, honey,” Susan growled. “Keep scraping those hard things against mine because I want a good hard nipple fight.”

“I’ll give you more than you can take,” Rachel assured her as she continued to flick her stiff nipples back and forth across Susan’s. “I’m going to rub your sore nipples raw.”

The two women groaned as they bore into each other, nipples beginning to twist and bend one another now, and Susan had to force herself to keep from crying out at the pain. “Just fight my tits, bitch!” she snarled. She forced herself closer, plunging her nipples into Rachel’s aureoles, sliding her boobs back and forth across Rachel’s so that the four heavy, firm glands began to press and grind together in full contact. Susan aimed her nipples at Rachel’s sore spots—stabbing them into bruises and bite marks and forcing moans of pain from the other blonde. Rachel quickly retaliated, digging her iron hard nipples into the scratches and bruises on Susan’s breasts, worrying each wound with spiteful, sadistic pleasure as Susan groaned against her. As they edged closer both women’s beautiful yet sweat-soaked and exhausted faces loomed against one another, hot breath panting, teeth bared in hateful snarls as they locked eyes, drinking in each other’s pained expressions and seeking out signs of weakness.

“I’ll fight you,” Rachel assured her as she began to crush her soft breasts into Susan’s. “I’ll beat your boobs until you beg me to stop.”

“Not before I pound yours down to nothing,” Susan growled back. The agony radiating off her swollen, sensitive nipples and aching, tender breasts was astonishing. But through it all the sexy caress of Rachel’s firm boobs was undeniable, and she could feel the other blonde trembling and twitching at the softness of Susan’s breasts gliding against hers even as their bruises and cuts sang at every firm touch. Somehow the women kept their hands on their hips as they leaned in to one another, increasing the pressure between their warring boobs, mashing and mushrooming each other’s firm boobs with every twist and stroke. They were sweating so hard now it seemed their breasts were oiled, slipping and sliding erotically against one another, reducing the burning friction just a little, although the lubrication almost made the insane touch of nipple against nipple even more arousing and forced more grunts and groans of animal pleasure from both women.

“You filthy, sexy whore,” Susan groaned, hardly believing what the two women were doing to each other.

“Hot bitch,” Rachel retorted, both women acknowledging each other’s sexual power as they attacked. “I’m going to enjoy wearing you down, grinding you off like the gutter tramp you are…”

“I’ll be the one beating your nice hot ass into the mat,” Susan promised her. Their hard, muscular stomachs were meeting, flexing against each other, and Susan proudly hardened her smooth abs against Rachel’s, daring her to compete on that level. In the mirrored wall behind Rachel, Susan could see the other woman’s incredible ass cocked backward, her golden-furred cunt peaking out from between her two muscular cheeks, almost as if she were straining to keep her pussy clear of Susan’s. Susan muscled firmly against the other blonde, pressing her extended knee forward to widen her stance and free up her own pelvis for action.

As if delivering on her last threat, Susan flexed her pelvis and pressed her pubic mound against Rachel’s, jabbing a little into the other blonde’s hot fur as a challenge. “If you want to grind with me then let’s do it, big tits.” She moved her hands from her own hips to Rachel’s, tugging her forward.

Rachel’s nose and mouth were pressing against Susan’s now, both women blasting hot, sweet breath into each other’s mouths. Rachel gripped Susan’s waist, urging her forward too. “Is that what you want? A pussy fight?” she hissed, pointedly rubbing her hot fur into Susan’s. “I could beat a cheap bottle blonde like you down there in a heartbeat.”

Susan firmly pressed back, her body flushing again at the raw, sexual nature of this building showdown. Both women still pressed together in a savage, crushing breast duel, nipples buried deep within competing glands as tit squeezed against tit, but the battleground was clearly shifting to between their two muscular pelvises. Susan tangled her hot, dark fur into Rachel’s, matching her pubic mound against the other blonde’s, keenly aware that both women were still keeping their asses cocked back, keeping their labia and clitorises out of the line of fire, testing one another. With one thigh pushed forward, the other stretched backward and both pressed against Rachel’s muscular legs, their sexual triangles were exposed and open for extreme contact, and Susan had easy access to Rachel’s pubic mound and, she knew, it would only take a little effort to bring her labia and more into contact with Rachel’s.

“I’m going to rub your hairy snatch bald,” Susan growled as her fur crackled against Rachel’s. Rachel met her eagerly, tangling her golden pubes into Susan’s dark curls. She’d always heard blonde pubic fur was soft and fine but Rachel’s was thick and course just like her own, and soon both women were gouging each other’s soft pubic flesh, hissing and grunting as their pubes knotted together, each girl occasionally yanking out the other’s pubic curls by the roots as their hair tangled and caught.

“I’ll beat your pussy raw,” Rachel said, panting as she kept up a firm, muscular grind against Susan’s overheated crotch. The friction and heat only increased as the two women humped one another in a vicious, rutting sexual duel, and over Rachel’s shoulder Susan could see the other woman’s ass flexing and quivering as she struggled to control her attacks on Susan’s cunt.

She couldn’t help reaching around the supple curves of the other blonde’s trembling pelvis and digging her fingers into those two firm, pulsing buns, urging her into closer, hotter contact and gaining leverage to pump Rachel’s pussy harder. Just as quickly she felt Rachel’s hands on her own ass, both women exploring, feeling and comparing as they squeezed and pulled one another in tighter.

“You think your ass is so hot, Susan?” Rachel growled against her face, squeezing Susan’s buns hard. “You’ve been shaking it around here long enough—now you’re gonna make room for mine!”

“My ass has always been better than yours, Rachel,” Susan said huskily, gripping her enemy’s butt just as firmly as Rachel was squeezing hers. “But if you want to settle whose can do more work just keep trying to out pump me.”

The aggressive crotch grinding continued as both women pressed chin to chin, glaring challengingly into each other’s eyes, hate blazing from their faces as they jabbed, butted and grinded with their pubic mounds, their pubic bristle brushes savagely raking together. “I can feel your big hot snatch getting weak already,” Rachel snarled, nails digging into Susan’s buns and raking up and down across her sweating ass flesh. The friction and heat were becoming unbearable but Susan continued to slam and grind her cunt against the other blonde’s, exulting in every moment of intimate, personal contact between them. She began pushing her cunt in deeper, nudging aside Rachel’s golden fur and tilting her pelvis forward, pussy raising, exposing more of herself to her enemy. She could feel Rachel’s firm vulva and the first hint of slick, pink labia teasing hers. She knew if both women simply pressed forward at once and maintained contact that she could find the other woman’s clit, force it out of hiding. But Rachel’s buns flexed underneath her hands and the other woman kept her most sensitive regions tantalizingly out of reach. Susan squeezed Rachel’s ass harder, forcing her closer, her frustration growing.

“We can tangle up pussy fur all day,” she whispered hotly. “Why don’t you meet me for real, Miss Big Clit? I know what you’ve got…”

“I don’t think you’re good enough to tangle with me like that,” Rachel said snidely, still pressing her chin aggressively against Susan’s. “I don’t think you could take it.”

“Fuck you,” Susan snarled. “We both got a good look at each other and you know I’m big and hard enough to handle you.”

“You’re full of it,” Rachel huffed. “You’re a tough girl, I’ll admit…we’ve had a good long fight. But have you ever gotten into a real clit contest with another woman? I highly doubt it.”

For a moment Susan choked on her reply. It was obvious this encounter hadn’t happened by accident, at least where Rachel was concerned. Who knew how many other times she’d dueled with other women? But experienced or not, Susan knew she had held her own against the other blonde just fine so far. It all came down to stamina and muscle, and Susan had plenty of both.

“Just because I’m not a lesbian doesn’t mean I couldn’t teach you a lesson,” she growled finally. For all their dirty trash talk Susan had to prepare herself for a second for what she was about to say next. When she spoke, her mouth was dry. “I know my clit’s as big as yours, Rachel…”

The other blonde groaned and twisted her head against Susan until they were cheek to cheek, nestling her breasts in to mash even tighter against Susan’s and forcing low moans of pain and pleasure from both women.

“Mine is better,” Rachel purred, almost whispering. “Harder and longer than yours.”

“No way,” Susan groaned. “One touch of mine against yours and you’d come hard.”

“You’d explode if our clits touched,” Rachel insisted hungrily. “I don’t care how big and hard you are down there. It’s all about control. The simple fact is I just know more about fucking than you do.”

“I have all the muscle and all the clit I need to fuck you to death, Rachel,” Susan hissed. “So if you’re not all talk quit hiding what you’ve got from me…bring that bitch clit out and fight me.”

“You’re asking for it,” Rachel snarled. “I’ll fucking dominate you, plain and simple. And I’ll leave you drained on this mat.”

“I’m looking forward to rolling off you after you’re exhausted and fucked,” Susan said. “After my clit fucks yours.”

“Then spread your legs and feel my ass and bring it on,” Rachel hissed.

Susan obliged, grinding deep into Rachel’s cunt. The other woman tilted her pelvis, her ass cheeks hardening as she flexed to drive her clit forward. Both women gasped as the two thumb-sized, slug-like sex organs nudged past their enfolding hoods and licked across one another slickly, sending shattering waves of pleasure through both twitching pelvises.

“Bitch clit!” Susan couldn’t help but hiss as she struggled to keep in tight contact with Rachel’s clitoris. Rachel wasn’t retreating or teasing now, she eagerly met Susan’s sex horn head to head, both slippery weapons teasing and stroking across one another, every nerve ending along their blunt lengths crying out.

“Stiff clitted cunt!” Rachel growled back at her. Both women reached up to grip the each other’s hair at the back of their heads, forcing her opponent to meet her face to face, angry, gasping mouths snarling against one another. Susan shivered as Rachel’s lips dragged across hers and each woman made a show of snapping, baring teeth, hungrily threatening to bite mouth to mouth as their piercing eyes locked, staring deep into one another as each tried to measure the effect her long, teasing clit was having on her enemy.

Susan forced herself to keep her brown eyes locked on Rachel’s blue ones as she stroked back and forth across the other woman’s stiff, slippery clit. She felt on the verge of erupting from the overdose of animal pleasure radiating from the intimate contest. She had to admit that no man’s body had ever turned her on the way Rachel’s was now. The feeling of the other woman’s big breasts crammed against her own bursting glands, Rachel’s smooth stomach muscles flexing and gliding sweatily across her own, the power of the other woman’s thrusting pelvis against hers and the crazed electricity of their furiously dueling pussies was beyond anything she’d ever experienced and she felt an animal lust roaring through her, desperate to get out. At the same time she felt pride in the self-control she’d shown so far, when her whole body wanted to explode with pleasure. The way Rachel jerked and gasped against her, Susan knew she was giving every bit as good as Rachel in this struggle. The fight could be decided by a second’s extra self-control and Susan planned on being the woman who had it.

Rachel’s gasping mouth pressed closer to hers and Susan did not retreat. Groaning, she pressed her gaping lips against her enemy’s and felt Rachel’s trembling increase. Hungry for victory as well as the touch of the other woman’s mouth on her own, Susan lunged forward and again the two women exchanged angry, sexual bites, ravenously feasting on each other’s lips, biting hard enough to leave welts and adding to the bee-stung quality of their pouting, snarling mouths.

Yanking on Rachel’s hair, Susan forced her tongue across the other woman’s bared teeth, licking teasingly at her lips. Rachel responded immediately, thrusting her long tongue against Susan’s, and the two moaning combatants began to lick and taste one another. Every line had now been crossed and Susan concentrated furiously on outdoing Rachel with every lick and flick of her tongue. Rachel managed to force her snake-like taste organ deep into Susan’s mouth before the trainer managed to bite it and force her to retreat—then Susan pursued the enemy tongue into its own lair, stabbing deep into the hot cave of her enemy’s mouth where both women’s tongues thrashed and tangled as the combatants moaned into an erotic kissing duel. Rachel too bit at Susan’s tongue, forcing her to retreat and then chasing her tongue, shoving her own taste organ deep into Susan’s mouth again. Yanking at each other’s disheveled hair, the women pulled each other’s tongues free but remained close enough for them to lick, tangle and push one another between their two gaping, snarling mouths. Between their legs two thick clits engaged in a similar joust, pushing and sliding against one another, each impressing waves of deadly pleasure on its sister organ. Even their tortured nipples still tangled against one another, beaten down from the heights of their stiff arousal but neither able to fully retreat into flaccidness while still being attacked and teased by their rubbery rivals extending from enemy breasts.

Rachel began forcing her upper body against Susan’s more powerfully, wrestling against her as their breasts slapped and squeezed together. She was trying to force her down…force her ass to the mat, Susan knew. Susan fought back, struggling to topple Rachel first. “You bitch,” she snarled against Rachel’s tongue.

“We’ll see who’s the bitch,” Rachel growled into Susan’s open mouth. It wouldn’t take much to make them fall, Susan knew—both women were so exhausted, so on the verge of explosive orgasms, that they could barely keep standing even without another woman trying to knock them over.

Susan never later remembered who gave way first. She only knew they had struck the mat and now briefly, desperately struggled, slapping and wrestling for control. Suddenly Susan found herself on top as Rachel’s back slapped moistly to the mat and Susan hungrily mounted her, pressing her heavy breasts, now aided by gravity, down on top of Rachel’s softly yielding pair. Rachel’s thighs were splayed, her golden cunt exposed, and Susan quickly pressed her pelvis down onto her victim’s, her ass twitching with all its remaining power as she began to thrust quickly and efficiently against Rachel’s erect clit. The other blonde moaned in rage and humiliation, squirming under Susan’s body as Susan stroked her with quick, violent thrusts. Susan’s own clit felt ready to burst but she could feel Rachel succumbing to her pumping attacks. She forced her mouth against Rachel’s and once again their tongues fought furiously. She was winning!

Underneath her Rachel bridged, and with incredible power and muscle control forced her pelvis from the mat, making Susan struggle to maintain her position and thrusting rhythm. She managed to bridge herself against Rachel, holding herself up just high enough to stroke against the other blonde’s clit. But now Rachel’s hips were flicking back against hers in an astounding display of muscular discipline. Both women’s suspended, straining pelvises gyrated against each other in quickening thrusts, ass cheeks cramping and flexing as they fought for dominance. Rachel was now bridging high enough that Susan found herself slipping downward toward the other woman’s breasts, her hips losing their target between Rachel’s thighs.

Suddenly she felt the mat slamming into her back and butt, and Rachel’s heavy, muscular body slamming into hers from above. Now it was Rachel mounting her. “Now I’m going to fuck the life out of you, weak bitch!” Rachel growled overhead. Groaning, Susan fought to duplicate the enemy blonde’s feat and bridge underneath her powerful torso and pounding hips. But Rachel expertly rode her, guiding her clit against Susan’s in delicate, surgical strokes as Susan’s breathing turned to rapid fire gasps.

“You cocksucking sow!” Susan roared as her pelvis seemed to catch fire, a shockwave of pleasure rocketing through her body as her hips slammed back against Rachel. Amazingly, she could feel Rachel losing control on top of her, drowning Susan’s pussy in wet girl cum. “You hard-muscled cunt!” Rachel snarled as she squirmed and twitched on top of Susan, both women clawing each other in a final paroxysm before collapsing in a gasping, sweat-drenched tangle of arms, legs and blonde hair.

They lay in each other’s arms, gasping for breath, the hateful energy slowly ebbing from their bodies as they slid slowly against one another. Rachel stared at Susan and pulled her into a long, slow and hungry kiss, one that Susan returned with vicious spite. Sated, the two women stared silently at each other in the sullen air. Finally Susan pulled herself away and stood shakily, naked over Rachel. “You win,” she said, “Barely.”